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Lydia Kavina theremin Geo Godley Talk 2 U, Goodbye, movie, series soundtrack recording session sat 28 apr 2018 London U.K*


Lydia Kavina theremin Geo Godley Talk 2 U, Goodbye, VLOG.COM movie, series soundtrack recording session sat 28 apr 2018 London U.K* from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

facebook audio #fail of quicktime multi clip edit.. sorry, better on vimeo &
conclusion: facebook looks & sounds like sh!t compared to vimeo [quicktime multi clip edit]!


Vanessa social flirt sun 22 apr 2018 Geo Godley London UK C0287e 720p*

Vanessa social flirt sun 22 apr 2018 Geo Godley London UK C0287* from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.





Quina Mons Geo Godley April 2018 London England U.K, 5 online video host platform comparisons after youtube fraud wrongful terminaton 13,000 video theft

Quina Mons Geo Godley April 2018 London England U.K vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.
↑ VIMEO +/- :
+best audio visual quality & autoplay embed speed [no autoplay on cellphones], better than youLube, compared both side by side before youLube stole my 13,000 videos
+drag n drop file upload
+less youtube style censorshit, they only removed my Psy Gangnam style fair use comment vid & Youtube shooter vid without threats & with optional appeals.
+much more pleasant experience overall

-no pagination, they took it away after they said they wouldn’t in my 2015 NAB interview -dodgy view counters
-takes everything away above 500mb weakly allowance as soon as you stop paying.
-no multiple plays in same browser
-no speed varation play
-tiny negligible audience viewcount & monetization compared to youlube



+┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ middle finger salute to youlube fraud wrongful termination theft: who needs you, we’re over here now
-no paginaton, messy structure, cant find sh!t.
-weird ass autoplay embed code takes tons of pages, grief & forever to figure out, needs copy pasta & play delay
-cambridge anal-ytica data theft scandal, they store all your data anyway, no privacy

↑ DAILY MOTI☹N +/-: +€uro France based, less chance of youtube fraud & corruption overreaching across the pond unlike U.S cahoots gang style prissy prude posse quaker wanker platform advertisers. -takes 2 hours to upload a tiny 300mb 720p file & 2 hours to process -no pagination, load more button pain in the ass & limit, data & content theft in their cloud like all soshit media shitsites -10 tags max that disappear -no pre-play video scrubbing -ugh!naesthetic blacked out thumbnail embed -autoplay fail in safari but ok in updated firefox browsers-no under link? -usually annoying adds

 LIVELEAK +/-: -weird ass cryptic “thread” terminology, tiny unmarked upload button, confusion, uncertainty -full of libelous defamatory ahole hater troll comments, bad vibe, unpleasant atmosphere, what do you expect from a site that bans sex but overpromotes beheadings. -no progress bar or time remaining -no autoplay embeds ↑ ARCHIVE.ORG +/-: -wholy sh! looks like sh! -confusing layout structure, no pagination but +best terms, no bullshit unfair selective dishonest youlube censorshit antagony -as noted previously in (previous posts),..-unslghtly blacked out embed image, wtf looks like shit, who’d want that on their site?! +relatively high viewcount thousands compared to other platforms if accurate- you never know, after youlube’s fake views +autoplay

rough draft update jan 2019 after vimeo temporary takedown backup home & music page embeds: +/-: 
+cellphone autoplay
+great terms: may p!
+cellphone autoplay embeds
-broken view counters don’t count
-no loop, delay long load time, related videos on embed after play instad of replay button,
blacked out, dim, play fail, takes 2 times to play, ADVANCED audio not video embed help page, BLANK EMBED FAIL,,,, shit thumbnails no choice, NO different sizes/ quality 240, 360, 450p, 720p, COUNTERS DON’T COUNT, if u pkay embedded related video thumbnail, wont replay video embed, DOESN’T OPEN video host page in separate window/tab, dimwit dims when u hover over it or pause it, sounds a bit muffled less treble n worse quality than vimeo but good enough, GeoGodley timelapse preview: firefox browser digital artidact pizellation distortion [blonde smoke blower to camera], & sticking not playing properly, EMBEDS OFFLNE MANTENANCE, no cache; no replay/ reload./ looping when offline unlike vimeo.., no replay, says error items can be taken down when not,

conclusions: takes forever to upload & metadate on 5 platforms. Loss of nolife 4 exposure & satisfaction that youtlube monlolpoly can’t cuntrol all, if they could they would, the bastards. Yes Virginia & Nasime AghDamn, there is a santa closure after [getting fcuked by] youLube. Next: self hosted dedicated servers. *see notes, prev blogposts -usual disclaimer applies from previous blog posts or youlube’s fraud manifesto.



We condemn violence youtube complicitly commits, overpromotes & supplies demand for. Youtube intentionally inflicts emotional distress through FRAUD, wrongful termination & theft of infinite contracted creator content & data through libelous, defamatory false accusations of community guideline violations youtube itself violates. It promotes human & animal abuse cruelty, pain & suffering. Youtube is an unethical, illegal, organized crime confidence trick/ rip off/ scam/ pyramid scheme #FRAUD, monopoly/ oligopoly, with no customer support or legal accountabililty. What do you expect?

Nasime Sabz:Nasim Aghdam Youtube Shooter from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.[Youlube cronie sponsor/advertiser Vimeo wimped out and censored/ removed this newsworthy, fair use, ©opyright free public domain by the creator, video the whole world is sharing, stealing & putting blood money ads all over, so like all, we host it below but without blood monetisation ads. Vimeo is fast becoming another failed youtube style censor without the traffic. They removed my fair use commentary of Psy Gangnam style, also ©opyright free public domain by the creator.]
↑ Nasime Aghdamn hypnotized by youtube fraud: “i must kill pap shmear/ [youtube fraud]” -naked gun movie 

If it weren’t, and complicit media & useless lame ass duds like the FTC did their job, mentally unstable hotheads like Nut-seem Agh!damn! Stabz may not snap, kill & maim youtube staff & themselves as the only recourse. But no-o-o! let youtube be above the law, defraud, lie, cheat & steal everyone’s work & ruin lives while hiding like pussies in aptly named popped pooped chocolate cherry avenue [coz they pop our proverbial butt cherry]. We condemn violence, but for fcuk sake give an alternative & do something about it! aholes!

↑ One of infinite typical youtube animal cruelty videos. Some evil, sadistic jap piece of sh!t forces a scorpion to sting a lobster in the eye when it should be him. Please share with PETA, RSPCA, & animal rights groups.

“i must [NOT!} kill pap shmear! i better email, tweet & call all media & anti fraud duds & make a movie & series about it like Geo Godley to keep my ass in one piece! Oops, too late, the FTC & DOJ fcuked up again! wake up aholes! Audit, investigate & regulate youtube fraud!”

disclamer: personal thoughts & feelings subject [not]to change without notice. Some satire not to be taken tooo seriously. We condemn violence, especially youtube’s. Just like youtube’s above the law terms & conditions, if you view, you no sue, f u 2.

Walk n talk EASTER SUNDAY sun 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square, Picadilly circus, alcohol abuser vomiter vomitous e-beggar SHOE[NOT]NICE22 Chris Schewe snub Clip0063S03*

Walk n talk 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square Picadilly circus Clip0063S03* from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Transcript: writing in progress, please check back later.. never miss a word & see all at a glance without having to review the video..
0:00 Waduuup [smile] happy easter everyone uuuggh [eye roll] yea ok Sunday first april 2018, 3:12 pm, geo godley London England, I got my cue cards on the camera this time so I can look over there instead of.. [hand look], you know like all those t.v people that stumble on their words & can’t remember anything & gotta read it you know..i feel lke saying who, but I’m not gonna name them ok.. so anyway, happy easter, I feel like saying happy easter to a few people but I gotta do this, got a monolog to do, got something to say, & I’ve listed it ok “happy easter” we said that, check, ok first a disclaimer that ths is uh.. happy easter whats the big deal about this thing.. it’s a nice building, ok harry squatter, that should say when I’m done with it.. ok first a disclaimer, these are my personal thought and feelings, fact based factual thoughts and feelings subject to change..[screams] shut up I’m vlogging here aholes.. subject to change, subject not to change without notice, I decide, not you, when it’s satyre & when it’s not, so that clears me of any bullshit coming from you. So that’s that.. [bus traffic blows noise & pollution] shoulda chosen a quiet street.. tryng to avoid this kinda shit, trying to have a conversation here, uh, monolog..ok so um.. youtube stole all my work, that’s’ why I’m doing this right now, that’s why I’m not on youtube, youtube lies, cheats & steals infinite content from its crerators, contracted creators, violates their contracts & wrongfully terminates everyone, breaks the law, [posters] promotion garbage.. 2:30 and is above the law, we’re telling the FTC, the Justice Department, the EU Comission, I’m doing a media blitz about youtube right now and that’s gonna be one of the main themes in my movie, in my documentary feature, series, photo books, autobiography.. I’m gonna be the.. I feel like repeating what I said last time because its was a bit distorted, the levels were a bit too high so Koenig books, the bastards that wouldn’t support the arts, cause they wouldn’t stock my book for example, closed. So what goes around comes around, very glad, very happy, and youtube should be next with theire stinking law breaking.. coz lets’ say u sign a contract that says that they can steal from you. Does that mean that it’s legal for them to steal from you? If so, you sign a contract that they can kill you. Is that legal now that they can kill you? So you know, a lawyer is in order here, so that’s one thing. So youtube lied cheated and stole & libeled & defamed, I’m gonna start all the videos that way so it’s the opening theme to my life, cause that’s what happened, 13,000 videos they stole, which took years to upload & tens, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in both accounts, not to mention priceless time, years, how do you value time & years spent on a shit site that just takes without giving but we can do the same. That’s their M.O.D [modus operandi deception/ death] so now trying to get away form all the pollution &.. pwohh.. stinks of diesel, no wonder everybody’s got cancer, gotta get outa this, anyway its gonna be pedestrianized now so ok.. haaa [sigh] so why am I doing this okay one more time uh, says that I have at least 120 daily uniques, right? unique visitors, which is quite a bit for me because I only had that in my youtube heyday when I had millions of hits overall, you know I would get huge numbers at some point with the reddit garbage all those hater trolls trying to again libel & defame me but all it did was make it bigger so.. I don’t know , anyway 120’s not bad, it’s more than I’m used to, it’s gone up like.. it was about 80 during youtube, sometimes spiking and then it went to 50 & 20 when they stole both accounts, like 20 unique vistors a day, & now it’s back to 120. So i‘m like.. I have better things to do, I don’t need this shit, I wanted to finish my movie, actually I shouldn’t even be here, I should be on the beach somewhere, but I wanna finish my goals, right? I’v got 5 goals: yea the documentary feature film, the series, the soundtrack, the photobooks & the website. So anybody with a good resume in those fields get in touch with me I got a huge budget to invest, caus see it as an investment, with being worth a fortune, it’s gonna be worth it or at least worth a shot. So uh.. okay. Next uh.. aprl fools yea sorry I didn’t get to do that I’m a bit april fooled out right now, maybe a bit later.. we’ll fool someone.. im not prepared, I use cue cards lke anderson cooper should [teleprompter] because he stumbles on his words like all jay leno used to he’d be like euh.. so promo one second, so there was a new development lately, chris shoe, shoence22, he also got.. ok I’m not gonna go there coz there’s asht ton of noise & uh.. well let me just keep walking past them. Let me show you a bit of the Leicester square. Happy easter..happy easter’s a great conversation opener [closer lol] happy anything basically so yea Chris Schewe [ew!] got teminated from youtube too.. God knows how many millions of people they fucked over & stole all their work.. but he used to, he guzzles alcohol & promotes alcoholism, alcohol poisoning, liver damage, death, so he shouldn’t be snubbing me when I talk to him about his e-begging, cause he’s obviously broke, can’t afford a fuckin’ lawyer for a few thousand dollars, and he only got 1 offer like $5 out of 60,000 twitter followers who aren’t there! Non followers! You do NOT have followers. They don’t exist. Theyr’e not there. Even lady googoo, lady KaKa, most her followers are gone. So theyr’e not there, lets not bullshit, subscribers and followers are a joke and only your unque visitors count which you have none either. So chris schewe, I emailed him, my god, at least they’re peaceful these guys [religious stand chanting] it’s a bit loud, it should be like central park (audio amplification prohibited) [chanting] it sounds nice I must say I can see how it would seduce you into doing things you probably shouldn’t.. or.. it’s a compliment, it sound nice voice & melody.. kind of hypnotic.. [dozes off] I must kill.. pap shmear.. what film was that? naked gun [movie] thing.. far use comment because we got..[guy shaking a skeleton puppet on string to an easily amused kid to mambo #5 incidental music exempt form ©opyright bullshit: Schewe cant run, you cant hide, you and me gonna touch the sky].. oh my god, get a life, learn a skill.. entertainment is just low brow, lowerst common denominator, I guess for kids we’ll get to that in a minute, so I was sayng, what was I saying.. chris schewe is ebegging for money because he can’t afford a lawyer & I tweeted him a few times, delaypat told him to get in touch wth me a few times or once at least, um, & he’s just ignoring my tweets & e-beggng from other losers with a billion followers who aren’t there. You know he’s kissing up, sucking some rapper’s ass, about hey can you shout me out becaasue you got 2 million followers [who aren’t there] that’s all that matters in this world, which you don’t, you don’t have 2 million followers, you have 2 retweets & 5 likes, out of your 2 million non followers. Wake up assholes, you have nothing! No-thing that’s what you’ve got so.. if it takes me to tell you, it’s too bad.. I should mix, I’m gonna mingle a little bit later when m done with my monolog I’m almost done. So chris sh-ew, nice guy seems like a nice guy I even told him, I’ll show you the email I sent him, it was kind of a rush job, but ‘m gonna share that in a bit, and uh anyway I’ll put it in the description or whatever coz its funny.. Café de paris.. I’m sticking out too much with this huge mic, I’m expecting trouble, because it just looks too big & professional look in the mirror I’ll show you actually I don’t wanna.. [points at glass window] oh shit, they’re gonna think I’m videoing them the casino! That’s aw man! So bad! So what I have to.. Ok almost done, aaaggh [sigh] so last night..oh, why am I alone on easter..coz my lady friend is outa the country, I was on the phone to her, I’m not alone, I’m on the phone.. so I can.. I might share that I moght not.. so what I’m doing is I’m sharing a little tidbit, just because I have all those unique visitors, supposedly, who knows right.. & I’m not just gonna put vimeo shit coz then they can just go there, vemeo sucks anyway [no pagnation, monetization, inaccurate viewcounters..] all these websites stink.. we’re building, its under construction to self host because the stone age technology.. happy easter.. swedn? No im from Poland.. Poland.. yea I was in Poland had a great time you can see that too anyway ok so um.. yea so my lady friend’s out of the country, last night I met up with Nadine, my friend of decades, that whole family’s been in my episodes, so I’m sharing little tidbits, you know like a walk n talk a week or something like that, you’re not gonna get the full episodes coz those take hundreds of hours to make & I’m gonna send them elsewhere, try & get those out elsewhere, cause I’ve been generous enough over the years and you have been nothing but grief. Like those assholes last night, well okay they weren’t.. I’m in a bar with Nadine last night, wasting my nght sitting down instead of mingling, then when I finally mingle, because I’ve got written on me, theyr’e like, we went to your site & its full of naked ladies. I’m like no, they’re covered up! Theyr’e covered up compared to television, Hollywood, sex and the city, youtube with all their porn they promote on there & violate their own guidelines the bastards, & quim kardouchian {kim kardashian] getting 5 million dollars to take it up the wazoo on video, and a whole fortune, fame & fortune for doing nothing but taking it up the wazoo to begin with, & ryan seacrest promoting her pornography, your shit porn which sucked anyway, you couldn’t do anything with that.. & you got Paris Hilton who sells her stinky toilet water, overpriced fucking garbage over there to the Asians who have nothing better to buy.. & all that based on her stinky tape that came out that made her famous.. why them & not you.. and ii’m not even showing anything so I’m just pissed off with the whole thing I’m fed up. You can see my new page [link] what happened was I was in the bar & these people they were like.. they went to the top hit page which said “sexy times” 7 they just saw like those boring pictures that are all covered up.. so I added some pictures now from Hollywood, t.v, youtube, sex and the city, & all those assholes, & now you’ve got an eyeful, 7 I’m gonna make my point that why them & not us. So.. look forward to it’s gonna be nasty no uh its gonna be everything it should be because life is unfair enough 7 I don’t need you to make it less fair okay? So uh what else I think that’s it..

Eschew Chris Shew yahoo boohoo poopoo #metoo Shoenotnice22: 6min35

Open letter email copy to alcohol abuser, vomiter? unethical bad example/ influence/ non-role model  youtube terminated shoenice22 Chris Schewe sat 30 mar 2018
HEY SHOE [Chris], just making sure you got my tweets, you ignored them & delaypat’s message to you to contact me. I take it you nor your lawyer want any financial assistance from me in my class action lawsuit &/or activism against youtube, who wrongfully terminated & stole 13,000 GeorgeGodley & GeoGodley Fullscreen contract videos. I’m releasing an autobiographical VLOG.COM documentary feature film, series & books about it & spreading the word everywhere, DOJ, FTC, EU Commission, film festivals, tv conventions [you should too].. and will also mention you snubbed me.. I also noticed your gofundme only got $5 from 1 person out of your alleged 59,000 twitter “followers” who aren’t there. By the way, do you vomit those entire bottles of alcohol after ingesting them? if you do, like most of us think you do, you should be honest & tell us. It would save some livers & lives of poor victims [you called “collateral damage” in your vice documentary & apologized in the end for] who copy your extremely irresponsible dangerous harmful behavior. “Dont try this at home” isn’t the honest truth if you’re puking them. You seem like a nice guy & are spectacular and fun to watch anyway, take care, Geo Godley

Pat Mabie I don’t know why shoe isn’t getting back to you.
George Godley it’s gotta be the sexy stuff hollywood, tv, youtube, sex & the city and all those aholes do but we’re not allowed to. I should *snub him* for promoting alcoholism abuse poisoning, liver cirrhosis, death and misleading the public by hiding the vomit that saves his liver & life.



L♀NDN S♥MMER 2010 3/3 personal social flirt vlog LONDON SUMMER 


Documentary features: 3 x 80′, 1 x 80′
Series: 10 x [26 x 30′]

2 of 200 wrongful termination Fullscreen network contract youtube/geogodley account [2007-sept 2013] videos & metadata transcripts stolen & falsely accused of “community guideline violations” youtube hypocritically commits. In august 2017, #FRAUDSTER #youtube lied, cheated & stole 13,000 more Fullscreen network contract georgegodley account [2007- aug 2017] videos & metadata transcripts to censor criticism, competitton, & posthumously exploit stolen content.
As of 2017’s digital stone age, almost all social media & video hosting sites are corrupt klepto con clouds, have no credibility or integrity, no pagination [to hide & steal content] & no accurate viewcounters, 
[to oligopolize, belittle & marginalize competition & make you pay for inconsequential advertising, or inflate to make you keep giving & gambling for fickle fleeting fame & selfish smug success]. 

Billions of bogus bullshit youtube & lady KaKa turd-with-fly views lose all credibility & integrity

More bogus bullshit youtube & lady KaKa turdviews negate any credibility or integrity

But hurt propaganda state mouthpiece RT Russia threatens retaliation against google/ youtube’s dirty tricks search engine manipulation.. who cares.. BING promotes your propaganda too! Later ah☀les! reap your reeking racket! 


CHANGE.ORG: FIRE & #SUE #SUSANWOJCICKI #YOUTUBE #CENSORSHIP #FRAUD! worse than Weinshtein, Madoff, Sholam Weiss & other tyrants! click here!








↑ #youLube #suewojcicki #censorship #fraud is on the black shitturd-with-flylist
& free press predators gallery!

Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK, Leicester square, bulgarian chinese social flirts

Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK* fcpx qt 720 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

↑ another lousy digital stone age video hosting site; slow load time, low res blurry image quality, blurry thumbnails, broken inaccurate viewcounters, no pagination, no monetization, no “open link in new tab/window”, no drag n drop,  but better terms.. Self hosting nightmare from hell looms large…

Transcript [don’t miss a word! For the hearing &/or mentally impaired, literature, subtitles.. disclaimer: factual thoughts & feelings not always to be taken tooo seriously, some comedy parody satire but also some serious shit, I decide, not you]

0:00 [ jacket big back sticker Elvis/ Andrew Dice Clay back twitch & personal twist], backlit huh, a little warmup before I start, shall I just step intro it, ok, crib sheet, skonaki, more on that later.. ok, shall i just go forit, start a new clip fresh or just, roll into it, just roll into it.. okay so its Sunday.. cellphonitis everyones on their damn stinkin phones serious pandemic huh? It’s gotta be a disease, there’s no way.. certainly obsessive compulsive, just like this, just like anything I guess, well it’s just like anything, no but that’s worse come on like ugh..[stares at hand] & carcinogenic waves on your head, we’ll see what happens.. ok so Sunday 25 march 2018 2:21 pm Geo Godley London England Cambridge circus, new style today huh, little bit different, it’s a bit warm, the clocks went front, went forward, whoever decided that winter should have more darkness instead of less is just sick in the head also.. the whole world is sick.. but anyway so uh.. what am I dong? I let my hair down, people told me, people.. women hate long hair on men, they get really jealous, they don’t like it, they get ageist, sexist, can’t enjoy your hair while you have it you gotta wait till its gone,, then they’re happy then they want it whatever you cant get but.. so im gonna go eat something, I’ve decided no chinese [food] today.. either Iranian or healthy I might go to the health food shit.. [billboard posters on wall advertising concerts & albums] the amount of promotion, everyone’s promoting their garbage, its unbelievable, except me right.. so just a recap, I’m always gonna have this as an opener, this is gonna be like my theme tune, um.. shit, see I’m avoiding loud streets like this.. by the way, my sister said to let my hair down, so if she says it’s okay, what’s your problem.. anyway she recommends it.. mmmm myamyum gotta do some interaction.. look, Konig books closed down, all these old bookstores are biting the dust, especially the ones that rejected my book, my photo comic, my photographic book.. I took it to those assholes and they closed! I love it when people who treat me like shit, get treated lke shit. And with Facebook scandal Cambridge Analytica happening this week youtube can’t be far away, youtube must be next, hopefully, hopefully youtube will get, because they stole 13,000 videos from me.. broke many laws, with their above the law terms and conditons, [drunk tramp screams from across the street behind loud bus] 3:00 I stick out too much like this, I should tie my hair back, oh it’s him, it’s a drunk fcuker, drunks don’t count do they.. anyway got a lttle crib sheet here was gonna say this is what the greeks this is how they cheat skonaki its called little piece of dust, women put it up their wazoo because its abusive to look there so you know that’s how they cheat I had.. yea guys get caught.. basically well I guess you could stick it in your dick, try it.. it’s gotta be pretty big to take that.. anyway so uh.. what am I doing? yea I haven’t eaten yet, Friday night I went out, why am I doing this, first of all let me explain what’s gong on, we’re n Leicester square now, this is the center, this is the times square of England, it’s gonna be pedestrianized, bit less traffic, um.. God this thing weighs a ton change hands anyway.. so uh [reading crib sheet gorilla taped to left hand] I shoulda started with the theme song youtube breach of contract, wrongful termination, I’m seeng a lawyer ths week I’m gonna see a whole bunch of attorneys and see if there’s a case there, or if terms and conditions [afro gal waves] heeey! Street lanterns] what is this chinese new year still? Above the law, you know if they’re above the law lets all be above the law, break every rule, every law, make our own laws, it’s just chaos, anarchy, all these assholes that run the world are just criminals.. look at all the dictakers dictators we can’t even say what country otherwise they’ll kick us, you know we’ll get locked up or killed like Ai WeiWei that chinese artst.. or anybody who criticizes, I don’t even wanna say the countries because I wanna go there and enjoy myself, I don’t wanna be blackballed black listed.. or whatever, but anyway they’re all corrupt murderers, even.. don’t wanna call Trump that but he killed a bunch of people in Syria a bunch of women and children but anyway lets not go there no politics religion or Sinatra, Sinatra should be fair game, just ‘cause he’s a mobster we can’t joke about him? [joke] I didn’t say that I was kidding it was a joke you see now it’s like oh shit ok no I didn’t say t I read it.. his chauffeur said he got blow jobs, chauffeur knows he took the blows.. I need to interact n stop dong ths but no I had a few points to make.. breach of contract, wrongful termnaton, employment lawyers can fnd out if you can make up your own laws as far as wrongful termination goes, we’ll see about that, and oh shit I’m gonna be noticed.. & [reads crib sheet skonaki] libel defamation, they libeled & defamed me, um.. 5:37 you know saying violated a guideline, community guidelnes they they that’s illegal too, libel defamation, what else.. fullscreen network yea all that shit.. sorry I gotta make sure I cover this, I’m unprepared, which is more spontaneous anyway.. uh.. terms hypestat.. yea yea. So why am I doing this? Because hypestat shows I have a much larger number of unique visitors, that’s why I’m dong this, not for viewcounts, or the subscribers followers that don’t count, my unique visitors on are way up so.. [loud ass amplified show- annoying amplification should be banned like in new york city times square & central park]..

[looks like we might eat chinese after all! but not food lol]
8:49[chinese social flirt] h, hello.. [both wave]
-North korea!
-I’m chinese (x2) we are chinese hello
-mainland li shin ping, shi jin ping,
-shi jin ping
-we can’t, it’s not allowed to talk about ch..shh! right?
-no I can talk
-better not.. I saw the.. uh.. I know.. u can speak?
-yea we can
-you go back to china? Maybe 3 months..
-oh you do..
-wahts your tv show?
-oh ah we know now thank you bye
-hey wait here’s a card
-it’s but I didn’t have time to put it there.. it’s the same thng
-ok thank you bye good luck
-no you’re not allowed to criticize the dictator [dick taker] I mean the “president for life” so you know I don’t wanna get them in trouble cause if they’re going back there..i’d like to go there too you know without any problems you know. If I criticize then I’ll be lke an Ai Wei Wei guy so.. I mean you can’t say anything, gotta watch out.. no politics religion or Sinatra right? I might have to redo my monolog cause I think it was distorted I might put it up distorted anyway..
8:55 bulgarian social flirt hi how u doin.. ooh water? Whats that? Soda water.. slovakis? Where you form? Bulgaria.. oh Bulgaria, riiight! If I show you some Bulgarian handwriting can you tell me what it is?
-yea of course
-I have some old photos, I don’t know what they are..
-old photos, old ones, I bought them a few years ago just for fun, & now I’m looking I’m like what does it say, you know..
-where are you from?
-ok my mom was married in Greece
-im American too half..
whats your name desislava?
-haha I know it’s a common name there
-ae you sure?
-im a vlogger, just half, many a little piece coz I already ate..
-just take 1 & throw it away
-I hope its not gelatin
-thank you
-mochi.. whats your name
-oh ok George..
-you said half American other half is?
-sorry haha
-didi you have along night last nght
-no I didn’t sleep
-studying here?
-no work
-as what
-bar tender
-around here?
-yea battersea
-I have a friend here giving flyers dong that job all hs lfe 20 30 years hes been standing here & he only gets paid if he brings people to the bar..
they made casinos
do you live in sofia? No but my city’s the 2nd largest,,
-yea, you’re good!
-& what about sunny beach & golden sands
-never been
-never went why not
-other side
-other side yea
-just wanna see what it says
-nice to mme you
-are all Bulgarians so friendly
-no im dfferent
-why are you different what happened
-I came here by myself start reading books became vegetarian..

Walk n’ Talk sunday 18 March 2018 Geo Godley London U.K England Clip0187S03

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FLORIDA SPRING BREAK Geo Godley vintage video diary vlog

FLORIDA SPRING BREAK Geo Godley vintage video diary vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Street night flirt thu 15 feb 2018 Geo Godley Lodon U.K

Street night flirt thu 15 feb 2018 Geo Godley Lodon U.K from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Valentines day flirt 2018 Geo Godley

Valentines day flirt 2018 Geo Godley video diary from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Oneonta student party Geo Godley vintage video diary vlog

ONEONTA STUDENT PARTY Geo Godley vintage video diary vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

New year’s day feast mon 1 jan 2018 Facebook/GeoGodley LIVE, New year’s eve blues 1994 vintage video diary vlog [censored] inaccurate viewcounters



New year’s day feast 1 jan 2018 Facebook/GeoGodley LIVE

NEW YEARS EVE BLUES Geo Godley vintage video diary vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo

Geo & Hayk brunch wed 15 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 1/2

Geo & Hayk brunch wed 15 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 1/2

Geo & Hayk brunch wed 15 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 2/2

Hayk & Geo brunch mon 13 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo & Hayk brunch mon 13 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo & Hayk brunch sat 11 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo & Hayk brunch sat 11 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE 1/3

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE 2/3

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE 3/3 reupload because not embedding from facebook/thevideodiary fan/like page ↓

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE 3/3 doesnt embed FAIL

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch thu 9 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley facebook/thevideodiary LIVE 3/3 reupload doesnt embed FAIL

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch wed 8 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch wed 8 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE
Huhuh.. its just like a Hollywood movie where they say u gotta enter, the directing lessons, enter the frame for editing purposes & exit,, oh you know, so you have done some reading.. ok geo godley 9:52 a.m, uh.. what is it, 8- 11, that’s 8th nov 2017 geo godley I was gonna say where I am, I’m not giving away too much, we got the other cameras for the show & this is just a test, I wanna see & compare, we’re using the back camera now, back camera, wait, yeah.. we’ll be doing a lot of experiments.. experimental.. is t it too narrow, [mic cover handling noise 1:05-1:15] As long as im in there oh my god its all narrow now.. I don’t know if you’re in.. urine.. pardon the pun.. opposite make opposite..
2:06 “sit doooown” to quote that yalta lady.. [Nina? from Yalta episode] youre not, only half of you.. contraband we have some contraband here.. chemcals.. h20.. waters a drug chemical substance.. this doesn’t flip it.. the other one flipped it, front camera flips it.. I’m left, you’r right.. its fixabe n editing but im not edtng these.. 3:20 did you try fava & dolmadakia.. too much salt this time, I’m gonna tell them..
remember eating everything youre helping someone in africa..
G: yea, like the finland comedian said.. it’s a slow news day today, there/s
people toda,y we gotta keep it down..
4:00: its not gonna hear it man..
H: [mumblng] mention some people..
G: who? they can see this.. its on my webste if they go to they can see it.. thank god they dodnt coz we were a little rude yesterday ok I’ve changed.. were gonna change all the time like a virus.. but I’m healthy 99%.. instead of.. yea im not gonna be so rude, I’m not gonna swear as much, I’m gonna be more uh.. just nicer & were gonna mention most of the things.. not the doman names but the people vloggers n’ shit.. now I can’t talk loud coz there people, annoying.. so I’m gonna have to bring that closer.. forgot the damn dolmadeh, dolmades,.. its too far.. they;re not gonna hear [mic covered handling noise] finshing/ cancel] again.. ughh.. put it on my chest for now.. does it say live? Yes it does, at least you can hear me now coz audio’s more important than video..
H: facing down, your chest..
6min G: what do you mean click.. yea you’re right im losing track now.. front camera.. I’m putting it here coz I cant yell coz theres people there & I’m gonna be too loud if i start throwing my voice & making it good fava over here.. so slow news day coz theyre like trumps bullying north korea again.. he’s like warning north korea, they never say kim jong un make it personal you know rocket boy with hs megalomania shit trump playing it up to be the big schoolyard bully.. who has the most friends wins..
H: they could be friends by the way
G: yea the mass murderer, theyre both mass murderers, right? They both kill people, right? Both the dictator & the president with the excuse being war right? If ts war you can kill people, it okay, no problem, you don’t go to jail for that.
H: changing the rules you can kill people, changing the rules facts,.
G: don’t be too technical, what do you mean? Im saying in war youre allowed to kill people nobody goes to jail right? Its okay to kill people.
H: yes.
G: that’s the society we live in. anyway.. but hes threatening korea he’s like it’ll be a fatal mistake.. the rhetoric..
H: & the heroes of the world are the ones killng as much of the people as possible
G: who kills the most wins..
H: yea: imagine one maniac goes to war & kills people!
G: cancel! [sudden “finishing video” popup window cancellation] I gotta put a magnet here.. need a wider lens & mount oloclip, stay pooned for next time//
Why am I doing this? I think it’s a waste of time but its just good practice.
H: people are watching now?
G: its always a few, right?
H: you can’t find out how many
G: it says under neath, but m not autoplaying it, m not promoting it, marketing it,
H: but i‘m curious, now, you see them? 10 people? 5 people?
G: now? well see it after, I gotta eat man. yesterday part 1 got 40 views, part 2 got 70. This is sweet man.. full of sugar.. f.u!
H: I look lke Charlie chaplin..
G: is this visble:
9:20 G: pretty good for wide angle.
This rots in 2 days so I gotta eat it….
I don’t wanna eat chickens pussy eggs all the time but its protein right>? Just the idea, something coming out of a chickens quim, is a little offputting to say the least.. on that note.. mmm! 10:19 Hmhmhm! Quick quick.. 10:45 mmm.. so uh.. did you sleep with the lights on? Wow ths is great.. [fresh fava dip toast crunch] so were done with the translations for now, I have to upload the georgian ones you can find someone that’s good.. shit I gotta put ths airplane mode man.. gonna damage my heart man.. [reading facebook live comments] delay pat.. still don’t know this guy’s last name you know how everyones paranoid online no one wants to well you know hes got issues.. food dude looks effin good to me man.. weve had better but favas good.. u see I’m under pressure to perform now & make it entertaining u see what I maen if I just keep it like that its just gonna be dead boring bt what can you do that’s life.. I cant talk with my mouth full.. maybe I can, today I need time to organize coz things are a mess, we do the interview tomorrow or one of these days I prepare the questions, what are you gonna do, you okay till the 14th?another week?
H: yea
G: good its Wednesday the 8th
H: listen, theres a chance to buy a ticket on 16th
G: haha
H: you want me to, what do you think, its too late, maybe earlier, you need earlier to go? Theres a good ticker 16rth buy it?
G: no
H: why not? Let me buy this ticket n case
G: thought you were stayng till Christmas, no ok youre goin to your familys for new years
13;10 H:let me buy, as early I go more time to get ready in case we need something else..
g: 16th I guess were done, no swimming,
H: as earlier I go as much I have more time to get ready in case we need something else
G: whats the pressure? I like to do it last minute when you decide…
H: why? To pay like 5 times more?
G: it wont be, easyjets 100 all the time..
H: mine is not. London yes. I don’t know why London is easier to go all the time.. you said berlin was 100..
H: try, check.
G: Oh my god its damaged, I left it out of the fridge over night, it stings,
H:you have mine, in my case, I cant eat, its too much for me.
G: you might need it for dinner tonight coz I might go to my friends house for dinner..
H: ;et me book it
G: how?
H: I call to my house they do it for me, my ex wife.. lets discuss after how much is it to warsaw Katowice..
G:fuck the cheap we don’t need cheap
H:I want to be
G: Tortured
H: 100 euros
G: hughhhhh! Bad safety record.. 100 euros taxi costs more to go to the airport almost & back.. Fava. Hehe have some where’s the camera this side or that side? [front camera reversed] Oh my god..
h: listen I go earlier I can go any other trip you suggest, later there can be problems..
G: new years eve you gotta be with your folks right?
H: doesn’t matter, we are not celebrating in such a way, but it’s too cold, this is the problem, new years eve problem of temperature..
G: you gotta know which nightclub you’re going to, & they don’t let you back in..
17:26 H: cause people drnk cheap drinks outside so they can dance..
that gets him, us, me.. ridiculous, this is getting way outa hand.. mm mush.. bowl full of mush.. [fresh fava sip]
18:45 ok they left so.. oh! I hate this thing so much because anything you press fucks it up, you cant touch anything, anything I’ll put it here now so okay? Now its all overexposed man.. bastard.. I just wanna compare cameras.. this is front.. youre not in the picture right?
H: I am
19:45 G: No.. anyway so that’s front camera.. geez man we didn’t have that problem yesterday.. 19:58 it’s gonna be a bit boring we’re not prepared I slept bad im not ready for a performance or entertainment whatever ..
H: im ready, I slept..
G: you were funny yesterday I was gong over the transcript. M doing the transcript..
So what do you think the guy who invented this shit, we should have gone on shark tank.. Oh shit 10:13 lets go, I hate ths time pressure, it’s like james bond bombs exploding or something.. hurry hurry
21:20 H: drink fast
G: I feel bad cause she’s being tolerant but I know she doesn’t like it..
H: someone’s there. Lets ask gim to stay with us, to save us
G”don’t whisper cause they cant hear you..
22:15 um.. confused.. I had this one right? I gotta pay attention.. so.. [multivitamin, calcum, omega oil,] which is which man..
22:38 Oh ok cosmote ripped me off.. got 20 euros call bundle, sms bundle, international bundle. This time they charged me double for one of the bundles, im thinkin to get internet so I can do this on the beach everywhere right facebook live.. 100 bucks a month
H: in armenia its 7 dollars a month
G: must be shit quality man comeon you think its gonna do that? I tried it in America right, it was 98 a month or something, for unlimited standard definition better than nothing, just good for emergencies, you know, trouble, to be able to get on facebook live, coz its gonna happen, I can just see it, someones gonna fuck w me, even the police, if they do something wrong, if somebody wrongs you, that’s the only way to get it out there quickly, im gonna have that on.. if I feel wronged, as evidence, [points to facebook live phone] & they’ll behave too , they’ll be like oh its live they’ll be like shut that thing off
H: could be ggreat if apple had a device to replace the iphone camera
G: Does this have wifi?
H: only goes to your computer
G: im glad you checked it coz t would take me hours to figure it out
H: I have 2 or 3 guys very good at this technical friends Krasnodar
25min I have to take the fruit upstairs again coz were late, theyre being cool today
25:50 so this is the big experiment, this is what you gotta tune back years from now to see, if this shit works right? It says you don’t get gray hair if you have 2 of these a day.. lets find out.. [lose the dead animal gelatin capsule] I don’t want the fumes in my lungs so im doing that, well see if it works, well see what the ingredients are, buncha virtamins n shit but.. lets flip the screen & see if they both go backwards..
[natural vitamins]
looks zoomed, very narrow angle, looks too zoomed, but okay you get the picture, we better go, shes gonna be like.. ok lets go..
h: take it.. uh.. give it
G: why oh ok.. that was breakfast wasn’t very exciting today well we’ll have the format ready next time.. main points.. 27:54 way outa hand.. gotta be done though..
H: hat selfie..
G: Do it pardon the pun..
Ok so well meet a bit later.. I gotta —–?
If its fnishing & says cancel press cancel so it wont fnish.. something gets pressed says finishing & theres a cancel underneath, press cancel.. never ending story [song]..
I forgot to put this on..
H: I’ll do it [take oiive oil back]
G: no leave it man its ok..
30 min [leaving dining room]
The finland lady [on faccebook] wants to see the dog..
H: look how beautiful it looks, cinematographic.. framing the frame
G: I don’t like frames in frames
H: 2 seconds outside
G: no coz they’ll see where we are..
More later.. Later bro thanks for watching if you did.. is ths a waste of time? Is everything a waste of time? Bye.

Facebook/GeoGodley LIVE Tuesday 7 nov 2017

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch Tuesday 7 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 1/2

Transcript [rough draft, more later]
Geo godley facebook live.. why is it.. it looks.. were testing ok thi is early shit were testing, its not gonna be the main camera we got other cameras over there, coz its shit ok the volumes too low, it flips the picture, the qualitys bad, hey.. ok no problem just getting breakfast w hayk here, im not gonna explain too much im not gonna give too much away youre gonna have to see the episode for that, were gonna hve little bits n pieces..
H: the famous scrounger in the world
H: m the famous scrounger in the world I lke scrounging
G he s a scrounger
H: I like not leaving things on the table I don’t like when they are leaving, my philosophy
G: that’s his dinner, to save money he gets dinner, ok were joking its breakfast, this is live right now don’t even have to press save, I put it on my chest, ok lets go man, were laughing because theres a lady here shes very strict & shes working today, sometimes theres the other ladies, much nicer, but this one is like you gotta leave by 10 oclock, why are you here 10 after 10, sometimes you stay too late, sometimes half an hour, because you know I gotta set up all the damn cameras & sound over here we got audio over here look at that I don’t wanna give too much away, I don’t wanna tell every one what I do because they all want me to fail, theyre all fuckn me up right, all those bastards on youtube, youtubes such a piece of shit corporation stealing all my work, stealing all my fuckin work, lying & cheating, saying I violated guidelines that they do,
H: st here mirror
G: oh yea mght get that but the sun might be in my..
Ok whos this, see me or too brngt sun hitting it anyway that’s a test for next time I’ll see after how it looks, also I think it stops after 5 minutes
H: you look like a prophet [w/ sun on you] lol
G: good tryng different angles, that a good actually heheh.. funny coz there’ll be bits of silence too
They close at 10 early enough want u out of here by 10.. 1 lady if she makes a conflict we’ll get her on facebook live so thatll be nice conflict coz you need cuntflicks on everything you cant have a nice life & be entertaining its gotta have conflict according to all the film makng story books how to make a story no conflict nothing,
H: yea
G: but theres enough conflict as it is.. don’t need more don’t need this shit your health has enough conflict whos 100% healthy? anyway
Be normal man.. ok lil fucked ups okay
So we put the stckers, in monastiraki, I should have put it on that statue, whyd you tell me not to put it on that statue where everyone would see it
H: they would find you & say what are you doing
G: no they might be like fuck it ts ok never mind, street art, they deface entire nuildings w street art banksy shit.. why cant I put a stcker on a statue
No you cant
G: & it wasn’t a statue of a person it was just a block of shit, I have to see what it s im gonna look at it next time, im gonna have like a location thing, where I know, & also monastiraki where the concert was w all those people I could put a sticker where theyre standing on the marble
H: artists most are crazy they can harm find you
G: shit cleaners are coming chamber maid housekeepers ok ok so like, I think the traffic went up a little bit, like I look at my graph on tmy website, although its deceiving because t doesn’t autoplay on cellphones, so theres no way to know how many cellphones are watching, so the autoplays would just be computers or people that. Vimeo shows autoplays n finishes, shit video uploaded sometimes theres a problem.. says finshed.. h stephany god bless you hyperreligosity jesus freak

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch Tuesday 7 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 2/2

Transcript [rough draft, more later]
Ok so uh 10:04 am maybe I shouldn’t do that you know im still not up for this live shit yet because theres a lot of implications.. 7-11 7 november 2017 geo godley, im not gonna say where I am, im not gonna give too much away you gotta figure t out not yet im not ready yet for all that shit for a lot of reasons cancel able to stop it form ending
I should put airplane mode when I do this so it doesn’t ruin my heart you know magnets on the heart electro magnetc fields what do you thinks in this butter sugar mmm heheh
What I hate if you touch anything it stops it, it fucks it up, you cant touch anything, can you imagine your camera you cant touch it.. it so.. you know they should make it so they put a hold button on there so you can touch shit.. cant touch my fucking phone while its doing shit.. put something there plese too narrow now I need wide angle not staying whys t not staying this time coz your piece of shit bread.. put ths there
Its just cause that bitch makes me eat the breakfast at 100 miles an hour cause she wont let me stay longer than 10 oclcok without making a fuss.. after all the money ive spent cant even have breakfast in peace fuckin 10 mnutes more I mean that is a bitch/ asshole.
You’re not n man, get your piece of shit outa here so I can push it back.. im getting a bit worked up because I can feel the pressure.. ok ok [phone falls again, cutlery drops, ] now I need an iphone piece of shit to keep it in place like a mount right..
H: piece of rubber man
G: & theres no tripod shit so you need a special..
H: no. appasite [opposite]
G: appazit.. so were translating today the georgia episode, Tbilisi.. we’ve been translating for like a month.. on & off.. most days we were doing 3 hours, 4 hours sometimes.. translating the pold tapes..well, vintage.. episodes 7 shit, Russian, armenan, Georgian, & I was online again looking at.. oh we should talk about whats gong on! Tne queen has been hiding money offshore paradise papers.. apple left Ireland for jersey to save tax, makes 100 billob, use laws cheapest tax, tax dodgers, queen doesn’t want to pay tax,, queens 7 vaccumms,, just there against tyranny..
H: she [queen of england] makes money off banks
G: don’t wanna say what im doing, trade secrets, doman names I’m looking at, because they’re gonna snap em up, they’re gonna grab em. So I have to be quiet. I was gonna tell you a few domain names that ‘m looking at.
H: Say fake names
G: yea say fake names to mislead them!
H: hike g u were looking at?
G: yea I was looking at that too.. if I tell them the domain names they’re gonna take them 7 they may be worth a lot of money one day.. what im gonna do is im gonna buy more domain names, I’ve got like 60, I’m gonna pont all of them to my website. So anybody, there might be 1 person a day going there, goes straight to my website. Coz teyre all relevant nanes.
H: yea.
5min 45
H: why not make like youtube films
G: what?
H: stupid things & putting like..
H: on youtube
G: I just gave them 14,000 videos, I gotta give them more? & they stole it! & your’e like give them some more, the logic is amazing.
H: just..
G: for what? They just stole 14,000 videos, I’m gonna give them.. you’re telling me to put more up there..
H: stupid things
G: for what? How does that make sense?
H: to link to your website
G: oh.. yeah.. pffft..
They don’t like ot when you use it to link
H: everyone does it, they say go to my website..
6:45 G: I was gonna tell you some other vloggers that I know, coz I’ve been looking at a lot of people. But I don’t wanna advertise them. Because theyre so evil they don’t wanna advertise anyone except themselves, theyre very snobby, elitist, they don’t wanna help anyone
H: greedy
G:greedy, they want it all for themselves, they know its cutthroat competition, so why should I tell you about them? & they suck anyway, its all shit, its so, you know, everyones scared to do anything exciting or sexual.
H: if theyre interesting theyre on tv, guys who are successful are on tv
G: can you imagine if he comes here know & sees all this.. shit, that’s blocking my sound. Is that running now is that live? Haha that’s funny.. so new years eve do you know where you’ll be? Back home w your family? You don’t know yet? You don’t wanna say? To the whole world?
H: new years eve is a good time to revise
8:15 G: no but to celebrate, I like to celebrate, new years eve’s the one day that I have to get out,
H: yea but sometimes it doesn’t happen, youre so much nothing happens tired wake up nobody everything sleeps
G: here they said only the foregners celebrate it, everyone stays home new years eve unless they go to a night club, but they don’t go out int the cold.. except the foreigners,
H: does it get cold..
G: at nght it can get close to , samer in California, unless you have heated pool half the year youre not gonna be swimming at all, not like mam or Hawaii..
H: Hawaii you can swim:
G: yea year round, like Thailand or Africa..
So what are your plans for the next year, your’e not gonna.. your not gonna show that guy, that homeless guy
H: documentary.. you will see the film I sent you, you will understand what I mean..
Zoom in shots..
G: he vieoed a homeless guy out there on the rocks wilderness lets not say where it is..
H: lets see if theyre nterested to see a guy living on the rocks, a.ready people got intereted
G: so he’s still there even after they got rid of all his garbage?
G: 10:15, hurry up.. my honey.. switched off without telling me this piece of shit.. wonder if it’s the battery.. you wanna leave? Don’t coz then it makes me look like the bad guy.. I give him the camera to.. so im not the guy with the camera, he is.. in case theres any bullshit, luckily here they’re..
H: honeys glowing..
G: I wish I could share more but I don’t wanna tell you too much coz its not in my interest right now.. look its saying agan video.. leave it lets see what happens.. press ok.. it says video ended but I didn’t stop it is there a 5 minute limit? Limit minute, see it looks like its still live theres a red live thng on there, maybe ..
So ths is the fromt camera, I wanna know if its flppng t & screwing up all the letters. Ths should say Avra, it probably is backwards like a mirror right, it probably doesn’t say avra.. says arva.
so that was multivitamin.. calcum.. all vegan, running out of calcum, you don’t take supplements, how do you know youre getting enough nutrients.. you don’t.. huuugh! Almost fell again, this keeps falling down, cracked lens on one of these, I’d like to tell you what it is, can you tell what it is?.. this has gelatin in it so I open t up, I don’t wanna be eating dead animals all the time..they shove it in everything, so gelatin capsule, this is like a.. no gray formula, I couldn’t fnd this in America but they have it here, just an experiment to see if it works.. oh shit I gotta put it in a glass coz fumes go down your lungs & shit.. 100 things a lot of info.. there’s like fumes everywhere man.. so I’m watching different websites to see you know.. theres this guy I met.. he thinks he’s like.. everyone thnks they’re like a celebrity..
H: who
G: this guy played guitar on the greek islands, 15 people a day, hes lke buy reza’s music , best sellng cd, im like bullshit he ddnt sell anything.. fevgoume.. im not sure I like it when he does weird shit like that, keep it real.. looks lke drugs huh well I guess it is hehehehahahue look at ths thing can u imagine takng this everywhere you cant really.. thank god you can sometimes.. heres the good version.. no coz if you press anyting it stops.. it seems hazy underneath, maybe its just the lighting..
H: my fingers not visble?
G: no theyr good, makes it like james bond films suspense at end of the end of the film, tme limit, don’t show that, don’t wanna gve too much away coz then all those acutthroat assholes who want you to fail ll do it, why help them
H: take your grapes
G: yea grapes of wrath, so were translating.. no stabilizer in 4k right? That’s not 4k.. later assholes! That’s it for now, cant even hold ths thng.. ok later..