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Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 13 may 2022 843pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 155S03

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 13 may 2022 843pm georgegodley com vlog com 155s03

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:
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Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 13 may 2022 843pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 155S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.> world premiere monday 16 may 2022 ~ 4pm utc          

automated rough draft transcript [correction, outline, timestamps, funny errors, bold highlights, production notes etc. coming soon]

Power’s gone on this [sony XRS-XB22 wireless & wired speaker bluetooth carcinogen], isn’t it, it only gives you a certain amount of time on it,  Otherwise then it doesn’t work anymore properly or it doesn’t. Level’s all low. No, it’s not working at all. Play. Thats as loud as it goes.. Alright. It’s not. I gotta unplug it, you see. Built in. So it’s Friday, May 13, 2020 two 840. PM 43 PM thanks for visiting George and 100 domains. I shouldn’t be on here, but. I I hate being here in here and I hate being out there, so I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do. I mean, if I was just ready, I could step out. But I’m not. And I don’t need the stress and hassle, so I start my son stuck here and I don’t want to be stuck in here on a Friday Saturday night, especially when I’m I am ready, wide awake to go and I’m not tired or anything. So why? But this has got hikers. It’s midnight over there and you should crash soon and. I sent him a thing about. No, sorry. No videos. No videos today, mine is on. Yours is on. Wait, wait a second. OK, there you’re right. Listen, you are talking about which uncle you had uncle with biological uncle or the uncle from your. Adapted matter no biological when my my biological mother’s brother. Yeah, but I already told. I think I already told you. Right. He got injected and he died a few months later from and they blame it on the. Mixing injection, but they blame it on the fake virus. But you’re the 90 where? When did that happen? The 99.99% survival virus. But in his age group 99.98 per or whatever. Anyway, the point is, and my brother, my, my, my, my friend Bob, the American friend, you know. Yes, I remember. His father died last summer, right. Frank, I didn’t know. Yeah. You know, when I saw it on Facebook, I didn’t think of anything. ’cause. This was early in June. I wasn’t as smart yet. I didn’t put. I didn’t wake up yet in June. I wasn’t. I heard something about nothing. In August, I woke up, so I forgot all about it. And now I asked him last, you know, I said, did he get the? Vaccine anyway. Yes, he got it. And that killed him, obviously. ’cause. Why did he die right after hello. And then the same with Maria’s uncle. Now, I told them not to get it. They they forced him to get it. Maybe he got it. And now he’s hard as finished. OK, alright. Well, what does it mean in a heart is finished. What? What happened? Writing to understand heart maker or. Yeah, like Elton John pacemaker. You know that thing that it makes it beat the electronic OIC. It’s not working anymore properly and deep doesn’t guarantee you long life. And if you didn’t take the injection like Elton John, maybe he got right. He got 20 years ago, he got one because of the cocaine. His heart was ******** from cocaine, but he didn’t. I don’t think he got the injection even though he went, he advertised it on. TV. Are you frozen? It froze. I didn’t hear you. It’s not for one minute. So I didn’t hear you. Yeah. OK. It was frozen for me too. And listen, but you are sure that this is because of vaccine, huh? Well, it happened right after. OK? If we have to just look at the facts. It happened right after or, you know, it happened after after, right. Anyway. So this guy that I was talking while you were writing me some messages and this guy is “vaccinated” [bullshit] as well two times and has very serious heart problems before before the vaccination. So. So it should happen. Something should happen with him too. But it didn’t happen with him yet. Not yet. We have to wait till five years. 510 years. We’ll know. But OK. Hey, are you OK? Yeah. Listen, I will. I had that for one. Suggestion for you. Do you remember I was talking about? Now it is changed. No, no more hostile. She’s. It’s a change. His mind no more, no more, no, now, he said. It’s a cloud club dinner club for St musicians. Not only not only not only. Oh. Come on. Yeah, it’s very important. I will tell you why. Listen, I’m finding looking for very beautiful girls who are singing in the streets. Who comes from other countries to lead and play music in big cities like London or New York or Los Angeles. So I invite them as a musicians to stay in the club in the night. So this helps them to save their money, not to spend their money on hotels, but stay in the club in a dinner club where they have to sink. and this is gonna help us collect people gonna have a dinner and so for musicians you don’t pay any money just let them the night in the—– Play music in big cities like London or New York or Los Angeles, so I invite them as a musicians to stay in the cloud in the night, so this helps them to save their money, not to spend their. Money on hotels but stay in the club in a dinner club where they have to sync. Andy’s gonna help us collect people with gonna have a dinner and social musicians. You don’t pay any money. Just let them stay in the night in the club. Maybe it’s a little bit not precise way of what I wanna tell you. By the way, they gonna perform with Houston music as good musicians. They will be very good to perform with your music for free. OK, this idea doesn’t make you maybe doesn’t have to figure. You know, I have to think about it. But you have to see. But look, this is saving your money not to spend on musicians you have always. Train musicians who are ready to perform so and you help them just to stay the night in your club. You club. It keeps it’s another nightclub, but let’s say. So that’s community community. Let’s say it’s a community community. OK, alright, man. Hey, you’re probably tired, right? It’s almost. It’s midnight there. Yeah, but then fine. So what else? I was gonna tell you. The moment there’s. So, yeah, I think it’s a very good time to start thinking to get real estate because solar is losing its power. Doing everything I’ve been following a lot of stuff. Did you see on my website I go to a lot of stuff. You don’t go. You should have a quick look. ’cause I save you a lot of time searching **** because I put I put the. Stay there. Coming up with no shirt but the bottom line is you know WHO is Chinese and Bill Gates, tyranny WHOWN they want to continue. They want to continue and you know the COVID was. I I don’t be careful ’cause. I don’t know. Maybe even vinial. They don’t like it when I the letting me. They took down one video where I was going a bit crazy about Bill Gates. They took off that one where I was saying go get there, that maybe they took it off. But but all the other ones they left up so, but I I know they don’t like this. So what is now the comic situation in London? It’s over, yes, but they want to continue with climate change. This is the whole point, right? Is it too late, man? Maybe it’s better in the daytime for you. I don’t want. No, it’s fun. But he said so. Yeah. I was gonna ask you about your friends who’ve made this. Arthur. Arthur, your friend are too list prances trying to go somewhere or he thinks feel that he will have problems in. In the borders with this vaccination. Go coding. It’s not an accident where it’s over fake vaccine. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a *******. Oh yeah. OK, great. Chris. Yeah, it’s it’s. Who wants me? We didn’t get this vaccine. What is your friend’s plans? He thinks he can travel now. They stopped the stupid, the fake test. They stopped there for Greece, but it’s not. It’s not in America. No, you still have to do the fake test for America. So I can’t control you think our tool wants to go to America or to Greece? Yeah, Jack, I will see. I don’t know yet. I only talk to him. You. Talk to Arthur. So you are asking about my friend. My friend Mike or my friend. From 20 years ago, there was a guy who. No, not talking, but I’m gonna ask. Computer order is, by the way, now in our meals and a good situation. In this case that a lot of girls available these.’cause that’s what we have in the streets now. It’s very peaceful and you can meet a lot of girls. They are talkative. You want to make friends you know. Usually go to any demonstrations you have been learned. Then you will have a chance to meet Nice ladies. This is the best way to to meet the ladies. I did it. You know my last video on my website is that 4 hour video demonstration protest and I brought the big camera. And I was so. Interactive. No, no, no, no. I was so dumb. I screwed up because I’m. I’m saying hello to the women. For example, there’s one woman alone. And I didn’t even notice. She, she’s pretty. I didn’t even notice I was like, it took too busy doing this and then OK. And I’m looking at the video. I’m like, why didn’t I stay there a few minutes? Because you were in another rolls, another passion like revolutionar. I’m a revolution focker. I’m not a pleasure. Agitator or activists? I don’t want to be too much active this, but yeah. OK, so yeah, one problem I have right now. What is that? A couple things, man. The one thing is, uh, if if, if, if me or that other guy goes anywhere. What do you mean? Oh yeah. Arthur Arthur. From Verna sentence. Yeah, he’s he’s, he’s. He’s sometimes. I see him in the gallery, but. Yeah, but yeah, if if he. There’s there’s other questions, you know, like. 10 million. My problems break under return. Or yeah, to get the test or something like that, or to come back in, they can say if this time, then yeah, as they say, fake. Whatever. Rise again. Of course. They gonna stop you with tests with other sheep. Who knows what’s gonna happen? OK? And another problem. It’s Friday night. And I I can’t. No, I’m never ready to go outside to to, because if I go outside then I have to start drinking. You know, the, you know the culture here. They’re standing outside the pubs. I know if you don’t drink your big strange, I mean, yeah, but you could drink some soda stuff or or just water coloured water. Make it like your, did you say put some some fruit in your drink and it will make you like you are drinking. These killers, like the pink fake fake out. If you go to these pubs, it’s it’s good to buy something. So you’re not. I mean, if it’s outside, you don’t have to buy it. But if I buy something so I can hold something. So I’m not just standing there. What do I do if I buy beer? I gotta. I’m gonna be drunk in. A few hours after, So what water I buy mineral water? Yes, OK you can do this. You can buy the beer, but not during that beer and put it this beer into your pocket and get out from your packet. Another fake dear. Fake beard and and then cry like you are drunk. Just playing. I want to show that you are drunk and ladies are OK with drunk people. You know, sometimes they they trust drunk at little bit drunk, tipsy, tipsy guys, then very much so sober once. I find out that when you are drunk, ladies are more gently with you then. The silver ones. So you don’t have pubs over there. Do you have bars here? We have thousands, thousands and thousands. It’s too. Too many. But you don’t go, you see. You know, you know my chase, I’m stingy. I have this problem. This is a real disease. And one more thing. I find out that this stage in this is not a problem of character, but it’s probably a brain problem. Sometimes I ask myself if I will have $1,000,000, would I spend $10 a day in the bars? I say maybe two or three dollars. It’s like, I don’t know your. Not stingy, frugal, frugal. Maybe frugal. Yeah, but it’s a really serious problem. You know, the extreme will say this is your last day. Word. Morning. Did you have $1,000,000 pending? I would go and ask excuse me, how much is this phone now or no? Could you make it up twice? I would still disturbed like your billing. The person you’re modest is the opposite of extravagant. It’s a problem. You know you have to count. You have thousands and thousands and you have only two days of life. You have to divide into two days. It’s. So my my problem is. Uh, I don’t feel like going outside in in the crazy all the hullabaloo, the mayhem, the, the crowds. OK, it’s very crowded. Fine. Can tell you why. Because you live in the middle of crowds, this area where you live, you see them all day round. If you would live somewhere far away, you would just imagine to get there where you are now to enjoy this crowds. But when you live in the middle, you you just. She’s so so tiresome. Is that why I’m hesitant? Because I even Friday I decided Friday, Saturday. I want to go out, but every time I’m like. Another problem is when you are up early in the morning or you are getting prepared very much too much energy you are spending on turn waiting for that moment when you walk out. This is making you annoying. It’s too much responsibility makes on you want to feel. If I will go out and nothing’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be a. Where’s The Dirty bad for me and that baby dad kills seeing you this discussion. Yeah, I made a new friend this week and somebody was they saw my. Camera or my suitcase? Better background blog. I made a new friend. I sat down for maybe two hours. We spoke with him and some lady. And I was thinking good. I made another friend, right. I made a new friend. So then at the end I say so Saturday night, do you go to the bars? You go out somewhere? He’s like, Oh no, never. I’m like. Here is unexpected answers can can can happen in the life sometimes you think oh it’s in my type. Maybe this is real. My typing all of a sudden he will say something that will shock you. I was like, no, no, not even when I make new friends. They’re not gonna be there on Saturday night. They’re not. They’re unavailable. They’re, you know. Hey, people should be sometimes flexible. I told myself I am the champion in flexibility. Hey, also one more thing. One more thing man. Everybody is injected right lot half the people are injected. Yeah. So they go to my website, I show them my website and then they see on my. I’m very rude on my website about you. No, I thought, you know, I put a sheet. You know, I had three sheep. You know, the sheep, right? For the wolf, so I put that. I put three sheep, then the injection. And then a skull and bones, right? Just show what’s happened. I know it’s just kind of bad, though. It’s satire. OK, but but they see this. And then when they see me again, I notice they changed before. Before going to my website, they’re like, hi, how are you after my website? And and and if I have and people are looking at the telephone, they look at my and then they look at their telephone. I can usually I’m thinking when I can tell if they went to the website by their face, if their faces like this. Jill, tell me seriously. Did you have this kind of problem like talking to a beautiful girl that you want to kiss her every part of the body? And you are giving them your website and and you have a chance to have this relation and after they see your. For website they just dream you have this problem many times many times. So why do you think you have a safe word? Why don’t you have a safe website especially for this kind of girls? Because I surgery correct one where you are talking about. Big science fair something. It’s a very faithful, unconcerned don’t you have very conservative boring? I I will do that when I have a relation with them. Next day I would give the real one. Hey, show was gonna toss it or. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Because they search me on Google. I never. I never use Google Now I found other search engines like Quant QQW. I’m using that new word. Yeah, I’m using that one that’s French, but I hope it’s not. Tyranny. But anyway, I’m if they search me, they find they maybe they see The X Factor video and they think I was really naked. Yeah, ’cause today I got an email from. I got a messenger thing from my cousin. American cousin, right? Yeah. She’s 20 years older than me. She’s a doctor. Very serious. Doctor, right? Yeah, but she’s anyway, she said ’cause. We didn’t talk in 10 years. She used to give me Christmas card every year. She used to send me family Christmas cards. So they liked me back. But then they stopped ’cause. I didn’t send them. I forgot to send. And I saw her at a funeral a few years ago, but my point is she never talks to me. Even like on Facebook, I sent a hello. And they’re not gonna answer, right. And today, now, many years later, she sends me a thing. Is this your photo? And there’s. It’s two emojis. I saw my telephone. I thought it was smiling. Laughing emoji. You know, emoji. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But then when I looked on the computer, it was bigger. It wasn’t laughing. It was one was like this like that. And the other was crying. Like a lot of crying. Yeah. So either she saw The X Factor video and she thinks I had my. Or she saw I had some on my website. I had little bit, you know, little. You know what I mean? Like sex in the city and not showing everything but little. Yeah. So if you find out where which photo maker? She sent the bad link. It’s not opening, but I’m thinking what to tell her if because I know it’s not anything. I I never showed everything. Right? So. Say that you can’t open the link. Where is it in the video or in the photo? If it’s a photo shows no problem, I think you don’t have some and you can say it’s a plague, like faking that Photoshop Deepfake. Yeah. Yeah. I was thinking of some. But I want to say to not make an argument because you can say one thing and then she says this and then you say that. And then I wanna do this. So. So. So I was gonna say one thing just to make everything like one good thing to say. Everybody has advantages and disadvantages. And family love is unconditional or or or. Yeah. Yeah. You really find out who your friends and family are when you’re in in a, you know, sometimes in life. They said this in life, general. They said, you know, when things are going bad for someone that he finds out who his real friends and family are, right, ’cause they’re supposed to be there for you when you’re in trouble. Right over here. You know, so if it’s a silly photo, whether you’re, I mean, come on. But he did he write something bad according to that photo or no. What made you feel that she is disappointed because she put she just put your photo? And then she put two emojis 11 like. And one crime photo? Which photo? That could be, but the the photo it says or something and it goes to you. You look. It’s it’s either extract or or maybe some little bit to provocative ones that I put on my website. You know, I put bold, funny maybe, maybe just the virus virus. Sometimes viruses traveling from one message to message to another message. He wrote it to you by mail or by Facebook. Facebook. I said messengers. OK. I I was thinking so many things to say, right. Like another thing I was gonna say, but I’m not gonna say it. Other way I put I could go that they hired me. They told me to do it. Yeah. My mother told me to do it. You know, my mother in Greece, she told me to do everything. But she she’s a village person. She doesn’t know better. But she told me to do it. Do it. And she’s anything I want. She says do it. Of course. This is my actors designation. I I was hired to perform this role, so I did. Sometimes you can play a murder. Whatever Hitler. You can play. You can play. Whatever. So it’s after position here. He has to play any roles that directory suggesting. So you were suggested that. That’s it anyway, so they they stopped the the test. Now to the gravel pit and all that. Anyway, So what are you doing this summer? Where are you? I was thinking to do something. Yeah, I want to go to the first Poland and then make some more somewhere more. First World War. So under. 2. 3. And remember, when the water came up and you took my you saved my. Yeah, yeah, you membered that twice man in and and I’m not sure. That’s what I mean. So much, but virchis, that was the worst. Remember verticies up it came all the way up and I was swimming and it was all the way to the. Yeah yeah, to the to this places where we’re laying down tonight. Get to the camper van. Remember the German camper van. Oh yeah, yeah, the restaurant. But remember, Eric? Yeah. You picked it up. The whole ******* beach was flooded. So yeah, all of a sudden they’re part of it. Anyway, part of it ’cause. Yeah, ’cause. It’s very long. It didn’t cover the whole entire, but it took a big part. And if you weren’t there, if you weren’t there, my, my stuff would have been washed away. Right. So you might be. By the way, if I change that message message, did you check out all these messages in videos? There’s some of them. Could be nice, right? I did I I got to. You know, I’m gonna have to sit down many. Oh man, you you need person like me to start watching it over and over and putting some some notes. Otherwise alone. You’re not gonna be able to do it in 10 years because you are here too many, too many. But remember this ten years you gonna spend for that you have to. So it’s it’s it’s going faster than you can. Look over them. Do I say Craig? Catch up. Yeah, you are videoing sponsored. Then you are editing. This is made and it will grow and grow and grow. And it’s not just that it’s it’s not worth putting on the Internet. I get a few 100 views. It’s a ****. I’m not gonna get any money, nor any traffic ’cause. They have to be able to say well, even though they have to be short term because now area and short life is everybody wants to see it like in five minutes. The the two did you have for two hours. They want to see them in seven minutes and that’s it. Otherwise, nobody has this go hours to see and watch to wear slowly. Going sitting down, slowly talking. It’s. There’s some people who like slow motion fumes, but not. Majority Majority wants to do it like Snapchat. For example, today I wasted the whole day trying to load my chat. I have a chat with somebody let’s even even ask. For example, we have a chat, it goes back maybe 5-6 years, right? And I wanted to say that or it may be video photo, I don’t know. Should I video it? But it doesn’t let you. It goes really crazy after a few years it doesn’t load properly very well because you couldn’t copy. Just make the copy and to make it all over the the words you mean the the chat that is written, right? Yes. Let’s say our chat right for example. Easily you can copy it. Just making a blue bluing it, blowing it down, highlight and then making copy control. Would you have your Mac, Macintosh, apples? Apple V. No, we space cutting paste. Yeah, but but OK to load it. Do I have to scroll 1000 times back to six years? I think yes. You see, I did that and it took six hours today and and and then I didn’t do **** I didn’t save it properly. It didn’t. It wouldn’t let me come back down. And I don’t feel like spending another six hours photographing it or video. I don’t know. Should I do video or photo? Anyway, I’m thinking, but I wanted to see no video, no video. It’s not. Good idea where I can stay with you? I have to scroll another thousand times down now. I scrolled up 1000 times. I got six years of chat and and then I went. How do I save this now? They should have a button that lets you save it, man. Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna ask some people, my people how it’s. Cut symbol to do. Maybe I should. Yeah. You can’t do all copy paste. You know Apple all Apple C, Apple V because a lot of them are photos and videos, right? So it’s not gonna copy paste all the photos and videos, but anyway. Right, Copy control A would work. Control all word. Then it could be and then I’m taking word. Unknown website where I want to copy all this information. For example it includes all the photos and other things and then I paste it on my message on my. Telephone. So I have pulled the photos on the details. Everything that it’s sometimes it’s annoying and I keep deleting all these photos that is included because I want for example I want some information that it was there. Can you please? OK I will find it out. I’m gonna tell you. Can you show your face? Can you show your face? It’s too close. OK. Please. Anyway, OK well. Turn prepare to talks, so that’s fine. But he’s OK, right? Yeah. I went to Brighton last weekend. I went to the beach. Page break. Crazy. I should have taken you there. You know, I’m a few years ago it was heat wave here. All July was too hot. I should have gone. I should have gone to Brighton. ’cause, you can swim. It’s possible to strike Brighton anything around and not one hour a week on the train. I see. I see. And when it’s swimming place? I didn’t know that he loved the people swimming there. Ocean, or in the C 45 minutes away, Brighton very nice resorts. Nice, nice beach. But I mean, the beach is not sand, it’s stones, big stones. But it’s still very nice compared to or nothing and end it when it’s heat wave. When it’s too hot the water is fine because you weren’t cold water. When it’s too hot anyway. So it’s it’s no problem. I don’t know this all these all these decades I was here, but the beach girls sleep or eat slowly goes like enough things. Uh. A paper. No, it was shadow for a bit. But yeah, I think he dropped so fast. So you can’t walk in the shallow water. You have to just dive now. You can’t go now, ’cause. They’re standing up. They’re standing up. Most people, they’re standing. But you think they have people on the seaside, right? I hope. You are not alone there. Not full. Yeah. This is a good start when. I’m not sure this with me. I’m more for seeing you know, it says. So social, social, it could be rotating or if you want some, if you wanted some peace. Hey, crush.’cause this guy was laughing behind me. He was going. Right behind me. I was like, oh, God, shut the F up. What happened man? Is it calling? Ready to call? Size. Get Kirsten didn’t hear anything. The best minute where? I know. Me too. Again. But now it’s OK. Hey, what were we saying? And one kept laughing like this. It’s like shut the ****. You have to ignore, otherwise conflicts are everywhere everywhere. Anyway, I’m surprised you are not the giving Kimbolton to some societies in London. There are so many societies by interests. For example, there are people like. Show group T people who were and they get together all the time and they’re making some. How do you say something in? Summer tours. Versions lyrics, curtains or how do you say no fun case for when they go to? Before Easter Day, you have a dinner. How do they call it? Banquet. Wait. Yeah. Anyway, yeah, they they have Karl Marx tour here. They said they said the best thing Karls Marx the best gift Karl Marx gave to to the world is he died. That’s the best thing. Seriously. Seriously, they said. WHO? Tedros you know. So there are Marxist these guys, they’re all like the Chinese, that tyranny, totalitarian tyranny. They want to control everybody injected. Did you see that Jewish guy? You know the WAFL, count Schwab? You know him, Klaus? Not Charles. close, you know, close clouds. You don’t know what WFW World Economic Forum. You know any of this **** because you you don’t have any? No, I know. Of course I know. Economical’s. Anyway. They’re trying to continue this ******** and trying to force everybody to, to. And I know I can speak. So tell crowds crowds is dead. He died. Cannabis freeze. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not. Better you’re moving. Anyway, man, I’m telling you, man, the the. OK. We’ll talk another time, buddy. I put everything on my website. I don’t wanna repeat everything, but it’s tyranny and they’re trying to continue it now with the climate, they they tried the virus fraud. Now they’re gonna try the climate fraud all to bring the digital passports to bring the Chinese tyranny. WHL wants to do this. They’re trying to sneak in the plan. Demik. Treaty to force everybody to do what they say, but then people are trying to fight back. It’s great. I don’t know how they can do it, but I’m telling you whow, EF, UN and EU, they’re all trying to be Chinese Communist China tyranny and and don’t tell me that. Don’t tell me communism in Armenia was fantastic. ’cause now. With the with the digital identity shift, and they’re going to force you to get injected them and kill you if they don’t like you. If you say anything like like critical. So injection thing, it killed a lot of people, right? And they knew. Don’t do that, but. Turn the situation when you your knowledge will be not enough to tell something bad against them. You will be very damn you will be very much slow, so you will be busy with hard work. So you will be never able to sing and understand that they are bad. On the top top. I mean, they know what they’re doing. Try this theory. By this theory they are not interested that you will have free time to to to to get. Here’s to be developed so then to everything for you to have very narrow view of vision of life funds. Listen there that material life will force you to think only about nice food about nice. Electronics House and all your time you will be dedicating to this to to get this. Material things. Now this is the situation everywhere in the world. Ask somebody’s some ideological thing, some creative things about beauty and this and that. No, people are busy with work, hard work because they have to work to work there. We don’t know what’s up, but the battle is. No end in the world. So my advice is watch out with dollars. Go and get some properties. Some real estate, only real estate. Because about gold, I would never recommend just for the state anywhere in the world, but better than the places where it’s safe. America, maybe America real estate in America. I don’t know if the prices are now good or bad, but. Because now China is trying to put the dollar down. According to every prices as accountancy it will go, it will sink not very deep but it will lose during this five coming here about 30% of the value it has now. The dollar is losing every or 3%. Did you know that? No. Every year equal, it’s losing its value about 3% against all the goods in the world. I mean, the rally states who the transportation while materials everything 3% dollar is always thinking why because they are producing too much you know I mean they should produce they they they should print nutso. Might as they do, they should print some quantity, but not as much as they are doing. Last, let’s say 5060 years. Periodically they are putting little down every year, so we can’t understand it. We just see the prices are going up, but the prices are the same. According to their value. Why the two days rising? Why the row state is rising? Because dollar is sinking not only dollar euro all the currencies in the world. That’s why currency is not the good way to preserve money. Real estate is the safest. Tell me joke. Because each problem as well, well state as our growing 5% a year every sometimes yeah it can go down but if you calculate in a long term long term long term it’s it’s 5% and. Almost 5% a year, so if you. Minus 3% of value of dollars, so it’s 2% a year. It goes up. What’s a silver? Maybe you have more good specially surround. You would recommend you want to do because I’m not a professional, but I’m in that as well. I have some knowledge is so. But still no think about it and. Make consultations with them because it’s a shame to lose it. Increase what happened this year because these two years is gonna go faster because China and some other countries try to rush or dollar start making their operations in their own currencies and it means dollars. Will be less important and yours as well. Would you? Would you? Would you ever go to China? No, I have a friend in Hong Kong. I really. I wish I went now. ’cause. Now it’s too late. It’s too dangerous now. Right? But before it was free, wasn’t it? A few years ago, I could have gone. Enjoyed. Yeah, but what to do there? I don’t know. Because it’s there’s no European people, very few foreigners, right, very few foreigners. But yeah, you. Chinese ladies stories there will be couple of non Chinese, some of us it will be it will be very much competitive. There will be very much and obviously snob high, yes snobby but Taiwan is still free, right? But but there’s this guy, there’s this guy Winston Wu. He’s on the Internet he’s got. You know how I found him? He’s got a website,, and the whole his whole life is about telling people it’s much better in in Russia. How to get a girlfriend or a wife that his whole thing? Is this, right? So you don’t like because he’s easy. Just easy snap. Better. But it’s easier, cheaper. And your friend? If I’m chameleons of dollars, it would be the best place to flirt for me. Could be. Maybe. Let’s say you’re sober. Inground France or this this type of or our merica? But you know how each if you’re modest builds better Russian. You know how I found them many years ago I searched stud. Yes. I’m a stud. My song. I wanted to see. Yeah. I wanted to see if there’s other songs with that title. Or if my son was there, so I put I’m a stud and and one of the things that came up it said I must study in the Philippines. So I clicked on it, I clicked on it and it went to his website. So that’s how I found out about him. And he says he writes beautifully. Right. Like he did, you know, trip to. Russia, like us, and he did like maybe 100 page. You know the document, you know, but very well written. Very nice, but it’s too long to to it. I I can’t. I don’t wanna read 100 pages, you see. But he should. He should. Speak about Riddick. Yeah, I would buy it if it was on your book. It’s so good, right? So he has one thing about Taiwan. He is from Taiwan. He’s a Chinese. Chinese. Yeah, but now he got short and he doubled in size. Now I think so. It’s not good. But anyway, he says. He says Taiwan is the most unfriendly, snobby, terrible people in the world, he said for him, and he’s from there, he’s from there. It happens. You know, it happens everywhere. You leave, you criticize because you are rejected every time you are rejected. You think it’s because you are living in the wrong place and somewhere else it’s beautiful. It’s much, much better. All these people are like that. Probably make one tool to Russia. And he was young. He was successful. He spent very few money and got a lot of nice ladies. That’s why he’s gonna keep telling that Russia is the best. Russia is the best. OK, Moscow is probably not the best because now the prices are high and you not gonna be very successful in Moscow if you are spending the same money as you. Many, many years ago now that crisis are totally different. So that’s why I remember last time I was in Moscow. It’s not so easy. It’s only the only chance you will have some drunk lady Try to flirt me in Red Square when last time I was there with there were too much external gun. They were talking loud laughing and I was little bit confused. That’s why it was not active. So some other guys got damn and I was feeling very shape that I lost them. They were about 25 or whatever and very beautiful, very attractive. I keep thinking I’ve made some activities because I was. It was strange all of a sudden they start flirting. You just came and started talking, laughing and they start hiding and getting my hands or whatever. I feel like what’s happening man. It’s not because it was just my luck that at that moment, that’s the moment and place corresponding to the situation that the thing happened and this is the thing that we’re in brush. It happens much often than other places. If it would happen once in a million years. Masco probably every 10 days you will get the situation if you are in a right place. The right places, Red Square or some brand very twisty where people are drinking, having fun and decent that happy where people happy with the places where make people happy. Probably this is the reason maybe in the Soho as well you could get some. Beautiful ladies in a correct situation, if you are in the right place. Hey, further if Arthur, if they don’t let him back in the country, he needs immigration lawyer, right? To come back to London without a taste test. No, because everything is so crazy at the moment. They can make up any reason and say you can’t come in anymore. They can say Brexit finished. You don’t get your, you don’t have your papers. They can say they can say American. The standard situation every Greek can travel to London without any visas. Battle situation is a little bit different. I think far too. No, but wait, maybe they said they they should have for us to trust with people, especially order as soon as they leave to last ten years or something. Before break Brexit, they were there so they can keep living there as long as they want. Because to for people like Michael, my friend who lives in Poland situation is this. He can live in London only six months a year. Look OK, duck duck. OK, look, it’s good to have immigration lawyer number just in case, right? So so we should always have, right? Regulations are anywhere Internet just go making quantity as you said, put the the sentences immigration in London after Brexit, for Greeks for example, or some other other situation. People who lived long. Great, great passport in London. Conde live longer. What’s the? What’s the regulation for this type of people? You have to help with want to understand what you want and then it will enlarge in your ideal with special orders and putting the authors who. Check it for you if you want. And I even they can say we didn’t like a website. You can’t come in anywhere. No, no, no, it’s it’s impossible. It’s website. What is the business freedom of speech. They. They’re never gonna do it. Especially when your website doesn’t break the security of the country. It’s just. I think it’s a small thing. It’s it’s. It could be like, let’s say this guy whose name, but I don’t remember. Down stick. What? Julian Assange? Yeah. He because he was opening some secrets to very military Shelly. Complete military, military, military stopping. So it’s only because that even after that. Remove speech. He could just be trying to say. It’s not my idea. Somebody else gave me and goalkeepers. No, I mean in R2 skills. We’re talking about your friend. He has no reason. No reason. Absolutely. Americans. He’s happy. He’s. Yeah. He’s got American. They can come in for 90 days anyway, right? Yes, I was in America. And as in the Greek another 90 days, I think more half a year. It’s not bad. As soon as they leave there longer than five years, I know. Yeah, it’s all to matically. You can stay as long as he wants. It’s only for newcomers, newcomers. They can stay there 90 days or what? Their regulation. Usually they say half a year. 19 years for the half a year, I mean every three months you have to be there and then back and then then for three months you have to spend somewhere else and then back again. You can come, but not for monthly there, but for your, for the case of your. Frankly, he’s crazy to stay there. I have some Polish. I know from Poland they live in England and they work somewhere in England. Nobody stops them. Nobody said you are a Polish. You have to go back so they keep living there and they work. Maybe it’s because of the work. Yeah, I will take Durham. Ember II introduce you to the ladies name was Magda. That. Gypsy Skylab lady. She didn’t work, I think. Oh no, she was scared. Taking care of bold Grady, maybe that’s the work she. She does, and that’s why she lives there. Another reason I don’t like to go out so much. Remember we went also with you and also with my other friend. Sometimes you go out and if you don’t talk and nobody talks to you, you’re just standing there all night. OK, one thing is this. You scared me. That you, your friend scared me. Calling the Greeks never talk and eat. Stop, meet paralyze me. I was thinking. Oh really? It’s it’s a shame. So you find will try couple of times and they will ignore me. I will be. Just as a loser. And that’s why I was always trying not to bother, not to talk, not. But in reality, it’s not right thing you told me. Really. Because I remember last day. Me and your friend are to went to that club where it was opening something you remember. Sure. Ladies were talkative, very much crying. I felt like I could do something and I was not dressed well and I was shamed that maybe they will feel under just. How? From nowhere. Who’s this guy from nowhere? That was I was. That’s why I was confused. And some of these birds are so loud. You get a shot, so you’d be shouting all night. Yeah, but the last thing we went to that place opening that I, I don’t remember. It was her dress opening or or or fashion club opening hearing member that. Yeah. But give that play. You didn’t talk to anybody. Madam did nothing I did. I did I I was contacting some but I felt like something could happen. And only because I was confused that maybe Greeks are like that. I should never disturb them. And that made me like it’s not good, is it? It’s no good. Anyway, I never think of it as a. Stomach exercise to shout all night that it’s like it’s going to instead of sit-ups. I I mean I did some setups in the Swiss ball. Yeah. You know, the Swiss ball. There’s a ball and then you can do sit-ups on it. No, I’m just. What does it give? It’s supposed to make your stomach. You know, I mean, you’re barely to go down. Yeah, get defined like before, right? But I’m thinking shouting in the bar all night. That’s also good for the stomach. Does your stomach right? But you have to have to shout with stomach, have to have someone to shout with. He magin you are alone. Anyway, man, **** I think there’s so many nice places like in Poland where I was attending. Letter. Russian speaker theater, English speaker, theater, English speaking. Pull up. They were so many. You go on people. If you will give very passive they will talk to you. Did you did you go to Lemon? Yes. Yes. In the streets. Saint Petersburg. Where ladies, ladies and ladies are not from lending rat. Only every from everywhere to tourism, German lady said. I talked every time I made, by the way, my, my. You take my, my love. I loved her so much. I kept contact with her for a long, long time. But did you go to Saint Petersburg or no. Oh yeah, have you been? Two times that I loved it. I loved it. You know, you don’t know theater boost, do you? Theater Bush, St. Petersburg now I went there. But anyway, OK, why are you asking? Because one. Because there’s a nice theater with like a. So it couches all these women were sitting in couches and you could go talk to anybody. You could walk around. I never saw this, Sir, except here. Maybe Cafe Nero outside. They let you sit there for free and they’re two. You can go in there. Hey, what’s up time? It’s normal when you talk to ladies in the streets it’s it’s never forbidden. It’s even it’s it’s. It’s very fashionable when you talk, when you don’t talk. This is strange for sometimes they see who’s this guy not talking weird. So so your friend Bill. Bill bill. Increase the guy who said you’re pulling the fast one in Greece. Bill. Remember 75 year old. Test. The Great American. You didn’t like him because he said you were. You pulled a fast one. You tried to pull a fast one. Your bill. OK. Yeah. I hear you know what he said. He said beer gives you high blood pressure drinking beer. Really. So that’s why I’m hesitating to drink beer now. I’m like **** man. I don’t want to, you know, one second days. It’s OK. I know I have some friends who are drinking paint bottles a day and they have no problems, man. ’cause here. They do pints, right, or a bottle. OK, if you go out Saturday night. OK.**** man. Hey, what time do you a big problem for me also is, is meals, dinner, dinner time is big problem. You know why? You know why Friday? Saturday. It’s a big problem because if I don’t time it correctly then I don’t go out. OK, listen, if you are eating a lot your tires, you. Yeah, but keep with you when you this Friday night for Friday nights to be ready to go out, eat your food and sleep. After that, for two hours in the afternoon and then you will be up all night. Before, when I was a student, I used the restaurant was 6:30 to 7:30 right? So dinner was always around. Then 6:37 o’clock dinner, and then by by ten o’clock 9:10. O’clock. I’m out. I’m in the bars. It’s perfect. But now dinner is 10:00 o’clock. And then by midnight, I’m like ******. After ten people want to sleep because food is tiresome, it makes you sleep. It’s because your stomach is working so hard and you read that it you want to sleep. Yeah. And you were right about the nap. I took a nap the other day. One Saturday, remember I said Saturday? I’m always one Saturday. I slept in the afternoon and I was all night. I was like. If you take a nap and that’s why I’m the problems. If you have a nap, it’s no problem. And and also I I drank some juice some. Visible and spend the Berry juicy so you know how much fructose is in this. It’s natural sugar, right? No added sugar, but there’s so much natural sugar in it. It was. I was up till 5:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel like sleeping. It was only truth or some. Some vegetables. Vegetables. Yeah. Yeah, vegetables and nothing more. Yeah, hard chemistry. Yeah. Yeah. No, no, no. It’s it’s like I always check. I check ingredients, expiration dates and temper temper. But but they break. Hey, you know that I got some popcorn yesterday. So I checked the ingredients are no I always I know. OK, so expiration date now for the tampering I checked to see if the air is tight. If it’s airtight. Yeah. So it was airtight. And then when I got home. It was. There’s no longer excitement, so the Arab was out, right? So it’s no longer fresh anymore. So. So now, does that mean the popcorn I have to eat it fast or like, in, in in? No, it’s OK. I eat without thinking about it, and it’s not correct. It’s. I mean, I don’t think about freshness so carefully. Sometimes things can be leaked. Not so fresh. I I don’t eat fresh things. Tomatoes are very old. Right. I don’t know, maybe 30 days old tomatoes I eat and it’s fun.**** in the fridge. It’s almost crumpled tomatoes. My apples are camper. I mean, I had tomatoes cake. I change styles right. Like I I got this time. I got heritage tomato. It’s it’s very special style here. It’s heritage. It’s called. Very nice. They have a mixed pack. Organic, yellow, orange, red. Right. OK, so I had it in the fridge two weeks and then after like. After 10 days, one of them yellow, it was all full of mold, disgusting all fuct up. Right rotten. But the others were OK. So I hope you wait. You didn’t all them away, alright. The rest here. Hey. Hey. This this stop, Sir. This drops volume. It stops being loud after. Well, you know it doesn’t. They gave this to me for free at the Sony in Greece and it only works for a little bit. If it’s too loud, it stops the volume drops. Because the it’s not well charged. Disappear and never let. So I have to pull it out and then put on the the speaker here. Or sometimes it lets you redo it very much. I should have tried it again. So again, I’m gonna tell you this, this idea that occurred to me. One second, one second enemy. 20%. Sorry, let me turn it off ’cause, if it picks it, it’s OK. One more time, one more time. Yeah, this idea is this, this idea that came up at the beginning of our conversation is the cafeteria that you gonna open. It will help you to make some. Gigs light logins with this musicians discussing about life, not about music only, but about life, about their lifestyle. They’ll tell unusual stories. Only St musicians have very bitter life. Very unusual. Life always. I talk to them. I made them barely. As I never met a street musician with average stories, airy, crazy stories, very unusual stories love stories, whatever. But of course most of them will be ladies you might once in Greece with the lady you remember the street musician. Syntagma Square now remember from Boland? Yep. Did you talk to her? No. You did. No, no. Imagine if she could make blogging with you. You would talk and it will be online. It will will be your own and you will be staying next room or next floor or somewhere. It has to be very compact maybe. One room or maybe two rooms, one kitchen, one room, and you were freaking room for you. And that’s it. You don’t need help, Harry. Huge apartment or whatever. But it could be much nicer if it could be on the 1st floor on the 2nd floor. So think about. Good day. Good idea. And you could shoot films even with with this. People and they could pay you money so you could go to earn money. You could live there. You could turn your own fruit. You could have special kitchen where all these people could come and teach. Somebody knows how to make nice foods. At course they could be involved in this. This is like a reality show. OK, so tiring you, but still I’m just the. Thinking is I see this. I see this idea. OK. I don’t feel like you are in in this. One day you will come in. You have to add it first. I have to add it. I did final cut on my last one. I did I I know basic final cut. I know now. I mean the ten I know final cut 710 years ago. But now I know final cut 10 little bit. You don’t need to have the last final cards at. Let me just list standard things I like. No, no, no, no. Yeah. I mean a few things. OK. But now it’s like there’s always a problem. Now they’re telling me. Hurry up or do this, you know, before the summer is finished, you gotta do this and then. Arthur singer. Hurry up. It’s why I say that you need to end to do all these things because there are some good board them things you’re not gonna spend your summer time just doing that. That’s why a person next to you could help and watch it over. Delete koupit, make notes and some duration and some certificacion. OK. Here. Speak about it and. So our neighbor. But you do it every day, you dedicate at least one or two hours to work average. You go to your videos, so that’s what I want to ask you. One more thing. So I have conversations like this, for example, OK like this for example. Yeah, this is one hour conversation. So. I need to I need the transcript. I’m otherwise if I don’t have the transcript, I have to sit there with my final cut and listen. Can you hear me? It stopped it again. Keep every time I move this damn cable. Even though we grill a tape and all that, she keeps disconnecting the piece of. Jesus. OK, you’re back. OK. Can you hear me now? It’s OK. Yeah. So the question is transcript, correct. Let me know if I will eat tribal. Thank you. Magic. One time, my freezing will be saved. No, I thought you were faking talking. You’re like, imagine if I’m like. So I think there’s no audio, but you’re being quiet. Goes fast. You know, sometimes you freeze. We. You. Yeah, yeah. And then and and the audio going. How? My stomach is getting worked out. Let’s get it shipped. So what? What was the subject you were talking about? Transcript. I have to do transcript. Otherwise I have to sit there with final cut and listen to every word. And then I don’t know. New outline man. I guess I could put little the best bits. There’s some transfer some apps that. Without any efforts, just give them this out. You want it gives you, so return everything written. It’s full of mistakes I have to correct it. But anyway, OK. How many so? Hey, what if what if all the injected gets sick and and have problems? What are we gonna do? Just forget about get your math. But all my friends, all my family and friends are except you. But no time to be sick. And my son Lee is well, I mean, my aunt, my sister, still the family there injected after this psychologically prepared for the worst. I don’t want any shocks. Look, look nice. Trade car. You. You remember this guy? I was. I didn’t talk to him because then the problems with him. And now as soon as he has heart problems, by the way, he’s hard. Problem was before injection. Being so already 20 years he has but last three years he has very. That bad situation and he was injected recently and he didn’t change his life yet. Yet we have to wait a couple years to know. Don’t Remember Me always. We have to go into his Orient. We have to be lated by him. If he still lives. So everything is OK with this injection. No. Everybody is different, man. So just like allergies. Everybody so serious problem with this heart that. Believe me, if you will have a Greek, do you disagree? Pause new English if you will have this new remember he will just go pass away because his problem is very serious. So that’s why you see slides. So I feel it’s not so as much serious as they say. Delete me. It’s not so serious because I I would be not so much enthusiastic if I if that could be really so much serious because my sister my. She she got this vaccine two or three? Two. Is very. The word soft. No, they said 30. No, no, no salt. Third is the strongest 10 times stronger than the other two. They said. Sometimes I really like you. Six months. No, no. Somebody said I I got all the evidence. I saved everything. I heard many times. The third one is the worst. It’s 100. It’s 100 units. The other ones are 1020 units. The third one is the way I’m gonna check out because this is surprising for me. Some news. It’s a news, I mean. That said, one could be and of course, and of course they’re all different because they they made, they put the the the date, the the deadly ones, they put in some places they said let’s test it here. Test it. They they they they’re all different summer deadly. Some are not deadly they there’s a whole graph and they showed what’s going on but anyway. Anyway, OK. Another thing, what do you think about changing the melody of very famous songs? Take the same chords and same lyrics. Trying to find another melody, absolutely not mentioning the any any lines of the famous melody. Isn’t it a good idea to try to do something? Because this way you have lyrics already ready made and cords ready made. Kids creating another melody. Sometimes you get help you to find another music. OK, Mr, just strip. Your strike would be internationally. You know that. I like that song, but yeah, me too. But I played some Russian people. They hate it because it’s, you know, it’s tyranny. Everything is fairly no, not right now. We, we we got lucky. We, we we would you’ll see when Tierney comes. You’re not gonna say the same thing, man. OK, wait. So very much flexible. They can just be around because doing the companies meeting I was living like companies that was special is the most capitalist in the company said. That’s why I feel like companies didn’t bother me, of course. He pulled, suffered a lot that that, that’s me. But that was before technocracy that you said you don’t want to go to China. You said it. You not answer. It’s not because of purple, not only because of cameras. Because of Chinese journey slavery. No, that’s no, no. It’s not my lady type I like, it’s it’s not. It’s not a good time. Below G wave talking Asians are not my type, but we are sort of Europeans. It’s hard to say, but still I feel very much European. Like I can’t understand their humor, their kid, their type of light means they are too much polite, sometimes so much polite that you don’t know what to do. You have to always feel like. No, that’s Japanese Japanese cohort. No Chinese go ******** though they’re very rude. Trump is it opposite. How come Korean? Right, so, so not all of them are. There’s a billion. 99% yeah, no, no, no. But the culture is not like Japan, where they’re like, huh? Yeah, yeah.[gg1]  Lady Japanese. Whole cycle. You say I went to restaurant. It was very expensive. I spent $2 there. Why are Korean women so they’re very beautiful. Did you see Korean? Some women, north, North Korean. Two very clearly. Yeah. I don’t know why, but they look different. They look, they got a special look. OK. Different ideas you say? Like Koreans are beautiful, summer, say, jump to me. Singapore, Singapore ladies are beautiful because they. Airplane Singapore. Interstellar own cancan? BioWare. Yeah. Yeah, it’s Singapore Airlines flight attendants. Very pretty and. Singapores which country to Korea? Malaysia. OK, which what is the most famous city in Korea? North or South? Oh, I don’t know. Something similar. What is the next more touristic? Nor does he ever be. No, I don’t think so. Not correct. When I was small, I think, yeah, we stopped yesterday. I didn’t know that Korea, somebody told me maybe I’m wrong, he told. Another way I understood, but I saw the Koreans. I didn’t wanna say it because I I don’t wanna sound gay, but even even the the male soldiers in Korea, their faces like like. But. Like like like like a perfect doll. They got this very special look. Like it’s it’s like, perfect maybe. Dance for her at propaganda or whatever, everywhere you can find one perfect face the other side. And. By the way, do you watch films? Any films? Last month because of this tyranny thing that’s coming with the WH or they want to continue with the kovid ******** and the the climate is the virus fraud and the climate fraud they want to use this to bring the Chinese tyranny. It’s it’s happening. I can’t. I can’t concentrate on on the fiction anymore, but I’m. I’m so. Yeah, but it’s a waste. Sometimes I feel like you have to do it more. You know, when I eat here I have. I have films that I watch on the Computer II watch, you know, love boat. And for breakfast. Love boat. You know, love boat. Is it a yes 1980s series series? It’s television series and I watch old movies here and Seinfeld. I watched the whole box at Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and stuff like that. Seinfeld was number one TV show for 10 years from. In the 90s in the 90s. But they keep playing it. They get, like in America, every time I went to a hotel, he was on the TV even even like, even now they keep replaying. Is it a culture or something like no games, no 20 minutes? That’s what I’m looking. They they have one title for the 20 minutes, but there’s there’s four characters. And I’m trying to see if they have four little stories inside because sex in the city, they had four characters, four stories in 20 minutes, four stories. Yeah. And they keep intercutting. Right. They show you one story, then they show you the 2nd and the 3rd, and then they show back to the first one, second, third and then back to the first one. They don’t show one story. Finish it. And then two second story. I know the reason. I know the reason. You might get bored, break, take a cut. It. Yeah, of course. Is that right? Is that right? It’s it’s a. It’s because some people like 1 actor and because of that actor they have to watch their father’s actors. Yeah, one of them, he’s bold, right. And Seinfeld, he’s bald and fat and short and glasses. And I was thinking this is because there’s millions of people like that and it’s to attract those people, yeah. Where when there are many, many stories, so you are forcing her for the fans of one story to watch all the other three, four stories. This is why it’s easy to to feed the food that people don’t like. You know, sometimes it’s. So with the fireplaces says sex in the city should be like 4 short stories, right? Stories? Short shorts? But then if you will make small short films, it will be not so much popular toward a larger, larger audience. That’s why it’s better to mix them and give it. Then it’s millions will be watching instead of twenty 250,000. He told you have 1,000,000 for example just multiplying so so in my show it’s mostly my point of view. My my diary. So it’s a problem for 20 minutes then if it’s just one story. If you could be in the story of four people you will have four times more. Talking about mathematically. Unless I make them out all 5-5 minutes or so. Could be different not only about ladies flirting, but about politics, about some, some kind of crazy things, and some some, some certain things, some scientific things. You. It’s so crazy things no longer are doing a lot of crazy things. Lot of unexpected things. OK, you are tired. You have to go out, right? Things I don’t have to eat first. ’cause. I didn’t have a proper dinner. I just had. For meeting every five hours, right every I have a snack. What are you doing me away so I can listen to my mail program, OK. Stop it. Stop. You’re like this. What is it? Keep doing that. I didn’t touch the cable, did I? Gorilla taped on everything. It’s fine, man. Why? You’re currently offline. Fresh. How was your call? I can tell you ’cause I think you save that information so you can harvest my best Qualls face Bush. Your connection was restored. What are you saying? I don’t know. Whatever. Maybe he’s calling. So that’s it folks. Shouting. But I just wanted to be loud and clear and that’s all. I keep thinking. You know, don’t wanna be mumbling. Where is it man? Yeah. What happened? It’s my my charge battery. That’s true. OK, next time it’s not gonna show. I have to call you from the telephone, I think. But for the video. No, there is. I don’t see you today. That’s fine. Assuming with your video. I see both of us. What’s shrink? I think I have to call you, right. Remember last time that it only works when I call it. OK, I know that rule here. You have to do this. You have to make a video call, not adjust audio content. Changing it into video. This is why I made the audio call and then chasing to video call which which doesn’t let. I think you could you could. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Please comment, very nice. If you are making video call, it’s OK you should not do. How’s your cold and changing? Whatever. So should I get transcript all these conversations or just the the best bits? Just write down in middle outline, not every word man. Why do you want to transcribe? It became a habit. I started him instead because I do very good job. You can have every word. I put it on my website. I put like 10 page ******* conversation. You can see everything. But even then you need outline ’cause. Nobody wants to read 10 pages, man. So you need both. You need out right? Plus all the *******. But it takes it took me days, man. Sometimes. Wait. What? What did you just go and put your opinion about this, this dialogue? No, I want. I want to breathe. We talked about this, about this, about this. But I want to. I want to be watching kids and understanding what what happened. For example, look at let’s let’s just say one more time, Greek Episode 920 nineteen. I put all the best bits in there. Yeah, for 20 minutes. Make a 20 minute show all the best fits. Is that it? But you want to put their feet in video cards, right? All the best bits, yeah. Well, you’re talking about cuts, about, not trust striping. Now first I have to transcript to see what the hell zone them. If I don’t have a transcript on that line, then I don’t know what the hell is on them, right? Summary, You could go sit making sure. No, no, no, no, no, no, because I need to know the spot 30 minutes, blah, blah blah. That’s the point. Put that in. If I have an editor or if I’m editing, I got all the good bits. 20 you see? I need the time stamp and the. Yeah, but that’s a huge, huge work, man. I did it already. I did know I have a lot of it, but you know, I’m gonna do it all. One thing. You got the wings for four hours. How many days you can turn transcribe. Right now I’m using the automatic. Hey, you know the automatic one that I use the software? It’s Bill Gates is a company. And it only works, it only works with the Internet. You need Internet connection, so I think he’s watching everything. No, not but I think the story not had not but. But their story, they’re storing everything. I don’t care because it’s out there anyway. But no, but OK, so it takes it takes. Let’s say when that were. So it takes one hour to for it to make all the mistakes. Then I have to sit there typing. Maybe it takes Me 2 hours to correct it for three hours to correct it. Look, this is duration. At one day videos or one week video. This is very important to divide into your hours and see how many hours you need to make one month. Jobs.**** it, man. Forget it. You don’t do any of that. Only the best, best, best parts of your videos and work on that next, like every day with you. Because every day videos you will not be able medically you will not be able to even 20 people will be not able to transcribe physically if you haven’t. Maybe that will help you too. Up too fast to make it faster. You did one month worth or not for what? Remove this for transparent transcribing. All this footage is. One month of details. Did you do one month video? One month video transcript transcript. Many months, many months. Hey, you know what happens? I I lose my day sometimes. You know, if I go out for lunch. And then I gotta do the food shopping and then I gotta go to the gym and then come back. So do you do everything on the weekend? Because I used to do all that on the weekend. Now I’m doing it in the week and I lose my days, man. Like laundry. Laundry. OK, here, get laundry. Laundry takes 4 hours. You do this in the data. If I have to do it in the day because I hang my clothes and and and it gets too damp in the room, it’s gonna give me inflammations. If it’s too humid. Doing little by little everyday, maybe 10 minutes at laundry. Tell meets every day. I have laundry 10 meter. Maybe one hour of photoshopping, one hour working one hour or shopping. My day goes. I’m just going through my desire which if I want to do that, I do. It’s not just leaving for next days morning machine, not to force yourself. You use laundry machine. No. My hands. Yeah. Yes, man. I am gymnastics. Yeah, but your skin is gonna get ******** men too much sharing. Unless you wear gloves. It’s not good for the skin, though. There’s detergent all the time. No problem. Only one finger is left. Even faster with one hand I only need one. Yeah. Nothing to do, sport. So many people are walking sticks here, man. So many people, they they walk. I think it’s from the chick. I don’t wanna make a joke about it, but but look, half of them it is and half it’s not so. So I’m showing them. And yesterday they got angry. I said I said the wrong thing yesterday. There was someone in wheelchair and I give my sticker to show them the information. Right. So so she goes. She goes. No thanks. I’m fine. You know what I said? You know what? Don’t you see? You know what I said? I said you don’t look it. And she got angry. She goes, she goes. Excuse you. She really. I said. Oh, ****. Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. I shouldn’t have said it’s rude. OK, but you you don’t look. Yeah. I mean, you’re not fine if you’re disabled. You know you. Really not totally fine. And, you know, just thinking out loud. But you, you gotta be careful now that I’m start changed. They say people could be ignored as disabled. You should never see as they are disabled. You should see them as normal, you know sometimes. The group with them and you can see that there. Disabled, you know, sometimes beating the police. Come. Since you said, you know I’m playing. I’m. I’m. I’m tweaking everything for him to understand that I don’t see him this table. Cortana, turn up the volume on this thing, right? There’s no volume. You see no volume, right? Yeah. This is maximum volume. There’s no volume on the messenger ship, right? No volume slider. I don’t know. OK. So one more thing. Yesterday I took a I came out of the gym, I went to a Mexican restaurant. And just before I go in, there’s this guy. I know him. Ten years. He’s a I think he’s homeless. I’m not sure, but he’s like, he’s rough, right? And he’s sitting like that. And I just went. I just went, Oh well. And he ignored me. So before going to the restaurant, I took a picture of the street, the whole street. And he’s in the corner. He’s in the corner over there. I’m getting the whole street. And then he gets up and he goes, hey, hey. So I go inside the restaurant and he’s making a whole problem with the. With the with the waitress, he’s like I said, look, I know you. 10 years yours. Let me. I I got the whole street. He goes. Well, I think you can. I see it please. I I wish I got it. You know, I had the I was recording the whole thing, but I had my back here, my bag. UK. Yeah. Next time after remember turning to remove the bag and to get his face because you can’t see his face. I was getting just see what I mean? I was sitting down. He was standing up. I forgot. I have to do this. To catch the whole thing. Why is it cutting me off all the time? This freaking Jeannette Fiber is no good man. Cussed, costly cuts you off. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s rising people. I didn’t. I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear. It was frozen. Say it again, please. OK, so there are some Japanese photographers. Go to the faces and unknown people and charging them and taking a picture. Maybe this is the style you are doing with with videos you know no, I’m very careful now, but the law here is very good for street photography. The street is allowed, man. That’s the law. So anyway. There is no load that can stop you taking pictures of anytime you want any people you want in the street from far, far. There is no police who can come and grab it from you and checking what did you do if he’s gonna put you in a court. So the court should ask you to bring. He would say I never did so. Alright, man. OK, so next time I I prepare something because today was spontaneous. Hey. This evening today. So it’s a Friday crowd. Enjoy. Now I’m gonna start. Quote acting soon, so think about your friend are tools people Yeah. Hey, just one more question, OK. I have my daughter. Yeah. We’re not. We’re not going on Saturday. Can you see me? So I’m gonna have this tomorrow. It’ll be Saturday. I’m gonna have this. I’m gonna go outside for lunch or whatever. OK, this will be very happy. Because for some reason anyway, I try. Anyway, the point is, I’m going to have this, OK? Yeah. I’m not going to be dressed for club, but a lot of bars here. You don’t have to dress up. You can miss some bars. They let you in shorts and sports. So I’m gonna be like this. It’s gonna be eight o’clock. I’m gonna be hungry. I’m gonna have to have some dinner. If I bring my dinner here and watch a movie or whatever finished, I will never get out again. So I have to stay up with this **** like I am. Stay outside, right? I have to eat outside and I have to go to the bar like this and I don’t wanna get this dirty, so I have to have something like a bag to put it in so I can put on the ground. So I’m not. Holding it all the time is that is that the case is that is that the solution now? When I go out without that hands-free. Hands free, but nothing. He’s the camera at one tiny camera in the night, and that’s it. You don’t need anything in the night. Better to change your clothing if you want. Really serious, beautiful ladies. Because this type of clothing, you show them that you are just casual. It’s too much casual. Change. So you you should have something in your bag, maybe some other type of closing to thinking, and that’s, I don’t know, sometimes there are some ladies who like yours. This time in the evening, but in the afternoon it’s fine. It’s fine. But in the evening, I don’t know. Maybe there are some style bars for it’s it’s OK now. This casual bars around here, yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. But your bed will be always bothering you. Yeah, it’s, it’s. I miss the days when I was a student, I had nothing hands free and my wallet was this big tiny. And that’s why one Canberra tiny camera you were back in time to go out. That’s that’s the best way. You show me batteries though. One day, two batteries, extra batteries. And you didn’t like the the little, the little sunny, and it’s very good for certain things. But the evening it’s it’s the people with the. Where is right for you to be free and it’s just not done camera time, so it’s good in your hands. But as soon as you put it here, they’re like what? By the way, I was gonna ask somebody to create subject telephone for example. This is my my remote control. Yeah, yeah. And that Elton as usually hear the camper right behind. Right. Imagine a click could be somewhere in the corner here. I was thinking I could always beat you as he tried watching some something in my cell phone and figuring some things with the person next to me. Would be a chance to put the camera which will look this way. Nobody would guess I’m videoing them but I will. I will be regulating here where the person is next to me. Over there. It’s like I’m watching a football or something. But the sons the same time I’m videoing, but if you’re talking to someone in front of you then you gotta go up. People like excuse me. I’m listening. I’m listening. Yes. OK. Thank you. It’s. Way to to beat you if even if it’s possible. So you can put two video cameras, one here, one little bit like different corners. This way you can pick anybody from anywhere, like close ating nobody would guess. Two or three meals a day, breakfast, dinner or two times to sometimes wants times 3. The days may be tiny, tiny, a lot. When I’m at home, I I go like just. Scurvy take those three. I, I’m. I eat almost every day. Bold eggs, tomatoes, sometimes some greens. My parents were very strict, so they had very precise meal hours. Nine o’clock breakfast, one o’clock lunch, 7:30 dinner every day. Exactly. Delete this when they say it’s very important for help. My. Reclosing server. I might steal. No, not between meals is bad, not between meals. It’s not. It’s supposed to eat the regular regular. It’s it’s your clock, isn’t it? You’re eating all the time between meals. I don’t know. I don’t feel any better when I eat different times. How come you don’t get fat? This is the problem. Sometimes very late. Do you think you have worms? Worms. Worm. This is Maria Carlos had tapeworms. ’cause she to get something. It’s a. It’s a type of people, you know, if your body is using this type of like all the time. This type of strike people never get that. And one more thing, one more thing. I found out I figured out now. My my inflammations my condition, you know my rheumatism thing. It happened one year after my hepatitis B vaccine. Give me all these things. It’s possible after that. After hepatitis B vaccine and I searched it and they said many people got this. It’s one of the effects possible. It’s possible. How could you get me the vaccine? I don’t know. I just think it’s still still, it’s in your glass. It made it made an ordinary meal disorder that I have these inflammations now and the only you know what I do to get rid of him. I put the hair dryer. Leaves, like all the time with his hair dry specially in front of the in front of the in front of people. Excuse me, excuse me. We’re having a party here. I have invitation. You understand? Sing with Shawn. Stage on stage. I got a concert. I have a concert. We’re flirting, ladies and no, excuse me. Showings at the lady, something giving her to keep that hair dryer showing the video camera. Oh man.****. Alright. Hey there, Armenian girl. I grew up with in that when I was in the Lebanon. I found her on Facebook. She wanted me to call her, forgot to call me. She had she had the injection hope she’ll be OK, but she looks anyway. Contacting with that girl, I said hello and then she. She said. Can you call me please and and then I said OK, I’ll try and I forgot. I have to eat. Jessica, my girlfriend from England and you contacted her. You talked to her by telephone, but she disappeared that I forgot. I found a number. I got it. I got your the one you gave me. I got it. If you want. I think I sent it to you. OK. Could you call her again? I can try, but I think I tried before in there. I I I think it’s not happening. But OK. If I find it become I’ll look at my document. I look at my the so many people to column but yeah you wanted you have the number anymore. Name and last name. I don’t have probably telephone, but the address I’ve got the telephone, man. I saved everything so you could just say hello. Maybe she’ll show up. But you know stories with her. Parakeet. She’s very, very nice lady at our time, talking to companies who she likes to hang out with people. She’s very creative, smart, nice and very sexy. She had no problem having sex on this. That I don’t. No now. But she was before. She was very, very sociable, sociable pain. Sochi, insert. See. You said that about those chair cats, ladies. We went to the shop. Yeah, she had black hair. I put her on the cover of my Saatchi book. A little picture of her and and and I went to say hello. But you know, they’re they’re from another religion. So they don’t, you know, they don’t fool around. But you were like you talking in front of them. And because they didn’t speak English, they didn’t understand you. But you were like, I’m making, I’m videoing them. And they’re like, yeah, no problem. And then you say you say, yeah. They want to go out and to have sex and. And they don’t understand you. Can I speak English? Although sex, everybody understands the word sex, right? So, but I don’t think they got it. We should go to Sochi, Sochi, delaying, he told the time. It’s a shame. Gravel pit go. No, not again. Not again. But you hate it. I thought you would. You don’t like swimming there? You’re like you. You started saying. Oh, the water is yellow. Yeah, that’s so much swimming. But ladies, ladies are the most important. Cities where there are beaches, the ladies are always available. This is like a rule. This is regulation. They got angry a couple times like I used to. I can’t show that. I can’t point this big camera people. Some people don’t like it. Big camera, even when they’re getting me with their telephone. Smart not pointing to the faces, but in the usual way. Just hold the key. Yeah, it’s like. One of my favorites that you did that I remember is this. Like you are juicing something. Look, there’s something. Bring a screw up. Fix it with which crew directors ever bring a screwdriver? What else? The 90s rage? Getting beat matches. Yeah. So music. She gets angry, said no, it’s broken. Problem problem. I got a little hammer. I got a little claw hammer for the coconuts. Small hammer. Word. You’re fixing in the behind. The camera is pure. So, OK, OK, so it’s digital, but I’m pretending the film is coming out right. What happened? Probably. Oh ****. Oh man. What’s the big circle? It’s our fleet. Summer like Lindsey spoke. Yeah. Word. OK, we should make some shows like this, you know. Converter. Baker next time. Hey, thanks. Thanks for the. Will be in contacting week or two. OK OK. Bye bye. Cheers. Very good. So I’m too tired to go over any links right now. Go to. Thanks for visiting George This is the ambiance. Let’s have a minute of ambiance. That’s where the window shut. Imagine what I do now is I put on the C. Yeah, I went to that website. I went and I got a whole bunch of different seas. Right. See recordings about 10 hours loan. Any kid I’d like going with atmosphere as well. I don’t just want the see the water. I want the air to put in the punch. And you can. So you need to cover everything up. So yeah, I did it. I’ve done in my past. I didn’t my say shells video when they were drilling and making my life miserable, and I even had. Met with the headphones, but I I forgot to do it all these years here, you know ’cause. Justin bothered, but it it’s a it’s a lifesaver. It’s it’s it helps. And of course your plugs. For sleeping. But anyway, thanks for visiting George. Godly Geo daily video, and 100 and 100 domains. It’s. Friday, May 13, 1033 PM. Another wasted but not totally wasted, but another limited Friday night should should be in here. Shouldn’t be here, but I was so I just made just making the most of it. I should be out there. But I dread it. Why am I change? It’s not just age. It’s some lots of things, lots of factors, right? Other interests? Other. It’s just other feelings. Yeah. You feel different? There might be a whole bunch of things. No, no, ’cause. I had this lots of times in the past two all ages even. When I was a student, there was times when I didn’t. Yeah, but it wasn’t all the time. Like this so. It’s not depression, is it? I’m not depressed at all. I’m I’m very euphoric. I feel really. Yeah, fine. I don’t wanna. I wanna say I all the time so. Anyway, thanks for visiting. I’m gonna put this up as an update anyway, even though it’s very limiting. So long version edited is that you know the short version takes too long to edit. I’m not going to bother right now. As for a few 100 views, there’s no money. OK. If if that so I just put something, just keep it active, I’m just gonna put it up, I think even though it’s, I don’t know if they allow it, you know you’re not allowed to. Say what you think or feel, or if it’s not doesn’t match. Let’s see the truth, man. How about the truth? It’s the truth anyway. This is trying to show. Thank God I don’t like this. I gotta go. That’s that’s enough. More later. Another time. What’s happening? What’s up, nick? That’s for me to know and you to find out and you not to find out what’s happening here. It’s bad. It’s bad anyway. I think that’s it for now. Do I have anything else to say? Lots and lots of **** to say, but I’m unprepared. I wasn’t gonna do this. So you have to check back if you want other stuff. So now that’s it. Goodnight. Thanks music. This is George, Godly and hike my friend from all the previous episodes. He’s in Armenia. Launcher and scrounger. That’s kind of a nickname we gave the these. Talks not just grind the lounger, he’s a scrounger. He he accepted it and he. You know, I I brought it up as a joke and he started using it all the time. Sorry to kind of stuck. See what it’s like. Maybe I should show it? Show my window. A bit hesitant, but hesitant. Everybody is very standoffish now because of the. Logging, I think. Tough ****. He’s not. See whether people aren’t. She’s not standoffish. The neighbors are. Maybe they saw something. Maybe they don’t know. Maybe it’s the injection thing, because they criticize the injection, so it’s awkward. They’re like, what’s? I don’t wanna think anything less of you. Steve Kirsch is injected. Robert Malone is injected. Fake vaccinated. They’re fine, but you know. We love those guys. With the work they’ve done and the. Why is there saving? Check. But.

Kevin Samuels covid “vaccine” victim death #tuskegee2 #nuremberg2



Freedom rally protest demonstration sat 30 apr 2022 1pm London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited  [covid fraud new world [dis]order cashless telephone tyranny: KEEP CA$H] 

FREEDOM RALLY 30 APR 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com London UK unedited Rumble makes HD 720p 12gb upload 480p

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

FREEDOM RALLY 30 APR 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com London UK unedited from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo

OUTLINE in progress

TRANSCRIPT in progress
Vascular problems. It is a lethal weapon. You gotta do whatever it takes to just keep your immune system healthy. [dr. Sheri Tenpenny video on laptop] I wasn’t gonna go ’cause. It doesn’t go anywhere. I get 1000 views. Hardly anything happens. Might get a few, a little bit of an audience, but nothing you know in the videos view count doesn’t nothing, no video view count change, no social media change, no.. OK. Luckily, I saw this on the laptop a few days ago, so I’m ready, but I wasn’t gonna do it ’cause I’ve done it. I’ve done it and nothing happens. I don’t get anything out of it. No audience, no money, no nothing. But that’s a lot of hassle, time and money for nothing, so. But something inside me saying something inside something inside me is saying. Just go. Like automatic pilot. Like when you go to the gym and you’re like, well, I don’t really feel like it right now. Maybe I should go later another time or I should have gone earlier or I can wait till next week. And it’s just not gonna happen unless you just go automatic pilot. To the protest. And on a nice day like this, you’re gonna go out anyway and not staying on a Saturday. Blue skies, which are about to turn to grey and freeze over it was zero last night. Apparently this is almost May 1st. This is April. 30th 2023 [2022] nine AM. Again, slept like **** blacked out after dinner. And anyway. Hey. Put this on airplane mode now. ’cause its bad for you. Too much wifi 5g  too much microwave rariation’s bad for you. So my gut is telling me just go. My gut my gut is telling me just go. My gut is telling me just go. [unedited repetitive takes] My gut is telling me just go automatic pilot like the gym. Just go. Just do it. Why? The point is, it doesn’t bring anything right. Sht I gotta check my hair. “Not at all bad, yeah” [a guide for the married man, Robert Morse film quote]. The point is, it doesn’t bring anything, doesn’t bring any traffic, doesn’t bring any money, doesn’t bring any, doesn’t bring me anything. Any rewards for. Wasting my time and money on it ’cause, I do have to. And suffer to get all the footage that walk all over the place, miles. To spend memory. Don’t you know [everything else]. So what’s the point? But the point is that it did shoot up. I mean, I do get the 400 visits a day spike now, even though some days are back down to 100. Most days are 100 that I get that big spike now. So how do you know that didn’t happen from that and or from you know, how do you know? I don’t know. The point is, I just. I don’t wanna waste my.. I wanna be active online. But this is um. The point is, I’ve gotta get going and do other things. ’cause you saw what happened so far past 10 years. And we don’t want the next to be like that. 4m It doesn’t say where in Kings Cross. Bit brighter, thank God for Piers Corbin’s Facebook. Look, no follow button. See how they shadowban him on Facebook? No, there should be a follow button or following ’cause. I think I’m following him, but nothing. “This this is an incredible artistic power play by the military” [uk column]. So we got the uh.. Is that really? sounds like the on board [mic], but it’s not look. Definitely the rode video mic X. There’s no bass. Why is there no bass on it testing 1-2 it maybe it’s a headphones. Headphones are a bit toppy or it’s not the built in mic right. No I don’t think so. So. OK, rode video mic x,  I finally found the batteries & chargers.. Let me plan a little bit. Let me do it in the sunshine. Let me let me plan a couple things right. Name date place and all that and then. The name of the protest I forgot is it freedom? Taxi! Kings cross. Please. What’s the forefront? They say there’s a protest at the forefront is that the tube? Kings cross Innit. 6m Yeah. Is there another forfront, the forefront is, I don’t know if it’s the tube or not, do you think it’s the tube? v Please. What’s the forefront? They say there’s a protest at the forefront is that the tube? Its the same.. 1 place for the tube and everything. Yeah. That please okay. God this is open, nothing fell out did it.. [fcpx fault makes too many copies while copy pasta editing, make sure to delete] Cant find the other one of these [microfiber cloths] there it is, bottom of the pocket.  7m [lone masqueranger- typical Asian walking alone with no one around brainwashed with hypoxia hypercapnia microplastics inhalation unnecessary mask does more harm then good 3 years after fake plandemic fraud] this side where ok thank you 8m Yes. OK. Yes, I’m low on cash, Sir.’cause. Normally I pay cash ’cause they said to say to save cash ’cause they’re gonna bring the Chinese tyranny in If we don’t but anyway, where do I put here. [beep, leaving tip] where here? You wanna try again? Yup. Where do I put it, here? Up here? Where? Press it, What have you done. where? OK, but don’t charge me two times. Im not charging you, nothing at all.. Oops. Now where do I put the card? Just on the top. Where man, its not working. What is it saying there? It can tell you that it didnt go through innit.. Press enter. Accepted. Not accepted. No? You gotta try again. OK. OK press the yellow button, the small yellow button, ok now tap on the screen, [beep] on the screen please. now. Please.on the screen on the middle, yea it went through. There’s. Yes. OK. Thank you. Cheers man. Sorry 1 sec. Alright. There they are. COVID FRAUD [wordpress capitalizes “covid” with upper case letters again to indimidate & subjugate, always write the piece of sht “covid” with small letters unless its with the word FRAUD] covid testing my ass. The fakery continues. covid testing, huh? The fakery continues. They got police behind there too. It’s it’s. It’s the fake test, isn’t it? [2nd camera:] covid testing, huh? The fakery continues. They got the police behind it. It’s it’s. It’s the fake test, isn’t it? [snapping hi res pictures with one camera while video recording with the other] So. Would you like a fake test? This is the fraudulent test that they’ve been using. I’ve asked him three questions & he didn’t know the answers to any of them. It’s not his fault, but it’s it’s a fraud, isn’t it? Everybody knows ******* fraud, liars. 12m So here we are kings cross station it’s 30th April, Saturday 30 April 2022 thanks for visiting and 100 domains. I wasn’t gonna do this, but my gut said do it just like when you go to the gym, not enough. Then you gotta go through the motions and and. Automatic pilot. Just do it, because if you don’t, it won’t happen. If you go a lot you don’t go through the motions but I don’t go that much. 12m30 So this is so this is my mental and physical exercise cause it’s gonna be a 2 hour march. I’m going to keep the camera running nonstop. And the helicopters have already started and it’s one o’clock theyalways leave around 1:00 o’clock. So I’m going to shut up and just get the ambience & see whatever happens here we go. 13m watch closeup. So a few questions. Why are we still protesting? Well, you know, the PCR test fraud goes on to travel you still gotta do the stinking piece fake, fraudulent piece of shit PCR, fraud, crime against humanity. So they still haven’t stopped that ********. So there’s and they’re still trying to bring in their disinformation and lie and say that the truth is disinformation so that that’s not very good either. And there’s so much more, so much more, and still going on. I get it all from the alternative independent media, I put all the links on my site. You can see them there. Cause where else are you gonna get the truth, not from the liars that have been lying for decades let alone the past 3 years. So that and smart meters are trying to force smart meters on me. I wanna ask them about that. 14m you with the protest? I sai freedom! [high priest Amun el] So its a freedom march, It’s all about freedom. It’s not about the uh, well it is about the fraud & the crimes against humanity too, but that goes without say. Fatso parties & lied while my mother/ our families locked up & died [boris Johnson sign/ placard/ billboard] meta science.. this is the high priest amun el.. 15m40 so I still havent learned the new Final cut x. I mean, I know it a little bit, but not enough to edit all of this so I’ll probably put it up unedited on some Freedom platform and not be the liar small tech that have been censoring everybody. Won’t put it up there & see who takes it & who doesnt anyway thats another thing I wanted to say. 16m yea I was gonna say I’m not getting anything out of this, right? No traffic, no money, no nothing. Right. So what’s the point? But my gut was just telling me to do it. Cause if its right in front of you my philosophy is do it. They’re not that frequent, they’re not all the time, are they once a month now I dont know, it’s just might be the last one for me because I got other things to do, but I just thought I’d show up. I’m glad I did now. And OK. One of the main interests. I’d like to be live, but apparently microwave radiation is harmful. Gives you cancer. It’s the same as the fake “vaccine”. More lies from the globalist pigs that have been lying all this time so don’t want that either. Don’t want the live microwave emf radiation I put. I put stuff on my site about that too links and whatever you know  a few embedded videos just to inform people ’cause they’re all in the dark. They’re uninformed & ignorant.. 18m Covid marshall? Forgot not to frown, we gotta redo the whole thing nah im not gonna.. no squinting scrunching frowning.. cannot hear you if you are ready for the freedom song say hell yeah! Hell yeah! So yeah we’re gonna see what happens to all those live streamers that are immersed in emf microwave radiation all the live streamers that have their phones on their body all the time. I’d like to get a shot of that kings cross thing I just got a photo on the way over.. over there theres a nice building but I know when I come back they’ll all be gone cause their strict schedule here so im gonna stick around, could I get a shot form there.. I was gonna show you the building its one of the most dramatic buildings ever seen you know Kings Cross building especially when it was derelict. But I don’t wanna be like that bald and broke loser. Who// Well, he’s a winner as far as, not content, but audience goes [coz youlube put him on the front page all the time[, but his content sucks. It’s just derelict buildings. I don’t wanna be doing that. So. A little constructive criticism, I really shouldn’t offer any help when they don’t. 20m50 Live streaming. You should put your logo website so people know where to see it. Citizen syd. Are ytou live streaming as well? Not with this. Well do you want to shout yourself out, you got a place where you post your vids? [show back of jacket]. [freedom of speech is under attack, Tahra Ahmed BBC lied all these years, you know, its not good, they’re a disgrace, no one wants to be with bbc anymore, unless you get the taxpayer extorted money then maybe.. “they take our money”.. yea im saying it pays well because its form the taxpayer extortion but.. im satirizing, im being a little satire, I dont know if its extortion or not, I gotta look up the definition [again]. Whats this protest? Anti extortion, for freedom because of the covid fraud, they lied for 2 years. Bbc lied for 3 years, they’re still lying, saying covid is bigger than the flu when it’s smaller than the flu, all the lies I put them on my website you can see. High priest Amun el: so our next project which is stop the violence, we do not want to use violence we want to be peaceful, however if push comes to shove we are ready to defend oursleves.. isnt that right my freedom fighter? Yea! So we got a next track we gonna play.. were gonna be starting in 5 minutes so its the ending track… sign/ placard/ billboard: “in the 1970s it was global freezing, in the 1980s global warming, now its climate change, after covid, the next fear-mongered, massive job & wealth destroying GLOBAL FRAUD!” Sorros & Great Thunberg,, Miss misinformation.. thats the fake pcr test fraud isnt it [big cotton swab]  24m lets get ready to march lets get ready to shut down Babylon, are you ready to shut down Babylon,, make some noise, all right.. WHO criminals hang em world pandemic treaty so they can repeat the sme genocide democide crimes against humanity agaimn the bastards.. got trhat Tedros? lock him up man, lock him up. Give him a fair trial and lock him up for crimes against humanity for what he did and he’s continuing to do it, he’s gotta double down otherwise he can’t admit to the crime, you know what’ll happen. 26m40 Its last years one need to be updated.. still valid.. [yellow umbrella] Are you marching for two hours? You know? Are you gonna March for two hours? Sure. Yeah. Been marching for 2 years.. Nick.. So you just gonna follow this lot? No drums.  Yes of course & cymbal just need Musicians to play with. So you brought drums, but no wallet. No wallet. What is it like? It’s like trying to keep a fart in your trousers, wearing a mask is like trying to keep a fart in your trousers. [song] 30m59  2 pounds a whistle, for the march.. freedom! Spiritual battle between good and evil. I’m trying to keep religion out of it ’cause. There’s so many to choose from, and it’s just confusing whats science got to do with faith, and UFOs? I was watching something & they bring religion & ufos. it’s not quite right is it, I mean free specch but comeon lets get real bro keep it real, one thing at a time 32m30 33m20 Yorkie twins. We reject the policing bill & we reject the inhumane treatment of the people of this nation. We say no to the ? Crisis.. 

2h4m11 OK. People around the country think oh it’s all over, you know, there’s not so much masking, but underneath there’s other things going on. But let’s be clear. What’s happened now is the new world tyranny have succeeded in phase one. Phase One was to get massive compliance to belief in a virus. So now they’re moving to phase 2 to have enforced jabbing of the world that is what they want. That is what they want. They have a 100 day jab program. Whereby they are going to claim there is a new virus and produce a jab ready in 100 days & force it upon people.  They’re having a world treaty for the world health organization to do that. This is totally against human rights. So it’s not surprising that it goes exactly with the government repealing or renewing the Human Rights Act, The point of their changes is not to give you more human rights, it’s to take your rights away! So we have to oppose those things absolutely. & understand whats going on. Really there’s five legs to the new world order. They have the virus con. They have the climate con. Making people believe that climate’s changing due to you driving your car.  They have the physical attack on you through the jab. They have the physical attack on you through the 5g which does cause harm & gives covid like symptoms. The point of 5G is not that, it is to communicate & control through the 5th leg of the new world order,  its a 5 legged animal I suppose or perhaps the 5th is the tail, right, the tail is the DIGITAL ID. [CHINA TYRANNY} THE CASHLESS SOCIETY. & they need 5g everywhere for that, & the 5g will also control farming. They want 5g everywhere so that all animals & people in the country are checked [chipped?] & controlled. & Debbie is completely right, if we stop them from doing the cashless society they will not be able to impose all of this stuff. Any one of those legs can be broken & we can win. Now we have to attack all the legs, I think that is the best way to do it. 2h06 And I think right now we should also address the issue of the Ukraine, because you might have noticed that the Ukraine.. well, you might have noticed that the Ukraine blue and yellow flags turned up basically on the day that the covid restrictions were lifted on the 22nd in February this year. Which was exactly 8 years since the real war there began on the 22nd February 2014, when Zelenskyy was installed in a coup. So the Russians had to do what they did. Because I’m not saying they’re doing everything right or anybody in the world is right but it was inevitable that would happen because as NATO troops and countries are putting arms into the Ukraine & threatening Russia the Russians will respond & that is whats happening. But let’s understand that Ukraine is not just a little country, a little free, whatever. It was a coup which put Zelenskyy there, & they are in the lead on imposing digital id apps. For 6 year olds. They had a big conference about that in the winter. So that is what the Ukraine is about & it is important that people understand both sides of the issue. Theres an official UN report about war crimes committed not by the Russians but by the Ukrainian government. 2h8 which was recently presented to the Ukrainian embassy, and you can find it online various places, including my own PiersCorbyn one word on Facebook. How long will it be there I don’t know. But we downloaded it & It Is available, you know? Well, we have the hard copy. So look out for that. But please understand that the Ukraine issue is a diversion from the things they’re doing behind the scenes like bringing forward the jab program but it’s also an actual war itself where we have to understand what is going on. Now the important thing is that always to get the truth across to the public. So some of us are standing in these elections for the council. You can get leaflets about it. 2h9 continued..

“We Are Witnessing Right Now the Chinafication of Europe” – Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș

The Pharma Cartel: They Control Congress, the Regulatory Agencies, the Press, and Even the Courts

Dr. Malone: It’s Time to Wake Up and Flush These WEF Agents Down the Toilet

Covid crimes against humanity evidence, Greta great reset world war 3: pack yo bag aholes!

orihinally posted Mar 29, 2022 at 00:18, redated 28 april 2022 to move up timeline

They created an illusion of a pandemic so they could use drugs & vaccines to kill people

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich – “This genocide is not by accident!”
“Fuellmich talks about what a six-day grand jury investigation he and a group of attorneys presented to the public revealed, including that fraudulent PCR testing was used to kick off the “plandemic,” that vaccines are “the worst experiment ever performed on mankind,” and that drastic population reduction is among the nefarious goals of those responsible for these and other crimes against humanity. Fuellmich says his team is now planning to investigate and publicly charge the identified culprits.”

[Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com.] My name is Rainer Fuellmich and it is my pleasure to serve as one member of a group of distinguished international attorneys and lawyers who have been collaborating on this very important case for many months now. This case involving the most heinous crimes against humanity committed under the guise of a corona pandemic onn a global scale looks complicated only at first glance, but when you put together all those pieces, all those little pieces of the puzzle, as we will do this for you with the help of many renowned experts and other witnesses during this proceeding, you will see 4 sets of facts. One, there is no corona pandemic, but only a PCR test plandemic, fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world population. This agenda has been long planned. Its. Ultimately, unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu some 12 years ago, and it was cooked up by a group of super rich, psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us. The people of the world. They are using our governments and the mainstream media, both of which they literally own, to convey their panic propaganda 24/7. 2: the virus itself can be treated safely and effectively with vitamin, C, D, zinc, etc. And also with off label use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc. But all these not alternative methods of treatment, but real methods of treatment were banned by those who are using the guise of this plandemic to push their ultimate goal, which is to get everyone to receive the as we will show in this proceeding, not only ineffective but highly dangerous. Yes. Lethal experimental injections 3. The same people who made the swine flu, which ultimately turned out to be a mild flu into a pandemic 12 years ago by first changing the definition of what a pandemic is and then creating panic created this corona pandemic. The swine flu was their first real attempt at creating a pandemic, and just as one of its purposes then was to divert our attention from the blatantly fraudulent activities of their financial industry. More aptly to be called the financial mafia. Which had become visible through the Lehman crisis. This is also one of their major purposes of this Corona plandemic now. Have we taken a closer look then during the Lehman crisis, instead of blindly believing our governments promises that the perpetrators of those financial crimes will be held liable. We would have seen then that they had been looting and plundering our public coffers for decades. We would have seen that our governments are not our governments anymore. Rather they have been taken over by the other side through their main platform, the World Economic Forum, which had started to create their own global leaders through their young global leaders program as early as 1992. Two of the first graduates being Angela Merkel and Bill Gates. And we would have understood already then what we will show you now through this proceeding. These financial crimes went unchallenged by our politicians because they’re aiding and abetting those who commit them and profiting from these crimes. 4. Ultimately, however, we will show to you the jury. That the other side’s main purpose is to gain full and complete control over all of us. This involves the finalization of their looting and plundering. By deliberately destroying our small and medium sized businesses, retail businesses, hotel and restaurants so that platforms such as Amazon can take over. And this involves population control, which in their view requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help, for example, of M RNA experimental injections. But it also requires, in their view, the deliberate destruction of. Democracy of the rule of law and of our constitutions through chaos, so that ultimately we will agree to losing our national and cultural identities and instead will accept a one world government under the UN which is now under the full control of them and their. World Economic Forum a digital passports for which each and every move is monitored and controlled, and one digital currency, which we will only be able to receive from one World Bank. Theirs of course. Welcome to the whistleblower newsroom. I’m Kristina Borjesson.

And you just heard attorney Reiner Fuellmich delivering last February. The opening statement of a six day grand jury investigation presenting to the public experts and witnesses testifying about the long history of massive criminal activity leading up to what you heard. Doctor. Full mesh refer to. As the quote “PCR plandemic” and the crime surrounding it, Doctor Fuellmich is my guest today. He’s here to talk about what the grand jury uncovered and what he and his group of attorneys as members of the German Corona Investigative Committee will be doing next. Welcome, Rainer. Thank you for having me back. I wanna talk about this amazing citizens grand jury hearing that you held. It was a I believe five day event and six days and in various sections. And could you just talk about the highlights? Of each section, the Corona Committee had collected all so many pieces of the puzzle we needed to get some order into them. Plus we got so many calls from our international colleagues that we should connect them with the experts. Eventually we decided. A group of international lawyers, including our great colleague Dexter Reinfeldt from SA, Virginie from France, Anna Garner from the United States, she’s from New Mexico, many others Deppa Lioga from India. Michael Swingword from Canada. Renato Dr Renato wholesize and from Italy etc etc. Whole group of attorneys. We decided that we would we should conduct a wheel investigative hearing and it’s based at the suggestion. Very valuable suggestion of Anna Garner. It’s based on the well known, at least in the Anglo American countries. Well known grand jury investigation. The special thing about this is two things really. One is it is we we realize that it would be taking too many chances to do this kind of thing within the existing system, at least here in Europe, you will not get a fair hearing. This continent, Germany in particular is so corrupt and pretty much everything is corrupted, they have infiltrated their people. On all levels of societies into all levels of society, we’re talking about those who are responsible for this corona pandemic, which, as I explained before, is not a corona pandemic, but rather a PCR test pandemic, because that’s what it’s all based on, including the so-called vaccines. There’s nothing there. It’s just based on a test that cannot tell you, definitely cannot tell you anything about infections. The guy who invented it at the behest of the “world health organization” [world hoax disorganization]. I’m sorry, World Health Organization. A guy by the name of professor. Dr Dresden is a fake himself. He’s neither a real professor, nor is he a real doctor, his doctoral dissertation seems to be a complete fake so That’s what it’s all based on. It’s all a lie. Both both of these lies, but first one is. The one about asymptomatic infections that was needed in order to make the whole world afraid of everyone, no matter how well looking they are asymptomatic, infectious asymptomatically, infectious people used to be healthy people, and we hope that pretty soon they’re going to be healthy again. So that was the first lie that was needed in order to make everyone. Afraid of everyone in the second lie. So I have this great test. I invented a PCR test to detect infections. He knows that that’s a lie too. He knows the first assertion is align knows the second one is and we can prove it and we will come. But the PCR test was really not needed for the mask mandates or social distancing or lockdowns. It was only needed as a basis. You needed an international. Health emergency. They called it a public health emergency of international concern. It’s an invention by the World Health Organization. It’s not in any way democratically founded on anything. And in order for such an emergency to be called out by the World Health Organization, not by our countries, but by the well World Health Organization. You need cases. So that’s what they decided. We need cases. There weren’t any cases and that’s why they used the PCR test because he claims this. If you test positive you’re a case. We know it’s a blatant lie. He knows it’s a blatant lie because in 2014 he gave an interview in a German business weekly explaining in the context of I think the Mers virus, which is also a variation of the Corona virus he explicitly said, well, if you test positive, it doesn’t mean a thing, you could be perfectly healthy and on top of that, he said. [Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com] The media is hyping things up right now out there and I think it was in Sudan. Well, that was more or less his. That’s where it got his idea and where the World Health Organization we think got their idea to start this new pandemic. So those are the others, those who are behind this. It’s not just the pharmaceutical or the tech industry, the financial industry, it’s the people. We call them the Anglo American Financial mafia, the people who are behind. This and pulling these strings probably not very many, few thousand people maybe, but they’re using a lot of people inside the system whom they’ve bribed from there extorting, and they’re they’re they’re doing The Dirty work. So we decided we’re gonna put all of these little pieces of the puzzle out there by way of. Of judicial proceeding so that everyone can see not just pieces of the puzzle, but the whole picture. And that’s what we did. Start at the top and name names as you go along. Start at the top and just give us a the overview. OK, these are the top people. This is what they did and they this filtered down. These are the handmaidens over here. And this is this is how it affected the public. Most of the people who we can see out there have been named already. It’s Bill Gates who is trying to emulate the Rockefellers. It’s the Rothschilds. It’s probably it probably includes the British royalty. The Dutch royalty, they all started out. Monopolizing oil. This is what happened 100 years ago. And when they realized that they had gotten pretty much everything under control, they wanted more control. And that’s when they in the US here in EU S they invented the FDA. It’s a private invention, mostly funded by the Pharmaceutical industry. As we now know. They invented income tax before that income tax was illegal and after that income tax of course, applied to everyone except for the Super rich who put their money into charities and then don’t pay any taxes anymore. But there’s others who we can’t see there. We don’t think it’s more than a few thousand people. Maybe super rich families. but they’re using all these puppets. Which they infiltrated into our systems, probably at least over the last 30 years or so, because of the major platform that we’re seeing right now, is the World Economic Forum and this World Economic Forum is they they meet once a year in Davos. Well, there’s another meeting place in China now, but they’re most important meeting places, Dogos and this World Economic Forum, which as we just learned from our expert witnesses, John VetteMoore, who is the partner of Whitney Webb. This is a creation of Henry Kissinger and the CIA. It was in the 1960s, early 1960s, when American foreign policy changed from nuclear deterrence to we want to influence European European politics. That’s when they use Klaus Schwab, who I think attended Harvard at that time to set up this World Economic Forum. He did it at the same time that he just like his father, did. His father tried to help Hitler create a nuclear bomb for Germany didn’t succeed, but Klaus Schwab did more or less the same thing, trying to help South Africa, which then still had their apartheid regime, helped them build up a well nuclear nuclear power. I don’t know if it was restricted to. Civil purposes, just energy, but I doubt it. Now when you talk about the power the the royal family and those people, are you talking about their control through also banks, the Bank of England apparently is the center of. Everything, it seems like the City of London, which is not to be confused with London itself. There is a separate entity which is called the City of London. They are. That’s where the where that’s their core and then they have Wall Street as their fifth column, so to speak. So that’s why we call it the Anglo American. Financial mafia. This is not to be confused with the American people or the British people, just as this is nothing, this has nothing to do with Russians, against Americans, Germans against the French, vaccinated against unvaccinated, all of us,humanity against a super rich group of psychopaths and sociopaths. So they’re the Overlords, let’s say, and there may be overlords over them. I don’t. We don’t know that they run named culprits at that at that level. So then you come down to the next level, which is, I would imagine the leaders of nations that are. It’s their handmaidens. Could you talk about that and some of the handmaidens and what they’ve done, the World Economic Forum, which was set up in 1971 in 1992, started their own program of, well, actually creating leaders for the rest of the world. It’s called young global. Leaders program before that in the 1960s or so, Kissinger and the CIA, through a special program, a summer school which was in, I think they had this in sometime in the 1960s. They also created world leaders. Including Pierre Trudeau, who is the father of Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is a creature from the a young global leaders program. Yes, but many others, including Macron, President of France, mr. Jacinda Ardern [yes, in the artern = auto dictation mispelling lol] . [S]he is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. We just spoke to another witness who’s lived, a German, who has lived in, who’s been living in Australia for the last 25 years or so. And he said he took, he had a group of other researchers, took a deep dive into Australian politics. And it turns out if you look, if you see this thing as a pyramid. It’s not just that the at the at the that the people at the very top are corrupt, he says. On pretty much every level, you will find people who are either connected with the World Economic Forum or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So we’re we’re dealing with corruption on every level I would. Never have imagined this to be possible, especially in Europe. I think there’s quite the group because also I think Angela Merkel is a World Economic Forum person and. A more recent or more recent addition to the group is a Ivanka Trump, I believe, HAHA and up and coming. So you have these, these “leaders” = [waiters, puppets] of nations. Yes, and and they probably think that they’ll get a seat at the table. In reality, they’ll very soon find out they’re going to be thrown under the bus. Angela Merkel and Bill Gates were among the first to graduate from this young global leaders program in 1992. It does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling that not only is Gates involved. In all, the vaccine stuff and promoting that and controlling that, it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling that he’s bought up so much farmland in the United States. I mean, I think that’s a national security issue frankly. But you know, that’s a that’s a discussion for another day. OK, so now we have the, the. Leaders of the nations. And so how does it work? Then we have their agencies, the health agencies, and so on. So just keep going on down until you get to poor, poor, hapless us. Very recently we had an expert witness. I think this is. This past Friday, oh, here on my notes by the name of Ian Davis and he explained to us that is the whole system is not just being run through the leaders of these countries, but their. The for example, the Rothschilds and a few others own 146 central banks, including the Fed, including the Bundesbank, including, but on top of this they also own the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. That is how they funnel their money. Into the industries through which they try to control us. Currently it’s the pharmaceutical and the tech industry, of course, and they have also infiltrated, for example, the German court system at the very top, at the President of our Constitutional Court, which is our highest court. They have placed the guy who is responsible for a whole. A whole group of financial crimesthis these you probably don’t know anything about this, but one of the things that he is accused of having helped create in his when he was still running as a senior partner, one of the larger German law firms. Is so called Koom X deals what this means. I’m going to make a very long story. Very short is that he helped. Banks and super rich people to reclaim taxes from the federal government. At twice or even three times the amount that they had actually paid. So for example, if you have paid €1,000,000 in taxes, he helped them reclaim 3 million euros and that resulted in a damages to the taxpayer to the tune of 38 billion over ten years, 38 billion euros. Our current chancellor helped them get away with it. He’s involved in almost every major financial crime that was committed over the last 10 years as well. How do you get successful legal activity on this? If if you’re dealing, if you have to go through a system that is hostile to it and and is corrupt, there are still a few places in this world where the judiciary functions functions well, there are some places in the US. India is a good place. Our colleague Deepali Ojha is involved in a case in a criminal case for mass murder against Bill Gates and their equivalent of the FBI is an independent authority, and she is very confident. That their investigations will lead to the ultimate penalty on that is the death penalty for Bill Gates for trying to well, there’s a U S have an extradition treaty with India. I really have no idea. I should ask her. But even if not. He’s gonna have a hard time leaving his country because other countries do have extradition treaties with India. It seems to me something very important happened recently, which seems to me is signaling what their tactics are gonna be to these lawsuits. Could you talk about the French lawyer Virginie recchia. She’s a great colleague of very young, but just like Deepa Lioga, who is probably even younger. They’re true warriors. I really admire them. It’s a pleasure to work with them. She was arrested. I think she’s French. Yeah, she’s French. She was arrested on, I think, Thursday of last week. And they held her in captivity for three days, allegedly because she was representing a terrorist. Well, she wasn’t representing a terrorist. She was advising someone who they claim is a terrorist. But I spoke with. Other French colleagues I spoke with her as well. She’s free now and they all said nothing to worry about. This is this guy is not a terrorist. He’s probably just one of the people who are asking questions. Nothing more. Wait a second. When they say he was a terrorist. What are they saying? That he was? What kind of what? Terrorism. Did he engage in? Because this happened right after she submitted this class action complaint, right? She’s been working. She’s been. On our corona, on our grand jury proceeding, yes, but I don’t think it had anything to do with that. There are rumors flying around that said, oh, that’s because she participated in this investigation. No, we don’t think so. We believe we don’t. I don’t think this guy’s a terrorist. I’m. I’m not a terrorist. You’re not a terrorist. But. They would probably classify us as terrorists if it suits them, but we believe this is only this was only meant to instill fear in the other lawyers in the United. I’m sorry, in France, just like the measures that they took against the German justice. Actually, two German judges plus the experts whom they asked to give them expert opinions. Have you heard about this Case No. It’s along the same lines as the arrest of Virginie. This happened in early 2021 when this judge simply applied the law because the mother approached him and told him, Oh my two children, I think seven and nine years old, they don’t wanna go to school anymore. I think they’re being tortured there because of the constant PCR testing because of the mask mandates and social distancing. They come home, they cry, they can’t, they can’t sleep. They have stomach aches, so they are completely out of control. So please help me and the judge, of course said well, I don’t have the expertise to be the judge on this, but I do. I do know people who we can call as experts, so he called. Three renowned professors from renowned universities, one of them is Professor Kamradt. She’s one of the experts who we interviewed. She’s a specialist on PCR tests, a biologist, professor of biology, and another one is a child psychologist and the third professor is someone who specializes in masks. So they all came to the conclusion. First of all, PCR tests cannot tell you anything about infections, no matter how you apply them. ’cause they can’t distinguish between dead and live matter. So if you test positive may very well be the remnants the fragments of your body’s immune system systems fight against the common cold or the flu, because most of the common colds and flus. Also include coronavirus. They’ve always been there. And also the the second reason why they can’t tell you anything about infections is because you need a whole virus to enter your cells and start to replicate there. And that’s also when you have symptoms. But the PCR test doesn’t test for whole virusesbecause whatever you take from on whatever is on the swab from your nose or throat. It goes into a machine and it, but before it goes into the machine, it’s completely destroyed. So the only thing you can’t get, and the only thing you test for is fragments. Never a whole virus on top of the fact that a PCR test cannot tell you anything about infections, no matter how you apply it, the way that they applied. The way that Dresden, this fake professor, applied it as he used these much too high cycles of amplification, which is typical kind of magnifying whatever you have there. And then 24 cycles of amplification amplification. Everyone agrees now or beyond that. Whatever you find is complete, scientifically completely irrelevant. And that’s why the Frankfurt Public Health Agency disregards everything that’s tested beyond 24 cycles of amplification and 35 cycles of amplification. You get at least 97% false positives, and that’s what Ulrika camera told us. But this is also with Doctor Mike Yeadon, former Vice president of Pfizer, tells us a great man and a good friend. And his Dresden’s test and most of the tests that were used, his tests as a blueprint all over the world. They’re now, I think, four 500 different PCR tests. His test was set at 45 cycles of amplification. No, no. Yeah. So what happened here with this? With this case, though, what happened with the character judge? Relying on the experts testimony ruled against the school and said you must not continue with this practice. This is dangerous for children. This is going to cause grave not just physical but also psychological harm, and three weeks later he his house and his office and his car were searched, his cell phone and his computer were seized. Same thing was done to the. Experts, same thing was done to a colleague of his. Same thing was done to a friend of his just because she was a friend of his and but it was apparently it was designed not to instill fear in him because they must have known that he knew what he was doing, but it was designed to send a signal, a message to the rest of the judiciary, and it worked really well. And I think the same thing happened in France. I just want to get clear again about what happened to the Virginie. Is there a connection between her and having submitted this dictatorship 2020 state terrorism attack on the fundamental interests of the nation and crime against humanity, which was all about, you know, the the lockdown mandates. It was against the lockdowns and the curfews in Europe. Is this connected to her arrest. We don’t think so. Neither she does. Nor do her of French colleagues think so. And I have since I don’t know what the situation is in France, I have to rely on what they tell me. [Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com.] But it makes sense to me that this was merely designed to send a message to everyone else because this is a very strong woman and she is not easily shaken. What is the message? The message is if you’re out of line with the government, which, as we now know, is not our government, neither in the US nor in France or in Germany. But it’s the they’re the, they’re this. Evil group of people puppets. If you’re not in line with the government, we’re gonna go after you. That’s the message. Well, if they do go after you, I mean, are you worried? No, I’m not worried because anybody come after you yet? No. I once gave an interview, just like we’re doing this right now. This is a few months ago and I had my one of my dogs with me and he started to bark. I tried to calm him down and then it turns out there were the police knocking on my door. Ten of them come and they informed me very politely, informed me that there’s an anonymous bomb threat and they they would have to search my office. When they did. I didn’t mind. I was just hoping that they wouldn’t wire anything here, but I don’t think they did. So they searched my. But I continued with the interview because I thought I’ve got nothing to worry about because I’m protected. And two hours later they told me they told me and my wife to take the dogs and spend the time that they needed in order to clear my offices, spend it with a friend or so, and we did that. Then we came back when they called us, and I explained what I was doing and they said, well, we have a different opinion. But we believe that we live in a democracy and therefore we’re going to protect you. When I said this is great, I explained to them about the Corona Investigative Committee and I think five of them are now watching our sessions. Wow, that’s amazing. There hasn’t really been a formulated response. I think to these from France, from Germany. To these major criminal complaints, you know that that, that list, all these people and that list, all these crimes and so on. And I thought to myself. And, you know, this is my reptilian brain. Right. I thought, Oh yeah. OK. So they’re gonna say that anybody who says that the. All these criminal activities have taken place around me implementation of covid policies etc. are terrorists because there are, you know, they are impeding our trying to get this pLandemic under control. I really had that thought when I saw this. So I’m glad I misconstrued it, but I’m I’m wondering if you how you how you think. In the best of all possible worlds, given all the different. Judicial systems around the world. How do you think the tip of the spear is going to, what? What is the tip of the spear for breaking U.S. Open and getting accountability and getting indictments for these people?Well, the two things we believe that there’s still some courts in the United States that. Can be approached. We also have very high hopes on a case that we filed or helped our South African colleagues file with the South African Constitutional Court. In fact, my friend and colleague and Co founder of the German Berlin Corona Investigative Committee. Vivian and myself, we spoke to the former president of that constitutional court. He retired in October of 2021 after two terms in office, and he is just great. He understands everything and we’re only hoping that his successor is just as good as he is. But we do have very high hopes. If that is successful and we’re always attacking the PCR test because that is the foundation for everything. It was really only needed to create cases and the cases were only needed in order for the World Health Organization to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The acronym is P.H.A.I.C.fake. It’s pronounced fake. So it’s right there. It’s in your face, you know, they’re laughing at us, and they needed this public health emergency of international concern only for the so called vaccinations because that’s the only way. [Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com] You can use according to their rules not ours, you can use untested drugs and that’s what this is on humans without a trial. And as we now know, no real trial was ever conducted. The ones that they they tell us. Are being conducted are still being conducted and they can never be finished because Pfizer as we know for a fact has destroyed their own control group by vaccinating them two months into the trial. So it’s just one gigantic hoax we’re dealing with. Let’s move on to the vaccines. Is your group working on that? On that side of it, too. Yes, we did deal. You know we we had five different segments. You’re right in that. But the first it was really six segments because the first day it it took us an entire day and entire session to give our ppening statements and then we started with the geopolitical and historical backdrop to all of this starting in 1850 with Charles Darwin and and the Huxley brothers, then the Anglo American, the British Eugenics Society and its American counterpart. Which preceded Hitler. And then we went on. Took a close look at 1946, when UNESCO was founded and one of the Huxley brothers, Julian Huxley, openly explicitly said. Oh well, eugenics has been given a bad name by Hitler because, as you probably know, the people who are behind the list, they’ve been financing both sides of the war. World War One & Two and then Hitler kind of got out of control. So because of Hitler, we can’t talk about eugenics now, but we soon will. So that’s what he said in 1946. Then we went on to explain about several. Well, I guess you could call him dry runs that were conducted for this in preparation of this pandemic. The first one was Operation Dark Winter. We spoke with one of the participants that one of the experts who we spoke with, James Bush. Then of course, there’s up, I think it’s called operation Lockstep. By the Rockefellers in 19 or in 2010. And then, of course, there is event 201 conducted in, I believe, October or September of 2019. That’s what took us straight into the second session, which dealt with the PCR Test because and that’s how we. Through our experts, two of them are, I guess you could call them whistleblowers, former employees, advisors to the World Health Organization who explained to us that when when there weren’t any cases and they they panic because they needed cases. Why did they panic? Because it was it was very clear to many of us, even the mainstream media was very clear that the financial system was once again about to implode because they had completely looted and plundered our public coffers over the last 30 years, the first time. We should have been more careful and we should have been. We should have taken a closer look was during the Lehman. The housing crisis, which then turned into into a World Economic crisis. That’s when we should have seen that they’ve been lying to us, they being our politicians, because they promised this is never going to happen again. We’re going to make sure that. Everyone is going to be able to come accountable. Well, no one was held accountable. They simply started to print money out of thin air. So the second time the system was about to implode was in September of 2019. We have a summary of the. Fun. Of the meeting of the in Jackson Hole, [well named lol] that’s where the central bankers meet once a year, summary by BlackRock. When they in in this summary they said something to the effect of Oh my God, this is they’re on to us. This is going to implode. We’re going to have to do something drastic. And that’s when they needed, which they had been planning for, but maybe not quite as early. That’s when they decided we’re going to have this pandemic. And when they didn’t have any cases, they they got the cases with the help of this German so called Professor, which whose ideas of asymptomatic infections and. Oh, this is the PCR test that could tell you something about infections recommended to the rest of the world through the World Health Organization. So the third day we. The third day we dealt with, I believe the vaccines we spoke about, how there is absolutely no reason for vaccines, they’re not necessary. They’re not needed because there is no pandemic other than a PCR test. Pandemic. Of course, in the meantime, we know. That they’ve been fiddling around with the virus, these gain of function experiments, but Despite that, the human immune system seems to be perfectly capable. It’s a magical device, so to speak. It seems to be perfectly capable of dealing with this virus. It only has. Say it has a survival rate of 99.97% children or people under the age of 20 or even 30 are, statistically speaking, at no risk whatsoever, so there’s no reason for a pandemic. And even if there is a virus out there, which there is, we don’t deny that. It’s it’s no more dangerous than the common flu at point .14 or .15 infection fatality rate. And there is there are alternative or real methods of treatment for this virus. Vitamin D, vitamin C, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine many other things. So there’s no necessity. On the other hand, they are not even effective in a medical trial. You test the new drug for its efficacy and its safety. We know they’re not effective because I think 90% of the people who are hospitalized with covid [always write with small lower case letters to beat the upper case intimidation fraud] symptoms. So the vaccines seem to have given these people covid symptoms and worse, 90% of the people who were hospitalized with covid symptoms in Israel, which is one of the most vaccinated country on Earth or the UK, have been vaccinated. What does that tell you? Don’t tell me about breakthrough infections. It means they’re not effective on the other hand, they’re extremely dangerous. You may have spoken with doctor Zelenko, he and others, and now I spoke with Todd Calendar this past Friday. He’s an attorney. And he gave us, just like Tom Renz, he gave us some insight into what happened with the American military. In in the year 2021, he’s an insurance lawyer, really. In the year 2020, specializing in mortality tables in the year 2021 only from the beginning of 2021 through October, the military had an increase in all ’cause mortality of 1100% they expect in 2022. They expect there to be an increase increase of 5000% and this is not a population of elderly people with all kinds of medical conditions. No, we’re talking about. 18 – 25 year olds who don’t wake up who simply die in their sleep. Yes, so that was the third day, I believe. And then of course, we wanted to know, why do people go along with this? If there’s no reason for it? And of course they have. There has to be a psychological explanation for this we spoke with. We spoke with two former members of the British Intelligence Services and with a group of psychologists, one of them from EU S Meredith Miller. Very smart woman, good woman. And they explained to us that this is almost like the Stockholm syndrome. Or that’s what the French psychologist and philosopher out Dr Arian Bilaran believe. And that’s her name. That’s what she told us. Meredith Miller focused on the parallels to abusive relationships. You eventually, just like with the Stockholm syndrome, you eventually. Tend to believe that your tormentor is your friend because you don’t have any others. The one person we’re gonna listen to him. He’s a good friend. Now we’re gonna listen to him before we give our. Closing arguments Professor Matias Desmond, from Belgium. You may have heard of him. Yes, he’s the one who explained so brilliantly well about mass transformation. He says this is what they’re doing. This is psychological terrorism, of course. When they first created a number of things, the most important is the most important one is. What does he call it? Free floating anxiety. A lot of people were afraid of something that they didn’t couldn’t really put their hand on. So there’s free floating anxiety. Then they came up with Corona and now it is. It isn’t free floating anymore. But you have something to focus her attention and and then you of course you’re only a member of the group. You do this for altruistic reasons. You do this to save everyone else, and if you’re not part of the group. Which is dedicated to save everyone else. Then of course you’re an outcast. You’re a conspiracy theorist. You’re right wing Nazi, Nazi, etc, etc. Basically what this boils down to, he says 30% of the people are truly hypnotized. They’re not just like hypnotized, he says, but they’re. Hypnotized, hypnotized. In the sense that they cannot be approached. You cannot tell them anything because you’re not. They’re not going to listen. They’re gonna get very aggressive. Hypnotized. A meaning in the sense of. I don’t know if you know about this, but in China, I think there’s still conducting. They’re doing open heart surgery. Under hypnosis, without any anesthesia. Yeah, well, that’s interesting. Of course, you cannot talk to these people when they’re in hypnosis, so that is what he compared that with 40% of the people, however, are kind of sitting on the fence. They don’t know which side to get off on. And they can still, we can still address them with facts and that’s why he says we have to keep on talking and getting out the truth getting out the real facts and spreading them far and wide so that everyone has a chance to make up their own minds because many of the people, many of many members of this group, have the 40%. Happened vaccinated in the meantime, but are beginning to have serious doubts about whether or not it made sense because they can see that it doesn’t work. It’s not effective. On the contrary, it’s causing serious bodily damage. I think in the U S alone, but we all know. That the Vaers data are the cases that are reported, there’s heavy underreporting. So we all know that it’s not just, I don’t know 40,000 or so, but I think it’s Zelenko agrees with that and others between the beginning of the vaccinations in December of 2020 and. I think July of 2021 there there they, they estimate that it’s 500,000 people died in the U S as a result of these vaccines. Now of course we don’t know in every single case because there are hardly any autopsies being performed. Hardly any postmortems. We don’t. We can’t show. We can’t prove this. However, in Germany we, the Corona Committee we have conducted with a group of pathologists, they now include 50 pathologists. We have conducted 3 pathology conferences and what they found out that. In I think 70% of the cases of the of the people who they. The postmortems that they conducted, people who died after getting the shots, not after they had spent some time in the hospital because that may have distorted the real facts, but people who just dropped dead on the street or didn’t wake up. 70% of these people with certainty died because of the vaccine, so there is causation there in 20% of the cases there was a good possibility, a high probability, that it was caused by the vaccines. And I think only two cases. They concluded that it didn’t have anything to do. With that vaccination, so there you have it.It’s completely dangerous. It’s the worst experiment ever performed on mankind, and we have come to the conclusion and that is with the 4th day or fifth day dealt with. This is GENOCIDE. This is not by accident. This has nothing to do with negligence. Doesn’t have anything to. To do with health care either, but this is genocide. Which is ultimately what eugenics focuses on genocide. It seems to me that if that’s what it is. Where the legal part is moving very slowly. Yes. I mean, are there no shortcuts to be taken to address this crime? Because it is the crime that is continuing its ongoing. It keeps on giving. You know, people are still dying. Economies have been destroyed irreparably. And is there no way legally to really do something more quickly. We have decided that if the jury in our investigation in our grand jury investigation and that’s another important factor, we’re doing this outside of the system because we don’t trust the system, at least not in Europe. And the second thing that needs to be. Highlighted is we did not. We didn’t even try to come to a verdict because that’s not what this is about. It’s an investigation. We’re asking the jury, which is the people, our viewers, right, asking the jury to. Is this enough evidence for you to Indict these people, these defendants Dresden, Fauci, Bill Gates, BlackRock, Pfizer and Tedros? Is this enough evidence or not? And if it’s enough, they’re going to indict. And then this is. We just decided that we’re gonna have. We’re gonna take the second step. And the second step. It’ll be a real trial still outside of the system. We’re gonna probably conduct one inside the system as well because we do believe that things are coming to a head now. We have to see the whole picture in the whole picture. Doesn’t just include corona, it also include what’s it include includes what’s happening in Ukraine right now. Talk about that link. We believe that Ukraine is part of the great reset, but people who are behind this are always talking about the great reset. This is no. This is no secret. Because Klaus Schwab, who heads the World Economic Forum again an invention of Kissinger and the CIA in the 1960s, he wrote a book about this and everyone talks about the great resetall their puppets, all of the world leaders, they talk about their great research. So this is designed. This is what the great reset is designed to do. It’s designed to get complete control over everyone. That’s why everyone needs to be vaccinated, which is completely stupid for unless you want you want complete control. If you listen to. Klaus Schwab. And if you listen to his advisor Yuval Hariri. Oh, God, yeah [NO]. Who talks about how humans are now completely hackable, and there have been reports, and I don’t know what How we don’t need so many humans that’s another thing he explicitly says, yes, but the other thing he says is that vaccines, but he doesn’t say this. I have read reports where the where they’re saying that that these vaccines could, which are actually gene [modification] therapy, not vaccines. Statutorily, they are not vaccines and. There are cases there are cases complaints that are being filed based on on that basis, but. He says that they are software they the the purpose of these vaccines is is to instill software into nano softwareinto people systems and from which you can control them. Have you has your. Committee looked into that. Your group looked into that is that is there anything to that from your perspective? Yes, I think there is something to it. We haven’t come to a definite conclusion yet, but some of the experts looked into what’s in the vials there. May there. What we saw is self assembling nanoparticles which look. Like transistor sorts and in conjunction with 5G. But this is at this point I would still say that this is speculation. We don’t have enough concrete evidence, but in connection with 5G it may be used to control people, to make them do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do. But what we do know now is that the mRNA, vaccines Moderna and Pfizer Biontech, Pfizer that they seem to shut off the immune system after the third shot or so. That’s what it was designed to do. So they first create the problem and then they give you the solution. Which means you need because you have no immune system anymore. You’ll need something in lieu of this, you need something else, and that is some pharmaceutical product, basically supplanting the human immune system with vaccines as your immune system. So you have to buy. Your immune system year after year after year after year, exactly, it’s what this is really about is that this is some people even call it that. In the meantime, there’s a new word vaccine induced autoimmune deficiency syndrome. V.A.I.D.S. Yeah. And this is actually not what I think. Moderna just got EU approval for an HIV vaccine. That aids vaccine. So there you have it. Why are we not surprised by then? So I’m very interested in your your next phase, which is the culprits. So are you basically doing deep dives into each of these individuals and you’re going to present? Evidence of from for their participation or their control or their, you know, there be part of rolling out this agenda? in our closing arguments for this first segment of for this investigation, we’re going to argue that each one of them Is culpable. It’s a criminal proceeding. The next step will then be the real trial, which will still be outside the system. But as I said, we’re debating whether or not to simultaneously file a real complaint in a in a, in a I mean, this is a real complaint. File a complaint in inside the system. Here’s what I believe in order to achieve the great reset, which is complete control over us with population reduction of about by about 80% and complete control. Of those who survive by way of getting us to agree to a one world government under the UN, which is under the control of the World Economic Forum, that’s one goal. And number two is introducing because the dollar is is completely broke. The dollar system is broke. From our currencies are dead. They’re gonna introduce, they’re gonna try and introduce a one world currency, a digital currency through which, again, they want to control us. The only way they can reach this goal is by causing complete and utter chaos. First step was Corona. It destabilized and disoriented. Many of us, at least 80% of the population, I believe, at least in the Western countries, not so much in Africa and in India, and this total chaos needs a second phase, and that is what this war is about. That is what this war is about. Also, they’re gonna use it in order to blame the many deaths. There’s so many people are gonna probably not survive this. They’re gonna use this in order to blame the many deaths, the collapse of the of the financial system, the collapse of the supply chains. They’re all gonna blame it on that on the war. And then they’re gonna say, look, you’re national leaders. Can’t deal with this? They’re not. They’re incapable. So what we need is a one world government. That’s what this is all about. This is all gonna come to a head in our estimation, probably in the fall. [Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com] So by that, Sir. Yeah, we we believe so. I hope we’re wrong. I hope that there’s still a way to avert this, but I do believe that we’re going to have a real war, a real World War three. And but there are ways to survive this. Again, we’re going to try and get this trial to conclude before that. After that, we’re going to be able then to enforce the judgment because it’s probably mostly us, the 20% who will survive this. A gigantic crash. What is the criminal trial? We’re gonna have a strategic meeting tomorrow in Berlin, and we’ll know by the end of the day when we’re gonna start with the second phase. [Transcription by George Godley dot com, vlog dot com.] OK, well, listen, I thank you for coming on and bringing us up to up to date. On this, and of course, I appreciate your work very much and we’ll keep following this and hopefully something will break. Something positive will break here because this is not the world that we want to live in.

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Introduction to the United Nations EMF Appeal Delivered by Martin Blank, PhD, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University
“I’m here with disturbing news about our favorite gadgets: cell phones, tablets, wi-fi, etc. Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely. I’m Dr. Martin Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University. It is distressing for me, and more than 160 colleagues, who today are petitioning the United Nations requesting that they address this problem. We are scientists and engineers, and I am here to tell you – we have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control!
Before Edison’s lightbulb, there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation. An example that a lot of us have in our pockets right now is the cell phone. One study shows that as cell phone usage has spread widely, the incidence of fatal brain cancer in younger people has more than tripled. We are putting cellular antennas on residential buildings, and on top of hospitals, where people are trying to get well. Wireless utility meters, and cell towers, are blanketing our neighborhoods with radiation.
It’s particularly frightening that radiation from our telecommunication and powerline technology is damaging the DNA in our cells. It is clear to many biologists that this can account for the rising cancer rates. Future generations – OUR CHILDREN – ARE AT RISK. These biologists and scientists are not being heard on the committees that set safety standards. The BIOLOGICAL facts are being ignored, and as a result, the safety limits are much too high. THEY ARE NOT PROTECTIVE! More protection will probably result from full disclosure of possible conflicts of interest between regulators and industry.
Rising exposure to electromagnetic radiation is a GLOBAL problem. The World Health Organization and international standard setting bodies are NOT acting to protect the public’s health and well-being. International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, and in particular, on our DNA. Although we are still in the midst of a great technological transformation, the time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. We are really all part of a large biological experiment, without our informed consent.[another Nuremberg code Human rights crime]. To protect our children, ourselves, and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines. And so, today, scientists from around the world are submitting an Appeal to the United Nations, its member states and the World Health Organization, to provide leadership in dealing with this emerging public health crisis. Details of The Appeal can be found at

Covid injection “vaccine” victim mon 18 apr 2022 London U.K Georgegodley*com vlog*com C0314S03
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On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Covid fraud injection “vaccine” victim mon 18 apr 2022 London U.K Georgegodley*com vlog*com C0314S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.


Georgina Rodriguez Ronaldo stillbirth miscarriage after instagram covid fraud injection gloat. U.S department of defense covers up miscarriage evidence data, proven by whistleblowers, Thomas Renz, dr Robert Malone, Candace Owens. Complicit mainstream media democide coverup as usual.

Lounger & scrounger video phone call mon 11 apr 2022 245pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0281S03

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Lounger & scrounger video phone call mon 11 apr 2022 245pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Lounger & scrounger video phone call mon 11 apr 2022 245pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0281S03

outline [in progress]/ transcript

Monday, 11 April 2022. 240 something PM 45 PM thanks for visiting and 100 domains. I put on a tie for you today. I am the image is getting more sophisticated image implies fakery right? So it’s not that’s the wrong term. The Act, that’s that’s even worse.. the content. The. This is getting more sophisticated. You see, it didn’t come out right. I’m just not up for this very much right now, so I’m just calling my friend and I’m going to put this up as an update on the website. No, I can’t. No, no, I can’t either do it right or no, I can’t. Silk too it’s very nice. What is this, tie track London. Uh, just a little update from my I might put it up, I might not. I’m I’ve really had enough of all of this. It’s not working out and it’s time to move on and do something else or get going with my endless To do list of unfinished projects. And I don’t think they’re going to end up in a deadbeat place like the Internet, which is about to be. Shut down to everybody through. Yeah, that guy. What’s his? Max Igan of says. It’s going to be a biometrically Fascist and Tyranny. It’s gonna be bad. They’re not gonna let you on without biometrics and deadly injections. So lot of people are going to be. Anyway, listen, I’m not going to go into that right now. I put all the links on my website for everybody to see and you can go there and work it out between yourselves. And I don’t wanna get involved anymore in the argument ’cause. I’m sure I’m. Best, best not, that’s that’s, you know, I said enough and for now. Time to focus on other things, by the way, this is, yeah, this this is backlit. So I’m dark and I was comparing it right. I’ve changed it a little bit, but even if I take that off, it’s still glares and it’s so table’s not very nice by itself. So I’m just, I just want to check. So this is a F 2.8, 0 DB.,  215 shutter speed and this is auto. Which is almost the same. Is that too dark? Am I visible or not ’cause on the LCD I’m not visible. In the viewfinder I am. Anyway, Hayk’s waiting. I gotta call him my friend from Armenia who was in a lot of the episodes going back years. Which I hope to present. If they’ll yeah, we shouldn’t depend on, we shouldn’t rely or shouldn’t be. Your fate shouldn’t be determined by third parties. I should be able to get on before they shut it down with biometrics and deadly shots online and do my thing. But I don’t know. Doesn’t look like it, so. It’s not happening is the numbers aren’t there no matter what. You know, I’m putting stickers everywhere when possible, you know I’ve got a whole marketing promotion business plan, but it’s not ready right now but but basically I didn’t sleep enough last night, so. Is 2 hours enough? I’m just kidding. Is is it was actually more like five or six. I’m not sure, but. As soon as I record that has to go off, see that’s another thing here. It’s another disadvantage. So this guy asked me, you know, are you happy and? Yeah, I was stumped and now I know the answer. 4min You’re happy about certain things and not others.You know, I’m happy my health isn’t worse and I’m unhappy my health isn’t better. All was topics, all subjects, right. Health, wealth, we’re okay in that department right now. For now. But you never know. They’re saying the dollar is going to collapse, the economy is going to. Because of these fascist globalist tyrants anyway. So, but that’s all on the website. You can see that with the links. So um yeah, so uh, well, all these, you know. Anyway, I’m just gonna write it all down and you know, but OK, this is totally unprepared this time. It’s just normal call. OK, let me put. He says it’s he switches puts on the backdrop. Switches the thing on camera on the speaker. You should always have a little outline little outline takes no time at all, literally just just a few words. But I didn’t even do. I’ve got it there, but it’s a mess and I’m not very happy with it, so I didn’t. Anyway, I said I’d call now, so let’s go. And he’s been waiting. Let’s go. Let’s go, bro. Shall we? Anything else? 5min Lots more to say. Might show my spring cleaning instead of spring break. Chikides. [Armenian. dictation typo: “Check this”]. Hey Geo, I can’t see you man I can see me. You can see me. I can see me and, but you I can only see your profile shot. That that picture that you’ve got. No, I don’t see you. That’s why the camera must be made it. There it is. I should tap on the camera. How you been? It’s your flat. So that’s 215, and this is auto & you can make it brighter. You ok? What is it? That’s 150 shutter speed That’s, or maybe I meet the. I like a tan. It’s more flattering when you can’t see see.. It’s more flattering when you can’t see me, so I look great in the dark, just like you. We all look great. Hey. Hey. You’re gone again, man. OK, OK, I got it. OK, OK. You’re right. What’s up, man? It’s OK. So I didn’t prepare, I I should prepare. A little outline is nothing, right? But I just. I didn’t sleep. You need another 10 minuters to get ready? I’m not. I gotta work. I gotta few things. I I gotta get going with stuff. So I thought I was gonna just say look, we just say hello and that’s it. But then I’m like, I’m like, what if the conversation’s amazing. And then I want to put it on the website anyway, and.. It becomes a habit, doesn’t it? Becomes a habit. You know you your website. I gotta tell you one thing. You see, you see, I was just gonna say hello and I’m like, OK, I gotta tell you this. But it’s serious. It’s serious. Serious. Max Igan of OK, been watching him. OK. Yeah, I put a link.. uh, I put all the links on my front page now, but anyway Max Igan crow house, he says, and he knows he’s very wise guy wise he you know these people, they’re very smart, intelligent. They know what’s going on. And they’ve been correct for many years. OK, about what?. OK, in this case here about already in South Africa they’re forcing people to do the Chinese shit the system, you know, the tyranny, slavery, phone thing, the the biometric ID to get on the Internet. But he said he’s saying soon Internet will be finished. You can only get on with biometric ID. They’re going to get your eye, your print, all your details and and and and if you say anything they don’t like finished they cut off your money we’ll be controlled at everything is going this way. Yes. Yes they said. The EU, I’ve got proof, I’ve got evidence EU is forcing the system, they all, they this tyranny. ****. It’s coming. It’s coming. No more cash will be finished. All will be on your stinking telephone and and there’s no. And the only thing we can do is fight by using cash. And what? Anyway there. People who gonna be very correct, let’s say without violating any rules, they will gain in this Case. No. If I say anything and they’re gonna force you to get the deadly injections. 9m These deadly, yes. Yes. They said yes, they there’s going to be this system in many countries, they’re gonna have already in China it’s like this, right. I don’t want to be shouting. China is 1 thing but lets say..& Malaysia and Vietnam all those already & California they’re trying, this Chinese guy in California senator [Nuremberg code & human rights violator criminal RICHARD PAN] and he’s lawmaker. I put him on my site. He’s trying to sneak this when nobody’s watching. He’s trying to put these new bills. To do this. They’re all trying to do this, man. I don’t know what the ******* problem is, But when you say, who are these people? 1 billion golden golden circle? 1 billion? Who are they? Who are these people who are deciding to do this to us? These corrupt politicians who are together with Bill Gates and the WEF World Economic Forum & the UN It’s one world government they’re trying to control everything these ******** but luckily there’s a lot of people they know this and they’re putting it out in the independent media. So everybody is talking about it and they’re spending. But most people in the street are out of it. They’re uninformed, ignorant that they got there still their mask. Billl gates whats he gonna gain out of this. The UN will gain they’re trying to push climate change to to bring in this Chinese tyranny. It’s I don’t wanna say slavery, right? If if there’s some people it’s rude right.. World is against China how come they gotta go together? Anyway, China, they want to finish this China, This is hard to imagine if they are together and now they are pretending they are against each other now Taiwan will be a case. Taiwan on will be subject. Who? Thailand? Taiwan, Taipei. Yeah, that’s another. War very probably. We don’t know what’s gonna happen to these two years. It’s gonna be worry. Very much war Like, anyway, how are you? What’s on your mind? Are you OK? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m doing some tiny job Photoshop work and I earned $10 a day, which is OK for food and everything. You got Photoshop on your. Yes on my computer, I’m making Photoshop. I’m making cleaning up the pictures around the picture. You see, my face is like a picture. I’m cleaning up all around, and if there are some corrections retouche they call in, it’s a french word we call retouche. Have you ever heard about this retouche? retouch. Yeah, retouch. So correcting something some detects and other things. 12m Hey so when I send you a video, when you when you send me a video, I’m trying not to shout when you send me a video, it sometimes it takes long time. But somebody yesterday I was in speakers corner, Hyde Park. He tells me some guy, he says you’re in a video. And you must see it. So I go. I spent, like one hour looking, trying to find this stupid thing you wste a lot of time. So when I send you a video, you don’t have Internet at home, so you gotta go to the damn library, right? I sent you that. Did you see that moon? Astronauts gone wild thing. Now is that I will see you. See. You don’t see anything. But there’s this guy. He interviewed all the astronauts. He has evidence that the moon was ********. They never went to the moon, they never went, man. He proved it. He proved 10 – 20 things. There’s no way they went and and. And I was thinking, when you say one lie you need, you need infinite more lies to cover that lie right. You start with one line and then you need another lie. Another right. In this case I have one question. If they landed on the moon, how they flew up. It’s so hard to fly from here. They’re using rockets that were way about 6600 thousand tons. This one small thing flies from the moon? Yeah, this guy named 13m40 Bart Sibrel. Anyway, I got his. Yeah, he’s he’s fantastic. He proved it. And it’s so funny. He goes to the astronauts [extra nuts] and he he asks them and they get really angry. One punched him. And then. Which reminds me another live streamer I watched. He got attacked. He goes to his party in Hyde Park. There’s some people in this, you know, this gazebo thing. He he goes up to that and he’s got all this stupid thing. It’s not stupid, but it looks stupid. ’cause. He’s got his camera. Like, really big. Old fashioned?. No, no, it’s it’s, it’s the little Sony, but he’s got a rig. So it looks very you know it’s like a big like Arnold Terminator. Yeah, you know, he looks like RoboCop. So he goes up to them and he goes. Can I be friends with you guys? And this woman attacks him, she goes, why are you recording us? He goes ow ow ow! Right after you know, can I be friends with you guys? You ow! Ow! Ow! Anyway you gotta see it, but. So uh. I didn’t sleep well. That’s why I’m not ready. It’s not very good today. Yeah, I was gonna leave it, but I thought to say hello and I I gotta get. Maybe this is finished because I’m I’m very unhappy. Somebody asked me they they videoed with me in Leicester Square or you happy? What do you think about happiness? And I found the answer now why? I was thinking another time I didn’t find it. Then I thought. Yeah, I’m happy you got health and wealth every year and whatever. That’s not the answer. The answer is we’re we’re happy about some things and I’m happy about others. Of course right. Everywhere Bill Gates [of hell] has the same feelings like any prisoner got. Yea Bill Gates has a big stomach and flabby **** so I’m sure he’s unhappy about his body. Right? So, or maybe he doesn’t mind, but we are now. We have tips or coins for good life and for bad life. So we have to spend it. This is why daily or monthly, we are in the balance. This money has to be given away like for happiness & tragedy whatever ’cause. You can’t get rid of it. You can’t get rid of it. ’cause. I’m happy my health is is isn’t worse. But I’m an unhappy my health isn’t better. This is your individual. Some people don’t care about health. Yeah, that’s it. Everybody is different. Like your happiness might be somebody else is misery. So it’s totally subjective, but you know it’s still some common themes. But anyway. So yeah, I was gonna say I’m very unhappy with my situation with my website. Very bad, very low numbers, very low success right. So I wanna stop now. That’s why I’m doing this last. I’m doing this video ’cause. I just wanna have something there that explains it’s maybe it should be shorter, but I hate it when people go on for long time when they can say everything in one minute, so I wanna get to work. I wanna finish what I have to do and not waste time. We’ll talk soon. No. Yeah, but anything else? Yeah. So we can talk, but it won’t be like a proper show. It just be hello and.. I could go to the center of the city and make it very much life and you will see a Yerevan and people. Maybe you can ask me to talk to someone. I will go with this telephone and they will say hello. 17m30 In three months, for three months, I don’t want anything like this because I want to edit and concentrate 100% on this ’cause if if we do a long show then I have to worry about the transcribing and. That’s right// entertaining.. Keep me in touch. I will be thinking as well. Ask me something like do you think it’s a good way to do it? What is your opinions. I’m very good in this, by the way. The main question is what do I put in the um.. story. 18m18 Well, there be a trailer for each episode, right? The trailer and the episode. The episode is 10 – 20 minutes. The trailer is one or two minutes, so I need to know, right? It’s gonna be like this, right? I’m not gonna do the movie with the go. Go through thousands of, go through everything just to make a one hour and a half movie. Right. I’m doing the. Series. Yes, I’ll break it.. Can you make a title for each episode? I have to listen to what was said and then we can find I can find something, right, but for example. The relationship number one relationship number two or another thing like conflict number one conflict the beginning put these kind of titles and then maybe we’ll find one better title for each all the series of these episodes. OK, just start doing it will come right here. Idea comes while you are working. OK, for example, so Sochi is one episode, Yalta is another episode. What do I call? Do I just say Sochi 20, whatever. Yeah. And the great, that’s it, OK. And all right. These arer a working title this could be changed easily. You could put more artistic title. Unexpected & unrelated sometimes. OK. The other thing is on my website now. I I it’s it’s a bit. What they do is when you when you go to these companies. They are very they are. They are very unreasonable if they see it one tweet or one word or something that they didn’t like on your website they will say no, we don’t want to do business with you. So maybe I have to take down everything. When I go to talk to these people, ’cause, they’re really, you know. Another bridge. So do you want me to ask my friends? They will one fake, not fake, One working website for you. Just to use it. Another website?. The question is what do I do with this one ’cause. There’s so much **** on it, and also when they Google me there’s a few trolls that said some bad things they’re saying, like when I used to say hello to the women and they were smiling and laughing. That one ******* there, he’s like he harasses women, he’s terrible guy. And this comes up. Google made this come up at the top of the page, right. I I never go to Google anyway, so I don’t even, but even on DuckDuckGo, which is also DuckDuckGo, started censoring now the the Russians, they won’t allow the Russian RT to come up and and anyway, my point is I can’t worry about what everyone you know, if if if it’s a problem fcuk em, I can’t. You know it might all this. Yeah. Netflix, you know Netflix, right? Of course I do, but be ready for that. How you gonna go physically? You gonna go to them and pich your idea or how it happens or virtually? You gonna talk to them.. I would like to be next to you, to talk to them? Otherwise you can say something not in a proper way and they will say Oh no, sorry, it’s not our idea, not for us. I found this video. The guy says what happened to him, He’s like I approached him. I did this and this and this. So this this advice on online, but OK. Anyway, let’s, let’s. advice is from the individual some people can say just behave like this its not the right way to listen. Yeah, listen, just listen, but don’t go properly the way they are asking you. Your case is different. You have to go through sensation your idea, your approach is sensational. Not like. Melodramatic [Metal drum attic] im in love it will be interesting for other, no, your approach in my from my point of view is sensation. you did some unexpected things in your life. This could make it this can interest them I think. He was successful, so I have to look at the successful people. But anyway, OK, So what am I doing now? What? What am I? What am I editing first? Do I? Where do I start? Because there’s so many episodes. You know, I would go that freshest ones, that starts from your girlfriends. I will go through go girlfriends and go to put the title girlfriends and go number one tadada. It’s like 20 minutes of one. 20 minutes of other, 20 minutes of.. and then you can just cut away something. Put something in the in the middle somewhere. Some dialogues that you have audio, you can put on the pictures that are relating to them and voiceovers from your past. 23m27 Just play with them, play with them and get this idea to me to watch and say, OK, it sounds good. Sometimes you can make like 20 seconds of fast, fast, fast. But then later, let people relax. Don’t go all the time tdrrrrrrr, it’s, it’s it will. It will be bother people, people like sometimes to go this way and then in two minutes another way and then 5 seconds of this, five seconds of that, but let them relaxe sometimes. Just like stop motion, not stop motion, but just even everything is even like like still. OK, another thing um, I still have to clean up. There’s a lot of **** here that I gotta get rid of. So. So do I show that? Do should I stream that? I was. I was live streaming, cleaning up all the sht, showing all the crap. But it’s not very good. It’s not very good with documents. ’cause. They can’t see the papers. But within electronics they can see. When I when I going through all my **** I can show and talk right? Should I still continue with that or because the numbers are so bad it’s just it’s just a few dozen per day or a few hundred a week on the views, right? It’s a waste of time and and because, right? Shouldn’t I just f–, forget about that **** and get going? Or should I still Put something every week, put something up there even if it’s.. if you have very unusual idea do it [to eat] something. 25m If it’s very much under the so, so, so, so. Just forget about it because you made so many of shows that you need now to think about how to edit and show it people in a propper [inappropriate] way because. Online is one thing, but then editing it becomes very artistic. The art starts when you start editing. Not worth the time you are shooting the time of shooting. It’s very rare when you can shoot from A-Z and it will be perfect video without video will look fantastic, but editing saves anything or any bad video. OK, another thing it’s spring break. Still March and April. Spring break in America. They all go to the beach and go crazy, have fun. And I’m here doing spring cleaning. It’s not very nice, right? So somebody told me in Mexico you don’t need the PCR test. You know that fake false PCR test that’s 95% fake and they still continue to use it because they need the money. They wanna make billions from this fraud. The PCR fraud, which is the whole covid lie was from this stupid fake test. Right. So I heard in Mexico they don’t use this. So. I I could still go to Mexico. Heheh, But I’m not ready, man. And it’s not a safe. Maybe for. Yeah. I mean, it’s still, you know. But that would make another better video than.. these days You could visit Armenia, I promise you very good days because this spring looked very fantastic. Schitt. Very fantastic. It’s ladies everywhere. It’s like yesterday it was a it was a for a holiday and people were painted nice, ladies beautiful. It was very much a lot of attractions. OK, two more questions. Sometimes I get four or five hours sleep. Is that enough? Yes or no? What is it? Sometimes I only get four or five hours sleep and I can’t sleep anymore. Is that enough? I do this. and you can go the whole day till the next night? but Then you collapse. I know people with four hours everyday their life, but much better to say average people should sleep 6 to 7 hours. Some of them go to 9 hours but, but if I can’t, I think you are used to sleep long & you see dreams. This is not good sleep when you see and remember your dreams. Whyat? But if you don’t remember dreams, so it’s fantastic to sleep 5 or Six hours will be fantastic. Yes, I like 7, but six sometimes I I feel like ****. But anyway, OK. And one more thing. You remember, like in Sochi, we had a nightlife in Yalta, when we went to those places when you’re younger you go out more and and you remember like in the Greek episode you are in bed you sleep at 10:00 o’clock man or midnight. OK. Because I was waking up at 6:00 o’clock. This is if I would change my system, regulation if I would start sleeping two o’clock in the night, I would wake up at 10:00 o’clock or 9:00 o’clock. Then I would miss my breakfast. I was thinking oh, I should never miss this breakfast, ugly breakfast which is always tasting the same man. Exactly the same case I was drinking. Whatever I was drinking the same taste. Break had no taste. It’s like air. I was eating pressed air. What is it? 29min I don’t know how do they do it. This this kind of food. Maybe it was printed 3D system. 3D printer was making these eggs. Hey I think when I talk iIt covers the speaker. It stops your talking when I talk on top of you, I notice that something happened and so anyway ok, so one more or so, yeah, 1 more thing every every Friday, Saturday night after dinner, I put my feet up here and I browse a little bit. I do this right. I put my feet here. Yeah. And then I fall asleep man and then I lose my Friday, Saturday night. I sleep here. And then I sleep and then I’m up. When it, when it’s finished, I wake up. So that’s that’s a very bad thing. If you want to really to be up Friday night. So let’s sleep at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Force yourself and sleep two hours. No, no. I’m telling you 30min do it & then you will be up all the night you would never be able. My my regulation is this. Sometimes I watch a TV and then fall asleep. And when I wake up in half an hour, just sleeping half an hour, I can’t sleep all the night. Imagine it’s another tragedy. it’s a problem. I should never sleep this half an hour. This half an hour is killing me, but it’s a good idea that next time you I want to be up in the night, so I have to sleep at least for half an hour watching a TV or something. Yeah. I think I have to be out. But anyway, OK, alright, so hello. Plans for this summer? Not traveling here somewhere here near nearby. Georgia, Armenia. We have to see the the Fascism, I Don’t consent to fascism, so I don’t want any of that ********. Soon it will be over right here with the daily. We have one contamination. Only one. They they, they told one person was contaminated found from 2500 tests. With the fake test and asymtomatic no symptoms, you know you can’t catch asymptomatic. It’s it’s, it’s safe. It’s no transmission is asymptomatic. It was another lie. They said one lie and then they needed 100 lies to cover. It’s all lies. Everything. No asymptomatic transmission. They all said it, all the doctors proved it. Geo if that was a lie they could say now not 1 person person, but as usually 500 600 hundred. But now they say one and I’m sure tomorrow they will say zero. Yea. OK, so have a nice day and keep in touch while you will be editing. Thank you man. If you need some tips let me know about final cut everything system. No, I can find that on the, I can find that, but I need just advice about the story. Yeah, I’ll ask you if. Ask I’ll send you. If I if I do the uh.. I’ll. Yeah, if I if I have a question, I’ll ask, OK. Because I’m with the editor now, the guy made that film and you saw that black and white film a friend of mine, we are now. Very much. You’re working together. So soon we’ll be making some some job or whatever. We’ll see. So you can give me ideas as well. Not only idea how to edit. How to make this this system working with final cut. I can Study final cut [kite]. But by the way, without having mac os. So many films & I already learned a lot, if you will need some some something to give me the the name of the the term and I will explain you how to do. OK. So have a nice day. OK, but yeah, so. About the summer, if what are we? We have to agree, or if, if. Yeah, if. If you’re thinking something we have to agree before, OK. 33m34 No, we are. No, really. I’m just helping. Because you gave me so many things Geo you gave me so many things and I don’t want anymore anything. Just help me to cover all this shit. No, I I thought you were gonna say no. No, I I will never see you again. Haha. By the way don’t throw away all your sheet over there. I’m showing you, you there are there. Which there are there. The old cameras. Should I repair them? I don’t know if I should repair them. Don’t, get rid of them. Just leave and keep it or give it to me. Stick them in storage. Yeah, yeah, OK. If I get the a one, you can have my A3. No, the old ones, the new ones keep and you can use them man. our old ones. I can. Oh, by the way, I’m gonna give you a very good tip. Now, today, listen, there is a camera. Spherical camera. Have you ever heard about this spherical Camera? 360. Yes. Have you have you seen it gopro do one or yeah, DG [osmo], I do. Yeah. What’s it called? Yesterday [yes today] We made a lot of videos with this. If Artur [R2] gonna edit it because it’s another another another way. You can’t see it on the computer. You have to learn the special app to use, so we’ll make a film full HD film and will I will. I will let you see it. I will send it to you. Maybe you can use it because we made so many funs yesterday with this camera, 35m15 OK. Listen, listen about the tyranny about the Internet. Tyranny. Maybe it’s good I don’t get any more of these, because if they’re gonna force me to get injected and ship to get on the Internet, I’m not gonna. I’m gonna have to disconnect that guy. Max igan. The crow house, he says. Some people will become slaves to the system they already are, everything will be on their telephone. They won’t be able to do, say anything and the other people, and also the other guy said it, Vernon Coleman, the doctor, he said it’s gonna be slave apartheid or ghetto. And he said I will be ghetto, of course. So so we we might have to disconnect from the Internet and become human. That’s what he said Max Igan. Geo believe me afte half a year. You will never talk about this. It’s gonna be over. Over. Absolutely over. It will be like it was five years ago, but but then you go and I will go to Greece too.. Or maybe 20 years from now we’ll be [shaking]. The past 20 years. Word. Where’s my teeth? Haha. No but uh. The UN are trying to bring this climate change ******** to do this and and the WHO [w h Oh], they’re trying to do this new. Treaty with all the countries, we will tell you what to do as soon as there’s a little flu. Again, they’re still trying to do it, but ********.******* ********* man. They’re still trying to do it, and everybody is trying to hide, and I will recommend you one thing, but I don’t know. I can do it. By by [Bye bye]. Online. But whatever. You know that you can go to find a doctor. The doctors find out some diseases. Unusual diseases in your Organism and you are not. You are not tend to be tested [tasted] and [fake] “vaccinated”. Injected. You can say I have this disease you can show in a paper and nobody. You you mean if I have inflammation [information?] I have my condition, then I I’m exempt, right? Yes you can. You can ask some, Doctor. They will find some diseases in you which will let you be free of “vaccination” and [test] taste. It’s not a vaccination it’s an injection. It’s. But anyway. OK, yeah, alright. Hey, they found graphene in the they they found HIV protein in the vaccine in the stupid freaking. They found it, they admitted it. They admitted it. Pfizer. And they said yes, we put HIV to make your system accept the. They put HIV in the ******* thing, so people are getting.[AIDS]. But it’s a different type of AIDS and and and that guy said not to worry because if you stay hydrated then you can avoid the clots. It’s ******* nightmare. But anyway, I’m saying and if I’m graphene graphene, you know, you know how toxic that is. But they found it. They found it. Maria Zeee. I put a bunch of links. I’m gonna go over them quickly now, but OK, alright. So anyway, all my all the links are will be on my front page. If you ever want news the the truth and that the mainstream are hiding because they’ve been lying for two years. You go there you can see OK. And start everything. Don’t say. Don’t worry about anything. Just going to the artistic life. That’s true, because yesterday I went to Hyde Park speakers corner and. Yeah, I was out in the green. And you know, it’s the next best thing to the beach. So, but. But but I III, no Internet and no. No news, no covid [convid 1984] information, and it’s nice to have one day free from all this, right? Yeah. So I’m learning very much the final cut and I’m gonna help you with ideas, but you got a cheap computer. You didn’t get a good computer, right? You got a cheap one. Yea but soon I will get another computer. Another computer, so it will let me edit something but in full HD, not 4K. I don’t know 4K. They said you need fantastic computer. I don’t know. No man. My last three. They do it no problem. But but. But it’s too bad they don’t allow shipping from London to even to Greece, they don’t allow Apple don’t do it ’cause. I could send you. Now I’m very much concentrated on experiments. I will do it. I will get this kills and then I will be very much helpful for you so. Have a nice day if this year, you better plan to go to somewhere. Let me know. Maybe I can. OK. So I can sleep on the bench. No.. but as soon as they stop the [fake fraud] tests, so I’ll be ready. So I’m getting ready now. Ok so Have a nice day. Apparently Mexico, Mexico is [fake fraudulent] ]test free.. please. This is the countries where the benches are even please because there are some benches from the park that you can’t sleep. It’s it’s it’s breaking my my back. You got it. What’s wrong with the balcony? The balcony is without cover & the rain is killing me. 41min Yeah, no, it had a cover. I remember a couple of days when you were sleeping and the rain was so heavy and my my sheets are here, I didn’t know how to protect I was, I was on the wall and standing like this. Sh-t.. But it’s fortunately I can remember these days. If you have very even life you don’t remember. You don’t have any nice days. Thanks to my my creativity way of finding problems. I have things to remember. And when I will be very old I will remember.. Someone tell some people.. yesterday I met the old man in the street with his wife and he started talking that he’s the first Armenian. He started computer creating computer, he said true Armenia was number one in Russia in Soviet Union. Who who started computering? Old powerful card. Perforated cards. Do you remember? Very much old from 1950s preparations with the cards. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. 01001 this kind of coding systems and so. So we’ll be in touch Geo & its too bad that you are not here. It’s very active in Yerevan its like everywhere people end ladies and. I will tell you 1 Bad thing about. That people were killed to young people, young men killed. And that’s why a lot of ladies are alone now and you see crowds at ladies walking and it’s it’s a tragedy, but it’s it’s truth. Same happened with Russia. Is the war over. ’cause is the war finished. Almost. But the conflict tension is there tension in the in the border, I saw, I saw something. The Azeris used Israeli drones to to kill.. [armenians] Sure. These ugly people help azeris alot. Because they know, you know why do they do it? They need their oil. Because Azerbaidjan is next to Iran, slowly they want to get there and put some missiles against Iran. Oh. Yeah, they are very tricky. They don’t help just for nothing, of course. Whatever we are. Politics. So we have to think about our life, our joy and. Yeah. Music. Are you making some music? Haha Hey I went on the piano many months later and I I forgot some of the I I couldn’t put all these years. I never forgot these songs and now just a few months and I forgot a couple old classical songs from when I was a kid, you know. And it’s funny, yeah. Geo, whenever you don’t play long time, it’s a good, very good opportunity to start improvising, because then your mind is find new kind of melodies and and do it. Do it just right. When you do every day. You can’t do all the time you seem doing the same thing, but when you are making break for one month and then start playing you find out that oh great I found very new approach with new rhythm, new melody, new mood whatever so. I was going to tell you by the way, what do you think about messages sending by creating some melodies? Like hey Geo what is the plans for today? Yeah.. But just for fun, you know, who knows? Maybe one day it’s gonna be useful to think and say, oh, man, you were singing the like this way. So what are your plans for the summer again? Because. Because it it’s better day. I’m free. Flexible. I don’t think One plan I just think one day I want to go to Poland and then from Poland to anywhere in Europe. Why do you go to Poland, to see your ex? Not only just see my friends, maybe some movies. Maybe I will go playing some tiny episodes in the films some. Some music maybe I will be playing in the streets of Berlin for one month after 10 days, 20 days. I enjoyed that life. wherever I enjoyed my life I want to go there. But you can’t go through Ukraine anymore. I never did. I got why always going through Belarus, Hey Ukraine, I have some ex girlfriends. I wonder what happened to them. I wonder if their numbers still work. If I can help or something I don’t know. You don’t have contacts or you have only telephones. Telephone numbers. I have the name and number. I have like old papers with the numbers on. I didn’t call them for many years and I’m thinking now. Are they OK? Some of them I I knew pretty, you know. Find them in the Facebook in Messenger. Some I don’t know. Maybe they found you & You didn’t answer them. Some people are sending you messages and you ignore them because you don’t remember them, so you have to be careful in this case. Imagine one American trend that I I met like 35 years ago. He kept the writing to me. I don’t ignoring him all the time, and then all of a sudden I remembered that I met this guy. He was working in U S Embassy in Moscow. He was English teacher. And he was Hayk you don’t remember, because his name was changed. I don’t know, maybe ex US embassy workers are not signing in with their real name because he changed his name. He used to have a name. Mark Julier are now  he has Jude Edwards. What’s what’s what’s the problem? I didn’t understand and I thought, who’s this? Jude Edwards. He was writing. Hey, man, I’m planning to come to Armenia. I didn’t. I ignored it because I didn’t remember. So he visited Armenia, I didn’t him. Next when he went back in a year. He wrote me that do you rememb er where is Vadchik? I said yes, I know, I know. But who are you? He said you don’t remember many, many years ago I was visiting with my students to Armenia. And listen, I said yes. But you had another name. He said yes. Sorry. I’m writing for my friend’s messenger. So how could I guess who are you? Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Yea. Ok. So keep playing music and maybe one day we gonna play together playing percussion and guitar. Now I’m improving my skills almost everyday. Half an hour, right? [choppy signal dropout]  49min Do any kind of improvisation creation just simultaneously [spontaneously afthormito] do it all the music words and sometimes you will catch catch a music. Sometimes it’s it happens, you know, creativity is the thing that sometimes brings you in a point where. You catch a special passage in music and you say, Oh my God, this is something unusual. Only you have to record it otherwise you forget like me, I do forget. If I’m not recording and mostly I’m not recording ’cause, I can’t do it all the time. OK, one more thing man. I forgot that you hey hey Bolsheviks. All this is from the Bolsheviks, he said. Max Igan, that guy. He says all this. All this ship is from the Bolsheviks. They’re still doing it. It’s correct. And I looked up. You said you know what Bolshevism is, but it’s the same as Communist, right? It’s the communist fascist fcukers. Right. OK, both of these Bolsheviks in Russian way of explanation is a Communist majority nation. mensceviks are the people who are less against Bolsheviks and they were OK maybe. Yeah, maybe it’s figurative.  Metaphorical way of explaining totalitarianism. he’s exaggerating, believe me, everywhere. Everywhere is totalitarianism, only different way, believe me. In England you don’t have totalitarianism? you do. 50m37 Every is everywhere. In Armenia, we do double [dabble]. One is folkloric  totalitarian where you can create a film about prostitutes, for example. It’s” Oh why you are putting Armenians. These are my people”. You remember that guy you were trying to flirt Armenian ladies, “Hey man, these are my people” [pickle]. Yeah. Yeah, it’s, it’s in Armenia we have this double. Maybe in Greece you do as well. The second one in Armenia is it’s a ruling oligarchy. All these mafia people, they are always with the band surrounding them as bodyguards. But in reality it’s a band. It’s it’s. Hey that guy, It wasn’t because of flirt. It was because I was trying to do a a dating company [introduction agency site]. So I was getting all their numbers. I was gonna do a dating company. And he didn’t want bad people to come there. Yeah, sorry. He told them. He said you have no concept of the outside world, the type of people who are gonna come here. That’s that’s why he was scared. That’s why he didn’t like it. He didn’t mind me. He minded the other people that are going to come if you put them in a dating app or dating a company thing that was before apps. So anyway, but I didn’t do it so, but I still have all their details anyway, So show the view a bit, ah! That’s a covid [bioweapon vaccine] baby. I can’t hear you but it doesn’t matter. Oh, balcony. 52m20 —? You’re on top of a pharmacy? Unfortunately, I’m not in the center of the city, but still. Central enough. Nice lady is coming. I will show you. Yea. God single women..The next one is not very nice. 53min [ambience/ atmosphere traffic noise] A lot of Russians visit armenia. Because now there are problems. So they want to get rid of these problems visiting Armenia & some other warm countries. Mount Ararat is right there but it’s now covered with clouds. Can you see it?  Yeah. So a little bit. Online for another baby. You put your laundry there. There’s a clothesline. You put your clothes there? You put your clothes in there. There’s a clothesline. You put them out the window. I can’t hear you. OK, alright man alright. OK. OK. OK. OK. Finished. OK. Alright. This is one of the highest buildings in Yerevan. Made 40 years ago. It’s good you can show your street without showing where you live, because if I show my street you can see 100 things you can tell where I am. Nice, I don’t mind showing where I am. I don’t mind either as long as, but some people you never know right what could.. Put some security cameras in the home & get rid of everything, it costs 20 euros, 40 euros maximum. Hey, that guy is saying the economy is going to collapse, the dollar will be ****. Will be zero soon. Do you think so? Real estate, [rarely state], but I’m not sure sure it’s gonna happen. Yeah, Russians are trying to negotiate with Chinese and make dollar go down. But I don’t think it’s very practical. You know why? Because so many rich people got their money in dollars and it’s very practical. In gold it’s not practical to put money in gold [goals]. I will explain you why when you are having dollars, this dollars are circulating all the time in the banks. You are depositing in the banks and it gives you sometimes two 3% annually. Gold never gives you, you have to wait until these gold prices will go up, but sometimes it goes down and real estate has another problem. You know, real estate you have to take care of that, all the time pay taxes every year for a square meter and rent it and reconstruct it. And be careful if there’s water, whatever. And that’s why I don’t know dollar will be strong enough. Another ten years at least but still for you, I will recommend some real estate, but not real estate, just to have it and close it. Use it renting or use it as a business. The business as I said is hostel. For musicians, for creative like artists. Well, in Switzerland, all those corrupt dictators, they have all the they put all their billions in the Swiss banks is that the Swiss franc? Is that strong Swiss franc? No, dollar is the strongest, dollar is the strongest. Maybe it doesn’t go down, but Swiss franc, if you will buy Swiss franc, we’ll put the depositing in the bank, you have to pay them that you are depositing your money, but dollar is giving you some profit and the dollar and Swiss franc are almost even. Now maybe Swiss franc is little bit stronger, let’s say 5% stronger than dollar for 100 swiss frank [switch front] you are paying $107.00, but sometimes it goes vice versa it goes. But I wouldn’t go to Swiss franc. Ok. No, no. But I will recommend you real estate you are living [leaving] now in the house. Why are you living in the House of any other other people buy the one and live in your house. This is my recommendation. Believe me. You pay so much money for renting. I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about that online for you. It’s not maybe good, I don’t know. Uh, buy buy think about real estate & buy. Don’t go to recommendation of other people because anybody will recommend you even me, they have their profits, their ideas, even your girlfriends or friends. Whatever they will say oh next to me there’s a house buy it, please. You will make money on that and this and that. No, just go to America or England. Soho. Find one and buy. Only the business I will commend you hotel [hostile] hostel for musicians, hostel for artists. You just want, you just want you want me to get a hotel so you can stay there. You want no no no a restaurant and the restaurant so you can eat. You want restaurants so you can eat and then you want a camera store so you can get the cameras. Hehe Hey, you know what happened over here on the corner, remember? I am guaranteeing you that your money will be in the building. It’s not gonna disappear. But imagine I’m finding in London some Street musicians, ladies mostly, and they inviting them for very cheap price to stay in your hostel. And you’re making friends with them. You are creating groups from them. And you are cooperating with them playing music. This is your life, man. Where are you gonna spend your money? Just make a popcorn machine business. You not gonna do that? It’s brighter in auto [light changes, it was brighter in manual before]. hey. Hey. I’m gotta tell you one more thing. You remember I told you they were selling here for 100,000 a year. They were selling the damn. There’s a shop in the corner. 100,000 a year man with.. no its ugly!. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. I can’t. of course not, Yeah, I know. I know. But you know who took it? I was gonna get it for a little bit. You can get it for maybe a week instead of a year, right? So I called them and they’re like we got somebody we will see, right. And so, you know, what did they put inside? He’s selling junk food and smokes. Smoking, vaping. And I’m thinking I’m. I’m just it’s really problem because all these people who are trying there are so naive. The business not gonna work there. Yeah, I’m thinking he’s going to make 100,000 a year with junk food and cigarettes and vaping. Don’t forget that all the people who are opening businesses, it’s not because they are professional. Sometimes they want to try. He will try. You will lose money and next year he’s gonna give up and.. yea most of them. This is a very serious thing. Gon try to go into that. You’re not gonna survive in shopping [Shocking] business. It’s really tough thing, very tough. Yea I know no I’m not. Irs seems simple, you are getting things & selling it. 1h01Yes, of course. It’s so easy. So many people are in this business. Competition is so tough. Even restaurants, restaurants is very tough too. Yeah. No, that’s why I’m recommending you to have your own thing. And hostel. Hostel is all the time and hostel. It’s not regulated by government because all these musicians, if they come, they’re not gonna show in [taxis], not nothing. Just just like donation. Wait, they will donate and say if they don’t donate, they will stay one night and goodbye, but everybody would be interested to stay there, so they will donate at least €20 or  it depends the place you will find it. But every day you will have music. You have good dialogues and your camera is gonna shoot them and you will have all the all the time, these life transmissions. Oh no Internet. You will dialogue with them. Some discussions, some arguments, some different kind of stories gonna happen. OK, go that crazy. Look at that Russian military guys going. Oh, look at this. Whatever. Oh So.. don’t show your face so close, man. It’s it’s annoying. Hehehe Because I’m standing next to the window and I will fall. You see my teapot. Now what is it? What is it doing here or? What? Try to guess? It’s outside. It’s warming up. The water is warming up, so every day I free warm water from sun, from the sun. Now I’m laughing ’cause. I thought it was to throw at the people some water to throw. Do you want me to do that? No, don’t, don’t, don’t get in trouble. Not on people but just on the street, close to people just scare them no. Don’t. Don’t. Yeah, don’t, don’t, don’t look. Yeah. Sorry. The lady was scared. Yea it could hit someone. I throw rotten vegetables at the pigeons If they bother me. Or close to them close to them. Very nice lady was scared, looked at me, said she thought. I’m doing it on purpose. OK, alright. I’m gonna get to work. Yeah. OK. So what? Next time we win next time? Should I? Should I continue doing these? But I’m not gonna put anything edited on the Internet, but I can put like a conversation like this. Of Course. No, don’t edit it just put it right away. Yeah a conversation is easy to put, man. And a lot of people, they’re doing this style, you know, they just talk for a long time. They don’t edit. Then yeah. Geo look at this. & stuff does come up, it’s informative and entertaining. You see? 1h04m52 Matrioshka, does that open and there’s other ones inside or no. Yes. Yeah. There’s things inside. Can you read whatever it says under? 20 81. And under that, there is a word Sochi. Yeah, I I bought it recently. It’s an antique. It’s how, how old is it? It’s it’s almost 40 years, man. 41 year old now. Antique must be 100 years, right? No, no. for matrioshkas its enough 40 because matrioshkas were started about 70 years ago. It used to be Japanese style, you know. You see the colors. How beautiful the colors are. That’s nice. The next one is so beautiful. The one is on the top is old already, but the one inside it’s much much nicer. You see my hats? I used to sell hats and now I I have to get rid of them. Real hats fur hats. Some are military. OK, whatever. Geol. OK, ok Hayk. Just put it on the Internet without editing. Don’t worry about that. People will be watching. And do they make good comments? Or sometimes they do a lot. Very bad. Bad comments. No. Right now there’s no comments. On my website I don’t know if it’s working. I don’t think it works. I have to fix the. That’ll be another job. But yeah, on the other platforms it’s too its not happening yet, but they’ve never mind. I just, I don’t care. I’m just doing it for the traffic on my website. There’s hundreds every week, there’s hundreds every week, so hundreds only a week, sometimes thousands. But yeah, no, it I’m a month. It depends. I’m trying to figure out who’s who’s correct, but there’s always someone there. That’s what I’m saying. There’s there’s it’s never. 0. Haha. By the way are they repetitive? if Somebody is looking at you every day he’s counted or he’s it’s it’s already. Counted as a permanent person. No it says unique uniques. Yeah, yeah. Unique uniques are 100 per day sometimes 200. That’s. That’s according to Google who is criminal and who doesn’t like me. So Hypestat. What about the ones who are regulars? hypestat and my hosting Company says 500 uniques a day. Google says Google Anal [Ainle] they say 100 or it’s on Tuesday. I noticed now there’s a pattern now. New pattern every Tuesday, Monday and Tuesday it goes. It shoots up to 200 and. I understand. But tell me one thing, if somebody is already watching you, like five years, he’s not counted. But how many are they? How many of those regulars? I don’t know. Maybe 5000? Per year times per year, yes haha. Per month.  Hypestat says 15,000 a month Goggle says 3000 a month. But anyway, OK, never mind. I’ll just keep it active so. I guess that’s it. Till next time. Yeah. I don’t know Maybe I’ll call every couple of weeks, I guess. And and or. Yeah, OK. OK. Have fun & but start editing. Just anyway, you do play with them play. The idea will come while you are working. I can call ladies too, but if it’s in Greek. I have to subtitle or translate. I could I could translate in the transcript. Beginning just edit it, later you will translate it. 1h09m04 Trans Trance transcript transcribed translates trans. I’m trans. I’m translating. I’m translator, I’m trans! Later I will trans. Hehe. Later I will trans-late. Will you translator? Are you a translator? Do you want to trans later Scribe? OK. So have a nice day. You too. Thanks, man. See you. Right. Bye. Bye. See you next time. Doesn’t react men like the queen? Quality call. Should I? Should I do that? Is that so they can keep tabs on the best calls, Qualls. So yeah, I wasn’t gonna do a long video, but it said, yeah, oh sht it’s not recording. I forgot to press record. That would be wouldnt it. So now I’m gonna go over the links really fast. ’cause. I have a couple things to say. I think we’re done here. I think we’re done here. Oh yeah, actually, let me show my website quickly. So thanks for once again thanks for. Shall I Save that till the end. I’m putting that when I transcribe, you know, I got the software running now and I gotta correct. It still takes hours ’cause you gotta correct all the mistakes so put, you know, transcription by. is Thanks for visiting. and 100 domains but. On Monday, April 11, 356 PM this is bad. I shouldn’t be doing this on a Monday, but you know it’s work. It is part. It’s part of the website thing. I gotta put something up there supposedly. I don’t have to. Do you know you know. I’m just saying. Well, I couldn’t do it on the weekend. ’cause. I don’t wanna be doing this on the weekend either, so I don’t want to.. Don’t wanna do it during the week or the weekends, but better during the week. 1h11m20 Daylight is better. That’s why it’s I’m trying not to say I. That’s why it’s we know it. It’s being done now because. Didn’t wanna do this at night when it’s all dark. when you can have you know daylight little bit of daylight I could set this thing up differently I think. I I IIIIIII. Hahah Gotta stop doing that. You’re so selfless. I’m selfless. I’m selfless. That’s contradiction, isn’t it? I’m selfless. [cell for.] No, no, anyway. OK. So ’cause you said. I. So here we have the charts. Probably can’t see it dammit. If I brighten that up, then I’ll brighten up. I look like a ghost so top 100 alternative independent media links. So what I’ve done here unfortunately, unfortunately they do not open in separate tabs automatically except the top ones, which I did myself. I know how to do that. There’s a little HTML that I do. That My Web master guy told me years ago? Iain [Yang]. He’s also effed l[eft] off to Switzerland and he’s been a bit aloof. He’s too. now his last email was like “glad you’re alive.” [*****funny sun gesticulation thumbnail after cornershop criticism****] I was like, that’s all you got to say. And. When I was an America he stopped. Yeah, he wouldn’t answer emails. I asked him. And then when I asked him, like years later, he’s like, well, you didn’t, you effed off to America. I’m like, yeah, but I didn’t not answer your emails. Cant really compare the two. Can you? I answered emails. If someone is in trouble and asked me if it wasn’t financial trouble, it was just a question about the website or something or, you know, keeping in touch as a friend anyway. Fair weather friends name that tune “when you’re in love with a beautiful woman”. I don’t wanna be talking all. Antique stuff. All the obsolete stuff. Some stuff lives on forever. Good songs live on Forever, Don’t they? But. OK, so we’ve got a few. We got tons of links, basically I just did a rich text copy paste and luckily it did the links into the word press but it didn’t do a separate window opening automatically, so you’ve got to right click and then open link in new tab or new window if you want it to be. If you don’t want to be leave the page. And then you’re gonna have to go back and forth all the time. So that’s what I do now. Right now. But I’d like to make it so you just click, like before, like the top ones. You just click and it opens in the new window but. Anyway, I’m not gonna go through them all, but you’ve got the. Some important ones up top. And it’s hard to pick and choose. I want to back off and getting personally involved in the discussion ’cause that’s between y’all I wanna stay out of it. I just want the links there. Just go there if you want to be updated. With the latest that the mainstream media has been lying about in hiding for the past two three years, they’re still doing it. The ********. And it’s all out of the bag now, so it’s all here. You can see everything. The main one is Nurenberg 2 trial. Yeah, That’s an important one with Reiner Fuellmich proving that the whole thing has been a fraud and a genocide, democide crime against humanity. So there’s that. And then there’s the International Criminal Court case number OTP Dash CR473 Slash 21 and they took that down. But I I copy pasted it on my on that page there. And this one, Vernon Coleman, he says. How many people are the vaccines killing? He updates that regularly. Then there’s a whole bunch of other bits there. But I just want to quickly just go over a couple few links here. . Constant vaccine victims nonstop videos. What I’d like to do is download them all and stick them in one marathon, you know, maybe 100 hour video. You can have all of them. So the reason I’ve saved all this data. As documents as videos. As PDF’s. 1h16m00 That’s gonna be the covid FRAUD files that you know my own personal evidence and proof. Of the COVID fraud, genocide, democide and crimes against humanity, I’ve got it all proven so anytime anybody says prove it or you don’t know what you’re talking about. Whatever I can, I’ve got. You know, if I quote, you know, like, no asymptomatic transmission, I can show you who said that and when and where and all this and. I can remember anyway, stuff like that, but there’s a lot of bits of information coming out now with all the graphene and the HIV protein and this and that and it’s just good to have it ’cause that could be disappeared tomorrow if they bring down the Internet, if they force you to take injections to get online and you’re not gonna be able to, you’ll be cut out like that guy, said Vernon Coleman,Dr Vernon Coleman. Apartheid, slave apartheid or ghetto? I’m going ghetto. Y’all can do the other two. So anyway, So yeah, there’s a whole bunch here. OpenVAERS. I put that on top here. Now, 1h16m13 You see, I put I put the title in the. Name I I mean I put the URL in the name so you can see it sometimes where we’re appropriate because, but these don’t really need it like the White Rose UK, we said that last time. So Principia scientific I’ve added the. The director or, you know, the founder of that, John o’Sullivan. His Twitter is Facebook. I put a lot of extra links of the. Website. So you go to Facebook, you got the Twitter all that. That’s pretty good ’cause that’s daily information. And they say that LED’s are harmful like this. This is harmful. I was going to get a much better one, much stronger one so I can light up. See, I’m trying to stop saying I and my myself and other sun’s out for this. So yeah, I was going to get a good one, but there I go again. Its hard not to say i! Just just drop it. Just say was gonna get a good one anyway, so apparently LED’s are as harmful as lasers for your eyes. l1h18m20 He’s got some articles saying that, so I saved them and I. So we saved them. Should say we you saved them. So they’ve been saved and. Uh ah Sounds like I too.. and. So so basically. Just saying. LED’s are harmful for the eyes, so. Is is anything not? anyway More later on that. So yeah, we got. Epoch times. They suck, man. They’ve got recipes at the top of the page. Unless you do something weird to get the news up top. I think I’m on the cell phones, by the way. All this on a cell phone would be a nightmare. Doing anything on cell phones and nightmare ’cause. It’s too small, but that’s what people use now. ’cause they. Maybe they don’t. Don’t use laptops, but much better with this. Yeah, I was saying Epoch times. You gotta subscribe to read the damn articles. They’re like, but I’ll just get the titles, the headlines. I’ll just look at that and leave. I’m not going to sit there reading 100 pages of. When you can just get the title anyway. So OK Twitter. No, gettr [get her LOL]. Everyone’s on gettr [get her] now. So, Doctor Z, doctor Zelenko on gettr. ’cause Twitter is being fascist and tyrannical and. What’s the other word? They’re complicit in cr.. this this whole thing to completely? I hope you’re proud of yourself and Elon Musk is not a nice guy according to. David, Icke in that video. If you scroll down, if you go to the previous links page. David Icke who’s correct. He was he’s he’s he’s right. He’s right. Actually I thought about it, he makes perfect sense compared to all the other liars. So yeah. And he said, you know, you do prove it when you back it up with the. With facts correct evidence, he said, Elon Musk has sent. 10s of thousands of satellites to ZAP everyone with 5G without their consent. That’s not. That’s not a nice guy. That’s that’s a crime. You don’t have consent to do experiments on people. 5G is an experiment. Just like that fake covid sht bioweapon sht [buy a weapon ship]. Which is less deadly than the flu which is obviously is therefore a fraud. It’s a bio weapon. They just played with this stupid corona. Old corona. **** flu virus, schitz and without permission injected it in everyone with HIV proteins and graphene, thanks alot aholes, and now they’re doing it with 5G. You don’t have my consent to zap me. And not only that, he, he, he, he told Joe Rogan. He wants to put brain chips in everyone. So he killed a bunch of monkeys and tortured them. Poached monkeys putting a brain chips, chips in their brain and they died. Painful. Painful deaths that’s Elon Musk, I know. No, that’s not. That’s unethical and that’s. downright criminal it is. That is a crime. Or maybe you’re allowed to. They’re above the law. We know that. If you have money, you’re above the law. So. But many countries, that’s criminal. He’d be arrested and thrown in jail, which is where he belongs, if that’s what he’s doing. And he is, you know, it’s not. Not OK. Not OK. I’m just saying not OK. Let’s get the discussion going. Free speech and see what he has to say for himself. Untested 5G technology that damages cells. 1h22They’ve got all the evidence is that it It does cause cancer and damages, and they’re just gonna wipe out more people. So more of that later. So that’s that’s a nice cheery subject. So, yeah,, they’re all there now. Gettr. Also another one doctor, Dr. Mike Yeadon. Yeadon great guy. These guys are the best. They’re the ones that save lives compared to the other guys that killed it looks like 2 billion are gonna kick the bucket for one reason or not as a result of this, over the next few years, but that’s what they’re saying. We’ll see. We’ll see. And of course, they’re trying to hide. Hide it. But we can see it every I’m walking around the street here. I’ve seen every minute I see somebody with a walking stick or a ski pole or an umbrellla. They’re trying to hide it with an umbrella. They’re using an umbrella as a walking stick or crutches. Wheelchairs every minute. All the time, all the time. It never was like this. And I’m sure and. And they’ve all been jabbed. So. OK, not all of them are because of that, but I’m sure it didn’t help. Why is it full of them now and it wasn’t before so anyway. We’ve got red voice It’s got a mind of its own this thing, see what it did?  So Red voice Yea, Stew Peters. So I’ve got all these links that Rumble gettr, real Stew Peters on gettr. I just go to I’m following his rumble. Yeah, [Stupid errors]. Or. SPS complete shows that’s another one or voice media. Again, I’ll get the stuff there. And I just read it, and if it’s, I’m not gonna watch everything ’cause. It’s just too much stuff out there. But at least I get the titles. I get a general idea what’s going on, and you can to you. I should say you. We, you know, OK, gettr [get her]. 1h24m26 Where were we? Z media. She’s great. I think she’s grek. Greek  Australian. I think she looks it anyway. So Maria Z so Slash user Maria Z with three e’s [ease]. Anyway, I put I put the. The most significant ones for me anyway, with the five stars, so you can find them that way. Steve Steve Kirsch, KIRSCH. That’s excellent for keeping up. that’s what I wanted to say about I’ve cut back now. I’ve stopped they’re too [two] long winded. You’re talking an hour and a half about Russia. Ukraine. You could just make that a minute and a half. Give me the basic facts and not. Waste an hour and a half of my time. I want the headlines. You should substitute for the liar mainstream media all those [eight] a holes. And you should do like a concise headline report few minutes so we can get the headlines and get on. With our lives, I don’t wanna sit there an hour and a half. When it should be a minute and a half. So anyway that and they don’t do the headlines, they’re like well. And they’ve got difficult to understand accents, right? He’s got the Northern Irish one where they talk backwards. Yepril & Mye, Ukrian in Iepril & mya,  was it? Anyway No he’s toned it down a bit, so he’s OK, you know, they’ve got a Scottish guy in North Ireland guy and a what else? All these accents. It’s just like, it’s really trippy. I’m just saying it’s difficult to understand if you’re not. From there. I’m not saying I’m I’m not criticizing. I’m just saying it is it is, it is. It is difficult to it’s difficult. So uh Bitchute. Channel. What the hell’s that? Oh that’s that Earth newspaper Earth newspaper looks horrible. It’s just a stack of grey text, and it’s there’s no I mean, I don’t like those corny pictures that everyone uses that have nothing to do with the, you know, that just stock footage is. It’s not good either. But anyway, rumble/c/the new American. I go there? Yeah. Twitter Maajid Nawaz, while he’s still there. Otherwise he’ll be on gettr. Bannon’s war room that’s OK now and again, but it’s a bit heavy. All these things, and hightree high wire del Bigtree. I thought it was alright, but he’s he’s not that frequent and he’s not great. Tommy Robinson. That’s pretty good because he’s he’s gotta feed news feed going and he does make it entertaining. And people like it. But of course he’s controversial. ’cause he. He criticized the. This is one of those. Ideology [iTheology], religions and he’s he’s it’s funny ’cause he got banned from Mexico. I think he was trying to sneak in through the border. Right. To go to America as a political refugee, as a refugee to or as an illegal immigrant like Biden’s allowing all the Mexicans in. So he’s like I can, why not me? Why not us? That’s let’s let’s just. So maybe that’s why the UK government stopped him from going to Mexico. They deported him and left his kids at.. 1h28Champagne! It’s the champagne guy again. I sould show him shouldn’t i? I’ll just get him with this. [sony a7r4] [opening window] But they deported him. Yeah, left his kids at the airport. Champagne! What are you doing, man? What on earth are you doing? You OK? What are you doing? I’m recording something so. Shopping. Sure. Champagne! See you later. Have fun. See you around man. Take care. Bye Bye. Hi 5. Right. Feeling hot, hot. Hot. Meemeep [roadrunner beep]. I should get it like this. [wide angle selfie ussie] I tried that, but it’s not easy when there’s no flip screen on the damn thing. I tried it with that one. Oh no, did I put my foot in my mouth about the accent. No, no, I like accents. I love accents. I I gotta put that here. Make sure that it’s on the video. Just in case. I love. Strange, unusual, difficult to understand accents. Especially when they’re making an effort to be understood, that that’s very nice of them that that’s OK. That’s OK. I tone mine down. You know, they think I sound English when I go back to America. They think I’m I’m a foreigner. So it’s toned [tuned] down. Believe it or not. So anyway, yeah. So Tommy Robinson banned from. Yeah, Mexico. He’s got a video. He recorded them in the airport, kicking him out, deporting and they, his three kids stayed there with his friend. And so he came back here from Cancun and then when I came back here, he gotta again accosted assaulted by police in Manchester Airport. I know why. I don’t know why they give him such a hard time. OK, to go there. I didn’t want him to sneak into America. But why? Why would they mess with him on the way back? And uh. I mean he’s fighting crime, you know. So anyway, I’m staying out of it. Enough. Enough about that. 1h30m20Vernon Coleman. He’s done all quiet. [writes many articles everywhere though, expose, light paper, whiterose uk, etc) Doctors for covid ethics. Those are proper doctors, retired and everything. Well came out of retirement to expose the COVID FRAUD, genocide, democide, and mass murder crimes against humanity. So and no more silence dot world. So there’s a whole bunch row. Oh Yeah, JFK. Junior sorry, RFK junior Robert F Kennedy junior. He’s got that voice thing, but very good. He’s got the Children’s Health and he’s on Twitter childrens HD. Um. All these guys give interviews regularly, like every few days. Several times, in some cases all the time, but so a user slash daily clout. By the way if they take down the Internet or you need deadly jabs to get online and the Internet will be a thing of the past for you, you might want to get these guys. How would we get the information from these guys if we’re offline,get the phone numbers or emails or? PO Box. Can you imagine if it’s not going to go backwards again, it’ll go back to the Amish that guy Max Igan said. We’re gonna get human again, and we’re not gonna. We’re gonna disconnect from technology. It’s gonna be back to mail order and PO boxes and phone calls and crank calls. Crank not prank. 1h32 Alex Jones? Yeah, I didn’t like. I thought he lied about the Sandy Hook thing, so I’ve been avoiding him. And he’s always like bbeueeugh [growl], but since he he did interview all those doctors and lawyers. So he’s he’s he is right with the truth movement truthers. So yeah, I’ve included him here since some things. 1h32m20 So my favorite is one one that I go all the time is brighteon dot com slash channels slash the prisoner with five stars. Well, I put the five stars, but yeah, the prisoner.’cause, he uploads constantly every day, just a selection from all. That’s how I found out all these other guys was also through him ’cause you see people there, some of it I like some of it I don’t. Some of it I just stay away from like he’s got some long winded boring ones but he has some concise really good short ones personalities that I click with. Intellectually or I can understand what they’re saying. Some other ones I can’t. One guy was swearing all the time and he just sat there long winded. You know, if it’s an hour of BS when it should be one minute, then no. But if if it’s, if they do deliver in that hour information, useful information, and if there is a shorter version, that’s good too. But. There’s some people I can listen to, others I can’t see. Yeah, I guess it comes down to taste & to. Is that chemistry or brain chemistry? I don’t know what the hell it is, but I I’m just saying some people said some some clips work for me, some don’t. And also brighteon dot com slash channels. HRreport which is health range. Health, Health, Health Ranger report. No health Ranger report HRR, no HR report. Health Ranger report, HR report. So that’s the founder, Mike Adams. He’s excellent. He makes perfect sense. He even said you can. 1h34m00 There’s no antidote to the. Bbbppp [raspberry blow] Vaccine. Air quote. You know, there’s no antidote, but you can do things to improve your health [hell], improve your situation, like drink plenty of water, he said in the recent one, there’s a yellow video there that says how do you know the antidote to the, The vaccine antidote or whatever. Yeah, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, so you’ll get less chances of clotting. [Clogging] clodding [us accent] Don’t. Yeah, yeah. Don’t eat junk food that’s deep fried and hydrogenated oils and seed oils, they said is very bad, right? In general. So eat healthy, like organic. Eat organic as possible healthy stuff and don’t sit down a lot ’cause inertia causes clots, right? I mean be active. Exercise now and again regularly and all that. So yeah, that’s good advice I guess so anyway. And it goes on. 1h35 And that’s Max Igan [Mexican dictation typo lol]. That’s yea I really like that guy. But he’s a, & his odysey [.com, 1 “s”] is 10 years old. I noticed that the old Odysey clips have just five views on them or you know single digits. So nobody is watching those. I think there’s a lot there, but it’s just funny. I forgot to ask Hayk how? How many words are there in the English language? Since you can keep talking forever and never almost never repeat yourself ’cause. I mean, yeah, you do a little bit, but it’s it’s amazing that he, you know, people like him. He can keep up, keep it fresh, I guess. Yeah. Any radio guy, like, even Howard Stern did that. Right. But he was. It is weird how you can keep. That there’s enough words to keep going. You would think at some point you you, you heard them all. But. Anyway, Tim truth. He’s got a bit longwinded again too, and he talks too much on those things yet I’d liked it when he had the the genuine article, he had Mike Yeadon talking for an hour. I can listen to that guy, but you know commentary? and it’s it’s a bit. I don’t know, There was 3 hours the last video I cant, I just cant, im just sick of it man im sick of it all of this pleas do a 3 minute version, just not gonna have time..  1h36m30 Hugo talks. That’s another one. He something about it. Very good information. But it can be a bit annoying. ’cause. He talks really loud and he’s got this reverb on there and he’s got this heavy. I don’t wanna say it again, but. Hahah aw man Anyway, yeah, way, so, shall I say. OK, he’s got a thick accent. I’m saying it, man. He’s got a very thick accent. It’s just difficult if you’re not. If you’re not, if you don’t, if you don’t right ’cause it, it can be. It can be sometimes. Anyway I’m just joking. I’m just. I’m just saying what I think and feel, man. Just like my accent is tough on people who don’t speak like me the I guess accents they do, they can. They can make it difficult to be understood. That’s all. OK, so. But I love some of the information he comes up like what he said about keeping cash. Very good point and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen ’cause they’re forcing you a lot of these places to use your stinking card, which is going to be soon be your phone. So but I I I will fight back. I’ve been using cash whenever possible. I’ll keep shoving it in their face. I just wanna touch. They have some nice clean bills that are mint bills now, so I don’t feel like I’m. But if I’m eating, I don’t wanna touch cash and then they tell me. No. And then I’ve got my hands dirty, grubby, cash but. So far, they’ve been clean bills, but I don’t know if they are they printing money or what. Anyway, so it goes on. So Israel news talk radio. Sigh. So much. Anyway, I’m not gonna go through all of them. Right. Sen. Sen Ron Johnson. Yeah. No, he doesn’t upload regularly because he’s he’s a senator. He’s got better things to do, but he’s not doing that. He’s just discussing. He’s not arresting anyone. All these people should get you know. Get going. Do something. Man is just sit there talking and talk is cheap. That’s why I wasn’t gonna do this today. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder in the words. OK. Show don’t tell. All talk no action. Some fellow kovid night at Slash C Sun fellow COVID-19. I’m just saying this in case my the site disappears and then they’ll be videos of this.’cause in the future, this video might outlive this. COVID-19. That’s FLCC alliance doctor Corey. And he’s on Odysey there. food at Frontline COVID-19 Critical care alliance. God, colon :c. Stephanie With a pH and two FS at the end. That’s that guy again. That’s. Yeah. OK, Slash at Alex Jones channel.: C. Tme I’m not a big telegram guy fan because it wasn’t working on the laptop and it just started now and it’s still a lot of the stuff it just won’t work, won’t open. It’s only in the stinking phone and I’m. I’m avoiding that. So bitchute, sorry T dot me. Some of them do open and and they’re in reverse now. They go, they start, they scroll upwards instead of downwards. T dot me COVID vaccine injuries. OK, slash COVID vaccine injuries Slash 4548. He’s excellent. I just, I embedded this this latest and transcribed his latest. But is he there constantly doing new stuff anyway? Oh yeah. 1h40m30 Piers Corbyn got suspended from Facebook, but he’s got another one now. But it’s just some weird number I can’t. Like you know, I can’t say the URL ’cause, it’s all these numbers. So you gotta see that. And you can get it from Corbyn with a y or stop 21st century TNT Radio live that was a good. That was a good interview with that lawyer who’s suing the government for. Killing all the military guys. Yeah, went up 1000%. Now it’s going up 5000% military deaths from the stinking injection bioweapon. HIV shot. He’s like. Yeah, they all got HIV now, but apparently it’s not the same type of HIV like you can still. Who said? Someone said it’s no big deal, so you can you can live with it. I gotta you see. You gotta keep notes of who said what, where or not anyway.****. What’s that? ND off. the Uh. There’s a bitchute thing there. What is this huge? I think I sandwiched two. Yeah, the whistleblower news. Room. on bitchute I think. Yeah, that’s render filmmaker. OK, so. [Septic lol] substack Alex berenson. But Robert Malone. That there’s another one. [Get her]. Gettr Robert Malone. Doctor Robert Malone. Did I say that one? Make sure you go to that. That’s an important one. That’s probably one of the most important ones. Let me just get it. Correctly. Robert Malone. Where is he. He’s right. He should be on top of above that guy. Robert. Yeah, way up here. Way up here. Where is he, man? I just wanna make sure I got that ’cause that’s really important. Where is it I don’t see him. Robert Malone, he;d be with the suspended there there? OK, get her Make sure you got that ’cause. Yeah, that’s the inventor of the M RNA. Technology. And therefore Jab. [we got that] boot camp. We got that one here. OK. Word doctors UK OK, now, now it gets a little less. You know regular upload, you know, regular. Yeah. More irregular and some are Fixed pages. So Yeah. This is different. Now, daily clout dot IO. We said that I’m quite sure brand new tube. So anyway you go to You go to a brand new that one signed me in and out and in and out and I can’t get in. I can’t get out. So that once it’s got some issues. But but a brand new tube. Dot com order Doctor Sam Bailey. I don’t know if she’s still doing that. I dont watch everyone, but yeah. So channel. Hugo talks. So slash channel. That’s that guy again. And ah. I’ve got a saltzburg forum thing there with the Hitler the. The new Austrian Hitler. What’s his name? Karl Niehammer was force jabbing people, forcing people to get. To get the toxic spike protein, HIV protein graphene shots so you like, you know, that’s the new Hitler.. Doctor with two “n”’s [ends]. And there’s a whole bunch more so yeah. Anything else important that stands out? I just, yeah, still needs tweaking, but I just didn’t wanna spend anymore time on it. And there’s a whole bunch of weird ones after that there. I’m not sure if they’re worth it or not. It’s some are some are some aren’t I like. Brother Alexis [Baniolo] Bugnolo, he said he needs money or he’s gonna leave and go back to America. Because people stopped giving him money after he sided with Russia or Ukraine? Probably Russia. Because the Ukrainians are committing war crimes as well. So he pointed that out probably. You gotta say two sides of the story, man. You can’t. You know you can’t have. Just one side, sorry. Actually not sorry, but anyway. Anything else? Whole bunch of your whole bunch. I guess that’s it. I don’t use up too more memory. some of these don’t work, a couple of them didn’t work right? I should get rid of em. T dot me a whole bunch of those And.******** cookie **** maybe shedding. There may be shedding. Yeah. Yeah. They’re like, there may be shedding doctor Tenpenny [timpani] in in, in the following years. Everyone who took the vaccine may get it [AIDS]. May get. She’s like, may [meh]. Thanks a lot man. That means you don’t know. So maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t wanna say you should shut up, but if you don’t know, OK, may, I guess it’s still, you should. Yeah, she’s right. You do gotta sound the alarm. But what happens is she says May and then people go around saying will. So just a note that you know, you gotta hear it from the source. Anal schwab. This is, yeah, Klaus anal swab.’cause uh Charles is OK, but Klaus isn’t. Klaus is a doctor Evil. Bond villain. Doctor evil. What do we call him? I’ve got it further down. So that’s it for now. I think I’m gonna sign off now. That’s Richie from Boston. He’s like beueueugh [growl] You know, it’s hard. It’s hard to listen to that. Man is growling the full whole thing. He’s nice. He doesn’t make some points, but it’s like. What is that? It’s just annoying all this shitman I think I’ve just had enough, haven’t you? So. That was just a quick recap of the links. Some of the links and my website terrible. Yeah, I know it’s old fashioned scrolling. Yeah, the the theme. I’m not not gonna tweak it yet. I’m, you know, one thing at a time. So it’s just a. See, I transcribed that. That took forever to trans, even with auto dictation, software it’s full of mistakes it took hours. Well, it took an hour to dictate and then an hour to.. Probably more to correct ’cause you still have to do all kinds of things like.. I didn’t timestamp it and I didn’t outline it. God, can you imagine doing that for nothing. All this shit [ship], these guys, he gets paid already. The substack guys get paid. But you know, I gotta get going. Gotta get going. I might. I might. I will record my electronic spring cleaning. Electronic pollution. What do you call it? Electronic. Mess. Electronic noise electronic. There’s this term for it. Sieg Heil Bond villain, Doctor Evil Fuhrer [fewer], Klaus anal Swab WEF World enslavement, fascists. Fcukups WHO World Hoax disorganization yea, Yeah, its kind of satirical word play, but it’s it’s. definitely a factual truth there too. In many ways, uh. Yea, this you know, what’s the point? Putting **** up there for, you know, for few 100 views and no reward. Is that my reward? Few hundred views. Whats the point. What’s the point man? although it could be a lie. I think these small tech effers are. Trying to get me to give up by viewcount fraud. That’s what I think. Because I have been on good authority that the figure is much higher than that. Yeah, I mean, you know, I can’t believe this. What’s the point of that? But I guess an active website, right, that’s the point .600 views in ******* what was it, ten days now? Thanks a lot. Aholes F U2. You’re not there. I’m not there. I got better things to do, too. So signing off. OK. * *****. Mother effers. And they got these. Yeah. That guy at speakers corner. He’s like, you’re in a YouLube video with meme, malicious or whatever meme memeulous. I looked it up & ‘ve got supposedly millions of subscribers. People who clicked a button and never came back and their actual view count as a few 100,000 on each video. Again probably just re page refreshings and leaving comments without watching the video. You can buy that too. It’s all fraud. It’s all fraud. You’ve got a few thousand people watching. OK, good for you. Good for you. That’s good. That’s that’s. That’s good. Good for you. That’s good, George. Good f, George. What was the other one? That’s good. It’s good for you. You do that. You do that. Um. And I just want to disclaim the song that it says everyone has aids. It was a good song and I’m sorry for any lyrics in there inappropriate. Anything inappropriate in there but. The tune is nice. I’m just saying the tune and the ideas is. Fun, because if you know laughter is the best medicine. So there was that hear the garbage truck outside the waste disposal waste managements. So that’s it. And that’s a bit heavy, too, isn’t it? Gonna clean everything up. Clean that up. Spring cleaning. I wish I could just split and go somewhere nice. & Cancun is nice ’cause, they got that White Beach.***** white beach. & the avocado, their guacamole Is I hope they don’t do anything inappropriate to the guacamole, but it was amazing. It was better than anywhere else. Guacamole [mex accent]. Anyway, I guess one advantage of being here is you can play with your toys and get going. ’cause work is play and play is work and when you’re doing this. Which is what? Which is what the hell am I doing I got I got infinite To Do List so let’s let’s get cracking. I just gotta get going another day bites the dust huh. Anyway, you won’t see me for a while. The links are there, you can stay up to date. OK with these links. No point in me repeating. Regurgitating what these guys are saying, which is what they’re all doing. They’re all regurgitating each other like those birds. [hhhhauuh] You know the parent bird, like regurgitating in the [offspring’s mouth]. That should be, That should be a [crime].. That’s abuse, isn’t it? Regurgitating Food. Anyway. So uh. You got the links there and I’ll put this as just as an update and I might do spring clean again. This is so embarrassing. There’s all these spring break videos and I’m doing spring cleaning. It’s never again, man, never more. Name that film. Never more De Niro with the Fokkers Was or the Fockers never more about the cat. He’s like never more so I never more. Yeah, I never wanna be in a situation again its terrible. So.. And these are all all awful. Awful all full. Yeah. You know, ’cause, I saved all the receipts. And I’m not gonna put them in perfect chronological order, but I’d like to put them in a little bit of order, you know, at least by year. And then then I’m gonna show them all in the timelapse. But you know, with all the surveillance ship, the tyranny. I’m like, why am I auto Tyrannizing myself by by invading my own privacy, maybe should be kept private and think about receipts is if if if those if the telephone tyranny comes in, they’re going to be an obsolete historic artifact. And I’m one of the few people that saved all the all the all of that. All these ephemera memorabilia collectibles, so they might be worth something. I don’t know man, but at least I’ll have them digitally saved with the information on them and the physical ones that just stick in storage. So. Alright, shut up. That microphone cuts out the back of it, but anyway, OK, I think that’s it. I know, yea, it’s not proper. It’s not appropriate attire for the office, but for the orifice. But today was today was a. Wasn’t today wasn’t. Thanks for visiting.,, videodiary dot com,, oh he wants to yea they wanna sell me more domains, but I’m like man, if that telephone tyranny. I don’t wanna say slavery. Slavery is a bit rude, isn’t it? But that’s. Hello. Hello. McFly hello. [knock on camera, head like Biff in Back to the future movie] Now that I stop recording, the noise goes away. But no, I’m just saying, if they’re bringing the telephone tyranny. That’s more polite way to put a tyranny. Totalitarian tyranny. I lost my train now of thought. So what was I gonna say? If they bring in the telephone, I got to check the video. Sorry, I forgot. Now I think I’m. I think that’s it. Oh yeah, yeah, the URLs won’t be worth anything, right? If a couple people, a couple billion disappear from this, this. Democide crime against humanity. That’s been proven by all these guys, you know, so you know, the world population will drop by half and or almost or whatever, a big amount, and then they’re gonna make it impossible to get online. What the hell am I buying this **** for? You know, just, just, maybe, maybe, maybe it’s just a short lived thing. So whatever you can, I guess maybe I should encourage people to save. Everything they can because if that date if and when that day comes. Can I? I’ve shown that the EU is already trying to push it. Right here, European union fascist tyranny. Mandatory deadliest injection. I know. I gotta change. This needs work. OK, so that’s it for now. It’s gonna be awhile. I I don’t think I’m gonna be doing this every week or even fortnightly. ’cause. It doesn’t seem it’s unseemly. What does that mean? It doesn’t seem worth it. Does it? Or maybe it is? I have no idea. That’s the beauty of it. It would be so predictable if you knew exactly. If you knew. It would be very. Look at this it doesn’t, its not doing anything [apple macbook pro laptop sticks/ freezes] anyway. There mofo. Ah.. OK, that’s it. Bye bye. A minute of silence & we’ll call it a night. It’s not even letting me out now. A. So Monday, April 11. 4:43 PM. Thanks for visiting,,,, and a hundred domains. Sht, made noise. Anything else? I feel like there’s something else I always feel like there’s something else. It’s like when you leave a restaurant or a taxi and you look to see if anything fell out of your pockets or your. Whatever the F. It’s just, I don’t know, maybe I should leave a live stream running, but it’s it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing. I should not be in this situation. OK, bye bye.

EUROPEAN UNION FASCISM TYRANNY “Mandatory DEADLIEST injection for E.U just went through under the radar”

*WARNING* “After June 30 2022, the European Council has amended resolution 2361 and no longer objects to compulsory deadly harmful pseudo “vaccination”.
-As of July 1 2022 the EU [EW!] announced legislation for mandatory EU covid 19 FRAUD TYRANNY Certificates that deprive you of all freedoms if you do not have a QR covid fraud tyranny slavery certificate. If there is a majority of member states signing the legislation, compulsory deadly harmful spike & H.I.V protein graphene gene modification “vaccination” will be re-introduced. [previous blog evidence proves corrupt govs are owned & controlled by criminal globalist psychos, WEF, WHO, UN, Kalus Anal Swab, Bill Gates of hell etc].
-at the end of 2022/2023 there will be a digital currency to surveil & control.
-The EU will impose a digital ID on every EU citizen to surveil & control. (The Dutch already do & refer to EU version on )
-All ATMs will be replaced by QR code ATMs, like Belgium.
-If these QR code machines are integrated, cash can no longer be withdrawn from banks or elsewhere.
-The EU aims to make cash completely worthless within 18 months to surveil & control.
-The EU resolution permanently deprives every person of their physical integrity. = Nuremberg Code, Human Rights crimes against humanity.
The document can be downloaded here in dutch:”

Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited

ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 london u.k georgegodley com vlog com unedited

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited.MP4 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited.MP4

Tu du du du du tu du… [Singing/ humming “masquerade” song for the brainwashed maskers still promoting the COVID FRAUD] {checking stickers] Not very many of these left do i.. Don’t.. here you go, buon apetito.. thank you.. here, my website. Great! Cool idea! Where are you from? I’m form Ukraine. Ukr..ooh.. woah.. [Russian invasion 1 month ago]. Sorry.. yea I’ve been there before. I was I was  in Yata, Simferopol,  Odessa.. I’ve been there. I’ve been long. You was in Crimea.. I did a video show my vlog. Vlog, You see vlog. Cool. Yea ugh.. I hope it gets better. Sorry man. So yeah, It’s so hard really stressful, my uncle he’s a soldier all my family we are from Dniprovits? Central part of Ukraine, it’s horrible. I trust back my relatives come to England to join me but they don’t want.. grandparents, cousins, they don’t want, theyr’e afraid hard to, long way, get bored, instead of uncles they want to stay in Ukraine. It’s like, I don’t know.. They’re negotiating, they’re talking.. Horrible dream. Yea, Nightmare. They’re talking though, they’re negotiaiting sometimes, theyre trying to fix it. 1m49 you look so bright & so colorful! Its too hot for this huh. I didn’t know it was so.. Would you like to have a seat? I haven’t a lot of space but.. yea thank you I’ll just stand for now for now I can stand, thank you. I’ve been sitting all the time, so. Are you travelling? No, no. I live in the area. I I live in down there. Living the area, I’m just going to get some food theres some.. {hare Krishna chanters] There’s a couple places I go to the.. It’s a better place for finding food. I go to the same ten places, usually 10 – 20 places I’m a regular in some places and I yeah. You find something new & Interesting, yeah. Huh? New & interesting. Yeah, I found you. Oh is it working. I’ll put you on. OK. I’ll put you on my. Can I? you don’t mind. Beautiful drewss. Its good. You see, it’s brighter. Yeah. You want no. Whatever. No, no, that’s cool. 3m10 What’s your name? my name is Ola.. George. Nice to meet you George. A kakrasho! [how nice] you know Russian? Chu chut [little bit]. U understand? What are you doing here? Do you study. I’m working in a property & lawyer  company like an assistant..  Can I see your eyes [please]? Yea.. A, Thank you. Hehe 3m50 I like making photo, its like makes happier.. Ah, the sunshine is so necessary. Yeah, energy.. it helps4m So in a law firm. I hope I I hope I never need. But you never know, do you, there’s so many different types of.. different services.. Do you want to buy something change or just something you need to? I don’t know. What about for staying in the country if they? If they kick someone out ’cause now with the EU thing [Brexit] they can they can. Maybe they don’t let me back in at the airport. That that’s my. That’s my concern now. Something strange. We Have different accounts. Here immigration. property. Education as well. 5m Homemade. And it’s it’s an open sandwich. Looks vegetarian. No, shrimps.. Looks nice here. How long have you been in UK? In London, very long since I was a student, so more than 10 years 20. A year and a half. Yea it’s nice, when it’s like this it’s very nice. 6m40 silence backgraound noise, 7m ambulance oh Oh. I hope it’s not another “vaccine” victim. Here it comes. I’m trying not to talk about the vaccine because I know it’s a touchy subject, but on my website you can see all the information. Yea? You’re not vaccinated? Nn nn nn.. Me as well.. Really, you didn’t?!. No? good. Very bad. It’s very, very bad. How did you know? How did you know ’cause? How did you know? It’s only got lucky special people. I I could have been fooled. I could have been tricked. But I had some things happen that I knew not to take it, but I got lucky. I could have been tricked. But so many people got tricked. Or convinced I don’t wanna say tricked if it’s. If it’s not nice. But convinced. That’s it. All my life i practice my body homeopathy. That’s why I haven’t any “vaccination”. Its very bad, many, many people got hurt, do, you know, do you know the information? on my website I put all the links. You can see all the the truth. Great, It’s cool. I like it. When following you ’cause, you can’t trust the media anymore, man. Bill Gates bought everything. All those World Economic Forum very bad. And most important thing is that some, like most people, might be OK, that’s that’s that’s all we want. We don’t want people to get hurt, that’s all. But nobody knows ’cause it’s experiment. You have to wait five 5-10 years, yes. & the worst thing is people do it with their own initiative. It’s the worst. Yeah. But nobody forced it really in most places, they tried in some places. Buti have some friends like me. And all my family as well.. my parents no whole family,, my parents are not “vaccinated”. Avoid as long as you can.  Avoid, avoid. 10m20 -30 quiet. 1m35 Yeah. No, no & they wanna make slaves out of us with the telephones. They want the Chinese system. That’s why they did all of this was to bring the Chinese telephone system tee dee [Beep] everything and they wanna get rid of cash. Make you a slave to the telephone. You cannot do anything without the telephone. And if you say anything they don’t like, like even now that they can stop your money, stop your travel, stop your food. Just like in China. That’s what they do in China. Yeah. Terrible, but I cant believe they want to do it. Yeah, they do. They do. They’ve done it already. You saw in Canada. You saw what happened. Australia, New Zealand. And they’re all the same people from the World Economic Forum. It’s the same people that they trained. All these people, they this this stupid idea. But I’m happy that the information is out there. Imagine if, uh, it was secret. Nobody knew. At least we know what’s going on and. But some people choose to stay away from this information, they thought they are right.. yea stupid. La La la. Oh, this is great. I wanted a sun tan anyway. Anyway, I wanted to get some sun, sun and good company. Very good. Haha. 12m18 ambience/ atmosphere 12m50 Did you see those videos? Where in Ukraine they’re they’re taping people up to the trees to the telephone poles, they. Like this on the. And they put tape. What? What is it? Theyre taping Russians or Yea Russains, murder & desrroy houses &.. But the taping people up on trees, is it the Ukrainians doing this to the Russians? yea Ukrainians are doing this to the Russians. But I saw girl. I saw women on a tree. Maybe she helped them, a lot of people help Russians its horrible. Yeah, it’s so stupid. This whole thing is so unnecessary. I thought you were like brothers and sisters. Well, they are afrent they I thought Ukraine and Russia were close, no? never, we have different temperaments, way of thinking, behavior.. Different. Really. I thought the language was almost the same. No it’s not. Russian people A little bit could understand us, but not not much. We can, but no.. & It’s different because we are not Russian. It’s huge, huge culture, huge. A lot of in all spheres.. like we have different everything. Language, different history, different behaviors, different cultures, traditions. They are rude? Selfish. They take care only of themselves. In Ukraine, we have strong family roots. Hospitality. Yea.15m  Its important for us, our culture, traditions, music.. I’m dancing in Ukrainian class here in London I go to the different station Ukrainian  pubs. Ukrainian Old national songs. I discovered history of my grand grandparents, great grandparents. Also, I really want to know about this.. In Russia they even haven’t any relation between father and son & between arents & children, no close relationship like we have. 16m first we tried to tell their mothers What are you doing? Yoiur children killed in this war as well.. they haven’t any close relationship like we have with our sons uncles.. nothing about humanity. Hmm.. Thank. 1626 I forgot I have to advertise. You see this? I put it here so everybody can see. Oh, I have to put it there. Promote marketing promotion. As long as no one steals it. Ll’put it over Here. Teu d teu da teu.. [singing happy from sun serotonin endorphins etc]. Your name again? Sorry.. Ola yea Is that Alexandra, Ola, Ola. It’s like Olga. Yeah. Cool name Olga? Olgarts. I have a friend in Greece, so I’m Greek half Greek. Greek American. Yeah, she had Olga. She had a website, old gartz olgarts art. Old gartz [auto typo lol] like art olgart all gartz. She makes candles. She’s trying to sell her art so. Oh man. 1820 Did you ever swim in the Black Sea? In Odessa. You know, I never tried Odessa. I was in Yalta, but I never tried this. I wanted to know the beaches and Odessa. Simferopol. Simferopol’s not on the beach, it’s a bit.. is it? No, Simferopol region. District I cant remember city, 2013 I was last time in Ukraine. Wow. I saw Dolphins. in the Black Sea. Yea in the restaurant. Looks so fun. What, they’re jumping out of the water? La la la 20m ooh. Watch out. That’s bad for you too. Sorry? They said that the telephone is dangerous too. Everything is dangerous. Haha I put airplane mode on mine just in case.’cause I was streaming live normally. I like to be live but. Quality wasn’t so good and I don’t know if the telephone it’s not good to have the telephone doing this all the time. I think it’s. I mean, it’s risky. Nobody knows so. They’re finding all these things now, too much information, they said, even LED lights are like lasers. Don’t know what to believe. 21m What area do you live in? Just area, north, South. Wembley. Oh wow, north. Wembley stadium. Yeah. It. It’s 80,000 people. I think it’s or 100,000 I don’t know huge, wembley arena smaller I think, yeah. I’ll see. I’ll going to go Ed Sheeran. In the summer. I’ll see how big is Arena Stadium? Arena stadium?****. Is it just him other people too playing? No, It’s just him. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding. pum, pum, pom, pum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. 22m Well, I get 80,000 people on my website. So. Maybe per year, I don’t know. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick tick tick. 23m Do you go out on the weekends? Do you go anywhere on the weekends or regular or? Now I protest Every, every weekend in protest, protest. Ah hey I was there, Which one? Downing street & trafalgar square, & this Saturday will be I will be in Ukrainian national –? oh Ukrainian. I went to the covid restriction protest, the freedom protest. 23m39 They have this on Saturday sometimes. I put it on my website. Oh they have Ukrainian protests huh? are they? Wow. How do you know? How do you find out the information on a Facebook page or something or? Yea cause im in Ukranian society diaspora everything you know? Is it through Facebook or? yes.’cause ’cause Ukrainian aid. It’s hard to get this information. Ukrainians In London. All those Pages. Small, small windows About my. danicng. Dancing. Yeah. What? Oh you do ballet? What dancing? National ukranian dancing. Ah okay Cossack. Yes. Is that Ukrainian kozaks? Yeah, I like it when they spin around. When they go. I’ve seen him spin. Have you seen this? When they when they turn around very fast. I really like that. I wonder what that’s called. Kosaks. Cool sex [auto spell dictation software typo lol]. So is this another VAX victim. You think he? You think you got this from the “vaccine”, this guy? Everybody like this, I I ask if it’s from the “vaccine”. I say I say I hope it’s not the “vaxine’. And then they say no. And then I say, did you take it? And they say yes. Here I’m gonna ask him. Are you OK? You OK, mate? I hope it’s not from the “vaccine”. Did you take it? Don’t hit me with a stick. Hit me with your rhythm stick. Hit mey [song]  aha [preparing o leave] Do you have to go? Yea my lunchtime is finished, yea. So so how how we how I can? How I can? Find me? Yea find.. On Facebook, OK. Hang on. (continued).

Sieg heil Bond villain Dr. Evil führer Klaüs Ånãl Swäb W.E.F World Enslavement Fascists Fcukups & W.H.O World Homicide /hoax DisOrganization

FurHerr Klaus und ze Party Poopers (Herr Klaus and ze Party Poppers)

COVID CRIMES EVIDENCE TESTIMONY: “vaccine” bio weapon has H.I.V prions & damages blood -Dr Richard Fleming
Rough loose transcript copy pasta’d from & bold, punctuation, syntax, restructure, timestamps & typo corrections added to

Covid Crimes A witness: Dr. Richard Fleming

Covid-19 is a result of “Gain of Function” research with Coronaviruses, ie. at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is by definition a biological weapon, funded by the US, supported by NIH, NIAD & Department of Defence. This is the story of whistleblower Dr. Richard Fleming who testifies under oath wether Covid-19 and related vaccines are a deliberate attack on the United States. Dr. Fleming consents to this testimony being used in any appropriate proceeding. Please watch the video in it’s entirety here. Please follow Dr. Richard Fleming on Twitter at @Doctor_I_am_The

Credentials Dr. Richard Fleming

Medical Doctor, MD degree
Nuclear cardiology, Cardiology in Internal medicine
Fellow of American College of physicians
Fellow of American society of Internal Medicine
Ph.D. in physics
JD, Doctor of Law
Inventor in the medical field, hold patents for invention
Author of 400-500 papers
Serves on editorial and review boards for professional journals

Is “covid-19” A Bioweapon? YES

3min Dr. Richard Fleming has written a book posing the question if covid-19 [always write in lower case tiny letters because upper case capital letters was a tyranical intimidation propaganda tactic – unless it’s truthful: COVID CRIMES]  is a bioweapon. Dr. Fleming states that “the function of the book was to provide information that the general public could look at, and also provide evidence for the legal system and medical system to understand the Gain of Function research that has been carried out for a couple of decades, to show where the money came from, what papers were published, showing what types of Gain of Function research occurred and to show the patents, to clearly lay out two decades worth of work that’s been conducted funded primarily by the United States, although other countries have been involved, and to show how there’s no evidence that Sars-Cov-2, (the virus that causes Covid-19) is naturally occurring, no animal model for it, and to show the type of research that has been done with coronaviruses funded by the U.S., supported by NIAID, NIH, Department Of Defence, moneys that went to Peter Daszak, Ecohealth, to Ralph Baric, University of Carolina, to Shi Zhengli, Wuhan Institute of Virology, and several other universities around the country, including in the state of Texas.”

4m40 Dr. Fleming: The biological weapons convention treaty states that any adjustment or modification of a biological agent like this virus that doesn’t provide a benefit for mankind, is a biological weapon. These particular changes in this virus, including the PRRA inserts, which are amino acid that were inserted that are very critical for the Furin cleavage site for this virus to infect, the insertion sites that were made with HIV and simian or ape-like HIV equivalent viruses. The prion-like domain at the top of the spike protein as well as the HIV Glycoprotein 120 insert that’s critical for the attachment of this virus to cells, all of which are not naturally occurring. We’ve looked at all the different coronaviruses that exist on the planet. None of them have PRRA insert, none of them have this tremendous amount of HIV inserts, none of them have a regional binding domain that is a prion-like binding domain, which means it attaches to cells. And prions are things that are abnormal proteins that cause other proteins to become abnormally folded. To be clear, genetic changes were made to the spike protein in a lab to create what is known as Covid-19. That’s what the data shows.

6m20 Interviewer: Research done in 2010 by Shi Zhengli, who’s often called the bat lady, her goal of that research was to increase for the ability of the virus to infect human cells. Naturally occurring spike protein from horseshoe bats were unable to bind to human ACE2 receptors. It sounds like you discovered at least two man-made inserts into the Sars-Cov-2 spike protein genetic code, that proved it was produced in a lab?” Dr. Fleming: Right, the research papers Shi Zhengli, Baric, and others published, they were very clear and somewhat proud of the fact that they’ve been able to modify the virus and insert changes to it that made it more infective and potentially more dangerous. [—–transcript missing—-]
9m40 Interviewer: This genetic code for the Furin cleavage insert in the PRRA, is that found in any other coronaviruses in nature? Dr. Fleming: None. There is absolutely no other coronaviruses that has this PRRA insert. Since mutations occur one nucleotide base at a time, you will have to come up with a phenomenal explanation as to why 12 nucleotide bases suddenly inserted themselves into a virus that none of the other viruses in that category have. [—–transcript missing—-]
11m Interviewer: Are you saying sections of the genetic code of HIV were inserted into SARS-COV-2 virus? Dr. Fleming: Shi Zhengli published this early on, many years ago, where she was very proud that she did this. She used a HIV pseudovirus to do it, and we also know that HIV glycoprotein 120 is a prion.
Interviewer: So this is the HIV that became famous in the 80s and 90s. It’s THAT HIV!?” Dr. Fleming: Right.
Interviewer: And somebody took pieces of a genetic code of HIV and put it into Sars-Cov-2?
Dr. Fleming: That’s what Shi Zhengli admitted to in publications that she had yes. It was to increase infectivity to make it more infective. But it is even clearer that what she was going for was the development of a prion disease, because where everybody is coming up to speed with a virus and how challenging it can be to deal with it, what’s even more challenging to deal with are prions. Because prion diseases are relatively new in our understanding for treatment, and they cause permanent damage unless they can be reversed. So the development of a prion putting HIV glycoprotein 120 in there attaching to the sialic acid receptor, there is nothing about that, that is advantageous for people, and the ability to produce prion diseases is quite a weapon.
Interviewer: How lethal are prion diseases? Dr. Fleming: People die from prion diseases.
Interviewer: This process of inserting amino acids to increase infectivity, is that Gain-of-Function?
Dr. Fleming: Right, so Gain-Of-Function is anything you do that changes a naturally occurring biological agent like this virus. The premise of Gain-Of-Function really has a good premise behind it. The original idea is that if you could step ahead of an infectious agent, you could do a good job at providing treatments for people, and knowing when and where it’s going to spread. This isn’t a step ahead. This isn’t a single nucleotide base. This is a spike protein that has an HIV glycoprotein-120 insert into it. This is a spike protein that has four amino acids to make a Furin cleavage site, the PRRA insert. This is a spike protein that has multiple HIV and SIH inserts. This is not something that evolutionary evolved. The evolution of something with this many changes would take hundreds or thousands of years, it’s not staying a step ahead of it. And making this provided no advantage to human beings so it makes it a biological weapons treaty violation. This is playing God.

The cover-up 15m50 FRAUD

Interviewer: Dr. Fauci testified under oath to congress under questioning by senator Rand Paul that the NIH and NIAID had not funded Gain-Of-Function research, is that statement truthful?

Dr. Fleming: That was a lie.
Interviewer: And that lie can be proven by publicly available documents?
Dr. Fleming: Dr. Fauci denied under oath that they provided any Gain-Of-Function research despite the fact that we have a long track record of Gain-Of-Function research. In fact, that Gain-Of-Function research even occurred during the time that it was shut down during the Clinton administration due to concerns by scientists like myself that saw problems with infections getting out from Gain-Of-Function research. That money still got funnelled around primarily through Peter Daszak to whom it got funneled out to Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli and other sources, and they’re even denying that they’re connected to each other, which just completely goes in the face that they have publications, published papers, with both of their names, Baric and Zhi Zhengli are on there. You can find publications that show NIH funding. This was not a well hidden secret. NIH have now come out since with a statement, admitting that they have provided Gain-Of-Function research.
Interviewer: Part of this Gain-Of-Function was designed to make bat coronavirus spike proteins infectious to humans when they were not before?
Dr. Fleming: It’s very clear from the research grants that was payed for by the United States from the published papers that Shi Zhengli and the others have published, by the patents that have been published, that they’ve specifically set out to increase and made possible the ability of these viruses to infect, particularly with the HKU4(Tylonycteris bat coronavirus HKU4), and the HIV pseudovirus glycoprotein-120 inserts that Shi Zhengli and the others were involved with, that they intentionally sought to make this more infectious and in fact accomplished it.
Interviewer: Who were the main players in these genetic engineering experiments?
Dr. Fleming: The primary ones behind this that we know of is Peter Daszak, Ecohealth, Ralph Baric, University of Carolina, Shi Zhengli, Wuhan Institute of Virology. But we know there’s been other individuals involved, we know that other universities were involved including here in Texas. I began querying federal funding sources of Ecohealth and Gain-Of-Function research. That allowed me to run down the grant numbers. What we have is the actual grant numbers, how much moneys there were, wether it came from the Department Of Defence, which payed for half of this.
18m55 Interviewer: Did you discover any attempts to cover up the funding of this gain of function research?
Dr. Fleming: Yes, there were a lot of attempts, but they were not very good as far as I’m concerned, including the Lancet letter where Daszak and so many others got together and published that this was obviously a naturally occurring virus, doing everything imaginable to skew the scientific medical literature to get people to not consider the possibility of it being a Gain-Of-Function lab-oriented bioweapon.
Interviewer: And did this research violate any treaties or laws?
Dr. Fleming: The biological weapons convention treaty is very specific. It states that any bacterial agent, in this case a virus, that does not have a benefit for humanity is a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, and it’s important to know that this is a treaty that the United States has signed and ratified. Article 6 of the U.S. constitution states that treaties are the Supreme Law Of The Land. The signing and ratification of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, the signing and ratification of the International Covenant Of Civil And Political Rights, the United States participating in the Nuremberg trials in 1947 to establish the Nuremberg Code and how patients should be treated. The Declaration Of Helsinki that the U.S. has committed to for research patients, the American Medical Association Code Of Ethics Of Informed Consent. That anybody violating these have already demonstrated that they not only are[n’t] interested in providing informed consent and patients rights, but if they are violating a treaty they are violating the U.S Constitution and anybody who has taken an oath of office, anybody who has stood there and sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, who then ignores these treaties, funds these treaties, funds violation of these treaties, which was done in this instance, who refuses to allow patients to have informed consent, the International Covenant Of Civil And Political Rights, if you’ve done that, you have violated the U.S. Constitution and if you’ve taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, then you’ve committed treason.

In the same year, all the applicants named in that DARPA research grant application participated in the 8th International Symposium on Emerging Viral Diseases in Wuhan, China, October 21-22, 2018. The application was ultimately rejected by DARPA because it involved dangerous “gain of function” experiments that created new human-infecting viruses and because the research had a clear potential for dual use within a bioweapons development program. DARPA, however, left the door open for partial funding and it is very likely that experiments were already underway in the laboratories of the principal investigators at the time the application was submitted. It is likely that sometime in 2018 the PLA (People’s Liberation Army), together with a tight circle of Chinese scientists both inside and outside the People’s Republic of China, hijacked that project design. The Laboratory Origin of COVID-19 and the Ongoing Cover-up of its Origin

21m20 Interviewer: When you reached the conclusion that Sars-Cov-2 was a bioweapon released on the planet, what was your reaction?
Dr. Fleming: Uncomfortable and disappointed. These individuals have presented nothing that suggest that this type of research was something that was of benefit to humanity, and considering the funding of the sources…

Are the “vaccines” effective? 22m NO

Dr. Fleming: If you look at the emergency use authorisation documents, you have to ask yourself two questions;

  1. How many people get sick, and that is this number we talk about “vaccine” efficacy, how many people get sick if they’re “vaccinated” versus how many people get sick if they weren’t vaccinated.
  2. Why are they’re getting vaccinated? “Vaccine” efficacy is not why they’re getting “vaccinated”. They’re getting vaccinated so they don’t get sick and that is called an absolute risk reduction.

If you go to the EUA documents for Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen who are approved in the U.S., and you ask that fundamental question; How many people do not get sick?

For Pfizer, using their data, there is no statistically significant reduction of Covid cases in “vaccinated” people versus unvaccinated. If you look at Moderna, the same thing, no statistical reduction in covid cases for the “vaccinated” versus the unvaccinated. Janssen did something more complex. They looked at results at 2 weeks, 14 days after injection, and 28 days or 4 weeks. If you look at their data 2 weeks after the injection there is a statistical reduction in the number of Covid cases. If you carry out two more weeks, which they did, that difference is gone, so if you want to “vaccinate: people every two weeks, go for it!

23m30 The “vaccine” doesn’t prevent infection, nor statistically reduce the number of Covid cases or deaths, nor transmission. And that’s what we’re seeing right now. No virus comes in just one flavour, if you will. So Sars-Cov-2 didn’t just come as Wuhan HU1, it had the Alpha, the Beta, the Gamma and the Lambda and the Delta, and all the other variants [Xi], all the different changes. What we’ve done in the past is we’ve made vaccines by taking all the parts of the virus, with all of the variants, and weakening it, and then injecting it into people so that if you saw another version of the virus, or other parts of it, you would have an immune response to it. What we did with these “vaccines”, is we very specifically said, let’s just look at the spike protein at the original one, called Wuhan HU1, and let’s make that genetic code and turn the human cells into a manufacturing plants to make those spike proteins. What did that do? For the people who got “vaccinated”, many of them who did it because they were worried about other people. We need to understand that these people were well intentioned. They were afraid, they were fearful, they didn’t want somebody else to get sick because of them, they didn’t want other family members to get sick, they didn’t want the man or the woman down the street who have cancer or heart disease to get sick, so as good citizens they were told; you need to do this and it will make a difference. But the vaccines don’t prevent you from getting infected or spreading it, so by using this approach we injected this mRNA & DNA into people, for just one type of spike protein, not the rest of the virus, not the nucleocapsid which turns out to be what humans make the best immune response to, not the envelope, not the membrane, and not the other types of spike proteins, ONE TYPE!

What we see is people getting “vaccinated” with it, and if you track what happened, not only in the United States but around the world, as these “vaccines” has been used, fewer and fewer people have gotten infected with the Wuhan HU1, or if they got infected they were ready for it, but they weren’t ready for the other variants, the Alpha, the Beta, the Delta, the [Xi] Omicron, those they didn’t have an immune response to. So they responded to it rapidly and then when they spread the virus to other people, they spread the ones who weren’t attacked because the immune system wasn’t ready for it. So we’ve done a great job of pressure selecting out this virus to the variants so that we’re spreading and shifting it, and now the spike protein of Omicron is so different than even Delta or Alpha or HU1 that the ability of our immune system to respond to that isn’t there. And we’re seeing more and more people with this variant coming down with symptoms and spreading it to other people. When you ask have the “vaccine” done a good job of reducing this, all you have to do is look at the science, all you have to do is looking at the numbers; Israel “vaccinated” the vast majority of it’s country with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and their cases of Delta escalated right off the chart as a result, they simply did pressure selection. In the United States we’ve done the same thing. We’ve seen the [Xi] Omicron and Delta variants been pressure selected out by this vaccine program. This has not helped reduce it, it simply shifted the variants and persisted the problem and stressed people and made them afraid.

27m40 Interviewer:
In this case if you look at the data, the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated on an absolute risk reduction standard, was statistically insignificant? Dr. Fleming: The absolute risk reduction is somewhere between 0.8–1.3%.
Interviewer: And that was known by the FDA and the drug manufacturers before these vaccines were rolled out. Dr. Fleming: What bothers me, I watched these FDA meetings for the EUA, and none of the people on the panel raised the question what’s the absolute risk reduction, which is the goal of actually vaccinating people. I watched the FDA meetings for the booster shoots, and I don’t remember wether it was the Pfizer or Moderna, their head of “vaccine” project said that “T-cell response was unimportant”, but T-cell response is critical! You have B-cells and T-cells which refer to where they come from. The T-cell response, which is called the innate immunity, is critical and it is the first thing that happens to people. The B-cells, and antibody responses occurs several days later. But for the antibody response to occur, the T-cells have to be working and we know from published data, and I provided documents for this, that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines suppress the T-cell response in people that get the vaccines, not only do the count of those cells go down, but the chemicals they produce, Interferon, which simply means it interferes with the production of viruses, and what’s called T-helper 2 cells which are a type of T-cell that is critical to help make the right antibody response, all of that is suppressed in individuals who get these “vaccines”. Listening to people tell me that they’re Mr. Science, or Big Pharma saying that it’s all about the Science, or anybody else saying it’s all about the Science, I’m seeing a tremendous lack of actual science integrity and interrogation of the science because when you go into the EUA documents and you do the science, the interrogation of the data to see if it’s really different, you discover it’s not. The data is very clear, the science is very clear, the vaccines have not done anything to reduce Covid cases or deaths.

Are the “vaccines” safe? NO   30m15

Dr. Fleming: Just a fundamental question: If you understand that the spike protein is a Gain-Of-Function bioweapon. Why would you then replicate that same genetic sequence and put it in a “vaccine”? I think most people were under the impression that you get an injection in your muscle, that it stays in your muscle, except that’s not what happens. The studies were very clear. The lipid nanoparticle influenza “vaccine” made by Moderna spread to the brain, the bone marrow, the liver, the spleen, the heart, the kidneys, the intestine, every part of the animals body, it doesn’t stay at the site of injection. These things aren’t directly injected into your cells, they are being injected in the muscle, which has fluid around the cells that drains out to the rest of your body and gets into your bloodstream where it can have very serious consequences. Some of the research that we’ve recently done on Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen “vaccines” and what happens when they are introduced into human blood.

31m35 When people spread infections back and fourth, they spread around thousands or ten thousand particles while coughing or sneezing on somebody. So that’s the amount that you would get exposed to. With the “vaccines”, those numbers are significantly different–We’re not talking about thousands or tens of thousands, we’re talking about billions in these “vaccines”. Billions of genetic sequences to make spike proteins. For Pfizer & Moderna it’s 13.1 billion. For Janssen and AstraZeneca it’s 50 billion. A virus, to get into your cells, it has to find the ACE2 receptor. These vaccines don’t. The lipid nanoparticle simply merge with your cell membrane, they don’t have to look for an ACE2 receptor to get it. They simply merge with it and release all that genetic sequence in. What we’re seeing with “vaccinated” individuals are healthy people reacting. Why? Because they are not getting exposed to a thousand to a ten thousand virus particles from somebody who coughed or sneezed at them. They’re getting billions. And if they have a functioning healthy body, their immune system is looking at that and is saying; Wow! We have just been massively infected and amount an immune response–That immune response has inflammation and blood clotting. You release chemicals to kill the cells that are infected, that’s why you’re getting a runny nose. And blood clotting to wall off the invader so it can’t get out and can’t get nutrients so it dies. So that inflammation and blood clotting is what your body should do, except you don’t get infected with billions of these viruses. So healthy people are reacting to something that looks like a nuclear bomb went off in their body and they are reacting to it. That’s producing a lot of inflammation, a lot of blood clotting and a lot of adverse events. And what we’re seeing with all the people with adverse events, are all the people that are healthy, younger, responding to what appears to be an overwhelming infection in their body with all the spike proteins, and we’re seeing inflammation, blood clotting, strokes, seizures, heart disease, miscarriages and deaths that we’ve never seen before in the history of mankind for “vaccines” that’ve been made.

VAERS – U.S Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

34m40 It doesn’t matter to me wether it’s been 15 000 deaths or 150 000 deaths. If in 1976, 25 deaths was enough to cause people to say, we need to investigate this, and in 2021, if 15,000 deaths isn’t enough, we have a problem. I’ve done animal research for many decades of my life, and there’s a reason for doing it, because you don’t experiment on people, unless you’re nazis.

*******35m35 CDC data shows more injuries & deaths from these covid “vaccines” than all others combined for the past 30 years. ********

36m20 If you come into a hospital and if you have an adverse effect for any of the other vaccines there is a code to that, that goes into the computer and that will be tracked through history. These things are called Computerised procedural terminology (CPT). There is no CPT code to enter into a computer system for an adverse event to any of these Sars-Cov-2 vaccines.[=COVER UP FRAUD]
Interviewer: Even though this is part of a clinical trial, and therefore they have a legal obligation to track events, there is no universal code for physicians to code in an adverse event?
Dr. Fleming: That’s right. Interviewer: Have we ever seen this before? Dr. Fleming: It’s the first time.
Interviewer: These vaccines that are available are still part of a clinical trial that lasts until 2023 correct? Dr. Fleming: Yes, it shows on National Clinical Trial site.
Interviewer: When you’re doing a clinical trial one of the most important things you need to do is to track adverse events I assume? Dr. Fleming: We’re going to look back on this, in 2020 and 2021, and say how many people really had an adverse event of the “vaccines”?

Are the “vaccines” bioweapons?37m50 YES

Interviewer: Have you seen any animal studies released by the current vaccine manufacturers before emergency use authorisation?
Dr. Fleming: I haven’t seen any animal studies by those corporations before or after they’ve come out. The only animal studies that has been done are by independent scientists who have been asking the questions that these companies should be asking, which is what are the consequences in animals to these “vaccines”?” Interviewer: What has that research uncovered? Dr. Fleming: Independent research has shown there is damage to the brains and other organs caused by these viruses and “vaccines” that are called prion diseases, so you can have Mad Cow Disease or Alzheimer’s in the brain, or Amyloid disease in the heart. The studies done on animals has been very clear and consistent. Prion diseases, inflammation, blood clotting, thrombotic diseases, miscarriages, other health problems and deaths. And none of this [research] has been done by Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen or the other companies.
Interviewer: This animal research could’ve been done before the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), but we have no record that it was ever done or reported. Dr. Fleming: This animal research should have been done. It violates every treaty and code that we ever had as human beings. There was one instance in time that animal research was abandoned by doing it on people first. And we prosecuted those people in 1947 at the Nuremberg trials. One of the questions we had, “what happens if the “vaccine” gets into your blood?” We looked at Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, we have looked at the effects that those “vaccines” have on the blood and it’s almost immediate. We’re going to look at 3 examples of slides that we took from 7 different patients and 3 different vaccines, and we looked at samples of blood under the microscope.


1) Pfizer vaccine. The nice red colour are red blood cells, they’re able to carry oxygen from the lungs to the body. Next to them are a lot of grey cells. These are still “red blood cells”, though they’re no longer red because they’re no longer able to carry oxygen. Since there’s plenty of oxygen in the air what we’re seeing is an inability of the hemoglobin in those cells to bind to oxygen and they stay this way, after many many minutes of watching them they didn’t turn back or even begin to turn back.


2) Moderna vaccine. The exact same thing can be seen in another patient.


3) Janssen vaccine. Is showing the exact same phenomenon with the loss of hemoglobin to hold oxygen as shown by grey cells next to the bright red cells that are still functioning, that haven’t been damaged by the vaccine.
Interviewer: If we look at these slides is what we’re seeing is that when you added the “vaccine” to the red blood cells, the red coloration goes awayDr. Fleming: The red coloration goes away and it stays that way. And it’s not a matter of just adding liquid to it, because we also looked at adding normal saline which dilutes it a little bit, but it doesn’t take the red colour away. The hemoglobin is no longer able to carry oxygen. This means that the hemoglobin molecule has been damaged. Something is happening to the hemoglobin molecule and it doesn’t reverse. The other thing we saw is that the blood begins to clump together. It’s not a matter of time, its not a time phenomenon. This blood was drawn directly from patients, the vaccines gets added, the vaccines touch the red blood cells, the red blood cells turn pale. They’re no longer red. The important thing is not only the oxygen carrying capacity, but the fact that the hemoglobin that picks up oxygen from your lungs, when it’s in your body it takes the carbon dioxide out and takes it back to your lungs. If the hemoglobin is damaged and can’t carry oxygen, that same damage exists and it’s unlikely that it’s even going to be able to carry the carbon dioxide out.
43m40 Interviewer: What’s the consequence of this depletion of the oxygen carrying capacity of these red blood cells? Dr. Fleming: None of these red blood cells can carry any oxygen into your body. The real question is how much of this is going on in any individual? No amount of these “vaccines” should have damaging effects on red blood cells. This is a tissue level thing, early onset, this is like the animal studies. If you’re going to give a drug to a patient, you need to know that the drug will work, and what consequences there may be. Seriously, this is an easy project to do. You take the “vaccine”, you take human blood, you add it to it, and if anybody can prove to me that what we saw repeatedly is wrong, then go for it, prove me wrong. But you’re not going to because the beautiful thing about science is that we conducted this in more than one site on the planet, in 7 different people with all 3 vaccines, they all have the same devastating effect on the blood.
Interviewer: You have a working theory or hypothesis why these “vaccines” are causing discolouration and clumping? Dr. Fleming: Yes I do. We’ve known for a long period of time that RNA or DNA when it’s outside of the cell is a prion. Human red blood cells are the only cells in the human body that don’t have a nucleus or ribosomes. All they have is hemoglobin to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. So red blood cells can’t do anything with genetic code that is entered into it. Lipid nanoparticle would merge with red blood cells. If red blood cells behaved like any other part of the body does outside of the cell that doesn’t have a nucleus or ribosomes, when RNA or DNA comes into contact with it, it acts like a prion and changes protein structure. Hemoglobin is a protein, so it looks to us what is happening is these “vaccines” are releasing the RNA or DNA of the vaccine into the red blood cells, having a prion effect on the hemoglobin molecule, permanently changing the hemoglobin molecule so that it no longer has the same shape or configuration so it can’t find oxygen and it won’t be able to pick up carbon dioxide.

Interviewer: Are the vaccines re-programming the innate immune systemDr. Fleming: What we have seen is that 2 of the critical steps for your immune system, interferon, and T-helper 2 cells which are critical for helping to make antibodies, those are all suppressed. T-helper 2 cells has 3 components that need to match up with the B-cells that makes antibodies. Only when these three match up does a signal get sent to your antibody system to make antibodies for a specific type targeting a specific infection and keep memory cells for that. In the absence of the T-helper 2 cells, being produced like they should, that system even though it exists is going to be blunted. 47m34 gain of function Spike protein vaccine = bio weap0n.
Human & child experimentation abuse.


COVID-19: A Second Opinion
Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
Watch the whole 5 hour long video


49m Interviewer: If you were advising to fight this attack, what would you recommend? Dr. Fleming: When you’re doing something in medicine or science and there is a bad outcome, you stop doing it. We don’t keep repeating the things that cause the problem. All the evidence shows that there is no statistical benefit to using these “vaccines”. The mass “vaccination” has caused pressure selection of these variants. It has produced significant adverse effects in the people that it’s given to. The FDA has admitted during its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) documents for children, that we won’t know what it does to our children, until we experiment on our children. It’s very clear. These vaccines have done nothing to solve the problem. They need to be stopped. The companies need to held legally accountable. The questions about why all these codes and treaties that we claim that we honour are being abused needs to be addressed. The Gain-Of-Function research needs to be stopped. We need to hold the people accountable that have been responsible for doing this.

  • They have violated the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty.
  • They have violated the Nuremberg code.
  • They have violated the International Covenant Of Civil And Political Rights.
  • They have violated the American Medical Association Code of Ethics (which may not be a criminal act, but it is the way I thought we were supposed to practice medicine)

There comes a time for everybody to be held accountable for things that they do. People make mistakes. I’m human. I know I make mistakes. I’m my own worst critic. 2 decades worth of Gain of Function research, all focused on increasing infectivity of this virus, with consequences that are very clear around the world. We took procedures in 2020-2021 that made no scientific sense. There is no data to show that the quarantining of citizens around the world stop this virus. If there is explain to me why in 2021 this virus is endemic. It didn’t stop it. Physicians abandon the practice of medicine for a variety of reasons. Some of them might have literally thought they were doing the right thing. Many of them were told there was no treatment, and who told them that? Agencies of the Federal Government Run by Fauci & Collins. Those agencies don’t practice medicine. You don’t call them when you go to the hospital. Your physician practices medicine, that’s the person you see that takes care of you. We have interfered with practice of medicine, with physicians feeling like they could practice medicine. For physicians who haven’t bothered to measure treatment outcomes, I encourage them to get the quantified measured data to see wether they work or don’t work. But at least they’re trying something, which is something we always used to always do before we figured it out. I was there when HIV was hit the scenes. We didn’t know what we were doing. So we worked. We winged it. We treated symptoms. 2019 all the things we did in science and medicine was thrown out the windows. We locked down society. We put fear into everybody’s hearts. We told people to quit believing people who might tell you something different. We quit challenging the scientific paradigm. In science we’re always debating. Anybody who thinks physicians and scientists are this jolly group that are constantly agreeing with each other, No! Scientific debate is constantly had. Physicians frequently will talk amongst ourselves and debate what should or shouldn’t be done, but that is a free exchange of ideas, that hasn’t been done.

Nazi defendants listen to U.S. prosecutors, including former SMU Law Dean Robert Storey, during the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany. [Photo ©Bettmann/CORBIS]

The authorities should be looking into why this happened, making sure that people are being taken care of, and it needs to be holding accountable the people who caused this chaos, and mayhem to begin with, and stop it from occurring again. –Dr. Richard Fleming

FASCISM SLAVERY TYRANNY WARNING 📱📡 🛰️ 卍☭⛓️ – Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc,

“California Is Being Destroyed – Unthinkably Bad Laws Proposed”
13min15: Alleged Nuremberg code human rights violator, ☭ communist china 卍 fascist tyrant slavemaster “senator” Richard Juien-Dah Pan (ironically from free China Taiwan) authors & promotes non consensual deadly mrna inf/jection digital i.d slavery bills/ laws. CITIZEN’S ARREST & LOCK HIM UP! hoist him with his own petard! stick his deadly clot shots & radioactive slave phones up his ass sideways!

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc, writes:
Universal slavery is just months away. The toxic experimental mRNA jabs aren’t just killing people. They are now leading us directly into vaccine passports, digital passports & universal SLAVERY. If we are going to win this war then our sole aim has to be to spread the truth about the route along which the conspirators are planning to take us. I’ve been warning the bad things happening were planned in the 1960s. Dr Richard Day, professor of pediatrics, said at a conference in 1969, in the future the elderly would be eliminatedsocial chaos promoted, travel restricted, private medicine eliminatedheart attacks deliberately increasedworld population reduced, information controlled, fake science & global warming myths promoted, cameras everywhere, unisex sports, implanted ID cards, controlled food, hospital jails, controlled weather & people, books banned and removed from libraries, television sets watching watchers, cancer cures suppressed and new diseases deliberately introduced.
Today, those who aren’t jabbed are already being denied medical care. Social credit schemes are being introduced everywhere – with vax passports as the key. But it’s what comes next that’s worrying. Their plans are quite clear. The climate change hoax [LOL] planned back in the 1960s is the really big threat we face. Covid-19 was the warm up act for the big one – the global warming fraud. That was always going to be the excuse for tough new legislation, economic destruction, more genocide, the end of medical care and the introduction of digital passports. Now, it’s all coming very, very fast, the predictable clamp downs, economic destruction, truth-tellers suppressed by the conspirators. Conspirators at the BBC, who regard global warming as scientific fact [lol- f-ing liars], report that a small army of volunteers is keeping truth-telling `deniers’ off Wikipedia (in my view already the most dangerous, dishonest and corrupt website in history). So much for freedom of speech and debate – yet again. These people are suppressing views they disagree with and the BBC treats them as dedicated heroes. Those of us daring to tell the truth about the jabs are now being targeted by counter terrorism officers on the grounds that we are undermining national health security. I first warned about the side effects associated with the mRNA jabs in a video in December 2020 when I warned that the jabs would cause deaths and illnesses including myocarditis and strokes. The warning was largely ignored and I was even further suppressed. (Exactly the same thing happened with anti-vivisection campaigns over 30 years ago. My phones were tapped and I couldn’t go out of doors without being followed by a bloke from special branch with a video camera. People scoff and no one believes it until it happens to them.) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is introducing more wicked net zero legislation that will impoverish us all. That’s going to happen this year. The average family will be at least 25% poorer by the end of the year. Energy prices are going to soar. There have been four major oil spills and tankers catching fire already this year. Oil exploration has slowed, of course, because of the insane global warming cultists. The World Health Organisation [Wicked Hoax disOrganization] is planning global laws to manage problems in the future. They’ll be joining up with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. All these people are unelected. But think about it: you can’t have global laws without a global government. It’s no coincidence that every leader in the world is now hated. They want us to hate our national governments so they can set the world up for a global government run by climate change cultists. The mainstream media particularly the BBC and The Guardian, both of which have financial links to Bill Gates – who is regarded by the WHO as a member state – will doubtless approve the idea. I am not exaggerating when I warn you that we are heading rapidly towards global slaveryRemember that the United Nations member states agreed in 2019 – on April 1st no less – to implement their plans on population and development. The plans included massive controls on population growth.
Hundreds of millions will die in Asia and Africa. The elderly and the sick will be killed. The conspirators (for that is what they are) want total control over people and events. This is democide. It is now becoming clear how covid – the rebranded flu – is being used to promote vax passports, digital passports which will be linked to your NHS number. There’s a ton of new legislation being pushed through to build a communist state on the back of a disease which I’ve proved has killed fewer people than the flu would have done in an average year. The `Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ will end our right to protest peacefully and lead us further into a police state. The Human Rights Act Reform Bill, is officially called a Modern Bill of Rights. They’re pushing it as a bill for freedom but that’s like claiming the BBC provides balanced, fair-minded news programmes. The UK Government says that freedom of expression cannot be an absolute right when balanced against the need to protect national security. That’s their excuse for lying, demonising truth tellers & suppressing facts and truths.
The Emergency Bill, introduced in March 2020, immediately after the UK Government was officially told that covid-19 was no more deadly than the flu. It still stands in the background and gives the Government extraordinary powers. It enables them to do pretty much whatever they like. Parliament keeps voting it through. And then there is NHSX – a special little organisation which is linking the NHS and NHS Digital. The plan is to introduce technical architecture (as they call it) to link the whole of the NHS – across health and caring. There will be apps taking the vax passports directly into digital passports. Privacy will be a thing of the past. Once again this is being done very quietly by unelected bureaucrats. In the new NHS the medical establishment wants a reduction in the number of cancer screening tests being done and the number of people being treated. Cutting down patients being diagnosed and treated will, they say, help stop global warming. And there is the digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) that will be introduced on 6th April 2022 to `help’ employers and landlords check up on us all. Big Brother is already here but will be even bigger from April onwards. When warned about the coming lack of privacy, millions glibly say `I’ve got nothing to hide’. Will they say that when  neighbours can [see their medical & financial data]? Digital passports and wearable monitors will track your weight if you’ve been ordered to lose weight.
All these things are happening all around the world. They are pushing through legislation on the back of the rebranded flu; legislation designed to remove cash, introduce digital passports and take total control of every aspect of our lives. The key to stopping all this is simple. DON’T USE A SMART PHONE [dumb phone]. [airplane mode, minimal use, mostly off] Get a cheap calls-only phone. Don’t ever download their apps onto any phone or computer. Without apps they can’t control us. Make sure you don’t join the digitalised zombies. And make sure your family, friends and neighbours stay firm. We can win this. And we have to or we’re heading directly into slavery – by the end of the year.
Since the publication of his books `The Medicine Men’ and `Paper Doctors’ in the 1970s, Dr Vernon Coleman has been acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on iatrogenesis and drug side effects. After he exposed the covid fraud in March 2020 he was demonised, lied about and banned from main stream media and all social media. (All accounts in his name on social media are fakes.) Universal slavery is just months away. DISTRUST THE GOVERNMENT, AVOID MASS MEDIA, FIGHT THE LIES”
[evidence: the “climate change” fraud hoax was originally named “global warming”, an obvious lie, so they changed it to include all weather which has always changed so globalist tyrants use it for power and profit.]

covid vaccine victims

disclaimer: Richard Juien-Dah Pan thoughts & feelings not to be taken tooo seriously, his mass murder slavery bills & laws VERY seriously. 

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM LONDON Sat 19 mar 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited Dr Mike Yeadon, Piers Corbyn WARNINGS @ 1hr54min

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM LONDON Sat 19 mar 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 480p from 4K stereo.
-Geo Godley intro
, digital flyer, nonstop ambulances, disabled vaccidents vax victims everywhere
-Parliament square 4m27
1p.m instead of 12 noon: too late ahole!
-Buckingham Palace 8m53 print 8m05
-was sagst du? 7m12
-disabled ski poles guy: excuse me i hope the vaccine didn’t do that. NO.  Did you take it? YEA! (typical hypocritical answer) 10m00
-March protest demonstration 11m30
-Heiko, speakers corner regular, Piers Corbyn pal 16m30
-disabled wheel chair smile protester 18m50
-Not “vaccinated” unvaxxed YELLOW STAR apartheid (“slave, apartheid or ghetto”- dr Vernon Coleman) 15m38
-Hyde Park corner 23m30
-Picadilly street 24m00
-Nick Leicester square dancer 30m30
-Thumbnail 4K vidcap 50m23
-Nigerian guy, Leicester square/ Picadilly circus regular 52m39
-Picadilly circus 53m55
-Remeece Don’t tek di vaccine 57m34
-Oxford street 1h07m35
-HANG EM! Hang the treasonous lot! 1h11m15
-Center point, Tottenham court road 1h11m59
-Charing cross road 1h13m00
-Vaccine widow, covid “vaccine” victim Dr Stephen Wright 1h15m10
-Disabled walking stick man: excuse me i hope the vaccine didn’t harm you 1h17m20
-ca/n/m you hold this one second please 1h21m50
-Leicester square 1h20m56
-digital I.D SLAVERY China social credit surveillance control infrastructure in place: NHS gov test trace tracking system QR codes 1h23m56
-Trafalgar square 1h26m30
– alternative school system to avoid non consensual state indoctrination
-101 Year Old Ron “we need marches for freedom ancestors fought for”

TRANSCRIPT. 1h54: ***Pfizer ex Vice president dr. Mike Yeadon & ***Piers Corbyn important messages.

Another vaccident.. so this protest, Parliament Square, they’ve closed off the street like a mile away from it so you need another hour to walk down the damn closed street. It’s 19th is it or 20th, 19th March 2022 Saturday. Thanks for visiting, & 100 domains.There’s. Freedom. Last time I did this, I wasn’t gonna do it anymore. ’cause last time I did this, they just F’d off. They just disappeared. What’s the point in coming here and finding no one. I mean, no, there’s a bunch of stagnant people that don’t move with the.. I don’t know where it was going. Went all over the place so. Met some nice people down there. Victoria St. They should tell people where the trajectory is, where the path is.’cause. Anyway. Another vaccident. Yup, its an ambulance, I saw it. Nonstop ambulances and people walking [limping]. Disabled people from the vacindents look vaccine injuries. Its not from the vaccine, is it? I found a politer way to ask them is, I hope that’s not from the.. Injection, vaccine. It’s not even a vaccine, look see. How many you gonna see? Man its nonstop ambulances and disabled people. So uh.. anyway Yeah. So a politer way to say it is, you’ll have to see the clip, you’ll have to see the clips of how I say it. 2m20 So my back was was disabled. Probably from shedding from the from the dam fake fraudulent COVID Mrna Injection shedding from the vaccinated, from the fake vaccinated. But then I’ve had. I’ve had the back pain before, but. So I took this. I couldn’t tell you, but this is drug. It took me years to find it thanks to my. Nurse muse. You pop one of those and goes. I have to see side effects and see, but it’s called. shalI tell you? maybe later. Why should it take me years to find it? And you not? & not you. Did you help me? Theyre all gone man. Where’d they go man? It looks like they went down there there’s a big crowd. Microwave radiation here. Get away from them. Helicopter. Toldya, it’s an ambulance again, totally every two minutes. Another vaccident VAX victim I’m tellin ya. No squinting scrunching frowing. 4m10 Haha mask in the car. When they mask kids who have zero percent zero chance of catching this stupid bioweapon flu, rebranded flu, I feel like saying, that’s child abuse, man. But I don’t wanna get in the [argument]. Where did everyone go? Excuse me Where did the posters go that way? Wonderful Buckingham palace. You sure?, I’m at. Down that street.. Did I miss something here? What did they say anything here or not? They didn’t have anything going on here, right? Did they did? Yes. Look up that way, but they didn’t do anything except have a crowd they didn’t do. Like any. Speeches or anything like I did, yeah. I see. Stop later. They’ll be there. Trafalgar Square? No I said.. But if I can’t catch up with him, can I? Do you know if they’re going to Trafalgar square after or Hyde Park? Probably yea, Cheers. Man, he’d be rolling [spinning] in his grave. {Lloyd George statue] Oh its not Churchill Where’s the Churchill one? He’s right there! They got police all over him.. Church Churchill would be rolling in his grave if he knew it was going on. I gotta get the Churchill one. Why are they guarding the Churchill one more than the.. He’d be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on these days. We always have. So its not live, because live is such sh– quality such bad quality. You know, what’s the point being live if it looks like sh-t & there’s hardly anyone there anyway, & they watch it later anyway, so I’m not gonna edit this ’cause. I still haven’t learned the final cut completely I can dabble in it. But you know the new final cut, you know? I was on the old the older version. I might Try Adobe for Vidcapture photo grabs . So this will be the uncut version and get this out of the picture this thing [mic wind cover]. No. I can’t hear you. Was? Was? was sagst du?.  “Today is sponsored by monero?”. I think they go to Trafalgar  square at the end. I prefer to just see them in Chicago Square and then run everywhere. Like a  madman. There you are. [lLight paper] You gotta get the print version ’cause the Internet could go down with all these fraudster criminals. They can just pull down the Internet. But if you have this you’ll still get some truth. Instead of all the lies. 8m30 Oh, sorry. Where the hell are they? If they left, I’m that’s it. I’m not following them anymore. Stay for awhile. No, because. Will help you. I can’t cross. Tell me the shortest. Yeah. If we get here. You can’t get out even there. Quote enough if they’re both. This is how I can Excuse me. Thank you. 10m Another vaccident. Excuse me if the vaccine, I hope the vaccine didn’t do that. No, no. Did you take it? Yeah, yes the vaccine’s good for you. See that’s how I do it, to not be rude. I hope the vaccine didn’t do that. Otherwise they can get upset like it’s a secret that it did it. Or that a lot of people got it from that. & theyre always like, no, it didn’t do this. Did you take it? Yes. Did it make it worse? Holysh. Buckingham palace.. 11m30 protest join. Stop masking children too. 18m55 smiling disabled wheelchair protester “end the jabbing” “big pharma loves you” 30m51 Nick dancer guy 34 we will fight for human rights 50m23 4K thumbnail picture 52.40 Nigerian Picadilly circus 57m30 🎶 “DON’T TEK DI VACCINE” & “UNVAXXED SPERM” lol 1h7 battery change 1h12 dr evil & his needle is coming for your kids, Tottenham court road  1h14 coerced vaccination is medical rape 1h23 no covid pass swastikas , let’s help stop the spread of corona[fraud tyranny] QR code {uk gov wasted tens of billions on this failed china social credit nhs “test and trace” human rights nuremberg code violation scheme]

1h32m20 Trafalgar square it’s been an amazing day today guys powerful. The children of this beautiful day we often talk about human rights, but what about children rights? And that is what we’re standing for today. The children and their right to choose. To be safe. From this poison covid jab. We are protesting with hundreds of countries worldwide. That’s why worldwide demo is so important because we’re starting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world. Remember guys, we are part of a global freedom movement & what a beautiful movement this is. Make some noise for the freedom movement people. Today we are united and we are not divided because we are stronger together when we work as one. All quibbles aside, we are here for the children. We stand in solidarity for the children guys and that’s why we’re here today. Thank you all so much for coming. It has been absolutely amazing. 1h33.50 We’re just waiting for a couple of more strugglers? to come in and then we’ve got words from a very, very important person. Yeah. So come on, guys. Let’s make some noise for freedom people, make some noise, people. 1h35m30 but we’re here. We’re saying no. The policing bill wants to stop us making noise so we will make some noise, people. Make some noise for freedom. Freedom! Hang em! Hang em! We’re Standing here today for the children. No covid jabs for kids. Now, we have an amazing woman right here. 1h36 She’s called the VACCINE WIDOW and she has been through a lot. Please welcome her to the stage right now people give her a warm welcome, come on guys you can do better than that.. this brave woman has come to speak today abnout her story.. Hi, Thanks for having me. I’ve done this speech before. Last year in Birmingham and it took everything I had. I’m not a comfortable public speaker, but I believe with my whole heart that I should be here to tell my husband’s story because he can’t. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, he would have been 34. It’s the second time I have to live through this day without him. And tomorrow is even harder because last year I was so numb I couldn’t feel anything. This year all I can feel is pain and anger. My husband Steven ws the most kind, caring, charismatic funny and loving husband to me and daddy to our 2 boys Isaac age 8 & Elijah, who’s two. Its what many people say when they lose a loved one, but I cannot express how true these words are. He was the most amazing husband. He did everything from cooking, cleaning, changing nappies, even delicately rehoming spiders. Despite working full time in his NHS Row and building his own private business in child and adolescent psychology. My head.. He always found time to make me feel beautiful and special. His passion was working with children. When we first met, he was dealing with adult patients in a secure mental health unit. But as he progressed through his doctorate, he realized when he helped a child, he wasn’t just helping that child, but helping the whole family. 1h38m20And that gave him so much joy and a real sense of purpose. Steven took his first dose of Astra Zeneka on January the 16th, 2021. On the morning of the 25th of January, Steven woke much earlier than usual from our bed and went downstairs. He returned with a glass of water and told me he had a splitting headache and had taken some tablets. He wasn’t sure if he should go into work, but due to lockdown and the fact that he had been prevented seeing his clients face to face meant he did not want to let them down. Later that day, he called me and he said he was coming home as the headache was worse. I then received a text saying he had taken more tablets and staying until the end of the day he must have been in awful pain, but typical of him, he cared more about his work than himself. Later that evening, he did not feel up to eating dinner and was complaining of sinus pain. Later, he fell asleep whilst we watched TV. When he woke about half an hour after he told me he had a strange tingling feeling in his left arm, and it felt like pins and needles but different. I suggested that he shake his arm out, but it didn’t pass. His arm was down by his side, hovering over the sofa. He looked at me and said Shah. He then looked at his arm. Slowly moving to the right and said I’m not doing that. At this point, we called 111. The paramedics came and we did the stroke test. He was speaking OK and could hold both arms out steady, but then his left arm moved to the right in front of his face without his knowledge. We knew this was not good. I, like many people could not go with him due to covid [globalist dictation software automatically capitalizes the word “covid” in upper case to defraud & intimidate]and we had to say our final goodbyes in our living room. We knew it was bad. We said we loved each other twice and hugged longer than usual. I stood at the window and watched him go. Even when he was in the ambulance, I could not move until he was out of sight. Steven then actually texted me to tell me he had arrived at the hospital and said he would be going in for a head scan soon. I asked if I should let his mom know and the final text he would ever send to me said not yet. He was still in that moment, clinging onto the pure positivity that he would be OK and this was literally minutes before he began seizing and was intubated. He never woke up. Steven was 32 years old and died from vaccine induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia on Tuesday, the 26th of January at 18:33 PM. I never really watched mainstream media news. I would only ever be interested in acts of kindness type stories, and I didn’t really keep up with what was going on in the world. Naturally, I would come across tragic stories. That would make me feel so sad for the families, but also grateful for the love that I had in my own life. This was why I was so shocked that the mainstream media would not want to hear my family story. Then I was told “This morning [TV show]” wanted to interview me and I was glad I could go on and tell his story. But as I was preparing, the phone call came to tell me that I would not be going ahead because Ofcom regulations forbade it. BOOOO! Hang em! Hang em! I was devastated for my husband. I wanted his story out there so that his legacy could help save lives. It was insinuating to me that if people heard about it, they could die because they may choose not to have it. The realization that my husband had died from the so called vaccine was only a number of weeks after, when I began getting phone calls from the hospital in which he died. The first was a Doctor who found abnormalities with his case similar to one other case in the same hospital. We later found out that this was a 25 year old man who had died in the exact same way the month after Steven. The next contact was a Doctor, Rupin thrombosis specialist, who said in no uncertain terms that there is no other. Explanation, then, that the vaccine had killed Steven and I have this on tape, he explained to me in detail how the his stroke came about and the similarities to other rare strokes. However, he said, and I quote, it had never been seen before. It was a thrombosis phenomena. He thought Steven was possibly the first person in the UK to die from this vaccine. Again, these were his words. In the first, but he certainly wasn’t the last. 1h43m30 As a family, we have had very minimal support from the government so far. The amazing Sir Christopher Chope finally got a platform to speak in the Houses of Parliament & the attendee number was shocking and a further slap in the face to us. The second reading was heard last night. The vaccine Damage payment scheme needs to be reformed. I and many other individuals and families have been working alongside solicitor Sarah Moore and her colleagues at Horsfield since early last year. The system is failing so many families. And as the news reports, bizarrely move away from anything covid [again, globalist tyranny software forces this 99.9% survival fraud rebranded flu substitute to be written in upper case capital letters; always write in lower case!]  or vaccine related, we find ourselves feeling forgotten and abandoned when we were never really heard in the first place. So finally I bring to bring this speech to a close. I was not that person who could stand up and speak to a crowd but the reason that I have the strength to be here today comes from mine and my husband’s pure love for the children of this world. I know he is with me now & proud that I am here. Steven would agree with me that it is never a child’s responsibility to protect an adult. It is always the other way around. [YEEA cheer applause] If you made the decision to take the job yourself, it is your right and you do so at your own peril. But I say to all parents out there, do more for your children. Think about the 99.997% child survival rate & question why you would risk your child’s life with no real benefit to them. Look at the obvious coercion and propaganda. See through this the way that I didn’t, the worst happened to me. What if it happens to your children? And even if you don’t agree, surely it is safer to wait. Give it up for Charlotte people. They’re Vaccine Widow. We’re sending you so much love. And our prayers are with her late husband, justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte. We love you. justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte. Justice for justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte. Right, guys, what a beautiful, strong woman. Thank you so much. So now we are going to introduce the beautiful, the wonderful Alice. Make some noise, people. You know this woman make some noise. She’s a living legend. How you all doing? Thank you so much. I’m gonna be singing a couple of freedom songs. It’s amazing to see you on this sunny, beautiful day and and just thank you. Thank you for being here. And fighting for freedom.
🎶As a child, I walked 1000 sorry miles to wait for my father, to gather up his truth. Wait for mom. Come get you wanna safe for us to move. So i waited many years held back the pain behind my tears, for my father to come find me like he said. And at the time, I didn’t know so many years without my home. I heard another song a different kind instead. & at the time  I didn’t know just how hard the wind could blow towards disaster and the things that I would see. I never found my mother I never found my father. I will not be commanded, I will not be controlled, & I will not let my future go on without my head above my soul..? 🎶

1h50  Hello beautiful people Trafalgar square.. [muffled lloudspeaker technical problem] schools do not have your best interest at heart, best thing you can do is remove them from state indoctrination system. We have not protested for 2 years for nothing, we are here to build something better, something new. 1h51m17 We have an opportunity, we have not protested for two years for nothing. We are here build something better than build something new. I want very lucky to be part of that. We have done something truly amazing and incredible down in east Sussex. We have built something called hope. Hope stands for home and personalized education. We have a venue with hundreds of acres where we have a right home, education, family that come on site & educate their children. We have amazing awake tutors. We are building it every single week. We have now over 170 families that regularly come on site to use us. This is the future of education for our children. I[cheers, applause]  –, If you have children of school age or if you have grand parents and children of school age, please go to our website Have a look at stop we’re about, have a look at what we are achieving. This is the future for our children. And we have plans to make this even bigger. We have people all over the country that want to take this model and roll it out in their own areas, people, it works. We need to remove our children from the system that the government wants to indoctrinate our children. They want to teach our children that “vaccinations” are the way for them to say safe. They want to teach our children that the BBC is a trusted news outlet. 1h52m50  We need to teach our children ourselves. They are our children, not the state’s, not our government’s. They are our responsibility.  And the single best thing you can do for them is to raise them with your best values and interests at heart. People, I love you all thank you all so much for all you do. I love you, you are my brothers and my sisters & I stand for every single one of you. & I’m humbled. Thank you so much. 1h53m30 give it up for – Everybody. She is a freedom fighter We love you so. So she was talking about hope. One amazing organization. It has been an amazing day today we are here protesting with hundreds of countries worldwide. Today we are standing. In solidarity, we are here with our brothers and sisters because we are part of the biggest freedom movement in history. People make some noise for the freedom movement. Now, right now we have a very special message. We couldn’t get it earlier because of tech issues by ex Vice president of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, who is in the USA. & he has got a powerful message for us. Give it up to Mike Yeadon guys. A national hero. Mike Yeadon [dictation software misspelling = you done lol], Doctor? I should call him. How rude of me is a national hero.
1h54 Yes. Hello, London. [horn blow, cheer]  [Pfizer ex Vice president] dr. Mike Yeadon  here. I’m so glad to have the chance just to say a few words, I wish I could be with you. It’s great that you’re being together, being seen and heard. My wife and I are in Florida. We’re fighting the same battle that you are to protect our children and our grandchildren, and also to push back on the tyrannical globalists. This virus that’s dominated our lives for two years represents some threat to health only to the people at the very end of their natural lives. Early on in 2020, physicians in New York and Marseille identified safe and effective early treatments, and these have only been built on. Meanwhile, instead of backing off, governments all around the world, also in the UK, forced us apart. They told us lies, and it was designed to induce fear in us. They used censorship to make sure that people couldn’t tell you the truth and they gained control of our daily lives, and then by using things like lockdown, they brought about nothing but destruction. No one was saved. They destroyed society and economic damage. And that, the purpose of that was to lead us into these ghastly vaccines. 1h56m20 I’m ashamed of having worked in an industry that’s being so badly used recently, it’s never ever appropriate to develop a brand new technology medicine to terminate a pandemic. Why? Because it takes far longer to know that you’ve got long term safety than the length of any pandemic. And don’t let them tell you otherwise. That will always be true. It was true this time, and it’ll be true with any next crazy scheme they come up with. So say no, absolutely no to the idea of a new technology vaccine to extinguish any new pandemic. Day by day, though, things seem to be lightening up a little bit. We’re starting to learn officially here in the US, and I hope maybe in the UK some things that we’ve known for ages. What doesn’t work as advertised. Well, you know what doesn’t work? Everything. Everything they told us was a lie. The PCR tests are not suitable for clinical diagnosis, just like Nobel Prize winning, Kary Mullis said. The lockdowns don’t work. There’s even been studies from the Johns Hopkins University. That should make you laugh but show that lockdowns don’t work. We knew this in 2020. The masks don’t work. They’re literally theater, absolute theater. And then these genetic vaccines, they are dangerous, overtly dangerous and badly performing. But my favorite lie that they told us is that people with no symptoms can infect other people. Asymptomatic transmission is an absolute flat lie, and it’s been used to terrify people, and it’s worked very well. 1h56 I can still see it working occasionally where I am. I don’t know if you know this, while that was happening in in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland it was also happening in every other major country round the world. At the same time, they were all telling their people the same set of lies and adopting the same set of fear inducing tactics and censorship. That should frighten you, because I think that’s the strongest evidence you could ask for that there was a supernational plan, someone was trying to take over the entire population of the world. If we lose this battle, it will be the last one free humans will ever fight. No one is coming to save us, but we can do it. So even though we’re, you know, reticent Brits, we’ve got to make sure we’re out. Every chance we get associating with each other, talking with each other. We are the people who will rescue ourselves. How do you do that? It is hard. Drop truth bombs as they call it around you. Whatever it is that you’ve understood that’s been lies. Make sure you know that and just drop it into conversation. Also to spread seeds of doubt about the official storyaround you, about the lies you’ve been told all the time, just keep doing that. I encourage you to do these things because it’s not over yet. It’s not over. I think they will have another run at us later this year or next.So a few things then. Our children and our in our case, our grandchildren, they’re not at risk from this virus at all. No, no ifs or buts. No vulnerables simply not true. Do not let anyone near your children with these vaccines, in my view. No one should take vaccines because we have safe and effective, well understood alternative medicines. So just say no to this stuff. But there are other things on the horizon quite close to you. In our Parliament, we should oppose the tyrannical legislation in what is supposed to be a democracy. Three things. The W.H.O [world hoax disorganization] TREATY. It’s bad enough what they’ve done to us, but WHO is trying to put a new treaty in place which if everyone signs up for it would in the time of a new pLandemic, effectively give W.H.O control of the world. I can tell you no one knows what’s the best thing to do in a crisis. And the worst thing you could possibly do is centralize it in the hands of a person that doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s always best to run dozens of separate experiments and then compare the outcomes. Throw this treaty on the fire where it belongs. 2h00m57 Then there’s the online harms bill. And then finally. I think it’s called the PC CS bill. It’s an [ominous] omnibus containing just a whole bunch of repressive measures that our MP’s should be embarrassed to be voting through. You know this is wrong, [another vaccindent vax victim ambulance?]  it will criminalize what you I hope you’re gonna do today. Noisy protests. Whole point of a democracy is to be able to make some noise, so have a great session. Make your voices heard and you know I’m with you in spirit. You’re fighting most important battle we ever can fight. Thank you very much. Make some noise for doctor Mike Yeadon! Thank you for speaking up for the children. Just say no to these poison jabs. Thank you dr Mike Yeadon! So that was amazing. Thank you so much, Doctor Mike Yeadon. 1h01m50 So we have a living legend next. He’s been active in a fight since 1968. We had the amazing freedom fighter, Mr Piers Corbyn. Give it up for.. Hello hello hello Absolutely brilliant to be here. And you know your new name. When I said it was last time RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY!. Resist defy Do not comply! OK, that’s warmed you up. It’s fantastic to be here and I wanna thank everybody here and say well done for sticking around to whatever you’ve done in the last two years. Because we have forced back some of their intentions. We know that many restrictions are being lifted. Now we know there would have been more lockdowns but for you. So well done. But the new normal, the new world order, the new world tyranny, they have now completed phase one of their plan, and that is to get millions of people around the world, compliant to their orders, now. They have now got many, many, many people complying to the jab and believing in the jab, and they lifted the restrictions now to make you believe that they’ve been lifted because of the jab that is the biggest lie in history! But we’ve gotta use every opportunity to break their phase 2 [face too] Phase 2 is to roll out the jab to everybody and make you all jab dependent and modify your DNA in a new technocracy. It is totally evil. And we say NO!. They have launched what they call a coalition, epidemic preparedness innovation program. In other words, the 100 day jab program and what do we say we say stop the 100 day jab program, stop the 100 day jab program? Stop the 100 day jab program. & after that they have a plan for a world treaty whereby governments have to comply to some new world pseudo government rulings over your body rights. They want to take away your rights over your body and give them to some International Treaty organization. This is totally evil and must be resisted all the way. And we got here, let’s be clear, how we got here by a simple united front of opposition to all the COVID program and all the measures they were imposing in the name of it, including all attacks on our rights and we have to keep that up and we gonna break all the legs of the new world order. Let’s be clear. They do have 5 legs, the VIRUS CON, the CLIMATE CON, the physical jabbing of your body, the 5G aerials which make you ill and they are there to control you with all those satellites put up by ElonA Musk. And the last thing is the Cashless society which paves the way for identification passporting stuck on your body in your phone, so if you disagree with the new normal, you get switched off. So we have to say we want cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep ca$h. Now. There’s a new thing  that’s happened of course. Suddenly the restrictions are lifted the same day the 22nd of the 2nd 2022, we have a war. A war in the Ukraine now is it a fake war or not? Of course George Orwell warned, he said, there will be permanent war, permanent war to distract you and hold you in place. Now that is part of it indeed. But there is actually a real war going on, a real war.2h06m49 & the Russians are trying to destroy all those bio labs in the Ukraine where theyre trying to make anthrax. All those biolabs must be destroyed. We want no biolabs anywhere in the Ukraine, we need demilitarization of all that area, Not an increase of NATO. We want all those troups out and an end to any of this biolab evil tyranny which are all part of the New World order. Whatever they try and impose, we have to be ready. So I would just end by saying we now have a vital few weeks, we have elections happening in London in the council elections. We can use these to make propaganda and demand the Councils no longer implement all these rules. Let the UK live will be standing along with others. Let the UK live federation. I would say if you’ve got time join in use those elections to make propaganda and action to resist & defy & stop everything. And I will repeat. Thank you very much for all your support and well done. Everybody here has gotta beome a leader in their community to fight back against the new world tyranny. We are just entering phase two. Do not give up and lets say RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Give it up for freedom fighter mr Piers Corbyn! This amazing guy. So we are coming to the end of this amazing day. Thank you all so much for coming. It has been powerful standing for the children, human rights, & against tyranny. We will not give up the fight for new battles are being launched against us & we have to stay strong. {muffled audio loudspeaker technical problem] outreach. Oracle films. Independent journalists. You guys are making history, recording history &  doing what the mianstream media won’t and don’t do, so thank you very much. Ron 101 years old. Massice round of applause for Ron. We need to have these marches, we want freedom. We have a 101 year old man telling us we need these marches. No im not gonna stop. Alice welcome back. Thank you Fiona for having me. Fighting for the people, for humanity. Global veterans alliance amazing fought for our freedoms & fighting for our freedoms now thank you so much. Photos: moderna patented the covid rebranded flu bio weapon. Learn from history to not relive it.   🎶

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update thu 28 april 2022: Hailey Bieber mentions her heart surgery & brain clot after taking covid mrna injections but hides the conection for fear of losing her Nuremberg code crime youtube account.

Another covid “vaccine” victim coerced & covered up by fakestream media, corrupt politicos & medics, Met Gala, 95% false pcr tests for a 99.9% survival rebranded flu bioweapon.
“Justin Bieber’s Wife’s Stroke is Totally [Not] Related to Experimental Injection” [sarcasm] The only available video result for “Hailey Baldwin Bieber covid vaccine” searches on sunday 13 march 2022 6 a.m utc. Sorry for heartless cold blooded tone but all else was censored.

“Warning “Vaccines” blood clot”- Dr. Sukharit Bhakdi, March 2021, censored, libeled & defamed by criminal press wikipedia could’ve saved Hailey Bieber & millions more.

Dr Charles Hoffe: covid vaccine = clot shot, 2021

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“Here’s how the UK government is trying to take away the rights of UK citizens for “the greater good.”
Just one day left if you live in the UK

If you are a British citizen or UK resident, you have just one day left to comment on the Human Rights Act Reform: a Modern Bill of Rights.

Here is the background on why they want to take away your rights in favor of the greater good:

The proposed removal of Human Rights in the UK for the Greater Good

Letter to the UK Government

There are two ways to object:

Email: (the fastest way); just say you oppose the bill for the reasons articulated in this article: The proposed removal of Human Rights in the UK for the Greater Good

Fill out this online form (it will take a LONG time)
Comments close on March 8, 2022 (tomorrow), so do this now!

A second UK bill On a related note, the UK has drafted an Online Safety Bill that strengthens its thoughtcrime laws. :

If you are a British citizen or UK resident, please sign the online petition to urge the Government to remove provisions within the Bill which specifically target lawful expression. This bill has bad provisions which you can read by clicking the “Read the response in full” hyperlink on the petition page.

It needs 100,000 signatures before Parliament will consider it for debate, and it’s currently just over 33,000.

Please sign and share this petition widely so we can get it to 100,000
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I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities”

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Foolly fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 “Covid-19” Deaths in England

Pfizer was forced to release data showing 3% “vaccine” mortality rate short term [not counting long term] vs. 0.1% “covid” false pcr test bio weapon mortality rate

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