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Attorney Todd Callendar Warns of an Imminent Fake Marburg Pandemic Which May Include Forced Containment and Mandatory Vaccination! Marburg Treatment in Description Below.–todd-callendar-re-marburg-info-about-the-possible-release-of-the-zombie-ap.html

“My name is Todd Callender, I’m a lawyer from the United States, I practise international law and live in the Caribbean. I am involved in, my guess is the recovery, the deliverance perhaps of our species in this fight, this GENOCIDE they call “covid” and it’s actually public health weaponized to make the human race EXTINCT. If you look up a multilateral convention called the agenda for the 21st century also known as agenda 21 also now known as agenda 2030, it’s actually pretty clear in terms of the game plan that they’ve been working out since 1992 in the Rio Climate Accords. In 1994 the U.N held the Population Accords in Cairo Egypt where effectively all the member nations agreed that the world is overpopulated, that they had to eliminate 95% of the people on this planet. So if you follow the playbook there are three [3] primary objectives: the elimination of private property rights, Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. How about that. The elimination of borders, that’s the elimination of sovereignty, of course in the United States, Canada & Mexico the borders are wide open. And lastly the 95% reduction in the world’s population. If you were the perpetrator of this crime and what I’m saying is they are all part of this, every government on the planet effectively is part of this. If you want to get rid of 7 billion people how would you go about doing that? and it made sense to me that this would be a military operation, right, you need the efficiency and efficacy and the broad reach and coordination that the military could offer. And that’s exactly what happened, is that U.S Department of Defence is being the lead perpetrator but in coordination with a variety of other countries & their militaries. If you wanted to get rid of God’s creations isn’t this how you would do it? Wouldn’t you make it a military operation? Wouldn’t you make it hard on people to get other therapeutics? Wouldn’t you make it difficult to get fuel and water? Wouldn’t you make it difficult to get them food? Wouldn’t you cut down their choices for food down to a few vendors that were on your side and you would make sure had the same kind of drugs and contaminated foods that you wanted people to consume. All of those things have happened in the lockdowns, the suspension of everybody’s human and constitutional charter rights. The governments picked the winners and losers. You could go to Target, Walmart but you couldn’t go to a mom & pop shop. You could go and get a lap dance or a bottle of liquor but you couldn’t go to church. That’s the level of control, that’s the level of evil we are up against and it is because they are Luciferians. I give you an example: the United Nations founding document is the LUCIFER TRUST. So don’t doubt that we are in the final battle. This is God versus Lucifer, this is a battle for souls. I’m haunted in fact by Matthew 13:38, “the harvesting of wheat and tares”. If you want to kill 95% of the world wouldn’t you control the information? Right? If you simply put yourself in their shoes, if your mission was to kill 7 billion people, how would you do it? and when you think it through you’ll find that they’ve done everything, they’ve planned this for 50 years or more, every piece of law put in place to allow them to force people to take the shots, to remove their their bodily sovereignty, to lock people in their houses or jails, to suspend everybody’s human rights and all of that took a very, very long time to put in place. And I would submit to you that everybody that was in office as a decision maker in government was either complicit because they knew and they participated or they were criminally negligent for [not] stopping it. They knew or should have known. If we’re going to save our world they all gotta go. If you look at the laws surrounding the 2005 International “Health” Regulations, this is where the world came together and said “should there ever be a “pandemic” we’re all going to agree how we’re going to react to this thing”. Of course it was all set up long in advance, I figure it took 40 or 50 years to get the laws in place in March of 2020 the magic words were uttered “public health emergency of international concern” which then required all of the treaty countries to enact the promises that they had in the 2006 regulations. And in the case of the United States, it created a substitute set of of laws to the constitution. You find them 42 CFR part 70 and 71 whereby everybody’s constitutional rights are suspended except for certain powers granted onto the CDC in fact, complete with passports to go across state lines, involuntary quarantining, treatment with whatever protocols and medications they so desire without any indication as to whether they’re experimental or not. transcript by And in the case of the U.S military who was tasked with carrying this out they actually sidestepped the applicable FDA regulations and they made the shots themselves a “covid countermeasure” and then shipped it off across the world through this international treaty network under the 2005 International health regulations. Those treaty obligations remain in place except for one thing: prior to a couple of weeks ago they required the observance of human rights. The U.N & W.H.O talk about human rights throughout their constituent documents and there are multilateral conventions that speak of that. The negotiations pre approved by U.S, by Mr Biden, give away that ability to guard human rights. And so when the “public health emergency of international concern” is declared this time on mere suspicion alone by the way. Mere suspicion of a communicable the disease is enough to make this declaration. The US military and ostensibly all of the militaries of the world then be bound by virtue of these treaties to effectuate the mandates of the WHO. Not coincidentally, the public health apparatus was moved over under the Department of Defence over the last four years through the National Defence Authorization acts. So what you effectively have is a chain of command from Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “director” [dictator] of the “WHO” down to the various militaries themselves who will have the ability & the right to enforce with force use of weapons if they so choose quarantining and compulsory “treatments”. So here we understand that the “covid” shots, all of them were gene modification technologies, none of them were well received. I have an understanding less than half of the world actually took the shots. There’s going to be a next time, Bill Gates says it, and there’s already a good indicator that it’s going to be Marburg. Reason I say that is Marburg is mentioned specifically in that citation 42 CFR part 70 71. In addition to that there were Marburg provisions of the prep act. Prep act is one of the immunities granted through the “covid” countermeasures meaning that anybody taking part in providing these shots can’t be held liable. There was special money earmarked should there be a marburg pandemic that was put in in 2020 and 2021 Marburg provisions were in fact invoked. Our government said there is a Marburg outbreak, there was not one and yet they used that money to build quarantine camps all over the United States. Myself and some colleagues actually interrupted them from building one in Cochise county Arizona. We have the plans, we have all the intergovernmental agreements. Again, it’s not speculation whether this is so. My point is that they’ve already spent the Marburg money. There is a Marburg outbreak in Africa right after they tested their marburg MRNA experimental shots in the very same area and we know that Marburg, that pathogen was included as part of the contents in the covid shots. Certainly in the Johnson and Johnson shots there were fourteen different strands of Marburg proteins put into that shot. We have evidence to indicate that they had Marburg proteins in all of the shots. So it’s not much of a leap to understand that this next time will be a hemorrhagic fever, it’ll be scary as hell because people bleed out of their orifices and has a high fatality rate and I think the goal of the exercise is to drive everybody into these quarantine camps that they built in order to deliver a round of these experimental shots that will either kill or transform anybody that receives them. We have reams of evidence in paper, some of this is already put into our case in federal court so I’m really not speculating here. And in terms of timeline we have whistleblowers as part of our lawsuit, thousands and thousands of service members that came to us. Lots of federal agents, I mean lots of people from all over the government actually came to us and said please help, we understand what’s happening, how do we get out of this? transcript by My point is some of those whistleblowers work for the federal government including FEMA. FEMA has been doing Marburg exercises for many years now and they’ve blocked out 3/4 of this year for a biological hazard just as they did for “covid”. When combined with other factors that seem to be in a midst I would think that this will be in the next few weeks not months. The reality is the perpetrators have been caught and I think that they understand that if they don’t finish the job then they’re going to be prosecuted & hung. There is some movement in that regard for a remedy to this, at least stopping it. So I think they’re urgent, I think that they’ve got to get it done relatively quickly, I would think it’s weeks not months. I think the we already have the makings of the Marburg “pandemic”, one has already been declared in Africa. It’s got a 30 day incubation period which means that somebody from that part of Africa could travel to the united states for example and spread it without any symptomology whatsoever. It’s not by coincidence that 300 people per day have been flown from that part of Africa to the United States and Ebola or Marburg, both of them are man-made, they’re more or less the same disease, they actually have patients in Los Angeles, in Denver and I understand in Atlanta is well. What I’m trying to say, you’ve got a Marburg outbreak in Africa, you got 300 people a day coming to the United States, 30 day incubation period, that lends itself to support the conclusion that it’s imminent before such an outbreak is declared. Please recall it takes mere suspicion alone of a communicable disease outbreak for the “director” [dictator] to make that declaration of those magic words. He already has that. You might remember for instance in last summer he made the same declaration about Monkey pox despite the fact that the board around him voted against it he made the declaration anyway. It’s the declaration itself that mobilises the response and that makes him effectively [allegedly] the single most powerful man [mass murderer] on this planet. The money is spent given that they’ve been caught, given that all the prerequisites are already satisfied there’s literally nothing stopping them from doing it. And I think also economics has a lot to do with that. If you look at the insolvency of the US government in particular. If you look at the IMF and for instance has abandoned their special drawing rights as their currency and they’ve moved towards monetary gold. All of the nations of this world, even counties of nations, counties and provinces have been buying as much gold as they can. There are very key indicators in the US economy in particular that there is about to be horrible crash, a crash like we have never seen before. And it makes sense to me that if there is such a crash it’s a most opportune time for them to seize power, military power to effectuate their end goal which is the transformation or death of every last human on this planet.” / (Dr. McCullough: “Now the hospitals are basically empty we’re not having covid cases on a day-to-day basis I think all of this is big news but the other thing that’s come out made the news cycle recently is admissions from multiple government agencies that indeed the [alleged] “virus” “sarscov2” was engineered in the Wuhan institute of virology bio security level 4 annex..[allegedly]” transcript by 

🔥💉 Todd Callendar RE: Marburg Info About the Possible Release of the Zombie Apocalypse–todd-callendar-re-marburg-info-about-the-possible-release-of-the-zombie-ap.html

Attorney Todd Callender: Yea sure, been in the morbidity mortality business for a long time, practised international law around the world including living and working in two communist countries and undoing the Soviet model economy. I understand who the players are in this GENOCIDE, I’ve done business with all of them including The W.H.O and when the secretary of defence [💉☠️ Lloyd J. Austin III, Jan. 22, 2021- 𓍯] illegally mandated the shots, he doesn’t have the power to do that, I realised what this was all about and I filed suit against him and raised a lot of issues including the fact that everybody that’s getting these shots are #1 exploratory laboratory animals they’re just test beds and then number two #2 if you got the shots, the odds are according to U.S. law that you are owned by the patent holders, you’re a new species called Homo Borg Genesis and you are owned. That’s the nature of what our case says today. One of the advantages of suing the DoD with this many service members that are upset about the mandates is we’ve ended up with about 500,000 whistleblowers who have provided us a whole lot of really good information so everything you said is well supported in documents that we have testimony that we have and expert witnesses so in recent times I had sent to you a number of documents that actually support what you said and our biggest concern, the reason doc Chambers and I are here today is we work as a team to understand both the science and the legal ramifications and what I wanted to impart to you is under 42 CFR part 70 and 71, that’s the enabling statute for Health and Human services, to assume power upon the declaration of a public health emergency, they’ve already done that as you indicated with the “covid” [FRAUD] crisis, that is has resulted in the suspension of our constitution it’s already happened. The next one is coming in that statute you will see marburg is already identified, you will note that the prep act has a marburg provision that allows for additional spending when invoked. The Health & Human Services [HOLOCAUST & HOMICIDE SLAVERS/ SLAUGHTERERS] has already invoked the marburg provision, meaning they’ve already parted ways with money and spent it under the HHS enabling statute to build quarantine [CONCENTRATION/ EXTERMINATION] camps amongst other things throughout the United states. We interrupted 2, one of which was in Cochise county Arizona, where they were going to build $1.9 million facility that houses the now merged four branches under HHS: the judiciary, law enforcement, corrections and public health are now all one and the same and they’re all housed the same facilities so all of these quarantine centres are there. We understand that there could have been a marburg release that doctor Chambers will get into, we think that one has already happened. We know that marburg is not particularly contagious but it has extraordinary high rate of fatality and we know the mechanism by which this will be released and that is inside of these shots that people already received. Inside the lipid nanoparticles hydrogel there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric, they include E coli marburg ebola Staphylococcus and brewer’s yeast amongst others. We know that upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now employed across the United States and the world for that matter when they broadcast an 18 GHz signal for one minute three different times as a pulse it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release the pathogenic contents thereby causing a “marburg epidemic” that they’ve already spent the money on they’ve already, it’s already done right, the marburg epidemic for purposes of law has happened and now we just need the actual disaster to happen and there’s actually worse parts to it than that including the 1P36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds our government’s preparing for that. But the FEMA have already put out zombie commercials and conops on that correct? that’s correct, if you look at conplan 8888, Stratcom put that out in 2011, on page two they say “oh this is just for example, just for demonstration you know, don’t worry bout it’s so we don’t offend other countries.” The problem with that is you look through that Con plan it’s all about five different types of zombies, there isn’t anything in there about opposition forces, there’s anything about winning political battles or counterinsurgencies, it is only about a zombie apocalypse defending it and you will see that every nims compliant practically agency or whether state local or federal has already had their zombie apocalypse preparedness training, they’ve already done their practise.. the CDC has had a zombie apocalypse preparedness website up for last five years, now they’ve reduced it to a PDF cartoon. Transcript by Even in the Amazon Web Services contract the force majeure clause I believe it’s article 41 states that “we’re not liable for damages in case there’s a zombie apocalypse”. This is coming folks and in the serious adverse event report Pfizer put out post marketing, they had put I was part of a F.O.I.A, “the number one serious adverse event was the 1P36 gene deletion”. You look up the symptomology for that it is the elimination of frontal cortex and a propensity to fight. What’s very odd about this is this was the symptom post vaccination, that disease is a congenital disease, it means you’re born with it so how is it then possible that this is the number one serious adverse event from the Pfizer shots? it’s here folks and then you got Dr Chambers here to tell you I’m not just a raving lunatic. No no, the these are both very serious credentialed folks and patriots in their fields. I just met doc Chambers but just hearing his military resume impresses me and Todd and I have known each other for quite some time so.. and I also now work in corporate competitive biotech intelligence only for the good guys, my company is GRINX? which is genetics robotics information nanotechnology, don’t talk about that much, but it’s very.. so I have some understanding of what’s going on here and so the lipid fat is what encases the delivery and then it is activated an released by pulsing the 18 GHz, is that correct Todd? that’s exactly right. Think of the lipid nanoparticles as little bombers. What happened is the various manufacturers of these shots included three separate HIV proteins in each of them including the AD5 adjuvant. The reason for that was to disable, to disarm people’s immune system so that those little fat bombers could go inside of the cell and deliver their payloads in order to reprogram the person’s body to produce synthetic DNA, in this case they call it S proteins. When they turn that marburg switch on it will be M proteins that will cause people to produce the marburg pathogen themselves. First and foremost from a documentary point of view and self legal help vax choice, V A double X, there is a full repository of everything that we’re talking about is there and other things, self-help legal documents and if you sign up you can get a daily update, there’s no donation button there’s no nothing, we just put this out for people’s benefit. Separately, there is doctor Dr. Lee Vliet, MD is in charge of that and she’s put out a marburg factsheet along with some things that we can do to try and stop what’s coming or at least prevent it just like the “covid” situation there are medications that doctor chambers can talk about, there are therapeutics. Of course the CDC got rid of those therapeutics and its advisory saying the only thing that you can do to treat marburg is is a “vaccine”, there’s one actually already prepared for this and I think it’s getting its emergency use authorization right now which also tells us this is going to happen. Secondarily, yesterday we got information from a source, from a whistleblower showing us that they are now training people on “urban collection isolation and detention” in reference to public health emergency. So they are now training it, this training happens the next week in South Carolina once again in July. I’m sure that this is happening in more than one place, the United [abomi]Nations has already hired people, specialists in quarantining that is on their payroll, that happened last year I haven’t seen it they’ve done it more recently. Transcript by My point in telling you this folks is that we have tools to not fall for this again. There are therapeutic drugs that are available, one of those is called FenBen in the 444 milligrams and then I understand from talking to doctors in Africa that have treated this that ozone either i.v or insufflated also tends to work. I also have one whistleblower inside of FEMA who said that the plan is to scare the hell out of everybody and scare them into going to quarantine centers ’cause they don’t think they can collect everybody by themselves. The doors will be open and then of course in there you will get your mandatory shot ’cause you came in voluntarily. So what we’d like to do is is help people understand don’t run to the FEMA camps ’cause you’re gonna get one of these shots just like the “covid” ones and number two you can treat this yourself, there’s preparation you can do and if we get the word out sufficiently I think we can stop this like we did it in Cochise county and like another lawyer friend of mine Jamie Sheer did in New York. We gotta get the word out, we gotta stop this. Top of that yes it’s very insightful.. secondary to that is that upon the invocation of these emergency powers which are now permanent by the way in all 50 states, there is never again going to be a constitution and all of that power is being ceded in The W.H.O, now by contract it was by charter now it’s by contract so this is your one world government all being created at one time with this particular emergency, your rights as a human being are gone by the way. There are two UN conventions, the International Convention on civil and political rights and the International Convention on human rights that says they cannot force you to do medical experiments, guess what, those don’t count anymore your constitution doesn’t count anymore. We’re in a position where we the people at county level and doctor Chambers will talk about this, we take back our country from our own traitors in government or we’re done, we’re done as a species. My biggest issue is this: the next one, the next shoe to drop is coming and then they will cause 30 million people to pour across our borders. Most of those will be enemy occupiers, some are already housed on our military reservations as our military members are falling out because they were forced to get these shots, others are prepared to walk in and take over. The law of war states that when the alien occupiers take over substantial government functions your nation is dead, that is happening as we speak right now and we’ve got to take our country back now or it’s never. Well thank you so much Todd and I’ll probably have you guys both back on my cast next week or the week after that if you’re available. This is really important, I’m going to ask Mike Adams and Bob Denny and BrighteonTV to write articles about this and get this out it’s really important and thanks again. So your website is  and, Thank you Jeffrey i appreciate you having me. Transcript by

10 BIGGEST LIES – dr. Vernon Coleman

The 10 Biggest And Most Dangerous Lies (They’ve Told Since Early 2020) by Dr. Vernon Coleman The 10 BIGGEST and Most Dangerous Lies
“It is August 2023 and this is video number 328. It has been clear since the start of this fraud, particularly since the point when the conspirators got really serious and began to deceive and to oppress in great earnest, that everything happening is connected. As I’ve been saying for three and a half years, nothing is happening by accident. Everything is connected. There are no coincidences. We need to be constantly aware that we are under siege and that the stakes in this war are higher than ever in any previous war ever fought. This isn’t a war for territory or a specific commodity such as oil, gold or wheat. This is a war for our freedom, our independence, our individuality and our humanity. At the beginning of 2020 I was nervous about the words to use to describe what I believed was happening. I confess I thought long and hard before calling my first video “Coronavirus – the Hoax of the Century”. I feared that people would probably think me paranoid or insane. I chose the word `hoax’ deliberately because that’s what I felt it was. A few people did think me insane, of course, but more and more people are waking up and we are no longer quite as alone as we were all those months ago. The conspirators and, more importantly, the collaborators – because there are a good many of them – are now clearly the insane ones. They have created a whole dictionary of bizarre terms such as “sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and transparency” – none of which they understand – as an excuse for their greed, cruelty, ignorance, selfishness and the absurd sense of personal entitlement and mistaken self-righteousness which, they believe, gives them the right to sit down in front of ambulances and fire engines, to disrupt people’s lives and to damage property in their campaigns for a pseudoscience that is built on laughably inept and crooked theories. The insane members of the cult of eco-terrorism which is causing such chaos seem to have forgotten such basic principles of behaviour as respect, dignity and decency. And they are, of course, too ignorant, prejudiced, biased and naïve to realise that they are playing the roles designed for them. There were never going to be enough conspirators to take over the world. The collaborators, the half-witted, mask wearing, [pseudo] “vaccinated” buffoons who have taken part in the revolution of the woke, are, and always have been, just as much to blame for what’s happened, and what is happening, as the insane billionaire bankers and globalists. Because everything that’s happened to us has happened in isolation, and it is sometimes difficult to see how it is all connected, I’ve put together a TOP 10 TEN of the BIGGEST LIES the conspirators have told in the last three years – and shown how these are connected together in the greatest and most evil fraud in human history. All these lies were designed to encourage compliance and to lead us into the Great Reset. I’ll begin my top ten at the bottom of the list – with Number Ten.

#10 And Number Ten on my list is the FAKE PANDEMIC itself– the coronavirus hoax which hit the world in the early months of 2020 and which was, of course, built upon a HUGE LIE. They told us we were all in great danger when we were not but they wanted to frighten us. The truth is that the “covid-19” infection which the incompetent mathematicians told us was going to kill millions was no more than the annual flu – and it was a fairly modest version of the flu, at that. Government statistics show that the flu disappeared when “covid-19” was supposedly threatening our existence. And the number of genuine deaths from “covid-19” was no more than die in some fairly ordinary flu seasons. Moreover, governments knew in March 2020 that the covid infection was officially no worse than the flu. Before all the fuss started, the “covid-19” infection had been officially downgraded to the same level of danger as the standard flu. All that is on record. And mortality rates for 2020 and 2021 show that the number of people dying in those years was no higher than in other years. The covid pandemic was a HOAX.

#9 Number Nine on my list is the PCR TEST which was used to make the official figures for covid look far worse than they were. The PCR test, of course, was never intended to be used as a covid-19 test and it was entirely useless for that purpose. Everyone knew that. Or should have known it. Nevertheless, governments everywhere used the PCR test to FALSELY label millions of patients – and millions of deaths – as being “covid” related. People who died of heart attacks, cancer, muggers, being run over by buses and heaven knows what else were falsely put down as covid victims. Post mortems weren’t done – very conveniently – because the authorities decided that it was too dangerous to perform examinations on patients who had been labelled as dying of the flu. Treatment programmes which were murderous were introduced en masse and effective treatment regimes were banned. The elderly were killed off in their thousands by a kill shot consisting of morphine and a benzodiazepine tranquilliser. I had warned in March 2020 that killing off the elderly was one of the aims of the “covid” hoax. The other two aims I’d warned about two and half years ago were a plan to introduce compulsory “vaccination” programmes and a plan to use the alleged pandemic to get rid of cash. The PCR test, misused and misapplied, was always an integral part of making the pandemic seem real: it was a vital part of the LIE.

#8 Number Eight on my list are the LOCKDOWNS which, we were told, would protect us. A BIG, BIG LIE. It was, of course, obvious right from the start that the lockdowns wouldn’t do any good but would do a massive amount of harm. Today, so-called experts everywhere are announcing with apparent surprise that shutting people in their homes, isolating care home patients and closing schools caused massive psychological damage. And closing hospital departments (while nurses were busy making TikTok videos) has resulted in a massive increase in illness and deaths – increases which will continue for decades. Children were particularly badly damaged and thousands are now severely depressed and desperately need help they’ll never get. All this was predictable – take a look at the videos I made when the lockdowns were first suggested. The UK Government has instigated a “covid inquiry” at which doctors and others are giving evidence – which largely seems to consist of excuses. I submitted evidence proving that I warned about all the problems – and proved that the “covid” scare was a hoax – right at the beginning. Naturally, however, I have not yet been called to give evidence. I worry that the enquiry will be a farce, deliberately designed to avoid the unfortunate fact that anyone who told the truth was silenced and demonised. Incidentally, it is abundantly clear now that politicians and others in public service knew that the lockdowns were quite unnecessary and could sensibly be ignored.

#7 Number Seven on the list are the MASKS which were introduced and made more or less compulsory everywhere despite clear evidence that wearing masks did far more harm than good. And in addition, discarded masks do far more damage to wildlife and the environment than plastic bags ever did. Predictably, the morons who wore masks terrified children and delayed the development of babies and infants. Moreover, the mask wearers were more likely to develop chest infections. And, yet again proving the fact checkers wrong, it is clear that masks did accelerate the development and return of cancers because of their effect on blood oxygen levels. Forcing people to wear masks was part of the process of forcing populations to be compliant and was, therefore, an addition to the utterly absurd recycling programme which was long ago proved to be utterly wasteful and pointless, as well as expensive, but which is now regarded as a religion by mad and ignorant cultists – those tragic souls who happily sort their rubbish, wash their old yoghurt cartons with valuable water and then close their eyes to the fact that recycling material is mostly burnt or dumped – usually after being transported half way round the world. The recycling programme has done massive damage to the environment.

Number Six on my list of lies is the WAR– ostensibly between Russia and Ukraine but in reality, of course, between NATO and Russia. The western media deliberately misrepresents the war and suppresses the fact that the war was created to push up energy prices and food prices. The damage done to Europeans was as nothing to the damage done in Africa where hundreds of millions are starving and will die. This is part of the population control programme which the conspirators regard as essential. Biden and chums blew up the Nord Stream pipeline to maximise the damage done to Europe and Africa and also to maximise American profits. This problem hasn’t gone away and next winter is going to see ten or a hundred times as many deaths as were caused by the well marketed flu of 2020 and 2021. The war has helped push up inflation and interest rates, helping to impoverish millions – remember the phrase ‘You will own nothing’- and enrich the billionaire bankers.

Number Five on my shameful list is the lie that the world is OVERPOPULATED and short of FOOD. The truth, of course, is that there is plenty of food but much of it is in the wrong place and is wasted. Those EU food mountains should have made it clear long ago that the world has plenty of food. Moreover, the evidence shows clearly that the earth can easily cope with many more billions of people. There is NO overcrowding – that is just one of many myths which the evil, greedy globalists find convenient.

Number Four on the list of LIES is the “covid-19 [FAKE] “VACCINE” – the MOST TOXIC pharmaceutical product ever produced, and also the most over-promoted and dangerously over sold. Any doctor or nurse who gave or promoted the covid-19 [MRNA BIOWEAPON CLOT SHOT injection] should be arrested because they broke just about every ethical code in existence. Patients were not properly consulted, side effects were ignored and suppressed and the so-called “vaccines” were mass marketed without being properly tested. We are already seeing the awful short term consequences of the mass “vaccination” programme and I fear that the long-term consequences will be awful beyond imagination. The medical establishment is still maintaining the lie, of course, and many deaths caused by the “vaccine” are being misdiagnosed and misattributed. Moreover, the fake disease of “long covid” is, when the symptoms are real, a result of the “vaccination” programme. I think it is also necessary to point out that it isn’t just the “covid-19 vaccine” – or so called “vaccine” – that has done massive amounts of harm. The seemingly unending number of “vaccination” programmes being promoted both to children and adults are causing massive damage to immune systems and causing many diseases. The medical establishment and the politicians have prohibited the discussion of “vaccines” and a year or two ago the BBC, a vile propaganda machine, made it clear that they did not intend to interview anyone questioning “vaccines:” ‘whether they were right or wrong’. Their words. I understand why the establishment is terrified: “vaccines” have never been adequately tested singly or together and so all discussion and debate is banned. The available evidence suggests they should all be banned. In my view, “vaccines” do more harm than good. But still the lies keep coming. We are now into my final three lies of the last three years.

Number Three on my list is the ABOLITION OF CA$H and the introduction of DIGITAL CURRENCIES [CBDC]. Like all the other items in my top ten, the authorities claim that they’re getting rid of cash and introducing digital currencies “for our benefit”. Sadly the masses have accepted the LIE that it’s for our benefit and are enthusiastically downloading apps and paying for everything with their cards, their smart phones, their daft watches and their implants. Abolishing cash will enable the authorities to control everything we do. They can and will decide what we spend our money on and how much money we can save. And if we misbehave they will simply turn off our money supply until we either do behave or we die.

Number Two is the introduction of “SOCIAL CREDIT”– what I’ve called the nightmare on your street –and the digitalisation of every aspect of our lives. These go hand in hand, of course, and neither would be possible without the internet – the most dangerous and awful invention in human history – far worse and far more deadly than the nuclear bomb or cigarette. APPS are being introduced to help the enemy control everything we do and we must be forever vigilant and cautious about accepting or using new technology. (I have to use the internet to share my videos and articles because I am banned from everywhere else.) And we should avoid smart phones – the enemy’s main weapon. As usual, they claim that social credit and digitalisation are being introduced “for our benefit”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Number One is the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL – man made “CLIMATE CHANGE”. There is no controversy about climate change because there was no climate change until malicious, hare brained idiots started spraying powders into the atmosphere to block out the sun and change the weather. “Climate change” is a myth created by evil people and perpetuated by bought and paid for media whores – including the entire staff of the world’s most crooked propaganda organisation – the BBC.Climate change” is a FRAUD and “net zero” [CARBON]  is a weapon which is being used to control and destroy. All the scientific evidence proves that there has been no dangerous change in the weather. All of it. The so-called evidence produced by the media consists of LIES and super lies – based on pseudoscience. “Climate change” has become a cult, carefully managed and controlled in order to deceive and to oppress. Please watch ‘The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Part 28, Climate Crisis’ on Bitchute. It’s packed with all the evidence you need. And read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen which is entertaining as well as educational. There is only word to describe “climate change” and “net zero”: CRIMINAL. And the people who promote it, and sell this huge lie, are all CRIMINALS. They’re rabid racists too, mean and nasty and selfish because they are deliberately trying to keep Africa back in the dark ages. Denying developing countries the chance to progress with fossil fuels is beyond wicked. There have been other lies and deceits but the ten I’ve selected are the ones which are leading us remorselessly into the Great Reset. The entire establishment is committed to these lies. Anyone who disagrees with the conspirators’ lies, or exposes them in any way, is labelled as discredited, dangerous and a conspiracy theorist and denied access to the media. None of what is happening would have been possible without the cooperation of the mainstream media and the internet companies. The suppression of the truth and the demonization of honest doctors and scientists have been vicious and never ending. I’ve been banned from all mainstream media and most of the internet for many years. The removal of free speech was a deliberate, cold blooded policy which originated with and is managed by the “security” services – the CIA, GCHQ and others – which have almost total control of corrupt organisations such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. And the proof of their deceit is that the conspirators and the collaborators will never debate these issues. I have for years offered to debate these topics, live on television, with the chief protagonists and promoters of these lies. But they steadfastly refuse to debate because they are frightened that they will be humiliated and their lies will be exposed. We should repeat the challenge endlessly because it proves that everything they say is a LIE and a wider public will recognise that since we will debate and they will not then we must be right and they must be hiding something. If you want to know more about any of this please look at my books: Coming ApocalypseEndgame, `Social Credit – Nightmare on your street and They want your money and your life. They’re all listed in the books sections of my websites. My latest book Their Terrifying Plan provides an overview and explains why, how, when and who is responsible for what’s happening to us. I’ve traced the Great Reset back to its roots and the book contains some real surprises and some genuine shocks. For the record, every penny I receive in royalties is spent on buying copies to distribute to politicians and editors. Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you can think of. Try it on YouTube to see if they’re awake. Remember I’m banned from all social media, and have been since the start of this fraud. And yet the big players allow fake channels in my name – and won’t take them down. Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. Please remember that though it may seem like it, you’re not alone. More and more people are waking up and once awake they don’t go back to sleep. Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. Please share this video with everyone. You can find my articles on and on If one doesn’t seem to work, just try the other. Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. And remember – we have God on our side.”

KAREN KINGSTON POISONED FOR SHERIFF LETTER, WIND POWER FRAUD, Todd Callender covid fraud “vaccine” democide genocide update

Todd Callender: AI Language Translation, Military Mandates & Oath of Office Violations

System Collapse 10min*****: #WINDPOWER #WINDFARM #FRAUD disclaimer: sharing ≠ endorsement

VAERS data is crystal clear: CONVID “covid” vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)

Myocarditis : Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker From Canada Brings a Shocking Revelation [myocarditis was 1 in a million, after MRNA bio weapon clot shot fake “vaccine” it’s 200,000 in a million (20%) half of which (10% = 100,000 per million) die in 5 years.]

Karen Kingston Poisoned – Calls Out Robert Malone & Others—truth-too-excrucia.html
“Karen Kingston has fled to Mexico but believes she is being hunted by the CIA.
She is desperate, frightened to death. “I was informed by security, Ernest Luque <>, the security I hired that my message regarding the C19 injections and certain others put me on a government hit List. Eric was an FBI agent and was at the Pentagon for years under Obama and Hillary. Eric informed me I have a 50/50 chance of surviving, at best. I was on gettr today and explained how I have been poisoned numerous times since the incident in FL via aerosoL, food beverages... She is being hunted for the following reasons-
1. She has recognized that much of the anti-vax movement has been infiltrated by people like Dr. Robert Malone who is actually a pioneer of transhumanism. He admits his connections to the CIA and FBI and is undermining resistance. He is an advisor to RFK Jr. who is also suspect. Rfk Jr. suppressed an interview in which she explained why Pfizer is liable. She advocates people organize on a grassroots level and eschew the “freedom movements.” She begs Malone and Rfk Jr. to call off the CIA.
2. She advocates the prosecution of Pfizer which has lost its immunity because it has engaged in criminal medical experimentation. She says, Sheriffs have the legal right to seize the vaccines.
3. Once you edit the genome of a species you are exterminating the species. She says the “vaccine” contains an operating system designed to cull and track the population. mNRA vaccine is being put in our food.
4. She pleads with law enforcement and the military. “Do you want to live in this kind of world? They are coming for you next.”
5. The easiest way to win a war is when there is a “friendly field” – i.e. when the enemy allows himself to be conquered. This is the situation we have and people like Malone make it possible.
6. “I chose to sacrifice for the greater good instead of suffering.”

DEMAND: Immediately Stop Distribution, Access and Administration of COVID-19 mRNA Nanoparticle Injections Across All NametheCounty Vaccination Facilities and Seize Inventory

Attention: Sheriff John Smith, Deputy Sheriff Jane Doe

CC: (list friends,church members, family, mediam and attorneys who have given permission)

It is well-established that the FDA clinical trials for the ‘COVID-19 vaccines’ (hereafter referred to as ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections’) were not designed to clinically and statistically demonstrate that the COVID-19 nanoparticle injections  prevent infection, prevent transmission, or protect against disease, hospitalizations, and death.1-7

FDA clinical trials, US government data,  and real-world evidence have demonstrated that mRNA nanoparticle injections cause clinically significant increases in mild-to-moderate disease, serious diseases, disabilities, hospitalizations, and death within days, weeks and/or months of receiving COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections in formerly healthy infants, children, and adults.2,4,6-13, 79-81

The COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections were administered to civilian adults and children through unlawful human experimentation, specifically whereas the clinical safety risks were known by the FDA to outweigh any potential clinical benefits and the COVID-19 injections were administered without informed consent regarding;

  • the composition and variability of the COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ vials,
  • the gene-editing mechanism of action of COVID-19 nanoparticle technologies, and
  • the known harmful, permanently disabling and/or sometimes deadly clinical outcomes of being injected with engineered COVID-19 nanoparticle technologies. 2,4, 9,14-55,82

This DEMAND is sent to the attention of “Sheriff John Doe and Deputay Sheriff Jane Smith,” who are hereafter referred to individually and collectively as “COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT.”

            WHEREAS the ‘COVID-19 vaccines’ contain engineered nanoparticle technologies per the manufacturer’s product labeling, FDA submissions, US military contracts, peer-reviewed publications, patents, and manufacturer’s websites;1-8,11,14,19-24,26,32-37,51 and,

            WHEREAS Pfizer ignored and violated 21 USC laws for conducting safe and legal experimentation on humans with the use of FDA-regulated products when Pfizer stated that the formulations of their COVID-19 injections distributed to US adults and children varied by LOT number, per Pfizer’s approved August 23, 2021, biological license application (BLA);4,11,15-19 and,

WHEREAS Pfizer’s criminal experimentation on civilian adults and children with the use of varying biotechnologies in their COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle formulations by ‘vaccine’ LOT number (with some lots known to inflict harm, ranging from serious diseases and disabilities to death), combined with lots that are placebos (known to be harmless), was confirmed by a scientific European analysis of 52 different Pfizer mRNA nanoparticle ‘vaccine’ LOTS, administered to 4,026,575 persons who received 10,793,766 doses (an average of 2.7 injections/person) between December of 2020 and January of 2022;79-81and,

WHEREAS the FDA and ‘vaccine’ manufacturers (i.e. Pfizer) clinically established that the COVID-19 injections would cause an unprecedented incidence of disease, permanent disabilities, and death, when on October 22, 2020 (before the ‘COVID-19 vaccine rollout’) the FDA met with the manufacturers and reviewed this ‘working list’ of harmful clinical outcomes caused by the injections; nervous system disease (convulsions, seizures, GuillainBarre syndrome myelitis encephalitis, encephalopathy, encephalomyelitis, narcolepsy, cataplexy, meningitis, meningoencephalitis acute demyelinating diseases), cardiac disease (acute myocardial infarction myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke), blood and circulatory disease (disseminated intravascular coagulation, thrombocytopenia, venous thromboembolism), musculoskeletal disease (arthritis, joint pain), reproductive and pregnancy disorders (adverse pregnancy outcomes, adverse birth outcomes), autoimmune disease (VAED, multisystem inflammatory syndrome), and death;9 and,

        WHEREAS 696,605 nervous system disorders539,299 musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (92,942 pain in extremities), and 317,811 gastrointestinal disorders224,633 skin, hair and nail disorders190,720 respiratory and chest disorders, 178,353 female and male reproductive system disorders (erectile dysfunction, infertility, heavy menstrual bleeding), 167,382 victims developed bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections (24,9010 herpetic infections), 126,993 cardiac disorders, 100,970 blood and lymphatic system disorders, 77,148 psychiatric disorders, 73,542 vascular disorders, 61,518 eye disorders, 47,038 ear and labyrinth disorders (15,833 tinnitus), 31,895 autoimmune disorders, 13,647 kidney and urinary disorders, 3,711 cancers and benign cysts, 4,056 pregnancy complications (1,859 spontaneous abortion complications, 1,143 genetic disorders, and 3,814 deaths were documented in an internal Pfizer document as of June 18, 2022;56 and,

WHEREAS 17,560 deaths, 83,092 hospitalizations, 116,479 urgent care visits,194,594 doctor visits, 36,014 anaphylaxis/severe allergic reactions, 13,515 cardiac events/conditions, 17,076 permanent disabilities, and an additional 14,494 life threatening events have been reported into the CDC’s VAERS database as of June 16,2023, with an estimated 100-fold underreporting factor per a Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Analysis commissioned by HHS;57-58 and,

WHEREAS more than one (1) million adverse events were reported in the VAERS database (1,055,219) in the year 2021 from the COVID-19 injections, including; hospitalizations, permanent disabilities, anaphylaxis, heart attacks, miscarriages, adult, child, and newborn deaths which is more than ALL reported adverse events from ALL childhood and adult vaccines over the past 20 years combined prior to the COVID-19 injection rollout (1990 -2020);57 and,

WHEREAS based on data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), it was reported that US military men and women experienced a 2,181% increase in hypertension,  1,048% increase in nervous system disorders, a 894% increase in malignant neoplasms of esophagus, a 680% increase in multiple sclerosis, a 624% increase in malignant neoplasms of digestive organs, 551% increase in Guillain-Barre syndrome (paralysis), a 487% increase in breast cancer, 487% increase in demyelinating disease (damage to the myelin sheath protecting nerve fibers of the brain, optic nerve, and spinal cord), a 474% increase in malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands, a 472% increase in female infertility, a 468% increase in pulmonary embolism, a 452% increase in migraines, a 437% increase in ovarian dysfunction, 369% increase in testicular cancer, and a 302% increase in tachycardia;10 and,

WHEREAS data collected by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), demonstrated that among 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries 65 years and older who received Pfizer’s or Moderna’s mRNA nanoparticle technology injections or remained uninjected, 71% of COVID-19 cases occurred in fully-vaccinated seniors and 60% of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully-vaccinated seniors as of August 7, 2021;59 and

WHEREAS data published by the CDC on June 15, 2023, demonstrated that in adults who were fully vaccinated or fully-vaccinated and boosted, and who were formerly immunocompetent (healthy) experienced an increased risk for hospitalization due to COVID-19;60 and,

WHEREAS more than 4 million Americans reported a Grade 3 adverse event (as defined as ‘unable to perform their daily functions’) and approximately 200,000 (2%) required admittance to the emergency room or hospital after receiving a COVID-19 injection according to the CDC’s V-Safe database of 10 million US residents who were early recipients of COVID-19 injections as of July 31, 2022;61 and,

WHEREAS 403,396 Florida residents who were early recipients of COVID-19 injections, 167,005 (41.1%) reported a Grade 3 adverse event (unable to perform their daily functions) and 8,471 (2.1%) required admittance to the emergency room or hospital after receiving a COVID-19 injection per the CDC’s V-Safe database report as of July 31, 2022;61 and,

WHEREAS Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo identified 16,406 cardiac deaths from Florida’s disease repository (MERLIN), Florida State Health Online Tracking System (FLSHOTS), and death records, in adult Florida residents within 25 weeks of a 1st or 2nd mRNA nanoparticle injection; 3,417 of these cardiac deaths occurred within 28 days of a 1st or 2nd mRNA nanoparticle injection and none of these deaths were attributed to COVID-19 infection or a history of heart disease;62 and

WHEREAS a recent systematic review of 100 studies, including case-reports and case studies, demonstrated that the average rate of myocarditis (a formerly rare disease among healthy adults and children) is 1.62% post COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injection, as well as demonstrated a clinically significant incidence of cardiomyopathy, pulmonary embolism (PE), and vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia post COVID-19 mRNA injection;63 and,

WHEREAS it is clinically established that the mRNA ‘spike proteins’ and ‘lipid’ nanoparticles cross the barrier membranes of the cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, and central nervous system (including the brain); causing inflammation that can result in disease, disability, and death, per peer-reviewed publications and research & development Pfizer documents;52-55,64-67 and

WHEREAS there were 195% excess mortality claims in the State of Florida made to Group Life Insurance companies in July-September of 2021, during the time period when President Biden’s previously announced COVID-19 vaccine mandate was to go into effect by July 4, 2021, for all employed Americans;68-69 and,

WHEREAS the CDC recorded an excess of 492,851deaths in the United states in 2022, and an excess of 64,375 deaths in the first 14 weeks (Q1) of 2023;70 and,

            WHEREAS on November 20, 2020, Pfizer stated in writing that the risk-benefit ratio of their COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections were not favorable (unfavorable) for children 12 to 15 years of age, based on FDA submitted data from 100 injected children from their Phase 3 trial;2 and,

            WHEREAS on June 10, 2021, the FDA Vaccine and Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) stated in writing that it would not be infeasible (it would be impossible)  to conduct a clinical trial that could clinically and statistically prove that any vaccine could prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and/or COVID-19 disease in pediatric populations because teenagers, children, and infants rarely (if ever) become infected or present with symptoms;16 and,

            WHEREAS children who received two (2) COVID-19 injections are 1400% (15x)  more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children and children who received three (3) COVID-19 injections are 4400% (45x) more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children per UK Government data;13,71 and,

            WHEREAS, COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections induce anaphylaxis, appendicitis, fevers of greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, seizures (with eye rolling), convulsions, status epilepticus (seizures lasting more than 5 minutes and multiple seizures that can lead to permanent brain damage), epilepsy, exanthema subitum (herpes induced fevers and seizures), hypotonia (limp ‘lifeless-like baby syndrome’), permanent brain damage confirmed by an EEG, and lissencephaly (genetic-induced brain malformation characterized by the absence of convolutions/folds), per Pfizer’s June 15, 2022, FDA clinical trial data submission of 6 month old babies through 4 year old toddlers; in which a subgroup of 370 toddlers (2 to 4 year old) only 21 toddlers (5%) made it to their 1-month study follow-up visit after receiving their 3rd COVID-19 mRNA injection, and in a subgroup of 344 babies (6 to 23 months old) only 3 babies (1%) made it to their 1-month study follow-up visit after receiving their 3rd injection of COVID-19 mRNA injection; reasons for discontinuing or withdrawing from the study included adverse events, neurological dysfunctions, ICU admission, hospitalization, and death (but reasons for discontinuation or withdrawal need not be noted by the investigator);14 and,

WHEREAS the engineered COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticles can cross the blood brain barrier causing demyelinating disease (deterioration to the protective covering of nerve cells) including permanent changes to nerve cell structures, nerve cell damage, and nerve cell death in the spinal cord and brain leading to permanent brain and neurological disorders and diseases, such as the 696,605 neurological disorders and diseases documented by Pfizer;53,55,56,65,67 and,

WHEREAS the engineered mRNA nanoparticles cross the biological barriers of the male reproductive system accumulating in the testis and epididymis adversely affecting sexual health in men, including; sperm quality, quantity, morphology, and motility, and affecting male hormones causing reproductive organ dysfunction such as the 178,353 female and male reproductive system disorders documented by Pfizer (including male erectile dysfunction, infertility, and testicular pain); 53,56,67 and,

WHEREAS the engineered COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticles cross the biological barriers of the female reproductive system accumulating in the ovaries, placenta, and uterus, causing reproductive dysfunction including damage to eggs and follicle development, and adversely affecting the health of women, unborn babies and newborn babies, as was demonstrated by the 178,353 female and male reproductive system disorders and 4,056 pregnancy complications (including heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular menstruation, spontaneous abortions, and infertility); 53,56,67 and,

WHEREAS the engineered mRNA nanoparticle technologies in the COVID-19 injections are classified as electromagnetic devices per Pfizer’s Operation Warp Speed contract and Title 21 US Code 351(a)(2)(B), and the 2017 FDA Guidance on Drugs and Devices;23,24,49 and,

            WHEREAS the engineered nanoparticle technologies in COVID-19 mRNA injections are gene-editing technologies per Pfizer’s May 18, 2021 FDA-submitted biological license application stating that the COVID-19 mRNA mechanism-of-action is through RNA transcription (nucleoside substitutions) substituting the genetic material of human cells within human bodies with foreign genetic material;4,25,28,29 and,

            WHEREAS the engineered nanoparticle technologies in COVID-19 mRNA injections are gene-editing nanotechnologies that use cationic liposome technologies to alter human DNA through RNA transfection; as has been described in Pfizer’s biological license application (BLA), on Pfizer’s website, in Dr. Robert Malone and colleagues’ 1996 patent “Delivery of Exogenous DNA Sequences in a Mammal” for cationic liposome technology; and as is demonstrated in multiple scientific papers and Pfizer’s internal report of 1,143 genetic diseases spontaneously reported post- COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injection; 4,25-51,56,72,73 and,

            WHEREAS it is an established scientific fact that the engineered nanoparticle technologies in the COVID-19 mRNA injections are gene-editing technologies with known and uknown risks for; integrating non-human DNA into the human genome, transmission of foreign DNA into the germline (genetic mutations passed from parent to child through sperm or egg), passage foreign genes into sperm, embryo/fetal and perinatal toxicity, genotoxicity (DNA damage that can lead to birth defects and diseases i.e. cancers), and the potential for horizontal transmission (i.e., shedding) is further confirmed in a June 9, 2023 peer-reviewed publication in the International Journal of Molecular Science;82 and,

WHEREAS the COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections were NEVER proven to prevent infection, disease, hospitalization or death, per Pfizer’s November 20, 2020, FDA submission, in which Pfizer stated in writing that out of 18,198 human subjects originally injected with BNT162b2, 11% or two-thousand and fifty-three (2,053) developed mild, moderate, or severe COVID-19 disease within 2 months of the 1st or 2nd mRNA nanoparticle injection; 1-3 and

WHEREAS 19 (0.1%) deaths were reported by Pfizer within 3 days -142 days (less than 4 months)  post- Pfizer mRNA nanoparticle injections in previously healthy human subjects per Pfizer’s May 18, 2021, post-hoc analysis;4 and,

WHEREAS the rotovirus vaccine (RotaShield) was pulled off the US market in 1999  due to five cases (0.05%) of respiratory infection among 10,054 pediatric vaccine recipients;75 and,

WHEREAS the manufacturers of the COVID-19 nanoparticle injections NEVER submitted clinical trial evidence demonstrating clinically and statistically significant protection against; infection, symptomatic illness, medically attended illness, including emergency department and urgent care visits, or severe illness, including hospitalization and death, but did submit clinical data demonstrating an increased risk of heart inflammation, vaccine-related enhanced respiratory disease, and vaccine-related enhanced autoimmune diseases per Pfizer’s August 23, 2021 FDA approval and Moderna’s January 30, 2022, FDA approval;20-22, 75 and,

            WHEREAS the engineered nanoparticles in the COVID-19 injections are nanotechnologies designed to force human cells to produce disease-causing pathogens known as spike proteins, spike proteins that are established lab-made pathogens that cause disease, disabilities, and death per dozens of scientific and clinical publications, abstracts, and patents as well as Pfizer’s internal documents and website;4,19-22,26-67 and,

            WHEREAS the engineered nanoparticle technologies (aka vaccine nanotechnology) in the COVID-19 mRNA injections are patented for use as a nanocarrier of an ‘agent of biowarfare,’ per US Patent Number 9539210, VACCINE NANOTECHNOLOGY;76 and,

WHEREAS COVID-19 injections containing engineered mRNA nanoparticle technologies meet the legal definition of biological weapons according to 18 USC 175, Ch. 10: BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS which is a biological agent, toxin and/or delivery device for use other than prophylactic (preventative), protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose;77 and,

            WHEREAS, COVID-19 injections containing engineered mRNA nanoparticles meet the exact criteria of weapons of mass destruction according to F.S.790.166;78 and

            WHEREAS, a person who manufactures, possesses, sells, delivers, displays, uses, attempts to use, or conspires to use, or who makes readily accessible to others a weapon of mass destruction commits a felony of the first degree per F.S.790.166;78 and

            On behalf of ____________, I am demanding that COUNTY LAW ENFORCMENT issue a cease and desist to immediately stop distribution, promotion, access and administration of COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections to All NAME OF COUNTY Vaccination Facilities by _____ and to seize their mRNA nanoparticle injections inventory by __________.

Vaccination facilities are defined as all entities including but not limited to, a business entity, government entity, healthcare provider, educational institution, or individual within NAME OF COUNTY, as defined in Florida Statutes Sec. 768.38.

Vaccination facilities and administrators who do not comply with the cease and desist and immediate forfeit COVID mRNA nanoparticle injections inventory will be in violation of  in F.S.790.166 and may subject imprisonment and/or fines.


By: __________________________            



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82.  Banoun H. “mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? The Safety Regulatory Issues.” International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2023; 24(13):10514. VLOG.COM web host server log stats July 2023: 16K uniques, 50K pageviews, 100K hits v. IMPLAUSIBLE.IO zero seconds lies: WHO’S THE LIAR?

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries? “Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

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♪ VLOG.COM demos aug 2023 masters ♫ 🎶

1. GOLDEN ARMS 1st song writing home recording
2. ADOPTED ABUSED ESTRANGED argument unmastered
8. STUDLY explicit
9. STUDLY/ TALKIN 2 U early mix
10. VIDEO STAR ★ home demo
All songs written, produced, recorded, performed by Geo Godley, w/ backing vocalists & Betty Godley on lead vocals on “Adopted Abused Estranged”

1. GOLDEN ARMS 1st song writing home recording 2023 master
First Geo Godley song ever written, recorded on 4 track Tascam tape recorder, korg dw8000, yamaha rx17 drum machine, sony lav mic or shure sm57, age 19, at Langford hotel Orlando Florida, Rollins College summer school, for swimming pool girl with golden arm hair. Golden arms- lyrics ©Geo Godley When I saw you walking down the pool, you sure looked so cool.. I just had to talk 2 u 2 see what was behind the groove because without you I was at a loss of words. And when you turned your eyes away I could hardly believe myself, I just wanted to talk 2 u, see your golden hair, did go.. & I missed you so much yet it was only 5 minutes ago.. Then you turned your eyes away that’s when I only felt like saying it’s only been one day since we met, & I will not forget your golden golden arms.. Let me put that sun tan oil on you & give you a back rub, I won’t attack you any more, don’t be a snob.. and if you want let’s go out tonight..


Summary: After decades of cruel unusual punishments abuse to her adoptive sons, listed in autobiography “Adopted Abused Estranged” chapter, Mrs. Betty Godley cuts me off again [3 min 13 sec timestamp], just like when I went to boarding school age 14 [30 min timestamp]. This time, she lies repeatedly, saying that my Ambassador father wants me out of the house, who also abused me through constant hard manual child labor but says he’s delighted to see me since we write to each other weekly (he dictates letters through a secretary who types them). The proof is at the end of the recording, she changes her tune as dad enters the living room [33min35] with heavy breathing laryngectomy. Behind his back as he pours a drink, she lies again, gaslights & whispers, “no I never said that, I said it’s stressful” [37 min 50 sec]. From this we learn sunlight is disinfectant, silence complicity; recordings expose & stop abuse, crime, lies, misunderstandings and even cause of death: She lied & died 10 years later from bowel cancer after admitting eating carcinogen Aspartame “Equal” in this recording [35 min 35 sec]. One more thing Columbo.. She also ate banned toxic serotonergic appetite suppressant Fenfluramine (Ponderal) which she sent me to buy in Athens, blood pressure & other drugs, unfiltered tap water, caffeine, etc.. hence the stuttering, stress, mental & personality disorders.. r.i.p “History is not yours to like, dislike, erase or destroy but to learn from & not repeat.”



5. MINE 2023 master

6. GOODBYE 2023 master

7. DO YO THING demo 2023 master

8. STUDLY explicit demo 2023 master

9. STUDLY/ TALKIN 2 U early mix demo 2023 master

10. VIDEO STAR ★ home demo 2023 master

11. BOUZOUKI RAP demo 2023 master



Covid Fraud mRNA democide -Bronny James, Jenny Apple, John O’Looney funeral director, Steve Kirsch, Patent # #11,107,588 B2, Florida mRna murder ban

Top basketball player [BRONNY LEBRON JAMES’ SON] 100% destroyed by VAXX poison injections

The New American TV | Media Ignore Obvious Suspect in 18-year-old Athlete’s Cardiac Arrest

[MRNA “VACCINATED”] YouTuber Jenny Apple: Scan Results Show I Only Have 6 Months to Live – CA (Jul’23) 2min30 “MRNA “VACCINATED””:→ DIAGNOSIS: March 19th, 2021 Stage IIIA Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (Non-Smoking). February 2022 Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (spreading to Brain, and other parts of lung and lymph nodes)..  Gene Mutation EGFR with Exon 20 Insertion TREATMENTS:  2021: 8 Rounds of Chemotherapy (Carboplatin and Paclitaxel) with 30 concurrent radiation treatments to chest and lung. Failed Immunotherapy directly after Chemo and Radiation (Durvalumab, 1 round) 2022: Chemotherapy: 10 rounds of Chemotherapy (Carboplatin, Alimta, and Avastin). 6 with Carboplatin, 4 without Targeted Brain Radiation (Completed) CURRENT TREATMENT: clinical trial for specific gene mutation

John O’Looney – Excess Deaths, Turbo-Cancer and the Covid Inquiry Sham COVID “vaccines” are an unmitigated DISASTER for pregnant women

THE JABBED ARE ABOUT TO GET A RUDE AWAKENING disclaimer: we condemn violence & recommend Nuremberg code crimes against humanity JUSTICE by CITIZENS ARREST. Elitist ≠ elite.  

COVID MRNA “VACCINE” LYMPHEDEMA London U.K sun 3 july 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com

COVID MRNA “VACCINE” LYMPHEDEMA LONDON U.K SUN 3 JULY 2023 GEORGEGODLEY DOT COM VLOG DOT COM</a covid fraud injection vaccine victim mon 18 apr 2022 london u.k georgegodley com vlog com c0314s03 June 2023 server logs vs. goggle anal ytics,, similarweb, hypestat: spot the LIARS

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries?
“Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries?
“Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

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Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03

Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03


Fright light.. thanks for visiting & 100 domains thursday 29 June 2023 8:53 pm. Noise crescendo syrtaki Gay pride parade, I’m the kinda clown paint the town brown shut down the town.. racket, action, 1 thing..hullabaloo
1min analytics 60 [80] visitors today suitcase sticker
2 I wanna know, autoplaying video 20 autoplays, 40 cities, covid climate totalitarianism tyranny genocide democide coverup exposure
3min Facebook messenger chat takes all day
4min don’t lose thousands of dollars, need bag watchers, Sony z90 intermittent battery screen
5 can’t be too careful, don’t give all data, poignant bit waste of time & money nothing, leases apt,
6 40 cities, 30 countries, weird remote obscure unknown cities countries, learned all capital cities [server logs say 500 daily uniques, anal ytics say 50 coz they don’t count bots but how would they know, see email]
7 missed gym, sleep habits, naps, 5-7, midinight-6..
8 pecs moobs mantits [song] Christopher Anderson fakesagan youtube cancellation again. Update.
9 speaker no bluetooth cancer world holocaust organisation according to Naomi Wolf, Vera Shark, Peter Bregin compared covid “vaccine” bio weapon clot shot Rfk jr said it..
10 Facebook doesn’t let you turn on the mic video [later found microscopic hidden pinhead button in frame]
11 “Allow Facebook to use the camera & microphone so others can see or hear you” how do you allow it ahole! fecal book not letting me turn on camera mic
12 why would you do that, fecal book? See what it does? “You haven’t allowed fecal book access to your camera.. yea the spyware, the military that just committed genocide & democide & is watching you through this, the spyware shit, you haven’t allowed them to spy on you. Like they need permission to do it. Like they’re not gonna do it any way. See, that’s blocking me. Doesn’t work man, its a piece of sh.. sigh nothings worth getting worked up over, don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything is..
13 wish I could share more but they use this to enslave you w/ artificial intelligence data so we gotta lie..
13m50 opera browser saves as pdf, brave browser settings
15 you call. “What is fecal book”.. I think he’s getting shedded on from the MRNA BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT..affecting his brain slow & stupid.. illogical conversations “I can edit your movie”
16 its not letting me, not telling me how, the pos, horrible, everyone in bars faun I’m sitting here doing this.. clear up bad relations w few friends
17 on purpose 1000 menus, copy paste, imagine urgent
18 fing pain in the ass, doesn’t work, insists you see what a piece of shit.. [ringtone] F.U its not working ahole, I gotta go thru this 100 times, demented moron, doesn’t work 10 times won’t work 11th.. half joking.. blood pressure, pulse rate, tachycardia, vaccination f-ing side effect clot shot bio weapon pice of sh shedding transmission, half joking serious
19 see what a piece of shit Facebook is, if this was urgent.. [rigtone again 10th time] he’s got shit for brains x3 if it doesnt work.. doing the same thing [expecting different result is insanity]  audio
20 terrible photo
21 sh.. when you’re losing it its bad.. one of us has to stay stable.. family content,.. good drama lose control
22 cough vaccination shedding transmission bio weapon clot shot* button doesn’t do anything
23 champaign for every one 100% energy much better
24 talent intelligence genius 99% perspiration, gifted skill
25 variables
26 don’t ruin my video w unacceptable words. Unsettling chat. Call balboa good terms.
27 no button tennis whites, gym.. [ring tone] audio, no “allow” nothing no way to turn on mic.. share video.. nothing.. 29 on purpose..
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31 I think here f-ing w/ me on purpose, gotta be, why else would you stop communications, stupid shitty message that doesn’t allow you to ado anything.. we need another platform
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35 don’t want cellphone radiation prefer this 
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1h audio levels low jump to zero, use computer, phone is dangerous..
1h1 Tom Martin cancer tests.. google criminals go direct, why do you have your phone on all the time if you’re scared of getting cancer..
1h2 computer mic
1h3 they’re f-ing with me..
1h4 to play w/ me.. turn off his mic video.. I’ll call you.. forget extra expenses
1h5 15 days breakfast no dinner airplane tickets 200..
1h6 birthday where, test phone number
1h7 hiccups burp excuse you
1h8 I ordered memory cards, they thought I was a reseller, phone test: asatur please, hachapour amateur mountAins seaside gibberish gobbledygook armrest hit*
1h9 chats messy calls better
1h10 “I respect our friendship”
1h11 until I get my money back, bandits scared of 2 people
1h12 more expensive Hayk or stolen camera replacement new camera , bag watcher
1h13 Saturday night no sleep
1h14 Facebook spyware 2 months
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1h16 500 daily bots, spiders & crawlers no autoplays.. youtube fake lying cheating criminal numbers inflated numbers takashi69 said
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1h21 impromptu, suck in the gut, bad relations feels wrong, flip flop stomp,
1h22 don’t want bad relations, resented having to spend thousands again when I already did that every other time.. 5 figures.. other people.. just don t do it again tilll you get your money back.. Arin Crumley. Network.. climate.. no totalitarianism.. all alt media say hoax fraud means to get totalitarian control,
1h24 AL GORE LIED.. Bud light NFL advertisement commercial.. residuals.. if in US I’d do it..John Ollie.. box for bux..
1h26 Cory Williams.. Hayk alterior motives, 100% there..
1h27 neighbour.. not sure.. email didn’t even answer, test emergency email.. message received.. if he doesn’t answer now, he probably won’t..
1h29 should I put something up once a week for 50 people & 500 bot spider crawlers.. every sday.. wrong pages.. no autoplay homepage trigger.. terrible so bad, just about had it, enough, move on, have anode summer
1h30 greek middle finger emojis emoticons, goal hole.. comedy.. moment’s silence
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1h32 body building poses, no open container law, drink in streets, loud obnoxious..
1h33 pub crawl..timelapse.. video slideshow.. Vantra.. ahole peeled off my sticker, don’t show where sticker are, all the stickers there except mine, personal attack vs. Truth teller seekers about covid fraud demoicde crimes against humanity cover up exposure.. he wants to cover it up, doesn’t want anyone to know, out of the bag ahole.. he’ll take off stickers & leave others on.. impaired.. must be a he [guy] women don’t waste time on stupid sh like that.. don’t collect stamps comic books media, shoes..
1h35 Sara Just stick her Porker.. and just like that.. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon,
1h36 next time jokes info , video slide show/ timelapse/ photo montage, most info in least time.
1h37 office split
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1h42 what about it.. next move.. option.. stand up.. have a nice summer.. vlog dot com.. million dollar domain,, wanted 15 Million.. Concentrix obscure unheard of billion dollar corpseoration..
1h44 not for sale.. Bee gees catalog Star crossed lovers.. no harmonies.. Barry Gibb.. haaaand.. hook made them laugh mnemonic..
1h46 do not google why get involved mafia criminals half joking, Brighteon/therprisoner, legacy corporate media coverup .
1h48 Lewis Capaldi, obese sick, no harmonies, I don’t argue w success respect hit, clot shot bio weapon, any symptoms before, destroys DNA & cells.. couldn’t sing..
1h49 advisors told me not to lose any more,, housekeeper.. when I get my money back..
1h50.. get cracking bacon packin.. Madonna Celine Dion Jamie Fox clot shot victims… upper east side..
1h51 thanks for visiting.. blew it, gym.. afghan guy coat on 5 minutes..immerse.. bench press.. cardio..lats pulldowns, sit ups..stretching..flexible.. the 29 June 2023 10 44pm, do what u feel, piano get cracking bro.. its time to get going.. have a nice summer. Take care.. blow kiss.. cheek.. shouter vs busker.. digital prison new world order..  traffic so bad.. books.. trailers.. summer break offline.. reinvigorated fall sept oct.. numbers, digital prison surveillance control grid A.I tyranny sh instead of s-h-i-t.. just say sh. Hard/ Soft sh.. asthma dust.. vacuum bag.. asthma attack..  nitrous oxide balloon sucking.. that’s all folks.. should I show you.. faceless anonymous trolls ahole  rhymes bye now ya’ll come back now ya hear?

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03


Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM
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-Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. [says Alex Newman behind the deep state]
-“I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home.”
-Business negotiations- see transcript below
-15min+ sticker remover = somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE]
30 is broken sleep bad? 3 hours & 3 hours?
32 inspector app photos Artificial intelligence kill & control.. rfk jr, covid & climate fraud.. amazon ring surveillance..
33 Chechens afghans  gypsies nicaraguans destroy totalitarianism
34 this is it old songs bold & broke old shit 1M views.. pew die pie whole mentioned him
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42 is a pink tie gay? Women like pink, ladies like soft people
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51 sticker fell down on floor ugh
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53 do you have any old camera, a73?
54 fake camera
54 Columbo box set 100 episode, wikipedia episode summaries. What’s the point watching & forget?
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56 big lebowski film don’t work on Sabbath masterpiece
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56 Anarchy beats control , tricky gypsies, criminal controllers corrupt need cash themselves
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1h1 $10,000 SONY A! 8K overheats & stops after 1 hour, flip screen a7r5
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1h8 Dimitris, everyone I know lost a family after MRNA bio weapon clot shot [fake vaccine]
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1h19 Sony A1 small print, devils in details, bald & broke shitty little camera can’t get any small print
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1h21 support other platforms, they stole 13,000 of my videos so should steal 13,000 of theirs
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1h23 picture flight birds scares them, eat poo screw snooze, public defecation fornication
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1h25 hay fever runny eyes nose itch tree sperm rape non consensual, if we do that jail hello harassment bill gates kills millions still free
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1h28 crimes against humanity democide share info nothing to do w me
1h29 dad 16 degrees King Charles wikitree, W.E.F climate fraud totalitarianism, all humanity goes to 1 cockroach worm
1h30 copies storage LTO TAPE copy south London dodgy
1h31 they only want what you don’t show, Las Vegas storage unit fraud theft.. public storage
1h34 Columbo 1 more thing, calls.. too good to be forgotten
1h36 mykonos or home Facebook spyware, phone number, please call me Facebook, lonely, Nigeria 20 billion dollars
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1h43 inspector shoes off covers, moment silence, guess how overweight, boh3m3 300lbs,,
1h44 my audience people who wanna see if they’re on to sue, authorities wanna kill maim enslave you hey I finally got an audience aaah, how many pizzas dairy carbs sugars per day
1h45 america megalomania bigger better gun prick audience not weight..  not happy w traffic statistics.. sucks..
1h46 can’t beat the camcorder, SSHHT! [SILENCE] tinnitus 
1h47 offline don’t need this sh, give all for free, heart mind soul
1h48 Alex Newman thenewamerican,com behind the deep state [Depp state] human rights freedoms. Why eat pig if you are what you eat
1h49 video slideshow timelapse.. Articficial Intelligence holes use your data to enslave & kill you?
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Transcript in progress [why bother]

Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM.. Just calling my friend hike [Hayk} to discuss business terms since the friendship mixed with business has become just business now apparently according to him in one of the videos he’s.. should I unplug this cause it hums? [external usb speaker] anyway let’s go let’s just get going here. Fact based [factual] thoughts and feelings subject NOT to change without no tits [notice] and all the rest all the disclaimers all that OK let’s just go let’s just hope this works out. Haven’t done this in a while, bit rusty because it’s not worth doing but we’ll get to that in a minute let me just call him quickly ’cause he’s been waiting ♪ “I’ve been waiting’ 🎶 [sing song] that.. I can just see it not working now, yea it’s not working.. I’m calling and it doesn’t do anything, look, “you are currently offline” it’s the damn cable isn’t it.. all the gorilla tape in the world won’t.. we’ll do a little update in a minute.. yeah I know it’s over the top but apparently I’m not doing enough of it or too much of it and pissing people off and making them peel the [] stickers off but anyway let’s just go [list disco] we’ll get to that in a second in a momo.. let’s go man, the hell? Whew.. this humming thing man.. should I unplug it? if you unplug it only lasts a few minutes and then it won’t work anymore so if you plug it it hums. They couldn’t make a external speaker that doesn’t hum, the bastards.. let’s go bro.. allow.. so we got the Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing your every.. storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. how you doing, what’s up? hey! fine thank you & you? [whew sigh varianastenagmos] so why did you wanna talk right now because your ex isn’t gonna.. what, you got more privacy ’cause she’s not there now? she’s not there now, she’s not here now, that’s why sometimes I’m confused to talk a lot you know. We’re divorced but still you know I feel I have to be.. careful. Hehe.. careful yea.. there are things like leaving Poland to anywhere else it’s a little bit for her it’s like not very.. how can I explain this kind of things man? it’s like I will be enjoying.. God not again.. she’ll be staying here, I don’t want her to feel this kind of feelings.. I missed it.. what’s wrong? one more time I didn’t hear it. I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home. This is what I don’t want her to feel that. That’s why sometimes I’m confused I can’t talk a lot about ladies, other things.. that’s why I take the balcony, I have the very bad breakfast.. hahaha I have to suffer, make a documentary about it and show her to feel better that she’s not the only one who suffers, yea. 4min20 So what are, what about gravel pit now talking on behalf of your friend Artur and on behalf of my friend Michael. Yeah we won’t do any dates here, we’ll do the dates offline if need be and hey Facebook monitors everything, they collect all your data, so if even if I just use Facebook to communicate they know where I am even if I’m in another country they can trace everything and then can come here and steal all my stuff right? OK listen.. haha I’m half joking.. yeah.. Facebook lets you open a lot of accounts right? for example I can, I have three or four ones. but they know it’s you.. one you can leave at home and have another one with name of Arthur Johnson. They know it’s you from your IP address, you only have one address on your stupid cancer phone or device. Yea but you can have two phones, one is one name, another one is another name, one leave at home and the other take with you. Burner phones yea OK. so anyway so what’s the situation is, yes.. so you said OK so after.. Geo, the only OK I will tell you openly that the only thing I need is a ticket and balcony, what else can I say, nothing else. What happened to the gift I gave you, you said apartment but apartment doesn’t cost thousands apartment is much more expensive. Yes but I had my share there, we shared with my sister so I should compensate and give her, and it’s not the end, I’m giving her more and more by the time I’m selling my matrioshkas [material shows] which I have about $6000 matrioshkas selling and she’s getting it from Artur. So your share is that OK.. ok I will tell you the apartment is estimated 6.. OK OK you don’t you don’t need to be too personal details.. no it’s 60,000, it’s not a problem to say, it’s in the same one of the regions of Yerevan which is the place where I was living with my mother so after that we have to share it together so I decided that better I will get and live there as I lived all my life. But what’s the problem, if you share it, she can.. it’s no problem is it? yeah but OK I want to be there alone and she has nothing to do with that there apartment. But as soon as she has one half of that apartment she might sell it and have her share right? no, she can’t sell.. this is one apartment divided into two. She can sell her half, huh? Yes, this is why I negotiated with her 20,000 and I’m done. Oh my God.. OK and do you have to pay tax like in California every year they want 2% tax and all kinds of extra bullsh******** OK two percent is too much in Armenia it’s, last year it was not so much it was only $50 a year and now this year they gonna double it $100 a year and maybe next year they will double $200.00 a year and that’s it they promised this new government promised they not gonna put [poop] higher their.. so it’s not too bad OK alright So that’s why the gift is.. so that’s why you can’t even get a ticket? OK not gonna cost a lot, Geo it will cost maximum $400 maximum two ways.. First class hehe.. 8min 27 no, super class with private VIP people, you know I have to buy something in my way to.. no I’m kidding.. private jet.. yeah but I’m not alone, I want to take with me a funny girls and stuff you know luxury life maybe in my way.. so what airline do you fly if you go? what is it? what airline do you fly Ryan air? the cheapest, whatever I find in the summer time, it will be about 182, two hundred maximum.. Wizz air right? It was w-i-z. Weezer or Ryan air or maybe by bus, if bus will be cheaper I’ll get the bus. EasyJet. But buses are sometimes expensiver you know. EasyJet? do you think easyjet still exists? one of them is gone. Really? yeah. OK so alright, so ticket then you said balcony, OK, if I have a double room you can have the other bed. No no don’t take double bedroom because it will cost you. That’s what I want to try to save and not take you anymore, don’t worry, I’m not gonna say “I saved, please give me”. OK first of all the room, if I do get a double usually I get double so I can have some space to put my stuff on the other bed, haha.. OK anyway so double, that’s an option or you said yeah, only if there’s if there’s a balcony, if we go to Mykonos [make on us] and there’s no balcony you sleep on the beach.. you need to talk to the director of hotel and director well let me sleep on the corridor where the tourists are looking. OK now food, you said dinner, ’cause breakfast, OK breakfast is the the bad breakfast.. bad breakfast is included, I’m happy with bad breakfast don’t worry. And what about dinner? I don’t need dinner, maybe  sometimes you feel like you are eating too much, then I will grab some from your food.. yeah I was thinking.. always you shared and you can do it like a tiny part 10% of your for dinner man is enough & you will be slim..  yeah I’m overweight I gotta lose weight anyway I’m.. I will help you, I will see you are putting on a lot so I will eat more, when I see you are losing weight I will eat less, what can I say.. yeah I gotta lose a lot actually. Anyway OK so there’s that, and then what about how you normally at the end of the trip you say all the meals are like a an old camera or.. I’m not gonna say anymore, I’m changed, I’m much better now! You don’t see? you can see it looking at my face? rehabilitated. Look! rehabilitated. Look.. [fingers on lips fear gesture & hand out begging gesture – private Yalta 2002 joke] hahah do I ask money now? just food, and maybe one drink please.. “you give me” [private joke about sigishoara gypsy begging for gold ring] 12m10 and then what about being asleep every night at 10:00 o’clock and getting up at 5:00 or 6 getting up to.. no no no don’t worry about it, I will sleep the time you will sleep. I’m not gonna sleep earlier. At least weekends, we have to agree, at least weekends.. yes yes but don’t go like this you will be sleeping and will blame me that I’m sleeping I’m not sleeping anytime you say “Hayk we are going” we are going. Last time you saw me little bit like the eyes are closed you you could go like oh you are sleeping so I’m gonna sleep, it’s because you you are you I am sleeping.. hahaha don’t blame me I can sleep, I am waking up like in one second man it’s like sleeping and waking up, every day I am waking up when I go to extra-ing [X-ray] on the sets. 13m20 Extras.. yea 15 dollars a day they pay, I’m sitting and chatting with these Polish people and my Polish is now excellent man. [blabla talks polish sans the trademark whistle sound] OK OK you see how good is my Polish. yeah Pollish. OK uh.. just quickly so a few more points, few more things. Oh by the way, what OK I’m not gonna mention it. Mention generally what was it. Some old stuff man if you have if done [?] just forget about it. Old camera? Yes, not Sony, something before even. Because this time I didn’t pick up any thinking maybe George will be generous and will give me another camera haha.. but don’t worry if you say no please I have to keep it for the Museum of.. Vlog museum.. yeah another contract Geo.. if I wear big look at me if I wear big here instead of Rolling Stones and here and here and here.. yeah.. and with pen I will put here on my scheme.. the epaulettes was the funniest, this was the funniest, the epaulettes.. yeah.. so they can see you from the side.. haha.. hey you know somebody is peeling off my stickers in St. Annes court, there’s a place here called Saint Anne’s court, and there’s.. it’s full of stickers, there’s a spot full of stickers, and they’ve been there for years because I’ve been studying the art of Banksy’s [street self promotion] you know.. I know, I like him.. yeah Banksy can do it but if we do it’s fly posting and we can get in trouble it’s considered a criminal thing so you gotta be careful.. I pick, I’ve noticed some spots where it’s tolerated, many years they stay there, other spots go immediately so there’s a place here and I put some there and every time someone takes them off and they leave all the other ones up, only mine only vlog[.com] they don’t like, they peel it off. OK I have a solution man as always I have a solution. When you put, put there some dirty stuff on it, he will get a lot of problems! I was thinking to put some sh**** around the rim hahaha so when he peels it, but they might use a machine, they might use a scraper you know, scraper.. yeah but their scraper will be with a shit so they will throw away their scraper.. haha scraper will be full of sh**** I think it’s.. I’m trying to figure out and I was going to video it from far I can get, I can wait ’cause I saw when he does it like I noticed a certain day he did it, I could go there and video it but I don’t want to waste my time on them but I’m thinking who it is. It’s probably somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE] thing so it is probably a bad person or it could be there’s a lady there in the security shop and and she told me a few years ago she was like “you put me on youtube, you can never, I’m very angry, you put me on youtube 10 years ago and instead of thanking me because everybody does it now and she doesn’t even know. She only knew it because I put her in the title, I advertised her business a bit. Yeah.. I was honest, everybody else is hiding when they upload stuff. And she still works there? yeah I was wondering if she did it but I put the stickers higher and higher and they keep [removing them] so they need a chair to peel ‘em off you know ’cause they’re not so tall anyway but anyway OK.. so there’s that.. So one day take very big, how do you say scales? Ladder & go upper and upper 18min we’ll see how they’re gonna.. But then nobody sees it man if it’s way up. So I have another one now, I have another one. I wanna put it, you know when you go in the underground station, or when you come out maybe ’cause when you go in you don’t have your phone you’re not gonna do any Internet or when you come out. You’re looking at the steps right to not fall.. yeah.. so I put it on the steps.. & all the time is circling there? yeah there’s people coming all the time so I just need to put one at the steps and they’re going to look at it to not fall because they always look.. yea I know.. but it gets peeled off always, they don’t like it on the subway they always peel it off so but it will be for one day or a few hours thousands of people will see it you see. OK listen I have another idea. I will make by Photoshop such a painting with in it. It’s like Banksy style but written in such a funky way. What do you think about it, and we go and make a copy on one of the walls in London. I don’t know, no don’t waste your time man, we need it like at strategic places where there’s a lot of people otherwise you know I don’t know if it’s allowed.. ok on the ground, we could paint on the ground. 19m20 yeah no the sticker’s fine. On asphalt. don’t waste your time man it’s but thank you.. alright try it anyway try yeah do a rough thing but, do a rough one first quickly don’t waste too much time on it yeah.. Ok another thing I was trying to tell you and you interrupted me if I put everyday here and here I have my free pre dinner. Free dinner? no no ok half dinner. OK I’m kidding I will do it just for you I’m just Talking. We have to calculate, if you’re there for a month or two that’s 50 dinners, 50 times.. no ok its too much.. but even then, it’s only 1000 it’s is not more than 1000 if it’s 50 x 10 is 500, if it’s 50 x 20 euros or dollars it’s 1000. No no I’m not gonna eat, I’m not the one who likes dinners you know. I don’t like dinner, I don’t like breakfast, I don’t like lunch. But I’m saying even if it was $20 for 50 dinners it’s only 1000 so you can’t tell me that it’s more than 1000. OK every day three dollars for my food, is it OK? every day  $3 for your food? I will explain you how to eat for $3 and have good food. Allergies from the hay fever.. well maybe.. and there was one more thing.. Oh yeah, you have to watch the bags when I swim sometimes.. of course I do it without your asking and carrying your bags when you are walking. Sometimes and also you’ll be recorded as much as possible, like you know the meals, the talks, right? Of course, OK. And also uh [finger snaps] if the tide comes up you have take, you have to stop the bags from getting washed [away] yes yes yes but for this case you have to put very close to the water for me to have things to do otherwise if the tide’s not coming.. I thought you were going to say “that’s three more dollars if it’s the tide” ahahah no it depends which kind of tide you mean you know.. It depends how dangerous it is, how aggressive it is. If you pay like $1 a day I will sell.. save your bags. If you pay another $1.00 I will save your clothing, if you pay the third dollar I will save the cameras everything even your shoes you know man so you decide. So I got another.. proposal.. statistics.. I got another website statistics company. I went to UK column [.org] in their privacy notice they said we use a so I went there and I wanted to see my statistics because they’re an alternative to to Goggle Anal ytics Google Analytics. So it turns out on my front page it’s very very bad huh like my my web hosting company says I have 500 a day, 500 visitors a day right uniques. yeah but this other company they show that on my homepage only fifty! only 50 after all that work after all these web domains.. Geo maybe there is something that you don’t fully know how to manage this I’m sure there are specialists we have to go to this Internet specialist.. [shows Web Marketing & How to increase Web traffic books] DUH D-UH..  23m51 are you studying them? no I bought them ten years ago I never loo.. I did open it but you know what it’s not for reading, you have to sit there on the computer and and type it, they tell you to go to this thing and do this and do that, it’s not just for reading you have to sit there for.. ok one thing about final cut did you did you study it fully? yeah I went, I had that one day crash course tutorial, it was 1000 pounds man. 1000 pounds. What?! yeah cause he’s one of the best editors in the in the country. So it doesn’t matter, one day nobody can teach you anything. No he let me record it luckily I had the camera and I watched it again the next day and I still, there’s so much man, there’s so many menus and buttons but and and I took notes, hey hey I took notes so I have the notes also and it helped me now you were right that to go over it again because otherwise I wouldn’t remember anything but there is, it is .. even if you know something excellent[ly] in one month you forget if you don’t practise it, this is the rule and another thing Internet there’s so many classes of each item in final cut like how to do this how to do that. Luckily it was worth it for certain things I did have some very specific questions that I cannot find on the Internet about my slideshow you know the the montage timelapse thing and it works very well I did it man I did it 4K [***8K***] by some miracle it worked because I told you I get the photos after and on the hard drive it doesn’t put the correct date it puts the new date it doesn’t put it with the videos in order it puts it afterwards but by some miracle in final cut it put it properly and it came out perfectly and I have 15,000 photos in half an hour at 3 frames a photo and you can see everything right at 4K [8K] but I don’t want to put it on the Internet yet because it shows too much personal information I have to sit there worrying do do I want to show where I live, uh.. people’s names on the.. OK about the past you can do it right? you don’t have problems with your past. and yeah there’s already an old one on my front page and it’s.. I don’t see the point in doing this if nobody’s going to be there right so I have to do this stupid sh**** first and then worry about that if it’s not going to if if there’s no one there what’s the f-******* point mother f-ers.. heavy sigh.. haaaagh.. [varianastenagmus] and in the summer you want to do this? I’m going to go to the beach with this and my computer no I don’t think so man.. no no.. it’s gonna be in the winter isn’t it. OK another thing I will suggest you for that. yeah. just put on Internet such an information “audio books” [out your books] and take it with you and just walk and listen it it helps if you listen it 4 – 5 times automatically it getting into your head so if you really need something to listen audio books are the best. Yeah but I want to cut it off when I’m tra[velling].. why do you need those books? those books are in economy or what? I didn’t understand what was it about? this one? this one I want to read the most. Web traffic in weekend, web traffic so what’s gonna give it to you? what you gotta understand more than you don’t now? it tells you you have to go to all these websites and sit there and type some stuff in and this is 10 years old now I’m not sure it’s relevant anymore.. yeah.. but I think no I think the basics well it’s worth a try anyway but.. ok after that what you gonna be able to do I mean something extra that you are doing now. You will understand what? how to manage your website or how to do what? What does it.. how does it how does it help? 18min you get bigger numbers and then you get some donations hopefully, you get some of your money back ‘cause I lost a fortune doing all this sh**** right? Shouldn’t I get compensated? I mean shouldn’t.. unless it’s a non profit charity.. I am I running a non profit charity? so I can make, that can be non-profit charity but if it’s .com it should get some profit. Anyway.. how come everyone else, how come Hollywood movies are making hundreds of millions of dollars right? or even TV series.. why we have to work [for free].. I think if you would trust the one filmmaker and you will cooperate with one of them, you have so much footage man, so much interesting footage that they could compose altogether and you will get such a great sereal like at least 10 series you have a film. If I do what? you have so much footages that you could consult with a very good filmmaker.. hey heheh [crumpled up sticker on chest] I’ll go up to a girl in the street, I’ll go up to a woman in the street excuse [I choose = auto dictation error] me this is my website hahaha it’s the pigeons outside.. it’s because of the rain sory.. because of the stress.. hey the pigeons in the morning they’re going, sometimes I’m up late, I’m sleeping, I told you I sleep three hours and then I’m up all night and then I sleep another three hours right? why did you say.. It’s bad.. why do you say it’s bad? What if it’s g[ood], Who said it’s bad man? Maybe it’s good, you get [2 sleeps].. no? anyway.. 30min I will try to explain you. If your body needs,, OK body is one thing, another thing is brain. Brain is restarting.. somebody’s trying to write us OK so brain is restarting it makes like boiling everything that you had this day and gets how can I say metaphorically it sounds like this you know every OK OK OK listen all brain is working this way: every idea we are having during the day it’s a connection of different neurons. You know what is neurons, right? [continued..]