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Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation mon 5 july 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation mon 5 july 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

The other side of the covid story, fooly vaccinated, experimental clot shot ruleout, Nuremberg code violation


why is critical thought almost always from some unknown quack in the middle of nowhere on an unknown platform & never a well known doctor Fauci type? “Dr.” Hoffe [the HBO cathouse sex “work” guy? lol]: “Covid-19 “vaccine” will kill most people through blood clot heart failure”

Photos © except crowd photo. Censored, removed stickers they don’t want you to see/ know/ think.
These photos were posted on facebook/geogodley 29 june 2021. By wed 21 july 2021 facebook had disabled these embeds ostensibly to stop critical thought, so they were reposted elsewhere & re-embedded. Untrustworthy 3rd party small tech was chosen because the web developer ruined wordpress media uploader.

Brighton beach beauty social flirt GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com mon 30 may 2021

Brighton beach beauty social flirt GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com mon 30 may 2021 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.


#AstraZeneca #covid19 #vaccine #KILLS #BBC presenter #LisaShaw

Geo Godley Bob Beat phone call mon 10 may 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0322S03

Geo Godley Bob Beat phone call mon 10 may 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0322S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Geo Godley Timelapse preview from episodes London d95, Mykonos jl96, New York/ S.Padre Island ap96 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version euro trip video diary vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version euro trip video diary vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

SOCHI RUSSIA RES㋡R☂ PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMOIR (FREE 25p VERSION) full version on… by George Godley

-Docu-feature film series: 3 x 80′, 1 x 80′
-Video Series: 10 x [26 x 30′] ↑
-Soundtrack timelapse video series ↑ book series
-Fine art-sy fartsy cartpoons

↕ 2 of 200 wrongful termination Fullscreen network contract youtube/geogodley account [2007-sept 2013] videos & metadata transcripts stolen & falsely accused of “community guideline violations” youtube hypocritically commits. In august 2017, #FRAUDSTER #youtube lied, cheated & stole 13,000 more Fullscreen network contract georgegodley account [2007- aug 2017] videos & metadata transcripts to censor criticism, competition, & posthumously exploit stolen content. Youtube screws you without consent #metoo #timesup #fraud #theft #ripoff
Please boycott, report [to DOJ, FBI, OSC.GOV, FTC ETC] & hold youtube accountable for infinite content & data #FRAUD #THEFT including 13,000+ youtube/georgegodley & youtube/geogodley Fullscreen network partner contract accounts videos while hypocritically breaking their own rules w/ infinite sex like sex in the shitty, billy pooper porn etc. Try alternatives to google/youLube like BING, yahoo search, DUCKDUCKGO,  BRAVE.COM, vimeo, archive,org, dailymotion, self hosting dedicated servers, Gab etc. [click here for video host comparisons, they all SUCK so we should make our own] thank you #metoo #f.u

SWATTING HOAX PRANK CALL mon 21 mar 2021 facebook live George Godley dot com vlog dot com

“Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing an emergency services dispatcher) into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person’s address. This is triggered by false reporting of a serious law enforcement emergency, such as a bomb threat, murder, hostage situation, or a false report of a “mental health” emergency, such as reporting that a person is allegedly suicidal or homicidal and may or may not be armed..” -wikipedia

SWATTING HOAX PRANK CALL mon 21 mar 2021 facebook live George Godley dot com vlog dot com 2/2

SWATTING HOAX PRANK CALL mon 21 mar 2021 facebook live George Godley dot com vlog dot com 1/2

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 1&2

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 1/2

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 2/2

transcript rough draft in progress:

there.. there, the-here you go! D’you miss me? okay.. thank you for visiting.. customize your dashboard in live producer.. you can customize the layout of your.. you see they throw that at you right now? Let me just get that. So uh.. [snap snao] I dint get it but hello am I on? British accent.. share to groups.. oh my god I gotta do that too? My blood pressure,, ugh.. ehh from all that salty food among ohter things,, okay uh.. thank you for visiting and 100 other domains, all redirecting forwarding to my blog. Vlog, I should be on the front page there, im just having a look just fine tuning things here, we got the 4k stereo microphone going in, 1min is it hight definition, ultra high definition, is it a digital microphone? ehh.. so we’re testing, you should be able to hear that, I can see it there, is this running? [sony a7r4] no, so why am I holding it? My pov.. you know I’ve been struggling with these cameras coz they all do something the other doesnt, they all have their pros and cons. Like this is better but you cant move with it. Thats why they walk around with that stupid rig. Anyway so uh its the 3rd of march 2021, and uh welcome, its 4:20, I have to say that, I picked my time very specifically 4:20, for antui smoking. Coz they said hustler was a dirtry  magazine but god 1 thing they hate is smoke. Is smoking, so that makes them a clean magazine coz you cant get cleaner than that.. 2min so uh 4:20, anti smoking, im a bit rusty, havent done this in a while, I wasntr gonna do it.. but Richard lewis said you havent put anything up there, you know the guy from curb your enthusiasm, richard lewis? He’s watching me um.. he’ll be tuning in on occasion haha you know this is a marathon when I do it I go all out I’ll probably streeam for 8 hours, why? Coz anything worth doing is worth doing well, I dont wanna parrot expressions that you’ve  heard in the past right? But anyway its in your memory bank, so the point is the spring cleaning marathon session. Episode series. I’m still doing it. Thats why I put it on actually. Im thinking, im thinking that it’ll help me get going coz im still in deep sh overf here.. I cnat yea I just didnt get around to it, ill explain in a second anyway at the introduction I should put all the important information. So where are we? Should I say where we are? I dont wanna give too much away and have trouble you know? I dont need this sh, do you? So why am I streaming, the most important thing is why am I streaming, I’m trying to explain,  just for the hell of it, you know some things have no reason like when theyre looking for a motive and there isnt one?[ none?] Same thing here man, but there is there is its on my front page, im gonna check it now in a second. Its on and all the 100 domains, front page. Theyre all forwarding to George, it should be there let me have a quick look, I have to recycle the page and make sure its there, yea keep your website active.. hey.. why not, I know its not as good as intercating but were in lockdown, were still in lockdown, theres one eyeball, oh no, the pressures on! Theres 1 eyeball,how does that marshal khamou guy get 20 eyeballs? Just sitting there doing nothing and repeating himself like a demented dementia patient. I dont wanna put that down coz everybody knows someone who has it but at his age you know, in his late 30s, he just repeats himself all the time like hes got dementia! Hey I dont wanna criticize you know hes got his positive things too otherwise I wouldnt watch him I stopped watching him now though because of that.. im nhot gonna,, these are long winded theres no way around it okay? This is longw.. if you want the short edited highlights, if you want you knwo hi resolution hi quality edited, thats something else. This is low quality nonstop uneditied. Undeited undbbebbd but anyway um.. 4m20 good the eyeball left.. they think theyre.. they think it bothers me but actually I feel such a relief when youre gone, I’ts so much better without you, because I dont need this pressure I dontr need this stress, im doing it for me, x2, and for the webnsite, and for people who want to see it on the website, I know Facebook everyobdys too busy, oh good there is an eyeball there oh sorry I dint mean to offend you theres an eyeball on my website but not on the Facebook page.. hehe..haha.. oh my god anyway oh sh theyre still there, you see its contradictory, there somebodys watching, theres 1 eyeball, there, theres no eyeball. Make up your mind anyway, speaking of eyes my,,lasy friend someone I know, knock on wood, is getting that eye thihng, you know where they change the lens in your eye so she doesnt have to wear glasses, and I wish her well apparently its a straight forward procedure id like to know more about it she doesnt even know the name of the procedure.. but you know if youre goin under general anaesthetic, you dont want someone doing that while youre awake right with the uh sedation pu u under sedatiojn should I get some uh let me get some photos too um.. you dont want that to be um im just saying I would never let anyone uh she wontr step foot on a plane right shes scared of certain things but not that. In my case nobodys touching my eyes unless im blind you know unless its life or death but I do step on a plane which is more risky right thats high risk as well but me eyes no no stay away from me. Dont touch me, wouldnt let anyone touch me again.okay lets get some quick photos then we gotta get to work, this is a work video sorry its a spring cleaning session, marathon and were gonna start at 4:20 every day, coz otherwise I dont tend toi do it, I need to go out get a little air, and try to get a few minutes of sun and that deosnt happen either.. I know its long winded so leave and if you have to, im gonna have to, im gonna have to edit, can you imagine listening to hunndreds fo hours of shit to edit all the good bits,  for nhothing. Im gonna present it somewhere, its going somehwere. It sgoing to the canned film festival. Tha vraveftoume stis kannes!” I cant even do it.. 6m50 im trying to do it like my grandma wqould talk yea.. we’re gonna be awarded at cannes.. we’ll be awarded at caaaanes.. in greek its tha vraveftoume stis Kannes.. my throat is too clear I cant get that raspy sound.. anyway a few photos to comemmorate, hi resolution 60 megapixel, did you see th 8k came out now rigfht sony 8k, we gotta get that.. although im thinking bald and broke.. have you seen what he put up lately, bald and broke, bald and bankrupt guy, just because youlube, how did pew die pie ever find him in the first place but I mean hes no good, I mean hes got limits I donht wanna say how to make it better cos then hes gonna be better, even better, right now hes just got the audience right?sotty im getting mirror, you here, and lcd screen there with the 4k stereo. 7m50 by the way um I just wanna see if tehres any comment I just qwanna know if the audio’s good coz Facebook doesnt lert you monitor it, whlie youre live, I think well I wasnt live though right? Let me try it again, I need to knwo if you can hear this.. 8m let me scrape the mic a sceond and then I gotta tweeet that im live as well like anybodys there.. or cares, but whym I doing, yea.. let me just hang on, so this, can you hear this? Wne i scratch the mic it shouild be very loud, I just wanna make sure its running coz its comin out of my camcorder and its going to the computer through a special box.. just gotta make sure its on so if you did hear that scratch pleasew let meknow it would help. If theyre not gonna let me do it here. N let me see. Ok uh sorry the Facebook page thingt I gotta see whats going on here.. is that running? Yea it was.. dingdong snap snap.. it doesnt show any eyeballs on the Facebook.. sorry but were meaking livestreaming history here.. yea im unprepared I dont have any comedic well it’ll surface it;ll come up anyway.. I got a few things but im not prepared at all this was literally like somebody just telling you to do something completely unprepared.. yea he suggested it Richard lewis said to do somthing but.. I wasnt gonna do it n then I was like well uh.. s there any comments theres no comments okay uh 9m30 I wasnt gonna do it but I said ehem, I gotta keep an eye on the levels.. shall I tweet that im live yea why not um.. ill get to that in a second let me just tweet, I know iknow its loing winded so what im live what I do just say iom live? Vlog dot com.. im following so many adult entertainers, Obama and the adult entertainers can you imagine oh my [dropouts] comes up ugghh in my timeline,, its gay too, not my thing is it.. 10m he all in now? This took a turn real quick.. fuck is that, some guy bonking a nearded guy oh my ghodd you see thats the problem when you follow oh my god its all gay! Its not my thing man eheh Seinfeld “not that theres anything wrong with that” [air quotes] I dont wanna see that on my timeline.. not really.. unless I get the gay audience and I get huge numbers that way okay put it on my timeline LGBT its funny how they all have their they all team up together LGBT+Q?special character, wew should do that, all us that have beem yea YouTube is a fraud, lets put that at the introduction too, wahst that? Oh okay, oh its this, YouTube is a fraud, that lies cheats and steals infinite content through libelous defamatory false accusations of communioty guidelines that YouTube hypocritically commits, 11m like sex in the shitty bppp bpopo bppp kolodaxtylo] okay lets get going here enough of that I just wnna get going.. thats why I put it on ok I didnt tweet yet ok whats happening im live is that what I put? Im live and the uh.. its not bad actually I get a real kick out of seeing myself sorry not really myself but seeing my website active.. seeing a livestream on the front page of my website it is I mean comeon it is pretty miraculous.. and to know that anybody in the whole world can see that.. I have some things to tell you but I gotta be careful coz uh.. they havent happened yet I wanna make sure they happen before I tell you.. coz you could take my place n steal them.. or you know  like domain names im negotiating a couple right now im just waiting for the vat on one of them you know I dont see why I have to pay 25% vat being in this counrty.. thats annoying im just making sure.. and I dont want you to steal them.. because it says even though im ready to go, if I tell you what they are, you could get them.. so im not gonna tell you yet ok so let me just tweet,, so uh is there anybody there or not? I dont care. If there there thyre there, if thyre not theyre not , im not gonna be like that guy, domnt ghost me now, leave a comment, ooohh.. [goofy voice] leave comment, dont ghost me, and Give me money,  thats 1 thing I nevewr ebag but if I needed to would I? Well you ask for donatiojns wikipedia asks for donations thats ebegging.. tweeting ok wahts happening im live is that what I should put? Its embarassing sint it all this shits embarassing good the more the better.. should I put the post or the website? Hang on hang on yea the live bit right I dont put the website do I ? whole website? no because  thatll take along time to load.. 13m do I put the homepage or the post w the Facebook api? I’m live is that it im live n thats it wed 3 Narch 2021 & then ill link it later as as 420pm I like 420+pm no smoking no I dont wanna mention smoking.. maybe I should put the Facebook link not my wbesite mm no coz Facbook can say uh [dropouts] is it gonna be a quiet stream like that Brazilian song quiet nights n quiet streams from my I went on the youlube yesterday to see the spring break.. 14m coz everybody [dropout] an escuse to get down there after a certain age, youre not supposed to be there after a certain age right? Thats when everybody go [dropouts] specially w the “winter music conference” thats our excu[se..] but I think its been cancelled this year.. but I think they use that its the best excuse ever, thats when all the clubbing is you gotta go there to promote your music or network, YouTube promoted, YouTube lackey, YouTube cronie, rob black rob zicari thats a Youtuber, thats what YouTube promotes while violating [dropout[ us stealing our cont.. Ronb zicari adult.. hes on spree.. dropouts. End. 15m50

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 2/2

There’s a red live thing but its spinning on the other side, yea it cut me off man sorry I got cut off I dont know what happened but as soon as I mentioned the adult enetertainment humor, that YouTube promotes, we’ll get to that in a second, thank you for visiting,, and 100 other domains forwarding to my blog so uh eh I dont wanna repeat what I said this is part 2 of the livestream we started at 420 plus, as an anti smoking statement, were against cancer, cancer culture, see you got cancel culture which we all experience when YouTube is a fraud who that uh I gotta remember my mantra I gotta memorize all these thigns right? YouTube is a fraud I knew it by heart until now with this uh did I get stage fright? YouTube is a fraud that uh.. what was it again? You know how you block bad memories? 1m that lies cheats and steals infinite content through libelous defamatory false accusations of cimmunity guideline violations YouTube hypocritically promotes with sex in the shitty bpp bpopp bppp bppp [kolodaktyla] thats what YouTube promotes.. infinite porn coz YouTube is a porn site.. oh maybe its Facebook stopping my mauybe they dont like you to say that.. maybe you gotta keep it on the downlow.. and suffer in silence. Cancer culture. We got cancel culture from that, and we got cancer culture with an r, from all the passive smoke… thanks alot aholes.. anyway so this is a marathon cleaning session it said to put a title I hoppe oit doenst cut me off again I dont know what happened.. were uysing the goiod camera, lets test that, the good microphone, sc ratch.. did you hear that? That was a good test earlier actually, this okay? Yea were getting back into it Richard lewis from curb your enthusiasm, or someone with the same name, synonimia, synonyms right? Said why haventy you uploaded and the reason was, no money no traffic no quality with the live no publicity whats left. Whats the reason to upload.whats the reason to go live. 2m and I figure yea the viewcount was so bad, especially on Facebook I think they limite your audience, on my website theres gotta be someone there. Theres gotta be somneone because 100 domains are going there and I get people constantly asking me for how much if its for sale you know.. umn I got an email the other day somne guy.. saying he found it and all that anyway and uh we’re getting more domains by the way. But I wont tell ytou what they are till Ive got them so.. im not sure uts worth it. Im not sure any tof this is worth it so anyway, oh my god 1 eyeball oh no! [white spot. On lens, light reflection? 2m58 go away you nasty bagga face palms,, oh no I hate this I dont know why im doing this.. its like that guy that YouTube promotes.. rob black rob zicari, hes on Facebook yea Facebook accepts heim too! After what he did what did he do exactly that bbc documentary w Louis Theroux,, hes on bbc as well! So the eyeballs.. I dont wanna yell im not gonna yell okay? Im gonna [I’ll] keep my voice down now that I have the good microphone [well] were gonna be soft spoken, thats what I wanted you see but I wanted the mic closer to me so I can really be.. nice and gentle and soft.. if that puts you to sleep tough shit. Im not gonna shout anymore okay is this loud enough you see im watching my levels.. this is excelen coz I can see the level meter there and over here and here I can turn it up a bit if its too low you see like right now I see where it is look im turning it up eben though im whispering that should be really loud now im pumping it up youknow pumpo it up dont you know pump it up uh fair use comment thats a shitty song that uh comes and goes all these songs just come and go like feces in a toilet bowl.. sorry pardon the expression I dont do grossout humor usually but its true isnt it in one ear out the other.. anyway im just saying that should be really loud now, thats distorting now, its hitting the edge, im testing, im gonna constantly test, all right im gonna keep my voice down too see im talkin really low, it shows that its quite loud [sigh] why am I doing this? I said, in the previous clip you can see the previous clip that ended abruptly, as soon as I mentioned youtubes lackey, and promotion what do you call him?youtubes cronie, rob black is YouTube’s.. pro.. [tege] rob zicari is youtbe’s uh.. is a Youtuber! Is allowed on YouTube, while the rest of us arent. And get cancer cancel culture for not commiting any community guideline vIolations that.. YouTube shit im talking like a euro now they cant they dojnt know the intonation! Hahahah istAnbull.. no we will do a little adult entertainment.. the usual adult entertainment update right? No I gotta get to work you see thats why I didnt do this.. thats why I wasnt streaming coz its distracting, its stressful, its time consuming, I need to get going here.. but on the other hand, I missed alot of time, alot of days have gone by now where I’m still in this situation & I figured the live mighgt help me get going. If I just shut the f up n get goiung because its embarassing to just sit here twiddling my thumbs.. I have to get going editingf I have a lot of stuff to do & im still doing this. Beacuse its just too much its endless n I cant I just couldnt get arounf to it.. I had to go out get some fresh air some sun and the days over.. 6 min.. coz before that yea I checked I listed my morning activities.. maybe I should post that, maybe thats the problem. Coz im getting up okay were in the covid lockdown I gotta say that right? Let me did I mention the day this is the continuation of the previous clip..  Wednesday march 3, 3rd march 2021, thanks for visiting vlog com yea I said that, and 100 other domains, um, its 420pm, we started at 420+pm as an anti smoking statement, & now its 525pm,  lost an hour, but im gonna go so im gonna be streaming marathon for 8 hours im gonna go until it stops. Unless it Im gonna keep an eye on it make sure it doesnt stop again. I dont know if it was talktalk that dropped the comnnection, the cable was okay, I dont know if Facebook didnt like me mentioning youtubes promotion of sexual material, thats YouTube is fine to promote they wont block them but we cant even mention it? Anyway but I figure yea ill just get going.. so just a couple catch phrases I had for you coz this is completely unprepared Richard lewis from curb your enthusiasm or a synonym synonymous guy you know he said to do this.. and I was like the reason I stopped last time was yea I said it.. 7m no money no traffic no publicity noquality but I want an active website and I get a kick out of not seeing myself necessarily but seeoinmg anything on my website you know thast the whole point isnt it? Although they do have websites that are just parked pages you know like that Cindy Sherman photographer? Make sure this is going on.. im watching myself snort snort heheh its so bad you cant see anything ots so blurry coz Facebook quality is so bad standard def you cant see anything but the microphone shouold be good huh.. this is pro. Thsi is serious microphone. scratch.. I mean you cant even get those.. im so glad I did anyway so.. ahah.. no coz im thinking ok 1 thihg at a timje I did write a couple things so.. you know the website aint it cool dot com, all the hollywood directors producers and actors were saying thats the ultimate thing, you know years ago? I dont wanna say decades ago coz thats embarassing I dont wanna age myself coz.. ageless.. why is this [mask] but you know, he did movie reviews this is, my wbsite I should get that dont tell anybody gotta get all these domain names man! Get more traffic, some asshole oyt there besides me has to be looking up aint it sad dot com, 8m52 um as a domain you know coz youre gonna run out, theres nothing left! You go I dont wanna tell you where but you go to these domain name providers, all the names are gone. But I found a few, you knwo all the dot coms are gone, u got the ugly brother .net, & I dont even wahha tell you.. till Ive gotten what I need coz youre gonna get them! To quote my brother, this was a great quote. My brother once said, motorcylce.. I was woken up rudely awoken by these drillers the damn g net.. 5g aholes drilling again theyve ripped up the street repeatedly in the past and theyre still doing it, still shot copper internet really slow its gonna take 10 hours to upload a 3gb 2 hour 480p video. But anyway they woke me up today, [sigh] where was I forgot what I was gonna say now. I have to check it I hopoe this is absent mindedness n not dementia. Coz i had something to say god no! Im glad im recording it in 2 places too.. 4k stereo n more, okay I was gonna say, something it was really important! Never mind 10m okay so were live there its on the website thsts the point thats the whole point if that wasnt there what would be the Facebook sure isnt the reason, coz theres nothing there is there right well there is yea okay very low single digits.. better than nothin gright? even take Robert crumb for example, im sure if he went live, yea hes 80 years old too yea [dropout]  but im sure if he went live, he would have single digits im sure alot of really successful, & he sold hundred of thousands of copies of his artwork, its really hairy isnt it I like his artwork but I got over it somthing lacking there, well some of its godd, some of its,, im not gonna get into that right now so.. Ijm gonna press.. I dont wanna yell, thats the hole point of this mic now, to be nice n soft spoken, everythings.. who is this.. Ermis vasilopoulos, haha who are you man? Who is this? There people just crawling out of the woodwork I have no idea who they are.. Ermis vas..  were friends on Facebook probably right is that it? See so it does provide something.. when are you gonna do your usual walk n talk n pigeon commentary we all love..  a smidgeon of pigeon and a slice of mice.. poetry in motion.. so uh when walk n talks shall I do it live? Gonna try n do it live right? Cant zoom well. Shall I use this n go live? Or uh.. Richard lewis just wondering change the scenery yea okay.. when walk..mwere still in lockdown, weres till in covid coronavirus covid-19 lockdown here..uh in London england for.. forever.. like Borat said I hope it never ends.. in April they said theyre opening dining again, so streets are gonna be full of people screaming n shouting, right in my neighborhood, coz I live in that kind of neighborhood, 12m so outdoor dining in April, I think they said international travel in may although they said thast early, it might be in June, international travel, might go somnewhere, but im not gonna tell you becasue for security reasons you see.. or maybe I will.. Ive gotta take care of all just a follwere of your vids before YouTube messed w u..really since the YouTube days huh.. thank you yea well ill follow back you know I cant follow everyone but I can reciprocate a little bit if youve  got anything.. its like that guy, I got an email form this dude, hes like I just found I tyoped in randomly I went to the hill, I think thats in Pensylvania, I searched that, & hes like I heard your.. when you were 26 the phone call on Vimeo with your parents & he said that brought back vicariously traumatic trauma… 13m I was like you know if you didnt record your story write it, or uh say it as an audio book, & try n get it out there, you know go to the publishers [AGENTS[ or put it somewhere put tasters on the internet first like I wouldnt put everything online.. I would just put like an 8 hour live stream, its ironic because the 8 hour live stream, is alot more than the edited 8 minute episode, but thast the valuable one right? The high quality, 10 minute episode, or 3 minute id like to make it like a song, 3 minutes, or even 1 minute trailer.. 3min trailer? Im just saying im giving you more, but low quality although now were high quality audio. I just wanna hear if theres any background noise with the microhone so im gonna shut up for a second, they say to get 30 seconds of silence for your production so sh! I wanna hear if its rustling, coz all my mics have a problem! I got the rode videomic x on top of my chest cam and oits going khxhxhkhxkhx on eside broke, I have 3 of them & they all broke! Ahole Rode.. but they were, when they were working they were damn good its not bad and uh.. I wasnt gonna tell you the model coz now youre gonna use it n youre gonna sound.. good! I hope it breaks on you too! Not you but you know whoevers competeing against me.,. coz Ive had enough competition n cutthroatness.,,. get them get them n well see, tell me if they work for more than a few months. And what other mic yea the sony the litt;e sony external clip on mic also kxxxxkxkxshxlhxl oh that onhe goes bbbbbbbbb coz its flapp.. I dont know.. so 30 seconds silence I just wanna see if theres any crackle on this.. coz theres gonna be didgital artifacts as well I heard somethinmg going khxkhxkhxhk.. 15m on the previous clip I was testing it okay just a quick sh sh.. tha should do it somebodys hammering outside yea just checking.. theres this girl that walks around the neighborhood shes got that stupod gibal I bought that gimbla it doesntr work right it was going all crazy it was going dzzzzz you know you need batteries, to download the software, frimware update, do this you know they just bust yout testicles I couldnt believe it.. all I want is something to hold this that doesnt wobble right? Every damn selfie stick doe[snt wobble coz it has to unlock so by its nature its not stable its gotta be wobbly or it wont unlock, stretch, so the gimbals all suck, and I wanted one that didnt, and shes walkin around like this, nienieniei and you dont know if shes getting you or not coz it looks like the lens is covered, but shes in the neigborhood all the time I wanna ask her what the hell shes doing, she keeps talking nonstop about the statues n this n that, which brings us to uh.. oz yea brings oz.. bee gess Barry Gibb he wont say us its oz.. I dont wanna criticize accents but uh Ive marked a few down that theyre really messing with my mind.. 16 like uh Iepril and mie thast backwards isnt it? April and may, theyre like Iepril and mie. Im like what is that? I just wanna know what they are. At least educate me you know as I can & you know im not putting them down [my fair lady] because English came before American so thats the original but there is no original when you have 100 different ones what original? The queens English I like that.. but I what am I gonna oh this is bad this is so bad! haha [facepalm] oh my god no I dont wanna 17m I dont wanna be like the failed Howard stern you know? When he was like thats so sad going across the country, I dont wanna be like a radio g.. a failed radio guy.. I really dont want that.. well failed livestreamer at least its live at least you can see me coz tha YouTube promoted any time its something controversial and unacceptable like rob zicari, 17m im gonna say YouTube promo.. the Youtuber, coz YouTube is in cahoots with him right? They fucked me over for not doing what he did, and they accepted him for doing what he did. im not saying its bad, im not thats im just quot.. im out of it.. I have nothing all I know is YouTube promotes that. YouTube promnotes rob zicari rob black, because if o dont put the YouTube in there, they’ll be like oh my god whats he ta bout hes talking about that disgusting guy, is he with that guy? We dont want anything to do that anyone whos in that ughhh! YouTube! You want nothing to do with YouTube!! YouTube promotes that.. hes okay.. his podcast is good well its disgusting its all gross out I dont like gross out humor.. but its got some bits in there itll be a 1 hour thing and hes not showing himself. You see if he had any.. is it talent to tape] yourself and catch the moment and put ot together as a show it must be.. coz hes not doing it. Coz its too much work people wont let you right.. imagine coz he goes out with strippers and sex workers.. can u imagine you knwo yea do you mind if I uh.. getting releases im just saying I brought him up because you can listen hes got a podcast well why did I bring that up? Besides YouTube promoting that. They promote other things too im not totallty anti YouTube I just want my 13,000 videos back thats all. Cant say fairer than that. Okay lets get to work this is 1 reason I didnt do it I dint wanna go live coz im not gonna get anything done.. I cant really entertain you and do this at the sam,e time can I? Or can I ok so just 1 more thing, so aint it sad dot com I wanted to say that, um.. I didnt edit yet but the next best thing is livestreaming heh coz that rhymes.. im song writing im still song.. if I can ever get going here and.. thats another thing the next place I move to has to have enough space for a recording studio, 19m n im thinking about how big I want it to be. Coz you need a mixing desk, and you need the keyboards although now they have virtual keyboards im not Sure im gonna use the old analogue ones coz that dates your sound. They were saying nothing dates a sound more like old ill have to update right? Luckily you can go here to the Yamaha thing n youll get all the lates Yamaha shit,

N down there ugh anyway.. I like analogue but now they hav ehybrid shit sounds as good as the real thingh anyway.. and all the gear I gotta get rid of, im just thinking where to go next, coz I cant be here forever well you never know.. might not have the choice or the uh I dont know anyway.. 20m should I be looking here? I dont wanna be like that a.. hi mar.. oh god [wave] hah.. na sou po.. tha trexei synexeia min kourazesai min a.. mi niothis oti a.; fyge Ama kano gia to site mou.. 20m gia na exei stin  arxiki selida tou site mou.. sorry I gotta tell it in greek to my ffriend here.. to kano gia na to be active on the fromnt page.. I arxiki selida sto site mou deixnei afto, exo 100 onomata ki oloi tha to doune,opoios perasei apo kei, anyway I got some people uh watching I was just gonna keep it running and good luck tomotrrow with the thing.. ok doulevo Tora ki apla synenooumai.. im just showing my thing.. so livestreaming yea looking fo rthe next best thijng warren Zevon.. thast a song and anything else? Self destruct everythings temporary and will self destruct.. shit I hop that eyeball thing.. embarassing, douleveo ki apla to deixno stin arxiki selida mou den einai gia to just saying this is not for Facebook although its there too its for my 100 domaiuns websites & its gonna be running constantly. Doulevo geia sas geia sas gia na doume ahh.. xiesta hah i dont wanna swear.. oh god oh no waht the hell see this is the mask I got you sou pira afti ti maska..22m de me xoraei emena einai mikro paidiki einai? I gynaikies? Do womens masks have smaller faces? Hepa liberty its nice coz its flowery you see? Nice and flowery mask ughhh [sigh] asta geia sou tha ta poume ali for doulevo Tora, omg, the electoral register, this is why I have bad credit. Even though I have money, I dint do the.. idont think this is dysty this one.. omg.. stuff I forgot here,, yea you gottado the electoral thing to get good credit apparently otherwise it doesnt matter how much money you have theyre gonna turn you down for everything, imagine you get eveicted and no one takes you not because you dont have the money but you dont have the electoral register. I’ll put that over there. Put it in the closet, keep it in the closet.. are you a closet wham fan? 23 hehehe.. im a closet.. god if you could see my taste in music itd be embarassing right? I hope its not too gay. But you know I like nice melodies thats the thing.. and a.. who doesnt man? Geia sou tha ta poume goodbye, I dont wanna make people have to watch, thsi is for my website.. or you know I dont want people to feel they have to watch. Uh these guys are still open I just called them.. theyre gonna make more for me.. I think I might change the color, I dont wanna change the color though. its.. uh.. so few colors only 6 colors what are you gonna do.. 24 mi se peirazei, tha to eixografo edo, I have a copy, im recording it there hi res, this is just for my website.. ok m&m’s I used to eat those until I found out that they put insects cohineal cochineal. Insects in the red m&m’s. So thast disgusting im not gonna be eating those anymore. If you snuck it. And dishonest too, you should put that in the ingredients. & make children isnt that child abuse? Feeding insects to children & not telling them about it. If I or anyone else did that, put insects in the food, without telling them, dont you think that would qualify as abusive, crime or something? I think so? Can you imagine? Thatll happen next. Theyll get in deep shit for that eventually im sure.. it could be centuries from now theyll be like what the fuck did you do? Back then? Fuckin uneth..[ical] theyre too big though right? You have a few billion dollars you can do anything you want.. youre above all criticism.. aw man cds old cds.. glad I found them.. glad I did this actually, glad I did this.. so theres nobody there now is that true? So im not gonna sweat it right? I am becasue its up there.. its up there too. Its not for you. Its not for the live audience.. [like sitcoms, recorded before a live audience with fake applause and laughter[

Its not only for the live audience I should say.. do I need this? Is this bag dust.. This bags not so dusty I dont think. If you do this you can seethe dust. Right trusty dusty.. you need a black dark backround.. what are we doingt this is from pf chang, just goin through my inventory.. the title says it all right I put it in the titl;e.. theres another eyeball again oh my god omg! 26 pintexter revenge of the nered ughhhagghh no I say that because I was going over my old streams,to make them better right, u kind of, thats 1 thing I do, u gotta do that anyway, you gotta get the good bits n put them in your show, coz when I go to all those guys, all those platforms n present my show, we’ll see if they take it, can you ima.. what do u think will happen. If they dont take it it goes here.. tough shit, I dont care. As long as you try, who gives a sh, I dont need, do you need success if you have enough money? Thats stopped not doing catalogues now this is the last of the printed Argos catatlogs, book of dreams? Christmas dreams, Argos if you dodnt jknwo that, I must say this is the most impotayant advice if you love in Lodnon, if you dont jnwo about argos, youll be using amazon all the time right? They deliver, ruman delivered see the background there white steel closets.. cupboards,you gotta know where to get things here i dont do amazon it just didnt work coz im not prime member yet.. it just wouldnt work so I didnt do it.. which is.. I think they have enough actioj already domnt they? Apparently they dont make any money I heard ojn the radio I listen to alot of radio coz I stopped watching tv for a bit, & I heard this, you know ytou Hera them talking u get alot of advice, informationl amazon make no money from their retail, yea its between 3rd parties or whatever, so theyre making it all form hard drive space cloud apparently. Aws, I dont kmnow if I can trust them after the YouTube thing though.. to host my shit, im not sure theyd want to, I just wan dedicated servers,  I wanna do that, are we continuing here? I ghotta make sure it works.. so theres always 1 eyeball it shows, no it went up to 3 eyeball ooooh 300% increase, well they come n go anyway what is this cd sleeves..are they clean? This bag should be up there right? Another reason im doing the live thing is stuff happens that would never happen if it wasnt live. I come up w stuff I dont know, like I said before, is this.. m yea.. u come up w stuff 4 some reason although what if you dont.. ah its worth a shot. So were recording it anyway over there 4k stereo…might as well do a live.. o yea a see now I can see the hwole picture hadnt stretched out window but on my web site.. make sure its not tooo bad, thast what Russel said right, were not toooo bad.. yo um.. im really glad im doing this by the way, you know why? 30 because its been a year that Ive been in London through this lockdown thing it came n went, in the summer it wasnt lockdown but it was crazy you know & I still havent been able to do this and I just think w this I might be able to. it might help. Fro some reason. I just look at the facts. Yesterday I was in the square, I dont wanna say which one even though you know, but you never know some wacko might uh..heh.. dont give em any ideas.. but im in soho square and im like.. I need air, I need a little sun even though theres none there, theres. A little bit it was falling I got a few minutes of sunshine, alot of days are going that way where I dont get arounhd to do this,. Vagabond thats what those vagrants.. that guy that lives in a van.. I stopped watching him coz he repats himself too much like I said.. isnt that vagrancy? Is that homelessness if you live in a van? Well no thats your home. So its not really homeless is it? You know they have vagrancy laws like they said in rambo first blood? We have vagrancy laws around here you cant, we dont need your kind here, uh.. is that uh.. but now everybody’s uh.. im not putting it down, that could be me tomorrow. That could be any ojne of us, im not putting it down, so maybe I shouldnt go there. hehe 31 theyve been very nice to me actually the vagrants, do we call them vagrants no.. is that rude? Im just tryin to get the terminology straight man. Can u imagine, caoz theres some words you look them up. Coz we didnt have internet decades ago. 32 even 1 decade ago we barely had it right? 2 decades ago, so you look up a word and it says “derogatory, insulting, ‘ coz I hear things like uh.. I better not say.. it was a religionj term and it starts with m, and its just a short, just a shortened version of it, & im like it sounds funny, it sounds a little dismissive, it sounds like it could be taken either way. Like a joke, nickname, or you could also use it as a slur whatever, & I looked it up and its like derogatory and im like oh shit,my friend said it. I didnt. I never heard of it. He uses the same term for mosquitoes. But with an o. mozzzie. In america they call them skeeters right? Ok now do I save these these are 1 terabyte these are the latest, thats as big as theyll get right? Do you think theyll get.. they say these are future proof but theyre not.. do I keep these they have the recovery software took em all out, I odnt know why im keeping ehm but there frikikin expensive these cards..they said these are future proof right these cards.. btw I recommend these, [=extreme sandisk 1tb sdxc] 10 years ago they said it was gonna go up to 1tb coz it used to bne 2gb for the same price, back then, but now so if its reached its limit is it gonna be hollograms? I dont wanna rasie my voice is it gonna be hollogram technology? Is that where its going next? I dont know. Good I did a bag!.. see if I had just done this, 33min a bag a day, 300 days a year, right? I’d be done! I don’t have more than 300 bags here including the suitcases, I can’t wait to open this suitcase 34m you know I said that last time? This suitcase, you see this one? Tomorrow, heheh if I can just do this, the second desk in there which is full of bags ands all the bags that are around the second desk, by the way all these are full I got 4 steel closets and theyre all full. awful. Theyre awful and all full. They’re all full of whatever, books & stuff.. & uh so I need to throw things out. That’ll be the next phase. But I sprayed & cleaned them n dried them, most of them, yea, everything coz they hav eto be clean in there, I cant have dirty things in there.. so uh anyway & then we get to the suitcases yea. By the way this is embarassing cause I wanted the spring break like anyone like I said the “winter music conference” thats the excuse, sorry I just have to make sure this is.. you know being a director you gotta do it right.. do it right.. name that, name that, name that song? Do it right, ah ah ah [hand glasses] 35 ray Charles blues brothers. I dont wanta just quote old films I’m gonna start watchingt new films again I guess. I have done, I told you that dirty grandpa, classic! Doesnt get better than that. Dirty grandpa. Do I need this bag? I dont know whats going on here let me see whats going on. Theses do not need spraying coz they were recent they were not left in the mouse uh trajectory.. what do you call it? Where the mice were.. these are cable ties, I thought I was gonna tie all the cables. Office supplies right, orifice supples. You got your office supplies and your orifice supplies. Thats a separate compartment hahahah.. ts happening.. im not gonna be as entertaining yet caus im still rusty.. im still in non live mode, once the live kicks in.. the live disease, livitis, like phlebitis. You know inflammation of the phleba? The phlem? The veins? Livitis phlebitis.. are these, these were on the floor man the bags are dirty underneat but inside they might be okay.. where you gonna put it then man, in more bags? 36 let me try to throw some shit out, okay gopro, gorpro they let me down man too many times, gopro is always.. they usesd to work on occasion I godd osme footage really good where the extrenal professional unpowered lav mic, lavalier mic, how else do you call it? Thihgs happen, like it says new tip under hte Facebook window, it catches your attention, 37 something wrong? ok.. lav mic um.. let me check the comments just in case, ok.. 42 minutes? I mean that is remarkable.  Thats why I do it becasue its a skill! To be able to go 42 minutes and not repeat yourself, and come up with ideas & information and actually do somethi9ng this is good cause im actually doing something. Imagine if I was just sitting there. Blablabla thats what they usually do, but then its better in that way, then you do a better job that way, but youre not doing anything this way. Here, thats secondary okay? Is this, yea I gotta get going.. tempoere glass lens cover, yea I was saying gopro I did get some good footage they did work on occasion, but then eventually tch.. sorry my tooth.. yea baout the tooth ill get to that next another time.. im just waiting, I dont wanna hurry up & do anything, uh ..xhhhxhhh actually its good for the venitlation of the mout heheha 38 were was I, gopro, okay, 8, yes or no, I was very disapointed with the 8. I got 2 gorpro mods here, I had to send them from new york coz they didnt have them here, with or without the lockdown they wouldnt have them, gopro mods for the external microphone, I put a double lav mic, maybe thats why, I wanted it stereo, Ive got 2 lav mics going in, coz I had the guy fuse them together, that huy, Imran, who does my repairs. Hes done a bunch of them, right, & they used to work really nice, you get stereo on your gopro, stereo professional audio on your gorpo, I liked it  & I tried it w this, it worked one minute and not the next. & the built in one here allt the reviews on YouTube say its no good right, its mono, its better than the built in without it. The really built in one. This is the snap on media mod. But I like the gopros idea that its flat, no one else does a flat tiny teeny weenie 4k camera, 39 but uh bald n broke is using the x3000 which is what Ive been using for year so I might just stick to that for now, even though it sticks out & freaks people out on occasion. So did this, I mean I got banned from Anaheim hilton because of this. Cause of the gopro. Becasue I was in the jaccuzi getting the bubbles & they thought I was getting the lady. As if like you could see anything with the bubbles & im getting this [my back] & im getting the bubbles. & the point is everyone else was doing it. They had all these kids gettinjg me, in the pool, shoving gopros, not in your face but they were getting you, its wide abgle you can get the whole frikkin pool. & they had 1000 windows, tinted windows all pointing to the pool, 1000 people could have been with their camcorders getting the pool and im sure they were, & I was one of them xkhxkhxkhx.. just kidding, mine wasnt, mine didnt have a view of the pool. Mine was inj the back, so uh.. which brings us to the next move, Ive been looking at these high rise towers in l.a, I dont really wanna be in the 15th floor though, if there earthquakes n shit you knwo the elvator breaks, im thinkin the twin towers n all that. 40 I dont know if anybodys watching becasue here on the Facebook window it syas live, theres a live button & occasionally theres a 1 eyeball next to it whereas on my website it shows 1 eyeball, does that come and go though or is it just stuck there.. coz I dont wanna sweat it if no ones watching you see what I mean? Mm yea.. & that Marshall khamou idiot.. I sont wanna say idiot, but it was idiotic what he did.. his audienc eis trolls. My audience is uh the authorities theyre watching heheh so’s yours! 300 times a day youre recorded here, its the most surveilled city in the world, one of the most surveilled cities in the world, thats why when someone gives me shit for street photography, which is legal here, youre allowed to record the streets & anyone in them, as lonjg as you dont you knwo what I mean violate their personal space or whatever, but the streets are within limits, whats the opposite of off limits? 41 but anyway occasionally I get shit theyre like “did you take a picture? You cant do that” n im like its street photography ahole, even though in Budapest you can do porn but not that. Youre llowed to do porn, gangbangs and all that shit but youre not allowed to video the streets. apparently. Coz the new dictator. Although I gotta look into it although thats bullsghit coz I saw it on YouTube anyway.. same with north korea, south korea too, theyre even worse.. my friend uh whats his face? Dsong Huyn Choi from the students house,

He was really funny cause he used to play instruments in the toilet, outhpouse, hallways, in the weirdest places youd hear a cello or a violin [jew harp, triangle, applause] he was a musical genius but I think he lost his marbles coz on the Facebook page hes a friend on my Facebook thing, he says go to north korea, south korea is trying to kill me, I think its the opposite, its the other way man.. 42m so I dont mind saying this coz ill watch it later n get ideas. But I ghotta organize these ideas anyway. But I had a point to make n I forgot it so lets oh gopro.. gopro 8 yes or no.. im keeping it ok so the external stero mic didnt work and, the 1 terabyte microsdxc card didnt work. & it destroyed, u know its a $200 card, maybe 3, shipped over from America plus 25% VAT here.. no but you know its a 1tb card & I barely got a few minutes on there, & ity doenst work anyomre & it wont erase, its corrupted beyond, you cant reformat it, its completely destroyed because of gopro hero 8. They completely demolished my 2 or 300 dollar 1tb sandisk microsdxc card. So I said im not gonna use them u cant use 1tb cards, are they so behind.. tehcnology, its  usually, always yea the cards are always ahead of the camera manufacturers, or is it the other way round I dont know anymore.. the new sony a7 u know the 8k. Im gonna get it, 7 its 50 megapixel instead of 60, the a7r4 is 60. Im gonna get it becasue uh if possible, beacuse 8k you cant beat 8k.. is someone there or not because theres 1 eyeball there but not there.. I dont wanna stress for nothing. So dont. So ok uh es or no. yea we have to, im not throwing it out.. 44 test it w a smaller card, I dont have half terabyte cards now, theyre all 1 terabytes right? Yeah oh no well well test it well see.. you see it was a wasted 1000 dollars on a stupid gopro that doesnt work again not with the mics not with the cards, theyre just so backwards. So how come the sonys work. The Sonys work w 1tb card although evern the Sonys fucked up recently.. the sony x3000 camera you know the bald n broke one, the action camera, it screwed upk yea it showed that it was recording when it wasnt. & it recorded for like an hour n I took it out n its not there.. & then I put it back in n it shows it recording & theres nothing there. That looks like a card corruption though coz I put plenty of cards in there that work. So maybe thats a sandisk problem but thats why you get many of everything instaed of just 2 or 3.. so that didnt work and wj=hat else.. god do. I have to do this? Sht lets just get going man get going its not dusty is it.. so no tis is ok so gopro shit lens replacer, im gonna get the gopro 9, keep testing it, they might improve next time, keep testing it.. [return b&h 14 days but might fail after 14 days] therers nothing better thats the thing except for the little sony one right? Are these guys finished? Tapestry ok.. this is orifice supplies, what the hells this? Thast goipro, 45 is this gopro?oh theyre electronics, all electronics should be together at least, lets just do that yea.. packaging.. let me get uh these out of the way put em in a clean,,

Yea im gonna use dth mint condition, im juast thinking 1 eyeblall, im thinkingt if anyones there when theres no number by the eyeball, coz on my website if people are watching it there, 47 does it show an eyeball or not. I dont thin kit does, right? Does it? Its only on Facebook. It would only count the Facebook eyeballs maybe. I dont know I dont care, all I know is I get alot of traffic on my website & thats all that matters as far as thats concerned. Its not all that matters in life, but its all that matters s far as th.. {pointing] so uh mint condition uh Tesco bags.. were gonna use these they charge you now right? Before people were just grabbing them or sometimes, now theyre like 20p which is like 30 cents, for 1 bag, but I need them to put this stuff in.. so I have 2 types right, the mint condition ones that have never been used & the other ones coz alot of groceries fall on the floor. Cleaning products, alot of stuff in the supermarket falls on the floor, & they just put it back on the shelves, so youve got all the germs, all the puke, [piss, pigeon mouse rat dog human urine excrement vomit spit & more.. not grossout humor this is reality horror whore genre trainwreck its in your fridge..s  ] 

So youve got all the dirty things from the street on those items. Same coul be for these so but anyway um.. so I gotta.. thast why you shouldnt use the mint bags on these, if stuff fell on the floor potentially. anyway. So more gopro shit here. ill go over all the electornics, well do an inventory. What I like about this is it helps me organize. My the whole procedure. Coz i think I say it out loud over there and that wouldnt happen necesarily well it might happen anyway but im putting it in here. I have to mark that this is clean too. See why you need a pen on the computer all the time.. analog not digital anal-og,new yea new nude.. thats electronics, im gonna go over all the electronics later. Yea when I was at the Hudson hotel,i went to b&h and they have these watches, I dont wanna say, actually I dont wanna give anything nah I dont wanna tell you too much but 49 one of the chines cleaners stole them im sure because its Achinese product n its full of Chinese manuals in there, & it was the Chinese cleaner sho stepped in my bathtub when she cleaned it, in my bathtub with her shoes I was like excuse me do you mind? Cleaing the bathtub by stepping in it with your shoes thanks. Im looking forward to a bath in that. Anyway um and they stole my watch. Coz i had some stuff out. Why would you leave that out though, I would never do that again. It must have been a few years ago when I trusted people in my hotel room, the cleaners, I cant beleive I had that stuff out. Today it’d be locked up in my suitcases. [greece open, this is new york”] I would never leave expensive freshly newly bought gadgets lying around in a hotel room. Who does that? You lock em up, [& they steal the suitcase take everything!} Close the suitcase. I always close the suitcase now. God, what was I thinking. Serves me right well anyway, no one deserves that anyway.. pisses me off & then you cant prove it either.. [they stole the surveillance sousveillance cam] 50 how do you prove it. Now these are this is the watch fore the x3000 do I want that? Do iu wanna try that? So ican see can see a frame of it right? You can see how its framed. Yea id like to try that. But I wouldnt bother not right now anyway. So all this what am I do.. im putting all the electronics together okay.. & then were gonna go over Tham, ugh.. why am I puttung them in new bags? Yea dont.. put all the elctronics in 1 place.. do these need cleaning? Oh god spray thsi sh.. 51 ok put all the dirty electornics in 1 place 7 the clean ones in another.. not dirty but potentially dirty. These are new.. these are.. uhh its gonna be a quiet stream if no ones there im just gonna be quiet & get on w things. Itll be in the background if somethning comes up I’ll wave at the camera to make a note of it so I can find it later.. but im just gonna get cracking here, just like you are.. and uh thats that. So whatever needs cleaning im gonna put.. maybe I should do that now right, clean it? Lets just organize things first coz I dont knwo what the hell is going on here. Put the clean stuff separate fromn the mouse infested stuff when I left this place mice were running around were gonna clean that were gona spray or at least have it separate ready to go for cleaning coz right now everythiungs mixed up.. not really theryre in separate bags but everything all over the place. Coz i moved everything out there. Let me think what to do. Ok ok just a second. Ok this stuff yea..  god alright um.. gonna need your mask for this one.. 53 is someone there or not now theres an eyeball there and an eyeball there.. before there was an eyeball there but not there.. I dont know what the hell is goin on, I dont know if I should be entertaining you or if I should just get on with things. N not shout I dont wanna raise my voice now that we got the good [scratch scratch] good microphone can you hear that? scratch.. coz that is advanced livestreaming. Nobody, im telling you, nobody has that micriophone, I dont wanna.. id like to tell you how much it.. you know the value, but then you’ll look it up n you’ll see what it is.. you probably saw it anyway because I did show it in the past but I wanna keep a little mystery I dont want everyone all those cutthroat assholes competitors to sound as good as me! Hehehaha! 53 which reminds me of a quote form my brother, this is a classic right, which I;D like to apply to you. Don’t like my video. Im just saying coz youre not gonna like it anyway so I wanna get ahead of you you now I wanna be 1 up on you. Dont like it, because then I have to like yours! Which I have no-o intention of doing! Thats a quote from my brother. Im just quoting. Thats not me. Talk about. Isnt that mean spirited to say that when youre your’e know.. in your youth, to your sibling. “Dont give me a Christmas present because then I have to get you one, which I have no-o intention of doing”. Its pretty funny when you think of it, and it applies here beautifully. Cause dont like my video because then I have to go to yours. And like yours. & no ones posting any livestreams, theyre a bunch of lazy. I think is it why wouldnt they livestream, why would they just aput a picture of their whatever up there you know.. 54:43 oh coz they want their privacy yea but they Sid their life is an open book anyway.. whatever look u do your thing ill do mine okay.. ok this need a clean.. ok were getting there, as if.. no no this is better than nothing man better than sitting in the park then coming back here hungry, browsing all night, goping to bed in the wee hours & losing your whole I gotta get cracking so this is cleaner.. ok little break just a moment.. I was gonna wash my hands in the bathroom coz I prefer that sink, something cleaner about it, here im tyhinking limescale, im thinking.. theres no mice lately can u see me? By the way I wanna see if im in the uh.. its a better visual isnt it? Than an empty chair.. maybe an empty chairs better.. fell kinda icky, I wanna wash my hands after all that. I still gotta.. I still havent done anything. X2 dont repeat yourself. We dont have demntia yet, absent mindedness maybe but I hope its not dementia so uh.. I was gonna sya something just lost it man, these funny phrase just come up w little anecdotal.. ok.. so listen um.. 56 listen to the neighbors man thyre always like aghlalgh;laghl;agla 57 what the fuck is that man wtf r they doing? Im just you know everyone keeps to themselves here which is probably best..neeah I dont know man I dont know.. is it? yeah.. im telling you man.. if ah.. no more on that later, im getting sidetracked I gotta get going f them whoever f’s me I f them.. end of story.. ok am I doing this ir not. So theres elctronics whats wrong w this picture what happened here.. these electronics omg is that from here too omg these were the ones that werein the bag in this room.. just to recap um.. 3 eyeballs? I got 3 yeyeballs here n 1 there I odnt know what the hells goin on w this thing.. is the title up there so at least they know wth is going on its a marathon cleaning session yea..sint it coz it wouldnt let me save the title. It says fill out your title n it doesnt let you save it.. so these things were in this room, I left for a liong time when I was in greece n there was mice here. So I wanns clean them n were still doing them coz theres still some stuff I havent done. Cant sit there cleaning every item. Lets go over it, im gonna go over it, we’ll do this today. 58??   sss


GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com Facebook live stream sun 3 jan 2021 9pm Leicester square, Picadilly, Soho London UK.mp4

GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com Facebook live stream sun 3 jan 2021 9pm Leicester square, Picadilly, Soho London UK.mp4 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

facebook says “Unavailable. This video can’t be embedded because it may contain content owned by someone else. Watch on Facebook · Learn More”. [if it’s the non-consensual forced auditory & mental harassment & penetration ear rape background noise music, they should be penalized, not us. fcuk the macarena & ahole who plays it or blocks it for ruining content!]

Goodly & Badly phone conversation tue 17 nov 2020 6pm London U.K GeoGodley*com vlog*com 0043S03

Goodly & Badly phone conversation tue 17 nov 2020 6pm London U.K GeoGodley*com vlog*com 0043S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

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Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com ADULT COMEDY L🤪L

Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com 4K stereo ➜ 480p from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

3GB 3h27m 10 hour upload copper wire broadband
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Rough draft outline/ transcript in progress

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45 parody songs im in the mopod fpr bbppp
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Trump of digi world
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55min life is shutting up too
My life is not 4 u 2 like
59min If u dont like my life thats not hte same as u dont like my show
F u. I’ll do the liking around here
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Will this b a daily event
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Funny thoughts mind wandering more fun company
Perverted school teacher
Livestreams never watch listen like radio take notes
[info = power]
Soft spoken
a4# embarassing couples lock phones
[Paris halles guy everyone I know’s on this page. Mnemonics,
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Inventory get cracking
Swiss security
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They are beyond fing w your insides do u go ahead see what happens
1h11 why am I alone , why alone, lost enough later aholes, [says it all] partys over asshole just begun
30 sec silence edit not all about you audience seinfeld
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What does this remind u of, mind out of gutterasshole, calm down, not sure way to go, tidbits, coco 1000 a day 99 f u bbbppp get out of face
Angle sugar fat

Bird turd tantrum illegal pigeon feeder conflict sun 11 oct 2020 5pm GeorgeGodley*com VLOG*COM London U.K


why is it almost always an old, ugly, unpleasant woman illegally feeding vermin causing filthy fecal diarrhea pigeon poollution?
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Forced mandatory nonconsensual coronavirus covid-19 TrackAndTrace app = nonstop surveillance privacy human rights violation & constant quarantine London U.K candid camera sousveillance video vlog


NHS test and trace covid-19 app, #nhs #nhstrackandtrace #nhstestandtrace #testandtrace #trackandtrace #humanrights #privacy #quarantine #force

Vera gobeyond Gogu social interaction flirt tue 22 sep 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com, vlog*com C0358S03

Vera gobeyond Gogu social interaction flirt tue 22 sep 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com, vlog*com C0358S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

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Loud obnoxious inconsiderate hyperreligiosity conflict, Leicester Square, London U.K mon 14 sep 2020 vlog dot com

Loud obnoxious inconsiderate hyperreligiosity conflict, Leicester Square, London U.K mon 14 sep 2020 vlog dot com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

“Hyperreligiosity is a psychiatric disturbance in which a person experiences intense religious beliefs or experiences that interfere with normal functioning.”
“Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the propagation of noise with ranging impacts on the activity of human or animal life, most of them harmful to a degree.”
New York’s Central Park bans amplified noise, why not us. WordPress #fail: tags don’t work again, not that it makes any difference: Disturbing the peace, auditory harassment, auditory assault, ear rape, disorderly conduct, amplified sound, hyper religiosity, mental illness, fanaticism, extremism, inconsideration, nuisance, leicester square, london


Geo(rge) Godley & Hayk, Lounger & scrounger, video phone conversation facebook messenger sat 27 jun 2020 420pm 0354S03 vlog dot com

Geo(rge) Godley dot com & Hayk, Lounger & scrounger,video phone conversation facebook messenger sat 27 jun 2020 420pm 0354S03 vlog dot com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Geo Godley vlog dot com Goodly & Badly phone conversation George Floyd protests riots coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown tue 2 june 2020

Geo Godley vlog dot com Goodly & Badly phone conversation George Floyd protests coronavirus covid-19 pandemic tue 2 june 2020 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Geo Godley vlog dot com Goodly & Badly phone conversation George Floyd protests riots coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown tue 2 june 2020 London U.K Clip0180S03.MP4

outline/ transcript 1st rough draft

Its weird, that looks good from the back but not from the front, as soon as I’m sitting down it looks a little different. Ok ready? I’m not plugging it in just in case of any earth loops or whatever.. 75.. is that a mouse? 797.. [dial tone] ring tone, that light.. hey G whats happening {intermiottent phone signal]
-hellew {english accent]
-un fuckin beleivable innit man u seen it the rioting all that shit have you seen tv the news?
-what who
-yea I get the cnn im online coz I dont do tv
-its unbeleivable outrageous huh
-what happened well they looted Macy’s last night..
-50 cities man the whole lot’s goin up [u see/
-yea he’s confused me because.. he’s confusing because he said/ sent military to stop the riots right, but he didnt say what happens to peaceful protests, military for them too?
1m34 -best just keep out of it n keep his mouth [shut] know what I mean..
-no no you need to stop the riots but you cant stop the peaceful protests..
-you cant speak your mind be honest dare not so you cant know what I mean, its a wofrry huh frightening
-no coz riots youre supposed to stop but youre not supposed to stop peaceful prostests
-thats the p[roblem , loads of it going on, thats what happened to Russ..[ unintelligible mumble]..
-youre talking too fast I cant hear you
-my brothers dead, I didnt get our justice, theyre talking about the 5 million jews but its government policy theres no escaping it..[his cellphone mobile data decreasing audio quality]
-hows everything are you doing first
-im all right, Ive got em coming round locking me up theyve got me on the list not good
4m15 -are you getting out every day or so
-not really, head injury, whole host of other things haloperidol.. affected me in the long term..
-forgot about that, didnt you say you were hemmoraging n didnt bother to do ..
-not isolated theyve got information, its not true, do not recussitate.. you got to hospital, the matrix they call it, I know whats going on thats why they dont like me..
-so what happened to your head they fixed it the injury
-Russels dead im lucky im still here poison fed up
5m45 -so what did they do for your injury when you fell down
-nothing man.. thats what im saying thats how I know Ive been told by nurses DNR they put on your file do nut recussitate.. crazy.. replicate what it feels like..
6m15 -i just ate, on the previous video it looked like a had a beer gut becasue I just ate and i’m slouching, if I stand up there’s no beer gut at all if I stand up
-how is your weight have u dropped weight are you losing it or..
-it’s 100 on the dot [snicker]
-100 kilos beacause im not moving enough but I go to the square I do the staircases..
-are there people out there are the parks busy
-i have 2 squares here that I bo to but Ive been meaning to get back to work editing 7:00 but I wanted to tidy up first and I just cant because of one reason or another.. theres always a problem, either I have to take a nap or I need sun,
-batteries, you have to plan it
-ive done it, Ive done a few hours here and there but not enough to finish the job.
-with all the riots and corona theres all sorts of interesting stuff going on..
-the main problem in my case, is that I left a bunch of stuff in plastic bags in the main room, right, maybe 10, 20 plastic bags, the size of bin bags like garbage bags, but they were recycling bags so they were clean, and the mice bit their way into every single one of them, so I want to clean, disinfect, spray & wipe down everything in those 10 or 20 bags, and then I’ve got to make sure that they’re locked up so it doesn’t happen again!
-8:05 have you heard there’s rats because of corona[virus] & all the people rat infestation theyre getting worse plague locusts & all sorts of pests you know..plague famine death
-so I need more clean suitcases to put them in cause I don’t want to contaminate the ones that I use..
-surely you can limit it they only went in a bit of the bag to look for food and couldnt find any, it might be alright.,.
-no I saw some bitten things here and there, you dont know if they went everywhere or not cause I was gone a lot, for long periods of time..
-they wont have been through everything inside in the folders the papers no food, thats what theyre looking for food..
-yea but they chewed up they ate alot of things.. they chewed my..
-yea theyre destructive thats what theyre like
-they chewed microphone sponges & earphone sponges a little bit here and there and they chewed
-you cant put things down because youre tired in the night, get up in the moring and its a mess again and think wtf
-they chewed those ladies shoes remember years ago I used to dress up the ladies..
-yea those outfits
-i threw those those out now.. i dont know if I should disinfect every cable & all that
-no you don’t have to do that, I mean basically what are you gonna catch from a mouse anyway theyre pretty similar anyway its not like an operation thater you cant really avoid.. I a way its good cause you get enzymes that might protect you from you knopw, its good for you some of these bacteria
-yea thats what animals do the 1st thing they do is Bambi licked the baby deer..
-remember the other flat years ago when you came over, & I .. remember th eproblem..
-the one near McDonalds there? yea.. you moved out of that place..
-anyway its alittle better here because i..
-you live in the center thats what you like busy ..
– I learned how to contain it a bit, like I close the door so they cant come into the rest of the.. I know some tricks.. 10:40 how to contain..
-yea but thats a nightmare cause you gotta keep goin around shutting doors
-you know what it is right? Every1/ everybody puts garbage bags in the streets,
-they love that ots the ideal right
-and that feeds them
-yea exactly thats what keeps them alive, see they relate taht bin bag to food,
-exactly thats why they bit thru anything plastic, so.. 11min] if everybpody stopped, n put them in dumpsters, skips, but theyll never do it, they keep feeing them, just like the pigeons in the squares,
-11:30 its funny when you said we’re related.. cause theyre mammals just like us right?
-yea medics test on mice first, before us].. theyre very similar, mammals.. sam as bat Chinese created coronavirus in laboratory
-i dont know anyway im looking at my next move, Miami California I dont know
-yea but riots goin on gotta be carefiul its not the same ol world anything can happen cant predict camera n gear gotta be careful
-where would yopu go behinf=d you you could do both cant you mind you you wanna go rto states
-wanna get going man anyway okay
-maybe cali
-yea Ive been. Looking at some places, online theres some homes there but I dont know how much i..
-yea you dont wanna waste it all on a house
-thast the thing I could lose half my fortune
-at the moment iots dicey isnt it its not the time to invest not secure stable at all anything can happen
-the worst is the property tax
-you gotta pay that anyway
-1 or 2% it can be like 100,000/year, maintenance, insurance much more than renting,
-fuck that
-if you have a big house like Hugh heffner, I was thinking, you know he had the playboy mansion, I’ll have the vlog mansion..
-its not the sam [unintelliginble laughter] you wanna live the lif dont you
-i need security portered
-yea Nile is at Bev hilols bel air trouble aggro
-hows nadine is she in France
-shes off her head not well casuing trouble for my mom mum
-here its fine theres nothing goin on
-you suffer froim paranoya right
-your battery s goiung
-bla bla black people
-carful im recording
-shit your phone is ghoing speak closer to the microhpne, last time was mucgb better today its like it comes &goes
– I ghad the internet on slows connection down 16:42
-its much better now
-yea my internet data strem was connecte so it slows down
-oh sh, we gotta start the recording all over again
-you might move out
-first I want to finish a few things
-i hope I can stay if I need it again next year coa I cant see everything being finished so fast
-no rush
-nop there is I gotta get cracking but its lioke uh..
-you want to do it properly
-i gotta decide what the priorities are I dont know if I can make a movie out of all this stuff
-u need more time tha you plan anyway so give yourself contingency extra buffer ytou know
17:45 ive got my 5 or 6 prioritie goals
Thats a good sign huh, oh shit the whole lot covid, riots, seesome not pleasant
-some guy knowcked out a policeman
-you get out public square benches?
-yea library square park
-whats the squarte and park called
-canada water, Russia dock, 19:15 all the goods go there,
Canada water a big lake, dock , shopping center, puropse built, mayflower pilgrim forefathers left from rotherhide, you can have a meal, captain jones..
-vinnie jones, me and mrs jones,
-captain jones
-you know the song me & moirs jones
-yea famous isnt it nat king all coverd that, aint gonna be a mrs jones at this rate, so when are you gonna settle down stop screwein around
-21you knwo tehres some people in the street, my neighbors, and they sit in the street, drinking & smoking.
-this is it you see most of them do now
-and dancing to some music
-theyre not health not wise they see that as having a good time dont they
-but its 2, its a gay couple, & then another straight couple, & I’m like what am I doing sitting there with them sometimes, I mean theyre okay for a little bit but do I really want
-yea time is precious
-to spend time on..
-nothings gonna happen your not gonna get anywhere afre ypou, not gonna hav e a relationshiop or..
-or even a friendship how do you know..
-as you get older you get more n more selctive you have to be you havent got a choice
22min spending time with people who will never be there in the future
[you cant I cant I had to chuck alot of things out havent got time for that sh, & youre less interested anyway, youve done that n know whats gonna happen,
-moight as well hang out w instagram
-intagram models showing it all on there if you ask them to do that they call you a pervert tell you to get lost
-so im eating 2 meals a day now, bfast or brunch if its a bit later
By 6 oclock starved if you overcompensate at night defeat purpose
-i cant no I can but im just not doing that at least I do the stairs staircase
-you live a healthy lifestyle
-unilke you huh whnat happened with the smoking
-im in trouble, iam 24:17 theyve created aload of problems
-why dont you go to the nhs & quit smoking
-im mopre worried about haloperidol lithium compared to the other sh theyve been giving me all sorts of horrible sh torture me try to finish me off so they can cutr costs now theyre gonna cost themselves alot more damage who pays for it its a worry all this rioting deamnage wreckage devatation
-they have insurance
-they say that, the big guuys, not the small, try getting anything out of them,,
-25:55 so im thinkin of my next move and every place has a problem, if I stay in London okay you know all the problems,
-good and bad everywhere you go, never perfect but balance it out with what your requirements are
-these greek rich people that my.. that I know, they all live in mayfair, green park, Hyde park corner, very nice n posh but they they said there’s leaks so I could lose all my valuables to floods
-what in the actual flat itself did you go in there & have a look around
-yea these Venizelos,,
-wa it very damp?
-no but they told me keaks are a problem there, so thats on my mind, so then im thinking if I go to california, gated communities you know those,
-like Paris Hilton wa in one there in Bevewrly hills Ive been looking at them right.. 27:00 ashe got robbed anyway, she stilll has to put all kinds of alarms N lazers & all kinds of bullsh..
-police do their job
-so im looking into that but the tax is 100,000 a year if you get a big house.
-oh shit you gotta be careful there man dont get screwed over
-i know, & thats the least of it right, then you need, theres another 100,000 for all the extras, & then another, it just [goes..
-living expenses
-so before you know it you could end up with nothing, over years you could lose it all.. so theres that, so im looking at maybe a beach condo in Malibu or something..
-that sounds cool
26:00 -but there theres no gated communities,
-fires mudslides san Andreas fault
-no security
-yea the police
-hey youre available I need someone like Hugh Hefners rock at the entrance, speak into the rock..
-dont worry
-hugh hefners mansion they had a rock at the entrance, speak into the rock..
-thats cool
-i need someone to man the rock
-yea definitely I’ll be your butler can I be your butler
29:00 -hey hey trump;s butler.. hahaha [lol] you know what trump did? Hey how does trump pay property tax on all his infinite buildings?
-whe you get to big levels like that you pay a corporate accountant, offshore tax havens, banks
-even joan collins 85 years old, 5 apartments, how the f does she know, how can she trust anyone to dust 5 apartments, pay autopay standing order direct debits, some of them she lets, see what I mean, she makes money on top of the other ones, shes a business woman, shes made money on the increase in property value, made a fortune,
-85 years old she could have dementia how the hell is she gonna remember where they are
30min -thats what the compl;aints are about, the wealth is with all the old people young people cant afford a house property prices banks pushing it out of reach.. even rich people like tom cruise are struggling to buy properties now..
-anyway you know what trump did I found out, he bought mar a Lago in Florida palm beach 8,000 people small village right, palm beach
-never pay rent you see,
-bought that fro 10million in 1985, fixed it up n made it a club n charged everybody 100.000/year cause its full of billionaires there, & they wanted to be associated with his brand cause its.. 500 people times 100,000 = 50 million dollars.
-[whistle] so he’s cleared up already, see what I mean hes made a big profit even before they..
-yea he brought it up to 200,000 when he was president
-thats what he did with new york, he bought bnig tower bloacks rented out the offic espace paid the leasehold..
-and its gone up to like 150million it ws 10mil now its 150mil coz he fixed it up
-once you got monmey you can make money, you gotta kmopw what youre doing
-niles sister got 30 houses now,not normal
-theyre selling the top floor here for half a million looks like a bedsit small probably mouse infested
-you could be robbed riots center is where they go
-trafalgar greece new york wash
-yea the theres Greece but..
-greeceis good for holiday
-no I used to live there
-a I see mind you you like it youre greek so you have an affinity with the place
-but its got some serious
-yea you cant really live the life youre a bit restricted
-well I have some things that I cant really do them or get them there so.. yea its kind of in trouble itself as a nation
-yea unless I change my goals n priorities right now my goals I have to do them here or in America I cant really uh
-no I know what u mean
-i gotta produce & promote gotta go to all the conventions, companies, agents & all that..
-theres lots of u gotta be careful
-l.a. is freezing I had the heat on in august
-night time
-yea night time is freezing, the waters cold so its only good if theres a heat wave, only then, the rest of the time its useless, so its not like Miami where even in Miami remember
-cancun was the best
-honolulu would be best but isolated
35 hey you know my hight school hs reunions online with zoom whos zoomin who, remember that song by Aretha franklin, whos zoomin who, haha..
-are you gonna go there on the high school reunion
-i was looking like they kind iof ignoreds, I left a..
-theyre blanking you
-yea but I remember they were blanked, I remember in my high school right it was cliquey,
-yea theyre all like that
-really unfriendly, no one spoke to anyone except 5 or 6 people in their stupid cliques, everybody ignored everyone else, everyone ignored everyone lese except their 5 or 6 people & now theyre all pretending they were best friends, & theyre still doing it, at the reunion theres people not even 5 or 6 people spoke to them, & theyre on the reunion thing, well
-specially as you get older you get more like that, grow more apart dont you..
-& there was a main group of about 10 people about 7 they never spoke to anyone else even at the reunion I remember when I went they all locked theselves into 1 table, there was no room for anyone to join in so everyone else had to sit away from them.
-they pushed you out of it
-& therye still doing it theyre ignoring
-same old shit yea yea they get worse some people stay the same
-haha so..
-funny when you see it now innit, at the time you get pissed off look back on it then you can look back objectively ridiculous think you know it all when youre young
-its funny before I called you I was gvonna say look im not in the mood to talk well talk another time.l
-no its good to talk like when you go on holiday you should always make the effort comes back to you appreciate it specially now isolated talk to.. all gone mad most people
38:10 I can hear them in the street theyve turned up the music
-partying now summertime best time the only time
-what u doin summer hols states or? See ya there yea? Got my bowtie hat butler bit..
39 anything I can do to help sort out
What song was that anything I can do
-oliver be back soon
-remember a month or 2 ago we spoke I said I liked that song just say so? Now I dont like it at all
-have they overplayed it burned it
39:55 yea they overplauyed it & I started noticing things I dont like about it..
-yea you listened to it propoerly & thought nah
-yea like when I first heard it it was fresh I never heard it before so I thought its a nice melody,
-yea some songs grow onm you dont they it can be a developper..
-i might like it again giv e it a rest but im very fussy I have a very specitic taste, well actually I’m very broad listen to a lot of sh..a lot of different stuff but they all have like some elements that I’m uh..
-you like the feel good dont you decent happy pleasant non depressing all have different tastes
-i dont want to give the formula away cause then everyone will do it
41 -if it aint good, its not godly! You got some good footage when you were out in las vegas

No ones doing what I want to see
If you need permission from everyobody in the damn shot
Dont put names
Look im gonna put it together and we’ll see what they say
He’s not gonna listen to thousands of hours of conversations
Rough outline
You should get a water filter for your tap water
Listen [urination sound] sounds a bit rude
You know when we were in clevelander finish girl some guy invited me & her to penthouse party boats in harbor Jeffrey epstein..
You make alot of dellusions
I know when I’m unwell even when I am mad I see things in deifferent way
Its good you didnt go
Nadine said anythging you say w a pinch of salt
20 years ago youre

Anyway you know what I do before I go to sleep now, Ive already seen the box set curb your enthusiasm
Grumpy miserable fucker
50 sex and te city
A few things about it irritate me
I watched so much stuff I dont want to waste my life
Some classics I wanna keep watching
How would I hold the camera to get that shot
GoPro portable
Quality broadcast overexpose hair look faded pop color setting tan look really good darks darker contrast very flattering
52:58 wearing a GoPro on his head
External mics never worked
a6500, a73, rx100 stabilizer shit you cant move
Voice dull bbc wheezy voice
Sounds wheezy
56:30 they keep dropping the “t”’s Ricky Gervais foes he have to keep dropping his t’s cant he talk normal
57:50 |& my brother man.. silence says it all.. instead of commenting on it, theres nothing to say, theres nothing there.. I’d love to sum it up I 1 sentence diplomatically..
The dog is dependent on you.. theyre being noce cause you controll theyre food
Youve got no freedom when you got pets
1hour2min what pet good for riots n looting
1h3 holiday Mykonos never that good, balaton hungary, ruislip lido,
1h5 butlins Blackpool Japanese blackpool yuko, her father uhhumm.. her father committed 3 or 4 things he shouldnt have,
1h8 cheek live in Greece youtuber western union never got you anywhere,
1h10 they said get a place n we can live there you can have a little room.. soon as im gone theyll want the keys using it to bring their exes there,, paying the bills ex culture keep in touch w exes.. u should have had 2 flats from your mother shoulda gad something all along
1h12 on hotel in front invest modernize refurbing old guy antonopoulos gone I cried, to grieve call somebody else n put it on them.. I got alot of footage of him
1h13 you know what
Main gaffe innit
An American will unarguable in Greece footage of him saying all kinds of shocking things do I want to put that stuff out there properly
1h14:49 I got cut off
1h16 shocking on the plane I need a beau.. twa 17 years old.. do you realize
I miss that terriblt should I get a beau dont worry im not making a pass at you..
1h19 220 volts america noise..
1h20 music industry
5 people control the whole business old timer
1h22 Drugs
1h23 cant listen to them long
Pharell were up all night to get lucky repetitive & annoying,
1h25 coldplay bootleg pirate
1h26:50 great voices
James blunt ginger man ed sheeran takin the piss great guy were all great guys.. style not my taste shape of you kept forcing it on me didnt want to hear it,
1h28 kloup kloup kluop kluop shit sells
1h30 what do you think did him in cocaine
1h31theres all these youtubers sit there talking for 3 hours.. tv addiction gamble dopamine hit entertainment info
Tinder horses birds fruit machine lose alot more than u make
1h34 reunion Facebook considering what I could have done very heavily self censored, x factor..
1h36 x factor fame recognition
1h37 its worth every penny mate
1h38 maralago membership too strict no vlogging cellphones
1h39 always someone makes a problem public drunk carefull
Willy d,
1h40 willy d troll
1h42 winter unbearable
Just to keep it active
2 scores google anal ytics hypestat says I get 300 a day google says 60, someones lying, YouTube
1h45 veggie burgers potassium chloride, looked it up
1h47 the egg industry kills all male chicks grind them alive
So ive stopped eggs dont trust them any more egg subsitute
Not your mother not your milk -peta sticker
1h49 pascha nightclub wikipedia brothel page clear throat flemm catrarrh
Sex club cologne, night club, 1000 customers 100 sex workers cheaper than non whores thats a joke, I have that right here every bulletin board escorts.. I dont do that.. protect yourself rubber bag doesnt matter, you want someone clean without rubber bag
Relationship sex hot ones 1h52:47 ask 1 more thing
1h53 couple weeks clean up the place storage..try throw em out.. Cadogan tate.. pickfords, big yellow storage,
1h55 emails ettiquette cut off whole conversation
He was courteous enough to answer your questions, you cut it off..
1h56m50 looks like I didnt reciprocate
Myriad reasons they dont write back
1h58 tiff slash..
Collage movie, hayk erratic erotic movie he wants it all fucked up,new generation dont want old fashioned movies they want it messed up..
2h01 goodnight johnboy [ask theme song]
Dirty jokes [see hecklers]
2h05 maralago membership clean up website meet someone who knows
2h7 abilify, people I would never know, alot of people on it.. panic disorder want them , any advice for panic disorder, calm cant fly even knocked out on Xanax
Bullshit buy views fake counters
Riots cant sustain no money, 5 minutes fame no career
Panic criticize religion stay out of it, panic disorder death thtreats.. apostate prophet.. religious nut.. fundamentalist, libertarian, 2h11 critic, he can never go to all those countries death penalty crime
China executes pornographers why didnt they execute Paris Hilton Kim kardashian
Is she single
Go to twitter
Pushin the luck you aint got
Dry skin on my heel pumice stone moisturizer not athletes foot
Hows your crotch rot food poisoning mykonos..
Always remeber where n how I got it barrafina mussel knocked out 3 days norovirus,
2h16m59 le suquet washed hair afro, bald snails mucusy on them, so sick,
2h18 bibendum Michelin building crab knocked me out 3 days
2h19 hi ladies fishmarket salut les filles
Larry collins, emails, dont want to put him down old friend, offspring, so really conservsative serious bring, dont joke around like I do liberal sense of humor, musician, promo facebook,
compliments, hes doing nothing, world music, guitar, only, doesnt have that commercial, youre from another planet, music professional female backing vocvalists doing harmonies, completely ignored my stuff,
2h23 phil collins, how can they sell asnything when its all on YouTube for nothing the Naspster you can get it for free on YouTube why would you pay..
2h25 they want the propper recording, mp4 vs mp3
2h27 ok johnboy
Its good to talk bt ad maureen lipman, Lloyd grossman,
Electoral register rolol
Ok johnboy
ah! Who cares..
Lick a toad weeknd
2h32 dug up the street put new internet hyper optic , my talk
My ralk talks too slow 2gb takes 6 hours..
Howard stern did it why not us


Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03

Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03

Outline/ transcript rough draft in progress [wordpress not working again, no “visual” edit mode, no bold, underline etc. even after upgrade.., try transcription apps, services]

B: nooo how are you g, u all right? Happy easter..
G yea happy easter you too
B what r u up 2, u ok?
G the orthodox one is next week, next weekend
B what is?
G you know the Russians the greeks & all them
B oh yea? Where’s that? oh I see they have a different time yea yea yeh
G different calendar
B ah yea yea yea orthodox different
G moves around all the time, it’s never the same
B how u finding this coronavirus man? Must be a nightmare huh?
G who decides easter when its gonna be, its different every year, oh its the Gregorian calendar some bullshit, right?
B usually first week in a..
G no no it changes all the time, it’s alway different, so it doesn’t make religion or faith look convincing when the day always changes, you know
B its always on a sunday, sint it, maybe 2nd Sunday or.. good friday resurection sunday, monday,,
G so what about the corona well smokers are at risk
B yea affected by it, I know
G you shoulda quit when you had the chance! you should’ve quit
B I know Im gonna have to cut out start to get healthy & living..
G too late asshole
B nooo don’t! it’s bad enough as it is, so how u been, is it quiet there
G “early checkout:” [quoting B’s own previous joke],
B yea no! Is it quiet now?
G [giggling] I was gonna say how come you never cared about your health, you always joked about it, you made light of it, & now all of a sudden its important..
B weeell, you know [mumble] anything can happen theres other ways some people can you know have diabetes anything can come to get you you just gotta accept it its part of life isnt it you know
G hey by the way if.. can I record this & put it on my vlog? [please]
B yea of course you can yea no worries
G so be careful dont say any bad words I mean you know..
B no no I dont say any anyway you know
G heheh I love your attitude though its nice to have a friend you dont even have to [ask].. I mean you let me do that..
B yea most people.. some can be funny about all that sort of thing now they got..
G 3min even I sometimes can get a little bit.. it starts occurring to me that it’s not a good idea to record everything all the time
B nooo yea thats what I’m tryin to tell you, I thought you’d be aware of all the sort of.. you know cause, especially putting it out there, invite everyone into your life you don’t want to do that carefull
G so much information man..
B I liked that million photo vlog..
G theres a little piece up there I blocked put private on there {sneeze} coronavirus!
B hehe you havent got the coronaaa {giggles]
G hey you know, I had something like it in january, you know I got asthma from the dust in my apartment & then I went to the walk in clinic here, & people were coughing on me & there was 1 person passed out, like maybe about a meter from me a few chairs down, that person was too sick to move, so I could, but I dont think he or she coughed on me, but arabic lady behind me coughed on me & I got it on video, but she didnt look sick, but anyway the point is I thought maybe I caught it coz theres china town here,
B careful, man
G it was very bad, like I was very sick, I lost, everything tasted bitter, I couldnt eat,
B they mentioned that taste goes..
G yea yea for 3 or 4 days I couldnt eat hardly anything
B maybe you had it, caught it & just got mild symptoms of it
G yea like I would eat 2 mouthfulls per meal & id be full, & I was sleeping all the time, even listening to the radio was painful
B these are signs arent they no apetite..
G but you know Ive had I have it every few years could be the flu you dont know
B youve not been to any areas w malaria
G no or I caught it on the plane or in the walk in clinic I think
B not malaria you’d know if it was maybe the walk in clinic thats where they all go you see when was it how long ago

G end of January 25th
B it was just starting off then, theyre the basics, not the total amount of people that got it, theres probabaly3 or 4 times that amount of people that got it..
G yea they kept it hidden did you see pat Condell’s I put it on my Facewbook & twitter, pat condell’s cursing out xi jin ping saying hes a liar, every death is thanks to him because he could have stopped, hey I put it on my Facebook nobody liked it theres no likes on it haha
B yea its a dicey situation you gotta be careful what you say somebody might take offence
G theyre scared to get.. in case they to go to china
B loadsa people got dead relatives, black minority ethnics..
G so much information u gotta discriminate I was told that guy {robert crumb book} I was told you gotta discriminate cause theres so much information.. coz u know I’ll go on the internet & its all interviews now everybody’s too lazy to edit, so they’ll just interview someone, like even this is like a long talk for example right.. conversation, its so much easier to just upload that, but its such bullshit, some are interesting,
Do you know that Katie hopkins she was on tv.. all these weird personalities that just criticize..
B here 1 minute gone the next
G no theyre here to stay, criticize I’ll tell you when I see you.. theres a couple things I wanted to tell you uh..
Do you have mice? [snicker]
B they do come in Ive had problems with them I get glue traps bait peanut butter chocoalte
G throw them away alive stuck on the trap
B put em in a plastice bag in the bin
G just let them die like that? god.. uh..
B well you cant keep em as pets can you nasty
G I used to put oil on the trap & let them free outside
B really.. you know what they do they bite you, bite ny head, nibble at you & all that you know what I mean?
G no they dont bite you if you dont touch them
B they do, they’ll eat anything, they nibble at you they eat through conc[rete?].. you gotta findo out where theyre coming in..
G I know where theyre coming in
B you know where they arte> so you gotta get that blocked
G no they cant the wall isn’ t properly constructed, the wall is full of..
B plaster board like I’ve got so they can just get through
G yea the wall is open they have to redo the whole wall
B yea put the whole piece on
G & they dont want to, they’re like we cant do that because theres pipes coming out so so theres no way..
B so you cant aggh thats a pain isnt it
G no but theyve blocked it between the wall & the skirt board & theres cupboards, so they can get in the cupboards but.. I thought we fixed it & I put the camera on all night a couple nights ago, 7 its not showing anything.. nothing
B maybe theyve gone
G nonono but there’s little clues, like therell be a piece of shit sometimes, on the window sill
B gotta be careful, they’re crafty sometimes they hide
G yea yea or they do a triangular bite on the garbage bag rubish bin bag
B things move, crumbs, yea..
G I saw one outside they eat the garbage outside..
B this is it you cant have them goin out there diseases they could spread all sorts
G you know whats funny? the council pick up the trash the garbage the rubbish everery 6 hours or something like that more often than normal so if the mouse is inside the bag nibbling he’ll get picked up & thrown in the dump
B yea he’ll be in the bag w all the rubbish
G get crushed
B landfill incinerator
G 10min30 hows your weight man I put on a little Im like uh.. trying to control it Im not moving today I got out I went to Leicester square so that was good
B u get into the habit of it dont you, sitting around this lockdown, u around?
G {tensing double chin}
B coz the police were hassling people going out and about?
G no it was okay today, I went to Leicester square & uh yea..
B quiet
G no there was people around, I mean a few, like 10 or 20 people
B nothing open though no shops or bars
G hey hey something else
B what
G my tooth is half broken, right, The one before the chewing one, I snapped it, broke it eating opening pistachio nuts, started cracking & then it got worse and broke completely when I bit into other hard things like there was a hard piece bread
B teeth you gotta look after them dont you
G yea You gotta not eat hard food, like I’ll do pop corn & therell be those hard unpopped kernels, & you have to resist, you have to not cause thats how they go..
B yea
G I kept it right but if its disintegrating the whole jaw I might have to have it out right I kept it for a year or 2 my question to you is, implant or bridge that destroys the 2 neighboring teeth 12:43
B bridge? is that what a bridge is? It destroys the 2 neighboring teeth
B I had crown bridge fell over hit it snapped front tooth
G why they broke?
B yea I fell over snapped
G bridge or crown? You dont have to tell me its personal
G no a crown is not a bridge bridge has to be attatche dto 2 other teeth, but I wanted to ask you, Impant looks really bloody scary permanent into your skull
G Because it wore out, bovine cow bone in my jaw bone graft to build it up isnt that a bit..
B why’s he gotta do that, they add extras
G bone disintegrated where the tooth
B yea but you got a big jaw, you’d think there’d be room..
G imagine youre kissing someone have a cow in their mouth kissing a cow
B they eat burgers suck dick even worse
G Daniella Westbrook ha
B I had my wisdom teeth out bottom jaw
G shoulda kept em
B kept getting infected drilled it all out too far gone had to go pain snapped pain abscess took em out in end
G it says if youre a smoker your teeth break doesnt it
B anyone can break their teeth cant they
G no but on all the packets it says your teeth’ll get damaged
B it can make them nicotine stained thats mostly probably what theyre on about
G nonononono ther’es pictures
B weakens them as well?
G There pictures of them completely fucked & it says this is what happens when you smoke, didnt you see that?
B well you dont know if that could be from smoking other things fuck you up
G well you dont agree of course all those pictures are bullshit in your opinion
B well no they’re true theyre right its what happens
G hey Peter Stringfellow died of lung cancer I saw
B was he a smoker? [no, he was only a passive smoker, 2nd & 3rd hand smoke, 50 years of smoky nightclubs killed him]
G I searched it but didn’t find any pictures of him smoking
B he used to be I think maybe years ago & gave up when he was older when everyone was a smoker years ago..didnt they thats how it was
B so youre not too bad I thought you’d go mad no socializing
G met a lady
B get good responses..

Geo Godley & Hayk, Lounger & scrounger, coronavirus COVID-19 video phone conversation facebook messenger mon 23 mar 2020 0073S03

Geo Godley & Hayk coronavirus COVID-19 video phone conversation facebook messenger mon 23 mar 2020 0073S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.