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Tue 3 April 2012 Youtube nightmare: what a WASTE: give all for nothing while others give nothing for all

disclaimer: feelings opinions & thoughts can change overnight, depending on mood & situation. Just ask Alex Day who whined & bitched about youtube separating youtubers into ‘V.I.P’s at the first youtube live 2009 & then removed his video complaint as soon as they made him V.I.P in 2010. unfairness only matters when it’s against you..

Hi everyone.. What a rough gig it’s been. Lookin forward to a more productive & happy life because this sure ain’t. After decades of disappointment, the last straw was losing last August 2011 editing 4 x 10 minute Vidcon episodes for 1000 views each while ‘top’ rigged youtubers got 100,000s or millions of views a day for nothing, just talking to the camera over other people’s ©opyrighted content as fair use or parody. If you’re not the chosen ‘V.I.P’ elite, hard work & networking gets you nowhere & you are doomed to fail no matter what on youtube. But i appreciate the key word searches despite the FAILure (or shall we say ‘limited success’) of both channels. Since episodes take days or weeks to make, i tried unedited daily multiple uploads instead on to see what would happen. 4,000+ videos later, & even with Kipkay’s other channels link, no change, just conflicts & disappointment with youtube arbitrarily censoring & disabling the channel for fully clothed blurred ‘provocativeness’ & a slow motion bug ruining uploads & creating a backlog taking months to catch up on. Decision time:

1. continue multi daily uploads to be one of the most prolific vloggers.. for nothing 
2. lose months editing geogodley episodes.. for nothing
3. put entire 20 year archive on this & other sites.. for nothing
4. finish feature film to get censored, ripped off & lose your rights.. for nothing
5. ‘f’ it all & hit the beach, sun sea & sex or wine women & song.
what’ll it be? stay poooned dear folks, how can you go right.. 

(re-written & edited live right now as you read it)


New year’s eve 2011-12 some anonymous youtube employee signed as “the youtube team” arbitrarily censored, disabled & threatened with termination for a Rio video of a fully clothed, blurred brazilian for being too “provocative”, while monetizing & promoting much more sexually explicit content like lonely island “jizz in the pants” & kassemg “goin deep” porn interviews etc. We the sheeple *baaa* get age restricted without advertising monetization or threatened with termination & marginalization from the multimillion muff mons monopoly. Next, a slow motion technical fault bug destroying uploaded sony mts files was repeatedly reported on home page & google forums to no avail. Looks deliberate when no ‘top’ overpromoted youtubers like sexually explicit inappropriate raywayjays get it. Only then will youtube respond.. so comin’ poon on uncensored chronological multiple daily vlogs, photo blogs, cartoons & tunes! youtube’s loss our gain, stay puned!



“R.i.p Wit.. say no to drugs.. play safe.. don’t dope & dive

mon 7 nov 2011

So i drive up to San Fransisco after yet another lost summer on the computer editing L.A. vidcon episodes, networking etc. When the XFACTOR USA TV performance was in the news & hit over a million youtube views i asked around for agents & publicists to get on a talk show or something. Youtube vid “HOLLYWO☹D FAIL: TALENT AGENCIES PHONE VLOG, CAA, WME, PETER WEISS DEFINETHELAW, sept 2011”  shows what a pain in the ass that was.. I ended up in Sky bar finding out promoter Mac Africa’s still around.. met her years ago.. bet she or other such people could connect me w/ someone.. if i could just find them.. with such a short notice trip i couldnt find my contact numbers.. anyway since it didnt look like much was gonna happen i collab with Peter Definethelaw Weiss “Magneato dude i want my foood” to improve my vlogging skills. His candid camera technique is described in previous blog post. I’m hoping it’ll be worthwhile and started a new channel with multiple daily vlogs after the burn out from 100 hour editing marathon 12 minute episodes.. thought daily uncut sponatneous style would be quicker.. NOT.. days go by like nothing & again computer slavery.. sometimes i wonder if its worthwhile given the impossibility of success. It seems no matter what you do you are doomed to fail, cockblocked as ever by elitist 3rd parties who promote a handful of monopolizers. Gotta keep trying. Damn viewcount never changes no matter what. It can’t be because of “family friendly” censorship given the sexually explicit promoted youtubers shane, timmygateau, phillyd, makemebad, kassem.. if they arent emasculated & sterile why should we be. I like how Shay doesnt dare link KassemG’s youtube porno interview series and instead links his other channel in his “other channels box”.. for obvious reasons.. Anyway more gossip in the future. Priorities first. Health being one of them. & that means a change in lifestyle. What next.. stay pooned folks.. for now i give you..


if only wordpress would work with this tiny 200mb 720hd video.. 

..or even shittier quality reconverted 200mb to 20mb 720.mp4:

X Factor USA

Geo Godley ☺n ITUNES Click here

At the begining of the Xfactor live audition i’m off key because i couldn’t hear the music & sang an octave too high. The ITUNES version is in perfect pitch with no autotune processing. Note how they mispelled my name & refused to correct it.. why would they want t limit my online searchability & audience? nice try chaps!  

VIDCON Los Angeles U.S.A 28-31 JULY 2011 1/3

description of the image if you wantHyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles U.S.A. 2nd annual Video convention. I meet hank green &..
sxephil defranco seems nice but the result is disappointing. everyone’s hugging, and/or kissing his ass for friendship, collaboration, business.. big bag of fail. acquaintance is the next best thing but seems such a counterprodutive waste of time.. travel across the world for nothing again?


description of the image if you wantthought Damian makemebad35 was avoiding me at the pool but he seemed happy to see me again since the 789 gathering. He confirmed my box4bux$ idea was funny & okay to ask big youtubers. little knowing how they may react..




description of the image if you wantgee i must say youtubers are in a jolly mood today! terabrite was very cordial. a week later they gave me permission to upload their friday morning performance with the youtube ‘stars’ provided i credit & link them.



description of the image if you wantLine, a sweet lebanese fashion business lady.. lest we forget there’s more to life than youtube




description of the image if you wantthe evening i meet my youtube friend delaypat, lisa & a group. some saudi lady takes our picture, shoukran habibi.






description of the image if you wantFriday 29 july 2011, decked out like a christmas tree




description of the image if you wanttobuscus, ?, olgasometimesokay, whatthebuck advising how they got where they are ommitting a few details: box4box, youtube promotion..



description of the image if you wantCory mr safety williams, kate17, supered86.. sir safety said not to pay for boxes because they aren’t worth it. collabs are ‘much more fun’.



description of the image if you wanttayzonday & johnollie at the machinima network party..




description of the image if you wantLions Club 5th of july parade was bigger than any 4th of july event.. thought these were native americans but they’re Taiwanese.. so that’s where those pow wow costumes come from. everyone’s effing around showing off, partying, laughing, dancing & loving life without a care in the world..
in stark contrast, homeless in seattle.. with someone on the way.. i always give them a few bucks when taking their picture. looking at her now i guess everyone needs company and if we were humanitarian we’d hang out with her a bit.. unfortunately the social stigma of homelessness makes subhuman pariahs out of people. we could offer at least a shower.. but there’s crackhead  shelters for that..


description of the image if you want met Ken the owner of Seattle antiques market
who offered to ship




description of the image if you wanta bunch of 1920s-50s antique vintage film cans to be transfered to video for youtube or this site.. I’m a treasure hunter salvaging curator of lost antiquities! 1927 New York antique vintage m☺vie(s)  Click here



description of the image if you wantbumped into Mike Maslan’s store out of the blue.. a vintage photo / poster / postcard collector dealer who knows Robert Jackson, author of the “art of the american snapshot”.. curtailed my collection because i’m overly critical, look for certain elements & had enough hoarding & clutter but occasionally still am mesmerized by the time travel feel & aesthetics. he sells them for 3 or $5 each and selected ones for $35. see the ones i bought next blog.




description of the image if you wanthe’s selling a huuge collection of 1920s travel diaries & photo albums for 5 to $10,000. He got it from Portland oregon antique fair & says if you put them online their value will plunge because it’s the info & not the item that’s valuable in this case since it’s no one famous. i was calculating if i put it on my website & charged a dollar would the figures add up? but browsing it i think he kinda messed up.. it seemed to lack emotion, drama, humor, romance, sex.. look no further, we can do better




description of the image if you wantWestin Seattle hotel is nice but the windows don’t open so your’e breathing recycled farts.. only air con & opened doors for ventilation. read my full review coming up on trip advisor.





description of the image if you wantWestin security wouldn’t let me on the hotel roof to video the seagull chicks up close “for liablilty reasons” even though they make you sign something when you check in saying they have no liability anyway.. was gonna bribe (tip) the manager but it’s not worth it coz it doesn’t tend to pay off or go viral on youtube.. i was touched & amazed by the gull’s selfless sense of responsibility.. never leaving the little ones for a second, getting food only when another seagull replaced her.. they live 50 years..



description of the image if you wantsome english rose by the waterfront.. shoulda got in the sh☺t




description of the image if you wantnext stop: Lala land Vidcon. no uneventful daily vlogs. i want to upload meticulously crafted tightly edited youtube episodes but at 2000 hits a day & little payment wonder if it’s worth losing yet another summer again.. may just record & enjoy what’s left of it & back to the ol’ drawing board this fall.. winter.. or next year.. decade.. life.. what are we stupid? hit the beach assh☀le!





description of the image if you wantMount Ranier, Seattle, Washington
Workin out & stretching in the Westin Hotel gym trying to get back in shape for the audition..


description of the image if you wantOn the way to the biggest TV audition of my life.. not supposed to blog about it yet, but one day hopefully you’ll know my side of the story. just hope they air it & beep /blur out whatever they (don’t) want..




description of the image if you wantKey Arena.. They said not to use cameras so I waited till the end of the day to get this panoramic view from the adjacent food court.



description of the image if you wantSome Persian cutie by the mmmall..




description of the image if you wantThe Westin hotel chinese cleaning lady (housekeeper) was soo polite.. kept saying thank you & giggling, really refreshing. Thank you in chinese is ‘seysey’.






description of the image if you wantSeattle ‘beach’ waterfront: next best thing..





description of the image if you wantHomeless in Seattle.. this lady let me photo her even if it may harm her chances of employment. she’s in rehab getting her life back on track, please help her out.. or her handwritten sign threatens to help you or someone else out..




description of the image if you wantCrab pot is a delicious restaurant.. snow crab takes too long to eat, alaskan king is the best. I feel guilty killing these poor animals but they taste too good to be 100% vegetarian.. The mud pie & rhubarb cake was out of this world




description of the image if you wantsome presentable guy for the female & gay audience.. hope he won’t mind, this is an equal opportunity blog





description of the image if you wantBritish Airways 747 jumbo jet, near the north pole, ~40,000 feet.. on my way to a TV audition but some sneaky confidentiality clause in the release signed at a later date prohibits me from EVER mentioning it without their permission?!?! deceptive because they dont tell you- he just said “oh it’s just a release” time read it all & cross out whatever you don’t want, it should be negotiable.. they should appreciate the free publicity by letting us mention it and can’t expect a gag order on your life.. can’t be tooo unreasonable ..censorship is fast becoming my top blog theme. You’re never allowed to say anything.. no free speech

the entire 10 hour flight 3pm to midnight (4pm Seattle time) almost all windows were covered. Good to get some sun the couple days before.. I’m cautiously optimistic but have a premonition there’s always a negative side to everything and don’t want to jinx it by counting chickens before they hatch.. curb your enthusiasm



description of the image if you wanttake this airplane meal for instance.. thrilled to get a vegetarian meal..





description of the image if you wantuntil you realize it’s probably full of animal rennet, artery plugging clotted cream cheese & chemicals. wait, it’s even the wrong ingredient list! cherry filling?!




description of the image if you want& the second meal is a sugar white bread mayonaise cheese sandwich. No wonder i’m out of shape & look like shit, you are what you eat.. BYOF Bring Your Own Food next time..





description of the image if you wantthis is what a £900 ($1500) one way British Airways plane ticket gets you these days.. NAUSEATING BLAAGH EEEWW disgusting. the flight was jolly good though, no turbulence thank you chaps







description of the image if you wanti think of more pleasant thoughts like my lady friend (not sure she wants to be in this blog) & these polish ladies who invited me to party last night & i didn’t even bother.. how stupid.. really gotta get out of this no nightlife rut..






description of the image if you wantwe land in Seattle, the new 747 jumbo engines are tiny compared to previous ones..





description of the image if you wantwelcome to the emerald city, gotta rehearse & prepare, pressure is on in just 3 days i’m on stage..





description of the image if you wantseagulls nest on the lower roof outside my hotel windows that don’t open. Can’t understand why they sit on their eggs if they don’t know what’s in them. Must be more than instinct. They probably saw other eggs hatching, or remember their own hatching since it wasn’t so long ago, or just common sense, some shiny time capsule pops out of you something’s obviously there.. not rocket science.. unless you’re casey anthony..





Dear Geogodley,

We would like to inform you about your uploaded footage on youtube.

A small 5 second part of your uploaded footage will be used in a digital adidas campaign, for adidas International Marketing BV, Amsterdam. This digital campaign will run from September 2011 until March 2012 on and links to social media. We have tried to contact you without getting a response. In case you are the original owner of the used 5 seconds of footage and/or you think you have specific rights to this 5 second clip, please contact:
If you are NOT the owner of the footage or the person in the clip, please excuse us for contacting you. You can consider this mail as not sent and delete it.

Kind regards, TBWA\BEC Research Team

Dear TBWA/bec team, i did NOT give you my permission to use my ©opyrighted videos in your advertising campaign. You did NOT offer adequate compensation or credit and no deal was made. Please DO NOT ILLEGALLY USE MY MATERIAL or there will be legal reprecussions & media reports on your illegal activity. Either offer me proper compensation & credit which i will consider but don’t guarantee accepting or DO NOT BREAK THE DMCA LAW. copies of this email will be sent to my attorneys. sincerely geogodley.

[this is the compensation multibillion dollar corporation adidas offered! can you believe it?!?!? The company revenue for 2009 was listed at 10.38 billion and the 2008 figure at €10.80 billion.- wikipedia]

COMPENSATION: If you agree on terms and conditions and we finally select your footage to be part of the librabry, we can offer one official Adidas product [!?!?!?] for the use of +/-5 seconds of your footage. You can choose this adidas product from the ADIDAS_ PRODUCT_LIST which is attached to this mail. For this we need your permission stated and signed on an ADIDAS_RIGHTS_RELEASE_FORM. We will provide this ADIDAS_RIGHTS_RELEASE_FORM together with the ADIDAS_PRODUCT_PICK document a.s.a.p. when you want to participate.

[Sorry folks, ain’t gonna cheat me on this one.. no more corporate screwing the lil’ guy]

Thank you for your respons. We would not want to use your clip illegally. Becease we did not get a respons on sent emails we started the legal procedure. Of course we want do offer you a compensation that suits.

Instead of a product we can offer you a financial compensation. Please read below.

For the use of ± 5 seconds of your footage we can offer you €250,- (euro’s)

Please let us know what you think.
You will need to agree on term and conditions as stated on a ADIDAS RIGHTS RELEASE FORM. (find attached)

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Erika & Vivienne

Dear Erika & Vivienne, Adidas is a multibillion euro company, to use my © video in an advertising campaign they should pay me at least 10,000 euros. That’s way below normal. Thank you anyway, sincerely geogodley

Ok, thank you for the reply. We respect your point of view. In fact we are just sorry as we think your video would really suit this project.

Just to let you know. I hope we could make clear to you what we are asking. The 10k compensation you are reffering to is not based on realistic fees. I actually can tell based on experience in  non-commercial and commercial productions.

Yes it is an Adidas project, but the offer we made to you is more in line with what the commercial use of 3 to 5 seconds of amature or pre-shot (stock)footage on the internet for a period of 1 year would cost. This is not a heavy Adidas TV campaign which we talk about. Its an online ticket promotion of a rather creative online platform.

Are you a professional? The shot we’d like to use is of such quality actually.
If you would be interested, we are willing to go back to our financial backoffice to see if we could work out a more workable fee for you.
And what about a non-exclusive license so you can keep all the rights to yourself, but just approve that adidas uses it to for this purpose.

When you really don’t want anything to do with this all, you will have my word: we won’t bather you again.
Have a good night

All the best
Erika V.


Rather than do uneventful daily vlogs i choose to wait & spend time on meticulously crafted episodes since it makes no difference to my daily viewcount. Everyone thinks the more you post on youtube the better, forgetting top youtubers were overpromoted unlike the rest of us may ever be, so why repell the audience with a channel full of mundane fragments & not rewarding, satisfying experiences. Or maybe best do both.. Time to get out there..

description of the image if you want
June 2011, Hyde park London. Best decision to get some sun before the dark 10 hour Seattle flight. Deprived as ever, every cell in my body screams for a lil’ solar photosynthesis, i feel naturally rising endorphins & tryptophan / serotonin / dopamine levels.

or maybe it’s from this pulse raising bikini hottie inches near me..


description of the image if you want
on the way up the escalator a cutie let me snap her over my shoulder but then turned cold in the park & wouldn’t talk.. “hey would you like revenue sharing when your image goes viral, no? okay bye!”



description of the image if you want..some lolling waitress brightened my day when she asked “what do you put on youtube?” answer: “y☺u” ..



description of the image if you want
and who could forget the fluffy redhead form the vag-eatarian resto on neil street, wawaweewa



description of the image if you wantthis english green eyed lady was sooo nice, i should use the “see my etchings” invite more often while in the area..




description of the image if you want
London tourist attraction Janowell the french busker uplifits moods in leicester square for over a decade now.. these typically friendly bon vivant italians celebrate their “hen night” bachelorette party.. condolences.. party’s over.. r.i.p freedom, last chance & dance..



description of the image if you wantred bullshit piss sugar stimulant.. guess she needs it to stay awake for you know what.. don’t we all.. you snooze you lose..



description of the image if you want
Rod Stewart & Bon jovi performed yet another summer Hyde park concert. Some drunk women went wild prancing to “Maggie may”.



description of the image if you want
while peeping toms got free views & footage through the peephole.




Dear Margo,  I am appealing the unexplained sudden ban of my geogodley ustream channel after months of 24/7 live broadcasting linked to my honors charted youtube channel. Yesterday wednesday 8 june 2011 i was auditioning for SIMON COWELL’S X-FACTOR performing live original songs in a g-string for effect.
[photo: singing “I’m a stud”I’M A STUD ㋡n ITUNES Click here
A similar g-string performance already got me selected & shortlisted on the english version of that talent show. All seemed fine until about 7pm london/ greenwich meantime when i got the message “geogodley banned due to violating terms of service.” Since i own the ©opyright to my own songs & performance and was banned during it, i can only assume you didn’t like my g-string.
G-string is not considered vulgar or nudity since they are seen on every public U.S. beach. If you have rules against them it sure isn’t written in your terms of service which is long, complex, subjective and vague (vulgar can mean anything you want it to- even free speech expression spoken by millions on youtube, facebook, twiiter every day).
Maybe my behind was too visible for a few seconds as i exited the room and bent over comedically since i thought no one was watching (i’m flattered they [you] did ㋡). [i observed a viewcount of only 1 or 2 throughout the performance with a couple browser windows open, so ustream employees have nothing better to do than unfairly bully little guy underdogs knowing full well only they are watching. says a lot about the company & its public image / relations..]

Ustream’s loss, Livestream’s gain. Maybe we’re more suited to a free press platform for adults & ustream to Beijing where they have more in common 禾馬鳥鹿水革糸月. Note: the aim is not to burn bridges, diplomacy’s the best policy or get another account & ip to be enslaved by juvenile censorhip. disclaimer: Parody- not to be taken tooo seriously.. gtta say that just in case..

Could you please consider accepting my appeal as i will be careful to be heavily self – censor if that’s what Ustream requires. That includes no © background music ever by often muting the audio, right? sincerely geo godley.
[This is what some power abusing anonymous faceless ustream employee bans you for.. in an age of oversaturated x-rated hardcore internet porn, they mean spiritedly don’t forgive this brief 2 second innocuous accidental g-string wardrobe malfunction backside of michelangello’s David as i left the room.]

in life i know there’s lots of green.. some canadian in soho square who works in radio administration..

on a happier note, whats a geogodley blog without gorgeous ladies.. unheard of! goes without say, that’s better..

..1 hottie in her late 20s whose psycho kurd dad threatened violence if she’s on the internet.. more endless insane censorship as ever.. details in private post for security.. continued later. what a heavily censored week it’s been! will it get worse?

2 hot starbux turx.. gotta remember to take off the shades to see the eyes, it’s like chinese censorship again.. jeeez.. what is wrong with this world..


Glad to be here. Best things in life are free.. sun & sea breeze euphoria better than anything.. Resting mind & matter after a particularly strenuous mysterious decade. Where did it go? what happened? let’s find out while editing the archives..

May 2011 bank holliday weekends. A rare
sunny day in Brighton where everyone swarms
to knowing tomorrow is always overcast
& cold..


smoking hot turkey was leaving for italy next day.. could’ve convinced her to see my place nearby for fun footage, must remember to try since these opportunities don’t come forever..

.. Look at yououou! hyde park hottie dashes by. Her oesophagus sized wasted weist is smaller than her head.. puke much? if so get help.. ☺r give us some diet tips

some sweetheart gives me her number on the way to lunch. used to call everyone, now i call noone. why? better things to do? n☹t 

pretty persian poon puffs polonium poison paper penis prepuce (alliteration poetic license, no disrespect- well maybe a lil’.. how can you respect tobacco) sucking carcinogenic cigarette instead of.. 

how come it’s always an ugly woman feeding pigeons? pretty ones have no heart or can’t relate to dirty disgusting vermin.. The way they wobble their filthy head & body, puff their chest, coo cacophony, stalk, harass, eat garbage, copulate & defecate everywhere, so nauseating compared to those charming cute calm clean collared doves & wood pigeons who bow during courtship.. so opposite yet so related.. another contradiction. 

cellphone & cigarette double cancer risk.. if you don’t care who will.. gas yourself & fry your brain at once, kill two turds with one phone pwn.. blow that sh!t my way & i’ll blow it back atchu whhhh-eeew 

The book publishing industry arbitrarily censors & c-blocks us from ever contributing & getting a piece of the action, while hypocritically monopolizing & selling sexually explicit, supposedly “unethical immoral” (can’t impose values on others) prostitution comics.. EPIC FAIL banal mundane black n white boring sh!t.. not to worry though we’ll outdo them online.. two billion can play that game.. next: youtube gossip: terminated & reinstated youtubers etc. 


Dang book industry racket publishes more disappointing unreadable graphic novel/ memoir/ photocomics. They won’t give you or me a break but publish this black n white crap, exploiting & selling poor afghan’s photos without their release. Publicity rights my ass.. who the f buys this sh!t? i did- cluttering mind & life until realizing how lousy it all is.. take this book for instance. Looks like almost nothing happens and it lacks any elements in its unaesthetic offputting boring pages. we can do better because it couldn’t be much worse.. 


I’M A STUD ㋡n ITUNES Click here


Honors chart youtuber Geogodley personal photographic memoir social commentary travelogue. In this episode: SOCHI, RUSSIA: BLACK SEA RESORT. Geo & Haik socialize, flirt, interact & date beautiful women while documenting tips, obstacles, conflicts, misadventures & lessons learned. 60 page, 345 photonovel comic book style color vidcap photos with dramatic, informative, comedic commentary. Rated PG-13. For a sample see SOCHI RUSSIA TRAVELOGUE . 3£ (€4 or $6) on . Paypal /enquiries







Sun/mon March 6/7 2011

More insane contradiction: Youtube monetizes & partners my videos but not the channel, yet some anonymous youtube employee removes my CONTEMPORARY ART SEX CARTOONS PG-13 video a year after it was posted losing my witty description (should save metadata!). More irrational, arbitrary, inconsistent, prejudiced censorship: top youtuber Shane Dawson uses the word “fuck” in front of minors in his videos. Seth Mcfarlaine uses explicit sex in his “family guy” cartoons getting millions of youtube views. Timmy de la gateau has skeet semen squirts on his t-shirts and everyone talks about explicit sex. Yet the rest of us are censored for the exact same stuff- and less. You’ll notice i blurred & covered up. Time to start posting elsewhere like amazon, ebay, hulu, blip tv, ustream, vimeo, your own website, & affiliates, dailymotion, & probably too soft for xtube, youporn.. Also traditional media & publishing- Taschen, Fantagraphics, Phaidon, the list is endless.. Youtube’s loss, their gain. I love youtube and will cooperate despite the injustice. But why are you letting all those others do it? It’s like HBO & cable monopolizing adult content while all the other censored networks lose ratings & complain. You could just put a over 18 warning on it like so many others -not that my Dubai clip even deserved that, false flagging. Wake up youtube.. before we do.. here’s what they don’t want you to see courtesy vimeo, bliptv, daily motion etc. thanx guys ㋡< (blip is even more fascist & in cahoots with youtube, i recorded mr. blip at vidcon..)

CONTEMPORARY ART SEX CARTOONS PG-13 from geo godley on Vimeo.


What’s the point of Metacafe’s over 18+ category?
Metacafe, Ve☹h veoh.



He’s at it again.. images recorded for crime prevention, public safety, the greater good & a lil’ romance & soft sex in the city & beyond to boot(y).. slow year, the computer replaced everything.. gotta get out there. Even if some ‘vlogger shitlist’ bigots censor & prohibit photography & violate artistic integrity & Youtube chart honors.. who needs em anyway

str8s should have a pride parade too
considering the persecution of sex
& the city style bloggers
by the odd hetero-
phobic psychopath. Details in private blogpost
scheduled for legal & publishing if necessary.

pulse raising swedish doll in one of those cafes

On the way to the park i see gorgeous ladies
working in food joints. Hard to interact unless you eat their sh!t. There’s nowhere indoors you can go without buying stuff you don’t want. Which is why we’re out today since London summer’s so short, blink & you miss it.

My favorite thing about London: friendly familiar faces. Hi ladies! so good to see y’all again! Can’t be constant coincidence..divine intervention

My eyes oggle the latest youtube sensation(s),
hot chocolate jumbo jugs. Holy lordy mama,
milky likey got milk SLURPEE

Some gulf gal i bump into again from before. camera shy of course, not recognizeable from this off angle so dont freak out

I know you, you’re from Kuwait right!
Surprisingly sympathetic, great excercise patrolling the park catwalk.

Hair’s p.u.a master gambler

Yogi played funky wa guitar on my “do yo thing” song a while back. He noodled some amazing licks but left ’cause the chords were too specific for his wild improv style. Now he says Bootsy Collins just did a cover of his song.

Published musician/ writer/ producer Leonardo gives me INC advice, thanx bro. Later y’all!

Baltic beaut pizza gal turned out really sweet


Try telling that to the neighbors.. theyr’e like “what do you DO over there?!” “Youtubers ‘work’ in their underwear”

My life or lack thereof.. what a waste living in
central London. Anything creative means work
around the clock. That ends today. Balance.

solemn mood dazed too much editing & computing. Endless technical challenges, errands & de-cluttering/ cleaning.. is vidcon an opportunity or same result as last gatherings? 10 timezone jetlag & thousands of dollars for what, didn’t we already do that to no avail? how do you say fück you at a yoütube gathering? “email me”.
Hey guys, thank you for the moral support, you’re the best

& always not nice dealing with antisocial amrikistan compatriot shitlisters.

It’s always nice to see people like Anna’s colleague on the way back from lunch.

How can u poison yourself?

Green park cutie

as did this one in the public square. Shoulda recorded the conversation, she was up for it. moving house, job at 6 a.m, someone stole her cx520 overexposes in dual record mode even with ae shift on..

Met this luscious lady on my way to the gym on thursday 1 july. Great conversation about difficulty getting american visas, studying in London..really made my day

Back to the ol drawing board..

Busker guitarist Paul & hottie actress
friend. Hey Paul don’t forget okay!

sat 12 june 2010 DRAMA SH!T

Hangin out with my I.T. friend in the vlogger friendly pub with no background music on weekdays. We drink a couple pints, i say “i miss drinking sometimes because it’s not as much fun without it!'” He says “i’m so glad you said that.” But no, you shoudn’t rely on that to have fun. The Leica D-lux 4 lens distorts & stretches my face in the corner, & the microphone sounds like sh!t. Not so deluxe inexcusable for a $1000 camera. Get your sh!t together Leica.

Can you believe these overkill overproduced
self important pretentious posers
with all
that extraneous equipment in this miniaturization
era? showing off their ‘bigger is better’ phallic
symol ‘hey everyone look at me, i’m so important!’
Better quality with bigger components but they
have that attitude like..”i’m up there with
spielberg, so cool & happening”. No the hell
you’re not. You’re an unsympathetic cog in the
greasy media wheel of prefabricated industrial
cack. Need an extra?☺ 

He & his sister’s ex Neil sit down a minute laughing & being very nice to my face & then leave abruptly behind my back without a word not to be seen again. Months later i find out through a 3rd party it’s because i jokingly said “dont nick (=steal) anything. No sense of humor. With friends like that who needs enemies. But if you cut off all unreliable unstable flakes there’d be no one left. Need 2 get out more.. they aren’t “all there”. BJ’s the utimate irrational contradiction like everything in my life. One of the nicest & worst people ever. In my videos at important moments when no one else was, even put me in touch with the I.T. guy, so.. take the rough with the smooth.. total mind phuq though. How much SH!T do you take?
BJ crawls out of hibernation unannounced at 1.40 a.m. typically on a non-happening tuesday night after months of unanswered calls. His rare once a year annual pilgrimmage to zone 1. All smiles and a jolly good chap on the surface, but behind the mask, what lies beneath..

Chillaxing w/ busker Paul for over a decade. Another paradox always around the corner. One moment it’s ‘yea i’m gonna be famous get my image out there’, next he’s like ‘dont take my picture’ when he looks his best w/ his spectacular afro. Stood me up at a recording session but buskers are supposed 2b spaced out.

Which is why i love central London. Just step
outside & make new friends. The cosmopolitan vibe is great thanks to east europeans. keep the camera straight woman!

I hook up with a cute blonde who takes my youtube card between her pushup bra cleavage. Cockblockers nearby sense her availability & try to cut me out of my piece of pie by shoving their face in her t!ts. They ask her to join them for a drink elsewhere to knock her out with alcohol & get in her panties. They seem bi & camp, eating both sausage & crumpet. London’s a fast town. Nice try assholes but she’s not going home with you either. Rip out the vaseline boys.

Kassem looks like he’s had a rough year with all that youtube front page featuring promotion, box4box & collab overexposure. Slow down efendi, stress is premature ageing. 

Oh my gosh looks like a winning streak! come n get it MILF!  Bulgarian beaut. What am i doing. Good boys keep diaries, bad boys have no time, i must be a friggin angel. Later aholes! It’s about time str8’s get the same public toilet cruising privileges as gays as seen above.. 


MAY 2010

In between work, a rare moment off the computer: wet walk to Covent garden vegetarian/ vegan lunch. Say hi to various fast food bosses & employees on the way. Pleasant atmosphere.

Charing cross road, London. Spring breeze
rustles tree leaves in contradictory weather
temperature, hot 1 moment, cold the next.
Especially at night..

She hates being photographed / videoed in public by strangers. I put the camera away, missing the best footage ever & ask what the flyers are: a Maori massage offer for £70 ($100) for half or one hour, far away, for the next 3 days only. I say she should model & collab w/ me for youtube etc & she says yes if i pay.
Greek american hottie handing out flyers freaks when she sees the Hc9 & wide angle lens. Public photography /video is
unpredictable, so you develop an instinct for
difficult troublemakers! luckily she wasn’t tooo bad..

Liking people doesn’t guarantee chemistry. Used to go for almost anyone since fussing over appearance is shallow but after a long relationship left me mentally & emotionally drained everyone looks kinda average and not so irresistible anymore. This lady’s pretty, cool & fun but it’s not quite happening 4 some reason. Or maybe it is.

We’ve become friendly yet when i call she’s changed her tone, says she doesn’t mean to be rude but has a boyfriend & “doesn’t want a personal relationship“, just business.. don’t flatter yourself sweetie! “if your’e in it for the money you probably won’t make much”- richard branson.

Acting like I’m actually going to buy burger king junk food to meet a typically warm friendly italian cutie. My acting skills have improved in real life: pretending to do things so as not to stick out too obviously/ suspiciously. Ambiguously, it’s not total deception: you may be convinced to enact the act; they sell healthier foods too.

Wow, them magyars are friggin hot, i’m goin’! this hotel supervisor’s a bit conservative & may/ not be suited to artsy fartsiness. U never know. When she let me video her it felt like a connection, really tantalizing oooh! sit on my f☺ce

Who could take their eyes off beautiful arabs. Not exactly friendly or approachable, kinda like a ferocious rhino & her calf.. Too bad they’re covered up & 2 difficult. Travelling to english parks every spring/summer to cool off from scorching 100 degree Arab gulf heat- must sweat buckets down there & never leave air conditioned buildings & cars..
Hyde park bank holiday sunday meeting alota ladies, including this sultry slovak, but i’m bird watching..