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Greek flirt- Euro Summer 2016 preview

greek flirt london summer 2016 geo godley episode preview gopr5069

-Geo: Vlodymyr [Ukranian statue engraving].. russian thing huh
-Zoey: heheh greek actually
-G: oh it is? are you getting your passport?
-Z: i am [giggle]
-G: i just had mine
-Z: oh really?
-G: they said they don’t allow passport photos with stuff [jewelry] in the nose
-Z: i got some more, i’ll be fine.. a bit discriminatory huh
-G: u australian?
-Z: no, i grew up in London, i left Greece when i was 6
-G: u left Greece at 6..
-Z: how bout you?
-G: Greek american..
-Z: yea i spent about an hour waiting for an appointment on the phone,
-G: hey did you have to book online for an appointment?
-Z: i still have to ask them some questions so thought i’d just come by [1 min]
-G: oh, now theyr’e gonna tell you to go online & book an appointment, & it’s difficult too, the next one’s 2 months from now, u gotta keep.. i had to stay on computer really long, like weeks, but if you recycle the page eventually they come up..
-Z: that’s greek bureacracy for you..
-G: yea.. what do you do here. study?
-Z: no i’m staying with my brother for a bit, i have an interview for my post grad tomorrow, i live in Brighton.. what about you..
-G: Brighton, right.. ever swim down there?
-Z: swim.. god it’s disgusting down there, no, you don’t want to swim down there.. so what’s your story..
-G: Uh.. ah.. greek american, i live here,  i was studying here, i stayed, i do music & video, i was on youtube for a few years, they ripped me off, now i’m working on a movie, a series..
-Z: wait a minute..
-G: you’ve seen me..
-Z: what’s your youtube name?
-G: Geo..  Godley
-Z: yea I know you, i know you, thats’ so funny! yea i got my greek news from you for a bit
-G: really? yea they closed one of my accounts, i had episodes of Glyfada & stuff
-Z: i think you’ve done some travelvlogs or something
-G: yea that’s it.. they closed that account you know, but i have another account with thousands of videos unedited.. that i was uploading in a year..
-Z: that’s so funny, i thought i recognized you..
-G: that’s cool, yeah!
-Z: are you still doing that
-G: yea, but offline, i’m not putting them on youtube anymore, i’m just.. [selfie/ ussie]
-Z: haha that is a tiny tiny camera by the way
-G: i have a big one here but i tend to use this one more coz it’s just handier.. gopro
-Z: i’ve got my nikon F3 in my bag, its too heavy to ever take out..
-G: what’s your name?
-Z: Zoey..
-G: George.. Geo
-Z: So how come you’re not youtube-ing
-G: No they ripped me off, it doesn’t pay well, they gave me a lot of problems, i blogged about it on my website just criticising them & they renewed my contract through a network but i figured 13,000 videos is enough for now..
-Z: God, is that what you’ve got.. haha
-G: so i’m takin a lil break..  i’m  workin on a movie
-Z: yea? what kind
-G: just digitizing all my footage & seeing if there’s a.. i know there’s a series there, i don’t know if T.V ‘ll take it, but i’m just working, trying to see what to do with it, digitizing all my stuff from tape, it’s a real pain, it’s taking..
-Z: i would just put them out on some cheap domain web servers or something
-G: yea, i wanna make a film & see if the film festivals’ll go for it or not, try that first, fillm, t.v, then internet, hit the road, might try some comedy.. here you are.. nice to meet you.. it’s actually over there..
-Z: are you heading there now or..
-G: no i’m going back
-Z: well it was nice to meet you [hand shake], um, can i..
-G: yea, all right.. i’ll gove you my card
-Z: yea, email or something [foot point] hahah
-G: the sandals..
-Z: thanks, absolutely busted, i spent too much money on these,
-G: are they here? or greek?
-Z: they’re from here, [gaiga?]
-G: omnia mutantur nihil interit [everything changes, nothing perishes- Ovid Metamorphoses]
-Z: ovid quote.. spent 2 days in Portugal in these sandals & they got absolutely ruined
-G: Madeira? Algarve..
-Z: no, didn’t want to go to the touristy bits.. my last boyfriend was portuguese so we went to see his brother in Estoril, which was really nice but way up in the mountains & it was so cold, & then we spent some time in [Senta? Central?] which was very nice
-G: oh ok, i don’t know it, yea.. [5:30}
-Z: didn’t really like Lisbon too much
-G: is it on the beach, Lisbon? maybe like a 1 hour drive
-Z: yea.. not too far, kind of industrialized..[]
-G: like Athens & Glyfada
-Z: it was lovely to meet you
-G: [hand kiss] hey can i have your something or the other
-Z: yea..i don’t have cards or anything i’m a professional dancer
-G: dancer? are you? where
-Z: all over the place, i do belly dance
-G: belly, [not ballet]
-Z: i quit ballet long ago [writes email] i have terrible handwriting, so can you read that..
-G: phone number just in case
-Z: that’s so weird, first youtuber i actually liked who i’ve met in person
-G: oh i’m glad because i get alot of criticism too because i was putting up flirts on the street talking to people, i call them flirts, & people got jealous & i got alot of haters [laugh] from reddit..
-Z: haters from  reddit, that’s a surprize.. no i was really worried when pewdiepie moved into my town, i was like i don’t want to meet him, i’d probably slap him..
-G: he’s huge..
-Z: i have no idea why.. he’s horrible, lowest common denominator stuff..
-G: yea but i don’t mind.. i mean i’ll talk to him..
-Z: haha ok see you around
-G: o.k, see ya

production notes [quasi cryptic cypher code]:
-4k → hd720p
-discontinued stereo lav mic repair fail, mono sux
-uncompressed audio +3db fcpx distortion?
-facebush twatter auto post 3rd party host vimeo links no thumbnail, & no website
-vimeo view counter fail esp. mozilla firefox
-avoid floppy putty thingy magiggy

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

GREEK FLIRT LONDON SUMMER 2016 Geo Godley episode preview GOPR5069 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

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