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☠️💉BILL GATES, FAUCI, DASZAK, BOURLA, BORIS JOHNSON ET AL CHARGED WITH GENOCIDE IN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT FILING CASE #OTP-CR-473/21 & U.K. POLICE CRIME CASE #6029679/21↓ VIMEO CENSORS MRNA “VACCINE” GENOCIDE VIDEO Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 21 jan 2022 noon utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0249S03 ☠️💉—scrounger-video-phone-conversation-fri-21-jan-2022-noon-utc-GeorgeGodley*com-vlog*com-0249S03:4


On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 21 jan 2022 noon utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0249S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.
This video was deleted: Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 21 jan 2022 noon utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com was deleted on Monday, January 24, 2022 At 7:36 PM.

“Hello GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM, Your video “Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 21 jan 2022 noon utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com” has been removed for violating our Guidelines. Reason: We do not permit content that makes false or misleading claims about (1) vaccination safety, or (2) health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm. For more information on our content and community policies, please visit If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people do it” is not a valid explanation.) Sincerely, Vimeo Staff.”

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 21 jan 2022 noon utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0249S03 rough automated audio to text, manual correction transcript, correction in progress, please wait.

TRANSCRIPT – outline, highlights, timestamps in progress

Welcome to,,,, and 100 domains we don’t want the aholes to know about ’cause they’ll block them like they’re blocking this and defrauding with the fraudulent view counters, which is why I’m not doing this anymore cause I don’t need this shit! (hand slam on desk & gaming chair). Anyway OK, I’m calling gaaik. That’s a joke because in russian they don’t have H his name is Hayk. He’s the the co-, the creative Consultant, co-star, colleague, food taster, bag watcher, water pourer you know he’s my pal from the episodes from some of the older, you know, the Sochi, Russia, Yalta, Ukraine. Armenia, Georgia Republic, Greek mainland not islands, but episodes [lol double entendre] which you’ll see eventually. And I’m just calling him to. I wasn’t gonna call, I should be getting to work I should be doing stuff I should be getting going.  But something came up and I was like, well, OK, I’ll give you a call. And I don’t want my website to be totally dead. It needs it really needs. It is a re re everything. Reboot and everything. Yeah, so maybe I’ll put this up as an update, but I, you know, I stopped because you know if if the view counters because view counter fraud. Either either way, if it’s fraud or not, the numbers aren’t there, so why bother? I should get on with the movie that the series, the books the music all that sh, I should finish, finish the product and not worry about the online thing, but they’re not gonna sell your product unless you have an online presence online following and all that ********. So you got to do that, which is why I looked at a lot of the shops ok. The yeah, the vaccine killed and maimed so many people that there’s not going to anyone around. And all the stores and not all this ********. Vaccine  the fake the fake vaccine the the fake injection, the mRNA clot shot that everybody is discovering now it causes more harm than any good. A lot of shops are empty because they yeah, Klaus Schwab, it’s not a conspiracy theory when we have their own quotes proving that they are a conspiracy fact. Claus Schwab of the W.E.F “you will own nothing and like it, you will have a chip in you and we were coding you everybody will have a digital identifier”. You’re half dead. You’re ******* your ******* got 1 foot in the grave and you’re worried about chipping people?! You got your ******* gone! Bill Gates. Your *******. You’re finished anyway. Your sued in India for killing babies which you’re a child killer Bill Gates sued for the death penalty. They want you in India. They wanna hang you for killing all the Indian children. And you have the nerve to show your ******* mug. God, I thought. And here we are, worried about what’s acceptable and what what will, what will be socially acceptable, how am I gonna succeed in life with social acceptance? Is it socially accepted? And we’ve got these ******** killing children and getting away with it. And lauded as just ’cause they have billions and they’re running the ******* and he’s a puppet. Apparently the. I don’t want to say who’s on top of him, but because that’s that’s another show. But yeah, so WEF WHO who’s the other acyls IMF, all these globalists are destroying the economy with this COVID fraud and globalist global list genocide and technocratic tyranny. Anyway, I’m just saying sorry disclaimer. Thoughts and feelings. Next. Hey Geo. How you doin Hayk? How are you? Sorry I had to do my introduction. ’cause. I’m gonna. I might put this video on my website, so I had to do a little. I went a bit crazy too talking about Bill Gates. Killing children in India, you know Bill Gates is wanted for murder in India. They’re gonna put him to death because all his vaccines killed so many children there. But maybe I shouldn’t say that. Maybe I should stay out of it. But you know, are we allowed to think and feel? How you doing? Hey, about the tooth, man. About the truth. If I leave it, if I leave it, no problem. Because the dentist said the bone will go away in the future if I don’t put something. How are you? How is yours? No problem. OK, OK. But how do you feel you don’t see it going up and you don’t see your bone disappearing, do you? No. No, haha no. Can you see that I have problem with my tooth? The bone is still theeere haha Seriously, no problem. No. ’cause, yours has been ten years, hasn’t it? Only my eyes don’t see well because it’s, only the eyes only the eye goes like this sometimes. But I stop it. Yeah. Yeah. I just punch it & It’s doesn’t do any another five minutes. Yeah, it’s controllable. [slap] Oh man.. Hey, maybe I should put that on the website about Bill Gates being a child killer, but I’m just quoting, I’m quoting India. I saw it on the news that they said India wants to arrest him for killing all the children with the vaccine and shit. I’m just quoting. Don’t shoot the messenger. Anyway, how you doing? Hey. OK. Thank you. I I was asking you because because of the, uh, the the COVID FRAUD because of the COVID FRAUD, all the all the businesses have closed and they have empty spaces and a lot of people to get their brand out they hire for. You know for short term, a few days or a few weeks and I could put, you know the big thing and I if I had my stuff ready, I could even sell something. But but you know the problem. I thought it would be the same price as my apartment, right? Same price. Yeah, but it’s it’s it’s 10 times more. What do you mean now you crazy start going up?. The shop, because the shop is, is bigger than my apartment. To get a shop to get a shop, let’s say the size of my apartment. A shop in the street in a very busy street over there, Leicester Square area. If it’s busy street, it’s it’s a 10 times more the price of my apartment just to rent for one day. I know, I know this. This is just, I don’t know, it was so bad around here. I knew like in New York when I saw in New York City and Times Square there was this record shop many years called Colony. And Michael Jackson went all the famous people would go there to buy records they had, like, a million records in there, you know, old records. And so anyway, I found out when they closed, they were paying 1,000,000 a year [a month!] rent. So tell me one thing. What do you want to sell there? Oh, I thought I could get ready. I could do second hand shop, you know, like, so all my **** all the old books for example. But I could also sell if I had finished my, you know, the Sochi book. If it was better, I could, for example, I could. I could sell all the all those if they were ready, but they’re not ready right now. But I’m just thinking down the road ’cause I saw even here in this quiet Street here they have one and it’s nice glass you can see and there’s a busy bar full of young. A lot of people there. And at least if I put this big huge people see it because. I need to get more traffic and it’s not happening just from Internet. It’s not and they’re not gonna not. They will never accept any movie or series unless there’s already some interest. So I’m just thinking. Yeah, but but this will maybe you will give a lot away. You know you will give a lot of money away. This is too risky to rent a place, which will cost money, but you gonna sell? Yeah. That’s why I was thinking. Gallery. There’s one gallery I think. I think they’re moving now. There’s a lot of galleries and they’re selling, you know, silly drawing, you know, stuff. I can have the photos, the actual photos I can sell if people buy. I don’t think they buy it though. this is the problem. But they have a lot of art galleries selling stuff like this, right? but you are not sure they are selling well. Yeah, that’s the thing. But, you know, even even just as an advertising exercise I could put, let’s say I’m not going to get it for one year. I’ll get it for a few days or a few weeks and and. A restaurant like Hare Krishna restaurant style? I don’t wanna do food. I can’t do food. I can’t do food, man, I don’t have time for food. I just wanna put my books & my. Yeah, but imagine if you sell food you will. You will have on the walls all your stuff for sale. Some pictures with the prices, books, everything at some announcements and all the time people will be changing if the prices will be fair for the food. That’s that’s another thing I can’t do that now. But OK. Hey. Hey. Hugh Hefner Playboy was in his bathrobe on his bed. playboy hugh Heffner his job was in the bathrobe in the bedroom. He. That’s where he did all his. So me, me, I’m like this. Hugh Hefner? He’s dead now. Yeah. Yeah, I remember. So I don’t feel so bad when I’m like this at my office. You see this? Hey, he was in his bathrobe in bed. At least I’m not that bad. Yeah, but he was successful. He was he was successful. And I’m not yet. But anyway, listen, I was thinking about your video projects 1 idea just. Quite short. Quite quick. And so me and you, me and you discussing. Me and you and a dog named Boo. It’s a song and a dog named Boo. Like me and you discussing your life. Different Periods of life and we are showing on the monitor all this stuff that you have in video and you are telling all this story I’m discussing with you that I don’t agree. In many cases we place a little bit conflicting dialogue. So once in a while then. You can cut and show the real video. Yeah, that’s another thing. That’s another thing we see in the morning. That’s another thing. It’s something like this we are discussing sitting somewhere and sometimes when we see something in discussing together. Yeah, we cut here and go into the video showing real. What’s happening? That’s commentary. That’s that’s another thing that’s, you know, that’s a separate thing. That’s because this way there will be conflict. That’s a separate project, man. That’s a separate one. Yeah, but this soft way to show your life it’s. I don’t know if it’s. If you could hook people with just soft way of life, you know you have to have some conflict,  discussing at least explaining some situations. Very delicate situations that it’s not so easy to understand why you did this or why this girl did that or whatever. I mean that could be interesting. If I saw a film like that, that’s another thing, man. I saw. I feel like the the point is, you know, the Sochi book that I did. You know, because the camera, the camera I I didn’t edit the video so I just did the book. You know I need I need to redo it because it’s not very good. I did it 10 years ago. I have to make that better. I have to make that better because I I can see you don’t like to even look at it. Me too. I don’t like. I like to look at a little bit, but I’m not happy with these the the way I did it. So I I was thinking I gotta redo it. Right. But if you can tell me why you don’t want to see it, then I can correct it a bit. Maybe you don’t like something about it. To improve it, improve the second version. OK, I don’t tell you one thing. The pictures in your book are not done in a very nice composing composition way, what?! and the quality is not high because they are from videos. Yes, start from this, I don’t know everybody now likes more video stuff than books. You know, I don’t know. You told me that some people like books, but 22nd, 20 first century is changed everything. Now. People want everything in video. I think I know what it is. I didn’t show you with enough women. Actually, I did show you a lot of women. You’re with a lot of women in that book, but maybe you wanted more. Anyway, how you doing anyway? Is everything OK down there? Yeah, sometimes I of course there daily I have some hours of my recollections, my memories, of course. She was so important in my life. She did nothing to me. I mean, it didn’t help me, but that’s that was my. Very important part of my life, you know. She she gave you life yeah, somebody on.. But also I took care of her. I wanted her to live longer. I’m telling you, man, it’s it’s these globalists. They didn’t allow her to get the cures for, for whatever the flu because they’re the killers. They’re the flu that killed her. Yeah, but then the killers ’cause they didn’t allow you to have ivermectin, hydroxycholoroquin, quercetin and all the vitamins, even if you gave her multivitamins, maybe they said this, this even the sunshine they said brings your immunity up and cures you. The vaccine is a killer. They proved it. They half the people are gonna he’s correct. 2 billion. They said 2 billion are gonna die, man. Long term long term. And in 10 – 20 years. They said one third, one third will be dead, 1/3 will be sick and 1/3 will be OK because they’re lucky or they got the placebo. That’s why. But 1/3.. the big shops are closed for people who are not vaccinated. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. They’re gonna stop already. They’re gonna stop, man. Because. Boris Johnson got sued. He’s at the International Criminal Court for genocide. There’s a big lawsuit and here also with the police, the police. Now they have lawsuit against all this ******** and they’re stopping. Now they stopped. Boris Johnson said already, OK, no more masks, no more vaccine passports. No more. But they’re still doing the stupid test and they’re still. But they never forced anyone. They never forced you. So they can have this excuse. OK, we suggested, but we never forced you so. So. So don’t do it. Don’t do it. Yeah, but imagine if this stupid Armenia will gonna do something like closing like the doors for people like me. Where I’m gonna make shopping, so don’t.. they’ll always be somewhere. Don’t worry. Even Austria. Yeah. If they go, if they get stupid like like Australia and Austria. But I don’t think they will because. Yeah, don’t, don’t. Don’t give up yet because you know every day it’s it’s getting more and more. More and more better in general. And look at uh. Yeah, keep an eye on it though. But yeah, you the big stores, they’re saying what you need. You need the telephone pass? Yeah, I have to have my vaccination code. Or how do you say certificate or no, no, no, no, no, no vaccines, man. No, no, no, no, no. You have to fight back. That’s why I was telling you. Remember, you said you remember you said we have to play with them and here they said no, no, we have to put our foot down and say no ******* way. They’re all protesting. They’re like, because we otherwise it’ll become like China, like the Chinese. Here zero people protest against, you know, this is the the thing nobody goes to protest. But they can protest other ways, even if they don’t protest in the street, they can refuse, right? Did they refuse? Did many people refuse? Yeah, many people, they don’t get vaccination, but now we I don’t know what’s going to happen in 10 days because the shops gonna be closed. These people will be not able to buy through cheap, cheap, cheaper price food. Because if you are going buying somewhere else, it’s very expensive 3 times 2 times. Just hang on, man. It’s coming. I can see on the Internet I can see everything. What’s going on? And I can see it’s it’s falling apart. Everybody’s agreed. It’s it’s it’s falling apart. They cannot continue. They’re too scared because of all these. All the resistance, they they know that it’s it’s it’s ending. Soon. So don’t worry. Yeah, I I was told that maybe half a year and everything’s gonna be finished. So another thing or are you going over those videos you you made? I’m uh. I’m starting now, but I’m right now. I’m. I’m. I’m just been recording and backing up now to edit everything I have to. I have to learn. I still have to learn the new edit thing. The the new final cut X, 11. I still have to learn that. I still have to learn that.. and just watch them. They don’t edit, but at least like make up. Make signs. Make some notes on the videos. What is it for? How you gonna find it later fast. By the way, don’t give away your old cameras. Why not? Some big cameras can be this way, facing one way, and inside you can clean up, make it empty. Put another good camera that you have now facing. Backside. You understand? I don’t know. You could make a video for people not to understand that you are videoing them, like holding on your shoulder, the camera facing back. Hey hey Now, now they have uh.. Yeah, but this will be obvious. People will understand. Don’t say I don’t wanna say it. I have a friend on Facebook doing it, and have a look OK. What do you think? What do you think? The quality will be not excellent. It’s like like this like this. Still, still for for certain things is very, very good for certain situations. My Face is washed out. Now, it’s OK.****. You have a lot of guitars. It’s OK. Please. Four guitars. Yeah, I heard your four guitars. Yeah, I heard your music. It’s improving, but it’s still not a song. I mean, it’s still not. OK, one composition I made with two guitars without synchronizing in correct way because my the telephone doesn’t have very much symmetrical or synchronizing system. Whenever you play it, it’s always little bit later. That’s why, no, another thing is that I am doing it without preparation. I don’t create this composition later I play. I just take and start playing and singing as if I know some. Words that I know in English. Yeah, it’s improvised. Yeah, but fully improvised that that doesn’t happen with people. I’m truly, if I would start organizing everything, maybe something will happen. Better, of course. But without knowing any. Lyrics without learning any music, just playing without preparation. It’s awkward, one more question. I have a friend. I have a friend. He’s on Facebook. A lot of people. I OK. He wants to know. He wants to get a telephone to record in Mexico. He’s English guy from Leicester Square that I know many. Many years he wants to know if he wants to know, should he get Google or Samsung phone. I told him no Google because they they’re ******* criminals. They they take all your information right? Gets much better. Samsung much better. Of course, and you’re using iPhone right now. Is this iPhone? Yeah. On my iPhone, every time I do Facebook live, it’s it’s ****. It comes out really blurry and and the external microphone never. It works one day and not the next. Always a problem. OK, listen, facebook doesn’t have good transitional quality because the gigabytes gigabytes, is it correct? Yeah, yeah, they don’t give enough g Quality. That’s why it transition with like we are doing sometimes in. Other services. It will be much better, but how come it’s now good? We’re in Facebook and the quality is good now. Yeah. When once it’s good, then next it’s bad. oh maybe you are, your Internet is not excellent. No, no. Sometimes this is excellent because it’s fiber. Yeah, but, but OK, listen, it doesn’t mean that if you are using that, it has to be excellent. Sometimes the city London city is using too much some hours some some minutes, some, some even. Let’s say from two to three there is a break of the job. People are using Internet all the time and it goes down, the quality goes down ’cause I don’t even mention you about your area that uses this same wire, fiber wire. So this this is the reason. Yeah, ’cause New Year’s Eve. it looked like ****. I was. I was in the group there, down in Waterloo on South Bank mine looks like ****. And theirs looks better. Pierce Corbyn, the guy who’s protesting? He’s famous. His looks better always. I don’t know why. Maybe he was doing it from another part of the city. No. We were together in the same spot. But I I didn’t see his New Year’s clip. I have to see if it looks like sh.. OK using the same Facebook, Facebook transition transmission Facebook app. Maybe he’s maybe he’s using another service provider service. Yeah, yeah. Or. Or maybe Facebook has something extra. You you pay for that, but you have much better quality. Maybe. I’m not sure. OK. You can see you can see the camera. Yeah, fine. He’s wide you can see the whole frame.. when it’s gonna be used one day. This is the problem. You mean used? It’s used all the time. And you mean when we? When is it gonna have results? When the film will be ready. This is what I’m talking at least. OK, alright, I’ll do it. So anything else? Let’s see. Anything else? I’m unprepared.. So I know you remember once I mentioned you hostel business for musicians, musicians, no I gotta do the movie man, don’t tell me about hostels.. oh, the hostel can be the movie. You can make the movie in the hostel and these people musicians that are signing to live in this home. It will be like reality show. They have to be always in the camera, always studied by by by internet Internet. you will have a live stream so. This can bring a lot of people to watch your hostel life, hostel problems, hostile conflicts, musicians discussing with each other, and there will be a special person like me, provoker who will make always this conflict to happen, you know. You know, think about it. It’s not a big money, maybe just a house that you have to buy for yourself, which will have extra five more rooms four girls in one room, like four of them will be living in one room four another room is like a reality show, but this. People are not coming for reality show. They’re coming to live. It’s a real life. I can’t do it. I think you know. You know I can’t do that now. So there’s no point right now. Yeah. Can I do one thing at a time, you know? Yeah, but we have to hurry up to have all these ideas to be realized because it’s it sounds good, right? Just think about it. You’ll find it very interesting because this is not like the TV artificial reality shows, but this will be people coming without knowing that it will happen. They’re signing later. We tell them that this is the show. And later they say OK because the prices are not expensive for them to live in this hotel. They are ready. They are not excellent musicians. They are Street musicians and we you we could choose the between them, the best people for the real life real reality show purposes. OK say no to people who. We don’t like and we we could say yes and make a special discounts for these musicians. It’s not. It’s not realistic. You you just told me. What did I just finish saying? You just told me. Get to work, do the movie and then right after open a hotel, bring all these Come on man. I can’t do it. But this doesn’t stop you doing the next one? But I have to finish this first. I can’t be ******* opening hotels. As I see you are doing very slowly because you are busy with other stuff. This is the problem. You have so many other things. If you will stop all other things. Thinking about one thing, other thing. You could of course do & edit it. But you are. You are more now this moment of life. You are more interested in different problems. Maybe this is the problem, I don’t know. Ok, Hey, why do you have a beard? Why do you have a beard? If it makes you look 100 years old, man. Yeah, I know, I know. I mean, don’t you? Don’t you want to look more like? Hey, don’t you want? Oh, sorry, don’t take it personally. He’s gone.****. I was gonna say, don’t you wanna look more like you looked at in Sochi 20 years ago? Oh oh, he didn’t like that nah. It looks like he he got pissed off ’cause. I I said the beard looks 100 years old. Well, you know it does. It does age you? Excuse me. Excuse me? A. Should I rate this the quality of your call and all that no? If it’s yeah, a bright to be to Put it politely, a bright beard ages you makes you look older than you are, so why would you do it? That’s that’s my question. If you want to approach younger. If you want to approach young, you know. Women, even your age? Well, your age. In another call. Call failed. He ran out of credit. Audio call. Call failed. I think that’s it folks. So uh, go to my website if you want to be updated with the latest. I didn’t say the date, did I see see Friday, January 21, 2022. 1:15 PM Thanks for visiting. See how it humms. Eeee.. Thanks for visiting,, and a bbpp hundred other domains. Missed audio call. He called a couple times. That’s it. Taint happening. So uh yeah, go to go to those websites. being the flagship. Bpp bppp bpp bpp So in Greece this is very rude, right? This is a mountza [moudza}. And apparently I’ve seen I’ve seen diagrams saying that this is even ruder. Oh Man, this is hard. Pardon the pun, and this is even ruder. Zapruder film. OK. So yeah, thanks for visiting and go to that website because I’ve got all the links there. Just click the top link and then go there and scroll down a little bit. I put the I should maybe I should put the links right up top top 10 so you can get updated without going to the fake. Fake stream feedia. Pharmafia, PharMafia funded fakestream feedia [mainstream media]. Call failed you have no credit. My charger was off and now I tried to call. You have no credit. Maybe. You have no credit maybe. Even if you don’t know me how effed up can you be? I gotta rewrite. Redo That’s my Phone song, “phone don’t [rin]g”. So um, yeah. Go to those links. To get updated so. I do. So yeah, we’ll see a few of the links in a minute. Let me just. I’ll give you a little ******* happening, man. Never mind. Am I online? Am I see look? Yeah, doesn’t say server down, so you go to my website or you go to and all those other websites that are blocked by by the globalist pigs, the globalist criminals, mass murderers who pushed an experimental injection and killed half the world or third of it, they’ve already dropped. Like my uncle died from it. Thanks a lot ********. My uncle died after being injected with that poison. Hope it happens to yours. Whoever pushed it. Or to you, at least, at least to you, can’t say fairer than that. And uh. Look, man, it’s not working. Just, you know, that’s it. Party’s over a whole. Waste my time. I call you. It doesn’t reach. I’ll try it once more and that’s it. We’re having trouble finding that site. What do you mean? not this is it. I’m just saying. Yeah, you killed my uncle. Thanks a lot, ******** so don’t expect me to to stay quiet about your murder. Criminal liable. So yeah, it’s it’s International Criminal Court at The Hague. Is that a conspiracy theory too? Bppp American Heart Association is that a conspiracy fact? Bbbppp And is Hammersmith police station the inquiry that all the police constables are on note. Investigating. The killer clot shot is that is that alsoi a theory bbbppp or fact, axles? i tried calling million times goodbye. It’s not working. Look, this is. This is why I don’t do it. You know, it’s wasting my you know. It doesn’t work. OK, call failed, OK? That’s it. Done. Sorry call failed. Who’s who’s responsible for this? Who you see, you don’t know who’s who’s doing it. Is it face Bush that’s censoring you? Is it? The service provider here. Is it the hardware, the software, the Fware the F u where F you anyway? So yeah, so I’m saying you go here. Click on this link right here. Independent media links OK. That’s good for, you know, for any idiots that still don’t know what’s going on. Even though it’s been up there for years and yeah, call you an idiot because you lied. You hid the fact that children were killed from your *******. I don’t use that in the same sentence so. From your, from your crimes anyway and international media independent alternative new media links, so it’ll take you down here and then you’ve got couple links there showing why it’s actually half a million for sure now have died from that stinking experiment. Frankenstein experiment and and the other half will be never what they were, because every cell in your body has been genetically modified now or a lot of them anyway, and all your organs so that that that was smart. And and with no protection, even the Pfizer ahole came out and said it doesn’t do anything. So your beef is with him. Your beef is with him, aholles. Bbbpppb bpbbbp [blow raspberry] Sorry, I get carried away ’cause. I’ve just had enough haven’t you? so here you’ll find the links and, UM, the White Rose dot uk. OK, let me just a quick rundown of the links that I put on this alternatives to the pharmafia funded fake stream feedia media fake stream effers that’s just a plain blog. Um. Beep. Come on, Hayk, man. It’s not happening. That’s it. You gotta. That’s it. I did try to call, it doesn’t even show. It’s not happening. Tell him. I called. Calls failed. I tried many times. next time. OK. Calls failed. I try I trys many times, God, typos. Not happening. Should I try one more time? [sigh] if at First, you don’t suck the seed [song parody]. And it doesn’t show him that I tried, it doesn’t show call failed called fail. So you can see that I tried video call. Wow. Yeah, 10 times later. Now he’s not picking up. Look, man, enough, enough. OK, so I was saying before we were so rudely iner[upted]. In another call. he’s calling me, isn’t he? In another call, whatever, so, the only reason I put that number one is. It kind of saved my life. I don’t think I was gonna ever fall for this in the first place. ’cause, I I would always look into it and when as soon as I knew it was experimental, untried, untested, unapproved technology. There’s no way I would ******* do it. Let alone for 99.9% curable flu substitute of the flu. That’s as soon as I found out the information I was like. Eff Off. so anyway, so I’ll get back to that.. Call failed. I don’t know why it’s failing man. Connection is it, no, all tight. They’re all fine. Something’s wrong. And it doesn’t show. You see his doesn’t show now. OK, that’s it. Not working. Your Internet connection was restored, so there is something here. I think it’s this ****. You’re currently offline. Why this ***** ** **** doesn’t work here? This thing I put Gorilla tape is not working. You don’t have WhatsApp, of course. I don’t. That’s Facebook again. I don’t wanna stay away from the globalists. That’s why I never, never do any, any Amazon or any of that shit unless it’s absolutely necessary. Anything I can get without the globalists who took over and they were responsible for all this covid fraud and enriching themselves off the COVID FRAUD and tyranny. I’m not supporting that, neither should you. One last one Last try here I call , one last try here I call now. Now that we know this thing is restored. Call failed, it failed, OK. Failed. OK. Next time. Failed next time bye. It only happens with his connection. I guess there in Armenia they’re a little limited. OK? OK? So just quickly the the links one more time, White rose UK. Have a nice what? Have a nice evening. You too. U 2. The letter and the number. So First of all, I like the concept. It’s White Rose, so you know it’s it’s anti Hitler, anti tyranny all these globalist ******** that put this whole reset using their own quotes. So it’s not a theory ******** a holes it’s a fact ’cause Kalus Schwab’s own quotes prove that he planned the great reset and the New World order. It’s on their own. We’re quoting them. So they’re the theorists and the practitioners and perpetrators. Anyway, I don’t wanna shout, but it’s nice and loud and clear when I do. But OK, so White Rose. So I like the whole concept. White Rose was an anti Hitler thing and they’ve taken it further til today. And uhm yeah. So when when this whole thing came about? Just quickly. um, the protesters stuck stickers all over town, all over London. And that’s what opened my eyes to the other side of the story. At first I thought these are just protesters and they don’t know anything. But once I found out that they were quoting doctors and highly qualified successful published I mean that Bhakdi guy. Yeah, Wikipedia is a liar. Wikipedia is the disinformation, not mis. Mis, is when you don’t know you’re lying. Dis is when you know you’re lying. Wikipedia knows it’s lying. They called Sucharit Bhakdi a discredited conspiracy theorist, or whatever, when he’s the most published immunologist in human history, they don’t tell you that part. Wikipedia don’t ever expect a penny from me again after you lied and perpetrated this crime against humanity Genocide. So Bhakdi. Most published immunologist in human history. They were quoting him, it was being quoted by this protesters ’cause. At first I thought these were protesters. I don’t. It’s just a guy on the street. And I don’t watch TV ’cause. I was listening to the radio and and I get internet ever since Internet I avoided TV. So I wasn’t brainwashed by the TV, but the radio and I could tell the radio I was a little bit, but not enough to to inject myself with experimental cot shots. So anyway, so I knew there was something amiss, but anyway, so. So white rose. Yeah. Every sticker. A lot of the stickers had dot me slash me. Whatever telegram. White Rose, the White Rose? So I went to DuckDuckGo. ’cause we never Google again. Do not Google duckduckgo. Do not youLube [youtube] who defrauded me and stole 13,000 of my videos. Never. I mean, OK, if you gotta. If there’s something there and you can’t find anything else. Yeah, but avoid at all costs. You Lube when there’s other platforms. Now we’ve got all the other platforms Brighteon Rumble Butchute anyway, all the stuff you can’t get all the stuff that’s being censored on the by the globalist pig Sue Woshitski [sue wojcicki] who promoted this clot shot and it has blood of children on her hands and she should all their assets should be given to all the [victims] to my uncle and to all the people that died from this genocide. That’s my opinion, my thoughts and feelings. bbpp I’m entitled to them. Just like you’re entitled,  just like you were not entitled to killing all those children, which is what you’ve done. And hurting them. And injuring them anyway. So Yeah. Yeah. So. So I went to the wrong Whiterose. ’cause. I don’t have telegram. I don’t like that. I don’t want another Russian Zuckerberg. I mean, I like Zuckerberg for helping me get in touch with my old friends. I appreciate Facebook for that. But in general, I know it’s a [global list] globalist. Surveillance thing. You know they’re watching and saving everything you do. Which is why I don’t think I should even do this, these direct messages and videos ’cause they’re saving all that **** and when you’re dead, they’re gonna use that. They’re gonna profit off of your blood and your bones. That’s what this is all about. Posthumously this’ll all be worth something, right. And who’s gonna have it? Those ********? Not you, and not your estate. Those ******** will have it. So keep giving them everything for free. Bbpp I don’t care. I mean, I I gotta use something to, you know, they got the monopolize that technology, right? I mean, there, there are other ways too. There’s some other ones, but not I appreciate getting in touch. My friends, I’m saying, but I don’t want another Russian Zuckerberg. I’m not gonna do the telegram thing. When it’s the same ****. Same globalist pig agenda. If if not needed so I didn’t do the telegram thing, but I found this White Rose instead of the telegram White Rose and this led to all the other stuff I was able to find everything else once I saw that ’cause they put they share and embed and link. And I found out everything else from that. And the next big one was Vernon Coleman. Luckily, I saved a lot of his work before YouTube defrauded him too, and stole all his, again, one of the most published and successful doctors in history, and, of course, discredit him and call him a theorist when he’s actually saying the truth. Because you’re the theorist and you’re the liar and you’re the criminals.********. So anyway, so Vernon Coleman, Yeah, expose that looked good too. No jab for me. Pricipia scientific. It sounds like questionable, but they’re spot on. They are they. Everything they do is backed up with evidence. And they proved the virus has never been isolated. It’s a fraud. There’s something out there, but it’s never been isolated. It could be just the flu worked on by Fauci in the stinking gain of function lab, which is what he did, he did. He committed a crime and broke all the laws. And he should be locked up too with the rest of them, including Bourla with his neck going like this ’cause Bourla is responsible for varying [adulterating & testing lethality of] the vials of clot shots, he didn’t use all the same vials, right as Michael doctor Michael Yeadon pointed out. So principia dash very good ’cause It’s all backed up with evidence, which is more than I can say for you. The epoch times the the epoch times. It’s just a mess. They should put the headlines. They should put bullet point main. Like the criminals CNN. With Sanjay Gupta promoting it to children, killing children with a clot shot. He’ll burn in hell for that one, you know, respected him until he did that ’cause. It’s your right to to play with your, to commit suicide or risk suicide. It’s not kids can’t consent. And you had no business killing. You killed them, you injured them and you killed them because they saw you. And now you’ve anyway, that’s. That’s my thoughts and feelings and opinions and backed up with evidence ’cause they have dropped dead. But why don’t you say that? Why don’t you? Why don’t you say the other side of the story and the truth ’cause. You’re a ******* lying criminal, *******. Bbpp Take that’s and spin ************* so add much times. Yeah, they should make it like the CNN criminal website. They should put bullet points on top. What I’m saying is um.. there’s a lady in the window over there. Shall get her. Hii, Calm down it has a calming effect, doesn’t it? Kind of like watching fish in the fish tank has a calming effect. But she’s smoking. Ew ugh She’s a smoker. Eugh! When you’re younger, anything will do, so you gotta have anything, right? You’re so desperate. As soon as you wise up a bit later, you’re like. Ew eagh She’s a smoker. euughh It’s like smelling and kissing and ashtray, but if you’re desperate enough, you wait long enough. I guess you’ll do it then too. But anyway, OK, so epoch times. I’m just saying they should put the bullet point bullet points at the beginning, right at the top so you can see the headlines. They don’t do that. It’s all. It’s just a mess. But there’s there’s some headlines there, but you gotta Scroll down. It’s difficult and it’s just it’s a bit messy. They should clean it up a bit. I’m just So we can see what’s going on sooner. And Breitbart, that’s too political, right? But at least they’re on the right. At least they’re saying some of the truth about the clot shot. Killer clot shot. New Robert Malone gave a great interview on there. Sorry I do check that on occasion that all these are they’re saying the other side of the story about the the killer clot shot killing people and destroying lives and injuring them. So I wanna know what’s going on and they’re they’re criticizing the killers and criminals and and showing all the deception and lies and exposing all the hypocrisy and the lies so that’s every two days. That’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That gives you an update, but it’s mostly UK news and and occasionally I mean I was I was listening to them until, you know, once they start nitpicking over little. Little stories and maybe for long times, it’s losing their effect. They should do big stories succinctly in short times, right? Not little stories over long so anyway. ukcolumn. Then we got. Robert Malone was suspended from Twitter ’cause. I don’t know why they silenced him and not Piers Corbyn oh Piers Corbyn’s on Facebook here how come he’s shadow banned apparently. But how come? How come some people are silenced and not others. But anyway, so he’s on gettr which which is the same as Twitter they said. So Gab is the place but because there’s some wackos on there it’s not, it’s got a bad rep. But gab that’s where everyone is gonna end up as soon as gettr. Is proven to be like Twitter and then Brighteon. That’s just there. OK, yeah. Maajid Nawaz. He got kicked off of LBC. I saw it ’cause he he got more and more angry with situation in his tweets and his. I know they were.. Something was gonna happen. I thought they’re gonna kick him off Twitter. He probably will be. But he s on gettr now too. And gab. Eventually. I think Gab is gonna be the thing. But anyway Maajid Nawaz Maa Baa. He’s double jabbed, I think he got the saline though ’cause he makes sense ’cause he still preserved his critical thinking, whereas most people most jabbed people lost their critical thought, critical thinking. And it turns it changed the personality and they got a bit hostile and and I don’t wanna put them down. We gotta unite together against tyranny. OK. So anyway, that’s that’s just my thought, OK? And I’ve got a lot of friends who got jabbed and family, so. I’m not. I’m totally neutral. I just hope everybody is OK that’s that’s the main point. That’s what this all about. Vernon Coleman. OK. He’s great. He was every Wednesday, but he’s he’s taking little break now. ’cause he is. He is elderly. Doctors for covid ethics. That’s Sucharit Bhakdi’s the most published immunologist. And he’s with other extremely the top top pathologists and they’ve proven that they showed all the cells they’ve got these images, they’ve dyed all the killer T cells that went and infiltrated all the organs, the heart, the lungs and they’ve got pictures of it. I saw video of it, I didn’t show that part. I just showed him talking, but they’ve got the actual pictures of all the organs completely destroyed from this killer clot shot fake vaccine injection bioweapon that’s sticking all the spike protein into everyone’s organs and giving them “keuvid” [covid English accent] it’s not really the, it doesn’t really exist, I mean that’s the set of symptoms coronavirus is the flu. We know that there’s tons of coronaviruses going back, so they had to make it novel. Up your navel. Anyway, they’re giving you the disease with the strike proteins and prion disease. I’m just horrified that that every day there’s a new video, some top top Dr M.I.T, this lady I was listening to her today, and I keep downloading it every night. I’d like to stop on the weekends, you know, because. And I tried, but. I’m I don’t want. I don’t want to miss out on this information. I want to know Doctor Stephanie Seneff, Sen E Double F She’s proven here. MIT professor. Doctor. Yeah. Yeah. Another theorist right? You’re the theorist mother effer! She’s she’s she’s proven here with all the evidence. What’s going on? All these diseases that they’re getting, all these diseases, that the clot shot the experimental mrna Fake COVID bioweapon, clot shot spike protein is doing to you. And you know that the Bugnolo guy, but your brother Bagnolo. He goes pace bene at the end of everything. And that other guy we’re getting to him anyway. OK, quick. Just quickly covid ethics, Steve Kersch. Sub stack. Another guy who proved it, who proved all this. Stop New normal. That’s Piers Corbyn, Facebook stop new normal. Sh!t I should have done that like this century wire 21st century wire? That’s that’s another thing from the UK column. Vaccine deaths prisoner. That’s really good. ’cause he puts up videos from all over the place in one spot you can see every night I go there and have a look. HRR report on channels HRR report. That’s Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon. I hope he can help me down the road to to put my stuff. To self host, my stuff. I don’t know. We’re gonna try a lot of people and whatever works. naturalnews. But yeah, he does. He’s constant every day he puts something up, a lot of the stuff I I learned something every time with it, but it’s a bit long winded but. Yeah, he should. They should have a short version too right with all the main points ’cause. Sometimes you don’t wanna spend half an hour or even an hour when you can spend a minute, right? Or, you know or 10 or five minutes. But I guess that’s, It takes time to edit your videos. Nobody wants to do it. They’re like, I’ll just stick up an hour there instead of sitting there all day trying to make it 1 minute. You gotta be a good editor for that and wherever. Anyway, it still takes time, its time consuming, anyway natural news. That that’s all his. I put. OK, crow house. This guy is great. Max Igan is his stage name and I don’t think that’s his real name, but he’s a fugitive from Australia hiding in Mexico. They put him up there is his audience put him up there. And he he does every 2-3 days he’ll do something and he’s he’s excellent. Except chem trails, I’m not sure about. I’m I’m not sure about all these theories, but the covid thing we’re all agreed on the COVID FRAUD and genocide we’re all agreed on. Odyssey, Tim Truth. That’s another one that he’s the one that put up that Michael Yeadon thing. I don’t know where to find some I don’t know where they get them. Sometimes I have to search. And it’ll be on bitchute or rumble or brighteon or [odysee, brandnewtube..]. Here they are, all the world doctors alliance. OK. Alex Berenson, he he. He verbally attacked Robert Malone and Robert Malone, defended himself brilliantly. Yeah, he said. He said you’re not really the inventor. He’s like I own 9 patents from 1989 mopho and all the documents prove it and and all the. So Alex didn’t, I don’t know. They think he’s controlled opposition. But yeah, he ****** ** on that one. And at least at least he, he admitted that it’s all about debate. And it’s just the debate. So if he lost the debate, so be it. At least he’s man enough to do that, you know, at least he’s not. Censoring or silencing anyone and what was the other thing you said? He said that Malone didn’t invent it, which he did, so he’s wrong on that one. And then he said something else. Anyway, I gotta check that but uh a lot of information isn’t it to remember. Anyway I’m not gonna I read all of them am i? Can you see them? Should I zoom? Aa! Don’t show yourself too close, don’t wanna be too close do you. We’re not too bad, we’re not too good either, I’m not looking.. ‘Il be zebraman soon. OK, That’s another one. channels brighteon TV. Read voice media. That’s Stew Peters. Show. Very good. Stew Peters appears there too. So. Yeah. Redvoice Stew Peters dot TV goes to redvoice media. That’s got a quarter million hits a day, right. So that’s successful. He said he’s the biggest alternative media and right now online stew peters, that’s good, but it’s it’s monthly so. And no more fake OK, we got that Bannon’s war room he stopped that so that I gotta find the. I still have to tweak this so I update it periodically. Not not too much now ’cause. I don’t wanna waste too much time on that. Now that they’re mostly there, but I gotta get Banon’s thing. And also Dell Big Tree. I gotta get him on there. Mohammed But has that site so. who the fox hat Bitchute to Hugo talks, he’s alright, but he can get he can get a bit uh yeah. Occasionally he’ll say stuff that I, you know, but he just repeats, you know, if you’re just gonna repeat what’s going on occasionally though, he’ll repeat stuff that I didn’t know because I can’t keep track of everything. Ever since I’ve stopped the mainstream media sh!t, we need one place where you can get everything here. I gotta go to 100 places every night. I’m doing this so I’m losing my nights. Doctor Sam Bailey. She’s alright. Yeah, she’s. It’s so much shut up there. You know from previous.. That’s excellent. Because if you go to the three dots there’s there’s a few things that they hid it though I why would you hide it? Do you not want people to download ’cause to get the download button thing you gotta theres these 3 gray faded microscopic dots that nobody is going to see, and then you click that and then it says download. So they’ve hidden. They could have just put download, but they don’t want you to see that. Maybe they don’t want people to use up the bandwidth to download it. But I download from there, Salzburg, that’s the Hitler. I put a question mark when it shouldn’t be. That should be! He he is Hitler reincarnated ’cause. He’s forcing people. Or Mengele. A lot of Joseph Mengles around forcing people to get the experimental killer clot shot that killed a third of the people who took it and injured the other third.****** ******* without telling them, violating Nuremberg code without informed consent anyway, so UK citizen injury, OK, all these are extra. London Real. TV doctor How bad dot info? UK citizen, truth for health all these are little less active, so I put them down there, Fleming method project That’s pretty active. That was quite important that he some should be up top if they’re more active and then they’re breaking important things that no one else is. You gotta put them up and verified. A whole theorist. You’re the theorist. You’re the theorist. These are the Nontheorists. These are the the nontheorists anyway. OrthoMolecular. Yeah, that’s just a page isn’t it. covidLegal. So these are just secondary. Vaccine police. Yeah, he’s quite. Stew Peters said  to support him in that he supports him financially. But. COVID runway. Nuremberg2. and down here, these are all. I should I should point this camera at it & do quick spin anyway, so that’s it folks. Inlakesh [In like cash], that’s what he says. Max Igan, you can in like, cash, he made up some they all like to say something at the end of the video, pace bene, oh bugnolo here he is, that guy. He’s. I can’t believe this guy. brother bugnolo. So he’s Catholic or any any Catholics out there that think That he’s more credible, he said. You’re an idiot for getting, “if you took the vaccine for travel, you’re an idiot”. That’s what he said. I don’t think you’re an idiot. II sympathize with the victims. I sympathize with the.. sigh.. the brainwashed victims yea, they’re victims, man. Anybody who got tricked into this. It’s it’s the perpetrators you gotta be..who are the idiots. The bad people, he’s like you’re an idiot. And then he goes and you don’t get to live. You don’t get to inherit the Kingdom, and what else did he say? He said. Some funny bits. He’s a bit aw man, and some pretty not funny bits, but anyway, so bugnolo. And it keeps going. Ts tsk tsk [tongue suction off back of front teeth noise] Sorry, his tongue. He stuck his tongue out once when he did it. So I tsk think tsk you should tsk that’s enough, guys. I think that’s it this will be my update. Damn this chair. Why did I do this? Just I don’t want my website to be totally dead, that’s the thing. No, I don’t want anyone else to be totally dead either, so maybe I should put this, but they’re not gonna, you know, I put [dr] Robert Malone at the top. I put all the qualified most successful doctors in human history up top there and correct ones and I don’t put my, I’ll just stick myself up top there too. Just I just as an update. Just keep it just to keep it active, I guess maybe. Although I don’t wanna call Bill Gates a child killer unless there’s evidence, right? Unless he’s been convicted. So that was my opinion. Actually. That was India’s opinion. I was calling India. All of this is quoted. I’m just quoting other people, so your beef is with them and not me. Bbpp Bye. Bye. That’s it for now. I’m gonna try and get salvage today and actually do something because this isn’t, or is it? And I just want to get going. And so should you. So that’s it. Take care, guys. Bye. And I have lots more to talk about, but I just. I just don’t see the point, you know. If you’re gonna defraud my view count if it’s view count fraud or bad numbers, low numbers. What’s the point? I have better things to do, don’t you? Later. I keep thinking  I should say something. Keep thinking it’s it’s hard to kill the stream or the this isn’t live, but to to kill the it’s hard to say goodbye..”never can say goodbye” [song change of pitch fair use]. I changed it so it’s mine now. It’s not copyright infringement. Um, I think that’s it for now. Will I be back? I don’t wanna waste my time doing this. I gotta get going. But occasionally I’ll put something up there. Should I do it every couple of weeks? No, it’s not ******* worth it. It’s not worth my time for tiny numbers and for fraudulent view counters. It’s not worth my ******* time to expose myself like this as the loving, caring individual I am heh..  to to do anything for for nothing. These guys did it. This is what touches me the most. A lot of my family friends or whatever, I I think they they probably. Died of the vaccine or got injured or you know how it changes your personality and they’re all ******** and nobody wants to talk anymore and you can’t reach them. And I’m like this. If I lose all my friends and family because of this, because of the prion disease, spike protein clot shot crime.’cause people are ********. Even without that, it’s hard to reach actually a lot of people reach out to me or we’re not ******** in my life. And it’s funny how you focus on the ********. Sorry, that’s too vague a whole. You focus on the unavailable ones when you’ve got so many are available and you just you focus you’re like. Well, these people are unavailable. **** them, they don’t exist for them. But these guys were available. This is what touches me the most. These people cared about people they never know or see, even me. When I handed out stickers in the street warning people and sometimes they got abusive and they’re like, **** you. What do you know? You’re not a doctor. I’m quoting doctors. When I was trying, I didn’t want people to die even though I don’t know them and never will know them, and they don’t give a **** about me and I shouldn’t give a **** about them. I spread the word because they said to it, they said to this guy, Vernon Coleman said. Tell everyone you [don’t] know and I’m like, if he’s saying that and he told me, this is someone I will never meet. [silence getting emotionally choked up] It’s just weird how people you will never meet and will never see possibly, you know, and could could die. For example, Zelenko, the guy who doctor Dr Vladimir Zelenko, the guy who cured President Trump is that’s Trump’s doctor. He can’t get much higher than that, right? Successful or qualified that and he’s telling you it’s a poison death shot. And he’s he’s warned about this in all this great videos and excellent and he touched me and I’ll never he touched my soul in my heart and my mind and saved me. And so many others. These are people never meet or see or know, except through this, through this superb medium that touched and saved so many lives, or prevented this horror Genocide. [Democide]. Thanks to these people & it’s just touching that these guys were there when I needed them and not my friends and family who weren’t.’cause not one friend or family told me anything that these people said. I got it straight from the horse’s mouth from these guys. And why do they care about people? ’cause they’re that’s the real doctor. That Hippocratic Oath do no harm and trying to save people & humanity. Look at that. How many athletes fell dead? & the fake stream media didn’t tell you about it. I had to go online to find it. Through these people. And it’s just ironic that these people care more about you than your friends and family. And the fake stream feedia well. OK, let’s not exaggerate. Of course your family cares more about you. And or they they should. But if they injected you. Or themselves. Obviously they don’t, or they fuct up on that one anyway, didn’t they? And then I’ve got the 45 page International Criminal Court Genocide charge at The Hague. Holland. I’ve got the whole thing up there so you can read it in detail and I’m going to leave it like that for the next six months. I’m working on my product. My movie The series, the books, the music, all that ****. I just want to finish my package, have it in my hands, ready to go. And if it doesn’t go anywhere, it’ll go there. It’ll go there, at least. At least it’ll go here. OK, later. And enough about me. What about you? Hehe Anyway, OK alright, I think. This was totally unprepared so. It’s a mess as usual. You want the edited version. That’ll be. God, I haven’t had a massage in years. When was your last massage? And I mean I I need, like, shiatsu. I need. I need to. I need the real deal. Not this. That’s pretty Women do it but a Massage. I don’t really care if she’s pretty or I’d rather have a really tough, you know. I hate to say it, but you know I need. I need testosterone fueled. Violence on my back or I need heavy weights heavy. I need heavy. I need hard and heavy. Sorry. Oh agh! They said that’s stress, isn’t it? OK, so that’s it. I’m sorry. I was unprepared. I had so much to to offer, so much to give so much to contribute and offer, and I didn’t. But maybe next time. Ok? Later, I think that’s it for now. Take care. Stand up. Rise, defy. Hey, hey, hey. Piers Corbyn’s Moto. Resist. Defy. Do not comply. Resist, defy. Do not comply. He’s put his body language into it now, I’ve gotta get that. Because you see, you get better and better at communicating, and he sees one of the best ’cause he’s been doing this so long. I don’t know what he was so funny when he was doing this. Let me add one. Do not complyyyyy bpppppp bbbbpp Take that mofos, later. Is that good? Will that do? Bye.

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