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mon 7 nov 2011

So i drive up to San Fransisco after yet another lost summer on the computer editing L.A. vidcon episodes, networking etc. When the XFACTOR USA TV performance was in the news & hit over a million youtube views i asked around for agents & publicists to get on a talk show or something. Youtube vid “HOLLYWO☹D FAIL: TALENT AGENCIES PHONE VLOG, CAA, WME, PETER WEISS DEFINETHELAW, sept 2011”  shows what a pain in the ass that was.. I ended up in Sky bar finding out promoter Mac Africa’s still around.. met her years ago.. bet she or other such people could connect me w/ someone.. if i could just find them.. with such a short notice trip i couldnt find my contact numbers.. anyway since it didnt look like much was gonna happen i collab with Peter Definethelaw Weiss “Magneato dude i want my foood” to improve my vlogging skills. His candid camera technique is described in previous blog post. I’m hoping it’ll be worthwhile and started a new channel with multiple daily vlogs after the burn out from 100 hour editing marathon 12 minute episodes.. thought daily uncut sponatneous style would be quicker.. NOT.. days go by like nothing & again computer slavery.. sometimes i wonder if its worthwhile given the impossibility of success. It seems no matter what you do you are doomed to fail, cockblocked as ever by elitist 3rd parties who promote a handful of monopolizers. Gotta keep trying. Damn viewcount never changes no matter what. It can’t be because of “family friendly” censorship given the sexually explicit promoted youtubers shane, timmygateau, phillyd, makemebad, kassem.. if they arent emasculated & sterile why should we be. I like how Shay doesnt dare link KassemG’s youtube porno interview series and instead links his other channel in his “other channels box”.. for obvious reasons.. Anyway more gossip in the future. Priorities first. Health being one of them. & that means a change in lifestyle. What next.. stay pooned folks.. for now i give you..


if only wordpress would work with this tiny 200mb 720hd video.. 

..or even shittier quality reconverted 200mb to 20mb 720.mp4:

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