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INJUSTICE! My recent removed video “UKRANIAN PORN PG-13 soft version TRANSLATION please!” violated no guidelines or terms of service; the breasts were fully covered & blurred out, the fully clothed woman was only talking in russian, and a kiss is but a kiss. See proof of what some bigoted, prejudiced, dishonest youtube employee doesn’t want you to see! A little excitement softer than Hugh Hefner’s 1950s Playboy. Youtube allows featured promoted youtubers (shane dawson, kassemg, timmy de la gateau) google adds & revenue on explicit sexual content but not the rest of us. Isn’t that elitism, oligarchy, nepotism, monopoly? Maybe the blur box was too small & should black out more of her body.

Such arbitrary censorship violates artistic creativity & integrity restricting adults to children’s programming. Every hollywood movie, cable tv show, website & public beach has nudity but we’re not allowed to even show a COVERED BLURRED body. Hence the turning point: PG & R-rated content will have to go on your own private website and Feature Documentary/ DVD/ Published Memoirs, new niche markets.

My historic wild Yalta Simferopol tour before Ukrainian ex-“president” sex dictator Viktor Yushchenko’s 2009 “non medicinal” porn ban made adult porn possession a criminal offence punishable by a fine of 850 hryvnia ($100) or up to three years in prison, unless “for medicinal purposes”, so get your medical prescription now! “Hey doc, I can’t get hard/jerk off without it, I get depressed, sick & suicidal, it’s vital to my physical & mental health”. It’s the only sex most unfortunate, challenged or disabled people get. What a hypocrite, like he never jerked off to porn, never saw sex, yea right Viktor. Censor the entire internet. Your economy ain’t fudged enough with chernobyl mass contamination, freezing polluted radioactive black sea, lack of catalytic converters smog, now we cant even jerk off while looking at sex without getting arrested by the totalitarian opressive JACKOFF POLICE. Cancel Yucky rain, book Germany, Hungary, Czeck, Slovakia.. source:
update: Disgruntled jerkoffs didn’t re-elect Vicky this term. Let’s see how much of a jerkoff the new guy is!
Just like china, “in my opinion” (=blogging disclaimer to avoid human rights abuses & blogger persecution) cockblocking a billion masturbators by censoring the internet & executing people for viewing/ videoing sex. Unless your’e Paris Hilton, they didn’t execute her when she visited, so it’s okay, thanks for setting the precedent. More on china’s “legal” system click link.

Translation: “her orange cat sleeps with her and sometimes scratches her. Simferopol’s the capital of Crimea yet people stay one night & leave the next day. In erotic films there are special women (fluffers) who get the men erected again to shoot a new sex scene”.

Youtube enable another video for add revenue then send me a partnership program message saying “Your account does not contain sufficient original new content that represents the uniqueness of our community. We have registered your interest and will continue to monitor your account for potential future acceptance into the program.”

The usual frustrating contradictory message, at least its not all negative, but after 100 original videos from Dubai to Hawaii, you’d think they’d have a sense of fair play “filotimo”. Other partners were handed their audience of millions for no effort at all, i’ve brought way more to the table. Esmee dentures uploaded stolen ©opyrighted song cover versions. Top youtubers just talk to the camera re-hashing the news or banal nonevents. That’s what youtube calls “sufficient original new content uniqueness”!

Sincere thanks to JohnOllie  & David Spates Laughandpeealittle, the only youtubers with clout helping me out, am reciprocating. Also delaypat & villarte & everyone for their online friendship & support.

APRIL 2010

-London spring, Green park. Lilly scented tulips bloom. People out n’ about enjoying the end of a busy, reclusive, health destroying, sleep depriving, premature ageing, winter. Before the grass pollen & allergy opticrom eyedrops &/or hay fever tablets..
-Nadine’s birthday dinner along with BJ family & friends. She was “feeling poorly” but we had a nice time anyway.



My friend the I.T guy in soho square said he’d save my seat in the sun, I go get govinda lunch for both of us, when I come back 20 min later he’s given my seat to others saying “I couldn’t stop people sitting there”.. no free benches left & I don’t want to sit on the muddy grass & pigeon shit stained pavement so I tell him “I’m not upset but that was silly, why’d you say you’d save my seat what was the point of one of us saving the other’s seat and the other getting lunch..keep it up I.t guy, this is the drama we need! Some lunatic belt headcase was semi-shouting that “england is sh*t.. and you think we [his ilk] are sh!t..” to passers by. Wonder what triggered his insanity and what meds & sideffects made it worse.. i heard the people on the next bench say: how typically english, nutters in the public square. Guess it’s better than having your free speech & human rights violated like those other mid & far east countries..
I see a hotty who doesn’t look so irresistible when she removes her sunglasses. Looks like that cannes gal.. shoulda videoed her to show ya’ll.. this is a reminder to ALWAYS VIDEO.
I video some old granpa dude flirting/ talking with a hottie. Proof BJ’s wrong about dying your hair when it goes grey. He’s doing better than all of us. There’s often some lady who doesn’t mind joining the salt n peppa your heart out george Clooney. Plus he ain’t clean cut either. What do we learn from this?


If raywayjay shouts you out there’s no guarantee of anything happening. It’s good he didn’t respond to my email bids to pay for a little P.R. /promotion advertising. I’d be out hundreds if not thousands and so could you.
On 24 march 2010 ray William Johnson shouted out sawyersouthernbelle in a 3million view video. A day later they had 13 subs. I left a message saying “u got no subs from ray billy johnson’s 3 million views, how come!?” & they removed my comment & hid their sub count to hide this info from ya’ll. Anyone can see your sub count by putting you in their “other channels” box. Conclusion: don’t pay for shoutouts unless they actually say “go sub that channel” or they won’t. Box4bux
Not that subs guarantee views, shows people with 10 times more subs than daily views..



-bookstores are better than cafes or bars for socializing. minus the liver/ brain damage, sleep deprivation, dehydration & hangovers, overcharging theft..
-my neigborhood is full of piss n’ puke. every weekend people vomit alcohol poison & undigested junk food all over the place. is it legal to puke on people’s houses & offices? good job it rains: “God”‘s shower..

At night i’m so reclusive i make miss Havisham look like a social butterfly..


A week ago Google sent me this email. The Rabid dog attack video is adsense revenue enabled but no adds or add options are on it yet- a week later.  My account’s “in good standing” but I get paranoid there’ll be some misunderstanding. “Crawled your site?” what the heck? Does that mean my eggplant surprise aubergine photoshops? good job everything’s covered up huh. It says everything adsensed must be for all ages (5 year olds). Then I see KassemG’s recent “go deep” adult pornstar interview about blowjobs and pearl necklaces monetized with adsense adds on it not to mention ray billy johnson’s with adds on it too so.. the usual contradictionparadox.

AIR STUDIOS MASTERING, mon 15 mar 2010

So I go to Air Studios Mastering where they record the James Bond film orchestra soundtracks! Award winning mastering engineer Ray Staff and his colleague say the previous mastered mix’s dental drill noise is WORD CLOCK ERROR. This happens when it’s 48khz going through 44.1khz equipment..

Ray did all kinds of fancy EQ & processing & edited accurate to 1/48,000th of a second, (48khz) so no frames were lost!

then got rid of the mastering distortion on the phased electric keyboard sounds through this spectrometer. Also trusted me to pay the next day since they were closed and gave a great discount, luckily because i’m blowing a fortune! See & hear the result on mah youtube pageola

Million Photo Memoir mastering, thurs 11 march 2010

The first episodes of this ambitious photographic slideshow include $30,000 worth of 4000 professional 50mb scans by Metro Imaging London (£4= ($8) per scan x 4000 scans=£16,000+ 17.5% vat tax = $30,000) produced & financed over 3 years. There were several setbacks. Many negative scans looked foggy and faded, 3 got lost, some had digital artifacts.. I had to verify everything & go back several times for corrections but Simon & John were most helpful.
Several hundred photos of my father’s diplomatic archive were scanned cheaper at approx. £1+ per scan by 3 Snappy Snaps domestic consumer scanner photo labs: wardour street, covent garden, hertford street. Scott at hertford street was nice at first, but his employee Tom mixed up all my photos to avoid verifcation that none were “lost” even after agreeing to keep all in order and also failed to return 60 slides & prints; his signature on the receipt proves it. Luckily I sensed a less professional vibe there and gave them old flea market stuff, not trusting them with family archives. Unsurprisingly Tom doesn’t work there anymore but just another lesson to get everything & everyone on photo/ video & receipt as proof. And DO NOT TRUST SNAPPY SNAPS HERTFORD STREET.

As curator, it’s the only way to save old vintage photos from further deterioration. The cost was so great because in 2007 London there was no other option, even Snappy Snapps wouldn’t do it cheaper until 2009. Just as hollywood blows their horn bragging about how much films cost as a promotions & marketting strategy (pubic-licity stunt) so too would this be a conversation piece increasing value Nobuyoshi Araki style.

The Million Photo soundtrack is a variety of personally created chillout lounge relaxation atmospheric, easy listening, new age film scores. Mostlty drumless, instrumental, & vocal / phone call samples including the all time classic “Up the Creek” acapellas & dance groove recorded in high school and college. It features my adoptive mom, the ambassador’s wife, verbally abusing me braying that i’ve accomplished nothing, am going nowhere and am worthless because of average grades,3rd rate’ college admissions & unpaid recording studio internships. Little did she know, she and others of her ilk would be unwitting co-stars & muses in the most ambitious multimedia art projects of their kind.

Production notes & Info:
-Audio compression rates Bunt recommends a ratio no more than 3, compared to the final cut editor who told me to squash it to 10 in soundtrack pro. Gain 5, lim-1 is ok. Threshold is what db it starts.
-1 mono signal copied to the other channel & panned remains monophonic and cancellation never completely occurs, just sucks out the bottom end. (that’s what she said).
-No explanation on why sountrack pro software causes distortion & crackle.
-Final cut pro only goes +12 db because it’s semi professional limits.
-The 2 inch rackmount compressor used by bunk junk genius studios years ago is only ideal for constant loud dance music or rock but not other music with dynamics high n lows.
-If the levels are over zero in the red but sound okay than its okay!
Protools adds noise n occasional clicking pops n artifacts if you don’t use word clock special sync.

Mistakes made & conclusions:
-Put usb stick copies of audio files in correct coat, check physically before leaving.
Bring 8 pin firewire cables for solid state drive.
-If locked to picture you cannot do audio editing cuts due to frame inaccuracy & timing. Although I line up & stack 2 recordings on top of each other in final cut and manually drag them over each other till they are in sync & proceed to edit from that although they can lag after a few seconds and have to be re aligned as I did with my olypus LS10 audio files..
-Next ‘challenge’ is the chronological order of 100s of 1000s of photos as camera clock time n dates are often incorrect inaccurtate or don’t match.. Spent many days putting the first 4000 in order in iphoto, should’ve done it before scanning. And then iphoto corrupted & crashed, I.T guy rebuilt most the library with 3rd party software, but the first 4000 remained disordered. Luckily i had ‘drag n dropped’ them from the chronological yet corrupt crashing iphoto library into fcp, but they still need more organizing for animation continuity.
-take more video & leica photo w/ micro & minitripods especially when granted permission

My I.T. colleague went to florida today with 7 friends n family and I should join them but better go fast coz theyre back in a week although there may be another trip but not all of them. spring break man!

Update: typically endless obstacles. Found out today march 12 2010 that the mastered recording has a resonant ringing noise on it absent on the original. contacted Bunt as follows:

dear Bunt, there’s a high pitched resonance ringing sound on the mastered recording which is absent on the original. It starts from the beginning synth pad and onto several other parts with synth sounds. Please remove it. I heard it when I was there and should have asked. May be travelling and will email or call you next week. thank you for your time,  Sincerely george godley.

Saturday 13 march 2010: some of his reply:

I do not think there is any “resonance or “ringing” that was not already present on the original.
I added a little eq at upper mid and very high frequencies to bring some clarity to what was, in my opinion, a rather flat and dull sounding track. Inevitably this will enhance the higher frequencies in the audio, advantageously, to my ears.
However If you would prefer the mastered version to be flat (by that I mean without any eq) I will do another version with just compression and limiting. Although all processing will to some degree colour the sound of any audio track, it will be as close to the original as is possible.
This is best achieved by using a file exchange program such as USendIt or Send Space to email me the file.

I replied “message received, thank you, will get back to you next week, sincerely.. My thoughts: The flat mix sounds much better because there is no loud sustained cricket chirping noises ruining it. The master is unlistenable, sounds like a supersonic dog whistle and a million crickets chirping in unison, a dentist’s drill. Can’t believe he can’t EQ without adding this horrible noise. Excessive noise & flat are the only 2 options he offers. He should be able to EQ mildly.. I’ll post both versions online for comparison.
other disapointments:
-one vocal is way too loud, like screaming loud, 20db louder than the other vocal sample. very unpleasant, uncomfortable, unlistenable. Even cheap finalizing software brings all levels nice and even.
-he couldnt cut the audio up without losing frames, giving 2 choices: or limited level manipulation where you can’t bring things up or down, or losing the sync to picture. Even cheap final cut software lines up your cuts evenly on top of each other so you don’t lose a frame. Clearly sadie software isn’ t up to the job or he didnt know to stack one waveform on top of the other to synchronise them even though i told him how. Actually they can stray: even in final cut, it starts accurate and after a few seconds it starts lagging and therefore maybe its not doable, which it should be at this level of professional service.

Please link to indie film production, soundtrack film score prodcution, youtube, facebook blogs etc.


So you wonder where your life went, why you’ve accomplished nothing but unrewarded hard work & suffering. Mine went to watching the macintosh beachball

delay everything while you sit & wait on your “challenging” (a more positive word for “problematic“) mac computer. PC is worse- we’re in the information stone age. Final cut “pro” my ass, it doesn’t even reconnect files to backup drives when the SH!T LACIEs die. Same goes for timewaster DIGIDESIGN PROTOOLS LE 7. I googled protools help and got Audio Support, very nice and helpful tutorial visits for about £160 plus tip ($300) for 3 or 4 hours, (NEVER TIP till next time to make sure it WORKS PROPERLY). Playing external synths makes a horrible CLICKING noise. Just called Paul who had helpful suggestions. Till the problems are solved, the term “sh!t proFools” remains.

There’s no way to build a financially rewarding audience on YOUTUBE unless they feature you repeatedly on the front page or bigger channels constantly collab or mention you. That’s the only way to financial “success” if you can call it that, considering most people don’t like youtube chartoppers’ BANAL DRIVEL nonevents. Hard work is not rewarded, youtube doesn’t answer emails, while these guys do less & get more (audience, money) just cause youtube decided they’ll be featured & promoted & the rest won’t. Not the best incentive for hard work and accomplishment, unless your content offers more & is better done, you may or may not win the gamble. Sh!t better be tight.. it’s an uphill struggle. Even Nalts featuring JessyK on his front page for a few days last christmas 2009, doing silly Times Square pranks, only brought her a few hundred subs & her February daily viewcount stayed lower than mine according to tubemogul stats. (under 1000).

Alex Day nerdyman at some London pub concert Dec 2009. He told me to send him a message so i did: 1.last christmas to thank him for the footage, 2.the tranny inmendham comment reply & 3.about this photo but typically, no reply. My page is too conservative compared to his sexually explicit “Best Porn Puns”.

Audience numbers seem worth more than content, yet TV stations value unseen exclusive footage more than overexposed “burned” stuff. Film festivals won’t even accept your indie movie unless it’s a unseen premiere. Rare one of a kind memorabillia collectables are worth more.

Whats the point of UNREWARDED HARD WORK?
It’s all political ASS KISSING on youtube Olga style or your’e left behind (pardon the pun). Even offering payment as reciprocity they don’t help you unless you already have a large audience to “share” (take). It’s all about audience theft, you don’t stand a chance to compete against the overfeatured bigger channels. How do you get on their front page promotional box featuring other channels? Makemebad35, who desribes his content as crude and vulgar, told me at the 789 gathering to email him but he doesn’t want to “sell out” yet his website is full of advertising space for sale. He had a free slot on his “other youtubers” box so I left a channel comment saying ” HEY DAMIAN HOW CAN I GET ON THE “OTHER YOUTUBERS” LIST!” He removed it, or it was off the page within minutes. I emailed him at his “business email” saying “i can pay” but no answer. Maybe its best that way. Why pay when others don’t & are trying to get what i already got: £OOT. Best enjoy it instead of gambling it away. Pack your bag a$$holes.. It’s SPRING BREAK..

Apologies for the tone of this article. Just a lil’ frustrated, let’s be honest. It’s a rough gig.
update saturday 6march 2010: okay i was having a bad day yesterday. All’s better now. I love final cut & protools. But still some unresolved stuff. And nerimon’s not answering about his photo. I saw he uploaded something and musta seen my p.m. Comeon man help a brotha out..

people in makemebad35’s other channel box have 200,000 subs but only 7,000 daily views!
-nerimon featured freeasabee in his 250,000 view (thanx to charlie) music video & she barely got 200 new subs from it! you’d think he’d put her in his box for a bit.

Eat smoked salmon 3 times a year maximum cause of toxins. Tastes terrible slippery fishy compared to smoked trout.

CHINA REAL ESTATE WARNING & alleged HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS: more proof that it’s all about cold blooded market size. No one criticises a market they have vested interest in.. except for unbiased news source al jazeera..

dentist: 5 years no visits, no cavities . Visit, cavity 1 year later.

Tiger tiger club new years eve ripoff theft

(TRAVEL WARNING until further notice)
Tiger Tiger cheated me (like tiger woods!) out of another new years eve. Nice club but FRAUD SCAM: the ticket says no entry after 11pm (everyone is partying outside counting down the new year so who wants to be locked up before midnight?) and the guy who gave me the tickets earlier says you can come in up to 1am. On new years eve they turn everyone away after 12 saying “you’ll get a refund” and they don’t refund your money. I report this because $100 here and there =$1000.. turn away enough people they swindle tens of 1000s.. our loss, their theft. and I missed other friends’ bar, restaurant & pub parties on the way to be there by the deceptive deadline. says:
YOU MUST NOT call them threatening to file a report if they do not comply with your demands, as this may be construed as blackmail! You must first file a Ripoff Report, then fax them a copy, offering them a chance to rectify the wrong that they did to you. Explain that then, and only then, you will UPDATE your Ripoff Report in a positive way, if deserved.
TIGER CLUB NEW YEARS EVE THEFT quicktime save for web computer – Computer


My Iphoto stopped working & keeps beachballing or crashing. According to applecare senior advisor, right click iphoto icon on external drive, open package contents, right click on originals (and modified later), copy, right click on external drive icon, paste. 200,000+ items will be copied over 14 hours. Then do the same to modifieds. Then create new library, drag n drop the new copied fotos into new library. “photoalbums should be there but may not be”..
This is why I don’t erase memory cards..some of which are corrupt n need data recovery..

As soon as I use the computer for other things like streaming youtube video the process slows down and it says “20GB og 872 GB- about 15 hours” instead of 14 hours like before so I better leave the computer alone and clean up my bachelor pad.

Ωστε ετσι που λετε η βιβλιοθηκη ΙΦοτο μου εγεινε φθαρτη. Για να διωρθωθει ακολουθηστε τις παραπανω oδηγιες.
Ben coute si ta librairie Iphoto est foutue pour la corriger suis les instructions si decus.
Ach ja wenn dein Iphoto librairie ist kaput werden worden kannst du die instructionen oben erfolgen. Guten gluck putzfrau Bruno.

24/1/2010 Fajitas

TGI Fridays London, delicious veggie fajitas. Spent the day with my lovely lady. Better keep the image small cause she’s a bit shy and not very into this blog thing. Here we were in happier times:
ne topic we discussed: her difficult life/ career in london. I quote her when i was also suffering & she told me “it’s your fault for coming here. you knew what you were getting into”. She can’t even take her own quote; of course i’m supposed to take such criticism, but not even quote it. No free speech- not even her own.
Which is 1 of the many reasons for the break up. Also, the suffering, abuse & compromise was NEVER ENOUGH. Even videoing was forbidden, when an outsanding documentary feature was my life’s goal she censored most necessary shots, hindering its success. Like when she cried on the staircase saying “it’s nev.. (to be added later after ©opyrighting it with library of congerss & writers guild).. & our tibetan healing session, & talking to people of course forbidden. Constant fear & terror walking on eggshells is not love.

15 jan 2010 ugly shirt

Sent this photographic masterpiece to Nalts’ ugly shirt video collab. Uh..yea.The cigar’s for effect from my neighbor Leonardo in the cigar bar. Never smoked since my father’s throat cancer shock age 10.. I didn’t inhale..nor did i have sexual relations with that (wo)man. Recently ben seeing alot of Rosie Palm though and her 5 sisters..

July 2008 Upstate NY

I visited my Uncle Fred at my old family home where i lost most childhood vacations to forced child labor. He’s elderly & not so well so he asked me to leave after 2 or 3 days.. probably revenge for dad doing the same to him when it was our house.. a diplomatic “so, when are you..uh..?” type hint.. according to a reliable source dad (& most people) don’t want guests or relatives in their face violating their space too long.. Knowing this would be my only chance, since the house is always off limits, I salvaged hundreds of deteriorating old photos to be scanned but when i showed him my father’s foreign service career albums which he didn’t even know were there, he said “i can’t let you have them, this is history, and will get written up..” in case they get lost. Aunt Mary said “he’s your father, but the problem is he’s also his brother”. He hid them like I advised so I hope he remembers where they are or thats probably the end of them.. I went to a sleazy Oneonta motel to give him & aunt Mary some space and took 2 weeks to go through & select photos, slides etc. It cost me about $8 per 50mb scan for my own archive at Metro London (special deal for thousands).. so this time i shopped around and found some bargains at £1 per scan (about $2) at various London Snappy Snaps- less professional but good enough for black & white. The gal who cooked for him was a sweet college student. But what a sickening unhealthy artherosclerosis inducing bitches’ brew diet she concocted: mayonaise white bread sandwiches and buttered sugar cookies. Uncle Fred also told me uncle George &/or some other relatives from previous generations were professional studio photographers/ film makers. This made me feel less of an outcast and was most encouraging. Lots of love to you uncle Freddie & Aunt Mary, be well..

Bob & Geo in some bar with a couple conservative prim & proper prudes/ part time exotic dancers. Fantastic rustic atmosphere. Delicious frosted chilled Miller/ Coors lite beer pitchers you can’t get in Europe..

Visiting my friend Bob Sharp & model at his Oneonta New York Art Gallery. Rewards of a struggling artist.. I’ve known Bob & his family many years so he’s in some of my personal videos & Players Guide docufeature as is his mom, one of the nicest ladies.

So I end up in some sleazy motel with yellow brown pillow stains hidden under the pillow cases. How much gunk would luminol expose.. hung t-shirts to dry not to shrink them so they stayed wet & the place stank of damp my entire stay..went through thousands of photos, slides etc. there and in the rented Chrysler Sebring convertible (no mustang available this time) because at the house there’d be too much pressure and distractions since they were on edge..

Sep 2007 Mykonos Greece

What a wild funny episode! Birthday celebration bash with my friend BJ in MYKONOS, GREECE, the top greek island for celebrities, tourists, and gays. Not the best place for str8s. And september’s the end of the season, less people but more peace of mind in contrast with august which is overcrowded chaos.

The brunette was very nice but the ‘blonde’ went nuts against my friend BJ in the bars the days after: warning any lady near him to “stay away from this guy” out of spite for not staying with her..

Some romanian dude upstaged everyone but was cockblocked by the language barrier.

Nothing quite like meeting me in the *FLASH* on a nudist beach


Aeroflot Moscow delays. We suffer extreme heat with no air con or ventillation in this old beaten up disheveled obsolete russian aircraft for 2 hours off the runway & a 4 hour flight. I sweat my ass off, it’s horrible. Sauna toning.

Sochi, Russia. My first visit & i’m psyched after
a particularly hard working summer recording
original classic songs like “I’m a stud” & “Talkin
2 u
“. Blew a lifetime & fortune on that sh!t, time
to enjoy my birthday vacation. 

I do upside down pushups to stay in shape since we don’t know where the gym is yet.

My friend Haik meets me after taking a dangerous
unpleasant 48 hour train ride from Armenia thru
the volatile Caucasus. He was terrorized by
boarder officials and slept in cockroach infested
Vladikavkaz dumps. Look how run down he is. 

the women are so beautiful and friendly! Russia has many republics of various ethnicities & looks! Some look european, most are thin cause the food’s bland, great to lose weight.

We laugh of the cab driver trying to overcharge
me as he talked his price down from $50 to $5.
I chose the elderly driver cause less chance of
crime from a kindly granpa

We walked in lush smog polluted gardens. I was thrilled to have such wonderful company but rembered Haik’s warnings about how severe Chechens are.. c☺ntinued in e-book.

At a hotel pool I met 2 beautiful Chechen sisters.
They were very nice to me but said people know
not to mess around with Chechens.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Geo & creative consultant BJ in a 5★★★★★ Dubai hotel videoing Dubai travelogue. Note the set up the camera to taunt the room service guy. Unable to find a cameraman because of no internet, I stayed about a month because BJ kept missing his flight & the hotel tailor & his indian ass-istants needed time to make custom made silk clothes at a very good price. When the flight attendant romance was over, I wished to sample some of the local culture, tastes , sounds, & smells you see below. Who wouldn’t?

Escort-looking ladies fraternise & take advantage of businessmen because local women have to be virgins till marriage to secure that dowry.. browneye points..what about the back door..

I kinda liked some of them appearance wise. I mean would you kick her out of bed or your arab tent? you can have the one on the right.. there was often 1 beautiful one and 1 less attractive, rough, butch one like a negotiations manager on the cellphone.

For some reason i just couldn’t appeal, feel, heal n’ seal the shpiel zeal deal. They always disapeared with some “raghead’ (traditional arab dress & head gear). As soon as they saw a camera they didn’t like it because the religious laws make it not so free compared to Czeck or Hungary or Berlin or..but the atmosphere is exotic and enchanting, the weather warm so..

Sweet polite “shisha chechen” lady but no reel, no deal. Note the untouched bed which unfortunately stayed that way that night.. not for long..Full episode comin’ p☺☺n!

Sexist Dresscode

Why do men overdress, suffer coat & necknoose ABUSE while women underdress half nude? Sexual equality equal rights means women should wear the funeral waiter suit too. Let’s all be uncomfortable as if life isn’t enough of a pain as it is. How bout we all get comfortable.

Mom & dad, Ambassador & Mrs. Godley in happier times. Poor guy never complained of the injustice of being forced to wear the funeral waiter suit, sweating and suffering while his wife paraded around half naked bossing & forcing everyone else to overdress & suffer. We will complain, we won’t suffer.

Clickbank pitch page

Historic, witty, dramatic sexy fun photoblog in Russia’s most happening hot spot. Geo & friend/ wingman Haik socialize, flirt & date beautiful friendly women among other mis/adventures. Photocomic/ graphic memoir/ social commentary travelogue. Over 320 captioned vidcap photos, 57 page, 1st edition E-BOOK PDF. Photographic memoir series.

View my profile on


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