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Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1-08pm utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03
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On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1-08pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03 transcription
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Hi, me again. Sunday 5 June 2022 1-08 PM. Thanks for visiting Gotta get the pink dot., diary uh.. Diarrhea, diary dot TV and 100 domains. It’s the uh, yeah, ok, I’m a little rusty. I didn’t do this in three weeks. Maybe I should do this more often. Like those live streamers that think somebody’s. that that’s a nice to see you when they can’t see who’s watching. Nice to see you, Tom dick & harry. Nice to see you dick nice to see you Hairy, smelly cat. Nice to see you. Nice to see you. And they can’t see anyone. So you can’t. You’re not seeing and you don’t see them. Imaginary friends who don’t. Anyway, so its the Queens Platinum Jubilee & they had kind of a cryptic program, it was hard to, you know, luckily, I caught. Street mic podcast guy on Thursday, Wednesday he he informed me. I didn’t know they had a bank holiday on Thursday. Unheard of. 1h22 And uh. So I new to go to the Mall as they say here. Mall, Mal, pal Mal to the Buckingham Palace on Thursday, but it was too crowded, I think, from what I saw. I didn’t know what time or anything before I knew it. It was over. It was too crowded. You can get near anything and you can see anything they were like. It’s. But it’s a great atmosphere. And then Friday I went to the website. [that starts with B & ends with C] You know that one that lied about the past two years, committed fraud and genocide [democide] past. all those mainstream complicit genociders or some crime against humanity fraudsters. So I went there and they didn’t really say what time. Or where the events are just kind of getting a rough so you know I missed I missed it. But Friday, at least I got out Saturday. I blew again, and Sunday I, you know, sentence we’ll see anyway. So Nude developments now, new nude developments, new developments. I’m. I’m gonna go into the shipping business. Maybe I found some old phone numbers my mom gave me when I was a teenager and I was supposed to go into shipping back then, but even my dad said, you know, he can lose everything. You can make fortune, but you can lose, lose, lose everything too. So that’s why I. But anything’s gotta be better than this ‘cause this is working out and just another thing. So yeah, I’m an Onassis owns asses ***** type of guy, apparently. 2m50 And I just wanna apologize the wish like a little confrontation, a little misunderstanding. I was getting the street. I was getting ’cause. I’m getting my marketing promotion campaign stickers in people’s reaction to it. And I’m also showing whatever’s in front of me, every day I get footage and I’m trying to make a show out of it which is failing miserably so far, but hopefully it’ll get somewhere. We’ll see. Stay puned and we’ll find out. But some woman attacked me and started calling me all kinds of lying, slanderous, libel is print. Right, so shouting at someone slander, right. Although if it’s being recorded, it’s it’s it’s libel. ’cause it’s it’s it’s [stop stuttering] recorded media, right? So libelous defamatory slanderous. Epithets. So I called her the C word and I just want to apologize. ’cause. There’s no excuse for that. I mean, there would be. I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. As far as the C. I want to stop using that. “I’m never gonna use the C word again. La La, la.” Parody, fair use comment. But you know, so I was following the comedy greats, Howard Stern used it. He called Ellen degenerate the c word Ellen DeGeneres. He called her the C Word. Larry David used the C word in his show. Uh who else? yeah, we got everything there. Ricky Gervais used it at the Oscars and probably not at the Oscars but Golden Globes anyway. He uses it all the time on his stand up comedy. So, you know, the comedy greats misogynists right there and Travolta used it in Saturday night fever. That’s the all time class. He started it all. Well, now it’s been going on. But yeah, I don’t like the word. I’m not a misogynist. I love women, so I don’t wanna use it anymore. But you know, when somebody is shouting abuse at you and defamatory, slanderous. Epithets. It’s like you. You kind of want to put them in their place. So I just wanna apologize, though. ’cause. Yeah, I. No, I don’t wanna use that anymore. OK, just in case it gets out. If I used it. Might be joking, man. Like she wanted to put me on online, but then she realized I’d get tons of traffic because I’ve got my [ sticker] next time anybody attacks you. I’m learning a lot of things. Next time, anything. Just shout your website and they won’t people to use it. She was like I’m gonna blur this. And now you gotta mute me too. ’cause. My website and I think. I think I’m it. Isn’t diary better than vlog ’cause? A lot of people don’t know vlog anyway. But im about to call my friend hike. And we’ll take it from there, he’s waiting. So yeah, we synchronize, we agree a time and it’s time. Is this even? Omg I had to prepare you know. 5m40 Owot. Hey man. I thought you’re gonna be out and be all noisy and it’s it’s difficult. ’cause. No. I decided to stay because it’s too noisy. I can’t find nice place. It’s better like this. Because if so, I don’t shout because even here, I’m like, agrhh, I don’t wanna shout for the recording. yeah i see. although the recording shouldn’t have priority the phone calls should have priority but yes sir anyway you OK? i’m just curious you are recording not directly but indirectly from the camera? I thought your computer is recording. 6m20 [wipes lenses] thank you. Thank you. hehe. I’m going to start wearing ties all the time only only to clean the camera. Hey I found the phone numbers of Greek shipowners, very big ship owner. This my mother had when I was [a] teenager, she wanted me to be a ship owner. I remember this. and yeah, I found old telephone numbers and I think I can ask them, you know what I’m gonna do? I’ll go like this and I’ll say. Look, I blew my life on YouTube, stole 13,000 of my videos and is failing. I I don’t wanna blow my whole life, do you think you give me give me a chance? I’ve got some money to invest in the ship maybe. Can I start from the sailor, please? From what? speedboat? From sailor postion up to captain.. moutsos, muchos, yeah, in greek its muchos. It’s a guy who cleans the toilets on the ship, he  cleans the ship, and least listen. Wait, Bessa me mucho. Well, listen, maybe you could start talking to this guy this way. You know, say that something happened the day I should call you 37 years ago and tried try, took the phone and it didn’t. It was not charged. I tried to call and you didn’t. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gave me the idea. I just found your number now. I just. I lost it somewhere in the pockets of my my jeans. I don’t know. My mother washed one of them. I don’t know where it was. And now eventually I found it. And you are showing it, like, barely written. 8m27 Yeah, there was just a radio show with. And this guy was calling up women on the phone here here in London I remember years ago. And he was like, hi. How’s it going? Yeah, I just found your numba. I just found it now. Do you? Can we meet? Can we meet? 8m47 But you did, [babe lol]. You do call, please. If it will make some show. Really. If the number still works yea we’ll see man. We’ll see. But I’m very poor now. I’m very poor. I can start from the garbage. i can start working anywhere. Please help me go like that. I can he says oh I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t have any position. Go like, OK. I I may find some money a little bit and if he says no no say OK. I’ll find to lot of money. I will sell my old/ can you help me please/ I will sell my old cameras instead of giving them to Hayk and make, can I invest in? Haha. So. Yeah. So what’s the what’s the? What’s your? What’s your deal this summer or like like? Let’s start from this. So we are talking on behalf of your friend, Arthur [are to] right, OK. Because you don’t want, on behalf of your client. OK, so. 10m Arthur is planning to leave this this month? No plans yet, but I just wanted to know you. What about you? Are you are you with your client too? No, I can go by myself. You know my clients. I don’t care about clients. You care about your client ok I don’t mind. OK. So I can go instead of my client. But but for you, I was. I was curious. No gravel pit, right. You’re sick of gravel pit, right? No, I’m. I’m fine with gravel pit. But not for my client. I’m taking care of your client. So so your friend is planning to do something only I’m thinking where he’s gonna go? I think you know where he’s gonna go, right? Well, uh. 11m Yeah, he he just wants to know where to agree everything before. Because you know. Yeah, I I know you. You wrote on behalf of him. So. So we’ll have to call offline for, for for that maybe. But you cannot talk on behalf of your Arthur [are two] friend. Your friend [are to] your client. Say that he may go. He may not. You talk everyday with him and you know a lot [“parking lot”, hole in paper, high school teacher said he didnt like the word “a lot” and pierced the paper any time he saw it] of information from him, right? I don’t know. I don’t know. Look, I just wanna know about you. What’s what’s your? Situation. You know what my situation is This. If your friend is going to go somewhere that is hard for me to get there, it’s it’s a little bit complicated for me to go to go to. If somewhere near Poland, let’s say Hungary [hungry]. That could be OK. OK, So the answer is no gravel pit then. Or, you don’t know. You wanna leave it? You wanna leave it open? Yeah, it will be open better because if your client is going to place, he goes every, every summer. I don’t know. It’s too far for me. So. So you’re going somewhere else. I wish it could be somewhere in Europe, you know, and I don’t know, in Greece. Is it going somewhere else? You don’t know yet what your plans are right now? I don’t know yet. OK, alright, we’ll see. OK, uh what else. And plus I have a little work to do here, you know. You do? After things that happened, 13m I have to take care of the apartment of the grave of my mom and so on so forth. No. But still I can save some time and. Go first to Poland and then from Poland, decide where to go, because from here it’s too expensive to go to anywhere. o yea really? 13m25 OK. So you’re going to Poland, maybe you think, right? So, but you don’t know yet what to do, right? Uh. Client says maybe gravel pit. [Travel pics] Gravel pit as soon as possible, or maybe in one month? Yea, later, bit later. I see. I had some I had. I had a few questions for you, actually. So I quickly. So Matryoshka, what’s the point Of Matryoshka man? Just decoration? Where do you see this, Matryoshkas? I’ mean are you selling. No, but you’re the expert on Matryoshka,  I just want to understand why. Matryoshka, what is it? Decoration. OK. Yeah. Its actually a wooden souvenir, and if you can, it’s it has some functions you can open it and one from the other and then another one like ten of them, people like it as a traditional, very functional. It’s not just you are putting and looking at that, but also you can. Enjoy. Actually, kids are enjoying doing this kind of things, as you see, a very large one. You see that one? I can’t see. One second. Sorry. I’m doing something one minute. Uhm yeah. ’cause. I went on the. 14m55 I went on wikipedia the liar website, the genociders and the fraud the criminals Wikipedia, you know they they on the MRNA fake vaccine thing. It says it’s 95% effective when it’s zero, it’s minus 95 effective. It’s just a big the deadliest shot in history and Wikipedia still didn’t correct it yet. There’s still lying to get people to. Buy to get people billions of dollars and ship from the pharmafia fcukers. Yeah. Anyway, yeah. Where are you showing me something? Hang on one second. You’re showing me something. I did OK again. Yeah. One second ’cause. Where is it OK one second. I’m not using a mouse. OK, wait. Oh that oh wow. Schitt they’re clean, you dusted them. They’re they’re very old ones, you see. Very old. These are like 40 – 45 years old. 16m30 Yea Wikipedia says 1890 is the oldest, 1890 like 100 years or more. Ok but matryoshkas cant be 100 and more. It’s it’s only like 80 years ago. They started. No, no, no. Wikipedia says 1890, but they lie. So you don’t know. Matryoshkas can be 80? Yeah, if you look in the Wikipedia matryoshka, it says the first one was 1890. It says. Maybe one or two of them, but the ones I have the probably are very rare they are about 40 – 45 years. How do you dust them? I can’t have anything out. It gets all dusty. How do you, dust? I Don’t. with a feather duster? 16m43 No, no, no. I’m taking it. Curtain. [10]. Very much moisty, but how do you say? Each one you have to pick up each other almost dried and I take it just into it. Otherwise, this way I can throw the dust to all of the house. So wait you clean each one separately? Not inside. In the inside there. Matryoshkas inside are OK, they are not Dirty, but I mean, all the stuff you have to you get dusted. Yeah, but I don’t dust every day, you know? Still its a pain. you know, once a year, probably. OK. Just a couple questions. Are you OK? Yea. So so. You know, 17m30 if gravel pit balcony again? what are you, what are you gonna do? You have no choice, huh? Balcony’s the best place, you know,  its like a.. What if there is no balcony. What if the there’s. So that’s why I probably first you are you need to go get there and say that these are my conditions. My balcony is this. Because.. if I see the balcony is comfortable.. because some islands, many islands have no balcony. 18m Fcuk man. islands right, but not on island. It’s it’s. but again, you want to go to a. islands where there are no choice, you have no choice. No, not a lot of choice. Usually islands are very rare with population, right? What do you mean? or no? Actually, when you are in a big city you are much much more choices than in island. In island there may be 3 ladies you can find, but all of them can be busy. I mean three nice ones. Anyway, if the client goes to islands your you can’t, right? Yeah, island is complicated. 19m So how do you stay so thin now when you’re eating so much garbage? You eat so much white bread, potatoes, carbohydrates, sugar. How come you thin and you’re not fat, man? I’m not chewing well. You dont  chew. What do you mean? **** you move the. OK, OK. Yeah. What do you mean I missed it, man, the connection broke. What do you mean? I said when you are not chewing well, so you are always thin. What? Really? OK, kidding. Actually, I’m moving a lot. Maybe my tempo rhythm [with them], you know, with what I mean, [temple] is fast always. I’m in a move. Even if I’m staying at home, I’m always moving. Doing some. Energy. I’m using a lot of energy, by the way. Have you ever heard that our brain uses much more energy in one hour than if you will be running in two hours? Really? OK, now listen. About the. You said if we meet up OK for for two, you said two weeks is OK. But if you stay long time you need a camera, right? Hahaha. One and a half, please. What? One and a half? One and a half one more than 1 1/2 week. No, it’s not. You’re going to want to stay, man. There’s no way you’re going to leave after 10 days. But the island man island is too much.. because of the balcony problem? Because the balcony OK, when you go to island, ask the administration that say that I have a client, I mean not you, you [are to] Arthur client if he goes to island, let him go to the hotel administration and ask if I will have someone registered with me in the hotel, can he sleep in the corridor outside, in the laundry room. Yeah. OK. OK. We will discuss. OK. So you think you’re going to Poland, but you’re not even sure, right? So you let me know. OK. Yeah. I I will try very much this this year. I have to go. Two years. I didn’t go there and. I’ve some. Really. Yeah, I should go because there are things. Yeah, I need to know which countries have tyranny and which don’t you know, ’cause? Every country is a Tyranny and only theyre different, you know, 22m no Greece. And sometimes you say China is a tyranny every country is a tyranny. No Greece has nothing of the China sh*t shot anymore. They tried to bring it. WEF & WHO tried to bring the Chinese tyranny and it failed right now. But they wanna bring it back with the stupid other things monkeypox bullsh*t they will bring, you know, everything is gonna be back. Climate change bullsh*t ********. They’re trying to use that to bring the the tyranny with the stupid digital one world government and the currency cashless society. And you see now turkey’s activating his policy too much. Ugly [“only”] Turkey. NATO. Now they’re trying to make a lot of mess around. what’d they do? With Greece, they are conflicting with us conflicting with Syria and. OK. Do you have a washing machine? At home, no. 23m Why not? I’m washing with my hands, man. The hands are washing better than washing machine. Don’t you want a machine? It’s it’s you don’t have to scrub. No. Jeez. 23m10 Anyway, and they said there’s going to be a big food crisis. Now, the globalists, you know, they failed with their virus ********. Now they’re trying to do with the war ********. They’re trying to make problems with the food supply and stop everybody. And to hide all the [covid mrna] “vaccine”, the fake “vaccine” damage they want Distractions and destroy the foods they said you did you notice food is going up double triple now in the next year, yeah. So will you be OK? They said to stock up. So you gotta stock up man. Anyway, one more thing, pigeons you know. Yeah, they’re important to to to see if 5G is killing us or not. If the pigeons go, we go. So it’s good to. I notice the pigeons are behaving very crazy. Sometimes they’re flying like a big flocks like this in the morning. And I I was just thinking, if there’s no pigeons, it means they could be dying from the the five 5G. It could be a warning. Good warning. No no believe me. 5G doesn’t do any any harm to us. No it does, it does. The scientists proved it, man? There’s a thousand scientists. They proved it’s very, very bad, very dangerous. Cancers went up three triple. You see, I know my sources. You don’t have any sources when you’re saying this. Ok can[’t] find these sources in Internet. But. My intuition tells that it’s it’s not such a big deal. No, it’s a risk. It’s it’s a risk and I do not consent to experiment. But anyway, so that’s. And uhm. We have to be prepared to move and. What else? That’s it. So, so we haven’t decided them. We haven’t decided anything about conditions. What else are you? We haven’t decided any thing so we’ll just.. so we have another two weeks later let us decide, let us think because now these islands are making me a lot of problems. what’s the problem? Problem is the balcony problem is the island is very much narrow circle. You you can’t go there for to the capital to other cities you have to stay in one place and if there you don’t have social you are not associated with people. What you gonna do only swim Uh. You don’t like to swim do you. You saw me? I swim only half an hour a week, a month. Yeah. OK, 10 minutes a day, let’s say 10 minutes a day. I swim maybe twice, if the weather is fantastic. I do it twice. I mean with joy. Sometimes I’m swimming out of joy, you know, just swimming because I have to swim. There is nothing else to do. I have to swim. OK, Limanakia [leave Monica] was great for swimming. This is another story because this is much more. Not for your body, but. For your fantasy and you see stones deep diving and this this kind of environment, it was great. Limanakia [Lemarchal] was great. If in islands it is like that. I think it’s it could be great. But there is no guarantee that you will find a place like that in islands, right? I don’t know. I’ll see. 26m50 But OK now about um, about the expense man. Huh? Yeah, about the expenses this is another problem. Because I understand I’m recording you all the time, so I’m also. But I’m not making money from the damn business. Yeah, but yes, you know, you need to organize this need not just starting by recording.. I need to sell it.. and organizing, organizing and starting this. Work every day at least one hour, and that’s fine. You don’t need like 5 hours to be in that everyday one hour editing. And one day you will see the result. If you are not doing waiting another another week or another month, it doesn’t happen. It’s over and over. You are just.. because I know this is failed failed business. I’ve got to try something different. Because like for example, 28m there’s these people on that website that stole 13,000 of my videos, that Youtube. Criminal website that steals everything. What you what can you do with them? Nothing. You’re OK. This this live streamer there? For example, there’s live life, people. They sit there for five hours talking live right with somebody like like this? Yeah. Like this, for example. But sitting like this and saying. Oh, hi Tom. Hi Dick. Hi, Harry. Good to see you. And they don’t see anybody. They just see the chat in the chat. Hi hi smelly cat. Hi. Hi number 4.. Yeah, I know. I know. Why you? Why don’t you do that? Because they do this for years and they make you know, $20 donation. That’s it. Then they get they get like, if you gonna be interesting, you’ll get much, much more. No, no it’s sh*t, it goes nowhere, man. It’s it’s all ****. It doesn’t go anywhere. You make nothing. No profit. It depends what you are talking about. Yea Sure. It’s just a waste of time, man. This is not going anywhere, and it’s time to.. I have one question to you. You said that you are drawing some animations, right? Cartoons. I do. Doodles. Cartoons. But they’re not moving right? no. It’s just it’s just funny little sometimes it’s. Bit dirty. You’re OK. I don’t. Adult humor. Would you like me to animate? This is my present to you so I can see that. I can sit & make it in Photoshop. Animation world of your cartoons. Adult humor. It’s no. The one off the just panels. No, no, I don’t want any animation. Thank you. OK. Because soon I’ll make some animations by the way. I will animate [only make] your carricature. Don’t waste your time on that. We need video. You’re wasting time. Yea this is a video man its gonna be like a once in a while. It will be included in the video like 3 seconds. You moving, laughing running. No, thank you. It’s not for me. It’s not. I can’t use that. I need you to flirt ladies that I can use. Haha. Yeah, but you know my it’s very hard to flirt in Greece [Increase]. You broke my enthusiasm when you said that greek ladies are not for flirting. Anyway. Now about the music. Yeah, but you’re not in Greece now. You’re going to. There are many. Armenia’s just as bad, isn’t it? Armenia is just as bad. No no no Armenia’s very easy, sometimes I feel like ladies are coming and trying to flirt me, but unfortunately they are not the ladies that I like. Remember, on your birthday you met someone, didn’t you? While we were talking, remember that last year? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. Yeah. I didn’t meet because I knew her from from ten years ago. 31m She’s a photographer from Washington DC and she’s gonna visit this year again? But she’s not my type. Unfortunately, this is my tragedy. You know, some some guys are saying Oh yeah, if she’s lady. That’s fine. Just to sleep. And I have to like them first. That I like to. I have to like their face, their character, their mood. I have to. I am. Then I can touch them, kiss them. Otherwise it’s it’s a little bit like to eat a meat, that you hate that meat. OK? It’s not a good example for you. Right. Yeah. OK. 31m40 And the music you send me these ideas. It’s not really music. It’s little bits so. I mean, you’re try.. Yeah. You pretend you’re interested in music, but you never listen to my music to tell me what you think of my songs. Yeah, but where are they? Yeah, I have to go into your. How do you say your website and.. You’re not interested in my music, why would I be interested in yours? Haha. Not be interested, but still you can cooperate you can make some ideas out of that, collaborate, and but I’m sure if I take your music and give an idea you will say Oh no, that’s not for me. “You are not my taste”. And so on and so forth. Hahaha Thats a quote from you. This is why I don’t touch your music. If one day I will listen to your music while you’ll be playing. I can say stop here please and try this way. Try that way and find the the best solution. I’m very good in editing, you know like putting different things together. If the music is not mine. If I’m listening, I’m looking at the things people are doing there. It’s very easy to estimate and be involved from the side than to understand, you understand what I mean. Yeah. OK. And one more thing last night. So this is the the Queen’s, sil.. know why I saw it. Queens Platinum Jubilee 70 years anniversary, yeah. So they had parties and things, and 33m15 last night I was already to go out because I took a nap. Like you said, right. I I sleep. My nap is 3 hours and then I sleep three hours at night. So. So it’s, you know, it’s it’s problem. It’s not very good. Right. Three hours at night. But you didn’t go out? What happened was I was ready. I had my early dinner. Everything was perfect. And then daytime is no problem, but at night something happens to me psychologically because I’m living here like this is like. Like a fish bowl with the windows. Right? And I have to close the windows ’cause. There’s all this screaming. Arrrrgghhh!. Aaaarrrgh! So so it makes me, I, I don’t want to step out on that. At night time, something happens. I’m like no. It’s it’s a shame that you didn’t go out yesterday, yea I wanted to, because these days are not happening every time. But you know there’s always an excuse like, oh, it’s starting to rain. It’s raining. It’s very cold. After bring my jacket, the pubs close at 11. They the main problem is that the pubs, the bars. Close 11:00 o’clock so that’s always my excuse. It’s like, Oh my God, it’s almost 11. I don’t really want to go to a club. Are you serious. They’re closed at 11. What? What happened with London? Another dictatorship? No. It’s always been the pubs 11, the clubs three in the morning. OK. And the club is very, you know, the club is very loud and you gotta dress. I know. I know. You gotta dress up and you know expensive. Expense is ok, it’s just a pain, but it’s a pain ’cause. It’s very few now. They made them all casinos. We used to have Hippodrome used to be very easy. I had a membership for one year like 175 pounds back then. & you just walk in it, but now it’s like casino. You don’t know it, ’cause. 35m [Hayk shows ugly portrait sketch] No, that’s terrible Hayk. That looks so ugly, man, that’s that’s an insult. That’s insulting. I will make an ugly one of you too. hahaha. I just have to show the video. I don’t need to. I don’t show the video. I’m just kidding. No, but don’t make me look just disf-ing*******  thats terrible. No, it’s not you let’s start from. Yes, it’s it’s it’s the client. Yeah. I’m. So maybe you should try some funny cartoons adult humor, but you don’t have any Internet. I couldn’t even show you. Do you have Internet? How come this is this? Is this is this? you do have inter.. yes I have Internet but in my telephone in my telephone I can’t see a lot of graphical things. It’s too small to see these things you know. That’s why reading is very hard for me. So you know, I I gave you a gift for the computer. You never got a good computer. You gotta shift computer. Sorry sh*! I have a computer, but I don’t have the Internet. This is the problem. I have my computer. no internet for computer. You have to get sh* sh!.. anyway. I don’t wanna curse. 36m20 So I was listening to our conversations very nice man. Which one from which time which year. I have all the Facebook lives saved in one file so it’s easy to just click and listen sometimes right? ‘Cause they’re all together ’cause all the other ones. Yeah, they’re not together. All the other ones are all over the place, you know, in different areas, files. But so the Facebook live. Sometimes I listen to them. I’m like. That’s really good that you were there because if you were not there, I wouldn’t say all this info. We wouldn’t have all this information ’cause if I’m eating by myself, I’m not gonna talk to the camera like that. And and and you know, things that you can’t laugh by yourself, you need somebody to laugh with, a pal. So it was good you were there. yea but sometimes you need some conflicts too otherwise your stories are. There is, there is conflicts man. The tide came up and took all the stuff, you remember, all the stuff and and the women are difficult. That’s a conflict and you had conflict with my friends. You did you had conflicts there. You had the ship owner conflict, you had conflict with Bill. You had conflict with me with the camera you wanted and there’s tons of ******* conflict. I dont want anymore conflict. i want harmony. Ebony & ivory, I’m changing it. So [its not ©]. Yeah, but still, you know, people like characters which are very bad or very good or something. This is my life. That’s why it’s it makes people to be involved in that, you know. I’m living my life. I never like watching the box [boxing] where I don’t want to symphathize one and hate the other. Otherwise this box[ing] looks like just playing with the ball back and forth, back and forth. You you like the box [books] when you want very much much one to win, the other to lose. That’s why it makes it interesting, you know. hm. I don’t know. And you know about conflict, but still you you try to avoid this kind of conflicts. hey, I found a new way to tell people about the the injection being the deadliest injection in history. It’s the deadliest clot shot [clutch] in deadliest injection. Who’s gonna believe you? everybody. who’s gonna believe you? All the doctors said it. It’s it’s it’s, It’s there. But every the corrupt criminal media are keeping it quiet still they don’t want anybody to know but half the world knows already that the WEF and the WHO[RE] tried to push this just to get. The digital tyranny and cashless society. But one world government but and they’re trying still with climate change and with the monkey pox and all this, the war with the ******** they’re trying to destroy everyone so they could be dependent on this one world system. But anyway, my point is when I see people now you know how to tell it politely, I tell them. The [U.K] government is giving £120,000 pounds to every Injection victim. I don’t even want to say covid because now it’s going to be another thing. Now they’re gonna make you. They’re trying to bring this MRNA injection to to everything. Even. But it’s the most dangerous, the most deadly. technology and history, so it don’t ever take an M RNA shot, yeah? I don’t know what you are talking about. MR NA. What is that? That’s the technology they use with these so called vaccine. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a POS ***** ** ****. It’s garbage. It’s the deadliest injection in history and everybody knows now. Everyone knows. I wanna ask you when you were a kid, did you take any vaccines? That’s totally different system. Totally different technology. Are you sure? Ab[solutely] 1000% yes, man, this is M RNA technology. Totally different. You didn’t even check and and and. Also, even those vaccines caused a lot of damage. Like I think my inflammations and my arthritis came from the hepatitis B [shock] shot because it happened the same time I took it. & I searched & they do.. but your doctors never say about that, right? This is your opinion? No, it’s everybody’s opinion. Everybody. It’s facts, as soon as, a lot of people got autoimmune disorders, diseases from these things and. Listen you never told me that you went to the doctor to ask about your arthrisclerosis. 40m about that arthrisclerosis. Not sclerosis. Who told you you have arthrosclerosis. no, no sclerosis. Arthritis, rheumatism. Ok Rheumatism. Sometimes you say it’s rheumatism. Sometimes you say inflammation. These are two different things. No its the same thing. Each one is yours. It’s the same thing. Inflammation and arthritis is the same. But it’s it’s the same. You remember something happened with me when I was in London. Oh yea you remember you couldn’t lift your shoulder. You were like. Yea but it went away and now it’s three years I have no problems. Did you have injections when you were a child? Polio. Do you have the big one here? The big one with the mark. vaccines. I have vaccines which which is in my hand. You see here, where is it? Where is it? Can’t find it. I don’t see it, man. Oh, there little bit. Yeah. Is it there? Mine’s really bad. Mine made a freaking mess. They really made a mess on mine. See this one? 42m It’s not because they made it. [always devils advocate excuses coverup] It’s because your a body reacted like that. I don’t wanna show you because then i’ll be a marked man. Not that I’m not already, but yeah. Sorry? Who said it’s the? It’s the injection that did it? Yeah. Here. You see this ugly monsters they bited me. ugly black. What? Bugs. bugs, yea Ugly bugs. very.. Its like tanks. You know you can’t kill them. where? you have to press them. Press them, press them, and then you kill them. They’re tiny black. Where? Here, some somewhere in my house. They they found me. Like every year this season, they’re biting and they’re biting multi bites you see here. That that could be bedbugs. If it’s a line like that, it’s.. no no they’re flying, i see them & sometimes I catch them. I just kill them. But he’s very hard to kill. Are you sure it’s not bed bugs in your bed? No, no, no. Because.. In my bed, I don’t have this animals. OK, Because they’re red. I had them once in the Days Inn [days hotel- now Hilton] in New York City. I photographed it. And the red, they’re flat. You can look up in wi.. I don’t like wanna say Wikipedia, but for some things, Wikipedia is OK. Bedbugs ’cause they. You can see and they make a row. They make three in a row, sometimes 123 like that. Like that man. So Are you sure you should check your matress. Yea but mines are black. Maybe different countries has different colors. This animal reminds me, you know this red with with black points. What’s the name of that lady bug. [Lady book] Ladybug. Yeah. They remind me ladybug, but they are much worser. Ladybugs they don’t bite. But wait. So they look like a lady bug. Yeah, but that’s a bedbug. But are they flat flat? No, they’re not flat. They’re like ladybugs. Really. Exactly the same form. Only black and little tinier than ladybugs are. But but how can they bite you three times on your arm? Because they’re flying coming. I don’t feel them. They’re coming very softly sitting and you don’t feel them and they bite slowly, slowly, anastasing? your skin, that area and biting 3 – four times. I don’t know. Here. I feel like it’s almost. You know how many they are. do you see? Yeah. Can you find the the name of it and and send me the link on wiki on uh? Nobody knows nobody knows here I am asking they nobody sees only in my house has or maybe these ugly trees here. 45m they’re nice trees. They’re nice, but they have so many different bugs, bugs and there three days were like 5 million of these bugs are flying to my house. I don’t have air conditioner. That’s why they are flying to my house. One day I remember all my house was full of them. Bugs? Sort of sort of the the variety of bugs. They are ugly, they’re not biting, but they are so ugly. They’re like green yellow. Yeah, harmless, but there are, like, thousands, millions millions. Oh gnats. They’re like all my house, like, not thousand. Much more than thousand. Does that, light do anything, So are they like, no, no. See, EMS, they call them. No. See UMS because you can’t see them. No Seeum.. They little ones? No, they are Seeums. you can see them. They’re not big like flies. They remind me flies, but they are a little bit like lazy flies. They don’t fly very active. Gnats. That’s that’s why they’re just trying from one point to another point of sitting there. I have to kill them and wash the walls, its a mess. Gnat. Gnats? What is it gnat? its a type of bug I think we need an endomologist. But anyway. oh yeah might be. So uh yeah. You remember my idea? I told you in the last one of you in one of the last messages you said. No, it’s not my case that you could open a cafeteria where you you could. I’m not a cafeteria.. Make blogs blog Blogger cafeteria. You could call it bloggers cafeteria where people could come only for this purpose is to to be live in live show. Vlog cafe. vlog cafe. Yeah, really, nobody had this idea imagine you are the main Blogger like DJ, only not DJ at that moment, but Blogger. A vlogger who’s gonna talk to people inviting and telling them that you have cameras everywhere so they can talk to your blog & be involved and the prices could be fair, that people is sometimes enjoy being vlogged you know, if you could be famous so your restaurant would be full of young people coming to you. But. Later you can do this way that they have to be in line, not you. You’re not gonna invite everybody, but the one you choose. They have to make this a line. What’s the English word that? They’re putting themselves in the line. Yeah a line. Yeah. Queue. Yeah. Queuing. Queuing. Yeah, that’s the. That’s the French. English has a lot of French words. Like Q Queue. Yeah. Hey. Hey, there’s a gay bar here called Ku, which means Ass*** in French ***ASS BAR. Cul. Ku. They misspelled it. So. So it’s not too obvious. Other ’cause normal spelling is CUL, mo cul. It means ass*** in French, so the gay bar, they called it cul, but KU. But it’s, and I know the bouncer there. He’s a very nice guy. But I never told him this. I I don’t want to upset him by telling him that he’s working in the ass bar. I’m sure he knows. I’m sure he knows. But Are you sure it’s a French word? Maybe it’s means it means something else. No. i’m fluent in French man. I know French. i know you know, in french it means that, but maybe this Q it’s in Arabic and it means something else. Sure, any excuse will do yea yea. Because who would let you put such an insulting name on the name of bar showing it everybody? here! It’s the same to say F*CK? My bar’s called FCUK. Yeah, they do this here, man. The gay culture is above reproach. They have many rights that the straight people don’t have. Across, they had another one here 10 years ago. It said pendulum. OK, pendulum. I know. I know. It’s it’s it’s like. OK, so so they had this symbol like this, right the pendulum, they had a pendulum divided like this, 2 balls and and the and the penis, the cock, you know. They had this outside the bar like this, like in big, like that. Pendulum, Are you sure you get this for this purpose or maybe You found it, you made similarity with that. no no I took a picture so I can prove it, but it closed finally. Yeah, because now when the scizor looks like the same, I guess it’s ambiguous. It’s double meaning, right? Pendulum. And the penis. They did it together. So we could do the same thing with the vagina. Right. We can call it something different from vagina. We can say the flower and you make it look like a vagina. You put it, you make it look like a female genital. Yeah. Yeah, that’s like, it sounds like virgin. vagina virgin and making some similarities with this. Playing with the letters. Because pendulum is different from the genitals. So flower, you know, flower is is the genitals of plants. Flowers are plant’s genitals. Did you know that? No. It’s the sex organs of the plant. The flower. Are you sure? Yeah. It says it even in, in that.. its like a male organ or female organ? both. Both. That they got the female.. but it’s the sex organs of plants. So when you give a woman flowers it’s it’s perverted. yeah actually.. It’s an insult. You’re giving her sex organs. So what do you think about these beetles that they are taking from one flower and going to another flower, the bees.. aren’t they like how to say? prostitutes F*ing one & then F*ing another? No, because they do it by accident, right? Or maybe it’s on their feet. I think they know what they’re doing also. But I found out bee [honey] it’s not vomit, but it’s regurgitation. I looked up the, remember we we talked about honey vomit be[e]ing bee vomit in Greece. No. Yeah, there’s a video where we where we’re talking about. Maybe honey is is vomit. But I looked it up. It’s regurgitation, and I I looked up the difference. The difference between it’s a sh*t of the beetle. No, no, no. It’s, it’s regurgitation of the bee. But it’s. I looked up the difference. Vomit and regurgitation is different. Man vomit. Oh, I see. OK, yeah. But imagine a couple beetles are not so much precise & sometimes they are sh*tting on the honey.. We’re not gonna check right, we are not able to check. No. Imagine some lazy Beatles? They’re not making what you are saying, but they are going and sh*tting, t/making a piss & vomiting bees. Not Beatles, man. bees. a, OK. They filter the honey, they filter it and. regurgitation is it was never in the stomach. It’s only in the in the oesophagus. It’s a previous vomit is when it’s already in the stomach. That’s the difference. Yes, but imagine if some some Beatles are not some beats, Beetles, Beatles, bees, bees. OK, well, what’s what does it mean, beetle? It’s the other insect. It’s it doesn’t fly, it doesn’t go to the flowers. Oh, OK. OK. So it’s like the ladybird. Yeah, i see. It flies sometimes. It flies, but some of them fly, but not like the beat that goes to the flower. Not not the same. I see. I see. So you eat every day, honey. I stopped, man. They tried to sell me Manuka. They’re like manuka. Very special for your health. It can cure [prevent] cancer and manuka. But I said. But you have to know if you have a cancer then to cure it. Otherwise, why do you need the thing that doesn’t? But sometimes you know I am against what you are doing. Sometimes taking some vitamins that you are not sure you need them. We need them. But I don’t do it every day. I do it once or twice a week. Go to doctor and ask if you need that precise particular. It’s multi. particular vitamin. There’s too many. Otherwise if you are taking some extra than you need it harms your system. Yeah. If you take too much. That’s why I never take it everyday. I take it once or twice a week.. But I remember 20 years ago you were taking them right. No, no. in sochi I never took it. You had bunch of them man. Rarely, not, not not all the time like now. Now I have em once twice a week. I always have to make sure I get some because there there’s there’s too many man. There’s maybe 30 -40 vitamins that you’re supposed to get, I see. But Are you sure your body, your body needs these vitamins that you are taking? If you don’t need, don’t do it. It’s the same like taking some medicine in case. Maybe you have a problem. You will cure it. No if you look in the encyclopedia, I don’t wanna say the name again, but they say I checked, man, there’s a limit. I saw very serious programs, medical programs. They say if you don’t need that vitamin & you are taking this vitamin. You are causing problem to your body because it’s it pushes away other vitamins that you your body has. OK, I gotta look at. I gotta search. But in general, they said you need every day. They said. I don’t do it every day. Everybody needs the right needs he needs. But if you don’t need that vitamin E, never put it in your body. I don’t know, man. I don’t know. OK, we have to talk to the doctors. But I thought it was common knowledge. We need every. No, no, no, no. Otherwise everybody would take. Vitamin doesn’t cost a lot of money everybody would take. No they’re expensive man. [vegan organic] Go to your Doctor & say that sometimes I’m taking some extra vitamins. I don’t know if I need just to take is it good or it is bad. OK, go to serious ones. I’ll ask my next check up. When was your last check up like 10 years ago? I never do check ups. Never. You see, that’s bad, man. Supposed to check your blood, make sure everything is OK. Yea but if i feel good? Body has signals there is signaling you, telling you that you have problems you pain and other kind of things. It’s a sign that pushes you to go to the doctor. If not, then why do you need to go to the doctor? Unfortunately scientists cannot decide what’s the final correct way taking care of your body, because all the time they’re changing their point. This is the problem. One day when they say oh, this is the best solution to to to keep your body in a good condition and later on you found that no opposite. Yeah, I know. And because I.. like food every day, you have to take a food at one o’clock. Who said this, who’s right? And I’m never taking the same time. Whenever I’m. I’m. I’m hungry. I take the food. This is the right, you know, like like like calcium. How do you how do you know you got enough calcium? Because I have calcium OK iron i noticed in my multivitamin, there’s enough iron, so I don’t want to take anymore Iron. If I take one I take. I told you I’d take once or twice a week multivitamin OK, but calcium, calcium, ’cause. I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat dairy very much. Almost nothing calcium. It says take four a day. I only take one or two a week. I don’t take four a day because maybe it goes to your heart, causes.. who said 4 a day for the people who don’t who need it. on the bottle. are you sure you need it? Everybody needs calcium man and everybody without calcium.. yes, but they are eating in the food. Fish is the calcium. Other foods are have a lot of calcium. Yeah. But i didnt t[ouch fish a long time] you have to eat food. Not taking these vitamins. Yeah, but broccoli only has 5% calcium. I don’t know, man. I don’t know if you got enough. Anyway, I don’t eat. better go to doctor and get some consultations. Please. put your questions and go to the doctor because I’m sure what I’m saying. I’m always available for TV programs and I’m watching, asking my people and I know what I’m saying. And I feel like all the things you have with your muscles, this can be connected with your vitamin. I don’t take my take it once a week, man. Once, twice a week. But. But I remember in in one city you remember where last time you were bringing it to the breakfast every time and putting them into your body man. I stopped. I stopped. I only do it once, twice a week. But you did a lot. Yeah. Couple of years, maybe more. You did non stop and maybe now your body needs to get rid of it. That’s why I cut down. Doesn’t mean like in two days you got rid of everything you had before. OK, I’ll check. I’ll check, but I cut down now. That’s why I don’t do it much anymore. But I you know, I only started the vitamins. I started them. They say vittamins in England, but I started it just a few years ago, 10 years ago. I wasn’t taking them. I can check my because I photograph all my meals. I can check to see when I started it. I wonder when I started photographing all my meals, you know, I haven’t missed a meal. I haven’t missed a meal photograph. Maybe ten years I’ve gotten all my meals for 10 years. I wish I had. I wish I had had the childhood ones [meals] to see. When? When you like to see what you ate as a kid, it’d be great. I remember a few meals. So why? So you think Poland, huh? Poland is.. [sh] it’s it’s not OK. Even I go anywhere in the world. At first I go to Poland staying there five days and then move from Poland. It’s much cheaper, much easier. And you like Berlin, don’t you? Berlin. Of course I would go there for 10 days if that musician could join me or. If not then we’ve not been one day I spend there, then we take Berlin. Leonard Cohen. Yeah, I know. You know that song. Then we take Berlin. You don’t know that you will. Yeah, I know. By the way. He’s way of singing is very easy. Why don’t you sing. I don’t like that style. It’s I like. Then we take Berlin. I like that song. ’cause the baseline in the beginning. chung jing jung.. You know his song je t aime? cohen? With Vanessa Paradis. They are together singing. Oh I thought Gainsbourg & that other one who goes, “je vais et je viens entre tes reins, et je me retiens” [je t’aime moi nonplus]  she visits her. There is. I know that nice song. Fair use. That’s a rip off of. “je vais et je viens”. Alright man, so we’ll play it by ear again, I guess. So, so, so with the gift. Ahem. You just you kept the gift, you didn’t get a very good computer, right? You got a cheap computer. No camera, right? And now I feel like I did right, because otherwise now I I would never have this apartment and I don’t know where I could stay. And, you know, my expenses are now rising because of certain problems. oh. OK. 1h02m sh*t instead of saying sht I say sht. By the way, did you get a new computer for you? I got one last summer and you know, they left it downstairs. Somebody could. Man and my neighbors were moving out. I was just thinking, God, they didn’t take it. But I told I told Apple not to, I told them that they they left it without signature or anything. But you know, I’m still using my old one. I didn’t migrate my stuff yet because.. I didn’t understand. You lost your your computer? No, they left it downstairs unattended. Can you imagine anybody can take it, when they delivered it, they didn’t get a signature. So you got it or not? Luckily, I got it. But it’s dangerous they shouldn’t just leave it. Cause my box is too small. You know, I don’t have a good mailbox or whatever. But or maybe I should use another address PO Box. But no. I was gonna tell you as soon as I bought the new computer. They came out with another new computer. Mother f-ers [Now the truckers] they they’re doing on purpose. So. So I didn’t use it because I thought now I’m gonna. I’m using it for emergency. I’m gonna use it for editing because it’s much better than you know. They they get better every two years. They get better. So I’m still gonna use it. I still use it sometimes when I need to do two things. Like like this is just for general stuff, but I have to backup everything because they can die and you lose everything, right? So yeah, I see. And I’ve been downloading. So you have two computers now. Yeah. Well, yeah. I’ve got many old computers, but they’re all broken. They’re all got.. listen what you are doing with your old computers? They showed this guy. I saved them because they showed this guy. He collects them, he said. He was attached to his old computers. I don’t get attached. At least I’m not attached. I’m just keep saving them in case in case I need to in case I need to open final Cut 7 and then it doesn’t. The new ones don’t do final Cut 7, but the older ones do. Why do you need final cut 7, its  exactly the same that they are not changed a lot. No, there’s totally different. Some plug ins can be added and some maybe functions are added. No the youtube videos that they stole a lot of them got destroyed on my hard drives, so maybe if I have the file maybe I have the file and the uh. Maybe I can get them back this way. I gotta check. It’s just good to have them as I just have them for. Well, tell me your problems. I’ll ask my people if it’s possible to revive them. You you want your footages to be back? Some of the edited videos that took like 100 hours to edit. You know how I had 10 minutes? 10 minutes, lots of little cuts, right? You went like this. You went like this, in the in the restaurant you went [fast cuts]. I will tell you what to do.. where in Sochi you mean? No, no. Last couple in in Greece a couple years ago. There’s a video of you. I said don’t tell the, don’t tell anybody the secret that you’re going to tell me and you go like this. I was making noise with the microphone. I should have just covered it because it’s annoying. It’s going khhhkhk. But you went like this. you went. Why did I do that? Your advice to edit my video you said you should go. I can’t even do it. It hurts my arm, man. ’cause, I got an, i had an inflamation here recently. It’s goin away now. I put the hair dryer on. slice… I prefer old movie style, but there’s no, no edits or very few edits. I don’t like a lot of edits anymore. Yea but if youre directing a scene of breaking how you say breaking or nise en scene should be very much well organized. Then you don’t need editing. Editing is for not very well organized mise en scene. Breaking down or how did they say in English breaking? The scene you breaking or breakdown break breakdown. ok whatever. I like the old movie style because you know why? Because sometimes actors are not performing well. I like edits too sometimes, but I prefer no, less edits you know why? Because that’s that’s the natural way of seeing when your eyes see naturally the whole room. The full body like theater, right? Like like. Theater. Right, that’s what I like. yes. But sometimes people get tired of that style. That’s why you have to change be with the trend, otherwise nothing is correct in this film. One different the different styles are different. They wanna see close ups. some editings can be close up. Showing the hand opening the key or the.. Doing some work with hands and all of a sudden the expression of the face, how the eyes looks like. You have to sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I know directors who did one thing another. Another thing it’s. It’s a style you have to find your style or imitate the other people style. Here you go [scisors]. Yeah, Edward scisorhands. I didnt like that film I don’t know why.. yea..  I couldn’t watch that film. 1h09 You don’t like very. Dark annoying .. the actor who was that actor? Johnny Depp the cokehead. Yeah. But he was bad. Very bad. I didn’t like that film. No it was a hit, he’s had lots of hits. But of Coke, cokester lokester. I dont wanna put him down. I liked… My favorite Johnny Depp film is a “private resort” with Andrew Dice Clay from the from the 80s. That’s his best work. What about his film with al Pacino with his scarface. He wasn’t in that. He was playing in mafia? A police guy in the mafia with Al Pacino. What’s the name? Did you see that film? I saw little bits on the advertisements. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t like that film either. I don’t like Al Pacino. I like Robert De Niro very, very much. And Al Pacino is oh, very simple, but he behaves like he’s great actor. Well he’s famous, he’s respected. of course he’s famous, but he’s not great. He doesn’t. He didn’t do much very fantastic job in Godfather or in smell of of of woman. Smell of a woman. Every actor could play. no Godfather. I don’t like violent films, but it’s considered a classic, right? So he’s got.. its ugly. If very old it’s. I mean, not old, but what’s the great thing in that film? I don’t know. The public loved it, the public and the critics applauded it. Ok public likes the Shwarzen*** [censored just in case]. Silver Stalone or van damn. You know who these guys are? Thats [godfather] another level. or belushi,  Steven Seagal, its ugly these films are..  1h11I liked DeNiro’s [dineros] funny movies and a dirty.. every I almost every yes. I like his funniest movies are great. dirty grandpa. Yeah. Focker family? Yeah, that one’s yea. I like his analyze this. Did you see this film? Yeah. Looks funny. But you’re. Analize this, analize that two different movies. Fantastic very funny. Yeah. Meet the fockers. Meet the parents yea. OK, what else? What else, man? That’s it. So you know you are not organizing your movies. I want to criticize you a little bit. You are wasting your time in scientific things that probably you could. On the website. I’m wasting my time transcribing and also on the website. I’m doing a lot of like right now. You know on my website. You know how I put like 100 independent media links so you can get all the truth that the old media is hiding, right? They’re complicit in all these. Crimes against Humanity Genocide & all that, I put all the new media links right. So so listen, listen. It’s 100 links. But I have to put the best ones up top and I have to make the links open. Of course. 1h12m30 Why do you do it at all? Just leave it. No, no, it’s very good for me because it brings traffic to my site. They appreciate it and they come back. I think they’re only coming for those links because my video views are very bad at the moment. I feel like 50 a day or something. On autoplay, it’s terrible. It’s not worth doing. But I’m still gonna keep it active anyway. But very little, though I’m very limited. I’m not putting stuff. I’m not putting edited stuff that in the future, they’re gonna tell me. I’m sorry. It’s no good because you put it online for free. So I’m not gonna put everything on there, but I just wanna tell you, I notice my view counts [unique daily visits traffic] went up like this now. Some days they they go up like 1000 or 500. [but its probalbly a bot although how can you trust google anal ytics criminal fraudsters who stole 13,000 of your videos & lie cheat & steal all the time]. Before I put the links that didn’t happen and I looked at and they’re only, I think it might be the links. But but I wanna. I wanna tell you all these links because there’s so many. There’s 100 about. To make them open automatically when you click on them. When you click on it. OK. Right now, most of them, you have to press and and and then open in new window you have to click and then you know on the computer you can say open in new window. You know, so you don’t go back and forth. I don’t know if you have this on your telephone. You probably telephone. It doesn’t do it. But on the laptop you can open 100 windows separate. Tabs. So I’m wanna make an automatic, but it’s gonna take many hours to do it. If you wanna do it to all of them because it doesn’t do it automatically. George, listen, you are spending a lot of time on trying to promote your website when you could make one film and go to the festival and make a lot of noise. People would start knowing you and coming to that film than spending or advertising your your website, I don’t know. Maybe. OK. OK, but OK, alright, I’ll do it. I’m doing it. Hey, what about 1h14 Tom Cruise new movie. Are you going to see that. Which one? I don’t remember any one. One cosmic film was OK one of the last films where there are only three or four actors playing in that film. No no he has new film man, a new Top Gun Top Gunk. No, I hate that film. Hahaha, what the original? original. Whatever I I don’t like this film. I don’t like even Rainman. Rainman is little bit too old. It’s so. I don’t know. I like one of his films that I saw maybe three or four years ago, about him as a cosmonaut. Did you see that film? No. In another planet. He with a lady. Nicole Kidman? Vanilla sky? No, no, no no, no, no. Eyes wide shut? Oh, by the way, ok that film is OK with Nicole Kidman playing with the blink of the eye? Eyes wide shut. Yes, yes, that that’s a good film. Haven’t seen those, just saw bits, just saw bits. Oh I saw it maybe three times. It’s a classical. It’s very good. It’s artistically done very well done. I just wanna say. Music is unusual and you know, I think this music is backward play. Played backwards. OK, you know what I mean? Yeah. eee Ooh ah hie aou . Like Swedish, there was this film and they made fun of Swedish. They played backwards talking. They have a Swedish person & he’s going hie hiem huu hieee [aspiration/ inhalation] hahah I like, sometimes bad music can be fantastic backward sound, very impressionistic. Top secret. OK, OK, OK. Enough. 1h16m40 Top secret with Val Kilmer,  he did it. Hey you know Val Kilmer’s in the new Tom Cruise movie he wanted Val Kilmer. So his his son is doing his voice ’cause. He had has throat cancer problem [I didnt know] and he can’t talk anymore Val Kilmer. He has no voice. He has to cover like that. So they use technology of his old.. Just like Roger Ebert had salivary cancer and he lost his throat, so. So they had a machine using your old like. Now they can use this, this recording in the future. If I lose my voice, they can use this. Oh yeah, yeah easily. You know that faces are replaceable now easily. One thing I wanna tell you.. imagine if you could put now instead of my face. Robert De Niro, and he will do exactly what I am doing now like this. Look, look. Haha hehe ha ah, All these movements goes to Robert De Niro face. So you are lucky you have a lot of videos from your young ages, so all this can be now. Now you can play as a young guy, you know that? I’m still young. Haha. No, I mean, when you were twenty.. forever young. Yeah. Forever young, young, nice music. Who’s playing that 85? Eighties, right, music of 80s. I was told that music of 80s is unrepeatable. There were so many stars in 80s. 1h18m15 When I see people in the street now with a mask, some people are still wearing masks three years later. All alone in the street. Nobody around or everybody. No mask. There’ll be one person with a mask by himself. And a lot of them, they look sick, you know, because they had the injection in the mask and a lot of them have there. You can see in their eyes a lot of them are sick, man. They’re like they’re like. And they’re walking like, limping or waddling. Ok there is I forgot the name the Greek name. The people who think they they have diseases. What’s the name of that disease? Hypochondriacs. Yeah, probably. These people are like that. No, they got sick from the injection man. Destroys the blood and the immune system. I show it on the site. But I wanna tell you one more thing. Tom Cruise. I’m not going to watch this film, you know why? Because because he pushed the the deadliest shot in history and the COVID FRAUD and the crimes against humanity. And he pushed this on his film set. He forced people to partake in this stupid lie. He made a an add?. I don’t know if he forced them to to get the injection, but he forced the whole thing, he promoted the whole thing instead of finding out the truth and standing up for the truth and the, he promoted the genocide. But maybe he didn’t do on purpose. Maybe he believed what he’s doing. Right, Geo, it’s not because somebody paid him or he’s on purpose tries to harm people. Some people believe what they are doing. Yea well, they shouldn’t. If they’re wrong, they should now he should stand up and he should stand up. But he’s not gonna do it because he doesn’t. He’s a slave to the movie system. If he stands up now and says anything, he’ll lose all his movie ship. Just like Gordon Sumner. Redstone. Fired him from Paramount. Remember, 10 years ago. He was. Yeah. He got fired from Paramount and he had to go looking for independent. Oh by the way, 1h20m20 Johnny Depp is back. He won the lawsuit. Yeah I saw it, yea I know. I know he won it. Yea but probably this is a theater. You know, this is a theater. Yeah, but they.. They tried to play this theater to make him very much famous. Now he’s now very much. Adorable and people start liking him. Oh, he won this lawsuit? Probably. Who knows. The knows the people that like him are his fans from before from those silly movies. & now back they are back to him even me for from the first glance I start like thinking oh he’s a good actor. Great. But later I thought maybe this is a theater, you know? I don’t watch this. I don’t watch the child kids films that he makes the pirates Caribbean. I don’t watch that stuff. Oh yeah. Yeah, ugly thing. No, it’s good. But it’s for kids and it’s not for adults. It’s not for us. I cant watch that. Yeah, or this Homes. And he had some bad movies in the past, too. But no, he’s a great actor. But but he made his reputation is ruined because. Cocaine. Coke Head. Alcoholic coke head is not good, is it for kids films? Yeah, but they forgive it in Hollywood, remember Robert Downey junior? He got away with it. He became. He became Iron Man after that. So they like, they they they don’t mind. They forgive that, they forgive that. So you might be all right. Haha You have traffic in front of your window? Yeah, a lot. Not only traffic, but some 1h22 car crashes happening almost every day. [mRna injection driver damage like the pilot scandal?] I see car crashes sometimes. I’m sitting & cars are go! [crash]. There’s not a lot of traffic though. Its ugly this cross Road is the ugliest in Yerevan in case of the car crashes. It’s regulated very bad and that’s why it happens almost every day. Sometimes cars are going. How do you say turning. Driving recklessly. yea. reckless endangerment. Yea. But it’s not too much traffic. I don’t hear, It’s not a million cars. OK, but sometimes it’s bad that there are not a lot of cars because when there are less cars than cars are going very fast. Trying to be in time and that’s why it happens these car crashes. Many years ago I had train going through that bridge, you see that bridge over there? Yeah. It was a train bridge and I we had trams [trans lol] going here every day I could have problems hearing. Its like brrrooa woaaa psh psh psh.. Something like that and all the time my house could go like goooo. Because of the ropes. Really, it’s wires that are connecting my house on the tram lines with trolleybus. Electricity. Trolley dolly. So you should think making proper films starting with the short film. Short film doesn’t cost to make any films. Only, we need probably one extra actor. We could find them anywhere we are traveling, where we are. it’s a shame that we have all the Technical Support, but we don’t want to do it and. And this science I know all from A-Z. All the scientifical approach how to make it OK, it makes you busy when you’re thinking about it? No, not me. But the audience. Let’s. When it’s a good start to go to festivals, meeting new people, organizing but blogging is great thing. You have to be a little more active. Hey Do you think the the word diary is better than vlog because many people don’t know vlog. Maybe I should use more than, but it’s too too long. Diary diary. It’s the same. It’s one one letter or more. It’s almost the same. But but it sounds like diarrhea in French. diarrhee means. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s why. Maybe. Also, video diary sounds like VD. The initial Vidi sounds more like intim. Something like.. no that’s good. They like him in team intimacy. But you know, I was gonna put V the problem with VD. It’s venereal disease. It’s sex disease, VD, video diary, By the way did that guy write you that he wanted to buy your website. Yeah. Now he wants too. He sent me another email. What he’s suggesting? 1h26 Nothing, they waste my time man, every month I get you know.. So give them my email. Say that this is my. I’m the client of this broker. Let me talk to him.. yea my manager is.. that’ll drive ‘em crazy. I’ll put them onto you. That’ll get rid of them. No, I’m fine, I’m. they’ll be like, Oh my God. Oh no. Good. Goodbye. I will start like I want Armenian dirhams. rubles. But a lot of dirams. Vlog is not for sale, but I don’t think I need those anymore. Those other sites I can, so I would get rid of them for you know. I know. 100,000. Yeah, $100,000. Actually, a million would be nice, but I know .net. Your mathematics is good 100 thousand, actually million. They are like 10 times more than, 1 is 10 times more than the other, but you you go like next to each other. It’s like. Unfortunately, I know the market a little bit. I know is $300,000. But of course.. only? only this much? Yeah he’s selling it for about that. I didn’t understand Dot com is 13 million and it’s not for sale and they just bought.. This is OK and now I understand. And they just bought for a quarter million, about about about that much. So .tv. the has ever sold is quarter million about. So that’s the realistic for .net. Can’t that area .net can go high, but it’s if it’s a long word, it’s not. Doesn’t go very high. Sex is a short word. But the problem with sex is it’s very niche, right? And it’s very it’s got a lot of people don’t want it because it’s gets blocked. It’s blocked everywhere. “They should be locked”. That’s what you said that in Greece you said about you were joking about trans. You were like “they should be locked”. I said oh, he’s joking. He’s joking. ’cause, I have trans neighbors. Also, I become. I become trans friendly now or LGBTQ Plus minus a WRXtv xyz. I see. So coming back to the subject, I started with the bar that you were not inspired with this idea. As I see. I have to edit man, I have to edit. I have to hit the beach. I have to flirt. I have to go live. I have to do so much things, the website. My hands full man. I’m open a fu.. one hour a day editing is enough. No, no, no, no, when I edit its.. [day & night] You didn’t do any editing today. You didn’t do anything yesterday, right? It’s Queens Jubilee. There’s always an excuse. Weekend I don’t do anything, man. During the week? Hey there’s that guy, he does. I know this guy. He does Street mic podcast. He goes live with a camera like this. Live to Facebook, YouTube and a Vimeo not so much the same time. Live. This camera, yeah. But you know 5G is a cancer risk. So I don’t know, man, I hope it’ll be OK, but he’s he’s he’s retiring next year, he’s going to Barbados, he says. But I see him all the time in Hyde Park, speakers corner. What is the subject is talking about? Whatever people are discussing and he goes with the microphone like this very official right? Not like me casual. He goes like this. He’s got a thing there. But he copied me, I think because when the thing on the back, you know ’cause I had on my back, now he put on his back big letters. He put his website and you know street mic pod.. now he put in big letters. You know what? PRESS. P-R. Hahaha! Because press are allowed to go everywhere, of course they they get killed too in some countries, but not here uh. But he goes up with the microphone like this and and he’s very official, right? He’s very formal, official. He’s always like this. He’s got the camera and he goes like this: “So we’re here in Hyde Park today to talk, to discuss with the people. Can you tell us, Sir, what say you about that?” it’s good.. Listen maybe you need, you know what? To do exactly the same but with very big microphone. Like, I don’t know. Like this big big microphone. It could be funny. You know. I missed it. I saw him at the protest last time. It’s like this. Look, excuse me. Yeah, with on it. Yeah, Yeah, I saw him. I missed a good.. it’s hard to catch with this, you know, it’s it’s hard to catch because it’s shaky and I’m not recording. I have to get everything, I should get the the interactions ’cause. I got him talking to me once and I don’t have it now. ’cause he was like I love, I love it man. He goes. Are you going to speakers corner tomorrow? I said no. I wanna go to Brighton to the beach. He goes. Oh no way. I said you’re not a beach bum? he goes no um. Where is it? Near London? Yeah, I told you last time man one hour away. Brighton? I didn’t know it has a name Brighton Beach. Brighton is in London. one hour. God, you must go crazy. No swimming, Sevan. How far is Sevan? one and a half hour. And you dont drive. But I dont like Sevan it’s very cold, I could not swim in the warm waters of Greece. So imagine how hard it could be in Sevan for me. But during a heat wave it would be OK heat wave. Even even you know the water is non stop cold. It’s freezing. It’s 17 degree when in Greece its 24, 25. Really. And you don’t drive, do you, you have no car. Yeah, but there are a lot of buses going there $2 one way & back. Not planning, Your Artur [R2] friend doesn’t plan to come back to to come to Armenia, right? Uh, Not until the Golden Apricot. Yeah, but why don’t you come when the Golden apricot will start it will be in one month. No, not this year. No, no, no. I have to.. Just show up, why not? Let him show up. I can’t. I can’t do it right now. Send your client. I’m desperate for swimming, man, desperate. Yea in Sevan you could swim [swing] by the way Sevan [7] water is not salty, you know that. No? All the water comes from the mountains and the water is sweet. They call Sweetwater. Sweet water. Marge Sweetwater [Back to school w/ Rodney Dangerfield] By the way, in our tap we have Sevan water. We are drinking Sevan water. Geo do you have the old stuff to be thrown away or?.. like what cameras? Hehehe. Yea. hey, can you see me still or not? Can you see me? Just barely. Oh over there. Yeah. OK, my picture is. Ah ok I can move it now I can see you. Now? yea, I can see you. Now,? a OK, I see. I see you. It’s not 180, but it’s almost 180. Yeah, I see you. why. The only camera that I’m not using why? a73? You want a73? No, just another older one. Which one? A73 is too progressive you, you better keep it for backup. Yea i’m using, I don’t even want to tell you what I’m doing, because then you’re gonna be like, “OK, so you have this, now I can have this”  No, no, no, no, I know that you need not two or even three. You need three exactly the same because you cant wait repair or whatever. OK. You need fast to take the other camera & start doing what you do. OK, so I can tell you. I respect it. So I can tell you the truth now I can tell you something that I wasn’t gonna tell you because I didn’t want you to know. 1h35  [sony] A1, 8K. Oh yeah. Yep. Now listen. Hahaha Give me the a73! Hahaha waaah! There you are. Yeah. I don’t think I will use the a73 actually, because I’m using this now. Hey, you know, this is so heavy, but I’m using it like this. I’m using it like this man in the daytime at night. It’s.. Ok why this lens, man, you can’t find another tiny lens? No, it has to be wide. I only have this and the other one, but the other one doesn’t zoom. Show me from this little bit turn oh it’s too big, man. Yeah, but it works. It works with I have a special mount. Very heavy duty [doody]. It works for a short bit. Right? When I talk to someone, I can do it for a little bit and then I go like this man when I’m. When I’m working here, look look. Yeah. Are you watching something else? Something happened? No, no, no, I’m fine. I go like this man. Hey, what’s up? And I can go like this. It works man. Yeah, but it’s not wide angle right? Yes, of course. Of course. It’s wide angle. That’s that’s the point. That’s why it’s so big. It’s stupid that they made it so.. 18 millimeter. I think it’s.. starting from 18 to 75? No, not 75 man. It’s 16 to 35, I think. But I was gonna tell you something um oh 8K vidcaps photos from video. You know, I take a lot of photos from video ’cause. I wanna make my books and all that. Photos from video. 33 megapixel 4 times more information than 4K. Coz 4K photos from video was 8 eight megapixel. How long you make a video? It’s 5 minutes? unlimited. 8K. unlimited. It goes for one hour on the card. It’ll go the battery.. yea but sometimes it gets very warm. You can’t make a video on & on. Yeah, there’s a menu setting. You can make it stay cool and it it it lasts as long as the battery. The battery lasts about one hour. Unfortunately, the battery and the memory is double [quadrouple] now so the memory is twice [4x] as expensive and the battery is twice as consuming. But you couldn’t get a tiny lens, why so large one? ‘cause they don’t have smaller wide angle autofocus [stabilizer, zoom], only manual focus, small wide angle. And it’s not Sony. I see. Yeah, this is the only one, unfortunately. & Look how stupid it is, Normally it’s like this, right? Normally it’s there to make it wide they make it longer, they make it longer to make it wide, it should be smaller. I don’t know why they made it longer. It should be longer to zoom, not to make it wide. Geo OK listen one thing very important I will tell you. One more, just one more thing, and I need a hood. I need a hood because on my window, it’s getting scraped. I put tape here to protect it. ’cause. It’s getting scraped from the window. The lens. This is my old lens. Which window? When I go to the window, it scrapes on the side. ’cause. I have to lean it to keep it stable, so I need a hood and it’s gonna be even longer with the hood. So you’re gonna say something? Yeah, listen, you have your cell phone, right? Yeah, but it’s on airplane mode all the time now because it gives you cancer. They said 5G gives cancer, I’m not risking it. Yeah, but what I’m suggesting if when your camera is here. Oh to watch it with the damn.. yes. Yes. No no.. otherwise how you gonna regulate it? Imagine you have your telephone on your hand. The camera on the chest. And you are just going like this, you know, regulating. Just looking on the cell phone. I’m good. I don’t need. Thank you. Whatever. I don’t consent to the 5G experiment. I have the cell phone only for emergencies. No, no, there is no 5G needed. You can turn off the Wi-Fi & having only connection with your camera and telephone. You have how many telephones do you have? It’s still Wi-Fi, man. It’s it’s still Wi-Fi, it’s still wireless. It’s bad, it’s dangerous. Wireless is dangerous. I’m gonna get a cordphone. No. No. I’m getting a cord phone now because even the wireless phone is dangerous. They said to stop. OK, everything is dangerous man. We’ll see, we’ll see who lives longer, we’ll see what happens. Aaarghh! Arrghhh! Hahaha sheez. First time I see you with the tie, man. No, many times I wore in the past. Every time youtube [always lower case coz small tech dont deserve upper case lol] gave me a problem. I put on the tie & I’d complain. haha id say youtu.. be all.. Every time they gave me a [fake] warning, a [fraudulent] strike, I’d put on the tie, like it’s a very serious situation. So what’s gonna happen with your relations with youtube? Are you planning to make a peace agreement? 1h41 I don’t think now with the COVID GENOCIDE, I don’t think they’re gonna be very open to any suggestion. Now they’re getting accused of genocide now, can you imagine? big tech [small tech] they’re getting accused. They’re sued. People are suing them, lawyers, they’re in big trouble now man [deep sh*t]. But with me, I just want my 13,000 videos back, they’re not gonna give them so they’re not trustworthy. It’s a bad company, very, very bad people. And with this genocide thing, it’s worse, you know, she was at the World Economic Forum, [W.E.F WORLD ENSLAVEMENT FASCIST FCUKUPS, Klaus Anal Swab Schwab dr  Evil Bond villain] Sue Wojcicki [Sue WoSHITski] Super jet ski these. The the the director, the CEO. That polish lady? Yea, they showed her on a video, and she’s saying, we’ve decided that, yeah, we can’t have any other information except what we tell you. So fcuk you man. Does she look sexy this Polish lady. She’s married with children. We can’t say that. So.. doesn’t matter. Maybe I can meet her and make friends. I want to sleep with her. Maybe when I sleep with her, she can go like. OK, I’ll keep all the videos to Geo back aah. Yes, please. That’s what this other guy said. “Sue, I can tell you have some sexual tension with me. Slide into my DMs”, this guy said. Slide into my direct messages. I don’t joke ‘cause she’s married. I don’t joke. Is she’s from Poland? Maybe yea back, going, but you know she’s.. You need to show me her photo. I will find her. Just look it up. Sue Wojcicki. [Super jet ski]. It’s everywhere, man. Sue Wojcicki. [Sweet jet ski.] OK, now we are talking later. Later. I’m gonna forget if you later. Just look around. I’ll ask you again to write her name. Suejitski ok I’ll write it on the paper, wait.. just look.. maybe I’ll meet her in Poland you know, it’s very easy. No she doesn’t go there, man. She’s.. just look up youtube ceo chief executive officer. OK. I send you a link.. ok whatever. I don’t wanna get involved.. Yeah, no. Maybe I will make friends with her. And you know, I don’t even know if she stole my videos. But I think she had something to do with it if she’s in charge, apparently it’s all automatic now. They just steal everything automatically. So it is you think it’s deleted or stolen? No, I think they keep it on their.. They keep everything. They keep everything, they keep all the.. That’s why I don’t like to give so much anymore. Because Surveillance is coming with the Chinese tyranny. So you know why? Why give them more? Ok another question if you will be sure it they are deleted you’ll be ok? No, I need them man my hard drives broke. I need some of them I can’t get. I see. I see. The big ones that I spent all the time on, they got dropouts. Yeah. but anyway, I’ll see, I have to see what I’ve got. There’s too much stuff I gotta waste time on that but anyway. OK and.. 1h44m14 Jimmy is asking me in Greece. He’s like, when are you coming? When are you coming, Jimmy? remember him? Yeah, i know. The guy who talks too much, he never shuts up. Yeah. Yeah, of course I remember him. He’s nice, but he does talk all the time, right? Yeah. Little bit like monotonic, he’s not different. He doesn’t talk about different subjects.. No he does but.. He’s not like everywhere. He’s in one narrow um. No, he talks different subjects but he never shut I noticed he never sits down for five minutes silent, not 5 minutes. He can’t, silent, like me I can sit down for one hour and not talk to anybody. Even if you’re near me. I can just sit there and appreciate the the sea the atmosphere on the bench. Right. 1h45 But but he can’t. Five. If after two minutes, he’s like, so. So. So when you go yesterday. And I did you see what happened.. you know McDonalds woooh. Remember that. You know it might be a problem with the depression, after depression, when they’re doing these pills, you are getting out from depression and start talking all day like 1, 2 three months you are nonstop talking and never let other people to talk to you. You are just when you start asking them. He stops you on starts asking the same question in different ways. I looked it up and that encyclopedia and it’s it’s a condition. It’s a disorder, you know, to have. You can’t shut up. Yeah. It’s a disorder. Polylalia or something. Pollylalia [compulsive talking], I think it’s one of those. I saved it. Just got a strange name. But but no, he’s a nice. Anyway, he sent me a thing. When are you coming? When are you coming? Do you know what I feel like answering? You stood me up many nights. You said you were gonna meet me and you didn’t. Why would I come back? But I didn’t wanna say that because he’s everyday he’s on that beach, so he’s no good at night time but in the daytime he’s very good. Very good. Yeah. Cause very few people are so regular as him in the daytime. Right. In daytime. He’s good, isn’t he? Yeah. So. he’s a good guy. So can you imagine if I told him, well, you stood me up at night time. Why should I see you again? But.. & the pigeons [conflict] too.. & he also said no camera on the beach. He was like, no, he he he uses his little camera. But he didn’t support me when I had problems with the gear. The big, you know, the other cameras. I said look, if I can’t, if there’s no camera on the beach, why should I come back? Yeah. He uses his. You remember that skinny, that anorexic woman that does the situps he’s videoing her from far, and they’re joking about her calling her “the bone”. 1h47m08 Yeah. Yeah. To kokalo. And what about the shipowner calling you o vlammenos? You didn’t like that, did you? You stopped talking to him after that. Not because of that, he’s always mean to me. I felt like it’s easy, you know, I have this talent to find out the way they are looking at me. Even one glance is enough for me to understand which kind of approach they want to show to me. all the time he was trying to, how do you say, plotting with me trying to put me into the tangles? Because you liked him. In the beginning you liked him, remember? You kept saying you kept supporting him. Every time I criticized him, you were like, no, he’s he’s very nice. in the beginning. OK, because I was trying to be helpful because in his situation I was feeling sorry for him, but then when he starts making some information, getting information about you all the time, asking different kind of questions for me, if this was easier to. Little bit lie then to say the truth, because “how much money he has? What is it doing? Where does he get this money?” And I hate these kind of questions. He asked me. I understood that this guy is quite dangerous. You know, if he’s asking this kind of things that why, why does he ask me? & Which kind of plans does he have? but i cant understand.. But I start creating, lying to him that these are your last money and probably soon you will be out of money and you are spending it without control. And this kind of bull******** I created. But yeah. I don’t understand why he called you vlammenos [flamencos] ‘cause that means a stupid person and you’re not stupid. OK, sometimes I would. I was playing with him like a stupid person. Funny person without deep meanings. Just playing with.. oh really? Service surface trying to be because you know sometimes when you are playing behaving too much wise people are feeling a little bit jealous. That’s why it’s easier to be comfortable its more comfortable to be little bit stupid. Otherwise imagine he looks very bad. I can’t see your face. Please, I can’t see your face. He looks very bad. His health is ugly. yea… and he’s the person who people don’t like. his surroundings didn’t like him. I thought he was wearing diapers because he had fat here underneath the over here, man. Here he was like there was a big something here. I thought it was diapers. No, I think it’s his body. Because it’s not.. he has this problem, by the way is he still alive. I don’t know. I’ll ask the Finnish girl. Maybe she knows, but I think he left the hotel right, I dont know. No, he was the the very bad condition. I could feel like he has only one or two years to live, he was in a tragic situation. Especially with five packets of cigarettes a day, that’ll kill you. And plus, he’s way of looking his way of taking breaths ahhh ahhh hhhha. And he couldn’t walk remember He got in his car. Yeah. He got in his car to go 2 minutes up the road. I think he had very serious diseases. Didn’t talk to us about, but.. poor thing. ’cause he was, yeah. He was he was rough. But he was a good guy. Overall to us, yeah, overall I mean overall he wasn’t. He didn’t seem like a bad guy. I don’t know what he did in Vegas when he said about the those bad things that happened over there, I don’t know, but his past. It’s a impossible to know everybody’s past. You don’t know what they’ve done in the past yea, but anyway. His website looks legitimate [“a little bit”] though I thought he was lying about the shipowning, but he gave me his website and it’s it’s real. if it’s his website.. OK, one thing that made me, uh.. believe that he’s rich guy, is this, that always these guys were coming to him all his friends, you could believe that he’s really rich. He’s influential he had very dangerous past he was mofiosi style [my fuse]. it was obvious his way of looking his way of behaving this relaxed way of talking to people without taking care of what’s happened All these managers of hotels being very much respectful to him. All that is to told me that he’s really something. But it didn’t mean that his human side is perfect, his human side told me that he’s a mean guy. Because mafiosis [Matthews] should be mean. You can’t be very much um, how do you say? kind to people, like in godfather. Al Pacino, very kind guy. He’s the perfect guy. Oh no. This is a sh****. This is impossible. He swore too much. Too much bad language. yea. Not Pacino. the ship owner. 1h52m50 He had very dangerous past. Actually, it could be interesting to talk to him about his past and record it secretly. That could be a show. Past. Yeah. No.. but sometimes it’s not your subject. You want only ladies and ladies. But OK, ladies are fantastic in the movie, but sometimes in between you have to put something else. Not only sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet stuff. Sweet, sweet. OK, sweet, sweet, sweet little bit bitter stuff and then again. Sweet, sweet, sweet. But not only. Sweet, sweet, sweet. It’s too much. It’s it’s. Even if it’s a serial. [cereal]. Whatever I ah, I keep thinking how to edit in a fantastic way all your stuff and probably I will give you a the best idea because sometimes I give ideas you don’t care about them. The ideas come when I watch other people’s films and I see how great it was done and how many prizes it got from the festivals. 1h54 But you don’t spend time on that. That’s why sometimes it’s it’s useful for me studying that conjunctions. uh. Whatever. You are living chaotically, I am living chaotically, But always we want to be organized and it never happens. Because it’s a joy to live chaotically. You know, whatever you want to do, you do it. No i dont like chaos, I like order, but it’s like.. but sometimes organized It means do something that at that moment you don’t want to do it. This is the problem. Whatever concerns to health you are organized by the way, whatever concerns to the success of the work, not very much because you are doing whatever enjoys you that moment. Not enjoys. I don’t. I don’t enjoy transcribing or doing the website all the time, I mean this much, but I want to I want the results, that’s why I’m doing it. Results. By the way, how do you transcribe  voice way or written way. I told you I’m using that software, but it’s full of mistakes. So then I have to correct all the mistakes. Oh don’t correct. Who’s gonna read your transcription? only you. I am!” [carpetbaggers film when Jonas Cord says he’ll direct the picture] This is for information, later you have to come back and use the footage, video footage, not the transcription. I need the outline. whatever it does, let him make mistakes. I need.. Why do you care about? I need an outline and I like my website to be nice and have all the transcripts very nice & people can.. Yea but you are transcribing it.. 1h56 oh, I think thats the bag [bug]. Look. Bug. Bug not bag Buh Buh bug. sh*t [Should] the connection stopped dropped. They don’t have “uh” in Armenian. I guess it’s, he has trouble saying “bug” he says bag. They didn’t teach them “uh” in that language. They don’t have “uh” bug bus. He says bag bas. It’s interesting certain languages don’t have certain sounds. Just like we don’t have some of their sounds and no one language should really dominate, but I guess it had to in the end ’cause you need one common denominator to communicate. But OK, thanks for visiting.,,, and a hundred domains. I’m going to try to fix the links on my site so you can go quickly without having to right click and open in the menu in new window or the right click thing. It’s a bit annoying even here. I’m like I have to hold it and open every. Every link, it’d be nice to just go. Tsh tsh tsh & they open up miraculously in different tabs. Different tab or different window? Yeah, it goes different tabs or different window. But it’d be great to just be able to go down them, It’s a lot of work, man, and then every time I change something, I gotta go through the, you know, move everything around again. HTML. It’s annoying. Unless I can find a way to copy paste it, copy pasta without HTML, but then it doesn’t open in separate windows, so i’ve noticed, or maybe anyhow I gotta play with it, it’s going to take hours if not days. & i got better things to do supposedly which never get done either, so I’m in a rut. 1h58 I’m in chaos. I’m in the concrete jungle. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of it. But I don’t wanna tell you. Yea, with all this tyrannical surveillance sht. I think. I cant believe [dr.] Robert Malone went to Greece didnt he, even he went there. I saw on his gettr his posting Mykonos pictures from the boat. From his cruise, is that a cruiser? Anyway, everyone is going down there. Justin Bieber’s wife got injection covid mRna fake vaccine injection damage. She got a brain blood clot and heart surgery from the injection, and he should say something. But he’s scared to lose his contract. Everyone’s scared to get fired, even him. Even he. I’m self sufficient, I guess compared to him. I don’t have that much at stake compared to well. He must have more at stake. Why? Why is he hiding the truth? Why is he lying to the public, not telling em? Or do we have to wait for the autopsy results anyway I’m just sick of all this MRNA injection damage and cover up and they’re using monkeypox moneypox *bull******* to cover up all that. Anyway we know what you’re up to. Bpppp. That’s what I say to you. Who wouldn’t. Uh, quality of your call? Do you think they? I’m not gonna tell you. ’cause. I think they use that. To trace and track you and and keep files on you, let’s keep all the best calls. No, I’m not gonna tell you if it was good or bad. OK, one hour, 50 minutes. I think that’s enough. ok. ok. Bye, man. Next time. Thanks. ok? whats that clicking noise. Anyway. Just a warm down now, the outro, god that hurt. Ah! Haha. Don’t hurt yourself. Yeah, I got up at 5:00 o’clock today. I’m wired. I could black out now & take a nap, and then I’ll be up all night and get another three hours of sleep. And I don’t like this three and three ship. I don’t like the three hour nap in the afternoon and a three hour night sleep. It’s not. I’m not sure that’s the best way to get. They say it’s better i read somewhere. I need the source though. Yeah, in one of these. Official books, right? Two sleeps is better than one. If they’re broken up, no matter what. Like 5 + 1 is better than 7 total. Six is better than seven if it’s broken up because it gives you a body double twice the rest but i dont know [rice powder]. That’s one theory. Must be people use their opinions as fact. So about Hayk [hike]. I was looking at, yea you know, we might collaborate again, it’s good to have a pal, a wing man, even if he’s imperfect, who isn’t. But, you know, I put all the pluses and minuses are pros and cons. And then you look at it, you know, you don’t wanna criticize too much other people when you should start with yourself. But uh. It is costing us both time and. Expense. What’s more expensive than time? What’s more valuable than time? Turn that down, ’cause. It’s humming, seeing this thing up. the usb thing hums. That’s why I don’t fist pump anymore. I’ll go over here. You see that side? You’re quite sure most people aren’t going to do this here. They might do this, but probably won’t do this, right. So when I fist bump I go. Although you could do something else with that angle, but hopefully not in broad daylight. Ahem! ahem! hem! Is that it? Lots to say. Lots of jokes to say. I’m glad I recorded this line finally.’cause, you know, I started off today. I was like, I’m just gonna talk for 10 minutes. I’m really not in the mood. I don’t have much to say. Bottom line is, if we meet up, what’s he expecting? Let’s agree everything up front, ’cause. To avoid disappointment & arguments. 2h02 [ring] Yeah, now you can’t see me. the charge went on off. OK, well, OK. I was gonna say goodbye. Wait share video every time you call, there’s no video, right? Your phone is limited. Now I have video I don’t see your video. Do you see my video? No, I don’t see your photo. Wait, I have to call back. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Allow. I got it, man. Agh I dint put allow. Yeah, I got. I didn’t put allow. Hello. Allow. I did put allow look. Yeah, OK. I didn’t put allow last time I said right before you closed there, I saw your face and it just went bpfft! Hehehaha! You know what you remind me of now with your face there. Can you hear me? Yes, i can. In Sochi, you were like “I have really young features”. Facial features. I have young facial features. hehe! You’re right back then. You’re still alright. But yeah, Sochi [so she] was a laugh. it was fun. Yeah. Do you remember I told you this project going back in 1925? 2025. I’m hungry for Hungary. I was getting. You know what I should have sent you, instead of that message I sent you a little too much. I should have just sent you the Hungarian flag [&/] or the Czech flag. But I don’t want Facebook to know anything about what.. you’re against the project that you, we might advertise our trip to Sochi for people to see the old film and understand that we are going to find this ladies live? We’ll never find, we have to call em.. & they could sometimes ask us to do something to turn the camera left right, to show them, to discuss with them. And you think it wouldn’t make extra. Extra public. Yeah, but I wanna see some other countries, man, I wanna see some other cultures. Yea but its worth it to go there for 20 days or something. OK one.. especailly when Sochi’s changed, imagine will be calling these ladies and bringing them back 22 to 23 years later they will look totally different. I wanna see Balaton, Lake Balaton although it’s shallow, I noticed there’s no diving man. It’s all shallow. Sure you can’t swim [swing] there. It will be very cold water. Sht r u serious? Of course, lakes [Lex] are very cold because they are in a high mountains. oh no. But how come Arizona has a lake? I’m sure that’s not cold. It is cold. really? Arizona in the desert? 2h06 or sometimes it might be not very cold if its in a low position, because imagine all the water comes to the lake is from the mountains. from the snow, it’s cold it’s always cold. in Nevada they got man made Lake Mead. Lake Mead man-made. In Las Vegas, I didn’t go, but I should have. Should have had look. Ok its not a lake its artificial basin. Yea. OK, man, so what’s the? you still don’t know what camera. [ca$h] and you don’t know too when. When are you going? Where are you? Where your friend is going? Your client is going. Can you imagine? I’m going up to people like this in the very strict places. Hi, how are you? Would you smile please. I’m like this. If they get nervous. What are you doing? Sorry. Sorry. This camera is excellent. 8G. You are lucky. You will be recorded in 8G. 8K. There was this guy. He’s like I’m a youtube celebrity. I got 60 people watching me right now. 60 people watching, now, whatever. Whatever happened. OK. OK, man. OK, so three o’clock. OK. So we’ll be in contact in 10 days. Maybe we’ll know more about. Yeah, at least in a month. Haha. Yeah. Sht It’s gonna be July in a month, man. Oh no. And I can’t. I’m not gonna say it. Say, on the Internet, anything what I’m doing or anything. ’cause don’t want the chinese surveillance tyranny [tear any] ship.. so well. You said you don’t have any old computers. Very old that you don’t use. i dont know. No, they’re all broken, man. Yeah, broken. I mean, broken. I can fix them. Pfft how. [Troubleshoot]. Sometimes I’m fixing by myself, or sometimes I’m asking some friends to fix. By the way, I have very good master [Mustard]. Yeah, they’re obscolete man totally useless. Computer fixer, how do you call it? Mechanician whatever. Why are you coming to London? If I will see you have some something I could come and take it to. To where, to gravel pit? Poland. Oh yeah. Gravel pit as well I could take. Do you have [Jeff] pigeons in Yerevan [your van] and too many pigeons. I’m sick of pigeons. Yea but they don’t bother, there are not a lot. Here there’s too many and and I throw things at them and I video at high shutter speed. I like to see the wings open. It’s unbelievable how fast their reflexes are. I think I told you. But. In, I see how fast they open the wings and they fly. You know, it’s too fast. I will tell you one short story about pigeons. When I was ten, I remember we did not have any pigeons in Armenia. If there were pigeons it’s because somebody was breeding them in their roofs and playing with them. They are flying and they were selling & buying pigeons. So if once you could see a pigeon, it’s like to see a big eagle in the on the in the sky of London, imagine. It was so rare and we could never believe we could see wild pigeons. 2h10 Wow, wild pigeons, and people could eat them, you know? They were killing & eating them. Yes. its on the menu here in the restaurant. Right here. They’re gentle birds. I like that they’re gentle [especially wood pigeons i really like]. They got their advantages. They’re gentle. They’re not killers. Like some of these other birds that kill. Yeah. So I like that about them, but they’re just annoying. But anyway, OK, how are we leaving it? You don’t know. You’ll tell me what you’re doing, and we’ll take it from there. Yeah. ok. probably that would be a good idea if you could think what you wanna get rid of? I could come and take it. I would need maybe three days to stay in London, not more for you not to feel bad. OK, we’ll see. Let me see what’s going on. Maximum 3. Sometimes two, because if I go by bus, I take it and take another bus [bath] back to France and then from France to Hungary and then from Hungary to Poland. Alright, alright, alright, OK. Alright. Man. Talk next. See you. So what next month? Yeah, it’s every month now. They say 10 days you there will be 15. That’s fine. Two weeks. we’ll know more Information about our plans about gravelpit your client plans and so on and so forth. 2h12 Always put like your clients plan and I will gravel pit. Understand everything. Say that you’re you know where your client clients gonna go or ask him, but you ask your clients where he’s gonna go. And but you said you want balcony, no balcony, no deal. You said right. Yeah, but if there is no balcony it’s very hard. OK, man. Alright. You’re too close. You’re too close to the camera. You’re like this man. Yeah, because now I can’t let the hold another way before I was holding. Now I’m charging. I have to keep closer to my hand. It’s not what angle is it? This is the further I can do. Hehe Then you’re like this? Yeah. Alright man. Take care. OK, see you around. have a nice time. OK, you too, man. nice evening. OK. Bye. Goodnight. Thank you for the call. Thanks for the footage. 2h13 Quality of the call i’m not gonna tell you the quality of the call coz you’re gonna use that against me, aren’tcha? Mofos. Face Bush. Maybe. All right. who knows what’s going on, who knows. This Clicking noise man!Alright, it’s ah. Fright light. It’s a Sunday, June 5. 2022 Sunday 5th June 2022. Queens platinum jubilee. I just missed it. I missed. I was out Friday. But I do, you know, food, shopping and stuff like that. And it was packed everywhere Saturday. I just blew it. And Sunday I was ready for my big entrance. My grand finale watever And it’s dead. There’s nobody around. There’s like two people in the street. So. Um, so much for that. The program was too vague or too cryptic. I went on that damn site, the genocide site and they were like. Well the Darby [derby?] there’s horse racing outside London i mean good luck trying to find that with your stupid hat. but anyway and. [clicking noise]. what is that? Have to.. Thanks for visiting, g-o-d-l-e-y [spelled out].,,, and 100 domains. The situation is I gotta get backing cracking and packing. And what else? There’s more, yeah I had alot of jokes to tell you, but I think I’m gonna save them for the live audience for the stage. My grand debut. Debut [day boot]. Grand entrance. I don’t know. Whatever. I’m just. Taking it as it comes [accounts] [take it as it comes- simon climie milli vanilli song]. Let’s have a minute of silence for atmosphere. And uh, is it atmosphere or ambience? Editing. What’s the difference between atmosphere and ambience in video production editing? I forgot, one of them is is background noise. And one of them is something else, so it’s good to know. But sht! [.     silence.      Silence. Ambience. Atmosphere.].   These people are yelling in the streets, shouting the streets, so it’s not very good ’cause you might not want that in the edit i’m just saying if I needed something, you know, for whatever it’s like. Cutaways, right? You gotta get those too. And.. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even move my neck ’cause. That would make noise, right? Anyway, so um. Situation. Yeah, I’ll try and clean up the links on the website. I’ll try to keep the website little active, but I don’t think it’s a priority anymore. Even though I put some stickers around. Yeah, and I didn’t put stickers around. I’ve got some people that put stickers don’t they’re just like [] They’re like, don’t ever contact us for our stickers ’cause that’s another, that’s another person doing that. The white, but in that case that’s a different site altogether. Tdot me the. Join the White Rose or the White Rose but anyway. The White Rose dot UK. Yea all these, I’m going to put all the top sites up i’ll put that at the top of my site and keep it that way for the Summer I might do it maybe another monthly update fortnightly is a bit much for almost no view. I mean, what’s 50 views a day, 1000? On the videos, my website gets thousands, right? a day or a week at least. A week it gets uh.. [We could get some]. It depends, but yeah, it gets a couple thousand a week where it gets.. Few 100. A month. Can you imagine? Nah it gets a few hundred a day. Few thousand a week or month at least, and.. But they’re not watching the videos, so why bother? That’s what I’m saying. All these live streamers that are just sitting there just sitting on their as***** expecting donations. For just sitting on their as*** drinking and just bull************ “yea well and today uh” and hiding the genocide, hiding the fraud in the crimes against humanity, the biggest fraud in genocide in history, and you’re hiding it. You’re covering it up, oh because you lose your sh****** youLube account. Wont you. Of course, that’s why you’re covering it up, because again, everyone scared to lose, to lose their sh******. Criminal backed. Criminally complicit media accounts arent they accept, except me. I’m not that fussed.  What’s it worth? What’s peoples lives worth? What’s genocide [DEMOCIDE] worth? Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber, you could mention it and you’re not ‘cause you’re too scared to lose your. Blood soaked blood money, aren’t you? Anyway, that’s it for now. We’ll play it by ear and see how it goes. I’ll be recording the new. What are these exactly? Episodes. Diaries. Or.. What are they, vlogs? vlog has to be online, Or can it be offline? Video log can be offline but anyway. It’s supposed to be online but. Oh yeah, another one. Justine Ezarik IJustine. I met her at youLube VidCon [see 2017]. CON, What does con stand for besides convention? con, to con someone out of something, conspiracy? convict, [confidence trick swindle cheat] vidcon.. yeah i met her she was very nice. She’s very sweet. I remember, I joked about something. She was fine. Now she got. “Vaccine” quote UN quote damage fake “vaccine” injection, M RNA injection damage. She got clots too. youLube, [Yourloop], that’s your work. Keep covering it up. Keep keep killing more people, keep hurting and damaging and killing more people. You do that. That’s good. Good for you. Good for you. Sue Wojcicki. [Super jet ski]. You do keep doing it. NOT. Now theyre gonna say I’m complicit if I say that. But you know it’s it’s it’s. It’s out of a bag ahole. [A whole.] It’s out of the bag. [dr.] Robert Malone said it. And the 1000, Thousands of other scientists, doctors and lawyers have proven. That you are a murderer. You aholes. “All you zombies show your faces” fair use comment. That’s a hooters song. And it’s very appropriate to the masquerade. Mask charade in the street. All these masquerade aholes wearing masks when you don’t need to, and that New York ahole who forced people to what’s his name? i put him on there. But you know, I don’t wanna waste my site, i dont wanna give advertising space to these aholes? Keeps dropping the connection, but yeah that ahole that just started it again in New York. What’s his name? New York City Health HELL Commissioner, who works with the W.E.F {W.H.O} criminals. Kakistocracy. Ashwin Vasan. Yea. He’s lying again, telling people to wear masks when they cause more harm than good and damage & kill. For a 99.9% harmless disease, 99.9% curable harmless disease and lied. Lied bunch of liars, bunch of [genociders] anyway, OK, even Vimeo doesn’t let me. Say this, right? So this is probably end up on rumble or bitchute, bitchute sucks as well. They don’t allow anything over 2 gigabytes the aholes. [& the video embeds dont work on phones]  Rumble allows 15 [gb] but converts it from 720 to 480. This will be 480 anyway by the time it’s too long, it’s two hours plus [blessed] now and odysee [obviously] you get 0 views.’cause such a.. cause no one’s there. Except for a couple people. Max Igan [Mexican]. Brighteon no ones there either. I put things up there, It’s like they’re not even there. And I don’t know how to autoplay them on my site, so I’m not gonna get any views from my site either. Right ’cause. No one’s watching him, so why should I do it? Why bother? Got better things to do. Pack your bag a hole. I’m out of here. Bye, thanks for nothing. Thanks for nothing. And I shouldn’t even put this up. But I don’t know why I bother, but. Bppp. That’s what I say, by the way. It’s funny to go bpppp [blow raspberry] outside the window when the couples are going by and they’re walking by and you just go bpppp and then they look at each other. Like who did that? Was that you? anyway just a joke. Anyway. OK. Thanks for visiting later. Maybe I shouldn’t end on that note. But that’s it for now. I know it’s a long video. But it’s uncut. If you want the circumsized version, that’ll be [extra] somewhere else, OK. & I gotta go through this. I could listen to the transcript. I got to correct the transcript and find all the good bits on this too do I. If there are any. Maybe they aren’t [hurt]. Anyway, OK, so sheez.. time is running out. Tick tock, tick tock. Do guys have a biological clock too? biological tick tick tocks a bad word now, thats chinese tyranny [journey]. We don’t want that um. terrible, all this is.. We’ve got, you know, the price of freedom is eternal vigillance, right? Who said that? You know, I gotta quote the source. OK. Thanks for everything. Bye and nothing. Because that’s what it’s all amounts to, apparently. But, you know, I think I did what I could. later. Thanks. Bye. That’s all for now. Right? right  or wrong honey? Who said that? OK. Byebye. Later aholes. [Very wholesome.] 2h25.00 end


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