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L☺♥E & SEX BL♀G highlights (PG13/R version): Post-college years

Panoramic views from my Parikia port bedroom. Ferry boats resonate the building with an intense soothing hum. They say Greece has sunshine 300 days a year.. cloudless summers.

Paros, Greek Islands. London University
summer vacations greek island hoppin’ sh!tfaced
on mezcal & all kinds of gasoliney drinks.
How unecessary.. Moderation is the key.
Everything was going so fast.

Wonderful ladies were gone in a haze of hangovers and nonstop deafening head ringing nightclub noise.
..                           hiccup!

..                          ..literally!
Instead of alcoholism, smoking & drugs, i turned to more natural pleasures.

Unsatisfied with limited choices and results,
I searched for the ideal lifestyle. Hef had a mansion, I had a suitcase. Found east europe justopening up at the time..

our piece of the pie. How dare they shove “sex and the city” & porn in your face and forbid us to do either. Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian did.. we can do better!

A consummate recording artist, I videoed
for fun since tv, movies, 5 star hotels & the
media hypocritically glamorized & sold
explicit sex
, monopolizing & cockblocking

My personal archive would outdo them all- tv, hollywood, playboy, nobuyoshi araki & jizz biz! Little did they know of cutting edge blog n’ vlogging.. stay pooned for way more!

so the camera kept rolling. Working in the music
& tv industry’s limiting. There’s more to life than a song n’ prance act!

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Historic, witty, dramatic sexy fun photoblog in Russia’s most happening hot spot. Geo & friend/ wingman Haik socialize, flirt & date beautiful friendly women among other mis/adventures. Photocomic/ graphic memoir/ social commentary travelogue. Over 320 captioned vidcap photos, 57 page, 1st edition E-BOOK PDF. Photographic memoir series.

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