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sat 12 june 2010 DRAMA SH!T

Hangin out with my I.T. friend in the vlogger friendly pub with no background music on weekdays. We drink a couple pints, i say “i miss drinking sometimes because it’s not as much fun without it!'” He says “i’m so glad you said that.” But no, you shoudn’t rely on that to have fun. The Leica D-lux 4 lens distorts & stretches my face in the corner, & the microphone sounds like sh!t. Not so deluxe inexcusable for a $1000 camera. Get your sh!t together Leica.

Can you believe these overkill overproduced
self important pretentious posers
with all
that extraneous equipment in this miniaturization
era? showing off their ‘bigger is better’ phallic
symol ‘hey everyone look at me, i’m so important!’
Better quality with bigger components but they
have that attitude like..”i’m up there with
spielberg, so cool & happening”. No the hell
you’re not. You’re an unsympathetic cog in the
greasy media wheel of prefabricated industrial
cack. Need an extra?☺ 

He & his sister’s ex Neil sit down a minute laughing & being very nice to my face & then leave abruptly behind my back without a word not to be seen again. Months later i find out through a 3rd party it’s because i jokingly said “dont nick (=steal) anything. No sense of humor. With friends like that who needs enemies. But if you cut off all unreliable unstable flakes there’d be no one left. Need 2 get out more.. they aren’t “all there”. BJ’s the utimate irrational contradiction like everything in my life. One of the nicest & worst people ever. In my videos at important moments when no one else was, even put me in touch with the I.T. guy, so.. take the rough with the smooth.. total mind phuq though. How much SH!T do you take?
BJ crawls out of hibernation unannounced at 1.40 a.m. typically on a non-happening tuesday night after months of unanswered calls. His rare once a year annual pilgrimmage to zone 1. All smiles and a jolly good chap on the surface, but behind the mask, what lies beneath..

Chillaxing w/ busker Paul for over a decade. Another paradox always around the corner. One moment it’s ‘yea i’m gonna be famous get my image out there’, next he’s like ‘dont take my picture’ when he looks his best w/ his spectacular afro. Stood me up at a recording session but buskers are supposed 2b spaced out.

Which is why i love central London. Just step
outside & make new friends. The cosmopolitan vibe is great thanks to east europeans. keep the camera straight woman!

I hook up with a cute blonde who takes my youtube card between her pushup bra cleavage. Cockblockers nearby sense her availability & try to cut me out of my piece of pie by shoving their face in her t!ts. They ask her to join them for a drink elsewhere to knock her out with alcohol & get in her panties. They seem bi & camp, eating both sausage & crumpet. London’s a fast town. Nice try assholes but she’s not going home with you either. Rip out the vaseline boys.

Kassem looks like he’s had a rough year with all that youtube front page featuring promotion, box4box & collab overexposure. Slow down efendi, stress is premature ageing. 

Oh my gosh looks like a winning streak! come n get it MILF!  Bulgarian beaut. What am i doing. Good boys keep diaries, bad boys have no time, i must be a friggin angel. Later aholes! It’s about time str8’s get the same public toilet cruising privileges as gays as seen above.. 


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