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Lounger & scrounger video call thu 30 may 2024 0123S03

Lounger & scrounger video call thu 30 may 2024 Clip0123S03

Outline: 0 Backlit, don’t shout, [song], warmup call, intro, stop uploads summer. 1 backlight remove bright table cloth. Casual call. Weekly weakly uploads, social interaction flirt, penis flirt, trolls hi ≠ harassment, 2 social interaction alienation ostracisation to kill.. 4pm Thursday 3o may 2024, all my flirts are smiley happy encounters, trolls keyboard whoreiors squirm white knight losers 3 covid fraud democide all sick dead, everyone lost someone [after the MRNA bio weapon aids clot shot “vaccine”].. from covid FRAUD GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE proven by [attorney] Todd Callender & independent media 4m bid you adieu, comedy, tidy up, censored cockblocked shadow ban cancelled by UN agenda 2030 genocide deomocide crimes against humanity perpetrators, guy peeling off warning stickers is complicit covering up the crime .. 5 thanks for visiting 100 domains, weekly content, decade of content, sharing independent media biggest genocide democide crime against humanity, All injected have AIDS now says [attorney] Todd Callander, Zev Zelenko proved MRNA shots give you AIDS, in all shots & dental anaesthetic, Holistic dentist, said n spread 6m50 wifi bluetooth wont turn off to give you cancer, 7 Casual call not show call, Uploads blocked by genocidal maniacs genociders demociders, wit keeps flashing piece of sht 8 bluetooth cancer blinking, W.H.O criminals crimes against humanity perpetrators admit cancerous [wikipedia source, also complicit] brain fry ear buds no safety test 9 extinction event front page Facebook perps genocide censor every post like Stalin Bolshevik mass murderers, X piece of sht Nuremberg code crime against humanity nonconsensual microwave cancer 20,000 satellites fry 10 Alex Newman stopped totalitarian takeover 11 why share them who don’t share you, final update recap me time getcho sht together lets go bro 12 pub loud HAHAHA pint of gassed beer, gas canisters draft beer, why is everything harmful lets go bro wanna go to the gym 13 GAAAIK, 2nd camera in case*** 14 lady sneak peek hehe 15 Lenka, balcony sleep, Warshava 16 Todd callender lawyer said “everyone who took the MRNA shots got AIDS. Everyone got aids from the shots.” Hayk mic noisy***** 17 destroyed immune system HIV proteins, Zev Zelenko, Luc Montagnier.. 5-10 years, now in Lao 18 shingles? Hotel lady 5 shots Scabs on face nose, get reaction 19 blocked by criminals think they control info when half the world knows they committed crimes, gluten free vegan pizza, reaction expression on phone, must share truth, 20 record historic reaction biggest crime** history.. They want to put it everywhere in dental anaesthetic [mRna aids UN agenda 2030 democide]. Alex Newman said “Ai artificial intel to kill us, give fake data”, [artificial stupidity] absurd, tell truth when it thinks your lying & vice versa, timuk2,3.. need codes*** 22 Facebook same system saving everything to kill us says Alex Newman, Todd callender won lawsuit v. Department of defence, US gov democide, stopped shots AIDS wanna kill everyone crazy mofos.. 24 church [a cappella] hymn 25 show more*** mirror thumbnail***, edit show, offline, no discount phone only cancer microwave slave radiation 26 3 meters away, stopped landline service, new account social networks.. telegram, so many***.. 27 travel, no pay food plane anything.. system pays 1 month only 28 falling thumbnail feel bad last year missed big birthday party, always big, this year invite 2 weeks balcony terrible breakfast 29 extra gluten, haha, scrounge, expired tomatoes taste fungus mushrooms, Ukraine food promo 30 Ukraine genocide Ukrainians take over country, zelenski 100B kill off steal real estate, they leave don’t want to go back.. Chernobyl.. 31 next or following week, aug, Timbuktu, we cant talk here [AI killer].. 32 timbuk3 psychopath peeling off only my stickers, leaves all the others there, leaves scrunched up mess, doesn’t want anyone to know he has AIDS, damaged immune system, don’t know if contagious, injecting in ALL SHOTS, [Mass murderer Bourla said on video] , keeps taking off stickers all the time, genocider [hiding] covering up the information, I’m the only guy warning people on the street w/ stickers, he’s complicit, gotta put shit sround the rim of stickers so he gets shit on his hands.. [on ground dirty enough, full of dog piss excrement spit puke****] inside middle of sticker put very stinky thing*** jump on face splatter, springs w shit, homeless dog shit, garbage, use own shit, more sanitary, I know who it is, recorded him at speakers corner.. put note paralysed, 35 obviously someone injected with the AIDS shots [BAD BATCH****], got problems w/ his mind, sick, wants to hide, cover this up, doesn’t want anyone to know, victim, if not you want to stop this out in open. Thinks I don’t know who it is..35 if you want me to pay for you not to pull this [sticker], please call this number, of police hahah.. 36 he’s watching every video, last video I said I put stickers on Sunday so he peeled them off Sunday.. 5pm.. I know who it is.. trying to cause you problems,, waste time & money.. he’s a GENOCIDER, complicit in crimes against humanity, he’s hiding the crime I’m exposing it, he’s guilty. I can sit & look for this guy who’e pulling it.. we have footage, I should put it on internet show who he is & call him GENOCIDER. Security cameras.. put on internet see him committing complicit in genocide.. do you have his face? We’ll see. Tune in next week to find out*** haha 38 you’re committing genocide, you are complicit in genocide by covering up this crime against humanity, you should get it out there & not be censoring it piece of sht.. cost time & money, Expensive several pounds each, decided to stop now because it’s all blocked censored by these criminals..not getting big numbers, nothing. Summer edit & get going. Funky & info, 39 young don’t want listen problems, whatever.. psycho’s watching don’t want want bad people psychopath to know schedule what I do 40 imagine how angry you have to be to peel off every sticker for 1 year.. sick genocide promoter.. homeless don’t waste time on that, this is a sick individual [personal grudge, wants to block/ censor/ cancel/ limit audience out of spite, jealousy, hate****] 41 put everywhere else*** 41 stop genocide still promo a bit.., Columbo box set, salad organic 10 ingredients, olive oil, lemon, balsamic, vegan cheese, coconut oil dance heart wikipedia, 1 hour cut everything, [not] rapeseed oil damages heart unless euricic acid removed canola.. everything moderation 43 only olive oil is ok.. unless organic? 44 dad made me weed & de-stone mega garden all vegetables [all the time, ruined] worst childhood, balances out now doing this so fun 44 figas datev daktilas fistakis [kashtanas pashtelli] zucchini oil no no no oil haha 45 steam them, let me upload this [release] nice statues, plants, work? or home? Yes balcony, lux apt 46 book & ephemera fairs, 100 year old Palestine photo album, video slide show [photo montage timelapse] content.. find occasional people not shop 47 specialist sellers have collectors, go flea market not bookstores.. carte de visite 1860s women weren’t free yet, [dress code] slaves like us, dressed old clothing [suffocating] 48 uncomfortable AAARRGGHH, until they took off, maybe he did what I’m gonna do to the stickers to make it look old.. bbpppp not of 1 pound [= dollar/ euro]..49 sniff test 100 years old sniff test, sht smells recent 1860 photo albums slide in change cheap sht 50 put them in video, photo montage video slide show, historic, good content, lot of stuff when upload.. editing? this is a start, this is part of it man, hahaha smh shake my head sht wtf 51 found some great sht man but they blocked my website, [almost] nobody goes to my website, bitchute I get 400 views per video, [more than Todd callender & 1million youlube dud subs amazing atheist ?!] 52 Tik tok spyware malware communist party organized [even alleged democide us gov blocks it] sony a1 battery, they never went to the moon, another lie, cant even go today [proven by Bart,] moon fraud. They just gave the world AIDS, you think they’re gonna not kill you w/ this tik tack tin took sht> 53 wait 5 – 10 years, see how sick they get. Check blood test, such liars, lied about everything, cant trust hiv test. Go private.. Judy mikowitz Fauci ouchie, 54 hep b shot = hiv, I tested negative hiv 3 times, every baby in america gets hepatitis b shot, magic Johnson got hiv from hep b shot not aids.. don’t even know if theres a virus coz never proven, Fauci did artificial.. all American babies got hiv?! 55 Gdansk beach 57 how is it there in the streets? nobody knows they have AIDS.. [who got the shot], this is terrible because not only does he say everyone has aids who got the shot, 58  he says on video, many times, only talks w/ evidence, so AIDS, non human, no longer have human rights, new species, GMO modified DNA, slave cattle property owned patent holders new species homo both genesis, slave chattel property of patent holders.. flirt a lady, I have to say hi just want u 2 know Todd Callender says you’re no longer human, homo Borg genesis, DNA changing patent bill gates, Brave not google liar criminals, 59 AI says “conspiracy theory” [CIA JFK murder coverup term according to RFK jr] owned by bill gates evil motherfuckers gave everyone AIDS or guy who risked life career to tell truth. Trap. extinction event kill 7 billion people mofos Un agenda 2030 communism no private property slave nothing.. not fine at all, Stalin killed millions 1h good for poor [to make everyone poor & dependent on rich mass murder state] no system is fantastic.. capitalism bill gates would be prisoned 1h1 tortured hung shot..bill gates impression, imitation.. [glasses] “we don’t get back to normal unless everyone on the planet is [MRNA AIDS] “vaccinated””.. “the “vaccine” doesn’t work, next one’ll be better, next pLandemic, you’ll notice that one mheumheumneyanhya” revenge of the nerds, time has come for revenge of the turds ehheugheughue the movie happened in real life.. 2 choices, Stalin or Bill Gates. only a Stalin could kill bill gates, normal people can’t stop him.. 1h2 you meet someone you gotta say what todd callender said, or shut up.. you cant tell em look, you’re no longer human, you’re homo Borg genesis, you’re chattel slave property of the patent holders, moderna & pfizer & you have AIDS.. you can’t tell that to a girl woman you meet.. but if that’s the truth let her figure it out huh.. u are torturing self f-ing nuts.. why do u need this, fight unfightable? 1h3 coz I[we] don’t even know if [we] can go got the dentist now, [graphene], AIDS MRNA garbage in dental anesthetics to kill rest of population holistic dentist 1h4 spraying chemtrails spray poison your garden mofos, nerves bad.. 1h5 have a nice gym workout tomorrow day after psycho sticker remover genocider sticker peeler offer watching [376mm] 170mm sticker 100 handouts 1h6 just go “” thats my website.. 1h7 antique phone iphone6 google blocked it. Use & 1h8 lied about homo Borg genesis no google cookie shit [fascism democide] safari 1h9 ok see ya wait shift command 3 photo 1h10 photo video bit nah bye timbukt2 timbuk3, so that concludes our little chat, turn off cancerous wifry [bluetooth] 1h11 according to world holocaust organisation wifi gives cancer.. & they’re the ones that perpetrated the biggest holocausts in history including covid fraud genocide.. right or wrong? thats what attorney Todd Callander & all the independent media proved.. not me, your beef is with them.. don’t shoot the messenger, shoot the perpetrator, which is what they should do w/ Assange’s eveidence. Shoot war criminals not the messenger, right or wrong?.. so thanks for visiting & 100 domains, on Thursday 30 may 2024, 5:09 pm gmt utc London u.k. shall we have a minute of silence for all the covid fraud genocide democide victims.. 500 million said dr James Thorpe, dr Jane ruby phd, says compromised wellness company promoting stuff call for crimes against humanity justice.. 1h13 Sgt report gets 100k on rumble, why censored me after sharing Vernon coleman videos, I went from thousands of views per video on rumble to dozens. So obviously they censored cancelled cockblocked shadow banned George Godley. Geo Godley on rumble for sharing dr Vernon Coleman’s videos. 3 or 4 of his videos about a year ago, & ever since then, from 5k views per video to 50… but they didn’t do that to Sgt..  who’s just as bad or good as Vernon Coleman in exposing the fraud & genocide so why don’t you throttle him? He already has 100k people that he brought over from youLube, who did cancel him like a bad cold, youLube got rid of him & he went to rumble n brought all his youtube audience over there so rumble’s desperate cause their ego behind youLube which monopolises & commits the crimes against humanity by perpetrating & covering up the biggest fraud in history & genocide democide.. desperate to get that 100k viewcount per video cause they’re microscopic dwarfed by the perpetrators.. perps.. disclaimer: personal [factual] thoughts & feeling subject NOT to change without notits.. thanks for visiting & 100 domains, all blocked by the UN agenda 2030 democide genocide perpetrators perps which is why we’re taking a break.. I need some me time.. to getcho sht together.. have nice summer.. I was gonna redo this better but this might be it.. gotta repeat all this sht? 1h15 Final bid adieu to you..boh3m3 never show anything black n white overweight,, [looks like Chastity Bono] talk about nothing.. 1h16 dad heart issues.. was he injected w the mRna bio weapon clot shot AIDS heart [dart]*** Wouldn’t say, goodbye.. download everything.. save for posterity, old school’s out for summer, . why shout out when they don’t, John Ollie rants, blocked goes nowhere,, 1h18 show has lot more 2 offer, edit get together get cracking bro.. moment silence, sht! 1h19 refresh pub aaargghh maybe 1 more just a song before I go, NOT SUICIDAL, expect trouble, who said what to who, download, save, copy drives, watch offline in VCL, [VLC] notes in file title timestamps.. 1h20 thousands of videos, peripheral neuropathy before or after MRNA bio weapon aids clot shots? no one admits.. 1h21 us v criminals, divide n conquer, dig slavery dig id, bank of international settlements, NHS called me to get MRNA AIDS shot. [near death experience] well coordinated democide.. [National Harold Shipman*****].. 1h22 office getcho sht together later aholes standup comedy expression, doing that or not? Too late? What happened to Louis CK after he jerked off all over the place? Haha Whats the big deal? Oh they didn’t like it? So if they liked it if he had consent he’d be okay.. is it ok to jerk off w consent? If he asked them do you mind if I autoplay.. I call it  like the autoplay videos get no views coz blocked by the go[o]ggle anal [ytics] shit machine monopoly.. so they block website, domain names, stop that coming up anywhere, thats what they’ve done which is why I have tiny numbers, when they should be huge considering, wo we know they’ve blocked it, 1h23 VLOG.COM would never have small numbers unless blocked so that makes sense.. have they blocked ? Coz thats autoplaying on my website, I think all compromised. Bitchute only gets a few hundred per video, rumble got blocked after Vernon Coleman. gets almost nothing, view counters don’t count, only once a month & single/ double digits terrible, but its the way back machine, that could be there when everything else is gone, could be the longest lasting thing online but they don’t let you delete**** no delete button watch out.1h24  Brighteon, clout hub no pagination, grid, [no embed, no open link in new tab/ window] 1h25 this will have to do, sloppy unplanned unoutlined video.. have nice summer.. thanks for visiting 1h26 A0 size print low res file step back ambience view tooth squeak another thing.. audio 360p small file reference 1h27 movie tv show this vid will go down in history, historic, hope he’s wrong, hope don’t get pissed off w/ me for sharing it has to be shared or the people will continue doing this 1h28 [MRNA AIDS] w/ dental anaesthetics.. u & loved ones are next, united we stand divided we fall, we gotta stop this, be open about it & not cover it up. A destroyed compromised immune system might not be as bad as it sounds, they lied about that too [doctors for covid ethics MRNA book says hiv fraud, NOT sexually transmitted],, though rock Hudson didnt look too good.. Kate Beckinsale & Scott dipstick Disick lost half their weight, half of what they were, could all be AIDS from MRNA bio weapon clot shot AIDS.. gotta beat stop them 1h30 indpendent media links no ones going so whats the point.. not worth it, i’ve done enough, time to go, move on, better things to do than inform n entertain you, right? specially if you’re not getting anything back.. see you later.. hope everything will be fine.. mortality morbidity rates 5000[%] times what they were?… goodbye, goodnight.

Production notes
-dont raise voice no shout
-less I I I I iiiiiii, more wewewe uuuu
-56 bus MRNA spike shedding, no windows
-elvis has left the computer, Indian summer till October lol
-U.N agenda 2030 democide censorship shadow ban [shadow banned by U.N Agenda 2030 demociders & google monopoly cancer phones]
google giggle anal strikethrough no copy paste redo in wordpress
-noise: hayk mic, electronic mouse repellent, fridge, etc..

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