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Dec 2012 London U.K George Godley


description of the image if you wantCentre Point Tottenham court road, Oxford street London.. my hood.. winter december 2012, editing youtube/geogodley episodes since that account is network partnered & youtube/georgegodley 10,000 multi daily vlog false flag struck w/ with termination threats.
attractive friendly smiling russian lady catching night bus & leaving the country lets me photo/ video her at the bus stop. A heart warming reminder that those reddit/ youtube hater trolls who false flag, insult, defame, libel & down-vote content & comments shouldn’t stop you being gregarious & vlogging public social interaction.



description of the image if you wantSuffering season affective disorder from no sun, malaise & rheumatism from excessive computer work & inactivity, insomnia from noisy 6 a.m daily deliveries (barrel basher bastard seen here, bidvest & dhl), asthma from dust.



description of the image if you wantbleached babe in healthfood store heallth & beauty section



description of the image if you wantWent to GOOGLE headquarters in my neighborhood for the second time to remove more recent FALSE FLAG STRIKES on youtube/georgegodley account but this time the security guy said it’s strictly sales & they ignore everyone. Fullscreen network said they’d try to mediate. I don’t really have to record, synchronize, chronologize, verify, convert, upload (& re-upload when failed) & metadate (title, tag, describe, thumbnail..) another 10,000 videos like last year for nothing.



description of the image if you wantBut it felt productive & satisfying to outdo them all & plan world record video blog. Here’s a lady from



description of the image if you wantYou never know what you’ll find in the regent street Apple store or website. Ever since that unexpected video conversion software I check it regularly & love the friendly ambience & atmosphere. The staff wore red for the festive season. Wondering if Iphone 5 is 4g & worth the change.



description of the image if you wantA delightful iranian lady outside the apple store smiled & let me video a bit. She was with someone i saw together at the genius bar inside.



description of the image if you wantHope HMV oxford street doesn’t close like virgin megastore & others. They sell CDs & vynil(?!) DVDs & Blu ray, computer games, books, accessories etc. It’s nice to browse & loiter offline. Got Curb your enthusiasm season 8, edtv, sandwich man & slow paced eddy duchin story dvds.



description of the image if you wantcool lady lets me video her even while on phone with her boyfriend for half an hour..

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