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Lounger & scrounger video call wed 14 dec 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0081S03

Lounger & scrounger video call wed 14 dec 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0081S03—scrounger-video-call-wed-14-dec-2022-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0081S03:4?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

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Quick call? awake man? Okay? quick call? He said yes so.. [ring tone] See you could have done that, you could have done that, man [show screen to camera more]. Chickides.. shikidem.. hahah wtf.. what you doing man, you all right? Yeah, you? Man, Crazy news man. Crazy news. But anyway, about about the.. [point to arm] about the fake “vaccine” [real] dam[age] Damn all that sh**** you ok what are you doing? Tv? Just, yeah, put it down. Hahaha Which kind of news? Hey, thanks, man. You know me. You know I love my quiet. You know, I like my quiet recordings. Although one time when you were on the street [balcony] it was very loud the but but it was 100 degrees so I couldn’t tell you to shut the window. Yeah, man, so much terrible news about the vaccine. But, but good news too, because, you know, all the bottles were different. They they made the biggest fraud not only genocide and tyranny, but fraud. All the bottles were different. So 20 million people died, they said. Top statistics guy, top statistician and this doctor Hodkinson. They said 20 million people died from the “vaccine” worldwide. And that’s just, that’s not even counting you know, future and all the all this other sh**** and stuff, and 2 billion injured. But because a lot of the bottles had water in them, you know. Yeah. And they were weak or they didn’t. And people are different so. So lots of people might be OK but nobody knows for sure. But so [far].. my friends in Greece, I just saw them. They seem OK, but if I tell them anything.. One thing is they people start their personality changes. They lose their mind or they don’t. Some people change, you know, some people do, some people don’t like my like I noticed some changes. But it’s such a sore point. I can’t say anything if I tell, you know, if I tell em look. Like there’s all this new every day there’s new news like. What are you doing? Yep. But are you sure you really need this news? Yes. You’re not gonna use this “vaccine”. Why are you taking care about that? Because they will force you to get injected with the other things. Like the blood is contaminated now the blood. Blood is. They’re not checking the blood. And they’re.. they just took this New Zealand baby. New Zealand, baby. It was in the news now in the alternative news, right. Four months, eight months. Tiny baby needs heart operation. Yeah? the parents said “we don’t want “vaccinated” blood. It’s too dangerous because nobody knows, right? Yeah, but you are not forced to do that. You are not forced to use it. It can’t fight against.. They forced them. They had twenty friends and family blood and and the government said no, you must use the contaminated blood. They’re forcing people, man. They’re trying to kill people. They this was… yea but not they.. nobody is forcing you personally. You are not forced. Yeah, not now. 4min But if I get in a car crash, I gotta be ready, man. It’s tsk.. Yeah, and there’s not much you can do, because even if you give your own blood, you can’t give very much.. yea but this way Geo you are wasting your lifetime just fighting against this meh phantoms and you’re not gonna win, you know that. If somebody’s.. wants to kill you, they will kill you.. haa is that you’re saying? no, but but everybody is taking care of himself and he’s surrounded. Like you have your people, your friends. You have to take care about them, not all the globe, not globally. You’re not gonna be able to fight against every unjust things happening around. Hah.. It’s too big, things are too big, but your life is the most precious thing. You have to take care about your life for how to enjoy it, not just fight, fight, fight. You know that you’re not gonna fight against all this system. So, what are you doing? It’s been a month or more, what, anything? No, nothing. Hahahah I’m not fighting. 5m20 can you ima[gine] Yeah. What did you do for two months? Nothing! Hehe.. nothing yea.. no  you mi[ght/ust] I’m sure you’re doing something, but.. should I? Should I do something? Haha.. OK, I was.. Seinfeld, a show about.. in my animation. I’m doing a lot of crazy animation stuff &. One day I’m gonna show you. And maybe in a year I’ll start editing, you know, all the videos 6min that I collected I have to do something with them. It’s petty just to waste them and. You are not editing. I got some.. I got photos from the videos, but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea anymore because it takes too much time. Yeah, of course. And you know how I do it now? You know, I did it today. A couple hours. Oh, I didn’t tell you, I had back spasm again for many days I was paralyzed. Which part? Same part as before. Lower lumbar. And.. is this like here? Yes. Is this here? Yes. Yeah. Other side. Oh I have exactly the same thing now. When I’m standing like 20 minutes, I feel it comes. But when I start moving, just walking it disappears. You’re lucky it appears man, me it went bang! and I was.. I took these little tablets and a couple pills muscoril Thiocolchicoside, but I looked on the Internet. It said it kills your sperm. It gives azoospermia, kills the sperm. It’s said it on the.. it’s the European medicine website. And then it says it gives you cancer, it splits the chromosomes, gives you cancer, it says. So I stopped. So for five days I was like, uh.. I came here 5th day yesterday I was like this. I was like. AAOW! Aaow! I had the camera run.. And how long it takes, this pain? This is day #6. It’s the first time I can sit down normal without going aaahh aaagrrhh. Imagine your neighbors will start thinking about you crazy things, you know. My neighbors are [allegedly] “vaccinated”, you know? Yeah. One’s Once from Austria, very rich because, well, they’re both.. crazy double apartments, right. So it’s.. I think they made it cheaper though, during the covid fraud. But I gave them my website. Yeah. One of them he’s uh. He’s American. So and every time I see him I say, hey Paul, how are you? So, so he likes me a little bit. I saw him in the gym. But the other guy, he stopped talking to me. I saw him the other day and he just, he just, he completely was like that.. haha I think it’s because of my website, the stuff that because I’m showing all the truth about the injection. What’s happening with your website? The visitors are.. it went up to a million page views a day, it said. Uhuh.. And now it says [smacking hands together sideways “finish” gesture] almost nothing now. It went.. haha it dropped.. So it’s obviously bullsh******** then. We know from this that it’s not correct. But I know what is correct. My web hosting company. I don’t want to say the name just because Facebook and FBI and CIA watch this, right? [& maybe allegedly behaving unlawfully according to latest allegations/ evidence?] Yeah. Oh by the way. So they told me paracetamol would fix my back, right? It can help you get up. It  can help you so you don’t have to. Paracetamol is not against viruses, it’s more like uh.. its not virus the back.. spasm, yeah, but it says yeah, even Wikipedia, we can’t trust them, but it says it’s not sure. It’s not certain it’s for the back. I didn’t know about that, but I wouldn’t use I was just change my food menu and then it will disappear. By the way, I didn’t do anything it happened with my back about a year and all of a sudden I found that. It’s not, uh, bothering me anymore. You’re lucky, man. You know what? You know what triggered it for me. You know what caused it, I can tell you. 10min No. So Friday just before my lunch before my brunch, I went to turn on the Internet and the switches on the wall close to the ground right? all the switches, here all the switches are on the wall. OK to turn it on. Yeah, I know. OK so. Normally I do this, right? I put my hand [on the wall]. OK? and I lean [Eileen]. But this time I didn’t put my hand. I didn’t put my hand. I leaned. I went all the way like this without putting my hand. I was stretching like this urrgh. OK so that started the problem and then when I came here I took a photo of the.. Is it 4 hours? But I’m not sure this was the reason.. Yes, when I went like this to take a photo, I was bending over to take a photo here, it went bang like that and all of a sudden I was so bad. Man, that’s when it did it when I went to.. & this pain didn’t disappear. For how long? Three days, four days? Six days today’s tonight. Even today it was bad, tonight now is the first time that it’s OK. Yea but that’s not thanks to medicine. No. This is thanks to your organism. Organism is fighting against this muscle straining. Resting. Yeah. My friend in Greece, she told me, she said I should do magnetic MRI scan and maybe I have a problem and I need operation, can you imagine? No, don’t go this much serious all the time. No, no. you can’t fight.. No. You know, I’m against that. yeah, I’m against all that. You know that. Especially after this genocide, I don’t trust, nobody trusts the hospitals anymore. But anyway, hey is it 4 hours ahead there? Is that why you’re.. yeah. Sorry, I thought it was three hours. It’s four hours? 12m12 OK, now it will be about 12:00 o’clock OK, I’ll let you go. But anyway, are you OK? No, I’m fine. I didn’t shave for long time, you know? As you see. Yeah. I thought it’s better than normal. Usually it’s worse. Hahaha just kidding.. I found out that the shape of the beard should be like more prolonged not making like Karl Marx. Karl Marx doesn’t look nice these days. It’s more like homeless style, but this way is more like elegant and probably. Distinguished hehe..So you didn’t do any kind of galleries this year, right? No. Only surrounding places gallery. Oh I went to yeah, I was in Brighton. 13m20 I swam one.. Which is not far from you right two hours. One hour. Uh. Yea? I told you I got attacked on the beach for.. somebody didn’t like the camera and they made a big problem. They attacked me, it got pretty bad. And then what happened? Did you did you catch it? I tried, but they were trying to steal my camera. Somebody was hitting me or that they became like a fight almost. And the police came. Luckily the the police agreed with me that street photography is allowed on the beach. You can’t.. This is why I told you. There is a camera TGI or I forgot that the real name. This is like a fork, you know you are keeping in your hand. Nobody can even understand this is a camera. It’s like a fork. It’s. DJ.. Pocket Osmo? 14m27 yeah, pocket Osmo is so tiny man & its so handy, you’re holding like like black tissue, like a tissue like this look. But it’s no good for far away, man. I was getting people far away, you see. OK for that.. you need or zoom or big lens I mean or a big chip but the DJ osmo he uses it Max Igan my uh.. one of my favorite news guys. Yea it;s so handy, sometimes you are just putting somewhere far and ruling kit from your.. [wireless cancer phone] from.. OK don’t like Wi-Fi system but OK then you can put there.. too dangerous.. how do you say, put there a wire.. & you can rule it, you can direct it. He uses it just like this. Oh, he has it on a long selfie stick. So he doesn’t. ‘cause you don’t want to do this [hand up] if you can be like this, right? [hand down] ‘cause he’s talking for one hour like this, so he’s got.. yea easily. You can put in your bag and see what’s happening behind and moving it back and forth & up and down, it’s like a robot. 15m40 But you can’t take it off that stupid stick. You can’t put it here. It’s going to be long, right? It doesn’t come off. No man, you just need to make a hole here, right here. You make a hole and put it in your stomach, I mean.. on your belly and this will have only his head outside. And then you don’t need to move your body by the way, you don’t need to go like left and right. It goes itself. Even you are giving a program like you want that white lady, white clothing lady [?] . But it will follow all the time. Independent of where you are moving the head will go the direction. But it’s same quality as the Sony little one that you didn’t like. You thought “Oh no, it’s no good” same quality and worse. Sony you always have to have it in your hand. 16m30 Yeah, but this is always can be like in charge. It will work without your control. You don’t need to go like moving your body back and forth and to move it to the lady.. ladies/ lady’s walking there or it goes or just follows it. This function I love very much. It doesn’t change batteries.. ok about zoom. It doesn’t change batteries man. Yeah, nobody has zoom. But it doesn’t change the battery, man. You gotta charge it.. ok then I will tell you. As soon as it costs so low, so few money. So you could buy three and when one is off you can use the other one and then third one and then go home and charge all of them. 17m20 And also it doesn’t do 1GB [TB] card, only small cards. Maybe. Ok, your Sony as well doesn’t use big cards, right? Yes it does, it does one terabyte. Sony is the best if you find.. no wait, who said your know Sony is using the tiny one, right? Tiny size.. the small Sony, yeah, of card.. but it takes it takes one terabyte. or one gig. One terabyte can fit the other one. No. 250 gigabytes maximum . Oh I didn’t know that’s the maximum I think the last version of that pocket version has all the possibilities Sony has. But anyway, the problem with the pocket one is it’s it’s got that stupid stick that doesn’t come off. So I can’t do this anymore, right? I can’t do this. You can. It’s gonna be stick, man. It’s gonna be like this, man. It’s gonna be a stick. No, you. 18m20 You don’t understand. I’m explaining you look. I will find one thing like a pen. It looks like a pen. It looks like a pen. You are holding. Look, you see this is a pain. Just a little bit, maybe fatter. It’s like my.. this finger look. I am holding it inside and the head. You see, this is the head. And you are holding it. Nobody even understands it’s a camera. This is the best part of this camera. Nobody can.. because it’s black and doesn’t and it doesn’t look like a camera. If you will go like this, nobody will understand. You can put it right here. f*** No, it’s too big for your ear, man. Come on. It’s this huge. I saw it, man. It’s not so small. No, no. OK, I will find. Try to. OK, look. I found it. Look what I found here. It’s almost the same, look you are holding it’s like this and the head is like this. And nobody can.. even shorter than this, it’s too long. Imagine it’s like this much, this tall, and when you hold in your hand, there is no no chance somebody can understand it’s a camera. Why I’m suggesting you.. you will love this camera. & when you put it in your bag, backpack like this look.. it.. the head works, only this part can be visible. And it’s not white, it’s not taking attention, it’s invisible camera. Yea but it’s the same quality as the Sony. It’s the same thing man, but worse. OK. No, no, no, wait, wait. There is one best thing. Whenever you are walking, Sony has this horizon always goes like this, Sony. [Sorry]. But this camera has no problem with horizon. It’s always like this. Look. Always. why? OK, always. You can run, you can move like this. It always keeps the horizon like stable. Why? Why? How? Because the head is robotic. Robotic. It works like this look. All the time, he says jjjjjzzzzz zzzzzz vzzzzzz. No sounds, of course. And the external microphone was working on that guy. He does it every week he does, he does a video, he’s got the external microphone so that’s a po[ssibility] Ok, probably sound I wouldn’t rely the sound of this camera because it has some engines inside and always this sound can be hearable, audible. 21m16  It’s working pretty well on his, Max Igan. It’s pretty good, but sometimes I noticed that it was going kkkkkhhhhh hehehe. Probably this is the engine that goes like this djjjjjzzz . But usually it’s pretty good compared to the Sony is totally unreliable, it works one minute, not the next so that’s why I never use it [w/ external mic]. But you are not outside like 6 hours Geo[rge]. 21m40 I mean six hours you are not videoing. Take one of those and video it all your day and even don’t pay attention, it will video without your control and the most important thing when horizon is stable, you always love this footage. 22m Footage is like cinematic. Always it’s like stable. You are walking, it’s stable. You are moving, it’s horizon is stable. ok never goes shake.. OK about the [fake] “vaccine”, did you, anybody you know get hurt or anything? No. nothing? No. Good. Good because almost everybody knows somebody either a friend or family they died from the, after the “vaccine”. Okay Geo people die because of other things. No, no, no, no, no, no. This happened everybody after the vaccine, they lost their family or friend. Everybody I know, including me. But old people, right? Not so old. No. Not so old. I don’t know. I feel like old people always die with. Yeah. But right after the vaccine, come on. 20 million people dead. 20 million. In America two million. One or two million. I don’t know, 20. I don’t know about 20. Yeah, the top statistics man in the world. He calculated this. Very easy to calculate because they already have all the tables, everything. It’s all been proven, man. Just a question, if not vaccination, how many would die? That’s another question. I don’t know about that ship. But from the vaccine we know 20 million.. millions anyway. Millions. You think that’s good? You think that’s OK? and that’s just.. ok everywhere people die because of different idea reasons.. so it’s OK.. so you’re saying it’s OK take more “vaccines”, let’s all get sick and die. Keep taking them. No but it’s not 100% certainty that [MRNA] “vaccine” is killing people. Well.. Some people can die because of “vaccine”, but not all of them. Anyway, you don’t follow.. know I can do this. Geo, listen just to prove it let me take 3.. 5. I will take 5 let’s see what will happen with me. This beard can be a little bit different. My face can be like this, but the rest will be exactly the same. 20m10 No i’m serious. I’m serious, man, because it’s making clots in the.. it’s cutting off the oxygen in your brain in your heart. These little clots, the spike protein. That’s what they said. Lots of people. It’s gonna take two years. Three years. They’re gonna start getting tired. So every time my friends in Greece, tonight she was telling me “after I walked for one hour I’m tired. I gotta lie down” I’m thinking, oh, I can’t say anything. I can’t say “is it the vaccine?” I can’t say that. So I just. I just. I’m just watching. Yes, you probably admit that. Geo, it’s such a.. OK, let’s admit this is “vaccine”. As soon as you’re not gonna to take this “vaccine”, yeah? for sure, just leave it alone & leave without thinking about it. Because one or two years you are talking all your attention is fixed in this problem. So you have to leave, not fight against this “vaccine”. Believe me, you’ll get tired. 25m20 I leave it. Only at night time I.. every..OK. I’m just following the alternative media.. Because your years are spent on fighting against “vaccine”?. OK, if it’s a joy, yes, I would do the same. I don’t know, maybe it’s a joy. You have a group of surrounded. You are surrounded with interesting people. You are meeting them, talking, having parties, enjoying it. I would love that I would do the same thing. But if there is no joy to do it, for what? If there is like a horror film, it is like a horror show, you know? Like when you go to the horror film, aaaarrrgghh.. [trainwreck/ carcrash] hehe maybe that’s why. Oh by the way, I was told and I saw a lot of films where there are clubs of special group of people surrounded with one problem. Would you find the group of people “vaccinated” and regret it? OK, people who were “vaccinated” and now they regret for that. Oh yeah.. there should be a club of people. Yeah, yeah, many.. vaccinated and regretted. If they got hurt, you mean. No, who changed his mind you understand, regret. Yeah. Imagine if you, for example, if I take a vaccine and in two or three days I regret. Yeah. Are there people who did this and they changed their mind? Many.. & now. It could be interesting if these people could get together and explain the situation, what’s happening with their body, what’s happening with.. 27m20 They had all the vaccine victims on Facebook and they closed all the groups to hide the damage. They didn’t want anybody to see it so they can sell more of their stupid, stinking f******* genocide [democide] shots. So they don’t allow people to show the victims you know, they don’t allow the victims to to make a group. But anyway, yeah, everybody knows. OK, I don’t want to bother you man it’s late, but uh.. cheers.. The reason is that probably.. You’re there? Yeah, the reason is. Yeah, yeah. Because the charge was low and I changed too. So. That’s it. what are the.. Oh, by the way, about the zoom, you are right, this zoom problem should be solved and eventually I found that there are cameras also not very big, but they have a zoom system that could be used this zoom system as well. TJI not pocket, the other one. Yeah.. they are bit bigger, but they have the zoom system, you know. Yeah. Hey, you know this A1? No. You remember I told you I got the 8K? Oh, yeah so? Now, right after I bought it, they I bought it maybe one year ago. Or.. Sony now they have a better one. They have a 5. A7R5. It’s uh even better, it’s got a flip screen. First time Sony ever made this with flip screen. But are you sure you need it? Flip screen so I can see myself, man, when I’m doing this, I can frame, I can see it, you know? But no, I’m not gonna buy it because I spent too much money on this. I don’t like to lose.. screen is nothing, man. It’s not a big deal. Yeah, but sometimes I look like sh****. I like to fix my hair a little bit and look, you know, make the angle look nice. Because I can look like sh**** sometimes. Unfortunately you are afraid of Wi-Fi. 30m They said it gives cancer, man. They said it’s cancer risk. [even W.H.O listed it as possible 1st class carcinogen] How come I’m using it so long time and I don’t get anything but.. maybe 20-30 years you you get it.. maybe when I’ll be 165 years old. What if you get it 10- 20 years though, you know? What if.. you have weak Wi-Fi? Maybe it’s not on your body. All the time. Is it? Is it near you? Yeah, it’s near me. Where is it? ehh,. Um, where is it? The time I’m using my telephone it’s in Wi-Fi. I’m using Wi-Fi system and now your telephone has Wi-Fi as well. Yeah, but I never use anymore. Do you have Internet? Cable. I’m using cable. Are you sure there is nothing projecting this Wi-Fi? Even this sometimes if it’s Bluetooth I stop it, you know? But. Geo it’s really. It’s not real. It’s not serious. Wi-Fi is not so serious. No they said it’s very.. they said it’s giving children cancer man. All the scientists in America they’re saying stop stop, stop and because it’s the same like the “vaccine” it’s because it’s billion dollar industry, trillion dollar government again. Fascism, government and the corporations together, they control everything. You can’t do anything ‘cause they make too much money. They don’t care. OK, I will tell you another thing your neighbors do they have Wi-Fi? One of them they got smart meter. Make sure you do not get smart meter, because this is more Wi-Fi. It’ll make and they can, they can spy on you and turn off. They can stop it, they can switch you off. I’m sure that everywhere there’s so many wi fis everywhere. Every square you are walking, every park you are surrounded with people with Wi-Fi, yeah, but they said it’s much worse when it’s on you, on your body, it’s even worse. Otherwise, you should put on your head. How about you put the telephone now on your head like this? Talk to me like this for one hour. Let’s see what happens if you get cancer on your brain, OK. Artur is using his headphones with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. Oh maybe it’s better? No, that’s also very very dangerous because it’s going to your brain, it’s new technology. They didn’t test it at all. It’s just like the vaccine. They don’t care who dies, who gets hurt. They just want to make their billions of dollars. They don’t give a sh**** about anyone. So that’s why all the scientists are saying stop it. Take it off if you’re not using it, be logical. This is new technology. Nobody knows, man. And they saw that the cancer cases went much higher now. So you got to be careful, man. If you want, if you want to live longer, if you know.. you wanna take the chance for stupid sh**** like that. It’s funny, one of the this youtube person, youtube person. Transgender. He was streaming like 8 hours like me, right? Yeah.. And after I told you this, he stopped now. Now he doesn’t do anymore haha. Every video. Now he’s with his GoPro only for 10 minutes now. I think he saw my video. Why would he change & stuff? Because he had big chat, he had so many people in the chat. He had 1000 views every video, all these people in the chat “I love you. You’re so wonderful, you’re fantastic|. And now nothing. Geo which channel you are using? 34m oh, platform? Yea who is hosting your videos now. I show on my website, I got five places I go. Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee. Those three are the main ones. Because Vimeo they they closed my account ‘cause they. They don’t allow the “vaccine” genocide [democide] discussion. But uh, yeah, Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee. [onlyfans lol] Those are the top three. [outdoor crowd cheering] Yeah, but they’re like.. They’re smaller than tiktok. Yeah, who’s competing youtube now? they’re smaller than tiktok’s competing. But tiktok’s is communist chinese it’s very, very stupid to give all your information to them because you know what they want to do. You saw. Oh, by the way, you know, all of this was from Chinese Communist Party [ccp]. You know, the “covid” CONVID Fraud. The lies. It was all lies, you know. It was all lies. You remember when you told me “It’s very serious. You can get it on the surface, on the street. You have to wear mask outside.” It was all BULLSH******** man. Total lies. Totalize. All the doctors proved it. So that came from China. Then the [deadliest MRNA clot shot] “vaccine” came from China. All this it it was to kill everybody so that Chinese can take over, man. They killed all the.. so many people sick in America, man.. all the military got.. oh man huge huge disaster huge. But anyway so China made the fake virus. Then they made the vaccine to kill people and then now they’re trying to do the climate bullsh********. The climate, they’re trying to stop everyone from doing carbon and they continue. China is they’ll do all the pollution, all the carbon they want but we have to.. Yeah. You gotta be careful. You’re not following the news, though. You don’t know what’s going on, do you? You don’t care. You don’t give a sheet.. 36m I mean the alternative news, not, not the liars, the U.N.. no, I’m not watching anything of that because I know it’s something is happening. I can’t fight against. You can, how do you think? They stopped the [deadliest MRNA} shots you remember, they wanted you to get injected. They stopped it man. The protesters stopped it. But anyway, hey, what are you watching, man? What are your plans? Shto smatri? What are your plans? I can’t tell you on Facebook because the communist, they’re freaking FBI, CIA watching me.. you know, this is this is this is a Secret Service database, you know? This government database. Listen, why don’t you think about shooting some short shorts? I hate that bullsh********. What? Vertical mode like that? This stupid sh****. There’s no, no, not that shorts I mean short feature films. Let me put my show together. 15 minutes, short films and then visiting festivals enjoying your life.. Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll put the Sochi.. Sochi should be how many minutes, 10 or 20? Or five. Five is too short, 10. Ok depends In what you are accenting, if you are accenting one, there are three stories. One is travelling [troubling] story. Another is friendship, another is finding girls. Which one you want to put to the as a cornerstone. Which one should be in that story? Who’s going to be the main character? It’s another another problem because if you are the main character, all the rest should be not so much accented probably. Anyway, 10 or 20 minutes. It depends huh.. if you’re gonna really say story telling the story because you have to see a narrator in this film. And and playing and narrating. It’s going to be like the book, man. I did the book already. It’s a 30 minute short story for television has to be 20. You can’t. They need for the advertising. I don’t know. Depends who takes it but. Who told and when he told? The television, when I went to the television festival. Ok it was another standard back then and now there’s totally different style. That’s for normal television because they need 10 minutes for advertising, but if it’s, you know, Netflix or some **** like that, then it’s.. And it depends how good it’s done, how good it’s edited, yeah, because everything is changing, like every half an half a year. Style is changed. You can’t do the same. All the films done back like 30 years. It’s zero. Nobody can watch them. Except some unusual things. 39m Unusuals live longer, but traditional films are done. Anyway, about the vaccine bullsh********. Hey, you know it’s very dangerous if you kiss a girl her saliva, her body fluids and state you can get [MRNA lipid nanoparticle spike protein bioweapon] “vaccinated”, contaminated. yeah but don’t forget every time you kiss you have to go like this, look, kiss poo ptew pew [spit]. And it saves. Every time you go like “Oh my you are gorgeous.. ugh pew ptew pew! [spit] Dental dam, tongue prophylactic. Balloon.. Hehe you have to have a napkin going like kissing like.. Balloon. Uh. 40m How is your friend in America? Yeah I just saw, just he got, he had two injections, man. And he I’m trying to see if he’s changing his personality a little bit. You know, he’s like. He showed a photo. Shish. Yeah. I gotta fix this man. I’m OK now. Is it working? Offline refresh. Am i ok now. OK, I won’t let me do sh. Can you see me? OK. If I move the computer. Hey, what happened here? Where’s your picture, man? Wait a second. Probably my Internet is. Over. It doesn’t show man. Can you see me? I can hear you, but I can’t see you. Wait a second. Probably. Oh, now. What you do, there’s a picture of him. He showed a picture. He’s with two people in his factory with the glass. He likes to blow glass. That’s just that’s his profession. Blowing glass. Kkkhhh.. And now, now it’s going to have maybe there’s a problem with the spike protein on his breath from the “vaccine”. It’s inside the glass. It’s dangerous. No, because before they used to smoke marijuana and then they blow the glass and he gave me a a cup, you know, a glass and I said, “will I get some marijuana from your smoke?” [breath in the glass]? because you.. the guy who was blowing the smoke. Now if he does it, I got to say, is there “vaccine” spike protein in the glass if I.. because you blew it. But he had a picture like this, right? I’m trying to do his face. He was like this. What’s that? Yeah. Bob. So I left a comment, I said “you look thrilled, man”. 42m20 No, because they said. Again it stopped. Freezed? [continued]

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