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Glad to be here. Best things in life are free.. sun & sea breeze euphoria better than anything.. Resting mind & matter after a particularly strenuous mysterious decade. Where did it go? what happened? let’s find out while editing the archives..

May 2011 bank holliday weekends. A rare
sunny day in Brighton where everyone swarms
to knowing tomorrow is always overcast
& cold..


smoking hot turkey was leaving for italy next day.. could’ve convinced her to see my place nearby for fun footage, must remember to try since these opportunities don’t come forever..

.. Look at yououou! hyde park hottie dashes by. Her oesophagus sized wasted weist is smaller than her head.. puke much? if so get help.. ☺r give us some diet tips

some sweetheart gives me her number on the way to lunch. used to call everyone, now i call noone. why? better things to do? n☹t 

pretty persian poon puffs polonium poison paper penis prepuce (alliteration poetic license, no disrespect- well maybe a lil’.. how can you respect tobacco) sucking carcinogenic cigarette instead of.. 

how come it’s always an ugly woman feeding pigeons? pretty ones have no heart or can’t relate to dirty disgusting vermin.. The way they wobble their filthy head & body, puff their chest, coo cacophony, stalk, harass, eat garbage, copulate & defecate everywhere, so nauseating compared to those charming cute calm clean collared doves & wood pigeons who bow during courtship.. so opposite yet so related.. another contradiction. 

cellphone & cigarette double cancer risk.. if you don’t care who will.. gas yourself & fry your brain at once, kill two turds with one phone pwn.. blow that sh!t my way & i’ll blow it back atchu whhhh-eeew 

The book publishing industry arbitrarily censors & c-blocks us from ever contributing & getting a piece of the action, while hypocritically monopolizing & selling sexually explicit, supposedly “unethical immoral” (can’t impose values on others) prostitution comics.. EPIC FAIL banal mundane black n white boring sh!t.. not to worry though we’ll outdo them online.. two billion can play that game.. next: youtube gossip: terminated & reinstated youtubers etc. 


Dang book industry racket publishes more disappointing unreadable graphic novel/ memoir/ photocomics. They won’t give you or me a break but publish this black n white crap, exploiting & selling poor afghan’s photos without their release. Publicity rights my ass.. who the f buys this sh!t? i did- cluttering mind & life until realizing how lousy it all is.. take this book for instance. Looks like almost nothing happens and it lacks any elements in its unaesthetic offputting boring pages. we can do better because it couldn’t be much worse.. 

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