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Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03

Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03


Fright light.. thanks for visiting & 100 domains thursday 29 June 2023 8:53 pm. Noise crescendo syrtaki Gay pride parade, I’m the kinda clown paint the town brown shut down the town.. racket, action, 1 thing..hullabaloo
1min analytics 60 [80] visitors today suitcase sticker
2 I wanna know, autoplaying video 20 autoplays, 40 cities, covid climate totalitarianism tyranny genocide democide coverup exposure
3min Facebook messenger chat takes all day
4min don’t lose thousands of dollars, need bag watchers, Sony z90 intermittent battery screen
5 can’t be too careful, don’t give all data, poignant bit waste of time & money nothing, leases apt,
6 40 cities, 30 countries, weird remote obscure unknown cities countries, learned all capital cities [server logs say 500 daily uniques, anal ytics say 50 coz they don’t count bots but how would they know, see email]
7 missed gym, sleep habits, naps, 5-7, midinight-6..
8 pecs moobs mantits [song] Christopher Anderson fakesagan youtube cancellation again. Update.
9 speaker no bluetooth cancer world holocaust organisation according to Naomi Wolf, Vera Shark, Peter Bregin compared covid “vaccine” bio weapon clot shot Rfk jr said it..
10 Facebook doesn’t let you turn on the mic video [later found microscopic hidden pinhead button in frame]
11 “Allow Facebook to use the camera & microphone so others can see or hear you” how do you allow it ahole! fecal book not letting me turn on camera mic
12 why would you do that, fecal book? See what it does? “You haven’t allowed fecal book access to your camera.. yea the spyware, the military that just committed genocide & democide & is watching you through this, the spyware shit, you haven’t allowed them to spy on you. Like they need permission to do it. Like they’re not gonna do it any way. See, that’s blocking me. Doesn’t work man, its a piece of sh.. sigh nothings worth getting worked up over, don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything is..
13 wish I could share more but they use this to enslave you w/ artificial intelligence data so we gotta lie..
13m50 opera browser saves as pdf, brave browser settings
15 you call. “What is fecal book”.. I think he’s getting shedded on from the MRNA BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT..affecting his brain slow & stupid.. illogical conversations “I can edit your movie”
16 its not letting me, not telling me how, the pos, horrible, everyone in bars faun I’m sitting here doing this.. clear up bad relations w few friends
17 on purpose 1000 menus, copy paste, imagine urgent
18 fing pain in the ass, doesn’t work, insists you see what a piece of shit.. [ringtone] F.U its not working ahole, I gotta go thru this 100 times, demented moron, doesn’t work 10 times won’t work 11th.. half joking.. blood pressure, pulse rate, tachycardia, vaccination f-ing side effect clot shot bio weapon pice of sh shedding transmission, half joking serious
19 see what a piece of shit Facebook is, if this was urgent.. [rigtone again 10th time] he’s got shit for brains x3 if it doesnt work.. doing the same thing [expecting different result is insanity]  audio
20 terrible photo
21 sh.. when you’re losing it its bad.. one of us has to stay stable.. family content,.. good drama lose control
22 cough vaccination shedding transmission bio weapon clot shot* button doesn’t do anything
23 champaign for every one 100% energy much better
24 talent intelligence genius 99% perspiration, gifted skill
25 variables
26 don’t ruin my video w unacceptable words. Unsettling chat. Call balboa good terms.
27 no button tennis whites, gym.. [ring tone] audio, no “allow” nothing no way to turn on mic.. share video.. nothing.. 29 on purpose..
29 rubbing eyes..still have allergies [allergy] form the damn hay fever pollen, tree sperm rape.. [grass] the trees are raping me.. I’m glad that guy had sex with a tree because the trees have sex with us every day.. trees are raping us all the time with their pollen.. [sexual assault pollen in the eyes, ruin eyes by rubbing] f the trees [grass] F them back.. [dendrophilian]
30 see he tells me these [stupid] things “press dismiss” when the other button didn’t work.. “tuen your Facebook off & log in”.. no I’m not, don’t know password.. worrying about  all this sh on a thursday night when everybody’s out in the bar having fun & I’m sitting here [hit armrest] f-ing having a horrible time.. the cellphone gives cancer man use the f-ing wire..
31 I think here f-ing w/ me on purpose, gotta be, why else would you stop communications, stupid shitty message that doesn’t allow you to ado anything.. we need another platform
32 at lest there’s audio, chatting.. I turned it on & off.. don’t feel like talking now after all this shit.. “what if you reset your facebook settings” F Facebook man, waste my thursday night doing this.. imagine if this was Friday Saturday night
33 don’t wanna lose thousands of dollars every time you show up, ticket, extra person occupancy, room, I can’t have you starving while I eat so I have to give you my f ing food, MYKONOS mostly gay..
33m55 “come to Poland” I told you a million times, f-ing desert [concrete jungle] don’t tell facebook, Asatur stuck in the mountAins Romanian accent Transylvania seaside Bulge Area very bad, don’t go, gypsies stole her shit.. not all gypsies are bad, rough,, bad vibes,, stricter, colder than south..
35 don’t want cellphone radiation prefer this 
36 cameras sell in market? No.. rust in wet camera, do you like the sand dunes salty air fair use
38 3 moths dinner.. stealing your food.. ticket can’t get a f-ing ticket [raspy]
39-40 go direct, Athens airport stick out, kanas bam, you make bang, officials, wtf.. safety in numbers, pick on 1 person
41 mimics [morphasmous] [repel troublemakers] nu vrei ein mimik [romainian song], check levels
42 won’t ask one penny, advantages, need room woman, ostrov
43 date split give me the key to the balcony. I want you to have a good time..
44 light.. you have to go down.. ups & downs., you have to have both.. in Yalta..
45 greece another planet, Sochi war.. Turrtsi
46 you can change your opinion..
47 I did not sell anything
49 you want another one for market or for you, come late, heat the beach aholes, sept next year.. Asatur will call when ready.. portraits..
50 asthma dust boxes.. in chest wont come up.. 10 crates record boxes.. plastic boxes no dust smooth surface non porous cloth,,
51 “why don’t you want me to help you with your editing” very personal.. consultant.. ideas..
52 100[0] cuts, we donor have same taste, I don’t like your..
53 old episodes.. traffic 60 days [80] suitcase.. Uganda reunion Bhutan
57 romantically no weight salad olive oil
58 110 kilos mother cools so well can’t stop eating, fake vaccine bio weapon clot shot
59 lab rat guine pig.. not vaccine.. 1 in 1000 die, 1 in 400 sick, biggest numbers compared to all 30 years combined deadliest numbers, life must go on
1h audio levels low jump to zero, use computer, phone is dangerous..
1h1 Tom Martin cancer tests.. google criminals go direct, why do you have your phone on all the time if you’re scared of getting cancer..
1h2 computer mic
1h3 they’re f-ing with me..
1h4 to play w/ me.. turn off his mic video.. I’ll call you.. forget extra expenses
1h5 15 days breakfast no dinner airplane tickets 200..
1h6 birthday where, test phone number
1h7 hiccups burp excuse you
1h8 I ordered memory cards, they thought I was a reseller, phone test: asatur please, hachapour amateur mountAins seaside gibberish gobbledygook armrest hit*
1h9 chats messy calls better
1h10 “I respect our friendship”
1h11 until I get my money back, bandits scared of 2 people
1h12 more expensive Hayk or stolen camera replacement new camera , bag watcher
1h13 Saturday night no sleep
1h14 Facebook spyware 2 months
1h15 limited videos dialogue better than monologue update, 50 people, 500 people..
1h16 500 daily bots, spiders & crawlers no autoplays.. youtube fake lying cheating criminal numbers inflated numbers takashi69 said
1h17 how do you know who’s a bot & who isn’t, 50 visitors, 20 autoplays, foreign no English speaking audience,
1h18 negligible, low numbers, why bother , time to go, get going, can’t say, CIA cartoon “were out for lunch & not gonna tell you where”.. no electronic tag totalitarian tyranny digital prison prism, get out.. bars..
1h20 don’t bother, warmup to the next episode.. old stuff..package together.. only fans soft not hard.. they want digital prsison totalitarian details, keep tabs on you control & f u up, cancel..
1h21 impromptu, suck in the gut, bad relations feels wrong, flip flop stomp,
1h22 don’t want bad relations, resented having to spend thousands again when I already did that every other time.. 5 figures.. other people.. just don t do it again tilll you get your money back.. Arin Crumley. Network.. climate.. no totalitarianism.. all alt media say hoax fraud means to get totalitarian control,
1h24 AL GORE LIED.. Bud light NFL advertisement commercial.. residuals.. if in US I’d do it..John Ollie.. box for bux..
1h26 Cory Williams.. Hayk alterior motives, 100% there..
1h27 neighbour.. not sure.. email didn’t even answer, test emergency email.. message received.. if he doesn’t answer now, he probably won’t..
1h29 should I put something up once a week for 50 people & 500 bot spider crawlers.. every sday.. wrong pages.. no autoplay homepage trigger.. terrible so bad, just about had it, enough, move on, have anode summer
1h30 greek middle finger emojis emoticons, goal hole.. comedy.. moment’s silence
1h31 streamline 10 lbs overweight, Domke bag pulls pants off, airplane mode off..
1h32 body building poses, no open container law, drink in streets, loud obnoxious..
1h33 pub crawl..timelapse.. video slideshow.. Vantra.. ahole peeled off my sticker, don’t show where sticker are, all the stickers there except mine, personal attack vs. Truth teller seekers about covid fraud demoicde crimes against humanity cover up exposure.. he wants to cover it up, doesn’t want anyone to know, out of the bag ahole.. he’ll take off stickers & leave others on.. impaired.. must be a he [guy] women don’t waste time on stupid sh like that.. don’t collect stamps comic books media, shoes..
1h35 Sara Just stick her Porker.. and just like that.. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon,
1h36 next time jokes info , video slide show/ timelapse/ photo montage, most info in least time.
1h37 office split
1h38 2 versions cuts all/ edit , 15,000 photos, half an hour. No audio.. Mr Bean..mime..  Sony A1 8K. Nit picking..
1h42 what about it.. next move.. option.. stand up.. have a nice summer.. vlog dot com.. million dollar domain,, wanted 15 Million.. Concentrix obscure unheard of billion dollar corpseoration..
1h44 not for sale.. Bee gees catalog Star crossed lovers.. no harmonies.. Barry Gibb.. haaaand.. hook made them laugh mnemonic..
1h46 do not google why get involved mafia criminals half joking, Brighteon/therprisoner, legacy corporate media coverup .
1h48 Lewis Capaldi, obese sick, no harmonies, I don’t argue w success respect hit, clot shot bio weapon, any symptoms before, destroys DNA & cells.. couldn’t sing..
1h49 advisors told me not to lose any more,, housekeeper.. when I get my money back..
1h50.. get cracking bacon packin.. Madonna Celine Dion Jamie Fox clot shot victims… upper east side..
1h51 thanks for visiting.. blew it, gym.. afghan guy coat on 5 minutes..immerse.. bench press.. cardio..lats pulldowns, sit ups..stretching..flexible.. the 29 June 2023 10 44pm, do what u feel, piano get cracking bro.. its time to get going.. have a nice summer. Take care.. blow kiss.. cheek.. shouter vs busker.. digital prison new world order..  traffic so bad.. books.. trailers.. summer break offline.. reinvigorated fall sept oct.. numbers, digital prison surveillance control grid A.I tyranny sh instead of s-h-i-t.. just say sh. Hard/ Soft sh.. asthma dust.. vacuum bag.. asthma attack..  nitrous oxide balloon sucking.. that’s all folks.. should I show you.. faceless anonymous trolls ahole  rhymes bye now ya’ll come back now ya hear?

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