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Lounger & scrounger video call sun 5 mar 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03

Lounger & scrounger video call sun 5 mar 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03—scrounger-video-call-sun-5-mar-2023-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0185S03:5?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Outline & transcript in progress..

Sunday 5 March 2023, 430.. 420. No smoking 4:23 PM. London, England, thanks for visiting welcome to,,,, and 100 domains. UTC, Greenwich. Meantime, London and all that. [heavy sigh varianastenagmos] Wrote a few things down this time cause but it’s worse than I should have memorized them. But anyway, just a little guide because there’s a few things to cover this time. Just want to say uh. Things are bad as far as the online thing goes, because I noticed Apple has blocked Bitchute in the Apple store, so who knows where else it’s blocked. So I’m not getting any views there. Hardly. Odyssey plays, but uh, that’s not really you know, how can they be auto playing on my site and get nothing, almost. It’s because it crashes on phones I noticed everybody, anyone with those cancer phones, 5G slavery, QR code slavery phones has.. it crashes as soon as I, as soon as we test it, it crashes. So we know it doesn’t work on phones. It does work on this laptop, God knows. Anyway, so you know it’s very bad. Just reporting the situation is not good and I shouldn’t be even doing this, but my friend Gaik from Armenia is leaving for Poland tomorrow and he wanted to talk and we usually do a big production. Shouldn’t be doing it never on Sunday again, OK, because I lost my Sunday, now I haven’t been out. And how am I going to do five days locked up on a computer when you haven’t had the day off on Sunday? Luckily yesterday a little bit, but not enough. So anyway, and more on that later when I went. Went for lunch, I go for lunch somewhere and they’re all on their stinking cancer phones again and beaming me zapping with all the radiation that cancer anyway. It’s just so annoying. But anyway so alright so. 2min And the view count stays the same. From what I’ve seen. We don’t know if any of this is accurate. It could all be estimated, but the web host statistics show 400 a day always about, give or take. And how is that even possible “after all we’ve done for you” to quote my mother, my second mom, “after everything, and yet you had all the advantages after all we’ve done to tell me that it’s 400 a day doesn’t make any sense.” It doesn’t make sense. Even if you paid someone, paid people, or forced them to to go to a website. 400 people to go there every day for months and years he wouldn’t happen. So that’s very suspicious and unlikely. So I don’t really know what my view count is. But anyways, it’s just it’s gotta be big though because you know, hey.. [] Anyway. Um, so I don’t call them *my* audience. Like all these people are calling them “MY audience”. They’re not yours. You don’t. They don’t. You don’t own your audience. My audience. I mean, they, you know, metaphorically, but you know, it’s just not polite to say that, is it? Or is it. maybe anyway, I dont know so. Just a quick back story because he’s waiting. I gotta call him right now. So Hayk, I met him in Armenia. Couple decades ago in Abovian [Republic] Square in Yerevan, [your van lol], he needed he was he was looking for a foreigner to to meet. You know we were just socializing and I started recording him right away back then. Um, so my motivations were always to create a show. Which isn’t working out. So in the meantime. His motivation was to fleece a foreigner [flee so foreign] I’m just kidding. There will be a lot, by the way. I just didn’t do the disclaimer, you see, I wrote some ****. It’ll be better next time. I’m still, you know, I’m not used to this teleprompter ship. I like to just not. But anyway, I forgot to say one thing here. Where is that? Yeah, fact based disclaimer, I should have put, yeah this disclaimer, it’s all fact based thoughts and feelings just in case. ‘cause it will get a bit rocky in a minute, in a bit. So lounger, scrounger. Yeah, this, this is lounger, scrounger, call. I’m the lounger. He’s the scrounger. He said it himself. And a.. So we developed a friendship, which we were in Sochi. We did a Sochi episode, we did a Yalta Ukraine episode when it was Ukraine, and then we met up. I had a steady girlfriend for a few years, so. I didn’t see him for till Years later and we did a few more episodes. And what happened was I offered him room and board cause he’s broke. And you know, in Armenia you can’t get decent jobs for less than $3 a day or more than, you know, a few dollars a day or a week on is very bad. The minimum wage is just not worth working for. I mean, make more money not working probably anyway. So I offered him room and board. And uh, what he does is he.. Uh. Pulls a fast one, according to Bill. There was this guy who was like, “ah, he pulled the fast one!”. What he does is he, uh, he accepted it for one month. We were there a few months. Over. Anyway, it’s it was accumulative, but. He said no thank you to the room and he took the balcony eventually, but before that he was sleeping rough on benches up on the rooftop. He was just just to save money he wanted. He’s got this stingy disorder, which I’m about to adopt, as you will see in a minute. Because he’s going to try to pull a fast one again now. Quote unquote as metaphor, but by the way, this is all adult humor, and as I said, OK And so, but anyway. So he would refuse the room and board. And then at the end of the trip, at the end of the episode he had kind of set me up. He had kind of tricked me into agreeing to give him a camera. He’d be like he. He’d get me to say, “yeah, we should get your camera” or yeah, yeah, “we’ll get your camera”. You know, I was like, the guy’s broke and I feel like going in a store and saying “get this guy anything he wants!” and. Anyway, so but we started. There was an argument about that you wanted my $3000 a two Sony A72R at the time. This is a few years back when it was all I had at at that spec. So we had a little argument about that and I said OK, from now on we have to agree up front. And he also said it’s a business. He said it’s no, it’s not a friendship, it’s a business. So. Somewhere along the line this this whole thing got corrupted into something that I did not consent to, but you could say that I’m doing a business by recording him, but it’s not worth anything. I’m not getting a dime one, not a penny. So the only one in business is him. So I’m about to terminate that business agreement today. ‘cause he’s going to try to pull the fast one again. I know what he’s up to. 7min30 This is what I think he’s up to, OK. And there was a basically. So let me just keep going. The last and final trip right before the covid CONVID fraud, tyranny, genocide, which is now becoming the climate fraud, tyranny and genocide, and the war in Ukraine cover up, they’re trying to create World War three to cover up their crimes against humanity. They don’t want to face the consequences, so they’re trying to create disasters. Economic disasters, all these things, all the physical disasters they made the train blowing up in Ohio, all that stuff is just to cover the crimes so they don’t have to be held accountable, but. They better be anyway. So I’m just saying that before that. So right before the COVID FRAUD in January 2020, we finished that last final Greek episode and. He has a big birthday coming up. We’re we’re both. You know, getting older. To be polite. And I looked at him and I was like, this guy has.. I don’t wanna say “nothing” because apparently that’s another thing. They hide assets. Apparently he’s got an apartment somewhere that he’s renting out with his sister. Anyway, more power to him. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying. You don’t know. You don’t know. So anyway, I just said look, the guy’s got no computer, he’s got no camera, he keeps begging, he sleeps rough on benches, on balconies, on rooftops. The guy is just, he needs help and I can get do one gesture after all the stuff we recorded, ‘cause it is. I don’t know how much, how many hours, but it’s got to be hundreds if not thousands of hours, and there must be a show there. And I’m thinking I’m going to get some of the money back if it ever goes anywhere, if it’s a hit movie or a hit series or hit books.. The Sochi episode, he screwed up because he was like, “you’re not avant guarde, you don’t shake the camera like this,” and the whole thing is unwatchable, which is why I made a photocomic out of it. But I was like this is your chance to do, what are we going to give him? So we’ll get him a nice laptop, I said, before he becomes a senior citizen and it’s too late, let’s get him at least get him a nice computer and a nice camera. So it’s about it’s several thousand dollars each for each, right? I don’t want to say exact figure because then everyone else is going to want to gonna feel like I owe them something for for recording. But he, I recorded the hundreds or thousands of hours, right? And he gifted them to me. He never said I can’t use it. He said I can use it [signed release]. So he made the first gesture, the first gift, and I said I should reciprocate and give him something, a few thousand for a computer and and a camera because he keeps begging for my old ones and whatever. So I gave him. I did that at first I gave him a check which he never cashed for years. So I gotta ask him if he’s cashed that and then the other amount I wired and apparently after his mother’s passing away from the flu or from the MRNA covid, well, she didn’t get injected, but she could have.. I don’t know, Anyway, she passed away. And he said he had some apartment to complications that he had to take care of, which is why the money’s gone and he got a sh***y computer and I can’t even share a video with him because there’s no. Internet on it. There’s no Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi disappears after. Yeah, sorry, his Wi-Fi disappears. Um, after an hour you can see it’s going to run out, so we have to hurry up. Just a minute here. Anyway, I just said 11min OK, quickly, quickly, let me just summarize here. But anyway then it became then he needed battery while he’s yeah, batteries, memory cards, lenses. I gave him a couple and I give him old cameras too. You know, where are we here? So I’m just making sure, yeah, I should have prepared this better. But you get the gist, you get the story. So now he’s using these worthless recordings. Apparently everything I’ve done is worthless. That’s that’s the conclusion here, which I don’t believe for a minute. I think there’s immense historical value and entertainment and information. I think it’s fantastic what I’ve done. I have no regrets. I I I iiiiiiI we have no regrets. Shit.. [open zipper, zip up fly] Really prepared today. Is this prepared? Is this preparedness? HAHA Sorry. Oh, come on, give me [a break] see, this is for spring break because it’s march, which might be spring cleaning. Let’s see. Spring cleaning or spring break? Let’s take a vote. Pink dot, don’t forget. OK, so. Using worthless recordings as an excuse to get money and meals and room and board and cameras and freebies, that’s what’s going on here. And the Cam scam now is, now what he’s doing is he said he didn’t want to renew his Polish passport in Armenia. Because it’ll cost $100 more than if he goes to Poland to do it. But it costs way more to go to Poland. So that’s a lie, isn’t? You’re not saving money. So why would you go to Poland? Hmm. Let’s think about that, OK. Change of environment and all that, but financially it doesn’t make sense unless Geo Godley & 100 domains is gonna give you his $3000 old A2, Sony a72 or a73, or..’cause I’m using the A74 [A1] now and they’re all terrible. They’re all. Unless they’re. Stabilized on a on a surface or on a gimbal and the gimbal just defeats the whole purpose because I need to be discreet. I need to have it on the chest. I can’t. If I’m going to walk around like this I might as well bring a f******* fig rig. But anyway, so he’s, I think he’s doing the cam scam again, he is trying to.. um, already.. Yeah. I already gave him four cameras by the way. 2 X3000’s with the mic, broken mic, broken lens he said he could fix, which he didn’t. One Panasonic Lumix Micro 4 thirds. He didn’t like that either. One RX 100 he dropped in the sea. And it just goes on anyway. So bottom line, the terms, our, my and his, our terms and conflicts, terms and conditions don’t meet, there’s a conflict of interest. And I’ve got to tell him now, diplomatically, because I don’t want to ruin relations or friendship over this, you know. But you got to be careful because sometimes I just feel like really wailing on him, you know, telling him what I really think and it it comes out. And other times you’re like, well, if it’s a friend, you don’t. You don’t talk undiplomatically to him. 14min So we’re doing the diplomatic version now, but the undiplomatic maybe I should start shouting right now and do the undiplomatic one first but I haven’t prepared that. It just came out before when I was. I’ve been preparing this for the past day or two since yesterday cause I didn’t know what to say because he’s..  I know he’s gonna say look I’m coming over can I take your couch? And he stank the couch up last time with his stinky sleeping bag. It stank for months 14min40 and I don’t, I can’t even sniff it now because well there’s dust now. It’s disgusting. No. And and I put him in the dormitory over there and he’s like well can I change rooms to save you $5 a day? I’m Oh my God. And can I come over and why can’t I come over? Can I come? I put him there and he stinks up the place. It was good. We did get him some nice interactions and everything. It was fun in a way. It had its pluses and minuses. It’s it’s, he’s, he’s fine. But you know, at this point. I’m gonna tell him. No money, no deal. Yeah, I’m gonna tell him. Look, I lost enough. That’s what I want to tell everybody who begs me to buy their album, or do this or do that buy their big Issue.. I’ve been very generous. And I’ve lost my “frotune” fortune. And that’s enough. When I get my money back. That’s the answer. I lost enough. Enough loss. I’m trying to phrase it properly. It’s tricky to phrase these things nicely. I lost enough, lost enough. When I get my money back, you have to say it that way because if you say when I get paid, it could be less than you spent. If you say I want my money back. When I get my money back, anyway, no money, no deal, the only one making money is you from me, I’m losing my fortune. No deal, OK? So, and I want to do this at the end of the call cause if I do it at the beginning, it’s gonna ruin the mood. He sulks. Like when that guy Bill said he pulled a fast one by turning down the room and board and then asking for it at the end of the trip in the form of money or cameras or whatever, he was like ah, he pulled it. When I told him, Bill says you pulled the pulled a fast one and he’s joking, he just, he went ape ship. He didn’t talk to Bill for.. He went like this to the camera [flipped the bird middle finger] for Bill. He was like Bill. f**** you bill. Bill motherf*****er. Mother full. These sulked for days and days, he sulks and sulks. He’s just he gets in a sh**** mood, he’s got a real personality dis[order]. I don’t know what the f**** is wrong. But anyway, I’m just saying I don’t want that on this call, so I’m going to leave it for the end of the call. I know he’s going to do something like that. And we’ll see what happens you know. 16m45 [heavy sigh varianstenagmos] Or maybe I should get it over with. No, it’s gonna ruin the call. It’s gonna, he thinks I’m gonna say “yeah, come over, stink up the couch again with your stinky sleeping bag and pick any $3000 camera you want”. He says he doesn’t need the lens. That’s another £3000 for the lens.. lenses I don’t have. I only have one stabilized and it’s not. That’s false advertising. That’s that’s bullsh********. Sh*t stabilizer anyway let’s go, bro. He’s waiting. Let’s go, man. So I think that covers it. You get a rough idea. I think that’s enough ok let’s go. God, that was a mouthful huh.. 17m40 ring tone Oh.*wtf*** haha You’re being funny. Oh, oh, 5 great. Margaret. Is that Margaret? Margaret. Margaret. Oh, sorry Barbara.. Margaret is downstairs. go down, please. Ah ah ugh.. Who is that? Oh, that’s nice. He does have a good sense of humor. He’s very entertaining, I must say. He’s a good friend. You sorry? I just loved you. I need a thumbnail.. Oh. Oh God. I thought you’d be all.. Where’s my face? I can’t see my face. I thought you’d be all tense for your big trip tomorrow. Reise fever and all that, and you’re sitting there playing games. Why don’t  I see my face. I can see. 19min You know who is that? Barbara. Oh. OK. We got the joke. Is it reallistic? I can’rt see it. Yea at the beginning It looked good, but yeah. OK, it should be not with me probably. But if this if he appears and starts talking to you, can you can it be believable? Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. What is it man? Just a picture man picture. You see? Yeah, yeah. Who is it? I don’t know if I have to read it. Renaissance probably. Renaissance. Oh, what’s up, man? OK, quickly, because you’re gonna run out of energy again, right? The uh, you’re, your cheap Wi-Fi ship. No, but I’ll check. Probably one hour. I have that. We gotta make sure we cover the main points. Yeah, I’m gonna save the important one for the end, because I think I know what you’re gonna ask me. Hahahah Yeah. I might be wrong. So quickly. OK. You OK? Yeah. You all right? Yeah. Yeah. 20min20 So Bill Gates is wanted for mass murder in Philippines. Bill Gates, there’s another arrest warrant. He already has one in India for the vaccine. Mass murder, they said. Mass murder. But who can prove it? Because people hate Bill Gates. They say things. I don’t know. You always play devil’s advocate. Heheh No, no, no, no. If you would praise Bill Gates, I would criticize him. I would say opposite exactly. But now you go to the opposite side. I have to keep the conversation. Otherwise I would say yes Bill Gates is ugly, Bill Gates did..I have to understand, maybe there is some interest that goes against him because this guy, yes, of course he is a maniac, but if he could be really maniac, there would be really opposition who could kill him. He could destroy him if they don’t do it. Yeah. Hard to imagine if it’s really? 20m25 Anyway his injection killed my uncle, killed, I have at least 20-30 people, friends and family that that got hurt or died from his injection eo I hope he gets some justice, you know? You know this is something like old people always die. No no.. It helps this [?] probably is little bit provoking. It’s like I don’t know it’s hard to imagine if they could retake a risk, create a vaccine that could kill people. What about their relatives? Their relatives could come and revenge, right? Anyway do you think he’s untouchable? Bill Gates is untouchable? You think? Almost.. he paid the BBC, he paid all the media to to not say anything about the these arrest warrants.. arrest warrants in India and Philippines the media cannot talk because he blackmails them with injunctions. I read allegedly all of this allegedly I don’t know enough, I don’t know everything. But there are people who understand they are not stupid, they are not monotonic, they are not in one level. But some people can understand that something is going wrong and they could plan and kill this guy. I don’t wanna.. so it’s little bit. There are so many questions that are. Why he is doing this? because he has revenge? he wants to kill// Yea Revenge of the nerds, but still he will die man I, I, I can understand that he has another 10 years and that’s it. Revenge of the nerds euh euh hueh. You know the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” “We’re gonna inject 7 billion people with my lipid nanoparticle” [MRNA LIPID NANOPARTICLE SPIKE PROTEIN BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT]. i didn’t see, is it a new film? No, no, it’s a long time ago. Haha You missed a good one. Well, you can anyway. OK, so, uh, and I read, I have to remember the source. Every time I say something I should say who said it, ‘cause otherwise it’s like, who’s this, you know? But I read that he gave $200 million. It’s nothing for him. $200 million to again, for this digital ID QR code slavery. No phone, no entry. I went to a bar yesterday, two days ago. No phone, no entry. They want to force you to get the QR code, and this QR code can read all your personal information, all your banking details, all your sex details, all your all your friends, all your messages. QR code collects everything and they store it and then they want to control this and and be like China they can cut you off with the stupid like electric car that Elon Musk is making which is worse than all the others.. anyway it’s just shit man all this crap. Slavery, slavery. 24min You think it’s a mafia all the rich these multi billionaires are together. Once some, they have some. Some plans. exactly, and they said it, they said it, and they have all the documents. Everything’s been proven, man, anyway. Reiner Fuelmich proved it in the and all that. So, OK, quickly. I just want to tell you quickly. No phone, no entry. Good, I told you that. No entry I cant understand what is no entry. No entry to the bar. Enter where? To the bar! You cannot come in. They have a security guy at the bar, & he’s like “put your telephone on the QR CODE OR YOU CAN’T COME IN, THIS IS DIGITAL SLAVERY, 25min this is why they did the covid bullshit, this is why they’re doing the climate bullshit, and the war in Ukraine and all that sh**** all the catastrophes. Yeah. Economic disaster is to so they to cover up their crimes because they don’t want to go, they don’t want to be held accountable. Like let me destroy the world. And with the Third World War.. did you hear Zelenskyy? He’s like “American soldiers must die for me”. In the meantime he got $100 billion & houses all over the world the *motherf*********** right? And he killed all his people. They don’t want peace. It would be so easy to make peace. He can just ask Putin. Let’s talk. He doesn’t want to do it, man, because he gets billions and billions. Of course, war is very profitable for all those corrupt motherf… yeah cause if it’s peace, he won’t get any money. Well, he’d still get help. He’d still help him anyway. But. But he’s very ugly person. His personality is very ugly comedian. He’s not a good character person. He doesn’t care about ordinary people in the Ukraine. 26min He’s ready to destroy [dispose] all the world, only him and his surrounding to have a nice profits, yeah. Those f****ers yeah. Yeah. What? What can you do? What can I do? It’s it’s unstoppable. This war now is in such a stage that it’s impossible to stop. Impossible. Sh*t. Although I know one solution if they will be bribed. This Zelensky and his surrounding will be bribed, they will stop the war. But who’s gonna bribe? There are so, so many, so few countries interested to stop the war that you can’t even imagine even Angola is probably interested this war to be continued. I don’t know. It’s such a terrible war and so many young people die. Imagine.. yea, unnecessary too. And and they think they die for good things. This is the shame [pity]. They think they’re heroism. They’re making saving the world each side. You know, Russians think that they are saving the world, or Ukrainians thinking they are saving the world. And personally, me, I feel like both sides are wrong. There is. You can’t criticize anything you criticize I can be opposite. Try to criticize any side of this war. It’s like a football match that both teams are playing. Only football match doesn’t kill people here, they kill each other. Hmm. So tomorrow I go to Kutaisi and then to Warsaw. 28min Hey uh, did you cash that you remember to gave you a check once? What happened? I did not, I did not. I can bring it back. No, keep it, but don’t cash it right without telling me. No, but I can bring now and tear it. No it’s OK but if you if you cash it, tell me. That’s all I am asking. Geo, what do you think I can do it? First of all it’s impossible. Second, you think I’m such a person? No heheh Well, if you’re hungry. If you’re starving, yeah. If you’re starving.. Starving, spending one Euro? even I’m starving I don’t spend €1.00. You think I’m gonna cash it? Alright, OK. And [not] exaggerating. I had times when I was starving and I could spend only €1.00 and feel fine. I didn’t do that. I’m such a person, what can I do? So one OK. 29min  I can keep this cash for you.. cheque.. or I can give the copy you can send to your bank and ask them to annulate. I think they are annulated. The time is passed by the way it had only three years life. OK. you remember? All right. So you said you’re going to Poland [pull in] to save $100, but you’re spending more. I’m not spending more. It’s more than 100. Come on. OK, listen, $70 I’m spending to go to Warsaw one, but I will work there, right? No. Will you? I will go to this film studios and I will be invited as an extra, extra every day I have work sometimes, episodes sometimes, but of course this time that I’m visiting Poland, I feel so stressed, so much stress. I don’t know. Maybe because long time I didn’t travel I have to go first to Georgia. I was not sure my ex-wife will let me stay there more than 5-10 days. This all information is my in my head and always I feel like I’m going to forget something. I can’t leave my apartment here without anybody, another stress because recently some people start knocking, want to talk to me, from my childhood, some friends living in this neighborhood. I don’t know why I try to avoid them. I try not to meet them. So I told that my cousins are living in this apartment. So from tomorrow I I’m afraid this guy’s gonna start knocking, who knows? And my door is not excellent. If you push hardly, it can[not] be opened. 31min These stresses are are all in my head. I feel like I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight and I have to sleep, but because next night I have to be in the airport, it’s not like right away I go to Tbilisi, then to Kutaisi and fly. No, I have to fly the day after tomorrow in the morning at 11 o’lock. So imagine one 24 hours I have to be somewhere, but I’m sure I’m not gonna be accommodated in the hotels. I will stay at the airport. OK, these problems are not yours. You don’t have to know. OK then. The topic was about saving. Saving is one thing, just wasting this 100 is a pain. In this way I’m sure I’ll be even. I’ll go. I’ll make some $20 works extra as an extra. Not every day, because they need mostly people who are underage 30, mostly for different shows, different films. But there are films there are TV shows where they invite me a millioaire. Do you know this show millionaire? No. Do you have it? When they’re asking questions and they are doubling your money. Who wants to be a millionaire? Yes, I was there as a as a spectator. For Italian program and they paid me not bad 40 euros a day. But it’s not every day. Of course they check my Italian. By the way, I almost forgot my Italian and they start like talking to me. “Senore parle Italiano, Cherto and. OK. Whatever. You don’t speak or you think a little? Yea a little, yeah. Just from French. But you don’t use your french. This is the strange that so long you don’t use your french but still you are able to understand and speak because some people only understand they can’t speak, but you still speak French. This is strange like 20 years ago you probably used couple of times and not anymore. No, I listen sometimes. I just saw a vlogger. She’s speaking French, but she speaks very fast like this all the time. Balblablblablablbalba bavarde avec moi [speaks French] You sound Canadian. You said you sound like.. Armenian? Canadian-French. Yeah, maybe, you know. Uh, so, uh, your plans are not so much closer to my plans, huh? Closing this one this month. Coming months, I mean, your Arthur, your friend Arthur is not planning anything. You don’t know yet. Uh. I wish I could, um, come and take some old, how do you say old equipment if he has, Arthur. Yea. 34min30 You don’t know yet. Hmm. Yeah. if [R2] has some.. I know. Yeah, yeah, I can’t agree anything without agreeing up front everything. You remember last time I said we have to agree everything because there was problems, misunderstanding. I don’t want anymore misunderstandings. You told me the agreements and I was thinking this way, if [possibly don’t knows], it’s a little bit too too long journey to to get there. And I was afraid 14 days to get there, 14 days stay and 14 days but back it would be a little bit too hard and you said you are not going to to your friend is not going to stay there. Your friend is not going to visit there. And I think he didn’t. OK, even this way we could do.. I could visit London for 3-4 days and that’s it. We didn’t agree on any. We have to, we have to agree on all the terms, you have your demands or terms and conditions. [?] My demands, if you say for example.. Yeah.. I want you not to stay any day and I have to think, right, I have to think if I’m visiting and not staying there just coming, going back and forth, it will be bit hard. I would say it’s a little bit too hard. 36min Of course.. But if you said, OK, 10 days, you can that’s it or five days. Then it’s more easier for me to come, to stay there five days and come back. We have to agree on so many things and you didn’t do anything yet. Now the last minute, you’re you’re pressuring me to say.. no, no, no. I’m not. OK, let’s do this. I’m not the I don’t need the to have the answer right away. But let’s do it in 10 days, 10 days at least I will stay in Poland for sure. And the last moment if you say OK, then I’ll airplane tickets are so cheap that I can afford. Yeah, but you don’t afford all the other stuff. I have to. We have to agree what you want. ‘cause if you have. OK. No, you’re not. Look, look, look, look, look, look. Let me talk too. If you come here and you say I want this camera. Why? You said you would give me this camera. You said this. I need this. I need that. I need the food. I need the couch. I need this. And then I say what? We didn’t agree anything. And you’re like “oh, I thought”… All this has to be agreed on front and and that’s why I.. OK. OK, any camera? Doesn’t matter. All bad. Broken. cracked. What’s the point? It’s.. if you don’t even this is OK Now you have feeled relaxed not responsible.. “oh I promised”. No you did not promise anything & you can even change the last moment say I promised this camera. No sorry I have to use it that I can understand because personally, me, I don’t give any present to anybody and you, when you give one present, it’s a great thing for me. What else I can say? But uh, only just. I think if you are really something that you’re not gonna use or you’re not gonna try to sell it, why not? Why not to get it? Let’s say this. OK, which one are you? And another thing I told you always I can bring it back. Any cameras you say I can bring it back. But by the way, do you want any of these cameras you gave me? The 2 X3thousands, one has broken microphone, one has broken lens, right? And you didn’t fix it. You said you would fix it. or you tried. You tried, didn’t you? With the lens, you could put a funked up. You put you put a weird lens. You remember? no glass was little bit too popped up. Who did that? You got a repairman down there. Imagine I did it personally. I took my old very old VHS cameras lens. I took the parts out and tried each one. Which one will correspond and imagine one corresponded and all the all the people were surprised. They said yes. Exactly. The size only a little bit thick, but it was tiny. There’s no cameras that’s small. No, no. OK, vhs camera has a lens like this, right? Oh, inside there’s a small one. Yes, a lot. They are for zoom for other purposes, but some people say you can have vignette around. Yeah. OK. All right. Listen, I did not see this vignette. It’s clean. OK, OK. OK. So some of the terms, I don’t wanna say terms and conditions, but some of the things that you want, we have to agree on. For example, last time you brought the smelly sleeping bag and the couch smelled for months, man. 49m40 oh Geo don’t say. I don’t smell. I’m not.. not you, but but the sleeping bag was bad, man. Stuff like that, right? Last time.. It was clean sleeping bag, man. Clean. it’s just maybe your expectation that Hayk [i] should smell because he’s such a person or such a type. Maybe that’s because you got this smell.. the bag, not you. But the bag did a bit anyway. Stuff like and and. OK. And then, uh, which camera are you talking about? Only a72 is broken. You don’t want that. So you’re looking at a7three. Who said I don’t want. a72? I never said I don’t want broken camera. I said, opposite, I said. Only brokens I can take and we know how to fix it. Me Arthur some other friends. They are technicians like your Pakistani friend there we are. Let me see what because I need to to get some of. I lost enough, right? I need to get my money back. You remember? I gave you a big gift. What happened there? What happened with that gift? Where do you want more? I gave you enough to get best computer, best camera. Now you you want other stuff? Why? I need to get some. OK. Yeah. I got broken one. You know, you you don’t consider as a present. OK, if you consider this as a present, I’m not asking you anymore presents only if they have to stay at your home for another 10 years and they will cost nothing after 10 years. I need to get some money, I need to get my money back. I lost so much money right doing this show and I never made one.. well, no, nothing, right? So I need to get some money back. So I was gonna sell those cameras. I’m gonna see what they they give me. If they give me a few hundred for each camera, I need to get the money back. I can’t just keep losing money all the time. That’s not fair. And I gave you enough anyway. I gave you so many thousands to get the good laptop and good camera. You didn’t. You didn’t do either. I gave you enough last time to get the perfect camera and perfect laptop. What happened there? You needed it for the apartment, for some complication, The apartment or something, or what? You got a very bad laptop. I can’t even share a video with you. You have no Internet on the laptop. I can’t. It’s useless. Why did I give you all that money for for the laptop and camera and you still don’t have it? Hughh.. OK, I will tell you this way. Probably when you like consider it’s a, it’s a present, so present I can do anything I want. Let’s imagine that I consider ok its a computer and i need a big amount of money I would go and sell, and in this case I did not just sell it, I just keep the money. OK, another thing I anything I will do or I do it’s for free. No more presents. 43min Anyway OK, so A72 to let me see what they say. If they tell me I can only get the 300 pounds I think they give for A72, A73, you know, is that the ones? ‘cause the other ones are freakin ridiculous. You’re not going to use the other ones. Did I tell you this camera? I said any old ones that like those ones that you bought like 10 years ago or I don’t know. Which ones? You are.. You had some. You said you. I have some cameras broken. Broken camera. You think somebody will pay anything? I don’t know a72, a73? What? Camcorders? I don’t know about camcorders man, those I do use still. But uh, let me see, uh, let me see what they say. What the value is. You are sure you’re not gonna use only the ones. If you are other good ones, of course I’m not gonna take good ones. A72 a73? Is that what you want? Which one? Even older ones, Older ones.. hehehehe 44min I gotta do a thumbnail, hang on. I have a whole list I gotta do. I need a thumbnail for the video hahaha guitar hehe I thought you’re gonna get the girl. The picture of the girl. That’s good. Yeah, that’s a good thumbnail. [Hayk sings while playing guitar: “I told you Geo only old ones. Old ones what? The ones [cameras] who are older than 10 years. Really. But you have to specify. It gets confusing. I don’t know which. OK, let me see what I got. I don’t even know what the Hell’s going on back there. I just need a funny thumbnail. Unusual, memorable thumbnail. But I gotta improvise anyway, OK, better than nothing. I told you.. haha Hey, do you have amusia? it can be something very old. do you have amusia? Yeah. Can you sing in pitch? sing, Sing sing a famous song so I can sing with you. I wanna see if you can sing in pitch or if you have a problem. I think you have amusia a problem. Sing a famous song.. which song? happy birthday. Let’s sing it together. I want to see if you can sing in pitch or if you’re going aiiuaiuaiua. But uh, who’s gonna play? OK, here, here. aaaaa—- ahem ohoh I’m going off. Aaaa.. Cough ..Seriously, I think with the guitar, you’re like that guy in Syntagma that was pretending to play. You remember he was pretending. A busker. They were giving him money for not playing. I think you’re doing the same. No, no, no. You didn’t have any lessons. You had no lessons, man. Listen, I will play you something improvising.. imagine how good I am, Self taught..  do you want to hear? By ear, play, play. Yeah. Just. Yea.. [plays] ticloud’s bothering me,.. 47min That’s just talking. That’s not singing, man. Thats just talking. you’re not singing, you’re talking. Anyway, OK, look look OK. Sing happy birthday. Let’s sing happy birthday. I wanna see if you can sing. If you can sing. OK, happy birthday for you. Happy birthday, listen to happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy squirtday Mr. Jio. Happy birthday to you. Auauau What? It’s a clean note. Yeah, people. OK, yeah, you did it. OK you did it so you can. I don’t know why you don’t do it then on the your your music, why you always sing fcuked up on your songs. 46min I don’t know. I’m trying to be original. Not like, OK, listen, now, Frank Sinatra, I’m gonna play. Fair use. Now, the end is here. The end is nigh As I face the final squirtin. As I face the final curtain. OK, this is original version. It’s not like his version. I did a dirty one. I did a sexual one on YouTube. I made adult comedy. I don’t wanna. The final squirt in my friends will say clear of how I paid when I was squirtin’. I’ll say it clear. And so I fa.. so I what? I have a dirty one I made. Listen, listen, I made a dirty one. Like adult comedy, right? And now the end is near as I face the final curtain. Wait, wait. My friends all say clear of how I paid when I was squirting. Squirting, get it? Regrets, I’ve had a few than a few to mention. The chauffeur knows, the chauffeur wrote a book about his sexual adventures, right? So I said the chauffeur knows I paid for blows. By the way, I changed the melody and I changed the words and it became another totally another song. Let’s let’s go this way. When I could just be alone and get there, I would say this is something better with. I should remember could be so crazy & try to make the lazy. What is this? Is this yours? What is it? just creating. Now I’m just using the same chords and creating music. This is the easiest way by the way, you use the same chords but changed the words and change the melody and it becomes a melody. How did you did did you? How did you learn the chords? Did you have a book? Or the videos .Yes. And any chord tell me I will play. 51m10 Hey, I got one more question. Can you sing very, very low? I was in the library, in the bookstore, and I can’t Sing low. I was trying to go, hmm. But but it’s so loud and everybody could hear me. I can’t Sing it so I can’t Sing low so nobody hears it. If I sing everybody’s like, Oh my God, what are you singing? It’s very difficult. You have to whisper like me I will do it. “When I try to guess this is so easy easy way I could never try to be so raw crazy. Humming! Try to see the one knows where to go. Try it in church, try it somewhere where you’re not supposed to and see if you can do it so low that they don’t notice. It’s very difficult. But anyway OK. And improvising with accords. Look how nice they can be, just improvising. [plays guitar] OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. Thank you. Fade you out. Fade you out like at the Oscars. Fade you out like at the Oscars when they’re talking too long at the Oscars speech, they fade it down. Hahaha. turn down the volume. That’s what Larry David did on his latest curb your enthusiasm. When they come, I want to thank my mom. They turn it down. OK man, it’s too much. It’s like every year like thousands of Oscar holders are. So what happens if you take Oscar? So? your film will last maybe one year or maximum two year and people will forget about this film. Yeah, that’s the problem. What’s the point in doing anything? Oh jeez,. OK, so because you’re.. if you create such a thing that people will love, look and watch it, watch it, all on and on and on. This is an art. This is the only way. Paintings are not art as well. Paintings like Jaconda. It just because it’s an it became an icon, it’s nothing. What? Mona Lisa. Once I saw it, that’s enough. I don’t want to see it again and again and again and again and again. Ah oh oh oh ah. So what time are you getting up for your trip? What is it? What time are you? I mean, I mean so so. Oh I have free time, I mean 12 I might take a bus to Tiblisi [the Billy Seeds] So your sister could check the apartment for you, right? Your sister can make sure the apartment’s ok. Hard to ask her to do that. Is she far? Anyway. I’m gonna close it from top and down. And I will see may be safer this way. I’m gonna close all the water and electricity, everything this is. This is stress, you know? This is really stress when you have you want to save money and you want to be responsible of everything. OK, so are we going to do now? You’ll you’ll have, uh, your phone will work if I if so, we have Facebook and your phone number works too, right? 56min Yes, on my way to Armenian border will be working later in Poland probably or anywhere where I will find free Wi-Fi I can use probably at the airport I will have in the Kutaissi tomorrow evening I will have probably, I hope. I once I did it, but I now I don’t know because of this “covid [FRAUD]” situation they might say no, you can’t enter only the. Before the flight, before checking in. I don’t know. I hope it is not like that. I hope it’s easy. Free insurance. Because I don’t want to tell Facebook what I’m doing all the time. So, uh, I might have to call your normal number if if there’s a, you know anything. No, I don’t have even number. My number is valid in Armenia, out of Armenia. It will be OK in my way to to the boarder it will take like. 3-4 hours from here. So in my way I will be able to call contact so. What if I don’t want to tell Facebook my plans? Oh, later you want to do this? OK, later you can call to my ex-wife number or my number that she might find me a telephone card. OK. And by the way, you can tell it to from Arthur’s point of view. Ask Arthur and. Tell what Arthur wants. If Arthur want, Yeah, it’s going to be difficult. So let’s let’s agree some some e-mail. Can you send me an e-mail or still it’s not so. It’s not reliable. It just takes time because you have to answer questions 100 times so, so quickly. So you if, you if. If, you you came here if. Yes. You don’t want to stay in the dorm again. I don’t think they have rooms anyway till the summer, but so yeah. Ok I will do this. Listen, we can find something. We can. On the floor and sleeping on the floor. 57min You’re not going to bring the same smelly sleeping bag on the couch. I lost it in Greece. Ahahahehe Good. hahaha No, but uh, OK uh. You know what I did with that, right? I tried to hide it somewhere in the bush, somewhere in the forrest [40s] where the seaside is. But now it’s three years and I’m sure it’s already the maggots ate it [magic ethics]. Or maybe some homeless people found it and they were happy. Oh, it smells the same as we do. 58min And do you have enough money for food or do I have to cook for you and babysit you man? No, no, no, I have my food things, only the staying plans if I will find the on the floor, if you can put something like one mattress or or anything? Do you have any pumped up mattress resin, resin not resin, rubber, rubber matress do you have? I’ll look. But you need.. ok I can bring one. I’ll look. But you need a new sleeping bag, right? You can’t be uncovered. I have one. And then you’re just coming from the camera, so what’s the point? You’re only coming for the broken camera or for the old camera? If it’s.. OK if I stay there 10 days and I will have no cameras it’s fine because this 10 days where I can at least travel little bit in London. You just want.. one camera just to take some people photos or videos and then I will leave this camera with you. Just the footage I can keep or I can of course share with you and have this as well. So you need memory cards too. 59m20 Anyway, so.. memory cards probably I can use one of these that you gave me before. No they’re obscolete now yeah. The point is, so I I’m only free on weekends because during the week I’m very, very hard working. I have to edit. I have. Ok another thing I told you last time and this time early in the morning, I’m leaving. Coming. Anytime. When we are contacting & you say I am at home. If not, of course I’m doing something else. I’m not coming to stay at home and doing nothing. Just I will be working, traveling, enjoying. What else? And I can record you all the time. I mean not all.. I mean we continue the show. 1hour00 Of course. Did I ever say “not today, please, because I have no mood?” Did I tell you anytime? No. Hahaheheheheh [point at serious faced Hayk on LCD screen] I can go opposite, You are a good sport. If you’re not gonna record me, I will ask please record me because I can’t stand living without without.. hey look [show nipple] hey please record me hahaha.. By the way, you can now, it’s not so difficult to have cameras that can be in the at home recording all the time live and I’m going to make shows. Hehehe.. Not like just sitting, waiting. No, I’m always in the move. I’m speaking. If you are not talking to me, I’m speaking to myself. I have a cable here too. It’s fiber cable, so there’s no radiation, hey you know? forget about radiation. I love radiation. Thanks to radiation. I’m like this. If not radiation, I would be boring person. Hehehe.. Hey, there’s a pigeon across the street. There’s this pigeon, very distinct color he’s got. He’s black with a white tip wing, right? So I know it’s him every time he comes every day. And he’s looking at me because he knows I don’t like him ‘cause I throw things sometimes and he goes there by the window where I can’t throw anything ‘cause there’s a window there and he knows it.. smrt huh?  & it’s good because it’s like the 5G Lab rat Sky rat. If he’s, because there’s an antenna here on two streets away. So if he lives I live. So yeah, he’s helping at least you to understand what’s wrong. He’s a good experiment, right. I mean. But I have seen a lot of the pigeons going crazy. Flying very crazy. You think it’s thanks to 5G? We’ll see, man. No, I don’t believe this you know. Food I don’t believe, I don’t believe on 5G because from the cosmos we are getting so ugly radiations that this 5G is nothing. Yea but you don’t know. You don’t know the, uh, the specifications that guy [Barrie Trower].. But physicians know and they let him do it, let it happen. They would go against this. They are not going. So it means it’s not so harmful. They can’t, no, because it’s controlled again by those five people that did all the COVID FRAUD and the climate [fraud] and they control the 5G too ‘cause they get trillions of dollars. If they would like to experiment, 2 animals could keep a very close to this machine, to this, how do you say antenna. And they will see they are living another two or three years, so fine it’s no problem. 1h03 Yeah, when I was in Brighton there was this big seagull, you know the seagulls there and he was right on top of the 5G antenna. I was waiting. I was waiting for him to die. And two hours. Ah aha achoo.. I was waiting two hours like videoing with a tripod, waiting for him to drop off, and didn’t, he just flew away. He flew away like it’s fine, but we don’t know what damage happened inside. There worst reclama [advertisement] for these antenna could be you know what? Two people are making sex and all of a sudden when they turn on the the antenna, his dick goes down. Oh my God. Or up. Aaargggh! Ahaha Putting up the dose of this antenna.. haha.. So how is the show? Do you have people watching all the time or they are different all the show? 1h04m20 My website? Yeah. 400 a day, it says my web host. I don’t want to see the company, they can probably find it anyway. But I don’t want to advertise the company because I feel like the big guys are blocking me right? Because I can I see on my on the telephone. Can you try on your phone and tell me if it works one day? Is it Yeah yeah not now but one day. Tell me if it works OK for now I will check. Just two-minute break, I will check my Internet situation and we call back. OK in 2 minutes. OK and see when you press the video, see if it plays automatically, see if it doesn’t go [hand slaps finished gesture] because it crashes as soon as you touch something it. Finished. So it’s. Ok whihc video, do you have only one video there? Right now I have an autoplaying 1 up top, but have a look see if it’s working. Just tell me if it’s crashing as soon as you touch it.. I have to know how to check this, This is why I’m asking. As soon as you touch something it goes pffft. It’s white [blank]. OK. Wait right now, OK. See you in 2 minutes. I will call you back or you do? OK you. Or. god 1h5m make sure that’s recording. i got a back up with that, [sony a1] that’s running too 1h5m30. [M dictation external sony IP67 speaker up to here, Internal speaker now.] ‘cause this was an important call. I thought this would be our last call. You know, man, it went totally opposite what I thought. I thought I was going to say, “look, I’ve lost enough. I don’t want to lose another penny. That’s it”. But as soon as I start talking to him and that other lady that I know, and some people as soon as I start talking to them. Everything is fine. All the worries or you know that. I’m just saying it changes when I talk to them. I enjoy it. I, I, I, III we. We work it out. You can talk it out. And I really think they do. They see he’s got a lot of, you know, I always did the plus and minus, pros and cons and. He’s only got one or two pros, but they they really are powerful enough to cancel out all the negatives. And that the main thing is his. Uh. his friendship or his his humor. Yeah. OK, for the show, there’s two things. It’s, you know, for your personal life and then for your, for the show. What more can you ask for you know, he’s fun and entertaining and he’s informative and entertaining, he’s fun he is. That’s for the show. That’s all you know. It’s the number one thing. He is fun. And funny. Nothing else really. Nothing else matters. Fair use [Very useful]. I’m just saying like my mood changes when I talk to these people. The other lady too. I was like, I’m not in the mood. What I’m gonna tell you as soon as she gets on. I’m like everything. I’m like. I guess it gives you endorphins or serotonin or whatever, right? Social connection. That’s why all the trolls want you disconnected. And they, you know, when you say hello to someone in the street, they’re like that’s harassment don’t do yiaiaia They don’t want you to connect ‘cause they know that prolongs your life, that’s a life sustaining interaction. ‘cause people die if they’re cut off, or if they’re ostracized or.. supposedly although some people thrive on that too. But. Anyway, I’m just saying it changes, you see, now I’m like ready to put him up and give him a camera or two and I’m not going to use that. I’m not using the A2, that is just dead weight. The A2 he can have that. I don’t think I can even get £300 or $300.00 for a used A2 Sony A7R2 body. Right. That doesn’t even work. It’s got problems too. It’s got, I think it’s got. technical faults, problems so you he have that and the A7[3] I don’t really use. I’m using the A74 and the A1 and I should get the A5 because it got this flip screen. I don’t really.. 1h9 Keep it running, yeah. So. Spring break or spring cleaning? Winter music conference? What do they call it Winter music and not spring music conference. Shouldn’t it be the Spring music conference? [continued..]

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