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Alternative progressive video blogger news n’ nudes mon 2 – sun 10 feb 2015 Geo Godley

rough draft in progress. New daily/weekly blog vlog format, platform & marketing/ promotion/ security coming poon.

photoAndy travelbumbanger Lindy finally fairly flagged fisted & suspended for perpetually perving porking & posting pooty pooper profile pics & pg porn! Typically timed to ruin yet another trustafarian tweeted testicle treat trip to Brazil. His viewcount suspiciously higher than normal after a year’s absence but not abstinence, many thousands per video & few hundred likes, but #fail facebook instagram & twitter shitter. since his tv fantasy flop fail, a last resort adsense penny youtube promo prospect publicity stunt binge but bonk blog. i never flag even if its unfair coz i’m no stinking hypopcrite unlike y’all enjoying nudity with one hand & flagging it with the other. Prissy pissy pussies protesting his coochie cunty carte blanche. He tweets he’s the “bourdain of romance” while cashing & cornholing cuban cash coochie & easy friendly countries coz most americans & canadians don’t put out lol. with #hash tags like #bourdain to get a piece of his action. #bordello #brothel #butbanger lol next: constructive +pros & -cons anal-ysis of andy’s anal antics will be kept confidential for personal reference to be published when worthwhile.

andy travelbum lindy flag tweet Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 10.12.16

“was flagged, will sort this out in a jiff” translation: 3 deleted vids, a strike or two expiring in 6 months (3 strikes & u out), suspension & threats of termination, locked out of account for 2 weeks lol welcome to censorshit hell

The Vlog Life LogoPaul Walter renetto Rubbingit ain’t killing it wasting an hour a day on long winded gopro hero 3 (not 4 coz the audio level’s too low) w/ pretty polly parrot same lame tame theme “i can & will [continue to post podcasts that go nowhere]” lol. I can & will listen to them while doing other stuff coz it’s fun & searching less shittier content’s like looking for a needle in haystack. Even his sister & buddy don’t watch his videos cause “they’re not entertaining”.. [day 90: who’s playing the superbowl?] Wally answers:“not funny & short”.. update tue 3 jan 2015 “day 91: finding purpose in piles of s**t?” no don’t quit Paul! “fan funding b.s..” shows his grown kids,  depression, change to positive environment & people, Daisy farting & laughing, outdoor bike ride, talk.. about candles, face freezing, 18 min, cop car not busting him for cycling facing traffic to not get hit in the ass by a texter.. it’s these small details & thoughts that make it entertaining.. i offered him to present it to tv conventions & film festivals, he “liked” the comment but didnt respond further..

 GEORGE GODLEY WORLD RECORD VIDEOBLOGGER.COM LIFELOG 1 second ago just as i blog & criticize you captivate with another riveting classic.. well done 27:00 fcuk pride, 27:30 i did.. you’ve been featured on videoblogger dot com lol
[the blue “support” button doesn’t work in safari browser. What’s a daily hour’s blab babble worth compared to reviewing, editing, converting, uploading, metadating 13,000 videos for nothing..


0*buxm7Tgc7Y3n2LajUnfairly overpromoted vidcon don oligarch SkHank Green brags youtube’s pimped Obama interview with the painfully obvious non revelation youtube ain’t worth it for the rest of us unchosen ones DUH []. (like you could ever ‘make it’ before without them pulling the strings duh) The gloating vain vicious vlog bros alleged billion fake rigged youtube views echo sony vevo & emi, exposed as a pile of poo & corrupt bullshit [link] excruciating annoying boring snoozecast singlehandedly decimating the sleep medicatiion industry zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

mqdefault-1youtube/thehappyhooker83 youtube/hoedowntv everyone’s [least] favorite self proclaimed ‘escort’ sex worker [she calls herself the nasty kaching ring pro word too] sent me an assinine hypocritical comment saying not to put her on tv/ film because she didn’t like a few seconds of an old clip from years ago reciprocating a stinkeye by videoing it walking by in a public street, nothing compared to her 100’s of clips stalking & harassing the LAPD, & ghetto guzzler gagger puss pummel pornos lol

geo mirror panasonic med small 21000017 - Version 3Geo(rge) Godley recap update: why no youtube:
-10,000+ youtube/georgegodley hidden missing metadated videos gone from private & public access by pagination removal & “load more” button #fail. maybe salvageable through new auto playlist.
-youtube fail: multi upload features removal
-youtube/geogodley breach of contract & wrongful termination sept 4 2013
-youtube unfair censorship & cyberbullying
-youtube unequal no pay non profit ripoff for way more work- wtf Obama
-bad security, hater troll libel, defamation, hoaxes, no privacy
-skhank green says its not worth it
 duh [see above, link]
-conclusion: nothing but grief, all negative, worthless.
-solution: The show goes onto the unknown.

Internet: the BIG LIE continues to contradict itself numerically. Top tweeter, facebookers & instagrammers only get a teeny negligible fraction of their alleged millions of dud non followers who disappear & never return, viewcounts hidden in shame. it’s all ego brand recognition.

#Fail youtuber quitters mass exodus diaspora abandoning & jumping unfair censorship abysmal ratings for dailymotion, liveleak, vimeo,, youporn, clips4sale, xvideos, their own sites or just quit: why waste time & money working for nothing.. Obama’s “equal pay for equal work” a fcukin joke. The more work you do & contribute, the less rewards.
-surveillance camera man: enjoyed by hypocrite libeler defamers [comment above to do doc copy paste]

top 10/40/100 notable [wikipedia cream word- they really cream over that subjective word lol aaaaggghh notable aaaaggghh] enjoyable undiscovered vloggers as the mood strikes me 
-who why what when where how i must see, can’t stand. +/-

to do list:
-enable & fix wordpress comments

disclaimer: honest irreverent thoughts feelings & satire not always to be taken too seriously subject to change without notice depending on my mood. apologies for errors & omissions.

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

renetto freudian slip double entendre innuendo wordplay georgegodley comment fri 6 feb 2015 C0056 mp4 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

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