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Youtube public “privacy” misnomer oxymoron vs. the law: verbal release, no expectation of privacy in public, public figure -George Godley sun 30 mar 2014

greek cypriot flirt Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 13.07

Dear GEORGE GODLEY WORLD RECORD VIDEOBLOGGER.COM LIFELOG,This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an
individual regarding your content: Video URLs:
The information reported as violating privacy is at all content, all content. We would like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant.You have 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines
( For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g., home address, email address). Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation.If the alleged violation is located within the video itself, you may have to remove the video completely. If someone’s full name or other personal information is listed within the title, description, or tags of your video, you can edit this by going to My Videos and clicking the Edit button on the reported video. Making a video private is not an appropriate method of editing, as the status can be changed from private to public at any time. Because they can be turned off at any time, annotations are also not considered an acceptable solution.We’re committed to protecting our users and hope you understand the importance of respecting others’ privacy. When uploading videos in the future, please remember not to post someone else’s image or personal information without their consent. For more information, please review our Privacy Guidelines & feelings:
this person gave verbal consent release to be recorded on the blog, no expectation of privacy in public,gives her full name i.d on youtube & tumblr as a public figure. Let’s see if it’s an impersonation pretending to be her. Aμα εισαι συ, επικοινωνησε σε παρακαλω για πιστοποιηση. Ευχαριστω -Geo

youtube “privacy” policy pros & cons +/-
+they deal with complaints so you don’t have t0, saving you hassle & potential trouble from the small minority of unstable trouble makers
+if you see it in 48 hours you can see all the info, download & reupload elsewhere- streisand effect

how do they know if its genuine or fake complaint?
-they dont tell you the video title so if you dont see it in 48 hours you never know who or what happened

production notes:
wordpress fail not working properly, not saving the full title & removing words from it, repeatedly not leaving gaps between double spaced lines unless you hit shift return repeatedly every time you save..

update mon 7 april 2013: she never communicated at all, no email, tweet, facebook message, nothing, so it’s probably a fake complaint.

YOUTUBE/PEWDIEPIE FRAUD? & youtube news n’ nudes mon 24 March 2014

(rewriting in progress- rough draft:) / your source for offbeat videoblogger social media facts, direct quotes, news, gossip, info, tips, warnings, thoughts, feelings opinions & conclusions curated by world record vlogger & historian Geo Godley with a brutally blunt honest twist of witty wordplay & poetic device. What’s in my heart & mind.Please send any info, credited or anonymous.

[Advisory: adult language, just like all the profanity youtube overpromotes without age restriction. Why self censor when no one else does].


-r.i.p geriatric1927 Peter Oakley kindly grampa in the jumper/ sweater 23 mar 2014. Genuine nice guy compared to most ageist, cold blooded, fake, shallow, cutthroat youtubers who dismissed & ignored him alive but tweet they’re “devastated” when he dies.

-Disney conditionally “buys” maker youtube network for $450 million “if targets are met” to peddle their heavy censorsh!t while most of its vloggers get almost NOTHING >

-#5 most “viewed” youtuber PROFANITY PEWDIEPIE FRAUD?: 4 billion “views”, 8 million daily “views” (yea right- almost no one ever heard of him lol), 25 million subs, 89% bounce rate AUTOMATED BOT ALERT, 1,297,286 alexa ranking DWARFED by adult entertainment blog 30,852. Something’s rotten in the state of Hamlet when the figures don’t add up & youtube removed 2 billion fake automated bot Sony Universal Vevo “views”

pewdirpie vs mikesouth Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 02.18.37

-Renetto Walter Paul Robinett “home in foreclosure” long winded monovlogs & selling $40 candles. His mrs. works out while he doesn’t. His daughter Gracie wants a 7 footer who Paul says is “never coming here” 2:10 lol

-Casey Psycho hurricane ‘crackhead frankenstein’ (mr.Pregnant nickname) Nunezterminal black lung disease 2:45 says “it’s all good” 6:40 & blames formaldehyde trailers & 35 years of smoking. “Unity for the homeless” gives him new housing development 3:20 get well soon 

-Myles Dire Dyer blade376 head injury from broken toilet closet says he suffered temporary speech impairment. I leave him a get well comment saying he sounds sharp as ever with no “ums” or jump cuts but remove the “ums” & “jumpcuts” parts upon realizing the video has “ums” & jumpcuts.

-Efilist misanthrope hermit recluse Gary inmendham drama freak out vs. New Jersey Electric company & more nude figure art uploads that got his youtube/donotgod & fakesagan’s account terminated years ago. anyone know how to embed 2 videos next to each other side by side?

-Tony Thewinekone Huynh gives up youtube & stops posting for months. His daily viewcount is a few hundred despite 128,000 subs & 27 million views. He ignores a tweet & payment offer to tell us how to sync those split screen schizo multiple personality videos, butchering the hell out them with jumpcuts before getting the timing right in subsequent vids

-Candid vlogger tech wiz inventor Peter definethelaw Weiss calmed down & stopped arguing, yelling & recording liars, civil human rights abusers & outlaws, showing nightclub dancers & tech tips instead (annoying half minute advertisement prerolls)

-Harsh unsavory but informative whistleblowing adult entertainment & current event podcast TheRobblackshow youtube/SinisterTVChannel google live hangout 5 hours a day despite negligible single digit viewcount says his gets 150,000 hits a month & shows it outranks 3 billion view, 2 million daily view youtube/smosh in U.S: 10,092 vs. 23,283 yet gets almost nothing on youtube embeds! (could all these top alexa ranked sites be automated bots since the figures don’t add up, or is duration of visits & time spent the factor? youtube’s #1 most viewed account, 3 million daily “view” rihannavevo low ass rank: 11,644,278!!!) He shows his saggy gut after losing weight in jail. He repeatedly calls Beth Stern horseface, mocks a cerebral palsy comedian, uses homophobic slurs & shows his urine in a bottle of piss which youtube would strike us for; see pee 9 minutes lol↓. what about youtube’s NO PISS policy?

-Flamboyant 400 million view, 300,000 subscriber youtube/ItsChriscrocker ass & balls deep in adult entertainment gay porn burning Hollywood agent bridges. Don’t do it Chris! too late ahole.. Hollywood won’t touch you but youtube overpromotes Vitaly after his limp porno on Efukt lol.. More fun & profitable takin it up the wazoo & selling it on facebush & twatter than busting your ass & balls on youtube for nothing huh.. he says his facebook improved after linking it to instagram automated fb sharing. his kickstarter campaign was mostly fake donations.

-Geo-rge Godley still but hurt from youtube’s metaphoric rape & literal theft of geogodley account & 10,000 georgegodley videos & getting shit from favorite establishments for vlogging with clothes ON while everyone does it with their cellphones anyway & clothes OFF showing their shitter on twitter.

-Twitter says they’ll ban adult entertainment hard porn on Vine but don’t. It’s still there without age restriction. Infinite porn stars/ prostitutes show & sell their twat on twatter & shitter on twitter outranking the rest of us who get fcuk all & shit for NOT doing it 

TWITTER SHITTER Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 13.42.14

-Snews corporations waste 3 weeks asking questions instead of answering them, giving almost no information about Malaysia Airlines 370 crash, milking & cashing in advertising revenue blood money. Slow news month eh chaps..

-Shaycarl shaytards dropped the daily vlog ball & went to Kawaii for a few rainy days. ADULT LANGUAGE PROFANITY: he says they should “have sex in a santa monica hotel” & jokes “are you laying my wife“. Just to show even he is NON family friendly & gets away with shit that gets others unfairly demoted & terminated.

-Dentally mentally challenged world record vlogger Anna Refbatch Matskevich smiles with new teeth for the 1st time in 60,000 video uploads & uploads more despite no one understanding any of it 30,000+ videos (closed by user) 16,317 videos (abandoned) 11,816 vids (active) 3,934 vids 1 video tribute fan account- “most videos deleted by someone at youtube” 2 days after this u.r.l was written on tis blog!

geminijohn rufpatch refbatch parody Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 02.38.05 : RufPatch- Anna Matskevich’s (Refbatch) Daughter parody

-Winston Wu (winnie the woo winnie the poo lol) uploads his Russia trip videos to vimeo & says someone at youtube removes his vids comparing unfriendly american snobs w/ polite friendly foreigners (why the shit youtube URL?!)

-Lil travelbum Andy Lindy back with new Medellin non-cartel travel episode after removing everything from youtube & vimeo for t.v pitch reasons. Last year he asked me to change the title/ tags of one of my vids about him from searches. Youtube unfair selective censorship: they breach & wrongfully terminate Fullscreen contract geogodley & others for NON community guideline violations yet host & promote nudity naked tits & ass community guideline violations thumbnails & videos. More proof of youtube’s hypocricy & unfairness

llil travelbum naked ass youtube selective censorship Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 03.34.33

-50,000 subscriber youtube/JohnOllie account mysteriously disappears,

-1,500 video transgender youtube/RosieO’kelly account terminated again for nudity yet says “youtube still brings unimaginable joy to network & share & make someone’s day” but that sounds like antidepressants lol

-Happycabbie hacked & “enjoys sharing opinions instead of doing non offensive content”, tweets he will not be posting anymore to protect his current employment but will if he gets “screw you money”.

-repeatedly terminated channels thehappyhooker83 quits youtube for more action & offline “escorting”

-youtube continues to host & promote community guideline violations, animal cruelty & nudity / sexually provocative content confusing content providers with selective censorship, strikes & terminations:

-youtube’s $200 million overpromotion of selected accounts ensures them hundreds of millions of views while everyone else fails miserably, gambling their big bagga fail life away waiting for a break that never comes.

maybe next:
-youtube videoblog directory & video archive catalog: offbeat vloggers & accounts that came & went & where are they now
-video removal requests/ demands & other videoblogging events & challenges
-website, youtube account & video catalog directory rankings & scores mon 24 mar 2014: global rank 2,686,071 (1,971,900), bounce rate 62%, daily pageviews per visitor 1.10, daily time on site 1:37 global rank 3,661,363 (↑2,120,056) bounce rate -,daily pagewviews per visitor 1.20 (↑20.00%), daily time on site 1:10. (inactive parked page widgets): global rank 23,586,765 (16,252,913)?! (see google penalty email)

more youtube/ videoblogger history on 2012 YOUTUBE GOSSIP SOCIAL COMMENTARY playlist

file data: & youtube news n’ nudes mon 24 March 2014 | ge☺ godle♥ ★★★★★

TALK 2/w/ U – Geo Godley documentary feature soundtrack film score

TALK 2 U (drumless) George Godley Videoblogger… by georgegodley

i enjoy/ feel like talkin 2/with 
pretty soon the sky/ies will be blue
we are/say hi/ & i try coz there’s nothin better to do

Youtube censorship conflict nightmare from hell continues: false flag strike assault against consensual free speech social commentary satire parody observational humor, top youtubers FAIL George Godley sun 10 nov 2013

re-writing in progress.
tue 12 nov 2013 update: i don’t feel good about the undiplomatic tone of this post which can exacerbate & alienate further. It was written immediately while sleep deprived & traumatized by youtube’s constant badgering & recent geogodley Fullscreen contract wrongful termination. This blog keeps it real showing both diplomatic & undiplomatic dramatic versions.. I appreciate still having the youtube/georgegodley Fullscreen account despite..

YouTube censorship |DON’T Broadcast Yourself showing & talking about others in public even with their permission if it’s acerbic, blunt, critical, honest, humorous, irreverent, rude.. the list goes on ©®lol


ATTENTION: The YouTube “Community” [lol- sure, blame it on others] has “flagged” one or more of your videos as “inappropriate” [lol- compared to the sexually explicit soft porn & animal cruelty youtube hosts seen in previous blogposts]. Once a video is “flagged” [lol], it is reviewed by the “YouTube Team” against our “Community Guise lies[Do the math; there’s no way in hell you review millions of flags. Rather, you single out & persecute those critical of the regime while overpromoting others with impunity]. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines [youtube never specifies WHAT supposed guideline was violated because NONE were] , and have been disabled:

  • TwDve01J-SkYeti of Soho alcohol social criticism satire George Godley London U.K 004341][1][1]

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the permanent termination of your account. [that’s the thanks we get for contributing years of unrewarded hard work & investment & 13,000+ videos last year 2012. Intimidating, traumatic threats of termination. conclusion: youtube is a waste of time & money if they don’t pick, choose & overpromote you -but i still apprciate the alleged few thousand daily views].

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center.

Please note that deleting this video will not resolve the strike on your account. For more information about how to appeal a strike, please visit this page in the help center. Date Received: Nov 10, 2013

Sincerely, the YouTube Team [i wrote this entire blog post before copy pasting this part from the email as opposed to the account message which doesn’t have it.. as soon as there’s a human element i feel more diplomatic.. but it’s still unfair persecution..]  

Honest undiplomatic thoughts & feelings:

3 a.m google time saturday night/ sunday 10 nov 2013, someone at youtube false flag struck youtube/georgegodley account again, re-removing an old video from months ago that was already removed, appealed, & reinstated last month; a personal “thinking out loud” free speech social commentary parody satire with recorded & uploaded CONSENSUAL PERMISSION/ VERBAL RELEASE from the recorded subject seen in the video below.

The subject has no problem with the parody /satire, so what’s yours?

Someone at youtube has nothing better to do with their saturday night, than degrade an already dreaded wasteland site into further disrepute as if it weren’t lousy enough: even top overpromoted youtubers with hundreds of millions of views & hundreds of thousands of subs FAIL miserably to get even a few thousand views on their recent videos! (whatthebuck, itschriscrocker & so many more not worth publicizing since cutthroats don’t reciprocate. Youtube/user/smosh alexa stats: 64% bounce rate & average time spent on site 46 seconds lol). More proof youtube is an extremely unfair censored waste of time for most (i wish it weren’t, see how optimistic & positive i am compared to them lol). The only logical explanation: since overpromoted youtubers don’t get enough views, youtube harasses & intimidates others into uploading less to eliminate competition. Especially those critical of the regime.

while promoting others violating community guidelines like oklahoma city vigilante youtube/ videovigilanteokc, who stalks, bullies, harasses, threatens & videos people having sex in their private vehicles without their consent & posting them screwing & their personal info: 

or Shark (youtube/ SHARKonlineorg) misbehaving similarly (i don’t want to say stalking bullying & harassing because i morally support their cause but comeon, get real, be honest- if that isn’t, what is.. lol), antagonizing, videoing & posting people & their private personal info without consent/ permission:

If you or i violate such guidelines or even if we don’t, we get threats of termination & terminated.

What did i just blog? oh shit youtube doesn’t like free speech & breached & wrongly terminated my geogodley Fullscreen contract account & are now attacking GeorgeGodley Fullscreen contract account so you gotta kiss ass & be diplomatic or it just gets worse. Ok here goes:

♥ Gushing obsequeous ass kissing diplomatic version lol:

Wonderfully sublime splendid glorious Youtube has in its infinite wisdom or automation re-removed the social commentary parody satire “Yeti of Soho alcohol social criticism satire George Godley London U.K 004341][1][1]” yet again after already removing & reinstating it months ago despite recorded & uploaded CONSENT & VERBAL RELEASE PERMISSION of recorded subject. I will honor youtube’s [erroneous in my opinion] decision & avoid posting any & everything they might not like with their extremely unfair selective censorship violating free expression, thought & feeling & eliminating content provider competition with false strike threats & intimidation.

Oh sh!t i just can’t keep my feelings bottled up, emotions came out at the end. I can’t believe this is an american company or anything to do with google. It just can’t be; google searches are completely uncensored showing endless sexually explicit hardcore porn with a simple age restriction filter switch, yet youtube constantly persecutes free speech & thought NON community guideline NON violations after wrongfully breaching & terminating Fullscreen GeoGodley account’s years of unrewarded work & investment. Diagnosis: absolutely sickening, contradictory, dissociative identity disorder (DID)/ multiple personality disorder(MPD).

What a long bad trip it’s been.. digital holocaust persecution conflict story. Now all that’s missing is a 3rd act climax lol.

raw unfiltered thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice, Apologies for errors &/or ommissions.

i think whoever hates & unfairly persecutes me at youtube reads this blog because they removed & blacked out other people’s videos i embedded which showed unfair non censorship of community guideline violations, reinstated terminated HappyCabbie channel after i criticized its termination, & wrongly breached & terminated my Fullscreen GeoGodley account contract when i criticized their false flag strikes & threats of termination. Their activity often seems triggered by something i post/ write. So if you’re reading this, i appreciate the positive things youtube did for me but not the negatives.

Youtuber/ gogo dancer/ escort/ solol adult entertainer Angelom32 Adonixxx censored & suspended by sat 9 nov 2013 & censorship force threat 2017

[Fair use] “Copyright” / [Public domain] “Privacy” take down request on your site
Angelo Maldonado <>
To Today at 9:21 AM
Hi I appear on your site without my permission in revealing ways and would like you to please remove the linked page-

I would very much appreciate if you would respect this request and we may go on with both our lives. If request isn’t granted I will be forced to continue pursuing the issue until it is taken down. Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

I would appreciate your respect for free speech fair use historic self published public figure entertainment news. Better truth than libel & defamation of ahole trolls, even if haters make you greater.
I’m sick and tired of unfair selective censorship. When Howard Stern for example calls Helen Degenerate cunt & she asks him to erase it he doesn’t & gets hundreds of millions of dollars but we’re supposed to say nothing & get nothing. Be happy your masturbation videos aren’t fair used and parodied- yet!

#AngeloMaldonado threatens force to hide the truth fair use blog of self published escort service #autoerotic videos


writing in progress sat 9 nov 2013

One enthralling, riveting survival story i recently found is youtuber angelom32 Angelol Maldonadlol (any relation to Gerson? lol) fleeing his abusive neglectful parents to Hawaii, broke & sleeping in a public storage unit & piss filled streets when locked out after 9 p.m.

yo-o-o, where you doin, what’s been man! ahh.. you’ve been missing out on an eh-pic juhr-ney!”

I had to see what would happen. We feared the worse as he disappeared for months & reappeared as! I couldn’t believe it, but should’ve known: instead of wasting time youtube, Hollywood, mainstream t.v, oppressive minimum wage ‘jobs’, or subjective pretentious ‘dignity, respect & reputation’ hypocricies, he launches loads of services & products [pardon the puns]. Gogo dancer, photography/ model/ signed photos/ posters, escort flirts & dates, webcam, solo adult autoerotic entertainment.. The site had no nudity, just some age restricted adult free speech language. Offsite links were sent via email after paypal transaction. So i saw no terms of service violations. Here’s what hostnegator removed & doesn’t want you to see! [fair use]

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.41.08

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.42.03

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.42.09

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.42.20

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.42 examples of dates small

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.43.13

His folks allegedly disinherited him for doing music & youtube, so he shows his cock instead lol! While our dreams become nightmares, (see previous blogposts), he lives it up & suckseeds where others fail, w/ moneypricks n’ pussies thrown at him in his gogo dancing videos?! With what consequences? Ruined employment prospects & burned bridges with conservative mainstream corporations & agents? What will the Sikh indians in the video think?- oh wait, that’s why the ol’ multiple split personality dis-order almost googleproof pseudonym! is it really anonymous? Does it matter? is life all about other’s judgment? Now his site looks like this:

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 06.40.51

HostNEgator is apparently yet another extremist fascist censor to avoid, hypocritically showing sexually provocative booby cleavage & bent over, doggy style half nude women on their censorship page w/ ureadable, endless, constantly changing ‘above the law’ unconstitutional anti free-expression terms & conditions:
“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene, threatening, illegal, or violates our terms of service in any manner may be removed from our servers (or otherwise disabled), with or without notice.” Note how they make up their own “laws” & mix  them in the same sentence with “illegal”.
Our message back to them:
“we reserve the right to criticize, publicize & put you out of business on a blogger’s SHITLIST for fascist, tyrannical, totalitarian, unfair, extreme severe censorship & unconstitutional anti free expression violations. Shove your terms, ahles! You screw people trying to earn an honest living pushing them towards crime to survive.. may you sleep on piss filled streets & storage units & be screwed by similar judge-mental case aholes violating your rights..”

disclaimer: just my thoughts & feelings from what i see. subject to change without notice, possible errors & ommissions although that’s highly unlikely.

update sun nov 17 2013
hostgator revoked the suspension, restored his account & let him sell his autoerotic videos on it again..

will his youtube/Adonixxx channel be next?

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David Espinoza

I know it’s censored, but I can tell his dick is small

in reply to Forever Alone Feels wouldnt be complete without some lol check out the ‘about’ page on georgegodley website for a peek lol

We can expect some nude vids of GeoGodley I guess ..cant wait!
Geo…what the fuck are you watching bro?!?!

more flexing vids

Adonixxx shared this via Google+

Camera reviews: SONY RX1R, HXR-NX30U FAIL fan & xlr noise vs. CANON XA10/20, Panasonic LX7, Nikon UNCOOLPIX A, Sony RX100, new GOPRO HERO3+, VLOGGERS SHITLIST coming poon sun 27- 31 oct 2013 George Godley

DSC03298YYYYYYFLSM*** med med

SONY RX1R full frame dslr quality compact.
14 mb, 6000 x 4000, 350 dpi iphoto converted to 35 kb, 640 x 430, 72 dpi, medium size & quality. PROS: best audio & 24 mpxl picture quality of any compact when focused. Non-touch screen works in magnetic fields. Feels powerful, solid & reliable unlike canon s100/110 which kept stopping, had muffled audio & rattled. Great features, timer, burst, etc. CONS: slow & shifty autofocus, narrow angle lens, won’t keep everything in focus if subject in front, blurred backgrounds in auto mode unless manual aperture priority ∞, f22 & high iso & even then, blurry photos unless completely still or on tripod even in sunlight, bad stabilizer compared to ‘active’ ones, heavy, no macro, no remote, no flip screen, no dual record, no batery charger, no zoom, stops working after a few flash photos.. -LOUD AUTOFOCUS BEEP & PHOTO SHUTTER NOISE makes a KACHUNK clicking sound like a TR-909 drum machine handclap, intimidating people & even got me banned from one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants for photo blog n’ vlogging my meals (on doctor’s recommendation to document my diet for food allergy medical research) despite having permissions/ verbal releases & being a most polite, generous & loyal customer w/ receipts, photos & videos to prove it (details coming in “Last *Ka-Click!* supper”, SUMMER/ FALL 2013 episodes) lol.. volume can be decreased a bit by covering bottom speaker, not in menu. 28 min. max. MP4 not continuous like AVCHD. Still preferable to lower res, smaller image censor & inferior optics Panasonic LX-7 which occasionally artifacts & corrupts the image & looks & sounds harsher.
Halloween 2014 update: doesn’t inform you there’s no memory card; functions without saving to memory card instead of warning you there isn’t; missed many great shots. No internal memory. apr 2015 update: flash stopped working. #FAIL

sony nx30Just tested 2 units of the SONY HXR-NX30U & was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the high pitch hum & hiss noise with both built in & external mics (supplied sony ECM-XM1 & senheiser MKH-416) & constant crrackling XLR adapter noise audible in all recordings. The hum & hiss automatically goes on in record mode, probably a fan to prevent overheating which switches off digital cameras & DSLRs though i never noticed it before on previous models. Sony CX700 & PJ760 have rumble & hiss respectively audible on their body but not in recordings (-see 2012 blog for more criticism) & neither work with the NX30 XLR adaptor.
The constant XLR adapter crackle noise is most noticeable with inner earphones. Absolutely inexcusable but decided to keep one of the 2 units for reasons below.
Not one google search result on this, y’all deaf?!

sun 27 oct 2013. Canon XA10 is quieter & lighter, fitting in pocket but the store demo wasn’t working & made a horrible malfunctioning XLR adaptor buzzing noise, so i tested the more expensive XA20 which is too big to fit in pocket. Overall i prefer the Sony nx30 because on the canon, the external mic records on 1 channel only & there’s no switch to record to 2 channels (left & right= center). The sony has a switch on xlr input #1 selecting 1 or both channels. On the Canon, 2 screws in back & one screw in front make the xlr adapter slower to install & remove compared to sony’s 1 front screw & ultra fast plug in adaptor. On the canon, the XLR adapter has to be turned on in the l.c.d menu & doesn’t power up automatically like the sony, causing further hassle & delay when interchanging between built in & external mics. B&H specs say Canon dual records 2 megapixel photos during video, Sony 24 megapixels. In conclusion:

+nothing better on the market that size at this time 2013. Despite shortcomings & disadvantages it’s still better than cx700 & pj760 whose 3.5 minijack inputs hum & buzz intermittently & aren’t as reliable, making you constantly worry & monitor the sound in headphones for unlimited potential malfunctions (earth loops, connection crackles, etc.). (Pj760 built in mic & DEstabilizer were EPIC FAIL in previous 2012 review). With NX30 the malfunctions seem limited to fan hiss & xlr constant crackle so at least you know what to expect.
+fan hum & hiss noise almost negligible/ tolerable esp. w/ external mic depending on ambience level & how professional/ fussy/ purist you are
+XLR adapter crackling noise negligible/ tolerable at auto / manual level 5 & up depending on abience & how professional/ fussy you are
+XLR adapter mic holder is easy to remove mic & flip it backwards to record behind the camera, almost as well as rycote spin rig though it’s too wide to hold mics other then the supplied sony ECM-XM1 stereo shotgun so will need spongy padding or fastening it with the mic sponge.
+24 megapixel dual record photo video with stunning, rich colors & flattering contrast even if limited to a few a minute & some are blurry
+Faster buffer data storage than CX700, with less interruptions & disablings of record button.
+XLR adapter disconnects from shoe mount while power cable stays plugged in power socket, even if it’s very short, increasing flexibility to fit on car dashboard & other challenging places, unlike non detatcheable Canon XA10 & 20.
+No live headphone monitoring delay which was intolerable on the CX700 as you would hear the signal milliseconds afer you speak.

-CONSTANT FAN HISS NOISE audible in recordings especially with built in mic, even if it’s quite low with external mic, depending on how good/ sensitive your ears are & your definition of “low”.
-CONSTANT XLR ADAPTER CRACKLE NOISE audible in XLR recordings especially under level 5 depending on how loud the ambience is. Absolutely inexcusable & i almost returned both tested units but decided to keep one because despite all this, external mic results still sound better & more reliable than cx700 & pj760 non xlr & unreliable minijack inputs.
-INCOMPATIBLE w/ PJ760 for VIEWING or RECORDING, “a movie w/ a different video signal format from this device has been recorded. Video recording disabled. (when swapping cameras w same used card from nx30 to pj760. Won’t even show movies thumbnails, just photos).
-NO PHOTO CAPTURE FROM VIDEO. “this function is currently unavailable”.
-XLR ADAPTOR JAMMED / STUCK SENHEISER MZA900- PREAMP on BOTH tested units. The first unit took many hours to fix by finding the right spot to loosen with a screwdriver, the second is still stuck & will probably be refunded.
-Drains battery much faster than CX700 esp. w/ XLR adapter.
-External mic & xlr adapter drains n empties battery when camera OFF!!!! overnight!! u gotta unplug it.
-dual photo video FAIL. Only takes one 12mpxl photo during video every 15 seconds when “capture” logo is on in l.c.d. 12mpxl CX700 took 3 immediately & then 1 every few seconds thereafter.
-built in light/ lamp often fails to light up when pressed during record? (pending further testing)
-no mention of this online pretending all’s well when it taint lol
-fails to keep photos in chronological order, no seconds only minutes
-nx30 & pj760/90 lies & pretends to take a photo during video but doesn’t:
it gives you 3 for the first minute, then appears to clear the buffer by removing the “no photo camera” logo & green “capture” word in the lcd, deceptively appears to be letting you take more photos (at least 2 before the buffer is full again & the “no photo camera” logo goes on again) when in fact it only lets you take 1. This is sneaky & deceptive because they think no one will notice since it’s a hassle to keep verifying if the pictures were taken by constantly waiting for play mode menu windows. 

+ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & everything in focus, fits more info in picture at a fraction of the cost of sony rx1r
+ultra light so more portable esp. at night & aesthetically pleasing, bright white body blends in with similar clothing.
+smaller/ less threatening/ imposing although the lens sticks out
+silent shutter compared to Sony rx1r which makes a loud ass KACHUNK sound which got me banned from my favorite restaurant (SUMMER 2013 episodes) lol. (see above)
-lens sticks way out
conclusion: a joy to wear due to light weight & bright white color but much worse results than RX1R except for ultra wide angle

NIKON [UN]COOLPIX A FAIL FOCUS & RECORD is a waste of a grand ’cause it constantly struggles & shifts focus in auto mode & the record button works one time in ten.

SONY RX100 FAIL with magnetic fields; tilting touchscreen freaks out & shuts off entire camera even when extended from camera body with putty. No battery charger. Pros: can be used as a backup camera away form magnetic fields & glorified battery charger & drainer for RX1R since neither cameras include one! Also does a few things the rx1r doesn’t, like macro, zoom, etc.

Am testing the new black GOPRO HERO 3+ & will post a review w/ pros & cons eventually.

L㋡L (lightens the mood as comedy /satire in case of trouble lol: can’t u take a joke?! (which is what you made yourself))
etailed report on anti-camera people & places hostile to cameras & vloggers! (while they hypocritically video you of course for “security”).. Eyewitness reports on who what when where why how to avoid & be discreet! Lessons learned from mistakes made, do’s & don’ts, diplomatic vs. undiplomatic ways to handle getting banned & increase chances of reconciliation even if they lie.. traumatic experiences will be exposed, named & shamed so abusers beware, your behavior is recorded & immortalized for posterity- with or without cameras! FREE SPEECH BITCH! tune in later to see, will you make the list or be shortlisted as a “dishonorable * fart* mention” lol
(disclaimer: Satire/ parody of personal thoughts & feelings from exeriences. [think up smart ass comment to put here like Hustler used to in their small print parody disclaimers lol] A more polite dilomatic title: “BLACKLIST/ NO FLY SH!TLIST”  )

Peep my new “ABOUT” page in top menu for sexy pics & recent update lol! later bros & sisses! -Geo

Youtube FRAUD, breach of contract, wrongful termination & theft of Fullscreen network partnership, 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video GeoGodley account; willful destruction of years of unrewarded hard work & financial investment. Youtube contradiction says not to access other accounts; GeorgeGodley account strikes appealed, removed & in good standing mon-sun 23-29 sep 2013

Please copy pasta & retweet: #YOUTUBE #FRAUD @gstrompolos @youtube @google @Fullscreen @THR @tmz @Variety @eonline @Gawker @HuffingtonPost @WIRED


-“they took the bar! the whole f-ing bar!” -John bro Bluto-wski Belushi, Animal House.. =


youtube yeti strike removal med DSC04793 - Version 2





















Youtube wrongfully terminated the GeoGodley account & then removed both recent strikes on the GeorgeGodley account/ channel: ‘ridiculous ugly ass tattoo LOL’, ‘ridiculous ugly ass tattoo closeup leopard skin angel wings george godley tenerife canary islands’, (seen in previous blog posts & on georgegodley account) & ‘Yeti of Soho alcohol social criticism satire George Godley London U.K 004341][1][1]’ seen below.

Update sun 10 nov 2013: youtube re-removed the reinstated video above & harassed, bullied & threatened youtube/georgegodley fullscreen contracted account with termination ironically & totally falsely calling the video “content designed to harass, bully or threaten (which is what youtube does lol, violating their own rules!). Thinking out loud in a public square & sharing those thoughts & feelings without even talking or being anywhere near the recorded subject who gives verbal release permission to use that footage in a vlog is neither of the falsehoods youtube falsely libels & defames. IT’S CALLED FREE SPEECH BITCH! WITH PERMISSION FROM THE RECORDED SUBJECT! (see sun 10 nov 2013 ” Youtube censorship nightmare form hell” blogpost).

Recorded subject verbal release permission negates youtube’s lies, libel & defamation proving the only harassment, bullying & threats come from youtube. If we have no problem with the video, what the hell is yours?

There’s still issues that stop me uploading, explained in previous blog posts. The big mystery: What community guideline did “cockblock psycho bitch from hell & “ahole smoker choking me w/ passive smoke” violate? answer: none. (seen in previous blogposts & hosted courtesy ↓ which proves youtube is wrong to strike & remove them. (set age gate to OFF in the HELP menu at the bottom of the dailymotion page to see “cockblock psycho bitch”; daily motion falsely age restricts vids & makes even the thumbnails invisible, maybe coz of metadata profanity).

George Godley’s videos on Dailymotion

13,000 youtube/georgegodley videos in good standing also prove youtube wrong). Why did youtube breach & wrongfully terminate Fullscreen network partnership contract, 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video geogodley account, destroying years of unrewarded hard work & tens of thousands of dollars of financial investment? Youtube didn’t say. It can’t be swear words since youtube is full of profanity, Andrew Dice Clay, etc.. It just doesn’t make sense. Fullscreen support said “regrets, youtube’s decision on this account is final”.
Can i upload on youtube/georgegodley now? if so, what? after what they did to me.. I firmly believe & will always tell everyone in perpetuity, YOUTUBE DEFRAUDED, LIED & STOLE my GEOGODLEY account. All trust is gone & it wasn’t paying off either. I will make it my life’s goal to perpetually publicize the damage & harm they cause.. Next:,, documentary feature film & series, occasional vids on dailymotion/georgegodley,& only bland, heavily censored, promotional trailer tidbits on youtube like playboy & others use it for since that’s all they allow & since this rigged, stinking racket is a waste of time & money if you’re not on youtube’s roster of the chosen few.

I think & feel youtube’s behavior is evil w/ malicious intent & wrong to lie, defraud & steal accounts without explanation or warning intead of working with, not against, creative, cutting edge, dedicated, generous, gifted, innovative, loyal, talented content providers to understand what they supposedly did wrong on a tiny fraction of their otherwise perfectly acceptable, valuable contribution. (youtube false flag struck only 3 of 200 geogodley videos, subsequently deleting everything from public access while keeping my ©opyrighted archive on their servers for future exploitation). Youtube, content providers, audience/ customers, everyone loses, when everyone could win. The only explanation is youtube doesn’t want everyone to win, and uses such anti-competition measures to ensure the oligopoly of the selected few so-called ‘v.i.p’s. As if the unfair unlevel playing field didn’t already, with youtube blowing hundreds of millions of dollars overpromoting those few while the rest of us work for nothing to get censored, threatened & wrongfully terminated. The result: youtube’s bad reputation, karma & public non-relations, a disgruntled community & loss of content & traffic to other sites.

-“Fat drunk & stupid is no way to go through life son.”=
“Fat, ripped off & anally raped by youtube is no way to go through life..”

“Zero, point, zero..” = “this, account, has been terminated..”

“you’re finished at Faber” = “you’re finished on youtube”..

disclaimer: Just my thoughts, feelings & opinions which you helped form, subject to change without notice though you make that highly unlikely. If i’m wrong, prove it. I will gladly correct errors & omissions of your airs & emissions. Despite everything, i thank youtube for the positive things they did & don’t hold the company responsible for the harmful, malicious acts of a few putrid, reeking rotten inhuman non beings. This is why my mom warned me to avoid the entertainment field & called y’all the “scum of the earth”. I followed my dreams to prove her wrong but y’all provin’ her right. My dad also said of my first unpaid recording studio internship, “boy, they’re really screwing you..” the nightmare from hell continues. But thanks for the conflicts & stories, you unwitting ahle co-stars & worst supporting pains in the ass..

coming: VIDEOBLOGGER.COM docu-feature film & series, co-starring an anonymous faceless y☀utube pain in the ass assh☀le employee with nothing better to do than rip you off & fcuk you up.. un-rated “A” for assh☀le. lol. parody/ satire not to be taken too seriously, but we all know it’s true.. especially you..

am i getting carried away? what did you expect? the pen is mightier than the sword.. actions have consequences.. especially such corporate corruption..

tue 24 sep 2013 10:28 p.m what did i just blog.. ok i got it off my chest.. too burned out to waste more time on this.. lost & wasted more days writing this shit.. marathon blogger.. sorry if i put my foot in it but you really upset me.. i can’t take another minute of this.. i know i should re-read it again & remove some of it.. take a rain check.. train wreck.. please don’t delete my other youtube account.. for a while here you made me lose my mind i stopped caring.. what difference does/would it make.. not that it does much since fullscreen lost my email for payments & the form doesnt let you send it & they didnt whatever.. should i put this on private.. comeon the discalimer says its just free thought.. dont take it personally.. i didn’t lol ok later thaaaats eeenouuouough

-“There’s a little known codicil, double secret probation!” -Dean Wormer, Animal House..= “there’s a little known codicil in terms & disclaimers, an alternative to youtube..”-Geo Godley,

thu 26 sep 2013: decided to keep everything in this article & add even more because it’s the only recourse. A window into my abused, tortured heart mind & soul, as opposed to the heartless cold blooded psychopath youtube employee(s) fcuking with me who obviously have none. I feel sick at the very sight or thought of “youLube” fcuking us in the ass.. “♪ Lube it, Lube it, everybody Lubin’ it ♫” (renetto spoof).. What asshles, harming people like that. How can i ever trust them again, or give them a millisecond of video or time after what they did. 13,000 georgegodley videos is enough. & even that account i should close, why give so much for nothing in return. What a waste & traumatic chapter in my life, so glad it’s over & looking forward to greener pastures anew, like when Howard Stern joined Sirius XM. YouLube is WNÑÑBC, how fitting my last youtube/georgegodley uploaded video should be Paul Pig Vomit Giamatti, who embodied what youtube did to me in Howard Stern’s Private Parts. Never thought it would end like this or happen to me, i just hope bad karma comes back to you, & will reciprocate to make sure of that, starting with publicizing what you did in perpetuity. The world will never forget or hear the end of this digital holocaust perpetrated by fascist web hosts, my motto will always be everywhere: “YOUTUBE CHEATS, DEFRAUDS, LIES, & STEALS ACCOUNTS” . I’ll be the Michael Moore of your Bush, the Morgan Spurlock of your McShit, Dailymotion & Cannes film festival will jump all over this. & if they don’t I will.
I like & have nothing against Google; They can’t be the same company as polar opposites. Google is full of hardcore porn, shows everything with the filter off, youtube heavily censors, defrauds, lies & steals my NON community guideline NON violation content geogodley account. Defies logic & makes no sense. But when did it ever. The contradictory criminal insanity is outside the asylum with wackos at the helm.

VIDEOBLOGGER.COM DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM/ SERIES: a real life Mommie dearest, Bachelor party/ American pie/ Animal house, Private Parts all in one.. Saw Argo feature film the other day.. $200 million dollars PROFIT for that?!.. comeon, who the fcuk pays for that when you can see it on cable tv.. Compared to the ammount of shit i’ went through for nothing.. madness.. absolute batshit insanity.. not me, y’all.. ok me too but i got it from you..

disclaimer: i’m obviously still upset, who wouldn’t be. Please don’t make it worse, & if you did this evil just to get my reaction.. it’s your fault. I’ll calm down & heal the metaphoric anal rape you committed. Just my feelings & thoughts which you’d understand if you had any. & if there’s any mistakes, let’s learn from them but the only mistake i see here was trusting you in the first place as if you were a sentient being which you proved not to be. Just to be clear I’m not antagonizing youtube as a company, just the perpetrator of this FRAUD which ruins youtube’s reputation & public relations. May the damage, pain & suffering you caused come back to you. Can’t say fairer than that..


Youtube hosts & promotes soft pornographic trailers, clips & advertisements of HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY.. but wrongfully closes NON-pornographic geogodley account for no reason. Conclusion: youtube’s message, morals & values: it’s OKAY to do hardcore pornography & advertise trailers of it on youtube, but not to NOT do it. 

↑ explicit sex simulation, soft pornography inappropriate/ illegal for minors to view, youtube promotes to get 4 million views without even age restricting it. Selective community guideline enforcement & elitism. Millions of such videos make youtube’s unfair censorship & termination of my geogodley channel inexcusable.

fri-sat 27-28 sep 2013..

parody of ©Renetto ‘Tube it’ anthem. Wrongful termination version remix rewrite ©opyright 
Geo Godley- VIDEOBLOGGER.COM documentary feature soundtrack (rough draft in progress)

Lube it, lube it everybody screwin’ it

out of pocket, bend over cock socket
chad n steve had us all deceived
post a video y’ ain’t no star
millions watch it, y’ ain’t goin far

you think the world is seein
seein ain’t beleivin
beleive it or not
they’ll all be leavin’

power to the sheeple?
ain’t got no power/ time to quit
our fifteen minutes became a GOLDEN SHOWER / just turned sour /to shit

revolution nowhere
censor up the rear/ upload in fear
media moguls lol coz y’ ain’t here
24/7 censorship each day
everyone bend over & pay

Lube it, lube it everybody screwin’ it
make a video, & watch your asshole grow
youLube screws you, every day/ in a daze
everyone bend over n’ pay/ in pain/
you’re the fool who thought it pays.

thought we had the power, what were we to do
youLube bends you over & screws you..
nothing better to do than censor you
gotta stop the rip off, ain’t no jiz biz
just can’t look away & leave it like it is

screw it screw it everybody screwin it

make a video n watch your asshole glow
from youtube’s lube they f’d you over
your turn chaps, now bend over

i was screwed, by/on youtube..

it still hurts, won’t go away..
they terminate accounts, if they don’t like what you say,
worse than China, the U.S.A..

No free speech /on this/ fascist/  site
youtube employees are so uptight/ a frickin fright
years hard work, financial investment
screw them back, up the ass man/ the world’ll condemn it/ with their resentment

Youtube censorship is rife, & it ruins your life/ & it cuts you like a knife..
anonymous faceless/ robotic/ heartless/ soulless employees
[hide] behind computers like monkeys
censoring free speech & thought
unamerican unconstitutional robot

anonymous faceless heartless nerds
robotic monkeys dropping turds
shit dont fit, you must quit
playboy n hustler sellin tit
F  youtube, never forgive you

inexcusable unforgivable

post a video your ass is grass

my 15 minutes/ years just turned to shit


work in pogress offline..

production notes: riff 10th instead of 11th 16th off beat, thicker sounds & bass, backing vocals, dynamics, swelling crescendo, inmendham & other termination samples, vidcon video of youtubers/ youtube staff being nice to your face vs. threatening emails & notices, legal & network calls & emails, vids & catch phrases from these blogs & vlogs..

disclaimer: parody not to be taken too seriously.. but mostly true unfortunately for you.. youtube didn’t physically anally rape me, just digitally metaphorically virtually through cyber att-hacking, defrauding & wrongly terminating my account contract as proven here & previous blogposts. Which feels just as wrong, violating, humiliating & catastrophic. I can’t just take it lying down, & it’s time to address the damage, pain & suffering they cause & spread the word.

↓ just to put in perspective how unimportant all this is in the grand scheme of life compared to health wealth love family friendship happiness & prosperity ..

Youtube abuse & neglect to star in documentary feature film & series conflict sun 22 sep 2013 George Godley

mon 23 sep 2013
Dear [name withhled- Fullscreen official], we met August 1st 2013 at Vidcon & you gave me your business card with regards to the false flag strikes on my Fullscreen partnered, 10,000 subscriber geogodley & 13,000 video georgegodley youtube accounts. September 4th 2013, youtube terminated geogodley & threatened me not to access or even posess any accounts. It’s now monday 23rd september 2013, & [names withheld] & fullscreen support didn’t help. Can you or someone do anything please? I’m very upset. sincerely George Godley.

( ↑ forgot i had this business card.. shoulda called/ emailed immediately instead of wasting days blogging without counting to 10.. or 100 lol).. will my acerbic blogs harm or help my cause? I think diplomatic would have been better, (shit! quick, put them all on ‘private’!) but that would be boooring.. where would howard stern be if he were diplomatic..WNNÑÑÑÑNBC.. & i put disclaimers..
Happycabblie & Dailydot say i was terminated for swear words. What about Andrew Dice Clay & all those commedians swearing & cussing on youtube? how come they get to do it & not us? what’s more comedic & funnier than the hell i go through.. & what community guideline or term did i violate? youtube doesn’t even tell you. there’s nothing there against swearing & cussing..

♪ ✈ LAST GOODBYE ♫ original romantic music song… by georgegodley

sun 22 september 2013 After repeatedly cyber-att-hacking youtube/georgegodley with false flag strikes, an anonymous, faceless youtube employee wrongfully terminated my years in good standing, 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video youtube/geogodley account with 3 false flag strikes in 1 month, on old uploaded videos, thereby breaching my Fullscreen network contract. ↑ This was one of the 200 NON community guideline NON violation videos on it, among sentimental value vintage family vlogs of my dad’s speech as Ambassador. Nothing to censor compared to the shocking community guideline violations youtube hosts & promotes seen in previous blogposts. The premeditated, malicious cyber-attack destroyed years of unrewarded hard work, extremely well edited episodes/ travelogues & historic content, meticulous metadata (descriptions, tags, comments) & $10,000+ financial investment, promotion, advertising/ marketing. (lucky it wasn’t more.. what a waste- paying youtubers hundreds a month for front page links, $5,000 facebook ads, glossy business cards, expensive Vidcon trips to network with a bunch of cutthroats who either can’t or won’t help you succeed).. Adding insult to injury, Fullscreen network ‘support’ did NOTHING to help in the past 2 months despite numerous diplomatic emails. Y’all’ ll be named & shamed to sell & tell the story in blogs, vlogs, legal documents, documentary feature film(s), series, press releases, advertising, interviews, daily interactions, conventions, etc.. May the evil harm you inflict help.. May this shit become GOLD… platinum poo.. HBO, NETFLIX, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL circuit.. spread the word of what youtube did to me & so many others..

contrary to most, i believed youtube was a worthwhile investment despite being proven wrong. Most consider online shit in general a waste of time with negligible rewards if you’re not in the chosen overpromoted ‘elitists’; now i see why they sneered & put down youtube while i persevered.. consider renetto with 55 million views, 36,000 subs.. since youtube dropped him like a hot potato for blander youtubers, he barely gets a few hundred hits on recent daily vlogs. He removed most vids & quit for a year, but still.. 55 MILLION hits brings almost nothing long term?! so why bother? &’s alexa rank is 19,325 world & 9,209 u.s., which is higher than million daily view youtube/smosh’s 12,186 u.s. alexa rank, yet featuring your youtube channel 3 avatar thumbnail links on their front page collage brings negligible change in daily viewcount from what i see. What’s the point? maybe if you advertise on a bunch of sites like that.. or did sexy stuff like most top alexa ranked sites..

Dailymotion video metadata: 

English: wed 4 sept 2013, Youtube wrongfully terminated & breached my 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber youtube/geogodley account Fullscreen network contract. Years of unrewarded hard work, painstaking detailed editing, descriptions, tags, metadata & comments were all destroyed. This was one of the 200 NON community guideline NON violation videos on it. I wrote, produced & sang this song for Penelope seen here in the red bikini. For the full story & to see the videos youtube removed while youtube hosts & promotes other’s flagrant community guideline violations please go to my site []. All will be included in the documentary feature film & world record video blog series VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Français: Le mercredi 4 septembre 2013, Youtube a commit un licenciement abusif & rupture de contrat contre mon Fullscreen réseau partenariat, youtube/geogodley compte/ cannal de 3 million coups,10,000 abbonés & 200 videos, detruisant des années de travail & métadonnées sans récompense. Voici un de ces videos, une chançon que j’ai écrite, produit & chantée pour Pinelope avec le bikini rouge. Pour voir les vidéos que youtube a enlevées tandis que youtube accueil & promouvoit des autres abus & infractions de directives communautaires pires, allez a mon site. Tout sera inclu dans le film documentaire long métrage & series record du monde VIDEOBLOGGER.COM. (decided not to put links in case of age restriction)

Ελληνικα: την τεταρτη 4 Σεπτεμβριου 2013, Το Γιουτουμπ διεπραξε υπαίτια λύση και παραβίαση σύμβασης/ συμβόλαιου εναντιον λογαριασμου/ καναλιου και συνεταιρου δικτυου Φουλσκρην youtube/geogodley, καταστρεφοντας 3 εκατομμυρια ακροασεις / χτυπιματα, 10,000 συνδρομητες, 200 βιντεο και χρονια σκληρης άνευ ανταμοιβής εργασιας και μεταδεδομένων. Να ενα ροματντκο τραγουδι απ’αυτα, που εγραψα, παραγα και τραγουδησα για την Πινελοπη με το κοκκινο μαγιο μπικινι. Για περισσοτερες πληροφοριες και να δειτε τα βιντεα που το γιουτουμπ εβγαλε ενω το γιουτουμπ φιλοξενει και πρωοθει χειροτερες παραβασεις Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές της Κοινότητας, πηγαινετε στον δικτυακό τόπο/ στην ιστοσελιδα μου. Ολα θα περιεχονται στην διεθνη παραγωγη ταινια μακρας διαρκειας και σειρα παγκοσμιου ρεκορ VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Deutsch: Am 4 september 2013, youtube hat ungerechtfertigter Kündigung Vertragsbruch gegen Fullscreen Netzwerk Personengesellschaft , 3 millionen ansehen, 10,000 Teilnehmer, 200 videos youtube/geogodley kanal gemacht und hat jahren unbelohnt arbeit und matadaten zerstört.
Hier ist ein lied dazu, ich habe geschrieben, produzieren und gesangt fur Pinelope in roten bikini. Sehen sie die videos youtube hat entfernet am mein website. Voll
Geschichte kommt in dokumentar film/ Weltrekord serie VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Español: youtube despido injustificado, incumplimiento de contrato, 3 millón,10,000 suscriptor cuenta canal youtube/geogodley.

Chinese consise martial arts subtitle style: (actually its the english that’s consise when they overdub it, which means the chinese version should be much longer: 石木山一革日土鳥石口山木人女革立心水雨鹿 魚馬雨禾一九二八金言足牛牛田目米 馬人立blablabla im gona kcik yo kun fu but

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions. Like all website terms n’ disclaimers, this should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

previous title: Youtube abuse & neglect to star in documentary feature film & series conflict sun 22 sep 2013 George Godley


Monday 16 sep 2013- Dear [names withheld- reputable entertainment litigation attorneys], I am George Godley, world record video blogger & Fullscreen network youtube partner. Someone at youtube unfairly persecuted my geogodley & georgegodley accounts by sending threatening emails & removing videos which I believe do NOT violate community guidelines while youtube promotes & monetizes other’s community guideline violations. Please let me know if i have a case. Sincerely George Godley

Further to our conversation today please find enclosed:
-Fullscreen contract youtube breached & wrongfully terminated by terminating the geogodley account.
-2 threatening emails of supposed community guideline violations i believe to be false, including the termination email
-youtube’s community guidelines I can prove without a reasonable doubt they wrongly implement. [proof below & previous blogposts]
-youtube’s terms which probably disclaim all liability placing them above the law? [if so, let’s all be above the law, with terms & disclaimers..]

Alert icon
sat 14 sep 2013- 
“This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.” (← another defamatory, libelous lie when the account didn’t violate community guide lines or ©opyright crap unlike others seen below.)
Still hoping for a diplomatic out of court solution to youtube’s breach of contract & wrongful termination of Fullscreen network contract partnered geogodley 10,000 subscriber account. Years of unrewarded hard work, financial investment, meticulously edited episodes/ music videos/ family vintage vlogs, painstaking unfair self-censorship & 13,000 youtube/georgegodley uploads deserve justice. It’s a matter of principle: at what point do you stop bending over to get screwed & stand up for yourself to state your case? At the very least, we deserve expert legal advice in writing & on video. Anyone wrongly terminated by youtube, especially contracted / network partners, please contact for a possible class action lawsuit or at least a part in the upcoming documentary feature film VIDEOBLOGGER.COM w/ international film & tv festival distribution etc. & Youtube, if you’re reading this, please remove & stop the false flag strikes & wrongful terminations & reinstate the account or open a dialogue like a civilized company (← oxymoron lol).

↑ What youtube does to us while they promote community guideline violations below.

Youtube overpromotes & doesn’t even age restrict other’s sexually explicit, flagrant community guideline violations that you & me get threatened & terminated for whether we do them or not. Infinite ‘related videos’ prove the case without reasonable doubt. It takes your & my unfairly self-censored content years to get the millions of hits these community guideline violation videos get in no time, with no work or effort.

↑ Youtube is obviously an adult, sexually explicit soft pornographic site that falsely censors, breaches contracts & wronglfully terminates the rest of us while they promote smut, prostitution & pornography as seen above.

next: full legal case documentation & entertainment litigation attorney’s legal advice. Will those reponsible be accountable, subpoena’d & squirm in court? is there a case against lying, cheating & theft of ©opyrighted intellectual property? in conclusion, should we all cheat, lie & steal? & why bother uploading for nothing while other youtubers use bots & other unfair means to cheat lie & steal too? how can you trust youtube after all this? was it all.. a waste of time & money?

Please copy pasta & retweet: #YOUTUBE #LEGAL @gstrompolos @youtube @google @Fullscreen @THR @tmz @Variety @eonline @Gawker @WIRED @LegalZoom @AP

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions. Like all website terms n’ disclaimers, this should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

UPDATE sat 19 OCT 2013: looks like youtube reads this blog lol they removed many embedded videos here lol

Youtube removes ‘ugly ass tattoo’ strike from georgegodley account tue 10 sep 2013

After i appealed one of the false flag strikes on youtube/georgegodley, youtube removed it monday, indirectly admitting wrongdoing. Now there’s just the ‘Yeti of soho square’ false strike appeal, a consensual satire with permission of the subject in a recently uploaded video. Traumatized by youtube/geogodley false termination & ‘don’t access any accounts’ threat. both ugly ass tattoo vids are back up lol! but don’t dare upload anything else..


main points:
-rogue youtube employee(s) false flag strike both 13,000 video georgegodley account & wrongfully terminate 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video geogodley account after years of investment, unrewarded hard work & meticulously crafted episodes while youtube hypocritically hosts & overpromotes other’s community guideline violations & soft porn.
-Fullscreen network support does nothing a month after being notified
-Legal consultations w/ media entertainment litigation attorneys. If contracted youtube network partners have no diplomatic or legal recourse & cliche’d website disclaimers/ t.o.s are above the law, then: / world record documentary feature / series disclaimers & t.o.s also above the law

please copy pasta retweet & suggest other contacts & media outlets:
#YOUTUBE LEGAL  @gstrompolos @youtube @google @Fullscreen @THR @tmz @Variety @eonline @Gawker @WIRED @LegalZoom @AP


“Dear Fullscreen support, someone at Youtube has given my 10,000 sub geogodley account 3 false flag strikes on old videos from months & years ago & terminated it within a week. It was in good standing for years. This is obviously a wrongful termination & personal attack. Could you please intermediate & also remove the false flag strikes on the 13,000 video georgegodley account. Someone at youtube is false flag striking & terminating channels including terminally ill HappyCabbie who also didn’t violate any guidelines. He is dying and his youtube channel was the only thing he had, which shows inexcusable inhumanity & callousness on the part of youtube. Youtube also hypocritically hosts other people’s community guideline violations & a lot of soft pornography which i’m documenting as part of this legal case/ documentary. I’m very upset & hope not to have to take the matter further. Please do the right thing & help right this wrong. Sincerely George Godley.”

AH☀LE SMOKER CH☹KING ME w/ passive smoke George… by georgegodley

↑ youtube false flag struck & terminated 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video geogodley account for this video between 2-5.50 a.m tue 4 september 2013, 9 months after it was uploaded. Dailymotion falsely age restricted it (again!); it violates no guidelines & has no adult content. As you see, dailymotion isn’t as unreasonably censored as youtube & hosts anything youtube wrongly removes.

“AH☀LE SMOKER CH☹KING ME w/ passive smoke George Godley London U.K 2 Dec 2012 14:07 p.m 366” is one of my tens of thousands of personal stream of consciousness “thinking out loud” clips where another inconsiderate chain smoker gassed me w/ carcinogenic toxic cigarette smoke. My style is speaking into the microphone so it sounds loud but only i & the audience can hear what i say, not the person assaulting me in public. So the darth vader funeral garbage bag clad smoker didn’t hear me ’till i raised my voice away from the microphone to say hi -in greek. The grossly negligent, power abusing rogue terminator youtube employee didn’t realize this & wrongly ass-umed the smoker heard everything, which she did NOT (but certainly deserved to- lol). Regardless, a myriad other youtube clips prove this is discriminatory, selective, free expression censorship & personal persecution. & as ever, reddit hater trolls cyberbullied the victim & supported the perp: “300 smokers thumbs down rated the video” & whined in the comments lol.

My guess is the youtube employee abusing & persecuting me is probably a female smoker censoring cancerous passive smoke inhalationfemale to male sexist harassment / bullying i suffered in the previous false flag struck video & blogpost titled “Flirt cockblock psycho bitch from hell conflict misunderstanding”.. it seems a tad sexist/ misandrist/ gender motivated to silence / oppose male p.o.v critical thought & expression, hope i’m wrong lol

SEP 05, 2013  |  04:03PM PDT

xxxx replied:

Geo, Partners flag videos and YouTube reviews those flags for violations. YouTube prefers that community strike appeals come directly from the owner of the channel. If you have not already don’t so, you should appeal using the process described here

xxxx, YOUTUBE NEVER responds. That’s why i joined your Fullscreen network [& gave you xxxx %.] Youtube told me to go through you at Vidcon, they said “thats’ Fullscreen’s job”. YOUTUBE WRONGFULLY TERMINATED GEOGODLEY CHANNEL & KEEPS GIVING FALSE FLAG STRIKES TO BOTH GEOGODLEY & GEORGEGODLEY CHANNELS. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. It’s been a month since i asked xxxx & you for help. Must i go through a lawyer? Geo Godley

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions, no one’s perfekt.. especially you lol

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol


Main points:

-Someone at Youtube continues to persecute geogodley & 13,000 video georgegodley Fullscreen network partnered channels with false flag strikes, account disablings & termination threats for NON community guideline violations while youtube unfairly hosts & overpromotes other’s community guideline violations & soft porn.

-Fullscreen network ‘partner support’ FAILS to do anything about it 1 month after saying they would.

↑ youtube false flag struck, disabled & threatened geogodley account termination for this video 5 months after it was uploaded (& many more vids in the past (see previous blogposts), giving a constant feeling of ‘walking on eggshells’ extreme self-censorship & dread every edit & upload). Dailymotion falsely age restricted it; it violates no guidelines & has no adult content. “Flirt cockblock psycho bitch from hell conflict misunderstanding” is a record of female to male harassment, bullying & intimidation i suffered from a crazed cockblocker cnut while speaking with 3 gorgeous romanian women on the beach. The bully seems stuck in a confining relationship with a ‘territorial pimp’ according to the lady at the end of the video (who agrees with me),  jealous of my freedom & cordial interaction with the beautiful romanians so she lies about me to break it up & bullies/ threatens me to leave. Apparently documenting such abuse & persecution is not allowed on youtube if it’s a man suffering it from a woman, but women can document the reverse, which leads me to think the youtube employee persecuting me is also a sexist woman. Envious hater trolls were also too jealous, blind, deaf & dumb to see the romanians were happy to meet me, downrating, libeling & defaming in the comments.

Here are a few of the millions of videos & thumbnails youtube hosts & overpromotes but persecute you & me for whether we do them or not:

-Youtube hosts & overpromotes/ endorses kim Kardoucheian kardashian’s porno video bought by Vivid for $5 million thanks to ryan seecrass seacrest’s corny corporate reality show & youtube publicity. Just search “kim kardashian porno sex” or “sex tape” for supposed “fair use” clips of the ©opyrighted porno video. It’s so bad it should be banned & refunded by the federal trade commission for cheating the public.

Youtube also hosts & overpromotes Miley Cyrus simulating anal sex in front of minors twerp-ing her ass up & down married robin’s not so thick penis for publicity at the 2013 v.m.a’s..

Youtube lets HUSTLER, PLAYBOY & millions of others advertise their hardcore porn on youtube.

infinite community guideline violation videos & thumbnails all over youtube:

YOUTUBE DISABLED geogodley UPLOADING SO THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT of THE VIDEO entitled YOUTUBE FALSE FLAG STRIKE CONFLICT, FULLSCREEN PARTNER SUPPORT FAIL George Godley wed 28 aug 2013 undiplomatic honest spontaneous uncensored version 353.mts”

Transcript: -so youtube’s fuckin w/ me again, they’ve given me another [4] fake false flag strike shits, whereas they allow everyone else to post soft core pornography on there & all kinds of community guise lyings violations, with me they go after.. the title coz I called it “flirt cockblock psycho bitch form hell”?!

If it’s the title why don’t you just tell me to change the title, do you have to take the whole video down, give me a strike, threaten, harass, bully & intimidate my channel so now I’m too harassed threatened bullied intimidated to upload anything, constantly on eggshells with this shit site? Youtube *don’t* broadcast yourself, just crap.. & Fullscreen network partner support said they would intermediate, do something about it, its been a month & they haven’t done shit.. so what am I supposed to do, continue uploading, I don’t think so.. I think that was what it was all about though, they’re just trying to disable my account, disable me in general, ruin another summer, as if I hadn’t had enough ruined summers, ruined life because of shit like this, such a nightmare this shit, its just gotta stop. But the contract says I should upload at least a couple a month, what am I gonna upload, what do you want me to upload, assholes.. you keep fuckin with me. I think they’re just doing it for fun, there’s someone at youtube, he or she is just doing it for fun ’cause this is the second strike now, on an account that was clean for years, these videos have been up for years in the 1st case, for months in this case, so clearly there’s nothing wrong with it, maybe it’s a robotic automatic false flag strike shit, coz everything on youtube’s robotic & automatic unless you’re in the selected few elite elitist, so I don’t know what to do, this is just so disappointing, but you know this is just par for the course, endless disappointment. Geo Godley, wed 28 aug 2013, 10.38 a.m..

Jesus (sigh), the nightmare continues.. the youtube nightmare form hell continues, as ever.. endless conflict, disappointment, harassment, intimidation & bullying from youtube..

Transcripte francais: -alors youtube me baise, fait chier & casse les couilles continuellement.. pile au cul mettable.. ils m’ont donne deus autres faux drapeaux strikes de merde, alors qu’ils permettent aux autres de monter de la pornographie douce et casser les “communaute guide lines mensonges”, ils me harcellent, intimident, & menacent a cause du titre de video “flirt cockblock psycho conasse petasse cassecouilleuse d’enfer”? Ils peuvent me demander de changer le titre, au lieu de tout ca.. & Fullscreen partner support ont dit qu’ils allaient intermedier les autres fausses menaces strikes, et en un mois ils n’ont rien fait.

Greek Transcript: -Ωστε το γιουτουμπ με γαμαει συνεχεια. Μου δωσανε αλλες δυο ψευτικες σημαιες στραικς, ενω αφηνουν αλλους να ανεβαζουν μαλακη πορνογραφια και να σπανε κομιουνιτη γκαιντλαιν μαλακιες.. μου επιτηθονται, με παρενολοχουν, εκφοβιζουν, και απειλουν.. για κανενα απολυτως λογο, ηλιθια βιντεακια που δεν σπανε κανενα κομμιουνιτη γκαιντλαιν.. στο διαβολο κι ακομα παραπερα μωρε σπαζαρχιδομαλακες..

deutsch: ein youtube arch(lol)ch oder auto robot putzfrau spider macht nazi fascismus gegen geogodley & georgegodley chennels.

chinese martial arts movie overdub 2 short transcript lol:  瞋 鳥手人馬水

email sent to: Dear Fullscreen support,
It’s been over a month & the FALSE FLAG STRIKES STILL THREATEN & DISABLE MY ACCOUNTS WITH TERMINATION. Youtube & Fullscreen AT VIDCON said you would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PLEASE.. I am VERY UPSET with this constant PERSECUTION conflict, which makes a great autobiographic documentary story to tell everyone daily & at film festivals & press releases. CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE THEM as youtube’s reputation is at stake. Sincerely Geo-rge Godley.

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

Youtube harasses, bullies & threatens you for public tattoos & consensual social commentary satire; while youtube overpromotes soft sex pornography; dailymotion falsely age restricts content tue 23 july 2013

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies to never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case.

I thank youtube for the positive things they’ve done but will never forget the negatives. While top overpromoted youtubers get hundreds of millions of views for sitting on their ass just talking to the camera or doing a couple lame pranks a month often without the prank-ees consent, world record video bloggers who upload 13,000 videos a year until youtube disabled page numbers & ‘load more’ [load less] button, get harassed, bullied & threatened for this:

ridiculous ugly tattoo by georgegodley
the laugh track was added to remove unwanted ubiquitous ©opyright crap ‘music’ curse which ruins all your vlogs with more threats of ©opyright ©acaphony infringement etc.

ridiculous ugly tattoo award 00775 by georgegodley
Just a SILENT shot of a winged leopard skin back tattoo, with NO social commentary except the “ridiculous ugly ass tattoo” title which can easily be changed & doesn’t deserve an account termination warning strike bullying harassing & threatening you to stop vidoeing in public sharing your thoughts & feelings in a title! How unfair & hypocritical; A youtube search of “ridiculous ugly tattoos” shows tens of thousands of such videos, uploaded without permission or realeases form the ridiculed tattoo-ees.

As ever, youtube overpromotes & monetizes soft sex pornography nudity (a ‘community guise lying’ violation) while harassing bullying & threatening us for NOT doing it (& of course we’re not allowed to do it either, making it an anti-competition oligopoly issue):

↑ one of millions of youtube community guise lying violation overpromoted oft monetized soft sex porn videos they do but we can’t without threats of suspension/ termination.

Update: more video hosting site nazi fascism: within minutes of adding “ugly ass” to the title, dailymotion age restricts the inoccuous leopard skin back tattoo! title words like “ass” age restrict your entire video when it shouldn’t be.

↓ Someone at Youtube also removed “The Yeti of soho square”, a parody/ satire of alcoholism with the subject’s recorded consent (not that you need it in public anyway) who thanks to our talk, detoxed & cleaned himself up. This is the “after” shot after rehabilitation detox. the “before” shot was removed & struck but as ever, a youtube search for “bum fights” etc. shows tens of thousands of much worse videos.. for this reason & others mentioned on there will be only a couple vids a month on each channel to work on other projects.

Howard Stern went through similar shit in the unfair radio industry; he won’t even accept a radio hall of fame award because of their negativity. Most youtubers are phony cold blooded cut-throat Don Imus type oligopoly wannabes; some youtube staff are like Paul ‘pig vomit’ Giamatti, FCC & WNNNBC lol..

Another classic youtube thumbnail: youtube strikes me for a tattoo & consensual social commentary & all kinds of bullshit non community guidelines last year but lets this guy get a million hits with this thumbnail of a woman sucking an erect penis. Funny how my NON community guideline NON violations are removed & struck within hours yet this & endless similar related videos aren’t..               watch?v=b4UnA2lSa8Q

(a gap was put after the url forward slash because it auto embeds the explicit thumbnail & this website /page isn’t age restricted)

YOUTUBE HARASSES, BULLIES, & THREATENS YOU FOR… by georgegodley (dailymotion copy of youtube upload)

Youtube DESTR☹YS George Godley 13,000 video multi daily vlog lifelog by HIDING 12,000 VIDEOS, disabling multi uploader, page numbers, ‘load more’ button; (non)profitability Sat 1 June 2013

Youtube FAIL not worth it tue 28 may 2013 George Godley London U.K 00528

GeorgeGodley 13,000 video multi daily lifelog vlog slowing down due to youtube’s disabling of multi upload features, page numbers, ‘load more’ button, & financial (non)viability.

Unlucky number #13: 13,000+ public & private videos on both channels, year 2013.

It all started after my Xfactor U.S.A performance september 2011. After losing yet another summer editing geogodley [vidcon] episodes with limited viewcounts while overpromoted youtube channels get unlimited huge numbers for almost nothing, I decided to upload unedited multi daily vlogs on youtube/georgegodley, inspired by the crazy refbatch 30,000 video channel (gone now), a most impressive format despite her mental disablity as she mostly just prances & yells unintelligibly. Since we can’t compete with the chosen youtube elite hogging all the billions of views & subs, our only option is to outdo them with quality, frequency, quantity (2 out of 3 ain’t bad, since quality is subjective considering how insufferable most of it is). So i started the experiment with instant multi daily laptop webcam uploads, verifying, editing (still have to edit community guidelines, terms of service etc.), converting, uploading, metadating files from several cameras around the clock, dozens a day, hundreds a week, thousands a month. Obstacles included false flag strikes disabling the account with huge backlogs, slow motion & other technical fault bugs, health problems from physical inactivity being stuck on a computer day & night again, slow hotel wifi etc. but i persevered thinking one day it may pay. By april 2013 i had uploaded over 13,000 videos with ~2 million views on each channel (4 million on both) having been featured on reddit & suffering troll libel defamation etc. Both channels earned network partnership contracts yet the daily viewcount stays the same no matter what: about 4,000 daily hits on georgegodley & 1,000 on geogodley. All that hard work torture for nothing & now this!!:

Youtube 2012/13 changes for the worse, disabling multiple uploads:

-Removal of page numbers which gave access to all videos, replacing it with a “load more” button disabled after 34 pages, hiding all other pages & videos. 400 pages of 12,000 videos uploaded around the clock in the past year are invisible, GONE!!! why upload more?

-on video page, disabled “date added “oldest -newest”” replacing oldest clips with clips from just 2 weeks ago!!! so not only have they hidden 12,000 videos, they hid the oldest videos from this menu too. 

-“authentication expired” message disables entire multiple uploader browser page & all multi metadata in 24 hours: “! Invalid request, authentication expired.” when uploading mass quantities that is not enough time to metadate them since

“publish” button forces you to click it to make upload public, instead of automatic as it was before. Doing so closes the metadata portion of the video disabling any change unless opened individually. If you don’t click “publish” button within 24 hours all videos in the entire multi upload window are disabled, & every single video must be opened individually to make it public, metadate, & enable advertisements; default metadata & advertisement settings are cancelled.
-Title cut off if too long, cutting off important data like file number. Before, it would save it, even if it was bigger than the strict limit, & you’d see it & re-write until it’s re-accepted with metadata changes. Now it just cuts it off without warning.

-removed “video uploads” number from all channel pages. Before, video upload count was visible at top of front page; now it only shows up under an opened video, not the channel. When put in the decription, they removed the description’s immediate front page visibility in the new channel design hiding it in the menu.

-bogus ‘public privacy’ oxymoron complaints & hoaxes. videos removed without proof of identity of supposed whiny bitchy complainers who have no expectation of privacy in public & who often aren’t even in the video. One reason I stopped doing edited episodes which take 2 weeks of 16 hour days (200+ hours) to edit.

-doesn’t show comments. I got dozens of comments under a reddit featured video & they’re not in my inbox. Nor are any others except very few. So it doesn’t show 13,000 videos comments. Limiting interaction, you lose audience because they think you see their comments when you don’t.

-disabled autoplayer of your feature video for subscribers & anyone not logged into a youtube account! before, featured video would autoplay for any youtube channel visitor. Now, featured video only autoplays for unsubscribed logged in youtube accounts & is limited to videos uploaded from your channel, you can’t feature videos form other channels anymore. So you lose viewcount, lose audience.

-Google Chrome doesn’t work, upload, & gives you “aw snap” error message blocking access to account!

-Apple Safari CRASHES FREQUENTLY (often several times a day), “force reloading” all browser pages, DELETING EVERYTHING, all multi upload pages, forcing you to re-open every single video separately to activate, metadate, enable adds, etc. as opposed to doing it all together in one page (which expires in 24 hours anyway, causing much stress).

another Apple Safari bug: oldest clips gone from “date added: oldest -newest” menu & replaced by recent clips from 2 weeks ago!!

-not worthwhile, not paying off. The figures don’t add up. You lose your life & fortune. Too much notable work for too little negligible reward, giving all for nothing while others give nothing for all.
-cleanup backup packup
-read promo marketing books

-learn final cut 10 (totally different from final cut 7)
-upload less to work on http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM book/ documentary feature movie/ soundtrack/ v.o.d 
coming po☺n

According to, ALL top overpromoted youtubers are dwarfed by online porn sites which outrank, outscore, outsell & outnumber them. 

Canon powershot s110 FAILs 128gb 256gb Sandisk & Lexar SDXC memory card tests

Canon powershot s100 & s110 don’t work with cards bigger than 64gb. I personally tested them with 128gb & 256gb & they stop recording repeatedly. Just to get the word out Canon you ripped me off again. Frikkin £3-400 ($700 in U.K) fraud. Can’t be the cards; they work in sony cx700, though not always, the 256gb are really unreliable, but canon s110 is incompatible with both sandisk 128gb & lexar 128gb.
Even worse, the audio is low & muffled (bad mic), and it rattles. Canon FAIL RIPOFF £350 ($600) FRAUD.

Youtube overpromotes & rewards rigged sadistic animal abuse cruelty snuff films: national geographic

In my opinion from what i see, bbc, national geographic, & all those t.v companies set up & stage animal abuse cruelty snuff films for entertainment & profit, rigging the results. In this overpromoted 50 million view snuff film,  at 1 min 35 sec., with fake foley “sound design” & cheesy overmixed music, the film crew set up an injured, disabled & defenseless cobra to rig the result. The cobra is down & out before the mongoose even hits it, tightly edited to hide it & fool you. I think they take these animals from zoos etc. & set them up to make it look like they just found them spontaneously in nature.

update: tue 1 oct 2013
youtube doesn’t abide by its own rules, violating its own community guidelines by promoting & rewarding infinite such videos:

too many such related videos to embed here.. absolutely sickening after what they did to me over the years & in september 2013.

Youtube/georgegodley sabotage: multi upload processing FAIL tue 5 mar 2013

Youtube/georgegodley world record multiple daily vlog sabotaged again: As of monday 4 march – tuesday 5 march 2013 youtube FAILs to upload & process videos with the error message “the video failed to process”, “failed (unable to convert the file)” &/or multiple uploader blue progress bar is stuck & won’t complete. A lot of videos are missing & the rest are out of chronological order.

could it be pre-upload titling?

After finally TITLING video files before uploading (in the 1st verification), to save time by less reviewing a second time after uploading for metadata key words, youtube prevents you from doing so, sometimes giving error message “The server has rejected the file, Please follow these steps and upload the file again.”” sending you to a page saying: “Make sure that you’re naming your file with standard characters. Avoid using characters in your filename like apostrophes, commas, or accents..” [of which there are none]. Makes no sense because some similarly pre-upload titled video files have no problem processing.

Reddit Youtube hater trolls LIBEL, DEFAMATION, cyberbullying, harassment, violent threats & ratings manipulation fri 22 feb – 3 mar 2013

another typical George Godley ‘flirt’/ social interraction, more proof of reddit/ youtube hater tr☀ll’s WRONGGREEN ENVY, libel & defamation FAIL. They don’t want you to see  happ☺iness, positivity, smiles㋡ & laughter, just their dishonest false malicious miserable negative comments & manipulated ratings.

↑ Even with illegal 2nd hand smoke abuse assault & just thinking out loud in the above video, Reddit smoker trolls unethically attack & side with the offender gassing the victim with cancerous toxic dragon fire fumes, with evil hate speech against human health & life.

↑ Reddit trolls unethically support the abuser/ offender inflicting sleep deprivation torture abuse on an entire neighborhood daily at Again, promoting evil pain & suffering with no regard for human health & life.

today i found this comment under the 08HLY7wAm3Q wed 20 feb 2013 George Godley London U.K 00235 video & reported & recorded it before it disappeared:

“Geo, i know where you live. I saw you the other day and followed you. [spells out what he thinks is my address]. Watch yourself mate. I’m serious.” Killa Max

Apparently this is the negative side of success. I’m very open & pro free speech & never blocked anyone until they crossed the line into LIBEL & DEFAMATION or VIOLENT THREATS today. Even then i wont remove the comments because they’re evidence & as Robert McKee author of Story said, opposing any censorship means suffering lies & humanity will make the right choice. Libelers & defamers will suffer consequences.

This article may be written later cause right now i have better things to do.

Libelers & defamers will be listed on a sh!tlist to be published at a moment’s notice. Why give them the publicity they don’t deserve -yet.