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GO☹GLE fake flake hoax invitation prank Geo Godley mon 15 jun 2015

Last wednesday Google sent this email prank as a humorous response to YOUTUBE SURVEY ADULT COMEDY SATIRE GEO GODLEY april 2015

google invite P1030264y

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 8:33 AM From: “KXXXXXXX LXXXXXX” <>
Hello from Google! Want to share your thoughts on some cool new products and designs we’re working on? [what about the unfairly stolen account & 10,000+ missing videos? products are more important than trust & reputation?]
If so, we invite you to take the survey linked below to see if you qualify [abused negelcted youTURD SHIT KOURADA EMOTICON GIFFtubers don’t]. If you’re selected to participate we’ll follow up with you directly to set up your appointment time. [or we’ll flake out & keep you waiting till the last minute like there’s nothing better to do]
  • Date: Monday, June 15th 2015
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Location: Remote via GoTo Meeting
  • Your gift: A $100 Perks gift code*

Interested in participating? Please complete this quick questionnaire:
[personal info, phone number, location, products]. Have questions about our study? Feel free to reply back to this email.
Thanks, Kxxxxxx Lxxxxxx, on behalf of Sxxxxxx Wxxxxxxx, User Experience Researcher

* Codes can be redeemed within our catalog maintained by Perks, Inc. for online gift vouchers or in-store gift cards for a number of retailers and are only for participants who successfully complete a study session. We’ll email you the gift code after completing the study session.
Why am I being contacted?
You signed up through to receive invitations to Google user studies. You can unsubscribe by visiting [link removed for confidentiality non disclosre security].

Google Inc. xxxxxxx Axxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxxxx, Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxx, CA  9xxxxxxx | Privacy Policy

monday 15 june 2015, Fake flake waste of time google stood me up; emailed the sender & got this auto reply:
Hello, I will be out of the office during the afternoons of 6/15 – 6/17. I will be out of the office on vacation all day 6/18 and 6/19. I look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible. Best, Kxxxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxxx | User Experience Research | | (212) xxx-xxxx

i wouldn’t count on it“- janitor, breakfast club movie, life immitating art analogy:

alternate transcript subtitles:
Google: what did you wanna be when you were young?
janitor: when i was a kid i wanted to not be ripped off by youtube stealing one account & 10,000 videos off the other.
Google: don’t be a goof. i’m trying to make a serious point here. i’ve been searching 20 years, and each year these bloggers get more & more arrogant.
janitor: aw bullshit man.. comeon Google, vloggers ain’t changed, you have.
Google: *sigh*
janitor: you took a searching position cause you thought it’d be fun, right.. thought you’d have summer vacations off, control information, steal & screw youtube accounts.. then you found out there was actual accountability. that really bummed you out.
Google: these vloggers turned on me, they think i’m a big fuckin joke.
janitor: comeon. listen Google, if you were a vlogger, what would you think of you huh?
Google: hey, ya think i give a rat’s ass what they think of me?
janitor: yes i do
Google: think about this. when we get old, these bloggers’ll be influencing the country. now this is the thought that wakes me up in the middle of the night: when i get older, will they care about me.
janitor: i wouldn’t count on it

disclaimer: sincere thoughts & feelings subject [not] to change without notits. quasi satire comedy parody not always to be taken tooo seriously. for ye who dish but can’t take it.

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