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Youtube overpromotes & rewards rigged sadistic animal abuse cruelty snuff films: national geographic

In my opinion from what i see, bbc, national geographic, & all those t.v companies set up & stage animal abuse cruelty snuff films for entertainment & profit, rigging the results. In this overpromoted 50 million view snuff film,  at 1 min 35 sec., with fake foley “sound design” & cheesy overmixed music, the film crew set up an injured, disabled & defenseless cobra to rig the result. The cobra is down & out before the mongoose even hits it, tightly edited to hide it & fool you. I think they take these animals from zoos etc. & set them up to make it look like they just found them spontaneously in nature.

update: tue 1 oct 2013
youtube doesn’t abide by its own rules, violating its own community guidelines by promoting & rewarding infinite such videos:

too many such related videos to embed here.. absolutely sickening after what they did to me over the years & in september 2013.

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