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Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 20 feb 2022 320pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0140S03

Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 20 feb 2022 320pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0140S03—scrounger-video-phone-conversation-sun-20-feb-2022-320pm-utc-GeorgeGodley*com-vlog*com-0140S03:0

Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 20 feb 2022 320pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0140S03 transcript [OUTLINE COMING SOON]

Oh my God. Not again, huh? Had to happen, can’t be and not do anything. We’re doing a lot, but not not this because I explained last time. Thanks for visiting and 100 domains. Sunday, February 20. 2022. 2022. 3:00 PM UTC GMT. Calling Gaik again because I’m gonna make a lot of calls, but this is ready to, this is Internet ready. This is 4K ready, 8K ready. Why? we’ll get into all that in a bit. But. Just explaining. Yeah, he’s the uh, he’s my colleague from the episodes a year ago that hopefully you’ll see eventually. So one of one of the many collaborators or colleagues. Creative consultants that I collaborated with. OK, so and the reason it’s an inside joke I call him. Gaaik because when we were in Sochi 20 years ago, there was this woman called, Teresa said, yea she couldn’t pronounce H cause in Russian there’s no “h”, apparently. So he said Gaik she kept when she got drunk in the hotel room, she kept going “GAAIK”. So now it’s an inside joke. I call him GAAIK and he was joking that 20 years later she might not have any teeth left and she should be like Gaaik. The reunion 20 years later, we were going to go back, but because of the COVID FRAUD, we never got around to. Anyway, I’m gonna be more diplomatic on this one. A little more relaxed, much more relaxed. I don’t want to lose my temper and swear I I went over. You know, we’re improving the format. So I wrote whole bunch of notes here. I’ll go over them later. That’s not this production notes, but. And I’ve got a little little outline, little little bit prepared this time. Just anyway he’s waiting, so let’s go. Let’s call him, anything else. Yeah, it’s about that time of month, ladies. When you feel a cramp coming every because it’s monthly. Now I’m doing. I should be doing it fortnightly or maybe weekly WEAK. But yeah, if you feel like cramp coming on, it’s me. I’m on the way and. Let’s. Call. Pink dot. Need that pink dot. This is funny. I’ll tell you why. Hello? owot? What’s up? That’s what they used to say when I came here from my first year abroad. Everybody was saying, “O-WOT?!”, and I never heard it again. But anyway, gonna show yourself? a lot of people just want audio they, and I’m not gonna shout either anymore. I’m gonna calm down. Maybe I should bump up the DB. But I might there might be some dynamics. Hey, how you doing, man? Yeah, I’m fine. And you. Sorry, man. I was. Took a lot of preparation as the time was approaching my my my heart rate was going up, my pulse was going up and it’s like. Responsibility, man. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Pressure. a little pressure. It’s becoming a performance. Every phone call now, it shouldn’t be like this. We should have normal calls. No camera or, you know it. Now it’s becoming like a huge for me anyway. Yeah. I had a couple things I wanted to ask you. Are you doing OK? You’re fine. Better. Hey, I can hear the TV man. Can you turn it down a little bit please? Sorry, 0 TV. Sorry. Sorry. Can you imagine directing everybody I meet. So I’m like, hey. No, you should ask me to ask my neighbors not to.. Hey, the neighbors have Wi-Fi, but we’ll get to that In a bit. I wanna ask you a couple of things, man. There’s a few few points I made. Now, this time I had a couple things to say. OK, first of all, hey, what happened last time? What happened last time? Did was that did Facebook censor us and stop us talking? No, no, it’s because. I had problems with my telephone. This is the problem. Later I fixed it and everything was OK what was it? Can you explain or is it not? Yeah, yeah, just it’s also uncharged or or maybe I use Wi-Fi. I don’t remember what was the problem. I was in my house or somewhere else. Yeah, in your house. And it just went. It just stopped. And then and then I called many times it kept saying fail. Fail, fail called yet because it was off my telephone was off. It was uncharged. It was discharged. So that’s why I start charging and then call you back. You were busy. Then we said, OK later we gotta do that. It wasn’t working. Yeah. OK. So another thing I want to study airport. Remember you said that. What does it mean? You mean I I maybe I meant to know, to know how it works or how does it function in our case in our . I don’t remember this this expression. Yeah, I’m going over all the transcripts and I’m finding some funny quotes and things that people said. And one of yours is. Yeah. Why aren’t you going to the airport at 4:00 in the morning, where you gonna spend all day and night at the airport instead of just going, you know, the last minute? You’re like, I want to study airport. Anyway, I’m truly you know, I love lot airports. This is the place where all the time I can spend there like a day or two just watching and seeing where people travelling. These people are another kind of people. The people in the street. These are already people with happy faces and you get this energy from them, right? Maybe this helps us to enjoy. Yeah. That’s why seasides resorts. It helps us to get this mood from other people. Even if you don’t swim, I don’t swim a lot in seasides, but I I like to see people enjoying and going, yelling and making some funs, even if they are not my friends. But I want to see it from the side. I love it. What is that? But they get to that in a minute. But first I wanted to tell you. Remember, I made just a couple corrections the last time I said 1,000,000 a year in Times Square. You remember I said one mil, would you? Would you say when they when that happened? The last conversation? I made a mistake, I said Times Square rent is 1,000,000 a month [year] for a building it it was a couple floors. There was a basement and this shop was one million a year. I said it’s actually it was one million a month. Well, yeah. And they want to make it 5,000,000 a month, which is why they left, I guess because they they figure somebody like Apple no problem 5 million a month, they can get the building and and make 5,000,000 a month. You see these big companies, you see the globe, the global list thing like they’re gonna muscle out anybody smaller and can be able to well, you don’t need to be in Times Square though. Right. But there is the imagine how much business though your goes through for them to be able to make millions every month. Yeah, I can imagine. But now the millions are made in virtual life. You know what? Which kind of projects these people are going to to produce that you will sit at home and will be walking anywhere in the street and enjoying seeing people talking to people without being there. Do you know about this project? Yeah, virtual world. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the beginning. It will be a Joy. Yeah, it’s a joke. It’s a joke a few times, but we need real thing, man. All this substitute Of course. Of course. Of course. They are OK. There are places where you wouldn’t like to go personally, but you would like to go study these shops. You will be going in to the shop and talk to the seller and understand what’s happening. Maybe it’s not the the best area where you would like to spend your time, but you have to be there because there are certain. And certain things to study. Like airports? Anyway, yeah. OK. So uhm OK look. Wait, So what about Tik T.O.K? It’s it’s Chinese Communist, man, no! but it’s not anymore. It is. It is. Bigger than you to peace?. No, no, no, no, no, no. First of all, all the information they’re saving to, to, to, to, to make problems for you in the future. They’re saving everything they’re saving over in China. It’s joint. You cannot have a Chinese business without having the Chinese government control half of the business. So anyway, it’s not free, man. It’s it’s not. It’s it’s OK. Which color form you gonna use for your videos? Probably not. No YouTube. No, no. Tik T.O.K. Which one else? And Amazon is no good ’cause. They closed my friend, you know. No jab for That guy. He’s Greek American. He has no jab. He has that website It’s quite famous now because it has all the all the proof that covid vaccine, the whole COVID FRAUD and the vaccine and all the fraud about it. And he proved everything. Everybody proved it, but he proved it even better anyway, he had he had faces crimes against Humanity Club and he put the whole list like 1000 people that are guilty of these crimes and as soon as I said something on my one of my posts, I tweeted. I saw something. You know, I see these things and and the UN guy said we are going to fo[rce]. We suggested climate change and the COVID again and all this and I said I I answered the tweet I said if you’re going to if you violate the Nuremberg Code and the human rights thing we’re gonna put you on that site right. Yeah. And in three days the site was gone. Finished. So I asked, I asked Paul Adams, you know, the guy, I asked him what happened ’cause, you know, we’ve been emailing a little bit. Yeah. He said some politico or must have should have done. And I explained to him what I did. And he said I thought maybe some UN. I said, and who was hosting it? He said that Amazon Web Services, so we so we know Amazon Web Services is corrupt, they’re they’re they’re controlled by the UN and they can close it down. So, you know, Amazon. Hey, by the way, Amazon doesn’t make any money from all these. You know, my neighbors keep buying Amazon. I won’t. I will never buy Amazon because I want to support local businesses and not the. COVID. Yeah, I see it. Not the COVID globalist tyrants, right. So if I don’t need Amazon unless I need something very badly, maybe. But I never use them. Ever. So. But I’m going to ask you. Yeah, Amazon makes no only money from the AWS, not from. All these transactions, Can you imagine? They don’t make any money from all the sales from the. Yeah, the product. How do they exist then? Why do they keep going? AWS Amazon website service like that guy? He was hosted there and he put on his website on there and they took it down. And I was scared. Maybe they’ll take mine down, but I’m not. I think I’m OK because all that work he did, I wanted to save that list of people, right. And I I sent it. I sent it to a lot of people now. So it’s out there, but anyway. Anyway, so hey, how was your Valentine’s Day? OK. We don’t have this day here. It’s probably best.. I didn’t know about it. That’s why I didn’t congratulate you, by the way. I my congratulations. So I don’t know if it’s really a joy to spend, but Armenia has no nothing like that. Yeah, Greece too, I said. I said happy Valentine’s to a few people, but if it’s a man, it’s they say, you know, no, homo or something. You have to say. So you know, no misunderstanding, but anyway. Yeah, I hear it was raining. So I just. I was like, why sweat it, you know? And you didn’t do Tinder? online dating, you didn’t try that, did you? That’s what everybody does in. Yerevan?. No. in Yerevan it’s impossible. Do they have it there. To they have it, I’m not sure. I I’m not sure I I. But you know, as you told that you would prefer real life. Yeah, but me too. I want to see these people, not the photos that are great. Later on. You see? It’s. Totally another person another kind of character where the in the photos they are like romantic, very intelligent and then you you see in reality there just. Sure, big problem. Anyway, so the latest about the democide. They call it democide now, not not genocide. Democide ’cause. It’s everybody. They’re killing a huge number of people, not just specific ethnic cleansing shi*. Yeah. Yeah. So my uncle died. I don’t know if I told you, but my uncle died after getting injected a few months later, which. Which uncle? Greece from my mother’s from my other mother. Her brother? Yeah. You mean they’re biological mother? Yeah. Yeah, I met him. I met him a couple times at his son’s wedding. And how old was he? I’m not sure, but he’s he must be. He must be 70 something right about? Yeah, OK. But but he was in perfect health.No problems and he got the vaccine in there. I mean, the fake vaccine, the MRNA COVID injection. And he died same year, same year and and they blamed it on COVID. This is what they do. They anybody who gets the injection and dies like oh, it’s COVID. They never do the autopsy to prove anything. There’s no evidence. And we know it’s it’s not COVID because all the reasons that I told anyway, and another guy many people meant so many that that all those websites full of people, all these victims and casualties and. Even on YouTube, there’s this guy camo Dave for example. And he he he just died last month. Right. And so he was he young. 50. So too young to die anyway so he. So I searched his videos. I always find it. I always because I saw him say he goes. “I got I’m double double vaccinated”. So I always find it eventually. I find it you know. And so he he also and you see nobody nobody tells you know. All the people online I saw people talking about it, no one dares say anything ’cause they’re scared to lose their ****** YouTube accounts. So there’s this censorship anyway. So you know there anyways. So yeah, this is the rule of humanity, you know. And whenever you say absolutely democracy, there is no way to build such a system. Yeah, they always they pretend they are liberal, but in reality they got another gestapo rules. You know, Reiner Fuelmich, the lawyer, he’s got his trial going on now it’s it’s it’s a it’s a preliminary trial because he couldn’t find any. No court, they’re all corrupt. Bill Gates and those globalist ********. Sorry I was trying not to swear, but all those top guys, they bought all this, everything all the media ’cause. It’s controlled by a few people, you know, all these things, all the top courts. But there must be somewhere anyway. He’s he’s. He’s like he’s doing his every Saturday. He’s doing the grand jury thing and. But he said, yeah, if they’re all corrupt, you can’t. You have to go outside the legal system just like they did at Nuremberg. You know, do you believe it will happen? We have to. Well, it’s it’s happening already in the but we have to see. You will find justifications a lot of justifications, proof evidence, telling that he helped people you make a lot of donations, other things you you, not you, it’s impossible to blame this ugly people. They know how to protect themselves. But the evidence is there. It’s already there. So he’s just making it formal, I guess, but I wanted to tell you. Hey, that’s you changed the carpet and you guys put carpets on the wall. No, it was the same. What is it? It looks like computer in Italy, it’s like Italy is Italy, one of the venezia’s probably? I thought it was abovian square or Republic square. No, no way.  There’s too many arches. It’s Venezia or something. It’s. That’s another not a hand end made card. It’s just the cheap machine made it looks nice. That’s another guy. The Italian tyrant Draghi [druggie]. He’s another guy who should be. Locked up for life for for forcing the Italians. Yeah, it’s you see some some countries, some countries are worse than others. Right? You saw Trudeau. Canada, you saw what’s going on there, right? TrudMao. Anyway, I wanted to say here how is it in? What happened to you with you said- I’m trying not to shout. You said you can’t eat anymore in the big in the cheap but big places do you have to go expensive now? what happened with? Are they forcing the the the ******** China digital? No, no, it’s it’s it’s almost over, you know. And I hope this “omicron” [moronic] gonna be gonna change the world it’s gonna make. Much easier things to happen, but probably we don’t. We will soon. It will be like any “grippe” or any any flu. But this, this Communist Chinese digital slavery passport thing that’s on your phone. You said they were forcing this. Yeah. Sorry. Vaccinated you mean and show it by by your ZIP code, not zip code. Another code. What was the name? That’s. Butg are they? Are they forcing this digital telephone slavery on you yet you said yes, right? Not yet. Not here, and I don’t think if there are some places where it’s gonna work soon it will be just annulated, I’m sure. But you said, because only. OK, you said the big places you couldn’t go anymore. ’cause. They forced you. OK, OK. It was. It was told that since 22nd of January [2022] we gonna shut shut all the stores for the people who have no injection, no vaccination, fake vaccination. But it didn’t happen. It happened only for the bars and restaurants, but I think now it’s not anymore. It doesn’t. It’s not necessary they don’t require, but this you know, you know this is a test. They they want to do it. They’re gonna keep trying. They’re gonna try climate change as an excuse. They’re gonna keep trying. They want to bring the Chinese system here. That’s what this is. So, but it won’t work because Europeans are not like Chinese. They’re not gonna let you know they’re here. But it just takes a handful of like, like those WEF criminals. Discipline is very hard to apply to people who already know what freedom is. Its impossible in Europe to use this. I hope so. gestapo systems. People will be on just on purpose. They will destroy this like Soviet Union was destroyed. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because, yeah. How was Armenia? Where when it was communist. Do you remember? Were you there? Yeah. We were all very capitalistic. This area of Armenia was very. Capitalistic it was not so much communistic as it was told that we should do exactly what they were saying. It’s it’s a ********. Maybe some Russian cities got 10-20 years, but later on it’s we were telling that we  are in communistic system, but in reality it was absolutely free. I could listen. I could speak. I could talk. I could make jokes on leaders and maybe in Stallin time. It happened for 20 years because they were telling that security’s number one priority. So we have to keep. Speaking only. Correct things. Nothing extra, nothing dangerous. They’re never criticizing leaders. So many people were jailed and so many of them were exiled. Anyway after him because it was changing and changing better and better, but was it? Was it difficult? Was it? Did you have no freedom? Was it terrible? Not so much. we had freedom, we had, I could. What’s the difference between now and yeah, before I, I don’t feel I don’t feel personally, I don’t because I could be very capitalistic during the communism. But when you’re free to, you know, to to talk to women, to all this stuff. Yeah, easily. Especially that time for Soviet Union had this rule that anywhere you want to. Talk to, ladies. Nobody would stop you. No police, no nothing. She would never be able even to claim to any policeman or whatever. They would just if they don’t like you, they would just say goodbye and that’s it. But not foreigners. I thought foreigners. They restricted you to mix with foreigners, so you don’t.. No, foreigners were very happy because all the locals were loving them because to go to foreign countries, it could give them give them a chance to travel the they know somebody from other countries. That’s why my chances were. Less than the foreigners, to flirt. OK. I’ll just say, hey, is there a lot of ambulances? 23 Is there a lot of ambulances there? I noticed every 10 minutes, there’s an ambulance. I think it’s from the fake vaccine injury. Before it was very much loud  siren as going on in the streets now. No. Zero. Maybe it was forbidden to say. no, no here, here. Now, after after the the MRNA, the fake vaccine. Now so many people are, all I noticed a lot of ambulances. Now much, much, much more all the time I’m videoing them to show. But every 10 minutes sometimes I’m noticing like. OK, I’ll tell you why I every time they called, they say we have flu. We have fever. Yeah. Yeah. So they want to make ts a rule to make this siren to probably influence on your opinion to be in fear. But another thing I noticed a lot of people walking, it’s like zombie Apocalypse slowly. Slowly. Many people look sick like, and usually they’re wearing a mask, and they’ve got a walking stick, and they’re they’re all have this the same posture and gait, and body, they’re all like this. And and I don’t dare ask them because they, you know, they’re they’re not well anyway. But I just noticed a huge increase after this fake vaccine thing. But I just wanna say anybody who’s vaccinated, I hope you’re OK because most people will be OK because Bourla the criminal he adulterated the batch and lot numbers. And he’s he’s only targeted as a smaller amount of the population to get sick and die, and everyone else will not. Probably not get sick and die, even though they’re making this spike protein all the time, which is another thing I wanted to ask you, was they don’t know because this is such a big experiment. They don’t know if we can catch it from the fake vaccinated. Like they’re saying you can get from the spike protein from body fluids if you have sex with a vaccinated person, you might get. Even. Now they’re saying they’re getting HIV. Did you see that now? It says, yeah, they’re all saying they’re getting acquired immunodeficiency syndrome because they’re immune system has been destroyed by these vaccines. Which I hope not most people will be OK again. I’m just saying it’s it’s it’s probably a small proportion, but when you’re doing it to billions, then it’s still gonna be millions that are gonna get hurt. But we gotta be careful. Are you gonna have are you? Would you have sex with a vaccinated person or to get their blood? If you have an accident, then you need blood transfusion. You don’t want to have these. You don’t wanna have these. It’s like proteins in the blood, right? No, I don’t know if my life is in danger. I will get it in case to save my life if if I will be dying or getting this and saving my life, what else I could do. But I’m telling you, it looks like Michael Jackson’s thriller video here. They’re like euuuugghhh. Even young people? no mostly the older ones, most, mostly the older ones. Is that my friend the vaccine there [champagne[. There is. You wanna talk to me later? How you doing so? shalI show him. I don’t wanna show where I live though the street and everything. That’s why.  26 “CHAMPAGNE!” How you doing? I’m on the phone. I’m on the phone, man. Champagne for everyone. I’ll get him w/ this one. Is he drunk? No no He’s just a regular. Sorry I’m on the I’m on the phone. Sorry. I’m on the phone. Very nice yea bend over!  How you doing? Hey, you OK? I’m on the phone, sorry. [whistle] All Right. Later man sorry, Thamk God the neighbors are cool because, you know, I don’t want them to think I’m getting them, but I gotta get the street. I’ll put that on the. I’m gonna put that on the Internet right now, but I’ll put it on the show maybe later. I can see that he’s he’s a regular. He’s my friend. He’s he’s one of the regulars in the square. Yeah. But he’s got everybody’s got some problem, you know? He’s like he’s he’s on medications, but he seems normal. Like, well, almost almost no one what’s normal anymore. But he’s very nice every time he says he goes. He’s a Moroccan, English, African, half African and and he’s he’s gay, so he doesn’t like to, be careful. Yeah, so so. But but he’s always like champagne for everyone. Champagne. But that’s his. Who’s gonna pay? But I’m sure not him. That’s how. That’s how he, you know, interacts with people. He just says champagne. Now everybody knows him, everyone. Yeah. And he always. He always gives compliments to people. That is a lovely jacket, sweetheart. Yeah. That’s so nice. So. I started doing it too. As a joke. Did you did you video him all the time? Yeah, all the time. Hello. Cool. Yeah, I might bring him up here and we’ll do an interview. Might have some champagne, but anyway, that’s another thing, I would video him while he’s independent. His actions. Maybe he will do some wild things later. It will be a documentary about this guy. Yea he seems all right. Yeah. Hey, another question, another question ready? is is, is a powerful magnet bad for your heart? Because I need to wear this magnet for my camera and no no no, but it’s not, it’s not a normal magnet, it’s it’s, I don’t wanna say give too much away but it’s very powerful. Is it bad? They said it’s bad for pacemakers. It is bad. Maybe. Maybe it’s bad for.. How do you say systems electronic systems? It will be a little bad, some of them will will be damaged.. but, the heart is electronic, the heart is electronic, man. No, no, no, no. It’s got  elektron’s. Yeah, but it doesn’t. It could make make sense if you would say that our body has Iron. How do you say Iron? How how did iron material in our body? There is a zero, 1% or whatever. We have iron ourselves, OK, it might be even something dangerous but but I’m sure if that could happen like that, everybody would talk about this. But but I looked on the Internet, there’s nothing about. Magnets and heart. Nothing. Not even what? Don’t worry about it. Yeah, of course. I notice like when I wear it. OK, look, look, the magnet is like this, right? So it’s very strong here, right? But yeah, but behind it’s not strong. It’s not pushing. You know how how course you know how usually the back of a magnet has very powerful push. Yes. Pull, push. Right. This I know. Of course. This one only has pull, one side. Yeah, it doesn’t have push from the back. Yeah, so that’s that’s good, right? At least I’m not getting the back one. But I’m just thinking, I’m just thinking now with 5G, with 5G, maybe it’s attracting some ****. No, no, no. Which is another difficult. There are a lot of people living next to these stations this that are emitting these waves and they would not live long. It would be, it could be a discussion discussion topic, but nobody is talking. It means it has nothing to do with. The security of our health. That’s the next thing I was gonna ask you. There’s this guy on internet I can’t believe. You know, you Lube allows him because he he’s saying microwave radiation. Yeah, OK. Wireless. So we got, we got 5G. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, all three, he said. And and and there, you know, 5G is connected to to 100,000 satellites soon to be half a million. They said Bill Gates is gonna put another couple 100,000. It’s gonna be 500,000 satellites in a few years, and they’re all beaming 5G to every. Spot on earth, right? So he says. This is microwave radiation. Even though Wikipedia shows that it’s non ionizing, it’s close to radio. He says. OK, listen, listen, radio does not go through buildings. You need an antenna. That’s what he said. Yes, but microwave this one. It’s higher than radio. It goes through the building and through you. It’s going through us, yes. But if it’s going through us, it doesn’t cause us any problems, he said. It’s they proved that it causes many problems and and because it’s again, just like the the fake vaccine, because there’s so many billions of dollars, trillions, even that nobody is telling you and and he’s trying to prove it and to warn everybody to. To turn off your phone and not only use it in, you know, very little bit and even Wi-Fi stay away from the Wi-Fi routers and even Bluetooth. I’m gonna stop this. I’m gonna put my wired mouse back. I’m gonna turn off eventually when I find it. All these things he said are risky. And you, you can get cancer. And in the future, because of this. And they proved it. There’s some evidence already. No, David did their assigned. He’s that they could just find out easily. And they would just for forbid, forbid this kind of thing. So if it doesn’t happen. So I’m sure it’s it doesn’t cause any problems this, this, this. Microwaves. They are so tiny that they go through anything. I hope so and radio radio waves are very big. That’s why they can’t go through the through the walls through us. And actually some of them they go, you know. Radio of them they go. Yeah. Radio waves, some microwaves. All I know is I don’t consent to the experiment. Just like I didn’t consent to the other experiment. I’m not gonna. I’m gonna start being more careful. And I wanna research this. We gotta watch. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to watch the live streamers. There’s a bunch of them they’re doing all day and night. They have this one guy. He has a camera on his chest, the telephone on his chest every day. For two years now, I wanna see if he’s still alive. If he dies, if he, if he disappears, we know something happened and maybe it’s not safe. ’cause it’s even. It’s gonna be difficult to know if he died from the phone or not, or if he got hurt. But there’s a bunch of live streamers. They’ve 10 hours. They’re live streaming and. Those and and. They should test it on like you know, they don’t want to test it because, uh, if they’re scared that the results will show that it’s harmful, so they should test it on the birds, put it near the pigeons and see if the pigeons die. Not on the people. OK, listen, if you have some doubts about anything, just browse it, put there the type, any title like let’s say. fatality from microwaves, fatality from death. It’s from radio waves. Any waves? Which kind of effect do they leave with our health? Or which kind of fatalities, which kind of effects? I saw some evidence even on the Bluetooth Wikipedia. If you go down, it says the World Health Organization, you know, the criminals that did all this that are being sued now, but even they. They have a subdivision and it says I forgot the name, but I.C. something, blah blah blah. They said they proved that. Yeah. Possible carcinogen possible. Carcinogen wireless wireless is possible carcinogen so. You still don’t know, right. Anyway, the guy the guy, I’m sure. I’m sure it’s not dangerous. How do you know? How do you know? I will tell you how. First of all, if something happens with this kind of. Machines so people understand even if they are not doctor. Let’s say somebody has a brother, mother, whatever they need next to to these buildings that has this kind of emination or how do you call this hese waves? Emissions.. So they if they die they start thinking about it. They start protesting. Everybody would know about it, people said. Most of the people are smart. It will go like, even if they’re not gonna talk to you on TV. You talk go just one to another. It will be make a panic on people. I hope So. This is one proof another proof can be easily found. Some people lived all their life next this buildings I mean places where they have this shit. So they are sure it doesn’t happen because they had grandmothers, grandfathers living so long. Years and nothing happened with them, so it’s a proof that it it’s not so dangerous. Yeah, I hope so. ’cause this guy, his name is Barrie Trower. He’s English and he’s he’s spending his whole life warning people. And he’s on on youlube. But there’s some videos 3 hours he’s talking, and he has this problem with his throat he keeps. He’s he’s he’s like a throat clearing champion. Every sentence he has to go aghem ahem ahem Can you give him some informational food for him to complain? Let’s let’s create something. You’ll see tomorrow is gonna just yell. You know, this is scientifically proved that this gonna happen to all the humanity forever. This is for fun. What do you mean? Just give him a reason. Let’s say if we say. Now there is a comet flying near our planet, and it’’s gonna cost such a problem to all our health. That will leave another three years. He’s gonna talk about that old all the week. There’s some people they like complaining complaining. This is his style, maybe even he he doesn’t believe that this is the style to make audience. be interested. it attracts there are styles. You know, some people like joking all day long. Some people do this just to have audience. By the way, what’s happening with Oh, you mean what? The website, the website or the yeah, yeah. Website. What’s the deal? What are the views? It’s, uh, it shoots up sometimes. I don’t I I don’t know who to trust. Goggle anal Google Analytics or hype stat? I don’t know who to trust, but like I told you, it’s always roughly the same, which I find very very suspicious, right? How can something be constantly the almost the same number all the time for for ten years? That’s why I stopped ’cause. You know how I said I don’t wanna be here 10 years from now. It’s already 10 years have gone by and I don’t like this position I’m in. So. But but it said, you know, hypestat says 15,000 a month. Which I don’t see. I don’t see that on my on my video view counts. I don’t see it on my social media thing I don’t see and. And are you refreshing stuff there? Do you put something there all the time and Google Analytics? Goggle anal says 3000 of like 100 a day, sometimes 200 sometimes. But I don’t know. I can’t trust they’re criminal man. I can’t trust criminals. How do we know if they lied about everything else anyway? So all I know is it’s the numbers are small, right? So that’s why I’m. I’ll still do this. I’ll put this as an update. Just to keep it a little bit active. But right now with the. You know, with the situation it it’s more important that that was more pressing. But anyway, yeah, I wanted to ask you, 39:50 do you know the Bolsheviks? Of course.  I’m very good in history. You know you ask me anything about other countries too not only Soviet Union and the guy Max Igan from the crowhouse, he’s one of the people that I watch. Yeah, I don’t wanna say follow. But he said the Bolsheviks killed 65 million people and they’re still in charge today. That’s the same people now that are. Killing now with this fake vaccine, it’s the same right? Is it? Or maybe we’re not allowed to say, you know, Rothschild, I I don’t know enough about it because even someone in my family, my some, some family friend where my godfather was. Married to Rothschild. One of the rotchilds? Because there are many. So. So I’m. I’m but I got nothing to do with it. As a matter, I never see them. But. But I knew that that name. I I don’t wanna put that name down. ’cause they could kill you. Right? They have enough. Aree you in contact with them. Not anymore. But I know how to get in touch. I think if they’re still.. do it get in Touch. Make your life interesting. man. Don’t be very much closed in one space. Just be with everybody. Talk and. This is the life.. I have to clean up my website a bit though I have to. I have to go neutral. I I mean I have to put other people let the other people argue. I don’t wanna get involved in the argument so much like I did last time, you know. Yeah. But anyway, what? What? What was it last time arguing with who? You know, when I when I quoted. India saying Bill Gates is wanted for for I did you know about it? Last conversation? Didn’t I say Bill Gates is wanted? And you said OK, yeah. You said yeah, I shouldn’t stay out of it. Let there’s enough people. Involved II I don’t need to get like you told me once. Why do you wanna get involved? Right. It’s best not to get involved in all these things. Yeah, but that that’s why it was good to be invilved in interesting topics, not like just criticising, complaining, protecting, being here. Being panical situations where, just enjoy, you know you have these possibilities you are you are. You have relatives, you have some connections. Why don’t you use it? OK and because Bill Gates, I just wanna say I don’t know anything. I was just quoting. But yeah, if. 450,000 Indian children got paralyzed from one of his vaccines, or many, many vaccines, maybe that that’s the problem. So some died, but most of them like 450,000, got paralyzed. That’s why they’re so angry. Who knows about it? Who is sure for that.  Principia Scientific. That’s a website with they always have evidence. I put the I put the link under the video last time. OK, but besides that, are there any other channels telling about that? if not it’s a little bit doubtable, you know? there’s 10 or 20 websites that are reliable and they always. Use evidence and so they’re the ones to to watch but anyway, you know to confirm. Because being this way? Just being always in problems trying to solve trying to protest. It’s too much. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe you are enjoying your life the other hours only. Just while you are talking to some friends. You are talking about this problem, but in reality you have to enjoy your life too. What about traveling? Not that’s not soon. Now you are not traveling. Just a minute. I found this 43 40 song. You gotta enjoy your life. Put it there anyway. Yeah, travel Not until they stop the. You know that that you know that PCR test. Yeah, and all these nasal swabs. And and I, I’ve, I know this guy. He he refused and he just put it in his mouth. There’s some places you can go. You can control the situation and say no. You can only put it on my *** in India they’re doing in China. They’re doing it up peoples ***** at the airport. So nobody wants to go to China anymore. ’cause at the airport, they’re gonna bend you over the luggage rack. Imagine the person who’s gonna put it through your ass will be gay & says how do you enjoy. What are you doing later? Haha! Yeah. So, so, yeah, when they stop that, then I’ll travel not before because you know what they did? They admitted it. Now I saw it on the Principia. Scientific. It’s always evidence, no opinions, only evidence. They have the evidence there. Right, CDC admitted. And it’s usually the same criminals admitting it the same government. So CDC admitted we used that those anal swabs or the nose swabs and all this to get your DNA so we can harvest your DNA and we can. Play with your DNA and they want to see if this DNA they can with nanotechnology. They can control your body with the the 5G thing. I thought it was ******** like last year. Two years ago I thought David. Icke I said yeah, because on the radio, on the radio, you know, they’re all dismissing it. I thought it’s all ******** but it’s true. It’s true, man. They prove that the the governments they are using, they’re doing experiments with with all this stuff. They are. They are, They proved it, man. They proved it. You know, you ask the topic that is always interesting for me. Like, let’s imagine this way. Like. Now they they are able to create people out of just how to say in tubes right in your bottles. Yeah, imagine if somebody took all your genes and and created like thousands of your type. And then the children will be slaves for some people. Yeah, that that’s what my friend did, you know, my other friend was saying my other travel friend, he was. He was saying, yeah, they can  46 clone you and then abuse you. Imagine if you want to revenge somebody you take his genes You create this person  yea the YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki. You get her DNA her hair, you clone her and then you **** you. You stole 13,000 of my videos Bitch! It’s the clone. It’s not the real person. I’m just kidding. That’s gonna be a revenge, big revenge. Last time I said she was she killed children with that vaccine promotion and ****. I’m just, I’m just quoting. I’m just saying what everyone else is saying. She’s she’s wanted all these. Did you say killing or you said kidding? Kidding. All these people that promoted this injection, it killed a lot of children that did hurt. Injured and killed a lot of children, so they are responsible for the injuries and deaths of Maddie de garay. For example, even if it’s one in 1000 or deaths and one in 100 injuries, it’s still millions of people and kids and it’s white. Why would they push the most the deadliest injection in history, why would they push that if they Didn’t want to kill people since they know if there’s gonna be a proportion of people injured and killed from this thing, and it’s the deadliest one in 30 years. So people think it’s on purpose. They knew it was gonna happen. They wanted to get rid of a whole bunch of people they wanted to kill people. There’s no other explanation when you know it’s gonna kill people and you push it and you censor any warnings, you’re responsible. Yeah, but you you need to prove it. They will they are he is, Reiner Fuellmich, That’s why he’s doing this lawsuit. He’s doing this court trial outside the system and all the public opinion that we’re gonna see, he’s already proven it anyway but it’s just more formal now. So.. Geo, when did you start videoing your full HD footages which year full hd category. With the camcorder, there’s two things, right? There’s camcorder, and then there’s the. Then there’s the digital thing, digital. Yeah, I know on the chest. So I with the camcorders I started in. So DV you know the cassettes digital video, I have to check, I can check exactly, but they they equal with full HD or they are much lower, much lower but they look. So I think they look very good anyway. But but back then 20 years ago, so anyway, DV stopped around 2004, I think around there, yeah, 2005. So so since since that time you have actually good footage, even even before that, it’s still you. You said you don’t like the Sochi quality book that I made, but I think it is still looks pretty good if the print is on the screen, OK, it’s it’s it’s grainier. But I think it looks beautiful anyway. Sorry, but they are videos, right? They’re not photography. I mean, they’re not pictured jpegs. You know they’re low res, but they still look beautiful because Sony. I got lucky. I picked Sony because they do the best picture, right. Picture quality Sony and Canon, but Canon is the professional, not the. Semi pro but I want to ask you about the  50 time lapse thing. Yeah, I’ve been. I’ve been trying to put all the cameras together and make the time lapse right with the photos so you can see everything really fast. Yes. Yes. And it’s impossible because they’re even though they’re on the same clock the same time. If you take, if you take pictures, you know photos from video. It puts today’s date and not the original date. Unless I don’t understand which date today is today’s date or which date do you want. I want to do timelapse I I have I have You know, hundred thousands of photos, right? Probably mil.. OK. OK. So I wanna put them all in the time lapse so you can see everything really quick. Right. Oh its not called Timelapse. You want to um, not video. Not take a picture but put in the video right montage like that guy. You know, montage, montage French words. All your pictures to go one by one. They really fast right. Yeah, I did it many times. But now because I have so many cameras and because if you take a photo from the video, it puts today’s date and not the date of the video. They’re gonna. Are you sure? Are you sure? I’ve tried it yea. Always. And and here because I have professional photos on these cameras now, I can’t make. Yeah, I can’t mix them with the camcorder cameras ’cause. That’s gonna have today’s date if I do it now, it’ll put today’s date. And this will have last month’s date because you said. I mean, last year’s date. It’s I can’t make. Why? Why? Because the photos have. Have the original date on them, but not the vidcaps video capture photos. So I found a way to do it in camera. Yea.. if you do it with Sony, um, if you do it on the card. In camera it’ll do it for you because it’s formatted, it’ll put it in the right place. And then yeah, I don’t wanna give all my secrets away. I’m on my trade secrets, ’cause. Then other people will do it better. So ’cause it took me. You know, I don’t wanna give everything away for nothing so. But but you, Geo everybody knows all the tricks now. It’s impossible to create something that nobody knows. [not true, even the camera shop guys don’t know] Yeah, but nobody is doing it. So I wanna hurry up and do it before other people do. But my point is, I 62 can’t mix all the cameras together. But I can. I can mix. This one by itself, I can’t mix it with the camcorder. Ok you touched the one topic that I would like to tell you as you should know about it. You know that any photos, you have pictures. Yeah. You can make them look video graphical and they will move little bit. You know that. Yeah, but I don’t want that. I don’t want that, man. Yeah, but imagine you have thousands of photos that you would like a little bit just a little bit like one second movement and the next photo and the next photo when the photo is just fixed. It’s one thing. It’s not so attractive when you want to watch a video. But when this photo is little bit moving. Little bit just look at my face, it will look like this look. Yeah, I don’t like that man. This waste of time. That’s nothing. What is this? But at least it will be not 24 photos in one second, but at least will be like in one second three photos, but at the time[lapse] in the montage it does it anyway. I don’t need this thing. I’m doing montage only. I yeah, I saw you doing it. Yeah, it’s it’s not. What? What is this? No, I didn’t do. I didn’t do that. A couple of months ago, remember, you were playing with it and it just shows it just, it just goes. No, man, not not about. It’s about real real pictures. Real like photos. Yeah, but I’m talking about photos, not like animation. Anyway, my question is it takes too long and there’s there’s, you know, there’s there’s too many. There’s too much stuff, right? Yeah. But you have to start one day and in the process you will find the style, your style. Your approach. You’ll start enjoying it making new creation. This, this, this is what happens with me when I’m making animation all the time. I create something now in Photoshop. I make successes, you know, some professionals are surprised. How come I I can find some very unexpected solutions. Solving some not usual problems in Photoshop. Sorry, I’m just. I’m just being a little funny. I’m just trying to entertain the. Man, yes, but my question to you is, are these montages they take forever, right? So. And I’m.. not forever. If you go out course keep like thinking which second I have to cut which second I have to sleep now because window, how it will take long but they make it faster, faster. Sometimes one editor gives us very good advice, he said. There is a style of editing which is sometimes great when you do just fast, fast, fast, cutting anywhere in the video, just putting unexpected, unexpected. Sometimes it’s so great, just try this style because you have no choice now. You cannot afford hiring thousands of editors, looking over all your footage is thinking how to put together. Do it later. You’ll find that this part is not interesting. Then you will remake. This part. But believe me, you’ll find unexpected. Nice. Nice. Bits nice and parts nice episodes. Just put one after the other and some in the middle. You can cut put something make solid?. I know that’s not the problem. The problem now is, for example, 56 our episode in Greece, for example. OK yes, I need a premise. Again, I don’t wanna give too much away to all the aholes out there who don’t wanna help me. I don’t wanna.. Everybody knows, everybody knows about that. You tube has so many lessons of cinematography about. Any kind of mis en scene any kind of blocking?. So many lessons. Men. But you need to have time to watch. I don’t wanna dig my own grave when everyone else is trying to dig it already so. My point is, if you can tell me, think about it right. But I just need a. Story is there a story in in that summer that you came over in Greece? You see what I mean? Geo, I will tell you traditionally story is one thing. Traditional story. Old fashion like in 1950s. Like Titanic or Gone by wind or classic. Another sh!t. It’s one thing another is contemporary, contemporary storytelling is totally different. Breaking rules, blade breaking, everything. Just to keep you have all your all your task is list to keep people enjoying their time. One and half hour while watching your film. And if you are very genius, you can make them think about your film after your film and talking to people. It’s another you have to be very genius to make people. And there are very few films, by the way, very few films that can keep you thinking about that film. I counted. I have about 20 films, but I watched. Thousands and thousands. I keep watching every day 3 films, by the way, very good films and classical and new fashion and different. I have this possibility for free to watch films and I know what is it. I know I discuss about that. I I look at the interviews of directors as the critics. Now I know what films has to be whenever you say? Well, film has to have story. No, not only story. It has to have 1000 now thousand things in one film. You can just put their mood. You can put their dialogues, you can put their just looking around the guy who’s walking. All this makes people be fixed in that fiilm. I I saw a film where there is no dialogue, just the boy and the girl looking at each other without knowing them. It’s about 20 minutes episode. I’m Anotoni’s film. If you know Michelangelo Antonioni. This episode is my favorite. I would watch it like 5000 times. What’s the name? John Malcovich. John Malcovich is playing in that episode. I saw him once here in covent garden. I saw him once. I should have videoed it. I should have videoed it huh. This film Is great. Only 5 minutes. He placed in one episode. With the girl, French, French actress Marceau Sophie. what was her last name, Fifi, so Sofie Marceau [saucy]. and John Malkovich just go browse it, you will find this episode. It’s such a great on the seaside there alone with little windy time. Nobody is there and they’re walking, looking at each other. It’s not talking to each other. This is great, you understand? Everything is that, I mean, is that a film? Look, is that a film? Yes. It’s a feature film, over the cloud, I think. OK. Yeah. I think I saw a little bit, but it did you like? I just remember him going my head. In which film?  in that one being John Malkevich. It’s in my head! I didn’t like that film. I don’t know. Why? Because it’s too much artificial. My head, ma hayad, ma heyad. So enough about me. What about you? What are you doing? Watching film, studying something, learning some German, learning some guitar, trying to make soundtracks for different purposes. Just aniumation, lot of animation and Photoshop. What’s your career goal? What’s your career goal? Do you have any? My career goal to be in a studios where they are creating some very unusual films. Groundbreaking films, discuss with people or to be a critical in cinematography. I’ve so much. How do you say so much knowledge is about that. Why not? Why not? What’s what’s my problem am i not smart? Am I not so much stupid? Don’t say yes. Don’t say I am. You are. No. Hey, how’s Arthur? Is he is he? Don’t wanna say. How is Artur? Selling his stuff in. I see him once the week or not every week, but once a month in vernisage, what about asatur? Who was that guy, by the way? I remember you were talking about him. I’m joking because we met him like long time ago, twenty years ago. And we he disappeared. So I’m just joking. But what’s he, a young guy or an old man? Who was he? Yeah, he was. He was young like us. I’ll show you. I’ll show you the video sometime. I’m gonna put you. Remember I kept criticizing that Caro. Caro. With his Lada. Yeah, but there’s two now, right? No, no, no, the other one. Probably. I am wrong. Because if you are sure you took only Caro’s car, I remembered that. Yeah. Yeah, the other one. I’m not sure. I think once he took us from one place to another, this guy I think although he doesn’t remember. He said no, I didn’t. No, no, no. There’s another Caro. I have pictures. I I can show you, but yeah, I know, I know. He remembers you too. He’s skinny. He’s he’s thin. No, now he’s not thin anymore. OK, Arthur is not thin anymore. He’s like, OK, but. But but the other, the other Caro that you said has heart problems in the hospital. He. Yeah. This is what I’m going to tell you. So he he started calling me long ago. You kept calling. I was refusing because he was not. Type of person I would like to deal with associate with so he was always like  1h03 behaving like a pimp. His way of life was pimpy. He was getting I don’t know from where some money making restaurant life and going like yea man haha hoo hoo. This type of person, he became. i didn’t like this altitude. His attitude to me. He didn’t respect me any longer because he got some money and whatever I said. OK. Goodbye. Goodbye. It was always kidding. joking from car. Hey, man, how are you? Bro? I was ignoring him, So he was. He kept, like, calling me all the time. All these last five years I just ignored. But once I said, oh, Oh no one year he didn’t do anything I said. Maybe he died, man. I have to check it. I I start like sending him some some messages on Facebook and he answered that he has problem in a hospital. At the beginning, I didn’t believe, but then I found out that it’s a reality. So he changed his attitude to to the light. He became very much. How do you say humble? Hey I’m ask him if he got worse, If he got worse after the fake vaccine because many people got worse after the after the injection, it got worse. No, he he has this problem. Genetically he has this since 15 years ago. But ask him if it got worse because of the injection because many people got worse. OK. OK, I’m gonna ask you and write it to you as a message, by the way. Geo. Why do we send messages when we can just make voice messages? Do you know Facebook has a microphone which means you are just clicking and it gives you a play stuff under your Facebook. If you can just record and send it to me, I’ll try it. I didn’t try. I haven’t seen it before. But why are you wearing earphones now? Excuse you. Headphones. Where you where? Where are you wearing headphones? Otherwise is the charge disappears fast. Yeah, I mean, I will waste my charge. Like last time. It will happen. 1h05 The same thing like last time. That’s why. Otherwise it’s more comfortable without headphones. hey, the speaker doesn’t bother you ’cause. I put you on loud on the speaker right now, it doesn’t bother you huh? No, it doesn’t feedback. How do you say feedback? Or reverse? Because my great friend, you know the lady in Greece every time I do this, she’s like, oh, turn off that sh!. Freaking speaker. So just a little bit echoing. OK. The reason it sometimes echoes very much. I don’t hear my voice, by the way. This is the great probably you put it in such a way, the speaker that it doesn’t go and reflect back, it’s underneath, it’s under the computer and it’s pointing away. Maybe This is why it’s much better. It’s pointing away by the way. Are you making some musics? Are you playing with keyboards and? I can’t get to the piano ’cause. There’s too many suitcases. Look. Aw man you complain All the time. So put them somewhere else. Enjoy your life, make some recordings later on. You’re gonna use your filmls like the soundtrack, man. Yeah. See, it’s over here. I’m just showing one minute. Yeah, it’s over here. And these damn suitcases. I don’t know where to put the, you know what happened. 1h07m15 Your bathroom problem is over. They did a shower, but you know, so, so all these suitcases were in the second bathroom, you know, that’s why they’re all here now. ’cause, I I use the second bathroom for bathtub and whatever. So now I have to get rid of these. I bought more because I didn’t when I had the mouse problem, I panicked and I bought all these suitcases to to close everything to clean everything and put it inside when I should have just gotten the cupboards. but but you were saying about the bath What? The shower? You remember last time there was a guy who tried to fix the floor. Yeah. So they fixed the shower. But you know what they did? Man anyway I have to try the shower. I’m I’m still. I’m gonna get a new shower curtain because this one is a little, too old. And Selfridges didn’t have any shower curtains yesterday so I just got food and whatever and but. But I have to get. I might order from argos or something. Shower curtain. But yeah, I just want to tell you, are you know, what happened with the shower. So the the tiles were. Were sinking. Yeah, the tiles were caving in a bit so um. They took out the tiles and then there’s a big cement thing. so instead of the redoing tiles they brought a tray. Yeah, which is, it’s like a, I don’t know. So. And you know what he did? The Carpenter put wood around the corners of the shower to put the tray on. To stand on that? you should stand on that? Can you imagine if I go if I. Yeah. Yeah. ’cause, it’s it’s this high up off the floor now because they wanted to put the pipe underneath instead of. So they they did these strange things. And now it’s it’s hollow when you step on it you can hear it boom. You know ’cause it’s hollow. And now I’m thinking if I’m ever in there with a fat. Girl. Or if I’m fat too, because I’m overweight. Can you imagine if we go like this? You can break, break your legs and I don’t know, man, he said. It’s man, it’s not good. It’s not good solution. Is it the problem of the owner? He has he to fix this. This is him to fix this problem or you have to find the person to solve this problem. Anyway, it’s finished. I just hope it’s OK because even even the wood he told me. I said you’re putting wood underneath the shower and he goes, he goes, it’s treated wood. And then I said. I said, I said with the formaldehyde and chemicals, and I’m gonna get.. he said I don’t know. 1h09m50 One more thing, I was going to tell you, right, the electricity company, they’re trying to force everybody to do a smart meter now. It’s wifi align so they so they can control your electricity and charge you more when you use it more and they they can, they’re gonna rip you off. Everybody said it. All these guys I’m following and you know all the alternative media, they all agree it’s a ripoff. It’s to control you, to make more money off of you and to put Wi-Fi. They can spy on. They can listen to everything. It’s on the grid and there’ll be Wi-Fi nonstop again, the microwave. But you think it’s safe? It’s an experiment, of course. [I DO NOT CONSENT TO EXPERIMENT] Of course. You think it’s safe? Just want people not cheat them. This is the problem. So lot of people use the old system just to stop the the. Cut. Cut counters. Yeah. The kind of, yeah. The. Yeah, the counters. Because with Magnets they can stop it, you know, with what magnet. No, no, the meters. But but you know, now they’re threatening me. It started the few months ago. They said we have to put a smart meter because da, da, da and I found out my my housekeeper said no you don’t have to now now. They’re like, if you don’t put a smart meter, your electricity will be cut off and you will have no heating and. But but but but again, again they don’t say for sure. They’re like possibly depending on your. How often do they check it? They don’t. I I give them a Meter reading and so they used to come here once a year and check it. But now I just I I send them a photo of it. Oh yeah. This is why This is why they want this to be other like electronic for them not to come to check it from somewhere else. OK. But you you think Wi-Fi is safe and Barrie Trower thinks it’s not safe. And and The W.H.O were proves that they said it’s carcinogenic. So we have to wait 10- 20 years and see what will happen to us. See if we get cancer from this Wi-Fi sh!t. Right, 5G. I will tell you how it happened science scientists. This wifi system was used somewhere else for many, many, many years. Things may be 100 years ago, so that’s why people living next to those systems that are using the same. Range of waves already they are sure it doesn’t happen. They make experiments. Believe me. That’s why they’re just. It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not so dangerous. It’s not the dangerous absolute. Yeah, it is fine. It’s just it’s not so dangerous. [falls down] And it’s not. Did you see that? You see that many people are are dropping are fainting and ship from the vaccine, and they’re like talking about it like the comedian. This is comedian and she’s like, I’m double jabbed. I’m triple boost. I still get my period what!. And right after, right after she’s like ah ah. [collapses blacks out/ passes out] And everyone laughed. There’s this one guy in the audience he’s like HAHAHAH cause. He thought she was joking. He thought she was joking, but it was real. It was real?. So it’s not funny. It’s not funny if it’s real, but you know, you know, these shows that shows man, you know, deadliest injection in history. Not to do this today. I don’t wanna be your swearing & obscene gestures and sh. make up some joke shows live show. Maybe you will get some audience. Yeah, but you know what? I got it. Just making now. Just say negative things like. Fine. Could you tell me, could you tell me about that? Could you tell by me that I have problems and make some crazy things all the time? So unusual. Different things. It will be a serial. So people watch it. That that’s gonna be something. 1h14m45 When when’s the golden apricot? When is it close? The last one? I don’t know when it happened, it was virtually the last one. Yea Cannes Con think about Cannes. You have so much footages to combine and show in Cannes, I’m sure. Maybe I should just do a trailer in one episode and see and then just try that, because no point doing 100 episodes, it’s not gonna go anywhere. Yeah make an episode put in a hard drives so I will get it here and edit my way. So you will choose which one do you like? I will give. Ask my friends to help to edit some of your episodes. Think about the that you will save a lot of the time because I’m sure you’re not gonna organize and start doing. Just put one after the other one. It is put in a cloud, so I’ll get it in a cloud. Or you don’t believe clouds? I don’t know. We’ll see. What else? The other thing is just to mail me no, not mail. Send it by by parcel. Ow my ears. God, these hurt, man. So we got the spike protein here and you can also get M RNA from a shedding they said not just the spike protein, they can also. Have you heard about proxy files? Proxy, yes. So little you can send by proxy files. What you mean? I will add edit it here so it means that only you can use them. It’s impossible there 4K. They’re huge. This infinite. It’s too big. No, they are proxy. So they are making it like 20 times smaller, but then the quality will not be excellent, no. Then I’m sending it back. When it is edited, so you put in your computer and get the real information, not the proxy. Proxy is just like imitation imitation in a tiny. Yeah. So for editor to work faster, who’s gonna edit if you don’t even have the good computer yet? I will get I will get. And and and my son of my sister is very good editor too, so he’s gonna help me with technically I will tell him right here. Just cut it here. Put it here. Make a transition this way. By the way, I am watching some films about the Final Cut Pro and now I know a lot of information about that. Hey, you know these spike protein, rubber things. No, no, you know, it’s rubber. So when I was at school when I was in the shop, I I told him I need some air. So he took an injection. A syringe. He injected air in it and you should stop this person. No, no, vaccination! no, no vaccination. But but he he injected air into it and the hole didn’t to didn’t it Closed. 1h1711 it. It didn’t make problem for the. I thought it was gonna pop. So when it’s rubber, you can put a needle and it doesn’t pop, huh? Really, he injected air with a needle and then he took the special place or just anywhere. He. Yeah. He just stabbed it. I I couldn’t believe it didn’t pop. So it’s a special rubber that it allows you to stick a needle without making a hole incredible. Yeah, yeah, yeah, some some years ago. That illusionist. Do you know who illusionists are? Who? David copperfield?  David Copperfield. Yeah. They use these kind of things. Just putting some needles in a balloons and balloons. Didn’t have to say react. Probably. This is the same material. Cop a feel. Cop, a feel. Yeah, cop a feel. Yeah, well, at least I was watching one stupid film about david Copperfield but that was another story about young guy. So this illusionist took the name of the historical person. Yeah. Yeah, it’s famous. OK, OK, Now I understand. Dickens. Charles Dickens. It’s yeah. David Copperfield. We read it when I was 14. I couldn’t. I couldn’t stand it. It was 1000 pages. I didn’t read any. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But but you need the Cliff notes. You need. The only thing from the primitive literature I read. I read Jack London Jack London. Yeah, Jack London. Couple of his works. It was impressive when when I was young, maybe 30 years old or whatever. But later on I just was thinking only intellectual. Very high end literature like not. Nabokov . Have you ever heard? Of course. Word. But did you read his books? No book event read anything yet? Valerina Nabokov. Yeah, I heard about him. Yeah, that’s that’s. Yeah. Yeah. Lolita. Some other words is good. It’s good. 1h19 So so are you’re not watching any live streamers, right? Because this is, this is one guy on you Lube and he’s streaming he there’s just like 10 hours just talking. He just sits here. He’ll bring a friend. He’ll bring someone an acquaintance from from you loop because he can’t get any friends in real life. Hardly. So it’s it’s all from the. Internet from Uloop and they sit there talking for 10 hours. Is it interesting? Does it keep us to watch it all this time, or just sometimes? It’s interesting. Sometimes it’s. Yeah, there’s, I take notes just so I don’t have to watch it again because I wanna see what they’re saying. And they’ll be every 10 minutes. They’ll be something interesting. Yeah. There’ll be some good information. Every 10, maybe every hour or more, but I would say every 10 minutes they say something that I’m I’m like, **** I didn’t know that I don’t make a note of that and you see, so. But Can you imagine doing that like 4 hours bringing someone here just sitting there? Yeah. Well. Because it’s you  lube, because on youlube there is 100 people watching. He feels like he he feels like he’s, you know, interacting. He’s like, oh, hi, Tom. Hi Dick hi harry. Yeah. How? How you doing? Yeah. lalalala. He thinks like it’s a big social party when it’s just people sitting in front of a computer. You know, it gives you, it gives you the illusion. And they’re only doing this for their ego, for the for the social interaction ’cause they can’t do it in real life. Yeah. Actually, if people are very interesting, if it’s possible to watch their live streams, but if they’re, they’re not. So what can you do? Visually, you are watching the same thing. It’s another thing where you are some other places to show, like me, now walking and all the apartment is in view. So I take notes. Yeah, and and they have, they have weird, weird people like this one guy I was trying to see if it was his real teeth because he kept going. They looked artificial & he kept going like this. All the time, he kept going. Sorry, sorry. I thought you know, I’m like that’s dentures isn’t it. I don’t know, but. Should I say who they are and if it’s trans, I have to say she right. I can’t say he. Why? Because you get trouble now. If you say he if you miss misgender dictate, ok you should use little but mumbling way of telling like. shThe, shthe, psspee, They say my my pronouns of choice are vague, zemzem them phlegm, they they. Vic cheap. I know one person, so pppe’s very nice person [rolling p motorboat sound], pppphes very nice. I didn’t misgender you, I said pppppe. hahaha It’s a good idea for this person, but I know one person so. Atchooe atchooe [sneeze sound] Hey, I asked one time because I was working for a transgender like a keyboardist, right? German, I said, do you say he or she and the drummer guy? His friend from Germany or he goes, I don’t, I just say. I just say his name. I I never use pronouns or yeah, but the person changed his name. Or her name. What you gonna say? Change the name. You can’t say “it” right about people. It’s rude, very rude. It’s. Yeah, it’s very rude. I have to make more phone calls, I said I was gonna call everybody, but I don’t feel not after talking for two hours. You don’t feel like talking to a lot of people anymore, right? Yeah. So maybe another time. Whenever, like soon as soon as possible, we’ll call again and talk and maybe daylight. I will be outside walking this way. You will see Yerevan streets and other things? No, because somebody on Facebook they called me or they left me a note, somebody I don’t know. They’re like, So, how are you today? I’m like, who is this? And then I look, there’s no, no photos. There’s nothing there. And I’m like, Oh my God. So you know what I decided? I’m going to. I’m gonna use this opportunity for the show. I said OK, we’ll talk Sunday, move video edit. OK. And he said, yeah. Yeah. So to I would go this way. Right. But sometimes I get emails now which kind of context there that’s like, hey you, you, Mr Gasparian, your relative in somewhere, died and he left $3 billion. So what you would think about, of course, is a cheating. So I I pretend I’m very naive, so I go. Thank you, Sir. Whatever you want, I will take. Just help me. Help me to get all this billions. I’m ready to give you the half of it. But just for fun. you remember I asked you and you were like, no way. OK, it’s a cheating. I told you it’s a cheating that you will do. You were taking it too serious too, to. too honest it’s it’s very, very spread up. It’s it’s everywhere. I remember asking you e I remember asking you. I said I was getting all these messages from Africa saying hey, I’ll give you a billion dollars or no. Yeah 40 million if you do this and this and send me all your information and then I ask you I was surprised you said no because I thought you need the money so you’d be like. OK, let’s try. But you’re like no ******* way. Because I don’t believe that you don’t. Yeah. You knew already. You know already that theyre full of sh, you think 8 billion people in this planet. So all of a sudden somebody wants to give you money. To share, split. Yeah, to share a little bit. So your case, that’s great. I just want to say, so I’m going to talk to that Facebook guy, not just for the show. I wasn’t. I don’t care so much about for the show. I’m not getting that much out of it, but it just to meet new people. It might be a good idea to go in but they live far away. 1h25m50 Which way he says. Hello, how are you? Hey, man, I was looking for you so long. Suprised men. Oh thank you that you are writing me these messages. I’m so happy that you are there in the world. I was thinking I lost you. I did that to the girl that this, this girl. So this woman sold me my piano 10 years ago or. Yeah. How many? Oh my God, 20 years ago. Yeah, yeah. You know, I was being like that like, I called her. I said, yeah, yeah. Your piano. Can I. I go. Hey, how you doing? And she goes, I don’t wanna sell it t’ ya. You Act like you’ve known me for ages. You’re not normal. So I had someone else go and pick it up. But it’s too heavy. I gotta change it. ’cause. It’s you can’t. It’s not portable. Now they have portable ones. Roland go keys. Like when they’re killing cats or dogs. They want some good hands to give it to. Good hands is so. This is the theory. Probably. She wanted you. Only the good person to get it. But anyone in the no, Now they have Roland go keys, it’s, but it’s not fully weighted. You know how the keys? If they’re waited, they’re heavy, right? Yeah, but it’s semi weighted I think. But yeah, I told the guy. Luckily this guy picked it up for me and I told him what she did. And he goes. She’s just having women problems. That time of the month maybe or something. I don’t know. Now you got it here. Where did you buy it? But it’s not. It’s it started going funny. Like when you press the keys, it makes a noise. Now, you know, like it’s. Yeah. You know, the war does. He gets older, though. I think it’s solvable. I’m gonna ask my friend one of my friends. Ukrainian guy living in Warsaw. He’s trying to make money with this piano going outside, playing two, two things only he knows only two things but it makes money, you know. I wanna change it for a lighter one. 2 songs, even classical things. It’s like Chopin. One is Chopin, another is something like Western cowboy style music. I don’t remember the name  1h28m30 when I was 16 years old. I knew maybe 100 songs by ear just from the radio. I play them right. Is there no way? Yes. Really. Yes. Yes. And my father was like, I didn’t know you had such a big repertoire. ’cause. I played them once in the summer [on Moosehead ranch] but. But. But we do. Hands. Yes. But but it’s very easy. In the key of C, you know, key of c. I know. Of course, because there’s no Black Keys, right. Yeah. So all the white keys is much easier than if you have to go like this with The Black Keys. Yeah, that’s right. Of course. The Black Keys sound better. cause you’re mixing more tones and everything. But c is a bit boring, but it’s much easier. You can easily find anything in key of c. But anyway, so you can. I used to do you know, some scales of just a couple Black Keys or that’s not too bad, but. If there’s a lot of Black Keys, you gotta constantly. Yeah. But the 13th chords was the thing, and watch out. Don’t don’t use this word word. Black Keys. People will be offended. Yeah, I know. But say dark dark keys. Colorful keys. No, the high high level keys, there are little higher than white one as well. The second second floor keys, second floor. I mean notes. Second floor semitones. McCartney and. And Stevie Wonder, Ebony and ivory. I know I’m. I heard this thousands of times. My piano keyboard. Yeah, that’s a great song, isn’t it? I still like it. Yeah, of course. Yeah, sounds real magical. What about with Jackson? When McCartney was playing with Jackson? But yeah, some of those songs are incredible too say, say say. Its nostalgia isn’t it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the song really so nice, or is it? It’s a mixture with nostalgia, you said nostalgia is his plays a role, of course. It helps sometimes to to like such a song. Like once we make experiment with you. So you said it. So how do we solve that? Because you never heard this song and it was my. Youth song you remember 12345678 10. Ta da da da da. 12341234. Stupid song but it made me feel like I’m the happiest person in the world. I remember this song, Sochi. I remember Sochi. I was running to discotheques not to lose the chance to dance on that because I was hearing from far and all that this is the song I love. Hey, you went to Sochi before our trip, right? How many times? Course I spent from when I was 15. From that time to 20, maybe 4 I was going permanently and living sometimes outside. Enjoy this side. Communist. Communist. Yes, yes. Communist time and Spootnik II. Don’t think we were in spootnik. But how did you get there? Did you still go through Vladikavkaz for two days with the train? No. There was a train another way. The bus goes to Vladikavkaz. But the train where was going through Abkhazia. Which has now problems and this place is closed. Unfortunately, this was amazing. All they all all this way. I was watching from the window and it was amazing beaches here. In caucasian [geographic area] part of seaside. That was great. 1h32m05 The Romanians  say side all the time and anybody who says Seaside, they’re from Romania. Usually we go to the seaside. The seaside? They don’t. They don’t. You know why? They don’t wanna see beach? Because it sounds like bitch. Yeah, ’cause, I said it once when I was in Romania and he came up to me, he goes. I went to his girlfriend. I go. You were on the beach. And then the boyfriend comes up to me. This is in the springtime. Fast food Burger Place in the Boyfriend comes up to me and goes, che samna bitch?. Who you who you calling a ***** man? So you are not missing this beach live beach or beach seaside, seaside, seaside. I am. I’m looking at all these people in California who can’t swim in the water except during a heat wave. So California is no good for swimming except for the summer that’s why they all have pools. Miami’s the best. Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. By the way. Yeah. You forgot to tell about my ex wife. She’s very good in this immune systems. 1h30 You should talk to her sometimes about this, asking some questions. So she speaks great English, which is surprising for me, although she spent 16 years in America, so she should speak good English and she speaks now fantastic before she didn’t speak at all. Ask her.. now I feel. Very uncomfortable to talk to her. Ask her why I get inflammation sometimes and it goes away with. A hair dryer. Can you? Yeah, I get it. Yeah. Yeah. And or hot bath. Hot. Why does heat make the inflammation go away now I use the hair dryer, but Can you imagine if I’m I need a battery operated one, Can you imagine? I go in public with a hair dryer. On stage, does it go away for a long time, or only two or three hours. What happens is that if I get a big attack right, like in very bad inflammation, I yeah, I put the hair dryer or something. Now it’ll take. I’ll put it like 10 minutes. Then another 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes over some hours and then the next day it’s gone. But it can still come back though. But yeah, so ask her why. I thought maybe something is triggering it, but Are you sure it keeps inflammation or something else? Yeah, it’s inflammation, right? It’s now we don’t know. We don’t know. Maybe there is another thing because inflammation doesn’t stay a years. It has to stay one year, maximum 1 1/2. But then it has to disappear automatically without taking any pills, even rheumatism. Rheumatism stays forever, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t know about rumor, rheumatism, but so. So she’s not. She’s running a half, but then it has to disappear automatically without taking any pills, even rheumatism. Rheumatism stays forever, doesn’t it? I don’t know about rumor rumor, but so. So she’s not. She’s you said she’s autoimmune. System Probably this. Cancer. Cancer systems. So she’s very good in this. But still, she’s a doctor. She knows everything. She’s very smart. She can answer to any questions about health. If you want, once I’m gonna introduce you to her, asking that I have a friend to American friend living in London. So he needs some consultations. Could you help? Just. Consulting came to his questions, please. Im sure shell go for that.  Save her for when you really need her. Right? Because, OK, if I think. Yeah. Just to know her, in case you will call her or sending some messages with her. I don’t want you should save her when you really need her in our emergency. Because if. If you bother her all the time, she’ll be like, that’s enough. But that, that trust you have to know her not telling me. How could you ask her to do this? Because later one day, maybe I will ask and she will say no. I’m talking to you only for for just because we knew each other. And I’m not gonna talk to anybody. Well, I don’t know her. She’s very kind, but sometimes she’s very how do you say mean? She’s nice, but very mean. She’s just little bit very mean. This. My pants keep bunching up, going up my aw man. Yeah. I guess. Shitman alright, you can’t travel even in France because of this system. Yeah. Test every time you have to give test not just a test until I hope they stop this stupid fake test soon because we know it’s all fake. But not just that but France is worse than Australia man. It’s dictate these. He’s forcing people & they’re all. All they have a big revolution, man. There’s and he’s. He’s cracking down just like Canada. You know, Canada, did you see? You didn’t go to those links on my website, right? You can see all the I’m going to put the top ten now up top so people can see them quickly, but 1h37m30  Canada is like Hitler, now that guy didn’t see what’s going on, he cracked down. Man, he’s trying to move. You know, there’s 100,000. I don’t know how many, but all the truckers are in the middle. They’re protesting ’cause. He was gonna force them. He was forcing them to take this stupid the deadliest injection in history, so they’re all protested and he’s he’s using the police in the. To force them to, you know? Yeah. To stop the peaceful protests. He’s calling the peaceful protests, terrorism and blockades and occupation or ever. But he’s like Hitler. He’s he’s he’s gotta go. I hope they lock up these people for life at least 20 years minimum. He deserves 20 years TRUDMAO. Trudeau, and they’re all from the WEF too. So they’re conspiracy perpetrators, practitioners they’re all together from the WEF and his replacement that that new Hitler woman, she’s also WEF all these ********. Sorry. But you know, I’m just so so angry with them. To be controlling everybody like that and so everybody wants to rule the world. It’s like that song, isn’t it? But if your signals going, man. Gone. You should change your. Really. Yeah, I did. Wait, wait. It’s just that that picture of you sideways with your hair like that. That’s not a very good shot. You should put a nice. I have so many nicer pictures with. With, with, with, with, with. What? Why does it do that? It’s dropping out because somebody was writing me. I wanted just to answer to quite fast and right this. Go ahead, man. 1h39 I think we’re done anyway. Now. No, I’m this was not nothing important. Oh carro. We talked about Caro. So now he he. I knew this was gonna happen. That’s what it’s like, a warning when you see like the picture going away. So I wanna make sure I don’t get too. I get into my chin ups. Pardon the pun. That’s a chin up. And this is gonna tighten up here. I don’t want any. Hey. Hey man, I knew this guy I knew was gonna go.’cause. Eventually. Yeah. So that’s why you see, you see. How’s the quality of your call? Well, not if you drop out like that without. It was pretty good though, overall. Like it four stars only. I shouldn’t do that. I think they used this to. To monitor the best calls or to. What do they do with that? What? What does Facebook need this for? ’cause they’re saving this right here, humming again. Here, let me turn it down a little bit. So they save all this on their servers in Sweden or whatever that. For what are you gonna do? Who’s gonna sit here? Look, listen. They got artificial intelligence, and they’re not gonna listen to ship to stuff like this, right? So they they’ll just, they’ll translate. Well, they transcribe it like I did. Now it’s gonna happen again, call failed. Yeah. Hello I think that’s a warning. It’s gonna go like last time again now so. OK, my charge was over, so now I am charging without putting. This will turn your video on. Hayk would like to share their video. But why am I so big? Where are you and what is that you do you have? Do you have a selfie stick? What is that black thing on the side? It’s just my stick. I improvised, made myself, what is the video? You have a selfie stick now. Yeah, but I don’t see you. You had two click on your video if you want. I did. I’m gone. I can see I can see both of us. Do you see this round thing on the corner here? Repeat your staff or something down. Do you see? Watch together. It turns off my video. What are you doing? Probably when you have to call me again. Where? There it’s back. But it’s me. I make this. You are turning off. I’m turning on. We’re done anyway. We’re done. Just curious, I’m curious what’s what’s wrong with them? Jesus. Again. A gahin. What? What happened with the video? I think that’s it. Anyway, we’re done, right? Yeah. Yeah, you’ll be OK. You can’t see me. You can’t see me. I can do what? Can you see me? I can’t see you. OK, I’ll call you. I’ll call to say one more time. I’ll call you. Bye. OK, bye. Turn on. We’ll try one more time. Turn this up again. Yeah, that only when you called it works. If I call you, it doesn’t because probably there is some. Some changes in your settings. Do I look too small? No, all the frame, but what about me? Oh yeah, me too. Usually. This is this way. If I am showing my video, you see it large and you you see yourself very tiny your screen. The same with me. Yeah, because I. Because Bob, when I spoke to Bob, he was like, no, it looks fine but but again, the lady in Greece, she she told me no, it looks too small. Put on the normal. Settings, Sometimes it’s because of her telephone settings. She’s really fussy, but anyway, and I wanna apologize. Last time when I set up out your beard. About who? About your beard? I said. It makes you look older. I was just asking because, but maybe you don’t care. So much because uh, you know, young people don’t like an old beard, right? But but windows do. Maybe some old widow won’t mind, but I’m just saying. Sometimes, of course you you want. The problem of us is this. We want only pretty ladies. Doesn’t matter how smart they are, but the ladies like very much smart guys, even if they don’t look the way they would like like like. That’s why. For me it’s more important to be smart and by this internal intelligence I will persuade them. This is my rule. Very pretty, very good. Then I wouldn’t. I would be very likely to think how to mesmerize ladies. Maybe This is why when I look back, I try to be very intelligent, very attractive, very intriguing. Maybe this is the rule  of meet all the time to have stimula. To be creative OK to be to be clever. To be smart Robert Malone has a white beard to so I guess, but he’s married, you know, he’s not looking to connect with the, although I don’t know, you never know. But OK, alright. So till next time then right or we’re gonna. Yeah, maybe two weeks of work. OK. Yeah, spring break coming up now. But wait, are people traveling again even with the, are they still test? They still doing the fake test? Yeah. Why? So stupid, isn’t it 95% fake. Yeah, but they can probably. What’s the difference? People vaccinated. They are giving tests. This is another problem. They’re the ones that are all dying now. Do you know that they proved in Israel the highest hospitalized and death is the vaccinated? They proved it in all these government figures in statistics. Listen. The Israel get another calculation 90% of Israel population is yes, almost about. No, yeah, 90% is vaccinated. All I know is it’s the vaccinated and have the biggest problem. The most deaths, hospitalizations and deaths.1h46m50 So what’s the point in tetsing? About that, everybody dies and only 1% space drive and what will happen then? So what’s the point in testing people when the stupid injection doesn’t do anything and it kills you? You know it hurts you and kills you anyway, and the and everyone’s got natural immunity anyway. What’s the point in testing and symptomatic No transmission. They proved that Fauci & the governments, they all admitted. No problem from asymptomatic’s. Almost zero chance. And the children zero necessity. And they’re still forcing it. So you see how sick this whole thing is. We have to, we have to say it. But anyway, OK. So next time. So let me not remember. Let me make sure you don’t throw away any of your old electronics, OK. Or it’s a problem for you. and all these videos you know, I saved almost all the videos I watched for the past three months or four months. Yeah, I downloaded them. So I have all the evidence now and all these documents, you know, from the websites. So if if the Internet ’cause, they’re saying even they can make the Internet disappear to hide all this stuff. But We have evidence, but OK. The old electronics I have a lot of old cameras. I’m never gonna use them again unless it’s to, you know, if for for video capture, maybe like. But the new ones do that anyway so. But but the montage thing is not that important, right? It compared to the show, right? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. ’cause. No, it’s just it’s secondary. And I did hey the last video. I did a transcript yesterday. I did it. Or they two days ago I did a transcript with. I don’t wanna say what software, but it it it works. It did one hour talk. I was just sitting back and it was typing it automatically. It put some mistakes. I found out it’s faster for me to to correct the mistakes than for me to type it myself. Because yes, because if I type it myself, I have to type it and correct a mistakes, whereas this way I only have to correct the mistakes and a lot of it is correct, but it’s it’s it’s so great to sit back and watch it typing, freaking great speech to text, audio to text, speech to text, yeah. So I’m going to do with this with this one now, and I’m gonna put up on my website and I also put I I tried rumble. Let’s you put the whole transcript [a lot of it, not all]. They they have a very big description box, whereas Brighton and Odyssey, they wouldn’t let me put very much and I’m going to try bitchute a little bit. I’m gonna try all the platforms just to get it out there. You know just to. Just to try something, you know until I get my own. Self hosting thing but I’m not going to use Amazon Web Services because that guy told me now they they can shut you down if you say anything they don’t like. See it’s nazi. See it’s it’s it’s freaking, it’s not free. This guy reliable does say truth the truth. Or maybe he’s just trying to make fuss or whatever. Paul Adams of no JAB for He’s one of the most reliable, most incredible people you haven’t seen this website. They all the doctor, a whole bunch of doctors and even very important people. They they, they said it’s it’s the Bible of vaccination. He he did so much research he puts. So he put 500 links. Proving all this **** about the vaccine facts and it’s all proven with the evidence, with links it. It’s incredible website. Amazing piece of work and he lives in his van in California. He lives in a van and he said if I can do this in my van, what’s your excuse to not find out the information? But, but you know, in America, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know how he found out all this information when it’s censored so heavily. So, you know, ’cause it’s not so easy when you don’t speak English to find all this stuff. Anyway, I found it again. I found it through the stickers and through some websites and. I didn’t search it on any engine so much DuckDuckGo or anything but. Again, I’m going to put the best. I’m gonna put some main links up top on my website so people can find it quickly, but, but I’m gonna put the transcript of this. It’s great to have the transcript and then I can put it in bold or I can put the timestamp right. I can put the timestamp of the important bits so. One last question. So for example, the episode in Greece, when you were there, right? Yeah, we have to put the the best bits we have to put the best bits or most important bits. So shipowner important yes or no. Yes, yes. Yeah, I know. I know. ’cause. He’s funny. He’s a character, isn’t he? And also what happened with you? Remember, he said. He said he was gonna give you a free ticket, not nothing buy you when he said he had 10 free tickets and then he didn’t give it to you. Why? You know, when he told me about you though, he said I don’t like that guy ’cause. He talks behind your back. He, he, he gossips a lot about you and stuff. But I knew you know, I I know that with within reason you’re not gonna tell him too harmful things. You’re just gonna tell him what you think. I’m I’m pro free speech. I’m pro free speech. I don’t think somebody should be censored anyway, but he was.. remember. He was telling asking about your if you are rich or whatever, I said no. Unless its libel or whatever. Money or whatever. But why did he ask this? I I’m just curious because he looks a little bit dangerous. You know, he might use this information for but bad purpose by the way he disappeared as I know right? We can ask the Finland girl. She’s on Facebook. You can ask her who’s down there. And who finnish girl? I think she’s. She was not there this this year. Last last summer. She’s there now, I think. She’s there all the time. She goes in the winter because she doesn’t. She can’t take the heat, she said. She’s from Finland, so she doesn’t like high temperature. its’s so s.. And then when she does go, she she’s wearing a sweater. She’s wearing long sleeves and pant trousers. Crazy, but anyway. OK, man. OK, have fun. What’s that thing there? There’s a black thing on top of the television set. What’s this over there? What’s? What is that? You’re talking about my television? Yes. What’s on top of the TV there? Wait, it’s charging. I can’t pull it. OK, it’s it’s a. what. This thing for this up with up this up. Up some more, higher, higher, higher, higher higher up up there. Yeah. It’s like a stack for for for books. What is it? Yes, stack. It’s icky ikea. Bookstock ikea right? What is it? It’s a book. Yep. In Russian. It’s a dictionary. How did? How does it not get dusty? You have to dust out every two weeks. Yeah, lots of dust, a lot of dust you have to do it. Yeah.****. He stop might have. I don’t want to throw away, so I keep it everything and. Yeah. Me too. Yeah, I’m gonna. I’m gonna have to do something about it, but OK, man. House housekeeper comes tomorrow. Alright, man, good. So listen, I I’m gonna make a [naked = automated speech to text mistake lol] cartoon you talking to me? 1h55 Just imitations that you can put to their text, like two people making dialogues. Oh how. I’m doing it for fun. I’m not doing it for purpose or whatever. Just to show to have a portfolio of my animation works. It will be used usable. As I said that Caro is having problems. So now he’s thinking to run away from Russia to European countries to live there to make surgery for this heart and different. All the time he’s asking how I can run from Russia to Germany or every day he calls everyday one hour. He keeps cold, calling, calling. He has a problem. I feel very sorry for him. That’s why I answered. I keep like, he has no family?. He had a wife. Maybe years ago he divorced. So he has one son. His son is ignoring him. Jesus, he was in the war Karabach war. Armenia War just passed last time two years ago. Three years. Two. Yes. A year ago. Two or two years ago. I don’t remember the hot 1 1/2 year ago. So his son was in the war. oh the son? Not not the father. No, the father is no father is in Russia because he was in his service. That’s why he went to the war. Nobody wants to go to the war. You have to be crazy to go to to the war. A lot of people died, didn’t they? Oh yeah, about 6000 young people, 20 years old. imagine. One generation is gone. So it’s not worth it, well fff. They should have other ways to do it. They should. It likely like the American drones. land, go and live somewhere else. Now every every country is available. Why do you want to fight for this land and die for this land? I’ll look into it, man. OK, alright, so. This is uglu turkish policy. they want to join all the Turkey countries? You know Turkey language, Turkic, Turkic language. Yes. Turkic language, countries together. But believe me it won’t happen. Theres too many. No, not too many, but they don’t want to be together. They want to be with Europe. Europeanized Azerbaijanis. They don’t want to be under Turks, of course. Independence. Freedom, sovereign sovereignty. OK, I’m sure they will be divided into many parts. Like Turkey one day gonna happen. Like will be divided into 60 parts. I spoke so many Turks they don’t like Turks. I feel it. Hey, I’m surprised you’re two time zones from from Greece because that that’s like all of Europe distance, right? So it from Greece to Armenia. It’s like all of Europe or or or they just they squeeze in the time zone. I think ’cause it’s not. It’s not as big as Europe is it from Greece. It must be almost have a look. The other part of Turkey, all the turkeys, the time zone from us to decrease. But two time zones, that’s like all of Europe. I’m surprised the distance from Greece to Armenia is the same as from London to to Greece. I’m surprised it’s the same. It’s probably not the same distance they’re squeezing in the time zone. I think. 1h59 No. OK, these are time zone is horizontally not. Vertically. Under under England, so the time zone of England and Greece is the same. Is it the same? No two hours. OK, two hours. So two hours from us to Greece, it’s normal. It’s not squeezed. But are you the same distance, are you all the size of Europe?  Because from London to Greece its all of Europe.  All Europe Almost.  No no its vertically its not so much, yes ot is far..  It’s not. It’s. It’s like this from here to here. OK. From your side, maybe from here to here. I’ll have a look at the map. 2h  Fits not like rom here to here, they are not in the same level. They are like this. England and ok look England then goes the Holland then goes to Germany. Austria then goes Switzerland and Italy and then Greece. It’s like a diagonal. I have to see the map. All I’m saying is I’m surprised that it’s two time zones ’cause, that’s the whole size of Europe. That’s all I’m saying. Cause  it’s big, it’s big, it’s even OK. You wanna say it’s not two? I think a little bit longer. What. Ok all Russia is 8 hours all Russia from Vladivistok to Moscow. Yea I’m not talking about that. I’m. I’m just saying I’m surprised the distance between Greece and Armenia. I’m surprised that that’s the same as the distance between London to Greece.ok now  I understand, yes. Actually, the little bit surprising. Because it economically, it’s it’s easier to put them together as close as possible, but they can’t. They can’t put one hour. For all that Europe, that’s why at least they have to be close. In reality, it should be 4 hours, right as you say. I’ll check the map. I just want to see the distance that no, you are right but not like 4, not two times, but maybe three hours. It could be, but as soon as it’s much easier to communicate with all European nations. So it’s better to put closer to time zones. But you can’t be one time zone like in a huge country like in America. You can’t do that. America is 4 hours right? difference. Uh, I think 3. There’s this eastern central. Mountain sometimes used to have mountain and Pacific, Eastern Central, Mountain Pacific. I think it’s four, but I I think now it’s I’m not last that guy tonight he’s he’s A and then of course continental America, not islands, Hawaii. No Hawaii’s something else, that’s another four hours, but anyway. Also, he’s gonna say something else, but you don’t. You can compare size of America and size of Europe, then probably you will understand what’s happening. You understand? Yeah. OK. I’ll have a look. Alright, so. Have fun. Is that color TV? Is it color? What is it color? It’s not black and white. Is it that TV? No its color, only color very deep. It looks it looks blue and white. From here I don’t see any colors, just blue and white. Probably if i changed the angle. Nah. It happens. It happens. OK, so hey, remember, turn off your telephone sometimes put airplane mode, turn off the Wi-Fi sometimes hahaha ok  Take it easy. You don’t believe just to be safe, just to be safe, man. Are you making gymnastics. Are you running are you having fun? I go to the gym only once a week now because. Uh, yeah, but it’s at least I get a heavy workout. You know? I do. I I should do two times minimum but so. You said that the ship owner didn’t like me. When When he when he refused to do the free ticket. Yeah, he told me that guy, man. He talks about you behind your back. I don’t like this kind of thing. And but I knew. I knew that you discussed me. ’cause free speech. Of course you’re gonna discuss . I told you. I told you. I he’s asking questions that I’m discussing something about your life here. Why you are not enjoying your something like that and. He wanted the main goal of his was to know about you. A lot of things from me about which kind of. How do you say? What do you have? OK, who’s your sponsor? Where do you get this opportunity to live here long? It was obvious for him that you have something. So that’s why he was asking this? I don’t know. In case I just to protect you and said. He has only lost. Maybe. 50,000. He sold something. He’s gonna spend here. He’ll be running over all his money and this kind of things. 2h04 He wasn’t some of your friends are cheating. Not cheating you. Using you. That’s why it was like that period as you remember. He wasn’t, you know, but to say something about you that will harm you, man. I am so far from that that you can understand that. Yeah, he he was in such bad shape, man. You know that photo I have where he looks like he’s wearing diapers? Yeah, I asked. So I asked people and they’re like, no, I think that’s just fat, but it looks like a diaper. No, no, no. He’s fat, fat. He had problems. He’s such terrible shape and he keeps smoking, the Finland girl said that he smokes 5 packs a day. So you know if he takes the fake vaccine to, he’ll be dead for sure. Now , let’s see what happens too bad he’s not [healthy]. Can you find it out, I am curious too? If he’s still alive It means that we we have, we can leave another hundred years. Man, we should ask the the Finland girl will know. So you can contact her on Facebook. I’m sure. I’m sure you want to. Hahah You know I want him to leave as long as possible because. These kind of people can give you a hope that you can live as well long as possible. I thought you’re gonna say to be punished. No no no by the way he’s punished by his sizes, his way of life, poor guy. Yeah, poor thing, man. Anyway, OK man. So see you next time. 2h06 I’ll write to finnish girl to know what’s happening this last year. But I think I did once. She didn’t answer last time. OK? What, on Facebook. The finnish girl I I by Facebook yea I contacted. I think she didn’t answer. Call her like this, do a call like this see what happens. I’m sure you I’m sure you want to, remember you were running away on your birthday. Hehe I was hoping maybe some other girls will be happening in our way. Yeah, but I I remembered the last day when I was in Greece. Can you remember that party we wwnt? Yeah. Unfortunately, we didn’t do this kind of parties many times. It happened only the last day. I was surprised. How come all this time Didn’t happen anything. The last day I I saw a beautiful lady. A beautiful maybe she was about 45 or something and I loved her, but I was feeling OK. I I don’t look as as impressive. To start flirting her. That’s why I was very passive. But I shood, you know. She was very nice. Really didnt you pay attention, I think you tried to flirt one another. Girl. You remembered there. Yeah, I got on video. I was doing it live you mean that night time right before you left. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nice place. It was a presentation or something, right? Balcony. Yeah. Big, big. Find the the party that we had on the beach in varkiza You remember on the beach? Ohl those. Yeah. Yeah, there was a party, people dancing that we were videoing them. And they asked us to video more. And you remember that? Yeah. Yeah. God, those b each parties were grueling, it’s tough, isn’t it? It’s tough at night to put that much effort into. Yeah, when you can just do it in the day time or dating apps. Unfortunately we didn’t keep friends with that group of people. They were nice. They were like in one group, but they could. They could be friendly, but about the international. Did you go anymore? Where? International Party international. Where’s that, oh, international. Yeah. Don’t don’t say the full name. Don’t don’t tell everyone the full name. It’s gone it’s over. I think it was good though, just for, you know, little interaction. But yeah, yeah, no, no, it’s still there. I still get emails. So, but yeah, don’t tell everybody ’cause until we. Nobody’s gonna go there, man. It’s not So.. it’s still nice to have something, but, but yeah, don’t tell everybody. Just tell the good people. So we’re not going to filter out the good people. I’m not gonna tell the bad people about it, but yeah, OK. OK, man, OK, I’m having fun. You too. What? What are you eating? Do you got some good food? Now you are eating healthy organic. Monotonic. I don’t eat like very different. Something better but organic, of course. Very extra gluten, yes. 2h10Macaroni Pasta, pasta. Really. Gluten free, man. It’s hard to get my what is it? Organic. It’s hard to get organic here. There’s only one place that’s very organic. Very difficult to get organic. Armenia is only organic, We don’t know non organic. Oh yea coz its too expensive to buy all the chemicals allthe poison, all the pesticides. In the shop, full gluten food is very expensive and organic is very cheap. Nobody wants to buy organic. OK, man. See you later dude. Where is the, where is it? I? I think the speaker is getting quieter. You know it slowly, slowly, it gets quieter. And then and then it goes very low. After a few hours. But where’s what? On again, please don’t throw away your electronics or start one day. I’m OK. I put in storage. By the way, storage is is vanguard. There’s, you know, Black Rock and Vanguard are the biggest companies in the world. They have trillions of dollars and they they they bought a lot of places and and one of the storage places here is vanguard. So I don’t know if I should put. Valuables there. Maybe. I just put the empty suitcases. But that’s another thing. But, but yeah. So I’ll save the. Yeah, I thought you were going to say by the way, you know, right now you said, oh, by the way, I thought you’re gonna say don’t put this on the Internet. Imagine all this stuff. Please no, no. Please, no. Please. No, please. If you put them, I will sue you. I will sue you. I don’t let you. I don’t get you if you pay me $1, I will let you 1 billion. I will sue you if you put anything. This I got threats like that once. Once a year I get somebody they let me. They say yes and then they look at my website and they say if you ever put me on there I’ll sue i Will take legal action or whatever, that’s my audience. but actually that’s my way. Conflict like these. People like to watch. That’s my audiences. People checking to see if I put them so they consume me. That’s my audience. All the people that they wanna see, if I if they’re on there yet. Some inspector. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, the police. Anyway, hi, you know that there special people who do this kind of things for to get audience police audience. That’s gonna be the audience now, isn’t it, ’cause? Once they. So, so, so hey, so you’re not scared of smart meter, but you didn’t do the research. You don’t know if smart meter is Wi-Fi is OK for all the time you don’t know this, right? OK, there are things that without knowing you can be sure. Without knowing how can you know then? There are 8 billion people using this so it will be so everywhere it is, the conversation could be everywhere you know will be watching. The only one who take care takes care of the health. Shall I tell you, some live streamers were going to check that. I’m gonna be watching them to see who. It’s it’s a deathwatch. We’re going to see who gets hurt or dies first from this one guy. He’s putting it on his chest. He’s got the telephone on his chest everyday like 10 hours. So. Waiting for you to see what’s happening with this audience, we’re all looking to see as you alive. So shall I tell you his name? He’s on youlube. Shall I tell you his name? I can. I can give him a free shout out. Maybe. Yeah, actually. Listen, maybe this part you have to cut later on or it’s live stream now. No, it’s not live, no. OK. So talk about that about all you don’t want people to know that there is a magnet, right? The magnet that they know magnet, but I can’t no more details on that but OK. But you can say, OK, my health is I feel so bad. Sorry, I feel this magnet is causing me problems. day by day you have to go next. 5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth the mouse the Bluetooth mouse spike protein.. 2h14 Keep live stream, but 10 minutes go like that every time you do. Every day you go. Ah I cant Is it is it? Is it the 5G Wi-Fi or the spike protein shedding from shedding from the vaccinated? Which is it? Is it both? Is it both? Is it Bluetooth mouse? I’m gonna put wired. I’m gonna put the wired one again. When I get it, when I find it, it’s gonna use up a port. You are picking out the ???  from your mouth and so sorry, maybe. Yeah. Yeah. When the vaccinated person is talking to you, you go, you go, you go aaghh aaagh. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. It’s most of them are. OK, there might not be. It’s an experiment. We gotta find out what’s going on. See what’s gonna happen. But you know, if you spit on somebody, if they spit by accident. So anyway. So, uh, OK, man. Good. OK, have fun. Is that it?  I keep thinking there’s one more thing to say, but I think that’s it. OK. Next time you’re already gone for the next one. Like when in 10 days 20 when hey, by the way, thank you for letting me put this on my website. You’re not expecting something in return are you? No, no, nothing, nothing Geo. Nothing. No, no, no, ’cause. I I wanna help. I wanna help. Help those who help. I wanna help those who help me. But I I helped you already. I gotta get some success here first. But. Listen, I want to tell you one thing bearing important is somebody is listening to us. Yeah, why. I want to tell you, you are such a good person, such a good person. I want to tell you one important thing. If I die one day, go to Berlin Central Park, near the tree. Under The three I leftt under the tree under the tree? Yes. The fifth three from the entrance on the right. I put it there. I did my all what I have I put that all my stuff there. Don’t tell to anybody. Maybe I will live long, you know. That’s why. Please don’t tell. Maybe one day I will need it. But if I die, I let you to. Get it? Yeah, please don’t. in curb your enthusiasm he dies before he can say the information he’ll be like, and the name of the tree and the park. The name of the park is…aaggh Yeah, I’m watching a Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. They have very nice short stories. 20 minutes. They have four stories. You know, all these TV shows, they usually have in 20 minutes. They have four different stories, very. Short stories is important. It gives you ideas. Yeah. So I’m studying them. I’m gonna have to look at the old outlines and, you know, text of it. As I told the summaries. Warsaw such a big show with the comedy. Comedy stuff. I told you. Yeah, order 4 hours show. Four hour. It’s getting weaker and weaker. This thing man. Hey, you know that these they don’t make these anymore with wire, only Wi-Fi. [bluetooth] Now these only Wi-Fi man, it’s not charged. Yeah, it’s it’s plugged in, it’s it’s charging, but it runs out. But but you know they don’t want you using wire anymore, only Wi-Fi. [Bluetooth wireless microwave radiation] Do you think they’re trying to kill us? Yeah, ’cause all the new ones they have, they they don’t have wire, only Wi-Fi. So again, I’m gonna have to see what happens to everybody else first. You know, I never got a cell phone till 10 years later. I wanted to see if everybody was OK first, you know, imagine that. For me, to get all your stuff, all staff, you have to throw it away. I could like this next time. Geo be careful with. Be careful with with this wire stuff for I I think it’s better you. You, you you you throw it away but don’t throw. I will get it. Just just be careful, please. It’s very unhealthy. All this stuff, everything. Everything you have is very unhealthy. Please be careful. They proved they have evidence. There have the evidence. So don’t, don’t wait these speakers. I will. I will take it away from you. I have a few I’m gonna see if they don’t work very well, but I’ll try. OK. Alright. No, no, don’t worry. Really. There is no problem. No problem with this. You have to show me evidence of this though. Well, you are the you’re the. You’re the Guinea pig. You’re the Guinea pig. TV stations, TV stations from old time. I know so many announcers, not announcer dicters dicters how was in English. What is it, oh presenters. hosts. Yeah. So mnany old presenters living now till 90 years old and they didn’t die working right under this antennas wireless. No. Yes, all this. And there’s no problem. So it’s another proof that it doesn’t work like that. I hope so. We’ll see. And the name and the name of the live streamer. I’m gonna tell you now. Immortal aliens, I already said it before. I already got him on there, but immortal aliens. He’s he’s got the telephone here all the time. Like 10 hours a day for two years. Let’s see if he makes it. Let’s see if he. I told him. Be careful. You’d 5G he goes. Yeah, I said we’re gonna see what happens to you, but he’s got. So it’s him. And there’s another one. But I’ll tell you next time the other guy. OK. OK, see you man, chaow. You are allowed to use it anywhere you want. Don’t worry, I give my proper permission and you are always welcome to use my videos photos everything. I said it many times. I keep saying. thank you. I thought you meant the 5G I guarantee you will not die from 5G. And then I’m like. OK. OK, still cool, dude. Thank you. Thank you till next time. Thanks a lot. God, we went over time this time, man, I don’t know if I can squeeze the transcript on my website. It’s gonna take the whole damn. Web page right? It’s going to be two hours now for if I put the transcript up, I will. It’s better. I think there’s an increase in views and it it, it makes it more. Mo better Blues so. It’s Sunday, so I don’t have to dress up. I was gonna put on the tie for you, but with spring break coming up, spring broke. I was gonna wait till you see her. 2h22 Next time it’s gonna be full on Spring broke, so I might just, you know, I’ve got everything. It’s just like spring break right here. That’s why I’m not that fussed. Minus the, cant even swim there though in some except Miami, maybe, but. I’m just saying this if you need people screaming, shouting, hollering and hooting right here, there’s a bar in every street. So you got that here. If you want a little action, if you know what I mean. I don’t want to use the S word. Every street corner, there’s that. If you want it. I you know, I. I haven’t done it here that way because. Maybe it’s time. Dating apps You got that.. Which I haven’t done either ’cause I just. Why sweat it, like Andrew Dice Clay, said why sweat it when you you can just ppp pppt all over yourself. But yeah, I don’t wanna be doing that either. But yeah, I’m gonna get with it. I did. I did socialize a little bit. But, you know, when it’s raining and it’s people are far away or, you know, it’s good, it’s it’s a bit of a hassle to to go, you know, to. Pursue & all that. Anyway, yeah, I’m just. I got my hands full. Pardon the pun. Already. So I’m just saying whatever spring break has in Florida except the good weather you need, you can still get a couple nice days a month here. March is worse than November and December. That’s the problem here. Sometimes March is worse. In April, they say showers. But you know, I was in San Diego once and they were like Gray may and June gloom. I was like, what the f, they didn’t tell me that till I got there. That’s no good either, is it? I can get that right here. But it is. It is much better. There is, you know, several degrees hotter, several 10s of degrees hotter. So in the daytime. So here it is better. It is nicer. Yeah, it was nice. I have to edit all that stuff. I I don’t see myself editing all this this editing all this. Or maybe bit by bit anyway running out of time. So yeah, just just a little quick goodbye. Thanks for visiting again,,,, and 100 domains. A Sunday, February 20. I just say that I’m last time you see my UTC. February 20. 2022 5:56 PM I’ll check the time stamp on the video. I’ll be able to tell when I started what time I started and all that, but I think I did say the time. Did my? Anyway, thanks for visiting. Just a quick, uh quicker mention of the links again, I still have to tweak them and make them. I wanna put the top ten, top 20, Top 40 or whatever top 100. I don’t want it to crowd oh I could shrink them now you know that everyone knows I can shrink them. ’cause. That’s full blast. That’s like huge font. So I can make them very small. So even like a whole bunch of. Huge number of them will be a very small amount of space on the front page just so people can go there quickly and check out the alternative Independent. Uh new media. Not funded by the Pharmafia. Fake stream fedia. So just quick, I’m gonna say it again. just a blog, They keep E begging, but I guess they need the money. popups keep coming up and there, but you get a few headlines there. Uhm, no, that’s mostly about the. The fake vaccine information, with the proven evidence links. But that’s he doesn’t update. He doesn’t follow the news on that. If you want news we’re talking about here, Principia slash. I mean hyphen- dash, scientific. I’m like everything here again. It’s not. We need, like, a headline news type of thing. All of these are backed up with evidence. That’s why I like the epoch times epok times, are they Chinese, or because they had in Chinatown. They’ve got them while criticizing China, so it can’t be Chinese, right? Maybe it’s free China, like Taiwan. Got the motorcycle noise now. But anyway, you have epoch times. Like I said, they’re a bit. They should put the headlines up top and not at the bottom because every time I go there and I see a headline saying, you know, zucchini recipe or something like that shouldn’t be at the top of your site when and and you know the the world events at the bottom. So I don’t know why, but anyway, Earth paper that that’s I think that’s Vernon colmans but it’s OK but shouldn’t be so high up because it’s a bit bland. rumble. Shall wait for this motorcycle to go. Shaking the build.. forgot to ask him why the building shakes ’cause, I’ve noticed, like rattling of the doors is something. And then if two bottles are together, you can theyre rattleing. Vibrating. So this building has something wrong it its shaking. You know, you put two bottles together. You can hear them going drrrrrrrr. Anyway, so you yeah, the Yeah, & rumble, that’s quicker there. ’cause, you can see the latest videos quicker, but I want to support the the main site and not just the rumble. You know. Proxy or sub file you know the. Alternate, whatever they called the alias or whatever you know, and that’s not the real website, right? So I don’t know. I mean, yeah, whatever. I’m just saying, give them a view on their real site and So it’s not just, it’s not just primarily UK anymore, I guess I like them ’cause. They say it like it is, They’re saying what the the fake stream mainstream won’t tell you. And their outing? They’re shouting out the. The fraudsters and criminals. So I like that alot UK column that’s so that’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And they run rumble. I go straight to rumble sometimes, but they put the latest video there, so that’s good. And I downloaded it and I downloaded it and I listen to it the next morning.’cause it’s a bit heavy for nighttime entertainment or information. I’ve gotta clean this up. I want to get rid of that Robert Malone thing here, but he’s on. I go to his gettr now. Slash user RW Malone, MD. Some people think he’s controlled opposition. ’cause. Yeah, the no jab for me. Info. Right guy Paul Adams. He’s got these. This is why I don’t trust Robert Malone. Doctor Robert Malone. And I saw the link in there like he’s a bit contradictory. Like he’s he’s still pro vaccination. He did it to himself even though he’s telling everybody not to do it or you know that it’s it’s. No good. It’s damaging and killing and harming your organs and all that. So. It’s hard to figure out what he’s in, and his wife like, hit a whole bunch of things. That tie him to the, you know, you can’t be that deep into the small firm firm pharmafia, maybe I shouldn’t say that to the farm small farm farm. Yeah. You can’t be that deep into it and not be a bit. You know. So, but he seems he seems straight up to me anyway. Anyway, so maajid nawaz. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I go there quickly. There’s another one I want to tell you, but yeah, I don’t wanna get. I don’t wanna be tied to that guy, but he is pretty good. He is putting up a lot of great stuff. Should I say it he’s on gettr he go to my gettr. Just have a look at who I’m following and you’ll actually, I’m not following. I don’t want any problems. But I’ll say him because he’s a reporter. Should I say it? I don’t wanna be. I don’t. I don’t wanna be linked to that man. But he’s he’s very good as far as uploading the latest stuff. OK, look at my, my look at my shares. Look at my reposts on gettr and you’ll see who he is. I don’t wanna mention him because I don’t wanna be. I wanna stay out of it. I don’t wanna be. Associated with him on this because then they’ll come after me thinking that I’m associated with him when I’m not. I’m just listening. I’m just listening to his reports and his and I reposted his his I liked and reposted his getter post so you can see there. Why am I saying it? Because he criticized some some bad people and those bad people. I want nothing to do with, so that’s all we know. There’s bad people in every. And everything. So I mean, there’s good people there too, but he criticized. I wanna stay out of it, that’s all. Best no, I’m just start getting more and more diplomatic and more detached from all this. You can all argue amongst yourselves. Like what? Why? You know why? Get involved? Why get involved? I mean, but I repost, I don’t think that’s a big deal, is it? Especially if it’s about Canada tyranny. You know the Trudmao Guy chairman trudmao Trudeau . So Vernon Coleman, he’s every Wednesday he’s he’s quite frequent now. He’s more than Wednesday I think he shoots them ahead of time ’cause he won’t say what date it is it just a month ’cause like it’s February 2020 doesn’t say what day it is so he’s probably shut a whole bunch of stuff and he puts them up randomly but he’s putting up like. More than one a week now, like two or three a week. So, but but he’s he’s coming a little repetitive now, he said so much. I’ve heard him say so much, although he does keep up to date, so he won’t be. It won’t be too repetitive because things constantly changing. There’s constantly new information out so, but you know if it’s repetitive, so brandnew Slash at Doctor Vernon Coleman. Or it gets embedded there anyway Steve Kersch, substack. Very good. He’s proving everything. Like he’s just a brilliant, brilliant. He proved that the fairer system is. It’s a factor of 40 underneath, so the true figure of injuries and deaths so. Whatever vaers says open vaers, you gotta multiply times at least 40 times. Everybody said it. It’s between one and 100 [underreporting factor]. Times less than the true figure. There’s a Harvard study that said that. So he just confirmed that. We know there’s, you know, it’s just a sample. And most people never get reported so. Anyway, so there’s that.. 2h33 Corbyn for? He’s gone. It’s funny. My last upload here. My last. Post my last video here my last conversation video conversation? Yeah, I mentioned it. I said how come they haven’t? How come they don’t silence him? They just shadow banned him and he’s gone. They silenced him. Facebook shut it down. So I think he’s on telegram now. But it was “stop new normal” on Facebook. He put so much work up there. He was so great up there. Still is, but somewhere else now Telegram I I’m not on telegram yet. It’s not working on my laptop. If I need to get an app, stick 5G and Wi-Fi on me all the time. No thanks. Not not for now. When I don’t have to, I can use fiber. I don’t know if Telegram works on this thing, but anyway he was so great because my favorite line of his was he was at the Prince Charles Cinema, you know, movie theater. He was saying where they started using the. The China tyranny pass the COVID the fake COVID pass, you know, to make you to control you with your phone, which is what this has all been about. He’s like they want this movie. Theater is promoting tyranny, ’cause they want you to use your phone to get in. And they’re saying that it’s the control. It’s not to control a virus. It’s to control you!!!. It it, it just sounded so truthful. And so that is, that’s exactly what’s going on. And nobody’s saying it. Everyone is quiet. They’re all in Lala land. Half of them are walking around with masks and and walking sticks like like thriller. Michael Jackson’s thriller video night of the Living Dead. And I’m like, I don’t wanna be rude. I I don’t want, you know, I’ve got my camera. Can imagine if I was did the vaccine did that to, you know, I’m not like that. I mean, I’ve got my, you know, discreet camera. And I’m just like, hey. If the vaccine harmed you, there’s a police investigation and this fat broad. She was like pissoff. Anyway, so um. I got that. I think it’s kind of funny, but yeah, well, not, her reaction, not what happened to her. But anyway. So so he’s gone. I think he’s on telegram now. Stop. Maybe these still work, right? These sites. But he doesn’t upload their his his activism ’cause. I just thought it was brilliant, I thought. And especially when there was a conflict that people were. You know, conflicting with him. I I don’t. I saved a couple of them. I saved a few of them. I couldn’t watch it. I would, you know, ’cause with these live streams, it might be an hour if nothing. And there’ll be a couple a few minutes of of real. Like, what do you do when someone attacks you, you know? Like they called this some crazy guy was calling him a bully for informing people. How is it bullying when you’re bullying the informant informer. He’s just trying to help save people and, you know, to tell people the truth, that the other side of the story, that’s all. Anyway,, you have this one, this one is a horror show. You go there. You just see everybody. Getting hurt. You know that’s much more than the 99.9 percent 99.9% survivable flu virus, corona. But how you don’t know the percentage you know if it’s if, what if it’s it’s more, it’s 1% get injured. Nobody knows the exact statistics, so it’s good to look into it anyway. And as I say, brighteon /channels/ the prisoner. Again, he puts up stuff there, but I’d like to get from the real source anyway, like, like he’ll he’ll share all kinds of stuff, and then I’ll go to the actual source and get to the good quality video ’cause he, he he ruins the quality sometimes. Well, yeah, he makes it a smaller fail, like the Crow House. Max Igan, which is right here. Yeah, here. It’s a nice smaller file, but I I don’t really want someone 720P ’cause it’ll use up all the memory if I start. You know if I wanna save. If he’s just talking. I’m not going to use it. But yeah, it’s nice to have the 720P minimum from the actual website which is coming up right now. So yeah, channels hrr report. On brighteon dot com. That’s the founder, Mike Adams. Paul Adams is no job for me down info. Mike Adams is  HRR report. Then there’s a bunch of them and I go. Yeah. So the Crow house here is odyssey. You go to And he’s got all these links there, Max Igan [sounds like Mexican}. Very interesting ’cause you know, he he fled the Australia tyranny, the COVID fraud tyranny over there. Unbelievable. They cracked down and and they rob scaling back now Austria is repealed, but they’re still doing that fake PCR test to get is to harvest DNA and make a lot of money. That’s what it is. They’re making billions from them. You gotta go to That guy too now I would say that at the end. Within the court trial that’s going on right now and he proved that the. 2h38 What’d he prove? that the PCR test they had millions of PCR tests, hundreds of millions of PCR tests ready to go before the pLandemic ’cause you can’t get? There’s no way to do that. And in that fast and they had them all ready to go. Because it’s the same Roche it’s it’s one company I think I think it’s Roche. They’re all in on it and they, they, they did this, man. And they’re still doing it, forcing people to do that to travel, F.U. I wanna travel. Be free without your *** man. I don’t wanna lose my temper again this time. Anyway the crow house:2. Why is there a colon and two there? It’s the crow house, isn’t it? Crow house colon 2. Maybe.: I didn’t know you could have a colon on URLs and OK yeah. Correct. And then, Tim, truth. He put up some stuff in their COVID world. OK,, No more silence dot world. A sub stack. Profile. Alex berenson. I haven’t seen him in awhile. I’m going to have a look at that world, doctors And I think that’ll do for now. And then of course, you go to just go to the homepage of, OK, we got red voice or Peters. He’s great for keeping up with the latest. The light very good, but it’s monthly and then go to thehomepage bannons there’s a slash and then a C for channel. I guess Bannon with two ends. War room. Bannon’s war room. A brand new tube? Yeah. Go to brand new Something weird about them trying to get on there, but it’s it’s the blocked. Some stuff unless. You sign up. And I did sign up and then it signed me out. And it’s just a bit weird. Sorry. Now im confusing. Yeah. Brand new tube. Yeah, bitchute. That’s another one. Weird. It doesn’t play the videos properly. It’s got some technical stuff, but it’s still great for stuff and it won’t embed on your website properly, it just it doesn’t work on phones. Them beds don’t show up, but again, the homepage in Hugo talks is on there. It’s still one of the bigger ones. I think it’s bigger than rumble, right? Rumbles the next one and. Doctor Sam Bailey. I don’t know if she’s still that active. I mean, I have look. And that’s it for now. All the rest are bits. Accept. Yeah. Doctor tenpenny. I don’t think. I think she’s got better things to do than post for free online when she’s all these people give for constant updates and interviews and interviews. And. Constantly doing things I can’t believe Robert. But Doctor Robert Malone is is is updating his gettr, his posting on gettr I was gonna. It’s like tweeting. What’s the equivalent? Forget he’s getting he’s gettering. Like 10-20 times a day, I can’t believe he has time to do that. I would just burn out and I just, I just be ugh. I guess it’s his thing, but you know, to be that high up in importance and to sit there and get her, putting all that information and sub stack and all the interviews, constant calls and constantly, you know conferences and all that to be doing that non-stop. I guess it takes breaks, but it looks like he’s not. His gettr is just like, Oh my God. Anyway, so it’s two act. I can’t keep up. I can’t keep up with all this stuff. ’cause, it’s, you know, I just want to get an update. Every does. It’s not every day now. You know when going to the gym. I’m trying not to use I anymore. Iiiii I took a whole bunch of notes about how to improve the format, so yeah, last I more you we they my chosen pronouns are not I. They then then they them zem shem flem. But you know you can’t be too careful these days, so. I think that’s so for now. Project that’s gonna go out ’cause. That’s really important. Covid Legal USA. OK, these are all secondary rumble. Dot com user 444 age. That’s Paul Adams. Nojabforme. info. I keep up with certain ones. I I keep up with. rebel news. I don’t heard some bad things about him Max Ugan told, but it’s still worth a look. 10 mask fails. And that’ll do for now. OK. Again, you can find these if you go to my. or 100 domains. It goes. It redirects forwards to and then you can get them. At the top of the page I put a link you just click on that link it goes here ’cause. I don’t want to put a whole ton of domains at the top but I might I might start doing that and then you go here here. I’ve repeated the same video three times ’cause that disappeared on cellphones. I noticed it got blocked so I uploaded. I got it from different sources. To make sure people see it, even though it’s an artificial intelligence thing, all that’s very bad. It’s it’s, it smakcs. They say here it smacks of China tyranny. God, I’m gonna get banned from China. Yeah, that Pat Condell guy he showed someone got in trouble in China, and he’s like, that’s what d you expect. Serves you right for going there. You don’t go to tyrannical places. Although Apple has their headquarters there, right? Yeah. Just for the cheap labor. Worked out pretty well, didn’t it? How else do you make a trillion? Guatemala would be cheap too, wouldn’t it? Why? Why? Why not there? I guess it’s even cheaper in China. And you can. Get more done there, right. It’s less distractions. And. Nice weather, less nice weather. And although I think Hong Kong is pretty hot, I don’t know. In Winston, Wu said that, yeah, said Taiwan and people are really unfriendly and not, but that’s towards him. In general, the culture is very even, though it’s free, China free, free China. He said this is the worst, the most stuck up, worst place he’s ever been. And he’s from there. But that’s usually the case right there. They don’t appreciate their own. Their own. They might appreciate tourists, or maybe not. I know I’d have to go there to see. I’m not sure I’d want to after what he said. OK. So and then you just Scroll down. I put some other links up top before these main ones. These alternatives you know alternative, independent, new. Media. Alternatives to the pharmafia funded fiction fedia. Yeah, I just. I put for adverse reactions and deaths and. And that the site that got blocked by the UN? Possibly if it was them nobody knows. It’s funny how nobody knows what’s going on behind. The shadow banning and the censorship. But we we know this, it’s this. There’s only ten people who control the whole damn thing or 100 and and they’re all you know. 2h46 [neighbor noise] Jesus, he’s injected. Is that a vaccine injury too? hear the neighbor? Bhhhhooo you hear the neighbor drop.. Are you OK? Hey, is that is that the vax injury? Oh and the ambulance, a lot of ambulances. I’m telling you, man, too many ambulances anyway, so that’ll do for now. Thanks, visiting. Sorry to take up so much time. I I don’t know. I got carried away. I don’t see myself making anymore phone calls today, man. Maybe a bit later, but the problem is if I if I wanna call Greece there two hours ahead, it’s already freaking midnight. They’re going to be soon. And the Michigan guy from Facebook, he can wait because that’s 10 hours back. So. Or seven or eight or whatever, but. I don’t feel like talking after this, so that’s it. Why did I? That’s just an update to keep my website active. And the show the edited episodes on the show? That’s that’ll be 20 bucks. OK, just kidding, we’ll, see what’s gonna happen with that. Anyway, I’m done. I think that’s it. Enough more than it is. More than it’s just too much. At least its not like those ten hour live streams where nothing happens. Just sitting there chewing the fat and blabbing. About nothing. But whatever comes, that’s that’s what this is. That’s the format is long form videos is becoming the format, isn’t it?’cause it’s the easiest, I wouldn’t say, it’s the easiest to not have to edit. Sorry, but I’m getting scrunched up here bunched. Anyway, that’s it. I’m not gonna repeat the. Thanks for visiting,,,, and a hundred domains Sunday, February 20,. 2022. A minute of silence just for editing purposes. They say to do that right. I don’t think I’ll need it, but I think it’s half a minute or so. Later. Bye. Thank you. See you. Sorry, it’s just, I know it’s it’s limited its limit. That’s all I can do for now, OK. More later. I’m not even gonna do this ’cause you got in the back background. I just did. See ya, I’m mellowing ou? I just wanted to do a more mellow one today. I don’t wanna be all.’cause, it’s a bit offensive to To be too in your face and to to be too. Yeah, too much. Too fanatical about one side of the debate, I want to be..[balanced[


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