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Lounger & scrounger video call wed 1 may 2024 0090S03

Lounger & scrounger video call wed 1 may 2024 0090S03

Thanks for visiting [GeorgeCuddly lol] & 100 domains, Wednesday one may, May 1st 2024 5:30 PM GMT UTC, often blocked by Internet censorship. I’m really demoralised because after all this, all these years of hard work and giving content, all that stuff, censored. I’ve noticed it’s blocked on a lot of phones Google monopolises, the goggle monopoly has blocked it but some phones it’s not blocked so I think it’s a mind F to screw with you so you think it’s not blocked when it is, shadow banning all the crap so OK so we’re calling I had a whole list of things, I just don’t know, I’ve just had it with all this ship, sht, and I’ve been putting weekly uploads since the beginning of the year 2024, to keep it active, to build something and there’s nothing to be built and it’s just not happening so you know when they say “it just works”, it just doesn’t work so why bother, basically and I’m just fed up and this call I don’t want to repeat everything that the independent media has proven so I’m just calling anyway ’cause I said I would so we’re calling hike my friend from over there. We’ve done lots of lounger & scrounger videos OK he’s waiting let’s go we agreed to call now and anyway do I need this? [clip on light] probably not.. “gotta look the part”.. I just like to do good job so anyway.. ah ready? Oh the speaker too.. 100 things man.. I couldn’t find the yellow tie, couldn’t find the power supply for the camera, all this stuff and it’s just an endless.. & this thing, the Bluetooth doesn’t switch off this piece of SH because even.. bast******* see how it hums? Oh it’s because of this too.. [not plugged in]. The world homicide Holocaust organisation WHO W.H.O admitted that Bluetooth gives cancer, causes cancer, so Sony made sure that it never switches off, it’s constantly giving you cancer, irradiating you, so thanks Sony for that, a-hole, and of course the 5G and all that but yeah I don’t wanna go.. ok I mean.. you know what’s going on, we’ve said it, and I’m just sick of it. Let’s go. Is that too loud? A-hem [throat clear] Oh my God he’s outside? Outdoors? Oh you gotta show him, I forgot you gotta show him.. what the hell is going on dude? Look at this Armenian lady.. wazaaap? Ts’happening? good because I don’t have much to say man so at least you’re outside.. now we got the wind noise. OK nice talking to you goodbye! see you later.. can’t hear me.. yes. can you step back please I don’t wanna see that.. [unshaven white beard closeup].. can you step back I can’t.. oh them you can’t hear me unless you put it up to your.. ugh.. I can’t hear you right now, I will be able to hear you.. using the cancer phone huh? [unitnelligible????] They call it in Warsaw.. oh you’re in Warsaw! I thought you were down in the other place.. Warsaw.. see that? There. OK man look man I don’t think we can talk like this dude.. yea we can just just wait OK this is the way OK here yes? you OK? yes. What are you doing? what about you? the usual, luckily, not much to say because it’s all the same, I don’t want to repeat everything but it’s exactly the same as before so.. I was gonna repeat everything but it’s just a waste of time man, it’s all, I put it all on my website, it’s all there, if anybody wants they can see it, I can’t keep repeating every time the same stuff so.. except artificial intelligence I don’t know if we covered that last time artificial stupidity they’re.. you can’t hear me anyway so we can talk like this man you’re outside you can’t hear me it’s.. where are you? In the church, you see, in the church.. [hymn singing] 6m40 oK I have to leave it, this place, I cant speak, there is something happening in this church. Wait, I will put my headphones and I’ll be just..  the second camera..put the second one next time, this is good to stop it from distorting because it usually goes over, it’s running very hot, second camera next time.. what did we say it was? No way it can’t do it. My headphones are not for iphone. Monday one may 2024 5:30 PM. The only place I can find it, I think its here more quiet & I’m able to.. were were you been today? yeah just in the neighbourhood and uh.. they changed the blinds, in the room and  I’m washing all the vinyl to listen to it, to wash and dry all the vinyl and every day doing 20 so it’ll be done in a month or two, just terrible and OK we gotta see your face not your.. OK there you can’t hear me can you.. what is it? OK.. what are you talking about? you can’t hear me so I can’t repeat it again man I’m getting I’m tired today I can’t I don’t feel like repeating every time man I can’t.. ok what if you call me in 2 hours.. two hours it’ll be dark man.. but I will be at home & have more chance to speak in in a proper way. Next week OK ’cause I still have nothing to say right now it’s the same stuff I din’t want to repeat everything again.. there’s nothing to say really.. next week I can prepare something ’cause right now I didn’t want to repeat everything that I always say you know.. I see. But still you could record this & later I could hear if.. there’s something.. can you tell me, can you check my website if it’s working ’cause I think it’s blocked.. later.. blocked what? What is it blocked? can you check if my website is working because I think they blocked it, so not now.. no way man, do you want me to check it right now? if you can, but if not, another time but I just want to know if it’s blocked. OK I will do it right away because I have Internet now, right? yes, see if it plays the video. I will check, do you want me to open some videos or just enter into the first page and that’s it? that’s it. OK first page just to see how everything looks like. And tell me if it’s playing, if it’s auto play[ing] the video, if it auto plays the video. Autoplay means when the video starts playing without my pushing it? yes. Without touching right? Yes. Ok, I’ll do it and I will let you know right away OK OK thank you OK see you goodbye.. whew.. so I probably won’t upload this, I just.. they said, you know, they said you gotta upload something once a week or else they won’t come back and all that and if you want a.. if you want a successful site that’s censored and blocked by the globalist pigs what’s the point ’cause it’s censored and blocked by the globalist pigs! so I don’t see the point, do you? but it’s not totally blocked yeah just mostly just enough so that the numbers always stay the same and never change no matter what you do so I really don’t see the point but anyway let’s see what he says. 11m36 So I wanted to upload some interactions I did on the street with the covid fraud genocide victims, the MRNA bio weapon clot shot fake vaccine victims, when they’re injured I go up to them and I ask them, I’m doing a report, I’ve gotta, we’ve gotta find out why is there so many injured people all of a sudden that it’s every minute when it used to be a once an hour or once a day, anyway so I’ve got some footage but I’m like if you want to present that somewhere else they don’t accept it if it’s on the Internet so I can’t.. you literally have to do tons of stuff to have a little bit to put on the Internet. If you do a little bit of stuff and that’s all you’ve got, ’cause I’m just not doing, I’m not getting that much stuff, on the weekends is the only time I do it, for the week I’m doing all this other here, I gotta get this stuff sorted out, sordid.. and yeah. So anyway. Thats [light] in the way for the second camera isn’t it? just in case the first one doesn’t.. anyway very bad. God it’s taking him long enough isn’t it? How long’s it take to check a 4 letter word site? good to see if it works now.. I know it’s.. I’ve seen it censored in lots of.. lots of times man.. but other times I’ve seen it not censored so.. and what else? Short sleeve shirt I couldn’t find.. literally 100 items to worry about.. coz this is really sweaty compared to the women dressing in tank tops and wearing almost nothing all the time we gotta.. can you imagine wearing a coat on top of this, indoors, who the hell invented that? men gotta wear coats indoors and ties and women walk around in tank tops unbelievable.. so anything else? I looked at it, I had a whole bunch of stuff to say and I’m like, we’ve already said this, except the artificial intelligence [stupidity] but he said it, Alex Newman of the New American, I put it on my website several times now, didn’t he say? I put the transcript, I sat there putting a transcript & I gotta repeat it? come on, enough. Jesus come on man! the hell’s he doing? Probably.. I tried to open, it opened only half, but no videos where able to show. I didn’t see even the frame of the video, only white space with video and nothing. And the very beginning it opens like in 10 seconds when the rest was open but later the beginning disappears, and then all disappeared and it says that problem occurred. so is it the same with you? No, on the laptop it’s perfect, on the laptop it works every time here with proper connection. no the top did open once and then disappeared, the top, and then again it opened up and then again disappeared, it’s like something is wrong for sure. what could happen? it’s not up to you to recover, right? what browser did you use? you didn’t use goggle did you? no, safari.. oh OK good. Safari usually works, in the apple store it works, it works on my.. I use Brave browser but anyway OK.. I will do anything half an hour as well. When did you dp that last? every day all the time I do it on my laptop, it’s perfect it’s your phone, the phones are are censored, are blocked.. somebody is blocking it on the phones.. when I’m back I will check it on my laptop, not my, but my ex-wife’s.. OK thank you. You are welcome. Everything is ok? sort of, yeah, pretty much, except the usual, you know, I have to get ready for the next genocide, they’re continuing this genocide but how about you are you there in the summer? Oh I’m here, I don’t know what else I can do. Haha.. are you acting? Some, mostly extra-ing.. yea.. but it’s fun, you know, to be on the side and associate [so she ate] with thousands of people. 17m25  every day different, actually it’s a joy.. [enjoy] yeah. Have you ever heard about the film “Foundation”? no. it’s a serial, it’s intergalactic serial, American I think. but a lot of British actors were playing and I met one Greek from Cyprus, he’s an actor in this film. Oh, ok.. yea four days I was extraing, they were paying good.. actually it was a joy.. but not every day.. not every day but three days a week is average.. thats good.. yea but its a joy, it’s not a work, most of the time you are enjoying this. Every time you are in different places, different location, different films.. you should keep a score for your resume [c.v/ curriculum vitae] so you can put it on the imdb.. no no extra-ing is nothing, it’s better to hide it.. it’s like to be in prono**** films, you would never huh.. but you know recently I found out that a lot of movie stars were trying in pornos as a starting kick starter.. what American or Polish? A lot of Americans. If you go into like prono**** stars, movie stars in pornoh they will let you know a lot, celebrities.. No they don’t touch them, usually they don’t touch them if they did that, in Hollywood they’re very strict man. But I think you told me that Sylvester Stallone did a lot.. no it wasn’t real I don’t think you know, it wasn’t that, you are not sure? it wasn’t really hard, it was some silly soft thing apparently, no, and he’s the exception to the rule, they’re very strict man. I think Marylin Monroe did a lot, right? I don’t know, that’s.. yeah yeah once I saw her doing.. maybe they found very similar person I don’t know.. no she did Playboy nudes I don’t know there’s nothing to prove that.. hey they proved that that viruses don’t exist man, viruses don’t exist, there’s this video, I saw it last year and I started again now, this woman, Canadian woman, she called all these institutions, all these places and nobody has evidence that any virus exists it’s all bullshit. There’s zero. & even did not exist? there’s no evidence, it’s just theory, it’s a conspiracy theory hehe, it’s all.. but Bhakdi said that they do exist, so I have to check that, but in general there’s no evidence of any virus at all, because they’re too small to see and there’s no photograph no nothing only some computer bullshit Mickey Mouse from the Communist Party the mass murdering Communist Party so.. yeah but what about grippus how do you call it influenza.. nothing, no no no photo no video no evidence nothing. Probably there so tiny that only suppositions can tell us. Exactly! they’re so tiny they don’t exist. Hard to guess, you have to be a medic to.. I’ve got the video, I’m gonna put it up actually to get the word out because they lied about everything and anyway OK so look I think that’s it we can talk like this anyway it’s loud you’re just showing your ear it’s no good for the camera and I have nothing to say anyway you know but ah.. oh that’s nice yeah.. this way you can talk right? that’s better! Haha where is it.. no ears anymore.. 22m where is it? It’s in krakowsky here in the center. Krakow square? It’s, you know that place right, old market.. this is actually near the square.. you have been here, right? Uh.. I’m not .. yeah OK I’ll let you go because the 5G [microwave radiation] gives cancer man you shouldn’t have it on your head so.. no no no don’t worry about cancer.. yea maybe.. if person has to die it’s better to die in cancer not occasionally be killed somewhere or by car or car accident or.. OK man.. so if you want I can show you some nice places here.. no I gotta go man enough.. enough? you gonna go oh OK. so everything is ok right? more or less. yeah you are planning to move to somewhere? I have to be ready because they said this possible destruction is coming we have to be ready. yeah but don’t be involved in these kind of problems man, just relax because the nerves are as well very important thing for our health.. yeah I just want to be ready, and I just want to have some, to be prepared, they said don’t panic but prepare.. 24m yes but in your case it seems like every day you are doing this thing like getting prepared.. I have to tidy up man, this place has 30 suitcases, I gotta get rid of them, I gotta do it & all this.. oh, 30 suitcases! I got the suitcases because, for the dust and the mice right? there’s too much dust always and there’s always maybe a mouse because it’s the centre of London so.. listen why don’t you move somewhere like where you don’t have mice or other things.. and no microwave radiation too but there’s.. its’ difficult, it’s everywhere.. anyway OK we’ll talk another time because this is not so good, next month, I’ve noth-.OK call you next month. you see this restaurant here? Actually this is the old market I told you.. OK.. you see it?  Yeah.. I’ll make low.. OK thank you.. she’s nice,  right? hmm.. yeah.. [percussion music] very active OK OK thank you.. you are welcome so.. bye bye.. 27m very busy .. let’s get going..

THE EVIDENCE THAT VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST (official data) with Christine Massey

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