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Lounger & scrounger video call thu 5 jan 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03

Lounger & scrounger video call thu 5 jan 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03—scrounger-video-call-thu-5-jan-2023-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0185S03:4?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Outline in progress..
Throat clear ahem, Trying another browser Firefox
1m Thu 5 jan 2023 5pm gmt utc, 9 armenia 4 hours difference
1m50 Thanks for visiting haha every call for a date
2,3m Karo died 2 months after 3rd booster fake vaccine MRNA clot chot [covid MRNA deadliest spike protein “vaccine” clot shot] [coerced to take fake].. Everyone got fat except you
4m stand up adjusting backdrop , I started feeling this guy gonna die soon, luxury life, [extravagant expenditure] broke..
5m20 he said you know I’m gonna die soon, a year ago, when he took the 1st & 2nd covid shots. “Yes I had 2 “vaccines” otherwise hospitals will never accept him”..
6m had more pain after injection? He had heart problem 10 – 20 years ago but not so serious. Covid MRNA clot shot finished him off.. yea.. 7m last one killed him for sure. cause he dies 2 months after last injection.
7m45 nurse under the doctor.. hey hey “under the doctor”s haha..  how can u give a wrong medicine..
8m50 whatsapp..
9m why didnt you tell him what I told you about the injection killing 20 MILLION, a lot of people.. order, if he wants to work he has to take “vaccine”.. her & America no coz 100s of thousands military sued Department of Defense & won. I put him on my website, Attorney Todd Callender.
10m he had no relatives.. [deadbeat estranged friends]
11m50 died Moscow no one there..
12m 52 ys. 20 y.o son..
13m 3 marriages.. hopeless romantic.. was, u r from Greece..
14m he had rich life travel ladies working, they love Italians even if ugly
15m 20’s pretty young [to deal with it] Anne Heche’s son is 20..
17m u should give info to son.. phone fingerprint lock..
18m I knew she was gonna tell me he died.. [when she told me I couldn’t talk.. crying.. at least you had some warning preparation.. he told u it was coming.. hoped to be buried w his mother..
19m they should have hospital info name, morgue info telephone number.. can’t go to Moscow.. 40 below zero
20m homeless?! Hostel..
21m try get info.. 21m40 my situation, shower floor no support underneath, leg break risk..
24m* leave door open.. HAHA.. live shower cam..
25m*** alt media mainstram lies.. 20 Million dead from covid “vaccine” Dr Roger Hodkinson .. MRNA.. coup d’etat CCP, WEF, WHO, communist technocracy tyranny slavery, Elon Musk chip skin brain monkeys, climate.. They wanna wipe out everyone..
27m she said “I’m gonna get my flu shot again & my child too”.. NO! MRNA! Military Lawyer who won beat Department of Defense [Todd Callender] said DEMOCIDE, GENOCIDE.. garbage destroys immune system.. no travel,, fake vaccine, kills, sick, worse, biggest piece of sht in history.. 5 out of 100 will not..
28m picture sticking.. hey.. [Attorney] Todd Callender Sherri Tenpenny interview.. UK study.. 1 in 73 vaccinees dead
29m “quality of call” storage technocracy tyranny slavery shit enough surveillance control
29m50 everyones buying guns,, 30m SOL sh.. out of luck.. thanks for visiting & 100 domains… date..
31m clean break online thing waste of time.. website 400 daily visits.. webhost.. google analytics google anal goggle anal.. I gave him a gift to buy laptop & he got no internet 31m55 did she want to try..
32m  plug it in plug it in.. “talk”.. hehe Moon landing fraud, Bart Sibrel proved no doubt, shadows intersect, technology never goes backwards.. wikipedia is a conspiracy theorist discredited misinformation accusing others of what they are.. backwards opposite..
33m59 I was gonna make a clean break.. edit, split.. they said it’s a genocide democide, quote..
34m waste of time & money as usual, no donations. Odysee autoplays something aint right.. why bother no sense.. no traffic, profit, publicity..
37m no audio ahole
39m moment silence, anything else,, safari, apple rumble, iPhones dont count my sh any more coz I criticized ccp oligarchs..
40m keep running livestream, Trafalgar Square new years eve blocked.. [continued..]

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