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Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03


Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM
-Fact based [factual] thoughts and feelings subject NOT to change without no tits [notice]
-Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. [says Alex Newman behind the deep state]
-“I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home.”
-Business negotiations- see transcript below
-15min+ sticker remover = somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE]
30 is broken sleep bad? 3 hours & 3 hours?
32 inspector app photos Artificial intelligence kill & control.. rfk jr, covid & climate fraud.. amazon ring surveillance..
33 Chechens afghans  gypsies nicaraguans destroy totalitarianism
34 this is it old songs bold & broke old shit 1M views.. pew die pie whole mentioned him
35 not recording need 2 cameras or mic
36 phone rec trick 2 conv panoramic airplane mode cancer NWO
39 formal clothes phot video increase value
41 audio more important but shaky video unwatchable
42 is a pink tie gay? Women like pink, ladies like soft people
44 better no sex keep connection, 3500 ladies? laidees?
45 birthday plans
46 Alex Newman Artificial Intelligence slavery give em fake data.. Timbuktu tarantulas
48 analytics countries Katmandu ,  not on same page..
51 sticker fell down on floor ugh
52 telegram Russian zuckerberg
53 do you have any old camera, a73?
54 fake camera
54 Columbo box set 100 episode, wikipedia episode summaries. What’s the point watching & forget?
55 remember good important things apply to show
56 big lebowski film don’t work on Sabbath masterpiece
57 gypsy kings raspy guitar strum claps Spanish lady Aida protests E.U Ursual Von der Liar cbdc WEF slavery
56 Anarchy beats control , tricky gypsies, criminal controllers corrupt need cash themselves
1h digital I.D cancer phone MRNA death shots, alt media
1h1 $10,000 SONY A! 8K overheats & stops after 1 hour, flip screen a7r5
1h4 Bring Asatur Gamk, Sona
1h6 Nettisa Sinclair
1h7 compulsive talking wikipedia
1h8 Dimitris, everyone I know lost a family after MRNA bio weapon clot shot [fake vaccine]
1h10 wired v. wireless , showbiz showjiz
1h11 only 1 guy? Vax victim sirens
1h12 talk about po… {rn] [land LOL HAHA]*****, audio under zero
1h13 screen settings dark
1h14 dynamic range light
1h15 Sony A1 stops again, battery, chem trails, geo engineering spray sky control weather..
1h16 lose most summer there, married maniac
1h17 thumbnail dieter bohlen dimple smile
1h18 bad quality bread, no bread, gluten free, no veg oil
1h19 Sony A1 small print, devils in details, bald & broke shitty little camera can’t get any small print
1h20 Ricky Gervais extras, DO NOT GOOGLE youlube, DO BRAVE odysee bithcute other platforms
1h21 support other platforms, they stole 13,000 of my videos so should steal 13,000 of theirs
1h22 loud ass pigeons hoo hoo hoo 5a.m loud bag, Brighton stones, rat poison chewing gum bread
1h23 picture flight birds scares them, eat poo screw snooze, public defecation fornication
1h24 soap shower water
1h25 hay fever runny eyes nose itch tree sperm rape non consensual, if we do that jail hello harassment bill gates kills millions still free
1h26 clarityn, skin rub damage regeneration
1h27 offline call Asatur, no facebook
1h28 crimes against humanity democide share info nothing to do w me
1h29 dad 16 degrees King Charles wikitree, W.E.F climate fraud totalitarianism, all humanity goes to 1 cockroach worm
1h30 copies storage LTO TAPE copy south London dodgy
1h31 they only want what you don’t show, Las Vegas storage unit fraud theft.. public storage
1h34 Columbo 1 more thing, calls.. too good to be forgotten
1h36 mykonos or home Facebook spyware, phone number, please call me Facebook, lonely, Nigeria 20 billion dollars
1h37 what if its real you thought fake
1h38 no call Asatur call 3 weeks, 3 months Facebook, chat.. Thailand winter
1h39m50 thanks for visiting.. editing, mess
1h41 don’t promote genocidal democidal website host, decluttering, just about had it horrible
1h42 a we fade to gray song you’re next not too bad henna, king Charles eats organic, removed GMO labelling requirements to harm his people?! Political climate fraud shove it..
1h43 inspector shoes off covers, moment silence, guess how overweight, boh3m3 300lbs,,
1h44 my audience people who wanna see if they’re on to sue, authorities wanna kill maim enslave you hey I finally got an audience aaah, how many pizzas dairy carbs sugars per day
1h45 america megalomania bigger better gun prick audience not weight..  not happy w traffic statistics.. sucks..
1h46 can’t beat the camcorder, SSHHT! [SILENCE] tinnitus 
1h47 offline don’t need this sh, give all for free, heart mind soul
1h48 Alex Newman thenewamerican,com behind the deep state [Depp state] human rights freedoms. Why eat pig if you are what you eat
1h49 video slideshow timelapse.. Articficial Intelligence holes use your data to enslave & kill you?
1h50 room clutter suitcases better things to do than declutter inventory worth sharing no one there bbbppp mid finger autoplays youtube 100M AUTOPLAYS
1h52 thanks for viewing commenting rating & subscribing, georgegodley,com video & 100 domains, “lungs last 60 years” without smoke
1h53 disappointment thanks for nothing sigh

Transcript in progress [why bother]

Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM.. Just calling my friend hike [Hayk} to discuss business terms since the friendship mixed with business has become just business now apparently according to him in one of the videos he’s.. should I unplug this cause it hums? [external usb speaker] anyway let’s go let’s just get going here. Fact based [factual] thoughts and feelings subject NOT to change without no tits [notice] and all the rest all the disclaimers all that OK let’s just go let’s just hope this works out. Haven’t done this in a while, bit rusty because it’s not worth doing but we’ll get to that in a minute let me just call him quickly ’cause he’s been waiting ♪ “I’ve been waiting’ 🎶 [sing song] that.. I can just see it not working now, yea it’s not working.. I’m calling and it doesn’t do anything, look, “you are currently offline” it’s the damn cable isn’t it.. all the gorilla tape in the world won’t.. we’ll do a little update in a minute.. yeah I know it’s over the top but apparently I’m not doing enough of it or too much of it and pissing people off and making them peel the [] stickers off but anyway let’s just go [list disco] we’ll get to that in a second in a momo.. let’s go man, the hell? Whew.. this humming thing man.. should I unplug it? if you unplug it only lasts a few minutes and then it won’t work anymore so if you plug it it hums. They couldn’t make a external speaker that doesn’t hum, the bastards.. let’s go bro.. allow.. so we got the Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing your every.. storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. how you doing, what’s up? hey! fine thank you & you? [whew sigh varianastenagmos] so why did you wanna talk right now because your ex isn’t gonna.. what, you got more privacy ’cause she’s not there now? she’s not there now, she’s not here now, that’s why sometimes I’m confused to talk a lot you know. We’re divorced but still you know I feel I have to be.. careful. Hehe.. careful yea.. there are things like leaving Poland to anywhere else it’s a little bit for her it’s like not very.. how can I explain this kind of things man? it’s like I will be enjoying.. God not again.. she’ll be staying here, I don’t want her to feel this kind of feelings.. I missed it.. what’s wrong? one more time I didn’t hear it. I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home. This is what I don’t want her to feel that. That’s why sometimes I’m confused I can’t talk a lot about ladies, other things.. that’s why I take the balcony, I have the very bad breakfast.. hahaha I have to suffer, make a documentary about it and show her to feel better that she’s not the only one who suffers, yea. 4min20 So what are, what about gravel pit now talking on behalf of your friend Artur and on behalf of my friend Michael. Yeah we won’t do any dates here, we’ll do the dates offline if need be and hey Facebook monitors everything, they collect all your data, so if even if I just use Facebook to communicate they know where I am even if I’m in another country they can trace everything and then can come here and steal all my stuff right? OK listen.. haha I’m half joking.. yeah.. Facebook lets you open a lot of accounts right? for example I can, I have three or four ones. but they know it’s you.. one you can leave at home and have another one with name of Arthur Johnson. They know it’s you from your IP address, you only have one address on your stupid cancer phone or device. Yea but you can have two phones, one is one name, another one is another name, one leave at home and the other take with you. Burner phones yea OK. so anyway so what’s the situation is, yes.. so you said OK so after.. Geo, the only OK I will tell you openly that the only thing I need is a ticket and balcony, what else can I say, nothing else. What happened to the gift I gave you, you said apartment but apartment doesn’t cost thousands apartment is much more expensive. Yes but I had my share there, we shared with my sister so I should compensate and give her, and it’s not the end, I’m giving her more and more by the time I’m selling my matrioshkas [material shows] which I have about $6000 matrioshkas selling and she’s getting it from Artur. So your share is that OK.. ok I will tell you the apartment is estimated 6.. OK OK you don’t you don’t need to be too personal details.. no it’s 60,000, it’s not a problem to say, it’s in the same one of the regions of Yerevan which is the place where I was living with my mother so after that we have to share it together so I decided that better I will get and live there as I lived all my life. But what’s the problem, if you share it, she can.. it’s no problem is it? yeah but OK I want to be there alone and she has nothing to do with that there apartment. But as soon as she has one half of that apartment she might sell it and have her share right? no, she can’t sell.. this is one apartment divided into two. She can sell her half, huh? Yes, this is why I negotiated with her 20,000 and I’m done. Oh my God.. OK and do you have to pay tax like in California every year they want 2% tax and all kinds of extra bullsh******** OK two percent is too much in Armenia it’s, last year it was not so much it was only $50 a year and now this year they gonna double it $100 a year and maybe next year they will double $200.00 a year and that’s it they promised this new government promised they not gonna put [poop] higher their.. so it’s not too bad OK alright So that’s why the gift is.. so that’s why you can’t even get a ticket? OK not gonna cost a lot, Geo it will cost maximum $400 maximum two ways.. First class hehe.. 8min 27 no, super class with private VIP people, you know I have to buy something in my way to.. no I’m kidding.. private jet.. yeah but I’m not alone, I want to take with me a funny girls and stuff you know luxury life maybe in my way.. so what airline do you fly if you go? what is it? what airline do you fly Ryan air? the cheapest, whatever I find in the summer time, it will be about 182, two hundred maximum.. Wizz air right? It was w-i-z. Weezer or Ryan air or maybe by bus, if bus will be cheaper I’ll get the bus. EasyJet. But buses are sometimes expensiver you know. EasyJet? do you think easyjet still exists? one of them is gone. Really? yeah. OK so alright, so ticket then you said balcony, OK, if I have a double room you can have the other bed. No no don’t take double bedroom because it will cost you. That’s what I want to try to save and not take you anymore, don’t worry, I’m not gonna say “I saved, please give me”. OK first of all the room, if I do get a double usually I get double so I can have some space to put my stuff on the other bed, haha.. OK anyway so double, that’s an option or you said yeah, only if there’s if there’s a balcony, if we go to Mykonos [make on us] and there’s no balcony you sleep on the beach.. you need to talk to the director of hotel and director well let me sleep on the corridor where the tourists are looking. OK now food, you said dinner, ’cause breakfast, OK breakfast is the the bad breakfast.. bad breakfast is included, I’m happy with bad breakfast don’t worry. And what about dinner? I don’t need dinner, maybe  sometimes you feel like you are eating too much, then I will grab some from your food.. yeah I was thinking.. always you shared and you can do it like a tiny part 10% of your for dinner man is enough & you will be slim..  yeah I’m overweight I gotta lose weight anyway I’m.. I will help you, I will see you are putting on a lot so I will eat more, when I see you are losing weight I will eat less, what can I say.. yeah I gotta lose a lot actually. Anyway OK so there’s that, and then what about how you normally at the end of the trip you say all the meals are like a an old camera or.. I’m not gonna say anymore, I’m changed, I’m much better now! You don’t see? you can see it looking at my face? rehabilitated. Look! rehabilitated. Look.. [fingers on lips fear gesture & hand out begging gesture – private Yalta 2002 joke] hahah do I ask money now? just food, and maybe one drink please.. “you give me” [private joke about sigishoara gypsy begging for gold ring] 12m10 and then what about being asleep every night at 10:00 o’clock and getting up at 5:00 or 6 getting up to.. no no no don’t worry about it, I will sleep the time you will sleep. I’m not gonna sleep earlier. At least weekends, we have to agree, at least weekends.. yes yes but don’t go like this you will be sleeping and will blame me that I’m sleeping I’m not sleeping anytime you say “Hayk we are going” we are going. Last time you saw me little bit like the eyes are closed you you could go like oh you are sleeping so I’m gonna sleep, it’s because you you are you I am sleeping.. hahaha don’t blame me I can sleep, I am waking up like in one second man it’s like sleeping and waking up, every day I am waking up when I go to extra-ing [X-ray] on the sets. 13m20 Extras.. yea 15 dollars a day they pay, I’m sitting and chatting with these Polish people and my Polish is now excellent man. [blabla talks polish sans the trademark whistle sound] OK OK you see how good is my Polish. yeah Pollish. OK uh.. just quickly so a few more points, few more things. Oh by the way, what OK I’m not gonna mention it. Mention generally what was it. Some old stuff man if you have if done [?] just forget about it. Old camera? Yes, not Sony, something before even. Because this time I didn’t pick up any thinking maybe George will be generous and will give me another camera haha.. but don’t worry if you say no please I have to keep it for the Museum of.. Vlog museum.. yeah another contract Geo.. if I wear big look at me if I wear big here instead of Rolling Stones and here and here and here.. yeah.. and with pen I will put here on my scheme.. the epaulettes was the funniest, this was the funniest, the epaulettes.. yeah.. so they can see you from the side.. haha.. hey you know somebody is peeling off my stickers in St. Annes court, there’s a place here called Saint Anne’s court, and there’s.. it’s full of stickers, there’s a spot full of stickers, and they’ve been there for years because I’ve been studying the art of Banksy’s [street self promotion] you know.. I know, I like him.. yeah Banksy can do it but if we do it’s fly posting and we can get in trouble it’s considered a criminal thing so you gotta be careful.. I pick, I’ve noticed some spots where it’s tolerated, many years they stay there, other spots go immediately so there’s a place here and I put some there and every time someone takes them off and they leave all the other ones up, only mine only vlog[.com] they don’t like, they peel it off. OK I have a solution man as always I have a solution. When you put, put there some dirty stuff on it, he will get a lot of problems! I was thinking to put some sh**** around the rim hahaha so when he peels it, but they might use a machine, they might use a scraper you know, scraper.. yeah but their scraper will be with a shit so they will throw away their scraper.. haha scraper will be full of sh**** I think it’s.. I’m trying to figure out and I was going to video it from far I can get, I can wait ’cause I saw when he does it like I noticed a certain day he did it, I could go there and video it but I don’t want to waste my time on them but I’m thinking who it is. It’s probably somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE] thing so it is probably a bad person or it could be there’s a lady there in the security shop and and she told me a few years ago she was like “you put me on youtube, you can never, I’m very angry, you put me on youtube 10 years ago and instead of thanking me because everybody does it now and she doesn’t even know. She only knew it because I put her in the title, I advertised her business a bit. Yeah.. I was honest, everybody else is hiding when they upload stuff. And she still works there? yeah I was wondering if she did it but I put the stickers higher and higher and they keep [removing them] so they need a chair to peel ‘em off you know ’cause they’re not so tall anyway but anyway OK.. so there’s that.. So one day take very big, how do you say scales? Ladder & go upper and upper 18min we’ll see how they’re gonna.. But then nobody sees it man if it’s way up. So I have another one now, I have another one. I wanna put it, you know when you go in the underground station, or when you come out maybe ’cause when you go in you don’t have your phone you’re not gonna do any Internet or when you come out. You’re looking at the steps right to not fall.. yeah.. so I put it on the steps.. & all the time is circling there? yeah there’s people coming all the time so I just need to put one at the steps and they’re going to look at it to not fall because they always look.. yea I know.. but it gets peeled off always, they don’t like it on the subway they always peel it off so but it will be for one day or a few hours thousands of people will see it you see. OK listen I have another idea. I will make by Photoshop such a painting with in it. It’s like Banksy style but written in such a funky way. What do you think about it, and we go and make a copy on one of the walls in London. I don’t know, no don’t waste your time man, we need it like at strategic places where there’s a lot of people otherwise you know I don’t know if it’s allowed.. ok on the ground, we could paint on the ground. 19m20 yeah no the sticker’s fine. On asphalt. don’t waste your time man it’s but thank you.. alright try it anyway try yeah do a rough thing but, do a rough one first quickly don’t waste too much time on it yeah.. Ok another thing I was trying to tell you and you interrupted me if I put everyday here and here I have my free pre dinner. Free dinner? no no ok half dinner. OK I’m kidding I will do it just for you I’m just Talking. We have to calculate, if you’re there for a month or two that’s 50 dinners, 50 times.. no ok its too much.. but even then, it’s only 1000 it’s is not more than 1000 if it’s 50 x 10 is 500, if it’s 50 x 20 euros or dollars it’s 1000. No no I’m not gonna eat, I’m not the one who likes dinners you know. I don’t like dinner, I don’t like breakfast, I don’t like lunch. But I’m saying even if it was $20 for 50 dinners it’s only 1000 so you can’t tell me that it’s more than 1000. OK every day three dollars for my food, is it OK? every day  $3 for your food? I will explain you how to eat for $3 and have good food. Allergies from the hay fever.. well maybe.. and there was one more thing.. Oh yeah, you have to watch the bags when I swim sometimes.. of course I do it without your asking and carrying your bags when you are walking. Sometimes and also you’ll be recorded as much as possible, like you know the meals, the talks, right? Of course, OK. And also uh [finger snaps] if the tide comes up you have take, you have to stop the bags from getting washed [away] yes yes yes but for this case you have to put very close to the water for me to have things to do otherwise if the tide’s not coming.. I thought you were going to say “that’s three more dollars if it’s the tide” ahahah no it depends which kind of tide you mean you know.. It depends how dangerous it is, how aggressive it is. If you pay like $1 a day I will sell.. save your bags. If you pay another $1.00 I will save your clothing, if you pay the third dollar I will save the cameras everything even your shoes you know man so you decide. So I got another.. proposal.. statistics.. I got another website statistics company. I went to UK column [.org] in their privacy notice they said we use a so I went there and I wanted to see my statistics because they’re an alternative to to Goggle Anal ytics Google Analytics. So it turns out on my front page it’s very very bad huh like my my web hosting company says I have 500 a day, 500 visitors a day right uniques. yeah but this other company they show that on my homepage only fifty! only 50 after all that work after all these web domains.. Geo maybe there is something that you don’t fully know how to manage this I’m sure there are specialists we have to go to this Internet specialist.. [shows Web Marketing & How to increase Web traffic books] DUH D-UH..  23m51 are you studying them? no I bought them ten years ago I never loo.. I did open it but you know what it’s not for reading, you have to sit there on the computer and and type it, they tell you to go to this thing and do this and do that, it’s not just for reading you have to sit there for.. ok one thing about final cut did you did you study it fully? yeah I went, I had that one day crash course tutorial, it was 1000 pounds man. 1000 pounds. What?! yeah cause he’s one of the best editors in the in the country. So it doesn’t matter, one day nobody can teach you anything. No he let me record it luckily I had the camera and I watched it again the next day and I still, there’s so much man, there’s so many menus and buttons but and and I took notes, hey hey I took notes so I have the notes also and it helped me now you were right that to go over it again because otherwise I wouldn’t remember anything but there is, it is .. even if you know something excellent[ly] in one month you forget if you don’t practise it, this is the rule and another thing Internet there’s so many classes of each item in final cut like how to do this how to do that. Luckily it was worth it for certain things I did have some very specific questions that I cannot find on the Internet about my slideshow you know the the montage timelapse thing and it works very well I did it man I did it 4K [***8K***] by some miracle it worked because I told you I get the photos after and on the hard drive it doesn’t put the correct date it puts the new date it doesn’t put it with the videos in order it puts it afterwards but by some miracle in final cut it put it properly and it came out perfectly and I have 15,000 photos in half an hour at 3 frames a photo and you can see everything right at 4K [8K] but I don’t want to put it on the Internet yet because it shows too much personal information I have to sit there worrying do do I want to show where I live, uh.. people’s names on the.. OK about the past you can do it right? you don’t have problems with your past. and yeah there’s already an old one on my front page and it’s.. I don’t see the point in doing this if nobody’s going to be there right so I have to do this stupid sh**** first and then worry about that if it’s not going to if if there’s no one there what’s the f-******* point mother f-ers.. heavy sigh.. haaaagh.. [varianastenagmus] and in the summer you want to do this? I’m going to go to the beach with this and my computer no I don’t think so man.. no no.. it’s gonna be in the winter isn’t it. OK another thing I will suggest you for that. yeah. just put on Internet such an information “audio books” [out your books] and take it with you and just walk and listen it it helps if you listen it 4 – 5 times automatically it getting into your head so if you really need something to listen audio books are the best. Yeah but I want to cut it off when I’m tra[velling].. why do you need those books? those books are in economy or what? I didn’t understand what was it about? this one? this one I want to read the most. Web traffic in weekend, web traffic so what’s gonna give it to you? what you gotta understand more than you don’t now? it tells you you have to go to all these websites and sit there and type some stuff in and this is 10 years old now I’m not sure it’s relevant anymore.. yeah.. but I think no I think the basics well it’s worth a try anyway but.. ok after that what you gonna be able to do I mean something extra that you are doing now. You will understand what? how to manage your website or how to do what? What does it.. how does it how does it help? 18min you get bigger numbers and then you get some donations hopefully, you get some of your money back ‘cause I lost a fortune doing all this sh**** right? Shouldn’t I get compensated? I mean shouldn’t.. unless it’s a non profit charity.. I am I running a non profit charity? so I can make, that can be non-profit charity but if it’s .com it should get some profit. Anyway.. how come everyone else, how come Hollywood movies are making hundreds of millions of dollars right? or even TV series.. why we have to work [for free].. I think if you would trust the one filmmaker and you will cooperate with one of them, you have so much footage man, so much interesting footage that they could compose altogether and you will get such a great sereal like at least 10 series you have a film. If I do what? you have so much footages that you could consult with a very good filmmaker.. hey heheh [crumpled up sticker on chest] I’ll go up to a girl in the street, I’ll go up to a woman in the street excuse [I choose = auto dictation error] me this is my website hahaha it’s the pigeons outside.. it’s because of the rain sory.. because of the stress.. hey the pigeons in the morning they’re going, sometimes I’m up late, I’m sleeping, I told you I sleep three hours and then I’m up all night and then I sleep another three hours right? why did you say.. It’s bad.. why do you say it’s bad? What if it’s g[ood], Who said it’s bad man? Maybe it’s good, you get [2 sleeps].. no? anyway.. 30min I will try to explain you. If your body needs,, OK body is one thing, another thing is brain. Brain is restarting.. somebody’s trying to write us OK so brain is restarting it makes like boiling everything that you had this day and gets how can I say metaphorically it sounds like this you know every OK OK OK listen all brain is working this way: every idea we are having during the day it’s a connection of different neurons. You know what is neurons, right? [continued..]

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