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GOOGLE/ YOUTUBE REMOVE FALSE FLAG STRIKE from George Godley 8,720 video lifestream Wed Oct 17 2012

After a visit to Google headquarters in my neighborhood- (what are the odds / no coincidence) , wearing my vidcon youtube logo t-shirt, explaining my case to the receptionists, giving my youtube card to them & for a lady upstairs & a couple more in the courtyard & presto, voila, next day the false strike was removed! Thank you so much Google /Youtube.. Now i feel really bad about my rude blogposts rhetoric but will keep them as reminders to be more diplomatic (a friend told me my overstatements made it impossible to get help even if they wanted to).. but what if that’s what did it? they might have seen how upset i was.. nah.. its unecessary to lose your cool, best stay calm , everything can be talked out politely.. and use next (plural of crisis = crisi?) crisises to your advantage by downplaying & enjoying them instead of making a mountain out of a molehill..

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