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Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited

ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 london u.k georgegodley com vlog com unedited

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited.MP4 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Ola ukrainian social interaction thu 24 mar 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited.MP4

Tu du du du du tu du… [Singing/ humming “masquerade” song for the brainwashed maskers still promoting the COVID FRAUD] {checking stickers] Not very many of these left do i.. Don’t.. here you go, buon apetito.. thank you.. here, my website. Great! Cool idea! Where are you from? I’m form Ukraine. Ukr..ooh.. woah.. [Russian invasion 1 month ago]. Sorry.. yea I’ve been there before. I was I was  in Yata, Simferopol,  Odessa.. I’ve been there. I’ve been long. You was in Crimea.. I did a video show my vlog. Vlog, You see vlog. Cool. Yea ugh.. I hope it gets better. Sorry man. So yeah, It’s so hard really stressful, my uncle he’s a soldier all my family we are from Dniprovits? Central part of Ukraine, it’s horrible. I trust back my relatives come to England to join me but they don’t want.. grandparents, cousins, they don’t want, theyr’e afraid hard to, long way, get bored, instead of uncles they want to stay in Ukraine. It’s like, I don’t know.. They’re negotiating, they’re talking.. Horrible dream. Yea, Nightmare. They’re talking though, they’re negotiaiting sometimes, theyre trying to fix it. 1m49 you look so bright & so colorful! Its too hot for this huh. I didn’t know it was so.. Would you like to have a seat? I haven’t a lot of space but.. yea thank you I’ll just stand for now for now I can stand, thank you. I’ve been sitting all the time, so. Are you travelling? No, no. I live in the area. I I live in down there. Living the area, I’m just going to get some food theres some.. {hare Krishna chanters] There’s a couple places I go to the.. It’s a better place for finding food. I go to the same ten places, usually 10 – 20 places I’m a regular in some places and I yeah. You find something new & Interesting, yeah. Huh? New & interesting. Yeah, I found you. Oh is it working. I’ll put you on. OK. I’ll put you on my. Can I? you don’t mind. Beautiful drewss. Its good. You see, it’s brighter. Yeah. You want no. Whatever. No, no, that’s cool. 3m10 What’s your name? my name is Ola.. George. Nice to meet you George. A kakrasho! [how nice] you know Russian? Chu chut [little bit]. U understand? What are you doing here? Do you study. I’m working in a property & lawyer  company like an assistant..  Can I see your eyes [please]? Yea.. A, Thank you. Hehe 3m50 I like making photo, its like makes happier.. Ah, the sunshine is so necessary. Yeah, energy.. it helps4m So in a law firm. I hope I I hope I never need. But you never know, do you, there’s so many different types of.. different services.. Do you want to buy something change or just something you need to? I don’t know. What about for staying in the country if they? If they kick someone out ’cause now with the EU thing [Brexit] they can they can. Maybe they don’t let me back in at the airport. That that’s my. That’s my concern now. Something strange. We Have different accounts. Here immigration. property. Education as well. 5m Homemade. And it’s it’s an open sandwich. Looks vegetarian. No, shrimps.. Looks nice here. How long have you been in UK? In London, very long since I was a student, so more than 10 years 20. A year and a half. Yea it’s nice, when it’s like this it’s very nice. 6m40 silence backgraound noise, 7m ambulance oh Oh. I hope it’s not another “vaccine” victim. Here it comes. I’m trying not to talk about the vaccine because I know it’s a touchy subject, but on my website you can see all the information. Yea? You’re not vaccinated? Nn nn nn.. Me as well.. Really, you didn’t?!. No? good. Very bad. It’s very, very bad. How did you know? How did you know ’cause? How did you know? It’s only got lucky special people. I I could have been fooled. I could have been tricked. But I had some things happen that I knew not to take it, but I got lucky. I could have been tricked. But so many people got tricked. Or convinced I don’t wanna say tricked if it’s. If it’s not nice. But convinced. That’s it. All my life i practice my body homeopathy. That’s why I haven’t any “vaccination”. Its very bad, many, many people got hurt, do, you know, do you know the information? on my website I put all the links. You can see all the the truth. Great, It’s cool. I like it. When following you ’cause, you can’t trust the media anymore, man. Bill Gates bought everything. All those World Economic Forum very bad. And most important thing is that some, like most people, might be OK, that’s that’s that’s all we want. We don’t want people to get hurt, that’s all. But nobody knows ’cause it’s experiment. You have to wait five 5-10 years, yes. & the worst thing is people do it with their own initiative. It’s the worst. Yeah. But nobody forced it really in most places, they tried in some places. Buti have some friends like me. And all my family as well.. my parents no whole family,, my parents are not “vaccinated”. Avoid as long as you can.  Avoid, avoid. 10m20 -30 quiet. 1m35 Yeah. No, no & they wanna make slaves out of us with the telephones. They want the Chinese system. That’s why they did all of this was to bring the Chinese telephone system tee dee [Beep] everything and they wanna get rid of cash. Make you a slave to the telephone. You cannot do anything without the telephone. And if you say anything they don’t like, like even now that they can stop your money, stop your travel, stop your food. Just like in China. That’s what they do in China. Yeah. Terrible, but I cant believe they want to do it. Yeah, they do. They do. They’ve done it already. You saw in Canada. You saw what happened. Australia, New Zealand. And they’re all the same people from the World Economic Forum. It’s the same people that they trained. All these people, they this this stupid idea. But I’m happy that the information is out there. Imagine if, uh, it was secret. Nobody knew. At least we know what’s going on and. But some people choose to stay away from this information, they thought they are right.. yea stupid. La La la. Oh, this is great. I wanted a sun tan anyway. Anyway, I wanted to get some sun, sun and good company. Very good. Haha. 12m18 ambience/ atmosphere 12m50 Did you see those videos? Where in Ukraine they’re they’re taping people up to the trees to the telephone poles, they. Like this on the. And they put tape. What? What is it? Theyre taping Russians or Yea Russains, murder & desrroy houses &.. But the taping people up on trees, is it the Ukrainians doing this to the Russians? yea Ukrainians are doing this to the Russians. But I saw girl. I saw women on a tree. Maybe she helped them, a lot of people help Russians its horrible. Yeah, it’s so stupid. This whole thing is so unnecessary. I thought you were like brothers and sisters. Well, they are afrent they I thought Ukraine and Russia were close, no? never, we have different temperaments, way of thinking, behavior.. Different. Really. I thought the language was almost the same. No it’s not. Russian people A little bit could understand us, but not not much. We can, but no.. & It’s different because we are not Russian. It’s huge, huge culture, huge. A lot of in all spheres.. like we have different everything. Language, different history, different behaviors, different cultures, traditions. They are rude? Selfish. They take care only of themselves. In Ukraine, we have strong family roots. Hospitality. Yea.15m  Its important for us, our culture, traditions, music.. I’m dancing in Ukrainian class here in London I go to the different station Ukrainian  pubs. Ukrainian Old national songs. I discovered history of my grand grandparents, great grandparents. Also, I really want to know about this.. In Russia they even haven’t any relation between father and son & between arents & children, no close relationship like we have. 16m first we tried to tell their mothers What are you doing? Yoiur children killed in this war as well.. they haven’t any close relationship like we have with our sons uncles.. nothing about humanity. Hmm.. Thank. 1626 I forgot I have to advertise. You see this? I put it here so everybody can see. Oh, I have to put it there. Promote marketing promotion. As long as no one steals it. Ll’put it over Here. Teu d teu da teu.. [singing happy from sun serotonin endorphins etc]. Your name again? Sorry.. Ola yea Is that Alexandra, Ola, Ola. It’s like Olga. Yeah. Cool name Olga? Olgarts. I have a friend in Greece, so I’m Greek half Greek. Greek American. Yeah, she had Olga. She had a website, old gartz olgarts art. Old gartz [auto typo lol] like art olgart all gartz. She makes candles. She’s trying to sell her art so. Oh man. 1820 Did you ever swim in the Black Sea? In Odessa. You know, I never tried Odessa. I was in Yalta, but I never tried this. I wanted to know the beaches and Odessa. Simferopol. Simferopol’s not on the beach, it’s a bit.. is it? No, Simferopol region. District I cant remember city, 2013 I was last time in Ukraine. Wow. I saw Dolphins. in the Black Sea. Yea in the restaurant. Looks so fun. What, they’re jumping out of the water? La la la 20m ooh. Watch out. That’s bad for you too. Sorry? They said that the telephone is dangerous too. Everything is dangerous. Haha I put airplane mode on mine just in case.’cause I was streaming live normally. I like to be live but. Quality wasn’t so good and I don’t know if the telephone it’s not good to have the telephone doing this all the time. I think it’s. I mean, it’s risky. Nobody knows so. They’re finding all these things now, too much information, they said, even LED lights are like lasers. Don’t know what to believe. 21m What area do you live in? Just area, north, South. Wembley. Oh wow, north. Wembley stadium. Yeah. It. It’s 80,000 people. I think it’s or 100,000 I don’t know huge, wembley arena smaller I think, yeah. I’ll see. I’ll going to go Ed Sheeran. In the summer. I’ll see how big is Arena Stadium? Arena stadium?****. Is it just him other people too playing? No, It’s just him. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding. pum, pum, pom, pum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. 22m Well, I get 80,000 people on my website. So. Maybe per year, I don’t know. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick tick tick. 23m Do you go out on the weekends? Do you go anywhere on the weekends or regular or? Now I protest Every, every weekend in protest, protest. Ah hey I was there, Which one? Downing street & trafalgar square, & this Saturday will be I will be in Ukrainian national –? oh Ukrainian. I went to the covid restriction protest, the freedom protest. 23m39 They have this on Saturday sometimes. I put it on my website. Oh they have Ukrainian protests huh? are they? Wow. How do you know? How do you find out the information on a Facebook page or something or? Yea cause im in Ukranian society diaspora everything you know? Is it through Facebook or? yes.’cause ’cause Ukrainian aid. It’s hard to get this information. Ukrainians In London. All those Pages. Small, small windows About my. danicng. Dancing. Yeah. What? Oh you do ballet? What dancing? National ukranian dancing. Ah okay Cossack. Yes. Is that Ukrainian kozaks? Yeah, I like it when they spin around. When they go. I’ve seen him spin. Have you seen this? When they when they turn around very fast. I really like that. I wonder what that’s called. Kosaks. Cool sex [auto spell dictation software typo lol]. So is this another VAX victim. You think he? You think you got this from the “vaccine”, this guy? Everybody like this, I I ask if it’s from the “vaccine”. I say I say I hope it’s not the “vaxine’. And then they say no. And then I say, did you take it? And they say yes. Here I’m gonna ask him. Are you OK? You OK, mate? I hope it’s not from the “vaccine”. Did you take it? Don’t hit me with a stick. Hit me with your rhythm stick. Hit mey [song]  aha [preparing o leave] Do you have to go? Yea my lunchtime is finished, yea. So so how how we how I can? How I can? Find me? Yea find.. On Facebook, OK. Hang on. (continued).

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