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Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 1&2

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 1/2

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 2/2

transcript rough draft in progress:

there.. there, the-here you go! D’you miss me? okay.. thank you for visiting.. customize your dashboard in live producer.. you can customize the layout of your.. you see they throw that at you right now? Let me just get that. So uh.. [snap snao] I dint get it but hello am I on? British accent.. share to groups.. oh my god I gotta do that too? My blood pressure,, ugh.. ehh from all that salty food among ohter things,, okay uh.. thank you for visiting and 100 other domains, all redirecting forwarding to my blog. Vlog, I should be on the front page there, im just having a look just fine tuning things here, we got the 4k stereo microphone going in, 1min is it hight definition, ultra high definition, is it a digital microphone? ehh.. so we’re testing, you should be able to hear that, I can see it there, is this running? [sony a7r4] no, so why am I holding it? My pov.. you know I’ve been struggling with these cameras coz they all do something the other doesnt, they all have their pros and cons. Like this is better but you cant move with it. Thats why they walk around with that stupid rig. Anyway so uh its the 3rd of march 2021, and uh welcome, its 4:20, I have to say that, I picked my time very specifically 4:20, for antui smoking. Coz they said hustler was a dirtry  magazine but god 1 thing they hate is smoke. Is smoking, so that makes them a clean magazine coz you cant get cleaner than that.. 2min so uh 4:20, anti smoking, im a bit rusty, havent done this in a while, I wasntr gonna do it.. but Richard lewis said you havent put anything up there, you know the guy from curb your enthusiasm, richard lewis? He’s watching me um.. he’ll be tuning in on occasion haha you know this is a marathon when I do it I go all out I’ll probably streeam for 8 hours, why? Coz anything worth doing is worth doing well, I dont wanna parrot expressions that you’ve  heard in the past right? But anyway its in your memory bank, so the point is the spring cleaning marathon session. Episode series. I’m still doing it. Thats why I put it on actually. Im thinking, im thinking that it’ll help me get going coz im still in deep sh overf here.. I cnat yea I just didnt get around to it, ill explain in a second anyway at the introduction I should put all the important information. So where are we? Should I say where we are? I dont wanna give too much away and have trouble you know? I dont need this sh, do you? So why am I streaming, the most important thing is why am I streaming, I’m trying to explain,  just for the hell of it, you know some things have no reason like when theyre looking for a motive and there isnt one?[ none?] Same thing here man, but there is there is its on my front page, im gonna check it now in a second. Its on and all the 100 domains, front page. Theyre all forwarding to George, it should be there let me have a quick look, I have to recycle the page and make sure its there, yea keep your website active.. hey.. why not, I know its not as good as intercating but were in lockdown, were still in lockdown, theres one eyeball, oh no, the pressures on! Theres 1 eyeball,how does that marshal khamou guy get 20 eyeballs? Just sitting there doing nothing and repeating himself like a demented dementia patient. I dont wanna put that down coz everybody knows someone who has it but at his age you know, in his late 30s, he just repeats himself all the time like hes got dementia! Hey I dont wanna criticize you know hes got his positive things too otherwise I wouldnt watch him I stopped watching him now though because of that.. im nhot gonna,, these are long winded theres no way around it okay? This is longw.. if you want the short edited highlights, if you want you knwo hi resolution hi quality edited, thats something else. This is low quality nonstop uneditied. Undeited undbbebbd but anyway um.. 4m20 good the eyeball left.. they think theyre.. they think it bothers me but actually I feel such a relief when youre gone, I’ts so much better without you, because I dont need this pressure I dontr need this stress, im doing it for me, x2, and for the webnsite, and for people who want to see it on the website, I know Facebook everyobdys too busy, oh good there is an eyeball there oh sorry I dint mean to offend you theres an eyeball on my website but not on the Facebook page.. hehe..haha.. oh my god anyway oh sh theyre still there, you see its contradictory, there somebodys watching, theres 1 eyeball, there, theres no eyeball. Make up your mind anyway, speaking of eyes my,,lasy friend someone I know, knock on wood, is getting that eye thihng, you know where they change the lens in your eye so she doesnt have to wear glasses, and I wish her well apparently its a straight forward procedure id like to know more about it she doesnt even know the name of the procedure.. but you know if youre goin under general anaesthetic, you dont want someone doing that while youre awake right with the uh sedation pu u under sedatiojn should I get some uh let me get some photos too um.. you dont want that to be um im just saying I would never let anyone uh she wontr step foot on a plane right shes scared of certain things but not that. In my case nobodys touching my eyes unless im blind you know unless its life or death but I do step on a plane which is more risky right thats high risk as well but me eyes no no stay away from me. Dont touch me, wouldnt let anyone touch me again.okay lets get some quick photos then we gotta get to work, this is a work video sorry its a spring cleaning session, marathon and were gonna start at 4:20 every day, coz otherwise I dont tend toi do it, I need to go out get a little air, and try to get a few minutes of sun and that deosnt happen either.. I know its long winded so leave and if you have to, im gonna have to, im gonna have to edit, can you imagine listening to hunndreds fo hours of shit to edit all the good bits,  for nhothing. Im gonna present it somewhere, its going somehwere. It sgoing to the canned film festival. Tha vraveftoume stis kannes!” I cant even do it.. 6m50 im trying to do it like my grandma wqould talk yea.. we’re gonna be awarded at cannes.. we’ll be awarded at caaaanes.. in greek its tha vraveftoume stis Kannes.. my throat is too clear I cant get that raspy sound.. anyway a few photos to comemmorate, hi resolution 60 megapixel, did you see th 8k came out now rigfht sony 8k, we gotta get that.. although im thinking bald and broke.. have you seen what he put up lately, bald and broke, bald and bankrupt guy, just because youlube, how did pew die pie ever find him in the first place but I mean hes no good, I mean hes got limits I donht wanna say how to make it better cos then hes gonna be better, even better, right now hes just got the audience right?sotty im getting mirror, you here, and lcd screen there with the 4k stereo. 7m50 by the way um I just wanna see if tehres any comment I just qwanna know if the audio’s good coz Facebook doesnt lert you monitor it, whlie youre live, I think well I wasnt live though right? Let me try it again, I need to knwo if you can hear this.. 8m let me scrape the mic a sceond and then I gotta tweeet that im live as well like anybodys there.. or cares, but whym I doing, yea.. let me just hang on, so this, can you hear this? Wne i scratch the mic it shouild be very loud, I just wanna make sure its running coz its comin out of my camcorder and its going to the computer through a special box.. just gotta make sure its on so if you did hear that scratch pleasew let meknow it would help. If theyre not gonna let me do it here. N let me see. Ok uh sorry the Facebook page thingt I gotta see whats going on here.. is that running? Yea it was.. dingdong snap snap.. it doesnt show any eyeballs on the Facebook.. sorry but were meaking livestreaming history here.. yea im unprepared I dont have any comedic well it’ll surface it;ll come up anyway.. I got a few things but im not prepared at all this was literally like somebody just telling you to do something completely unprepared.. yea he suggested it Richard lewis said to do somthing but.. I wasnt gonna do it n then I was like well uh.. s there any comments theres no comments okay uh 9m30 I wasnt gonna do it but I said ehem, I gotta keep an eye on the levels.. shall I tweet that im live yea why not um.. ill get to that in a second let me just tweet, I know iknow its loing winded so what im live what I do just say iom live? Vlog dot com.. im following so many adult entertainers, Obama and the adult entertainers can you imagine oh my [dropouts] comes up ugghh in my timeline,, its gay too, not my thing is it.. 10m he all in now? This took a turn real quick.. fuck is that, some guy bonking a nearded guy oh my ghodd you see thats the problem when you follow oh my god its all gay! Its not my thing man eheh Seinfeld “not that theres anything wrong with that” [air quotes] I dont wanna see that on my timeline.. not really.. unless I get the gay audience and I get huge numbers that way okay put it on my timeline LGBT its funny how they all have their they all team up together LGBT+Q?special character, wew should do that, all us that have beem yea YouTube is a fraud, lets put that at the introduction too, wahst that? Oh okay, oh its this, YouTube is a fraud, that lies cheats and steals infinite content through libelous defamatory false accusations of communioty guidelines that YouTube hypocritically commits, 11m like sex in the shitty bppp bpopo bppp kolodaxtylo] okay lets get going here enough of that I just wnna get going.. thats why I put it on ok I didnt tweet yet ok whats happening im live is that what I put? Im live and the uh.. its not bad actually I get a real kick out of seeing myself sorry not really myself but seeing my website active.. seeing a livestream on the front page of my website it is I mean comeon it is pretty miraculous.. and to know that anybody in the whole world can see that.. I have some things to tell you but I gotta be careful coz uh.. they havent happened yet I wanna make sure they happen before I tell you.. coz you could take my place n steal them.. or you know  like domain names im negotiating a couple right now im just waiting for the vat on one of them you know I dont see why I have to pay 25% vat being in this counrty.. thats annoying im just making sure.. and I dont want you to steal them.. because it says even though im ready to go, if I tell you what they are, you could get them.. so im not gonna tell you yet ok so let me just tweet,, so uh is there anybody there or not? I dont care. If there there thyre there, if thyre not theyre not , im not gonna be like that guy, domnt ghost me now, leave a comment, ooohh.. [goofy voice] leave comment, dont ghost me, and Give me money,  thats 1 thing I nevewr ebag but if I needed to would I? Well you ask for donatiojns wikipedia asks for donations thats ebegging.. tweeting ok wahts happening im live is that what I should put? Its embarassing sint it all this shits embarassing good the more the better.. should I put the post or the website? Hang on hang on yea the live bit right I dont put the website do I ? whole website? no because  thatll take along time to load.. 13m do I put the homepage or the post w the Facebook api? I’m live is that it im live n thats it wed 3 Narch 2021 & then ill link it later as as 420pm I like 420+pm no smoking no I dont wanna mention smoking.. maybe I should put the Facebook link not my wbesite mm no coz Facbook can say uh [dropouts] is it gonna be a quiet stream like that Brazilian song quiet nights n quiet streams from my I went on the youlube yesterday to see the spring break.. 14m coz everybody [dropout] an escuse to get down there after a certain age, youre not supposed to be there after a certain age right? Thats when everybody go [dropouts] specially w the “winter music conference” thats our excu[se..] but I think its been cancelled this year.. but I think they use that its the best excuse ever, thats when all the clubbing is you gotta go there to promote your music or network, YouTube promoted, YouTube lackey, YouTube cronie, rob black rob zicari thats a Youtuber, thats what YouTube promotes while violating [dropout[ us stealing our cont.. Ronb zicari adult.. hes on spree.. dropouts. End. 15m50

Geo Godley production studio inventory spring cleaning session marathon wed 3 mar 2021 420pm+utc Facebook live 2/2

There’s a red live thing but its spinning on the other side, yea it cut me off man sorry I got cut off I dont know what happened but as soon as I mentioned the adult enetertainment humor, that YouTube promotes, we’ll get to that in a second, thank you for visiting,, and 100 other domains forwarding to my blog so uh eh I dont wanna repeat what I said this is part 2 of the livestream we started at 420 plus, as an anti smoking statement, were against cancer, cancer culture, see you got cancel culture which we all experience when YouTube is a fraud who that uh I gotta remember my mantra I gotta memorize all these thigns right? YouTube is a fraud I knew it by heart until now with this uh did I get stage fright? YouTube is a fraud that uh.. what was it again? You know how you block bad memories? 1m that lies cheats and steals infinite content through libelous defamatory false accusations of cimmunity guideline violations YouTube hypocritically promotes with sex in the shitty bpp bpopp bppp bppp [kolodaktyla] thats what YouTube promotes.. infinite porn coz YouTube is a porn site.. oh maybe its Facebook stopping my mauybe they dont like you to say that.. maybe you gotta keep it on the downlow.. and suffer in silence. Cancer culture. We got cancel culture from that, and we got cancer culture with an r, from all the passive smoke… thanks alot aholes.. anyway so this is a marathon cleaning session it said to put a title I hoppe oit doenst cut me off again I dont know what happened.. were uysing the goiod camera, lets test that, the good microphone, sc ratch.. did you hear that? That was a good test earlier actually, this okay? Yea were getting back into it Richard lewis from curb your enthusiasm, or someone with the same name, synonimia, synonyms right? Said why haventy you uploaded and the reason was, no money no traffic no quality with the live no publicity whats left. Whats the reason to upload.whats the reason to go live. 2m and I figure yea the viewcount was so bad, especially on Facebook I think they limite your audience, on my website theres gotta be someone there. Theres gotta be somneone because 100 domains are going there and I get people constantly asking me for how much if its for sale you know.. umn I got an email the other day somne guy.. saying he found it and all that anyway and uh we’re getting more domains by the way. But I wont tell ytou what they are till Ive got them so.. im not sure uts worth it. Im not sure any tof this is worth it so anyway, oh my god 1 eyeball oh no! [white spot. On lens, light reflection? 2m58 go away you nasty bagga face palms,, oh no I hate this I dont know why im doing this.. its like that guy that YouTube promotes.. rob black rob zicari, hes on Facebook yea Facebook accepts heim too! After what he did what did he do exactly that bbc documentary w Louis Theroux,, hes on bbc as well! So the eyeballs.. I dont wanna yell im not gonna yell okay? Im gonna [I’ll] keep my voice down now that I have the good microphone [well] were gonna be soft spoken, thats what I wanted you see but I wanted the mic closer to me so I can really be.. nice and gentle and soft.. if that puts you to sleep tough shit. Im not gonna shout anymore okay is this loud enough you see im watching my levels.. this is excelen coz I can see the level meter there and over here and here I can turn it up a bit if its too low you see like right now I see where it is look im turning it up eben though im whispering that should be really loud now im pumping it up youknow pumpo it up dont you know pump it up uh fair use comment thats a shitty song that uh comes and goes all these songs just come and go like feces in a toilet bowl.. sorry pardon the expression I dont do grossout humor usually but its true isnt it in one ear out the other.. anyway im just saying that should be really loud now, thats distorting now, its hitting the edge, im testing, im gonna constantly test, all right im gonna keep my voice down too see im talkin really low, it shows that its quite loud [sigh] why am I doing this? I said, in the previous clip you can see the previous clip that ended abruptly, as soon as I mentioned youtubes lackey, and promotion what do you call him?youtubes cronie, rob black is YouTube’s.. pro.. [tege] rob zicari is youtbe’s uh.. is a Youtuber! Is allowed on YouTube, while the rest of us arent. And get cancer cancel culture for not commiting any community guideline vIolations that.. YouTube shit im talking like a euro now they cant they dojnt know the intonation! Hahahah istAnbull.. no we will do a little adult entertainment.. the usual adult entertainment update right? No I gotta get to work you see thats why I didnt do this.. thats why I wasnt streaming coz its distracting, its stressful, its time consuming, I need to get going here.. but on the other hand, I missed alot of time, alot of days have gone by now where I’m still in this situation & I figured the live mighgt help me get going. If I just shut the f up n get goiung because its embarassing to just sit here twiddling my thumbs.. I have to get going editingf I have a lot of stuff to do & im still doing this. Beacuse its just too much its endless n I cant I just couldnt get arounf to it.. I had to go out get some fresh air some sun and the days over.. 6 min.. coz before that yea I checked I listed my morning activities.. maybe I should post that, maybe thats the problem. Coz im getting up okay were in the covid lockdown I gotta say that right? Let me did I mention the day this is the continuation of the previous clip..  Wednesday march 3, 3rd march 2021, thanks for visiting vlog com yea I said that, and 100 other domains, um, its 420pm, we started at 420+pm as an anti smoking statement, & now its 525pm,  lost an hour, but im gonna go so im gonna be streaming marathon for 8 hours im gonna go until it stops. Unless it Im gonna keep an eye on it make sure it doesnt stop again. I dont know if it was talktalk that dropped the comnnection, the cable was okay, I dont know if Facebook didnt like me mentioning youtubes promotion of sexual material, thats YouTube is fine to promote they wont block them but we cant even mention it? Anyway but I figure yea ill just get going.. so just a couple catch phrases I had for you coz this is completely unprepared Richard lewis from curb your enthusiasm or a synonym synonymous guy you know he said to do this.. and I was like the reason I stopped last time was yea I said it.. 7m no money no traffic no publicity noquality but I want an active website and I get a kick out of not seeing myself necessarily but seeoinmg anything on my website you know thast the whole point isnt it? Although they do have websites that are just parked pages you know like that Cindy Sherman photographer? Make sure this is going on.. im watching myself snort snort heheh its so bad you cant see anything ots so blurry coz Facebook quality is so bad standard def you cant see anything but the microphone shouold be good huh.. this is pro. Thsi is serious microphone. scratch.. I mean you cant even get those.. im so glad I did anyway so.. ahah.. no coz im thinking ok 1 thihg at a timje I did write a couple things so.. you know the website aint it cool dot com, all the hollywood directors producers and actors were saying thats the ultimate thing, you know years ago? I dont wanna say decades ago coz thats embarassing I dont wanna age myself coz.. ageless.. why is this [mask] but you know, he did movie reviews this is, my wbsite I should get that dont tell anybody gotta get all these domain names man! Get more traffic, some asshole oyt there besides me has to be looking up aint it sad dot com, 8m52 um as a domain you know coz youre gonna run out, theres nothing left! You go I dont wanna tell you where but you go to these domain name providers, all the names are gone. But I found a few, you knwo all the dot coms are gone, u got the ugly brother .net, & I dont even wahha tell you.. till Ive gotten what I need coz youre gonna get them! To quote my brother, this was a great quote. My brother once said, motorcylce.. I was woken up rudely awoken by these drillers the damn g net.. 5g aholes drilling again theyve ripped up the street repeatedly in the past and theyre still doing it, still shot copper internet really slow its gonna take 10 hours to upload a 3gb 2 hour 480p video. But anyway they woke me up today, [sigh] where was I forgot what I was gonna say now. I have to check it I hopoe this is absent mindedness n not dementia. Coz i had something to say god no! Im glad im recording it in 2 places too.. 4k stereo n more, okay I was gonna say, something it was really important! Never mind 10m okay so were live there its on the website thsts the point thats the whole point if that wasnt there what would be the Facebook sure isnt the reason, coz theres nothing there is there right well there is yea okay very low single digits.. better than nothin gright? even take Robert crumb for example, im sure if he went live, yea hes 80 years old too yea [dropout]  but im sure if he went live, he would have single digits im sure alot of really successful, & he sold hundred of thousands of copies of his artwork, its really hairy isnt it I like his artwork but I got over it somthing lacking there, well some of its godd, some of its,, im not gonna get into that right now so.. Ijm gonna press.. I dont wanna yell, thats the hole point of this mic now, to be nice n soft spoken, everythings.. who is this.. Ermis vasilopoulos, haha who are you man? Who is this? There people just crawling out of the woodwork I have no idea who they are.. Ermis vas..  were friends on Facebook probably right is that it? See so it does provide something.. when are you gonna do your usual walk n talk n pigeon commentary we all love..  a smidgeon of pigeon and a slice of mice.. poetry in motion.. so uh when walk n talks shall I do it live? Gonna try n do it live right? Cant zoom well. Shall I use this n go live? Or uh.. Richard lewis just wondering change the scenery yea okay.. when walk..mwere still in lockdown, weres till in covid coronavirus covid-19 lockdown here..uh in London england for.. forever.. like Borat said I hope it never ends.. in April they said theyre opening dining again, so streets are gonna be full of people screaming n shouting, right in my neighborhood, coz I live in that kind of neighborhood, 12m so outdoor dining in April, I think they said international travel in may although they said thast early, it might be in June, international travel, might go somnewhere, but im not gonna tell you becasue for security reasons you see.. or maybe I will.. Ive gotta take care of all just a follwere of your vids before YouTube messed w u..really since the YouTube days huh.. thank you yea well ill follow back you know I cant follow everyone but I can reciprocate a little bit if youve  got anything.. its like that guy, I got an email form this dude, hes like I just found I tyoped in randomly I went to the hill, I think thats in Pensylvania, I searched that, & hes like I heard your.. when you were 26 the phone call on Vimeo with your parents & he said that brought back vicariously traumatic trauma… 13m I was like you know if you didnt record your story write it, or uh say it as an audio book, & try n get it out there, you know go to the publishers [AGENTS[ or put it somewhere put tasters on the internet first like I wouldnt put everything online.. I would just put like an 8 hour live stream, its ironic because the 8 hour live stream, is alot more than the edited 8 minute episode, but thast the valuable one right? The high quality, 10 minute episode, or 3 minute id like to make it like a song, 3 minutes, or even 1 minute trailer.. 3min trailer? Im just saying im giving you more, but low quality although now were high quality audio. I just wanna hear if theres any background noise with the microhone so im gonna shut up for a second, they say to get 30 seconds of silence for your production so sh! I wanna hear if its rustling, coz all my mics have a problem! I got the rode videomic x on top of my chest cam and oits going khxhxhkhxkhx on eside broke, I have 3 of them & they all broke! Ahole Rode.. but they were, when they were working they were damn good its not bad and uh.. I wasnt gonna tell you the model coz now youre gonna use it n youre gonna sound.. good! I hope it breaks on you too! Not you but you know whoevers competeing against me.,. coz Ive had enough competition n cutthroatness.,,. get them get them n well see, tell me if they work for more than a few months. And what other mic yea the sony the litt;e sony external clip on mic also kxxxxkxkxshxlhxl oh that onhe goes bbbbbbbbb coz its flapp.. I dont know.. so 30 seconds silence I just wanna see if theres any crackle on this.. coz theres gonna be didgital artifacts as well I heard somethinmg going khxkhxkhxhk.. 15m on the previous clip I was testing it okay just a quick sh sh.. tha should do it somebodys hammering outside yea just checking.. theres this girl that walks around the neighborhood shes got that stupod gibal I bought that gimbla it doesntr work right it was going all crazy it was going dzzzzz you know you need batteries, to download the software, frimware update, do this you know they just bust yout testicles I couldnt believe it.. all I want is something to hold this that doesnt wobble right? Every damn selfie stick doe[snt wobble coz it has to unlock so by its nature its not stable its gotta be wobbly or it wont unlock, stretch, so the gimbals all suck, and I wanted one that didnt, and shes walkin around like this, nienieniei and you dont know if shes getting you or not coz it looks like the lens is covered, but shes in the neigborhood all the time I wanna ask her what the hell shes doing, she keeps talking nonstop about the statues n this n that, which brings us to uh.. oz yea brings oz.. bee gess Barry Gibb he wont say us its oz.. I dont wanna criticize accents but uh Ive marked a few down that theyre really messing with my mind.. 16 like uh Iepril and mie thast backwards isnt it? April and may, theyre like Iepril and mie. Im like what is that? I just wanna know what they are. At least educate me you know as I can & you know im not putting them down [my fair lady] because English came before American so thats the original but there is no original when you have 100 different ones what original? The queens English I like that.. but I what am I gonna oh this is bad this is so bad! haha [facepalm] oh my god no I dont wanna 17m I dont wanna be like the failed Howard stern you know? When he was like thats so sad going across the country, I dont wanna be like a radio g.. a failed radio guy.. I really dont want that.. well failed livestreamer at least its live at least you can see me coz tha YouTube promoted any time its something controversial and unacceptable like rob zicari, 17m im gonna say YouTube promo.. the Youtuber, coz YouTube is in cahoots with him right? They fucked me over for not doing what he did, and they accepted him for doing what he did. im not saying its bad, im not thats im just quot.. im out of it.. I have nothing all I know is YouTube promotes that. YouTube promnotes rob zicari rob black, because if o dont put the YouTube in there, they’ll be like oh my god whats he ta bout hes talking about that disgusting guy, is he with that guy? We dont want anything to do that anyone whos in that ughhh! YouTube! You want nothing to do with YouTube!! YouTube promotes that.. hes okay.. his podcast is good well its disgusting its all gross out I dont like gross out humor.. but its got some bits in there itll be a 1 hour thing and hes not showing himself. You see if he had any.. is it talent to tape] yourself and catch the moment and put ot together as a show it must be.. coz hes not doing it. Coz its too much work people wont let you right.. imagine coz he goes out with strippers and sex workers.. can u imagine you knwo yea do you mind if I uh.. getting releases im just saying I brought him up because you can listen hes got a podcast well why did I bring that up? Besides YouTube promoting that. They promote other things too im not totallty anti YouTube I just want my 13,000 videos back thats all. Cant say fairer than that. Okay lets get to work this is 1 reason I didnt do it I dint wanna go live coz im not gonna get anything done.. I cant really entertain you and do this at the sam,e time can I? Or can I ok so just 1 more thing, so aint it sad dot com I wanted to say that, um.. I didnt edit yet but the next best thing is livestreaming heh coz that rhymes.. im song writing im still song.. if I can ever get going here and.. thats another thing the next place I move to has to have enough space for a recording studio, 19m n im thinking about how big I want it to be. Coz you need a mixing desk, and you need the keyboards although now they have virtual keyboards im not Sure im gonna use the old analogue ones coz that dates your sound. They were saying nothing dates a sound more like old ill have to update right? Luckily you can go here to the Yamaha thing n youll get all the lates Yamaha shit,

N down there ugh anyway.. I like analogue but now they hav ehybrid shit sounds as good as the real thingh anyway.. and all the gear I gotta get rid of, im just thinking where to go next, coz I cant be here forever well you never know.. might not have the choice or the uh I dont know anyway.. 20m should I be looking here? I dont wanna be like that a.. hi mar.. oh god [wave] hah.. na sou po.. tha trexei synexeia min kourazesai min a.. mi niothis oti a.; fyge Ama kano gia to site mou.. 20m gia na exei stin  arxiki selida tou site mou.. sorry I gotta tell it in greek to my ffriend here.. to kano gia na to be active on the fromnt page.. I arxiki selida sto site mou deixnei afto, exo 100 onomata ki oloi tha to doune,opoios perasei apo kei, anyway I got some people uh watching I was just gonna keep it running and good luck tomotrrow with the thing.. ok doulevo Tora ki apla synenooumai.. im just showing my thing.. so livestreaming yea looking fo rthe next best thijng warren Zevon.. thast a song and anything else? Self destruct everythings temporary and will self destruct.. shit I hop that eyeball thing.. embarassing, douleveo ki apla to deixno stin arxiki selida mou den einai gia to just saying this is not for Facebook although its there too its for my 100 domaiuns websites & its gonna be running constantly. Doulevo geia sas geia sas gia na doume ahh.. xiesta hah i dont wanna swear.. oh god oh no waht the hell see this is the mask I got you sou pira afti ti maska..22m de me xoraei emena einai mikro paidiki einai? I gynaikies? Do womens masks have smaller faces? Hepa liberty its nice coz its flowery you see? Nice and flowery mask ughhh [sigh] asta geia sou tha ta poume ali for doulevo Tora, omg, the electoral register, this is why I have bad credit. Even though I have money, I dint do the.. idont think this is dysty this one.. omg.. stuff I forgot here,, yea you gottado the electoral thing to get good credit apparently otherwise it doesnt matter how much money you have theyre gonna turn you down for everything, imagine you get eveicted and no one takes you not because you dont have the money but you dont have the electoral register. I’ll put that over there. Put it in the closet, keep it in the closet.. are you a closet wham fan? 23 hehehe.. im a closet.. god if you could see my taste in music itd be embarassing right? I hope its not too gay. But you know I like nice melodies thats the thing.. and a.. who doesnt man? Geia sou tha ta poume goodbye, I dont wanna make people have to watch, thsi is for my website.. or you know I dont want people to feel they have to watch. Uh these guys are still open I just called them.. theyre gonna make more for me.. I think I might change the color, I dont wanna change the color though. its.. uh.. so few colors only 6 colors what are you gonna do.. 24 mi se peirazei, tha to eixografo edo, I have a copy, im recording it there hi res, this is just for my website.. ok m&m’s I used to eat those until I found out that they put insects cohineal cochineal. Insects in the red m&m’s. So thast disgusting im not gonna be eating those anymore. If you snuck it. And dishonest too, you should put that in the ingredients. & make children isnt that child abuse? Feeding insects to children & not telling them about it. If I or anyone else did that, put insects in the food, without telling them, dont you think that would qualify as abusive, crime or something? I think so? Can you imagine? Thatll happen next. Theyll get in deep shit for that eventually im sure.. it could be centuries from now theyll be like what the fuck did you do? Back then? Fuckin uneth..[ical] theyre too big though right? You have a few billion dollars you can do anything you want.. youre above all criticism.. aw man cds old cds.. glad I found them.. glad I did this actually, glad I did this.. so theres nobody there now is that true? So im not gonna sweat it right? I am becasue its up there.. its up there too. Its not for you. Its not for the live audience.. [like sitcoms, recorded before a live audience with fake applause and laughter[

Its not only for the live audience I should say.. do I need this? Is this bag dust.. This bags not so dusty I dont think. If you do this you can seethe dust. Right trusty dusty.. you need a black dark backround.. what are we doingt this is from pf chang, just goin through my inventory.. the title says it all right I put it in the titl;e.. theres another eyeball again oh my god omg! 26 pintexter revenge of the nered ughhhagghh no I say that because I was going over my old streams,to make them better right, u kind of, thats 1 thing I do, u gotta do that anyway, you gotta get the good bits n put them in your show, coz when I go to all those guys, all those platforms n present my show, we’ll see if they take it, can you ima.. what do u think will happen. If they dont take it it goes here.. tough shit, I dont care. As long as you try, who gives a sh, I dont need, do you need success if you have enough money? Thats stopped not doing catalogues now this is the last of the printed Argos catatlogs, book of dreams? Christmas dreams, Argos if you dodnt jknwo that, I must say this is the most impotayant advice if you love in Lodnon, if you dont jnwo about argos, youll be using amazon all the time right? They deliver, ruman delivered see the background there white steel closets.. cupboards,you gotta know where to get things here i dont do amazon it just didnt work coz im not prime member yet.. it just wouldnt work so I didnt do it.. which is.. I think they have enough actioj already domnt they? Apparently they dont make any money I heard ojn the radio I listen to alot of radio coz I stopped watching tv for a bit, & I heard this, you know ytou Hera them talking u get alot of advice, informationl amazon make no money from their retail, yea its between 3rd parties or whatever, so theyre making it all form hard drive space cloud apparently. Aws, I dont kmnow if I can trust them after the YouTube thing though.. to host my shit, im not sure theyd want to, I just wan dedicated servers,  I wanna do that, are we continuing here? I ghotta make sure it works.. so theres always 1 eyeball it shows, no it went up to 3 eyeball ooooh 300% increase, well they come n go anyway what is this cd sleeves..are they clean? This bag should be up there right? Another reason im doing the live thing is stuff happens that would never happen if it wasnt live. I come up w stuff I dont know, like I said before, is this.. m yea.. u come up w stuff 4 some reason although what if you dont.. ah its worth a shot. So were recording it anyway over there 4k stereo…might as well do a live.. o yea a see now I can see the hwole picture hadnt stretched out window but on my web site.. make sure its not tooo bad, thast what Russel said right, were not toooo bad.. yo um.. im really glad im doing this by the way, you know why? 30 because its been a year that Ive been in London through this lockdown thing it came n went, in the summer it wasnt lockdown but it was crazy you know & I still havent been able to do this and I just think w this I might be able to. it might help. Fro some reason. I just look at the facts. Yesterday I was in the square, I dont wanna say which one even though you know, but you never know some wacko might uh..heh.. dont give em any ideas.. but im in soho square and im like.. I need air, I need a little sun even though theres none there, theres. A little bit it was falling I got a few minutes of sunshine, alot of days are going that way where I dont get arounhd to do this,. Vagabond thats what those vagrants.. that guy that lives in a van.. I stopped watching him coz he repats himself too much like I said.. isnt that vagrancy? Is that homelessness if you live in a van? Well no thats your home. So its not really homeless is it? You know they have vagrancy laws like they said in rambo first blood? We have vagrancy laws around here you cant, we dont need your kind here, uh.. is that uh.. but now everybody’s uh.. im not putting it down, that could be me tomorrow. That could be any ojne of us, im not putting it down, so maybe I shouldnt go there. hehe 31 theyve been very nice to me actually the vagrants, do we call them vagrants no.. is that rude? Im just tryin to get the terminology straight man. Can u imagine, caoz theres some words you look them up. Coz we didnt have internet decades ago. 32 even 1 decade ago we barely had it right? 2 decades ago, so you look up a word and it says “derogatory, insulting, ‘ coz I hear things like uh.. I better not say.. it was a religionj term and it starts with m, and its just a short, just a shortened version of it, & im like it sounds funny, it sounds a little dismissive, it sounds like it could be taken either way. Like a joke, nickname, or you could also use it as a slur whatever, & I looked it up and its like derogatory and im like oh shit,my friend said it. I didnt. I never heard of it. He uses the same term for mosquitoes. But with an o. mozzzie. In america they call them skeeters right? Ok now do I save these these are 1 terabyte these are the latest, thats as big as theyll get right? Do you think theyll get.. they say these are future proof but theyre not.. do I keep these they have the recovery software took em all out, I odnt know why im keeping ehm but there frikikin expensive these cards..they said these are future proof right these cards.. btw I recommend these, [=extreme sandisk 1tb sdxc] 10 years ago they said it was gonna go up to 1tb coz it used to bne 2gb for the same price, back then, but now so if its reached its limit is it gonna be hollograms? I dont wanna rasie my voice is it gonna be hollogram technology? Is that where its going next? I dont know. Good I did a bag!.. see if I had just done this, 33min a bag a day, 300 days a year, right? I’d be done! I don’t have more than 300 bags here including the suitcases, I can’t wait to open this suitcase 34m you know I said that last time? This suitcase, you see this one? Tomorrow, heheh if I can just do this, the second desk in there which is full of bags ands all the bags that are around the second desk, by the way all these are full I got 4 steel closets and theyre all full. awful. Theyre awful and all full. They’re all full of whatever, books & stuff.. & uh so I need to throw things out. That’ll be the next phase. But I sprayed & cleaned them n dried them, most of them, yea, everything coz they hav eto be clean in there, I cant have dirty things in there.. so uh anyway & then we get to the suitcases yea. By the way this is embarassing cause I wanted the spring break like anyone like I said the “winter music conference” thats the excuse, sorry I just have to make sure this is.. you know being a director you gotta do it right.. do it right.. name that, name that, name that song? Do it right, ah ah ah [hand glasses] 35 ray Charles blues brothers. I dont wanta just quote old films I’m gonna start watchingt new films again I guess. I have done, I told you that dirty grandpa, classic! Doesnt get better than that. Dirty grandpa. Do I need this bag? I dont know whats going on here let me see whats going on. Theses do not need spraying coz they were recent they were not left in the mouse uh trajectory.. what do you call it? Where the mice were.. these are cable ties, I thought I was gonna tie all the cables. Office supplies right, orifice supples. You got your office supplies and your orifice supplies. Thats a separate compartment hahahah.. ts happening.. im not gonna be as entertaining yet caus im still rusty.. im still in non live mode, once the live kicks in.. the live disease, livitis, like phlebitis. You know inflammation of the phleba? The phlem? The veins? Livitis phlebitis.. are these, these were on the floor man the bags are dirty underneat but inside they might be okay.. where you gonna put it then man, in more bags? 36 let me try to throw some shit out, okay gopro, gorpro they let me down man too many times, gopro is always.. they usesd to work on occasion I godd osme footage really good where the extrenal professional unpowered lav mic, lavalier mic, how else do you call it? Thihgs happen, like it says new tip under hte Facebook window, it catches your attention, 37 something wrong? ok.. lav mic um.. let me check the comments just in case, ok.. 42 minutes? I mean that is remarkable.  Thats why I do it becasue its a skill! To be able to go 42 minutes and not repeat yourself, and come up with ideas & information and actually do somethi9ng this is good cause im actually doing something. Imagine if I was just sitting there. Blablabla thats what they usually do, but then its better in that way, then you do a better job that way, but youre not doing anything this way. Here, thats secondary okay? Is this, yea I gotta get going.. tempoere glass lens cover, yea I was saying gopro I did get some good footage they did work on occasion, but then eventually tch.. sorry my tooth.. yea baout the tooth ill get to that next another time.. im just waiting, I dont wanna hurry up & do anything, uh ..xhhhxhhh actually its good for the venitlation of the mout heheha 38 were was I, gopro, okay, 8, yes or no, I was very disapointed with the 8. I got 2 gorpro mods here, I had to send them from new york coz they didnt have them here, with or without the lockdown they wouldnt have them, gopro mods for the external microphone, I put a double lav mic, maybe thats why, I wanted it stereo, Ive got 2 lav mics going in, coz I had the guy fuse them together, that huy, Imran, who does my repairs. Hes done a bunch of them, right, & they used to work really nice, you get stereo on your gopro, stereo professional audio on your gorpo, I liked it  & I tried it w this, it worked one minute and not the next. & the built in one here allt the reviews on YouTube say its no good right, its mono, its better than the built in without it. The really built in one. This is the snap on media mod. But I like the gopros idea that its flat, no one else does a flat tiny teeny weenie 4k camera, 39 but uh bald n broke is using the x3000 which is what Ive been using for year so I might just stick to that for now, even though it sticks out & freaks people out on occasion. So did this, I mean I got banned from Anaheim hilton because of this. Cause of the gopro. Becasue I was in the jaccuzi getting the bubbles & they thought I was getting the lady. As if like you could see anything with the bubbles & im getting this [my back] & im getting the bubbles. & the point is everyone else was doing it. They had all these kids gettinjg me, in the pool, shoving gopros, not in your face but they were getting you, its wide abgle you can get the whole frikkin pool. & they had 1000 windows, tinted windows all pointing to the pool, 1000 people could have been with their camcorders getting the pool and im sure they were, & I was one of them xkhxkhxkhx.. just kidding, mine wasnt, mine didnt have a view of the pool. Mine was inj the back, so uh.. which brings us to the next move, Ive been looking at these high rise towers in l.a, I dont really wanna be in the 15th floor though, if there earthquakes n shit you knwo the elvator breaks, im thinkin the twin towers n all that. 40 I dont know if anybodys watching becasue here on the Facebook window it syas live, theres a live button & occasionally theres a 1 eyeball next to it whereas on my website it shows 1 eyeball, does that come and go though or is it just stuck there.. coz I dont wanna sweat it if no ones watching you see what I mean? Mm yea.. & that Marshall khamou idiot.. I sont wanna say idiot, but it was idiotic what he did.. his audienc eis trolls. My audience is uh the authorities theyre watching heheh so’s yours! 300 times a day youre recorded here, its the most surveilled city in the world, one of the most surveilled cities in the world, thats why when someone gives me shit for street photography, which is legal here, youre allowed to record the streets & anyone in them, as lonjg as you dont you knwo what I mean violate their personal space or whatever, but the streets are within limits, whats the opposite of off limits? 41 but anyway occasionally I get shit theyre like “did you take a picture? You cant do that” n im like its street photography ahole, even though in Budapest you can do porn but not that. Youre llowed to do porn, gangbangs and all that shit but youre not allowed to video the streets. apparently. Coz the new dictator. Although I gotta look into it although thats bullsghit coz I saw it on YouTube anyway.. same with north korea, south korea too, theyre even worse.. my friend uh whats his face? Dsong Huyn Choi from the students house,

He was really funny cause he used to play instruments in the toilet, outhpouse, hallways, in the weirdest places youd hear a cello or a violin [jew harp, triangle, applause] he was a musical genius but I think he lost his marbles coz on the Facebook page hes a friend on my Facebook thing, he says go to north korea, south korea is trying to kill me, I think its the opposite, its the other way man.. 42m so I dont mind saying this coz ill watch it later n get ideas. But I ghotta organize these ideas anyway. But I had a point to make n I forgot it so lets oh gopro.. gopro 8 yes or no.. im keeping it ok so the external stero mic didnt work and, the 1 terabyte microsdxc card didnt work. & it destroyed, u know its a $200 card, maybe 3, shipped over from America plus 25% VAT here.. no but you know its a 1tb card & I barely got a few minutes on there, & ity doenst work anyomre & it wont erase, its corrupted beyond, you cant reformat it, its completely destroyed because of gopro hero 8. They completely demolished my 2 or 300 dollar 1tb sandisk microsdxc card. So I said im not gonna use them u cant use 1tb cards, are they so behind.. tehcnology, its  usually, always yea the cards are always ahead of the camera manufacturers, or is it the other way round I dont know anymore.. the new sony a7 u know the 8k. Im gonna get it, 7 its 50 megapixel instead of 60, the a7r4 is 60. Im gonna get it becasue uh if possible, beacuse 8k you cant beat 8k.. is someone there or not because theres 1 eyeball there but not there.. I dont wanna stress for nothing. So dont. So ok uh es or no. yea we have to, im not throwing it out.. 44 test it w a smaller card, I dont have half terabyte cards now, theyre all 1 terabytes right? Yeah oh no well well test it well see.. you see it was a wasted 1000 dollars on a stupid gopro that doesnt work again not with the mics not with the cards, theyre just so backwards. So how come the sonys work. The Sonys work w 1tb card although evern the Sonys fucked up recently.. the sony x3000 camera you know the bald n broke one, the action camera, it screwed upk yea it showed that it was recording when it wasnt. & it recorded for like an hour n I took it out n its not there.. & then I put it back in n it shows it recording & theres nothing there. That looks like a card corruption though coz I put plenty of cards in there that work. So maybe thats a sandisk problem but thats why you get many of everything instaed of just 2 or 3.. so that didnt work and wj=hat else.. god do. I have to do this? Sht lets just get going man get going its not dusty is it.. so no tis is ok so gopro shit lens replacer, im gonna get the gopro 9, keep testing it, they might improve next time, keep testing it.. [return b&h 14 days but might fail after 14 days] therers nothing better thats the thing except for the little sony one right? Are these guys finished? Tapestry ok.. this is orifice supplies, what the hells this? Thast goipro, 45 is this gopro?oh theyre electronics, all electronics should be together at least, lets just do that yea.. packaging.. let me get uh these out of the way put em in a clean,,

Yea im gonna use dth mint condition, im juast thinking 1 eyeblall, im thinkingt if anyones there when theres no number by the eyeball, coz on my website if people are watching it there, 47 does it show an eyeball or not. I dont thin kit does, right? Does it? Its only on Facebook. It would only count the Facebook eyeballs maybe. I dont know I dont care, all I know is I get alot of traffic on my website & thats all that matters as far as thats concerned. Its not all that matters in life, but its all that matters s far as th.. {pointing] so uh mint condition uh Tesco bags.. were gonna use these they charge you now right? Before people were just grabbing them or sometimes, now theyre like 20p which is like 30 cents, for 1 bag, but I need them to put this stuff in.. so I have 2 types right, the mint condition ones that have never been used & the other ones coz alot of groceries fall on the floor. Cleaning products, alot of stuff in the supermarket falls on the floor, & they just put it back on the shelves, so youve got all the germs, all the puke, [piss, pigeon mouse rat dog human urine excrement vomit spit & more.. not grossout humor this is reality horror whore genre trainwreck its in your fridge..s  ] 

So youve got all the dirty things from the street on those items. Same coul be for these so but anyway um.. so I gotta.. thast why you shouldnt use the mint bags on these, if stuff fell on the floor potentially. anyway. So more gopro shit here. ill go over all the electornics, well do an inventory. What I like about this is it helps me organize. My the whole procedure. Coz i think I say it out loud over there and that wouldnt happen necesarily well it might happen anyway but im putting it in here. I have to mark that this is clean too. See why you need a pen on the computer all the time.. analog not digital anal-og,new yea new nude.. thats electronics, im gonna go over all the electronics later. Yea when I was at the Hudson hotel,i went to b&h and they have these watches, I dont wanna say, actually I dont wanna give anything nah I dont wanna tell you too much but 49 one of the chines cleaners stole them im sure because its Achinese product n its full of Chinese manuals in there, & it was the Chinese cleaner sho stepped in my bathtub when she cleaned it, in my bathtub with her shoes I was like excuse me do you mind? Cleaing the bathtub by stepping in it with your shoes thanks. Im looking forward to a bath in that. Anyway um and they stole my watch. Coz i had some stuff out. Why would you leave that out though, I would never do that again. It must have been a few years ago when I trusted people in my hotel room, the cleaners, I cant beleive I had that stuff out. Today it’d be locked up in my suitcases. [greece open, this is new york”] I would never leave expensive freshly newly bought gadgets lying around in a hotel room. Who does that? You lock em up, [& they steal the suitcase take everything!} Close the suitcase. I always close the suitcase now. God, what was I thinking. Serves me right well anyway, no one deserves that anyway.. pisses me off & then you cant prove it either.. [they stole the surveillance sousveillance cam] 50 how do you prove it. Now these are this is the watch fore the x3000 do I want that? Do iu wanna try that? So ican see can see a frame of it right? You can see how its framed. Yea id like to try that. But I wouldnt bother not right now anyway. So all this what am I do.. im putting all the electronics together okay.. & then were gonna go over Tham, ugh.. why am I puttung them in new bags? Yea dont.. put all the elctronics in 1 place.. do these need cleaning? Oh god spray thsi sh.. 51 ok put all the dirty electornics in 1 place 7 the clean ones in another.. not dirty but potentially dirty. These are new.. these are.. uhh its gonna be a quiet stream if no ones there im just gonna be quiet & get on w things. Itll be in the background if somethning comes up I’ll wave at the camera to make a note of it so I can find it later.. but im just gonna get cracking here, just like you are.. and uh thats that. So whatever needs cleaning im gonna put.. maybe I should do that now right, clean it? Lets just organize things first coz I dont knwo what the hell is going on here. Put the clean stuff separate fromn the mouse infested stuff when I left this place mice were running around were gonna clean that were gona spray or at least have it separate ready to go for cleaning coz right now everythiungs mixed up.. not really theryre in separate bags but everything all over the place. Coz i moved everything out there. Let me think what to do. Ok ok just a second. Ok this stuff yea..  god alright um.. gonna need your mask for this one.. 53 is someone there or not now theres an eyeball there and an eyeball there.. before there was an eyeball there but not there.. I dont know what the hell is goin on, I dont know if I should be entertaining you or if I should just get on with things. N not shout I dont wanna raise my voice now that we got the good [scratch scratch] good microphone can you hear that? scratch.. coz that is advanced livestreaming. Nobody, im telling you, nobody has that micriophone, I dont wanna.. id like to tell you how much it.. you know the value, but then you’ll look it up n you’ll see what it is.. you probably saw it anyway because I did show it in the past but I wanna keep a little mystery I dont want everyone all those cutthroat assholes competitors to sound as good as me! Hehehaha! 53 which reminds me of a quote form my brother, this is a classic right, which I;D like to apply to you. Don’t like my video. Im just saying coz youre not gonna like it anyway so I wanna get ahead of you you now I wanna be 1 up on you. Dont like it, because then I have to like yours! Which I have no-o intention of doing! Thats a quote from my brother. Im just quoting. Thats not me. Talk about. Isnt that mean spirited to say that when youre your’e know.. in your youth, to your sibling. “Dont give me a Christmas present because then I have to get you one, which I have no-o intention of doing”. Its pretty funny when you think of it, and it applies here beautifully. Cause dont like my video because then I have to go to yours. And like yours. & no ones posting any livestreams, theyre a bunch of lazy. I think is it why wouldnt they livestream, why would they just aput a picture of their whatever up there you know.. 54:43 oh coz they want their privacy yea but they Sid their life is an open book anyway.. whatever look u do your thing ill do mine okay.. ok this need a clean.. ok were getting there, as if.. no no this is better than nothing man better than sitting in the park then coming back here hungry, browsing all night, goping to bed in the wee hours & losing your whole I gotta get cracking so this is cleaner.. ok little break just a moment.. I was gonna wash my hands in the bathroom coz I prefer that sink, something cleaner about it, here im tyhinking limescale, im thinking.. theres no mice lately can u see me? By the way I wanna see if im in the uh.. its a better visual isnt it? Than an empty chair.. maybe an empty chairs better.. fell kinda icky, I wanna wash my hands after all that. I still gotta.. I still havent done anything. X2 dont repeat yourself. We dont have demntia yet, absent mindedness maybe but I hope its not dementia so uh.. I was gonna sya something just lost it man, these funny phrase just come up w little anecdotal.. ok.. so listen um.. 56 listen to the neighbors man thyre always like aghlalgh;laghl;agla 57 what the fuck is that man wtf r they doing? Im just you know everyone keeps to themselves here which is probably best..neeah I dont know man I dont know.. is it? yeah.. im telling you man.. if ah.. no more on that later, im getting sidetracked I gotta get going f them whoever f’s me I f them.. end of story.. ok am I doing this ir not. So theres elctronics whats wrong w this picture what happened here.. these electronics omg is that from here too omg these were the ones that werein the bag in this room.. just to recap um.. 3 eyeballs? I got 3 yeyeballs here n 1 there I odnt know what the hells goin on w this thing.. is the title up there so at least they know wth is going on its a marathon cleaning session yea..sint it coz it wouldnt let me save the title. It says fill out your title n it doesnt let you save it.. so these things were in this room, I left for a liong time when I was in greece n there was mice here. So I wanns clean them n were still doing them coz theres still some stuff I havent done. Cant sit there cleaning every item. Lets go over it, im gonna go over it, we’ll do this today. 58??   sss

 [above is manual draft, below is auto dictation software draft, both need correction]

Right. I wanna do the desk. Just get going. So wait. I can’t sit there spraying everything, right? If it’s, like, let me see what it is. Let me see. Let me see. Here’s some documents. Where do the documents go? And there’s to put them in the CDs. I’ve gotten those. What? Here’s some bags and get rid of that. Here’s some stickers. How much did the desk get so clean anymore after all this? Or if it’s supplies, do you have orefice supplies or office supplies? I’m wondering. Because I’m doing that to Facebook live streamers now, I’ll go there, and as soon as I they say something, I don’t wanna hear, I leave. And I’m wondering if they’re looking at the number going down in the in the window and they really care though, because. They’re not doing a show like me, right? For them, the live stream is everything, and Facebook is everything ’cause. They don’t have a website and bend it with an embedded on it embedded on their. OK. Is this OK now? This is. Yeah, this one’s stuff. OK, right, you know. We’re just going there, just put it in. These things should be. Maybe I should put the CD’s? Not here anyway. Oh my God. Look, I just don’t want it to be like that live stream where Terry Temple went. Man was sitting on his ask playing video games. As soon as I saw that, I left and never came back, bless him because he does have a good rig there. Yeah, I, I I left with nice comment. Amazing ’cause. He’s using the little extra 1000 in their backpack. He’s like I can hook you up with that. And I’m like, I would like to do that. I don’t want to carry a heavy backpack. I ready. Have a heavy backpack full of ****. Now I need another one for live streaming with an encoder. Turn off this ********. I’m gonna get the extra 1000 on my shoulder. Cambridge walking like RoboCop. Hey, how’s it going? I don’t know. There’s another one. More to worry about. This is more more by the way they see what Facebook’s promoting live wise. That Dubai guy. Big Smile and his wife. How many wives does he have anyway? They won’t allow that ranking measure. It was. There were four wives. They would allow that, right? Can you just show one of them please? OK, we can’t go there. We can’t go there. But no, just saying he’s on there. I’m just quoting, I’m quote, he’s on Facebook. He’s in my feeder. He’s nice too, but you know. I’m just saying you’re loud too. Are you allowed? Fair question. What’s the space outdoor? OK. Can I just focus for a minute here? Do I have to constantly be? Who is this man? Bags use bags. Yes or no use bags, they said. Reuse plastic, right? They say to recycle. They are more than one. Use what you gonna do with all these? It turns more so. There’s some new ones in their bags. Doing one place put bags inside. Yeah. OK, alright. Where do I put the bags? You say I have a bag of used bags.****. OK. Is it a mint bag or a used bag? Is the bag of used bags used or mint new? Well, these have not been on the floor. You don’t know where the well it should.’cause they used bags have products that fell on the floor in the supermarket, so they’re dirty. So if you put new or even if you’ve been anything clean in there, it’s dirty. Is this OC D? Oh man, oh man. So I’m thinking none of this is working out and I should do a stand up over in the LA I should just go under desk lace and he said he avoided the beach and I didn’t go to the beach. I went to the court. I’m not gonna do the next Andrew Dice Clay, I know that. But. Louis CK I could be that burn the pump. Get it. Louis CK downstairs. Did he? He got **** just for just for squirt. Did he, squirt? Did. What the hell? I don’t know. What did he do? What did is he? And then he did a comeback and then he disappeared again. And I’m not following, man. I I got it. Maybe I should. Maybe I should. Here is one of the best, right? These guys make 10s of millions of dollars, man. Well, he did. No, he probably lost it. Alright. Yeah, yeah, some some property tax. Annual property tax will take care of that quarter million. Yeah, I would say, OK, $10 million home is a quarter million a year in property tax in California and most states, right. So do the math. That’s how you save up your whole life. You got a $10 million dollar home, your mortgage, whatever. Whatever. Layaway you’re paying every month, you got $10 million home that, that, that’ll be yours. Like in 200 years when your grandchildren die. You got that and you’re paying a quarter million in tax ’cause it’s 2% tax plus extras plus this service charge hohs all this ******** insurance, all the crap. It comes out automatically, but I’m just saying OK quarter million and to be safe ’cause, it’s gonna go up every year. You need half a million in tax, half a million in ******** costs. So when they when they sell these domain and they can you enter if they’re thinking along those lines. Look man, that’s the price of you know that of survival today is is having a nice home and. But it’s still after half an acre in a plunge pool. The **** is that you could half an acre in a plunge pool 40 acres in a mule? I’m just saying it’s it’s not very good, is it? Which is why I’m looking at spending less like every option spending. Yeah. I’m looking at high rise alternative. I found one. I don’t wanna tell you necessarily, ’cause. You might **** it up for me, right. You might call the play email to play. I’ll just get bigger though. ’cause they look me up and we’ll see. This can imagine a troll calls them a troll, contacts them. Don’t let George. Godly. Yet he committed all these things. He didn’t. Of course they lie about me, so I committed. I did stuff I didn’t. Don’t let him stay there. So remember, look me up and be like, holy **** Before you let us watch that. And don’t let him live here, because if it’s Co-op right in New York City that co-ops all the residents have to accept you, you have to apply to rent their right rent control. Funny how everyone got rent control. Except this. But I’m just saying the. Can we go, please? Can we get going here or we gonna waste another day? ’cause, it’s 625. It’ll be dinner time, so I’m gonna postpone my dinner. I eat. I’m eating two meals a day. ’cause, I gotta lose a little weight. ’cause. I’m not moving enough and I’m eating. I’m watching out with her case. So 6:30 now. UTC, GMT. London time. London, Portugal. What other time? I’d like how they choose on there. Like Greece is Istanbul or Cairo time. Cairo, FGM capital of the world. 90% of women cut. Isn’t that? Isn’t that a crime against humanity? Shouldn’t that be stopped interpolating nothing? Yet waited. I’ve gotta see a lawyer. ’cause. I wanna know why Interpol doesn’t arrest. All these world leaders that commit murder. I better not say who ’cause. Then I’ll be banned from that country like I care. Like a Grand Hughes guy. What’s his face Grand Hughes. The Odyssey expedition. It is not the expedition odyssey. Like I said last time, by the way, I have to go through all my live streams and correct anything I, you know, expand on the few things that I said. But yeah, he’s he’s got a boring podcast to it. Started nights I went on YouTube. He’s only got 1000 views, even though his, you know, one second at every country. Obviously thing or 200 countries that he. President. Even though that’s, you know, got a million and a half views on it, he he just he gets like 1000 on each new video, he must be gutted, gutted readers digest. That’s a joke from 4th grade. The guy was like readers digest. Danny Blake, St. Mary’s, Oneonta. At first it’s sort of Nice. I was watching his live stream. And he’s talking about Brexit. You know, some of the stuff I like. But then he started getting more and more autocratic. He’s like. Heart heartless Brewer that Lady who’s criticizing COVID banner of Twitter because she’s killing people by telling them not to wear a mask. I’m like, no, she’s nuts. How are you killing someone? Well, yeah, maybe, but still, are they anyway, CC, I would message when your head. That’s what I should be wasting time on right now. That’s what I need to waste time on. Hey, so just keep going on and on and I’m like, yeah, you know, how much of this I’m gonna watch, you know, when you’re going on and on for like, an hour when it should be one minute. And if your ship dumped a minute and I’ll watch it, that’s what I should do with this. But, you know, I still have to learn the the new final cut, the new editing ship, imagine sitting there combing through the. You know. I have no YouTube account anymore. You know? They stole my 13,000 videos. I’m not gonna give them anymore, that’s for sure. That’s for darn sure. Putting this just out of here, man. Documents from documents back school bags, stickers, stickers, ********. Over there, *******. It’s good to keep tabs on it. Keep a mark on it I can see. See the time stamp? If it screws up. You are. Electricity. The bulbs could go to even bulbs. Some of them are replaceable. So what am I doing? OK, let’s let’s. OK, so these were in this room. I think mice went in there. I’m gonna have a look. I’m gonna try to spray whatever I can. And wipe it and dry it over there. I’m gonna spray that **** there. I’ve got the couch free now, so I I I put a plastic thing on the couch. I sprayed the couch, disinfected. Then I put a plastic thing on top of it, and then I let use that to dry things. If we beat. I’m hoping I don’t need two of these. Let’s see. What the hell is going on here. This is detergent, all detergent. When I travel and open so. The church is powder, right? Yeah, but it’s steel twice. Seriously, what do you do with this? Throw it out. I need detergent, you know, like I could go to Greece now or I’m planning on visiting a lot of countries eventually. Ready to try? Can’t bring the liquid **** so I need the. I I was gonna say cocaine powder is a joke, but. Imagine. Shut up your ***. Which minds me of when I was in Hawaii, I wish I videoed that man. I’ve gotta get this. This might be my only time to to say this. What happened?’cause I want to do my life story as an audiobook. Can you imagine if not sold New York Times? If it’s not in New York Times, that’s rigged. Right. New York Times. Bestseller is rigged, right? They buy their own copies and it’s all controlled and rigged. Apparently. I heard. I’m just quoting, but if it’s not a New York Times, but still they say they say international bestseller, they put on the front. Well, yeah, I was in Hawaii and I was doing the cocaine joke, had a briefcase with baby powder as a joke, and I went on the beach asking people if they like some coke as a joke that rhymes and. And it was funny. I got some good. But, you know, I was doing skits before You Tube started. This was like 1990. When was it O2000? I think it was about 2000, so I got the video anyway so I could do this is great. This is great. I’ve got a cocaine. Sorry, I don’t do cocaine. I never touch the stuff. Do I? No. And the powder baby powder isn’t the briefcase. And I’m going to the airport. I’m leaving a why? To go interview the Indians and South Dakota ’cause. I wanted to get footage to present to Channel 4 here for a follow up to my documentary that I did. So I got a South Dakota, so I’m going to South Dakota. And I’ve got the briefcase full of baby powder in the airport and I’m like, I’m gonna go through security now. They’re gonna see bags of baby powder, and they probably hold me up and make me go through all kinds of tests and security. Then they might have to test it in lab. For all I know. And I won’t be able to fly. So I left the. Clear briefcase bag full of baby powder. In the garbage at the entrance of the Hawaii Airport, Honolulu Airport. And as I’m at the gate about to board on my flight. The security come up to me with the briefcase and they say I’m sorry, but we saw you on the security camera and you forgot your briefcase. And I’m like, I gotta tell you that it’s only baby powder, OK? And you’re like, OK, no problem, they’re really cool. This is maybe now would be different. Can you imagine? I’m sorry, Sir. Come with us. You can’t get to miss your flight. And your luggage is gone forever. And we’re gonna look up your ******* and. See what’s going on? We gotta look closely into this and just it’s baby party. You can smell it. Can you get high whenever? I don’t do that. I don’t do that anyway. No, ’cause. I watching the Seinfeld Seinfeld boxes that I’ve watched, yet it holds up. I take it back when I said about the last track. It’s not too loud. It’s fine. It’s a great show. Like you need me to tell you that number one show. It’s. I can see similarities with Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is. It’s so uplifting. I only saw it briefly known again. Now I’m seeing the whole thing, so I I was at the sniff for the sniffing accountant episode pretty good. I watch it every night before going to sleep. Sleep beautifully. You turn your lights off, you remove you put it on your laptop. Streaming here live streaming a whole. You put the. DVD player on the laptop, right, there’s an Apple DVD player. I’ve got a couple because you need different regions for. Yeah. So I’ve got two of each region, right? Europe and America. So I’ve got that underneath. You got two of them. You just plug them in as needed. I thought it was a computer that changes regions, but it’s the. It’s the apple. Apple it’s the apple. DVD clear. So I’ve got that on there and at night. To go to sleep, I’ll turn off the lights and put on Seinfeld. And first of all, open a black window. I’ve got, you know, I downloaded some. I don’t understand. I don’t. You know, I I’ve got a video that has black at the end of it. Right. So you go to the end of the video. It’s black. You cover the screen, you cover your laptop, desktop, laptop screen with the black video. So it’s so it’s blacked out. Then you put the and you lift it as close as you can to the top. Then you press the. The DVD player, whatever, and you make that small so the whole room is dark now, because it’s blacked out and you let it run. And luckily the Seinfeld DVD’s don’t have that annoying introduction, music playing, looping all night ’cause that’s happened in the past. I was watching a DVD and it would just repeat this loud, obnoxious music and ruin my sleep. But with the Seinfeld, once you wake up. The computer is off. This is great. You don’t even have to watch it. You can just listen to it. I used to listen to Andrew Dice clay years ago before going to sleep, but I just need something to sleep with, you know? Besides my. My hand or my my girlfriend. Oh yeah. Do I have a girlfriend? You have a girlfriend. Do I have a girlfriend? I I still have to swipe and wipe ’cause. That’s that’s that’s what everyone is doing now. Nobody goes to the bar anymore. And all these couples that you see swiped and wiped, they swiped and wipe and wipe. And that’s what? That’s what I got. You know where we’re stuck in the dinosaur age. You’re not swiping and wiping. And you know what I mean by wiping your wiping. So not what I mean. You know what they mean, ’cause. They’re doing it. They’re the ones doing it. I don’t wanna yell. I don’t wanna raise my voice. Can I keep it down? Keep it down. But they’re not. They’re gonna be saying that about me now. They’re gonna be like the neighbors, always shouting. There’s always someone in there going. The Fuchs going on in there. Is he by himself or is he? Or he’s on the Internet? He’s he’s streaming. Even better, even better. Well, it’s not better than nothing. Replaces face to face. Right. So this was this was in here. OK, this looks pretty tight and the mouse could have fit in there. I don’t think they did OK. That was this. This was in this room or not? I don’t even know what was wearing now. We’re expecting it anyway, and apparently this kills 99% of the bacteria to method is as good as. And better because this is harsh chemicals. This is a. You know, and this smells like rhubarb. It says 99 Percent 99.9% of bacteria. You’re too. So I like this. This is row Barbie and stuff, but Barbie Barbie, let’s go party. This is African guy walks around the neighborhood singing old songs. Or not that old. But you know it. It’s it’s. It’s a relief to hear.’cause, they said, like 1980 songs to now is like 1940 songs were to 1980s, but it’s not. Is it because they’re still playing them and everyone is cheering? Although here I think they’re stuck in their time work ’cause that that Leicester Square guy that I told you about in previous stream. You’re singing a Whitney Houston. I wanna dance with somebody. And everyone was acting like it’s it’s the new number one or something. You know, if it’s dated, if it’s like 1940s compared to 1980s and then why is everyone thrilled to dance to it? They’d be like, oh, man, play something from this Millennium, so. Why did I bring that up? I was gonna say something, dammit. Forgot you have to check this thing. Important to man, it was important. OK. Funded. I listen to them later. I spent another eight hours. That’s why I didn’t wanna do this. ’cause. I’m gonna spend another eight hours listening to it and then I’m gonna spend another 8 hours writing it down to transcribing it. ’cause, if you don’t do that, you gotta listen to your never gonna know what’s on it. You have to transcribe it. And so you can see everything at a glance.’cause, there’s some **** there. There’s some stuff that I want to develop. Can you actually come up with? OK, sure. First, OK, one by one, GoPro batteries of the old GO pros, though tons of GoPro and some other batteries here. What are we doing now? How is this? God. Bits of ******** on my chest. OK. Batteries go with batteries. OK, this is a lens adapter. This is a. Camera mounts. What the hell that is? Yeah, it’s because something camera quickly. Batteries go with batteries. We just put all the batteries together and worry about it later, OK? Mr Speaker, streamers will spray it. Let me get the surface is dry over there to dry our spray to dry and clean surface to put it on so you can just clean the session. Had done this earlier. Sorry, but there’s hard drives over here. On the couch, how much shirt is there? I might have to spray the couch and put the plastic on their to for all this shipped and dry. I’m not gonna drive the item, but I will drive the outside of this. I will. I will clean the outside. Or maybe just put it in a new bag. Is that would save time. How much? So take it up, put in a new bag, put everything in new bags, ’cause they’re all bagged, man. See if you’re gonna do it. Do it right. You know that one song. If you’re gonna do it, do right. ’cause. You seamaster have gone in there and then I’m done with this ****. Anyway, I doesn’t bother. It’s an old camera. That was nice. I have great memories to these. One thing at a time. OK, we’ll put all the batteries in a new fresh bag right now. Gets gets a new bags. Papa’s got Grant brand new back. This didn’t working. This is $300 freaking flash thing. That didn’t work and it’s too big to put in your pocket compared to the other. Do I keep this stop working? Broke down here? Yeah. Do I need it? Yes or no? Missing digital. Do I need this? Do you want it? By the way, if anybody wants anything, they can **** ***. Yeah, I’m gonna get rid of the whole this **** so.’cause in my you look day, somebody wanted my. Big screens my Big Apple monitors, right? The big screens and apparently drops delete. Now I don’t use them, I use this so I’m gonna have to dump them anyway. I’m not gonna give it to you for free now. You gotta pick ’cause. It costs thousands upon thousands. Back or at least hundreds below. I know my stupid. Probably to give it to you here. So what to throw this out? That’s a good that’s OK. Repairs. I gotta go to repair it. I could have a repair section now. Iran wants to do my repairs to Stanley’s. Does repairs. I I wanted Stanley’s to do my transfers but they want $50 per transfer anything. Vinyl, tape, CD, DVD or even there. You gotta copy code. You gotta sign that. You’re not gonna. Whatever. Copy or write and all that, and there’s extra for copyright. And it’s, you know, $50 per item. Can you imagine instead of you doing it yourself? So I took a rain check, train wreck, Rain check on that. But by the way, train wreck. That’s why we watch these eggs, these apples, it’s trainwreck TV. And survival. OK, the guy in the van, the man in the van. The. It’s survival, isn’t it? So it goes to see these transsexuals that go transgenders. And it could take the smoke you wanted to poke the smoke you wanted to poke, but the smoke. Stop woke. He’s woke are you awoke, snowflake. I think you’re anyway. Should I be reading comments? What comments? Richard Lewis Geo is the original content. King. That’s very nice of you and I appreciate it, but I’m really not. I’m just. Just just just trying. I’m just a streamer. I could do much better than this if I dedicated 100% to that as opposed to doing this and that and just you know. Much better be much better. Nobody is the king. I guess you’re joking around every Can you imagine. Just like I didn’t mean that if something sarcastic. No, no. This is terrible. Anyway, I wanted to be in the park. I was in the square yesterday and. The drugs were there. There are even younger than me, some of them right? Yeah. Must have. And and even. Hard to believe, but uh yeah. And they’re doing things like this girl, like, picked up her walking stick, you know, she got with a crutch thing here. She went bang on the guys head. And I got up and told her to not do that because she could, you know, hit him in the eye and all that. I’m done. Find video, then ’cause. Sometimes you like. ****. I shouldn’t I. What’s the point, Shane? Drunks getting in arguments doing stupid things. Is that what my shows about? OK, can we please focus? OK, now all go for batteries. Throw them away. Do you know how? No, you can put them aside. This is the ship that’s gonna go in storage. I look forward to electronic motorcycles that won’t go. Do you think they’ll ever be electronic airplanes and oil tankers? ’cause. They said. No way, they said. No way. Uh, where were we? God. I’m telling you, this is not a entertaining stream. This is a cleaning stream. OK. So please don’t distract me. I gotta get back to work. Thank you. See you later. I’ll get the. I’ll edit the good bits and and put it. Put him up. As in the show. Put him up. No, it won’t be now. Won’t be now, ’cause. That’s another thing this is. This is now. The editing is next. And I spring break. I was going to say incel in Florida, they’re all walking around. Spring break. We’re missing it. Is it the Winter music conference? I I should check that should see if that’s on. I don’t think that I don’t think they let me fly out here. They’ll let me fly out of here. Maybe if I have a good excuse. They said you need a good reason. Yeah. The Winter Music conference. Spring break. Stick stick. Stick, stick. That’s what I’m quoting. That’s what they said, not me. Tips. I got him on video saying tips, tips, tips. And then she flashed that it’s. Sorry, is that rude? Her breasts? It’s bluitt. It’s the the, the the bird. That’s the light, right? OK, listen, what do we do? OK, I’m putting in storage. I might still use it. Will I use the GoPro, the old go pros or not, will decide later. Let me get clean bags. Let me think these are OK. Just let me put these in clean bags. So they’re gonna clean bag. What about this? Do you think a mouse was in there? I don’t care. ’cause. I’m not using this ever again. It’s just. I need a clean area. Just do this. Freaking stop. Yeah, I’m working. Sorry. Sorry. I gotta work. I just put this on the background as a security camera. That’s it. Right. Sorry. If you wanna see the highlights. You’re gonna have to wait till. That comes up till till I edit that. Sorry this is gonna be long winded. Long string like long COVID. You got long COVID Long live stream. My hands dirty. Remember that guy’s are. Yeah. OK, this isn’t 4K. This is HD. This was my Lumix. Yeah. Oh, wow. So like, I think there were 24 male. That was the problem. ’cause, you know, you where? I don’t know how I did it. I managed to get all kinds of stuff with a 24 millimeter. It’s like from here to there. It’s like binoculars. The *******. Sorry. The opposite. It’s like it’s like, yeah, reversed. It’s like a microscope. Binoculars can correct, yeah. It’s like it gets from here to there and I tried it. I tried the RX-100 last Christmas. Like the song that he ripped off, he ripped that off of Barry Manilow. Can’t smile without you, and he got sued, so he made. They made it for charity, and he admitted it. He was like, are you gonna take money from charity? No, but you still stole that song, and that’s how you wrote all your songs, basically. And then he admitted it that that he stole off. Interacts with The Supremes, they say supreme ear. By the way, Mary Wilson just died. Did she do the? Clear little darling and put it in the wall. I put it in the wall and I put it in the wall. That was one of the first things I heard. That and where does the world keep on turning by Skeeter Davis and in an airport somewhere? But. Do I need OK listen? The telephone man? Yeah, not the. Nope. She stuck her back on. Piece of my God. Hey. Hey baby, I’m a telephone man. Put it. Where am I going? Backwards. OK. Night, Nikon. Nikon as they say here. You can get rid of this. It’s terrible. Ward museum here, and you don’t know what to do with all this. We put a new bag. Let’s you see this is this is. This is what I was using in 2010, right? No, before 2010. 2007. You’re my trip to. You know, I look at the museum with other street. Who cares? And I couldn’t hear. Remember this. So light no ’cause I now I’m using this. I graduated. I wore this yesterday, known in the chest. So much ’cause. It’s just painful, you know, in your hands. And then you put it on the chest. Something you mentioned eating with this, dining with this. Put this on your chest. If they let you. That’s another reason I don’t wanna be in California. ’cause. Well, if I did so, I’d be over by the beach, right? Because that’s the only place you can film or video recorded without. People are harassing, you know. What is caressing and? Violating your rights. God. Sorry, I gotta look up pologize man, I’m doing my thing, OK? I’ll do a highlight reel. I’ll do. I mean, I’ll do a. An edited version in the future. OK, now what do I do with the Lumix and the Nikon? These are HD. I will never use these again. Unless it’s an emergency, even for emergent. No. I would never use this there, would you? No. To finish right, do I save them or throw them out? And there’s some batteries there, a charger, a lens cap, another lens cap. Oh, that’s for those lenses. OK. Remove some bits and bobs as they stay here but some pieces. What I do, what I do with the sugar. I put in a bag first, OK? Where is all that? Yeah. What’s going on? What do you do with your old cameras, man? My God, for these Tesco bags I can put everything in these new bags. Papa’s guarded brand new bag, James Brandon having a lot of hits, huh? You did 100 records. I like that movie, though. Even though it flopped. Or maybe barely broke even. And I said it before, but Michael Jackson Stevie Wonder will have a bigger blockbuster, they said, because they didn’t beat their wives. Or, well, maybe they did something else. But now. I saw Stevie Wonder. Yeah. What’s the trash right in the city in that video, security guy was, like, doing a favor, man. Don’t do that. Luckily, I got just enough. Just enough for this today. Just enough. Caught it. I don’t wanna get banned or, you know, get my life stream. Not embeddable because of. Fair use comment a whole Facebook. I always think various comment everything. So you can’t. You can’t not make my life streamer. Sure. I think it was the macaroni and List Square last time. That did it right? So go played, Macarena. I did a fair use comment on it though I said it was shipped and it was great at the same time. This is a great comment to say about everything. I said it was good and then well, it’s got this pros and cons. So this just this get I need to know what do you do with your old cameras in your old gear ’cause. I will never use this ship again. Ever. OK, put it aside as never to be used again. Alright. I’m getting something done finally. Maybe this life thing does work. Because I’m telling you I’ve been offline. I did. I did do something offline, but it does help you get going. It just gives you a feel like energy. It’s mark. This is a. One mark this. What do you mark it as? No. Yes or no. Market is no. What do you mean no man? Does that describe it? No. No, no, I’m not gonna use this again. Let’s get my sharpie pen. These pics are pretty good today. This is what I use all the time. I’ve tried every expensive pen in the work well. You know, there’s parkers the slippery Parker pens and whatever and can’t beat the big, big the column virals here for some reason. OK. What are my friends? Clean bags if I’m never gonna use them again?’cause, I’m a Virgo and I’m just a clean dude. Oh yeah, that that YouTube promoted that YouTuber Rob Black is a Curry which is a you tuber that YouTube promotes and ***** us over, but allows him to do what he did and having a YouTube. Tainted you tuber carries no no ’cause. He talks about cleaning his ***. That’s his gift to humanity. Which is fine. I mean, we all gotta do it right? But but. I was gonna say something about it, a podcast about how to clean your. Ah, so yeah. Yeah, I know why he did it. I’ve done it to you. Advertise that you clean your *** to get the girls to play with it. That’s what it is. Because his someone he’s working on, I think she’s a sex worker. ’cause. He slipped. He put his foot in his mouth, he said. Yeah, that’s your face. Sapphire or whatever. And right after he mentioned Sapphire in a sentence, the next sentence right after it, he said all these other hors. She shouldn’t have done that. You can’t put those two words together, even in two separate sentence. Imagine if it was the same sentence. Then he being deep ship, but he put it together in in this. In this he really put his foot there. I I wonder if she is probably out of the bag anyway, sex work is acceptable. I mean in some. They’re all doing it anyway, dude. You’re gonna do it anyway anyway. I’m just saying that he. Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. You advertised? I knew that years ago. I even wrote it down. Joke about ask cleaning and that joke about a clean house and advertising. Yeah, yeah. To get the word out. So the ladies will play with it. Yeah. OK. You’re not fooling us, Mr you. Tuber YouTube slash Robert? You know I’m there anymore. He’s not spreaker his speaker any good as a platform, by the way. OK, so this is clean. The way I just talked right now reminded me of a film named that movie where the person talks like five different questions at the same time. Are you going out? I said, nice day today. Did you do that and then name that movie where an old lady? For elderly lady word, I’m not sure how old she was. Asked five questions in a row. You see, I’m a film buff this story, and we’re gonna play this game. I’m gonna give away. So give away money or should I give away something else? How about a kick in the asile? Give that away. If you mention. Do I need this? Do it again. Which movie was it where the old lady asked like 5 questions in a row, and then I’ll even give you a hint. And then what’s his face? I was looking for these. Little speakers you can plug in. I wonder if that would work with the iPhone.******* little speaker. You see, I’m over the decades I bought so much **** I never throw away. Not even a receipt. So there’s a lot of evidence, but now there’s plenty of. Yeah. Yes or no? Yeah. This. Yes. You want these? Family. Yeah, the woman asked five different questions in a row and then William Holden says yes to the first, noted a second maybe to the third. I’d love to splendored thing. I can’t believe I wasted a lot of time watching films and. Like sex in the city. The sex in the city are series. Yeah, I wouldn’t dream of watching that again, man. Yes, I haven’t seen Seinfeld. I’ve gotta take notes. Otherwise it’ll go in one ear and out the other. I’m not gonna remember anything. You can’t remember all that ****. So I watch it.’cause, I’m trying to learn from that right. Open take notes. Techno. Take no prisoners. Take notes. OK, so I think I think we’re making some progress here. But. This is no. I don’t really want to touch my carefully careful. Another speaker I thought I was gonna use, but I don’t know if it takes batteries or, you know, OK. External speakers, right? The different music videos you know, you gotta lip sync and mime and to the. To the music. Answer the music. What song is that? Dance. Here’s a mark. This is microphone. Yeah, you see, this is stereo pro lavalier mic that he tweaked. What are the? Uh? I don’t wanna tell you what I’m wearing shirts to buy it ’cause. Then you’re gonna look like me. Actually, they don’t have them anymore. And the shrimp and the free. Yeah, I watched it. I did put them in the machine. They all shredded. They’re all like, shredded my ********. So I tell you what, what shirts? I’m gonna know. You gotta. I’m not gonna tell. Well, I wanna keep them in business. That’s the thing about. About products that you love, corporations that well. You look, that’s for sure corporate. The corporations like a dirty word. Now anything corporate corporate. Couple couple. Product that you love, you want to promote, to keep them in business, but you don’t want to over promote to have them sell out and they don’t have any left ’cause that’s what happened. Now is this clean or not? I don’t know and I don’t watch here. I don’t know. I don’t much care. Is that a nail? The Christ nail. By the way, do you believe in any of that? So yeah, yeah, yeah. I I gotta get this off my chest. I’m really disappointed that we’re monkeys that were apes. According to Wikipedia, Wikipedia says that it’s just really bothering me. Every time I go to that page, the origin of life and the evolution of humans, hominids. And then how many, how many? How many with an N? How many IA, how many GI a? How many? I haven’t seen the the end page yet. It got so many pages all saying that we’re apes and it really upsets me. Because how can there be a God if we’re ******* apes? Although someone helped me, I know I think I mean something helped me in my life. So there is something there. Just probably not what these apes came up with, right? Because that on my Facebook there’s that. Cinnamon girl. Where I seen Greece every time ’cause she goes to the where I go and she’s a hyper religious fanatic, right? And she’s like, so I said I emailed her yesterday or, you know, diameter. Grapes. Sorry, we’re monkeys. Sorry. Center. The Wikipedia article she’s like. That’s only people who don’t know the Bible. The Bible is the truth. I said Bible is man made man languaged man may book man-made language. Crackles.’cause he had this Mike crackles, the left crackles, everything crackles, everything is wrong. Everything doesn’t work here. And it works so well, like I could very nice recordings with it. I don’t wanna show you too much, because then you’ll copy it and sound better than me. Rascal. He actually doesn’t sounds pretty good. I really. I was gonna do a. Character study of Bolton broken all those Youtubers universe sorry you lose. Remove the from Cherry Ave ’cause they bust your your your chocolate cherry. I was gonna do. But I don’t wanna really waste my time. What am I going to get out of it, except help them get better?’cause, they are really dumb. If they don’t see what they’re doing wrong.’cause I I just can’t take him. I just can’t take him. You might have a million views a day because pewdie pie. Mentions you, but who can look at you? 10 minutes showing empty buildings. I guess many people can’t. Well, I can’t. Sorry. We can look at this. I’m not doing this again. A huge viewcam. I’m doing it to have an active front page. I’m like 100 domains websites. It’s like having 100 websites, isn’t it? You gotta 100 domains? Not quite because they’re doing the same thing. But. Anyway, I don’t. I don’t expect that I expect more than one, though. You know, she’s terrible, isn’t it? This is why I stopped doing it. This is more interesting than what he does, so this is more interesting than empty buildings. Excuse me. And it sounds like I’ve got a better Mike. What else? I’ve got a better this. I’ve got a better that I’m. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m recording of my mom saying I 1000 times and I put it on the keyboard, was sampling it on the keyboard. Hi, I’m. Alright. Hi. My brother right once wrote letter with 100 eyes in it till I think this and I I was like and I think we should communicate anymore. Yeah. My mom had the psychiatric. Country or is that just? Hostility hostility isn’t necessarily. I need this do this work. Do you keep old batteries? Does this work? Maybe the genetic this is full of energy, alkaline. I wouldn’t use old batteries. Would you come on the floor now? Two minutes. So I gotta clean it. Not that my fingers are dirty. And while you’re at it, that’s what I wanted to say, Chris Cracker, another, you luber, Chris Crocker, Crocker ship. Chris cracker. Either the gay **** oh, by the way, it’s OK for them to do it. Of course not. No one will touch him with the 20 foot pole. I told him. No, don’t do it. After he did it, I left the comments. No, don’t do it. No. Hollywood agent will touch you with a 20 foot pole with pole and he just put, like two eyeballs. There’s like two dots. I guess it doesn’t care, right? He just cares about sticking *** **** ***** left and center, which is what most people do for the course. But no, I’m saying he has a video where he says eat my corn hole. I remember this from 10 years ago. Why am I touching these disgusting ****? OK, look clean. This is like. Shrinkwrapped. Right. These memories are new. I should use them, right? Or not? Yeah, well, I use rechargeables now. Still there. OK. I’m OK. You’re OK? Yes or no. Put all the use boundaries like these. These exploded these leaked. These are the best, by the way. You can’t get them here. Can you used to Gothic cargo said in America can get 10 packs and 12 packs. You can only get. I used to get two here and there. I can’t see well, it’s Amazon is taking over everything now. There’s nothing anywhere. In the words everything. Fart. So the open ones, what about this is an old go power to tell you they’re not very good. This. What do I do with this? Sitting here? No. From now, are you supposed to dispose of batteries in a special place? Are you supposed to just dump them? Do they explode in the incinerator? What do you do with this? How’s about a copper shutter? **** **. I was gonna say something important before I I know it’s there. I know it’s there. I was gonna continue with it, but. I don’t wanna. I don’t worry about it right now. Right. Do I then they say that lot here. Do I then? No. Now men are now. OK, look, look, these are dirty. Do I need this? So I’m never going to use these batteries again, right? I’m never going to use the cameras again. If I do, I’ll buy new batteries. I don’t need these batteries, correct? I might still use that camera, though. There’s a Z. Whatever in there. OK, we’re going to put them aside, then put them in storage earmarked for oblivion to be thrown out when I leave for good, right? I’m gonna stay. I don’t want storage. I don’t wanna ******* pay story. Well, this this, there’s a little room. What do we do? What do I do, man? Oh my God. What the hell is this? OK, one thing at a time. No, wait. Touch anything so gross. That’s what my friend Justin told me about being a doctor. I was like, I might be a doctor. He’s like, now I can just see you now. That’s so gross. Looking it is, it is gross. So OK, this is the no bag. Let’s. Scott. Don’t know. This is create resume mounts on there. Who knows? I haven’t seen him in a lunch. I think that got COVID mice got COVID dude. By the way, made a mistake that night in the bathroom. The bathroom? Big difference. Just cleaning the surface over here so I can put some things to dry. Hang **** **** up to dry. You’re planning days are over. You better hang that. Pick up the dryer your playing days over. That’s what my friend told me. See, when we’re in making this 10 years ago. I’m still at it. Never. Shut over there. When I’m done with this though, just put it there for me on my face and one of my. So wash my hands. OK so. Jesus cannot be serious. McEnroe, McEnroe was was the only good thing tennis ever had to offer. Who wants to see a ball whacked back and forth? Do you notice how the the stadium is so slow and only to see the females grunt, right? That’s why they do it. Then it’s packed with two dudes are out. It’s like, you know, McEnroe was the best, wasn’t I? Remember my dad going got. Damn you. When he was arguing, you thought it was bad sportsmanship, right? But I thought it was great. I thought it was a great show. It was funny as hell. When should someone get this stuff? I guess. And I saw this documentary where he says I never won any of those shots that I argued about. So why? Why? Why was I doing it wasn’t to get points. And there’s one classic where he goes you can not be serious. That ball was on the line. Chalkdust flew up. We need that we need drama in sports. Sicker bullet, boring **** and Tiger Woods. What happened there? Or they didn’t dare test him for alcohol, right? It’s OK to be DUI. It’s OK to be DUI, right? Sure. He was on something, right. He’s on painkillers anyway, and it mixes with the whatever he had. But I guess, yeah, I guess, yeah, you should be exempted. You know, when you wait a minute. He’s not gonna drive anyway. That’s what it is. They’re like he can’t drive for the next years anyway. You know. Unless you can. Yeah. So no need to give him a a driving ban. He banned himself again. That’s terrible. I’m not making light of it. This is not good. It’s not good. Lucky didn’t give someone else because he when he crossed the median into the other lane, from what I saw. What I wanna know is who called? I guess they saw it. ’cause. Let’s say nobody sees you fall into the ditch. And you need help and you can’t call. Who’s gonna who you gonna call? Who’s gonna call Ghostbusters? Who you gonna call? Who is Garfield? If no one sees you, you’re ******. So you should have some sort of mechanism there. A live stream would be great. How about you not allowed to stream and drag now? Gosh never ends, does it? Never ends OK, batteries use batteries. I’m never gonna use again. These I might use again. ’cause. They’re shrinkwrapped. OK, this cable, that’s something else. Shrink wrap batteries I should. These are. Just another bag. I shouldn’t Mexican throw. Look sexual, is that mouse? It could be mouseton you say. See. Can’t see it, can you? You show it first, I’ll show it. See if it’s triangular. That’s. That’s the most part. That is the most, let me. Sir. That’s a mouse bite. Which is why I’m doing this ’cause. It’s mostly there was. You see what I mean? You see how disgusting that is now? Just sort everything out. They will. They will. But I just wanna make sure before I do that ’cause. I don’t need it, that’s all. So OK, check out the old batteries. Finally, it’s like taking a dump. This is like taking one mega shift over 100 days. It took 300 days and I’m still in. OK, look, even if there’s 300 bags at least this year, I’ll be finished, right? I want to I want to be finished before they open the streets up here, ’cause. Once they start screaming, I can’t do anything I can. I let it, but I can. But it’s just irritating. You don’t wanna be doing this. OK, so the I think that’s the mouse plate. I think it is. Yeah, it’s open. Got here 23. Let’s put all these old batteries down, put them in their dinner, all the old batteries together. I’m not cleaning up. I’m not cleaning up. I’m not gonna sit here cleaning everything. OK, so that I’m not gonna even use, alright? I’ve done setting Max bucket. I I didn’t touch. I touched here, but not here. OK, well, batteries, yes or no. There’s no end. Are these measures are really good batteries? She just was sealed, didn’t go near. Yeah, this this doesn’t open either way. Yes, it does. Yes, it does. End bold. I recommend these endloop These are the best. I’ve tested a lot of batteries, sorry, the lighting is over here, you see. And loop pro. BNH give them their. The best that I noticed a huge. Difference. God. I’m gonna get list squeamish. I’m gonna be like a military guy now. No military guy would sit here spraying everything to make it nice and disinfect. Well, maybe they might. No, they sleep roughly. They’d be like two cares what? They just use it. I think they claim they clean up their equipment though, right? I’m just saying I want to be tough, right? I’d be so squeamish and spraying everything and the off chance the mouse went on it. And there. Crystal Seal wasn’t sealed right now. And a new bag. Random bag. I don’t know that song by James Brown. Bold brand new back. I heard it. There’s no hook in London. Songs have no hooks. My favorite one of my favorite moments in all these biopics, music biopics, is. I think it was The Four Seasons or The Four Tops or the spinners, so many of them isn’t there. Someone that lives could. Could it be? I’m falling in love. I remember that one cousin Manhattan wants somebody was whistling that in state of my head. How it’s whistle able you know. I’m I’m out of practice. Could it be? I don’t wanna get copywritten but. The guys name starts with R they have the biography on. This this movie made for TV movie. It’s just a funny moment where he’s. They won’t let him sing, and the band go on without it. It starts with our his name starts with R is really famous singer from the from that era. It’s either the spinners or the wasn’t. The Detroit spinners was the so many groups, right. Anyway, he’s he’s about to get sick. He goes onstage, they they kick him off stage and then they start without him. And the the song starts with a, so he opens his mouth. He goes ah, to sing. And the guy comes out, she grabs his microphone and starts singing. But it’s just a funny visual. If the song didn’t start with a, it wouldn’t be as funny. ’cause his mouth was open when he’s about to sing. And the guy grabs him. I kiss. You had to be there, but it was a funny moment. I gotta. I gotta show that. Mr. It’s just like you have to. I’ve got his little black book, right? He published a thing called the Playboy Black Book a little. I bought it and he’s got his favorite movies in there and favorite movie, most romantic movie moments. So there’s a romantic at heart. Sure. Show ladies would split Beavers. Just split. ******** too. Or was that just Larry Flynt? Larry Flynt to took over the backpack? Took over with. We’re Hefner left off, but it’s just so funny. I’ll Hefner gets away with everything. ’cause III saw Bush. I saw a lady. In the Bush, right? Anyway. It’s like we love you. Should never say we love you, Larry. Larry is the black sheep because he showed the back door to. Personal back door. I don’t know. Do I care? Yes. Very important question. Burning question number times, OK, look, man. Tell me what to do with this. OK, we said batteries use batteries. Except the shrinkwrap broker, the years weren’t open. Batteries were gonna put. Sealed batteries go here. Use batteries. I think I will never use again in cases to look better cases.****. I’m there. You want to touch my mask even. Yeah. Sorry, gotta get to work here. Were these years? Series. These are the lithium. The third, please. These bags are usually not used. All the loose ones you throw out, I’ll have them for. I’ll play with them later. Clean Berg ’cause this is gross. It’s nice right there. Don’t just wash my hands. I can’t. I’m not gonna clean every battery. There’s thousands of them. These are sealed, but the sealed ones separate ’cause the brand new. What about us do better expiration dates after? A few years, even if they’re sealed. I’ll find out. God. This is great. Now I finally feel like something’s happening ’cause. Man Nokia. So you just throw away all your thousands of used batteries? That’s what I’d like to know. Who’s watching? Is that Richard Lewis? There’s a green dot by Richard Lewis, man. So you’re you’re American, right? Because you said you’re going. You’re thinking of Miami. Wassabi Power dual charger batteries for GoPro Hero 4. What sabi? So you have them all in there. She. I can use these. I can use the. The battery, your bags, the battery. The pill pouches can’t get them here. So. Keep those. I need to fill pouches might not work. Yeah, I’m just saying that, that, that Marshall Camel guy, his audiences trolls, right. People that think that I might put them on there and wanna sue me if I do so the checking every day to see if I put them on there not knowing that street photography supports me. The last ports me with street photography that range. I don’t think I need this. The last supports me with street photography. We get a smaller bag. Smaller boat. Yeah. Marshall. Audiences tools at 80s guts and would love to criticize him and enter, falsely accuse them if they’re falsely accusing him of ship. They don’t know what happened with that kid in the band. Go to kid in the band, put him on like some big deal. You might not have touched him. We don’t know. We don’t know either way, right. That’s the thing. If he did, he’d been jailed something early. But they’re, like, accusing him of. But they didn’t see so. But that’s his audience. Imagine. Yeah, everyone has that. They mentioned, you know, he just ignore it. But he’s sitting there going. Let’s get rid of this guy. I’m gonna get rid of this guy and I’ve got no one left. He went from 200 people. Well, that’s ’cause. It was you. Loop. This is 200 losers on YouTube. Nothing better to do than watch him. Sorry. I mean, did I? Oh, shoot my hands visible. You can’t do that. But I was scratching. OK, have an itch. Excuse you. Chirp. Listen, I’m. I’m gonna get the small bag ’cause these. These go together, don’t they don’t want these all over the place. These. I’m gonna see if they work too and eventually. But let me just get some small bags. I’ve got a few here for the kitchen. Can’t stop watching just overnight. I just couldn’t stand another minute of him. I just. Just can’t watch him anymore because he’s just not doing anything. Not that I’m doing much. I mean, well, even if he cleaned his van. Look, I’m. I’m in another point in my life where I can’t really sit there watching. I have enough problems right here, and I did watch it for how many? Thousands of hours did I watch people? So I’m beyond you. You guys should. I’ve done. What are you getting for lunch and got some other things? What do you gain? Weight. This entertainment and information unit. You’re not sitting there with notes and learning like a lesson, are you? That’s what I do sometimes, you know. Try to get something out of it. Otherwise, yeah, no, I need an outline I need. I need a summary. I need bullet points. That’s why I don’t watch CNN anymore either because they used to have bullet points at the introduction. I don’t wanna read the 1000 words, man. When I can read 10.’cause my eyes starts bad enough that because of all that **** or they used to put bullet points on top, I shouldn’t tell them ’cause. They’re gonna do a good job and I’m not. Should I have friends? I’m not helping me. By the way, there’s still one side. And aren’t they CNN? I know going on, I I enjoy what I. I’m getting less and less. Watching the lesson less. Just two insider. It’s supposed to be in part. Isn’t journalism fuc your opinion? I want. I want. Don’t ask questions either answer them, but. Some work one side. I want both sides able, so I gotta watch someone else to get the other side. CX700 battery what? Is that a drum machine? Six 700. Which which brings. Which reminds me, I gotta hook up the drum machines and anything I gotta get going, man. OK. Big batteries. OK, we’re just putting in. It’s gonna get to see where that is going on here. I believe we have too much. It’s just too much, isn’t it? That’s what my mom was saying about America. One one look at Walmart inside of Walmart, you can see they have too much right. Looks like they have two much. It’s just too much of everything. Which reminds me, when I went to Hawaii for the first time. That’s when I got ripped off right by a Kenny players, this DJ guy. Here, here Pro Tools. So it’s 1990. What was it? Maybe 8, I think around there. I wanna. I don’t wanna talk like that. Like. Have to be honest, man, what can I say? I could knock off a couple decades here. Was it was yesterday by much younger than I looked. It was 1998. Yeah, I went to Hawaii for the first time then. And I looked in the mirror. The I went to Nikko Hotel ’cause. I had the brochure of Nikko Hotels and I think they changed it. It’s a Japanese chain. We’ve changed ownership matters, it’s changed. It’s not there anymore. But one of those towers. Here we got cables. You have to clean these cables you know. Brother anymore. Cables. My God, look, I’m not cleaning it and I’m just sorting things out. But I went through your Hawaii. I was gonna say something about the government for the Pro Tools and I I kept my deposit and I went to Hawaii anyway, but instead. But something happened out there was going to be my first time. I can’t remember now. Sorry. I gotta concentrate on that or this ****. I’ll look at it later. And I fell. I’ll cover it in the next live stream. That’s what I do. You know, I go over my live streams. You know later. Come and I’ll take. I’ll prepare the next life stream. Any. Yeah, anything like this, that anything I forgot? I’ll cover in the next lecture. That’s it. Now where my send this or not. Just bring them, put them over there. If I start spring, it’s going to leak everywhere. It’s going to get wet here. I want my cables cleaned. I’m not sure I do. I don’t think I need this. Somebody do, so I don’t hear. You know, if you’re never gonna use them, are you cleaning them? What the hell are these? So many different types of cableman? So many. If not now, when to proclaiming? Or here’s one one of those. See this. That’s good for. Yeah, this I need. I used the speaker one to hook up the mic, the camcorder, to the. Laptop. With indoor in there. It’s terrible. I think I’m the only guy. I think I’m the only person with this problem. I don’t see anyone else doing this to you. This is clean. This was in there. I’m not gonna clean this one. ’cause. It’s good. OK. Should be careful. They could stop the stream. We wouldn’t want that would be. Sarcastically, I’m saying. Yeah. Cover in the next live stream. Sorry. What would I do these? Should I clean them? Yes, but I’m not spraying now. I’m gonna spray tomorrow. Put everything that needs spraying somewhere else. Excellent. I can’t organize and spray at the same time where I spray or I sort out. For a yes or the spring break in Florida, they’re not letting people from what I see on YouTube, people walking around freely without masks and whatever, they didn’t have a lock down. That’s what that YouTube rob Zachary Guy was saying. Florida didn’t lock down and their top. They’re much better off than everyone else who did luck. Now, what does that say? He likes to say weird things like that, but there’s. But. Florida. Florida. Yeah, they’re lying. Yeah, you gotta wear mask in the restaurants. If you get up, but not if you sit down. Do I need this 84 zip wallet? You gotta get a cleaner one. I’m gonna have to get new stuff. Beats pill. That didn’t work very well either. And in my store in there looks pretty tight, so that’s that looks good. The beats filled all these external speakers are problems. Yep. I’m trying. Try and tone it down a bit. OK, now that we have good microphones out loud enough, by the way, I gotta keep track of the audio here. Going into the let me see. Let me turn up the order a bit and I’ll I’ll turn down myself. How’s that? That’s distorting. That’s distorting right now. And I’m just whispering, kid, turn it down some. All these external speakers. Or. Faulty pig cut problems. I think that’s OK. That’s right. Yeah, it’s sealed twice, man. Like it is. I’ve been looking at Miami. As well, Ricky Lewis said. He’s maybe don’t want me to say, but he mentioned Miami. It’s a resort to South Beach. And there’s white flight, it says in Wikipedia, right, because there’s no white people there. It’s, I mean, not Hispanic. White. It says I’m just quoting Wikipedia. I don’t care either way. I spent a lot of time there. Even though Aussie dem answer me here that I hate it when I contact old old acquaintances or, you know, business colleagues, even though we did a lot of work well some work anyway and they answer and then they don’t answer again. To even ask you a question, hey, great to hear you a long time. No hear. It’s been a minute. How’s it going? And you answer very briefly. You don’t make it about you. Make it about them. How’s it going for you? Nothing. What did you die? Car crash or something? Or are you just did change your mind? Or did you see? Did you see my website and say? OK, I’m gonna spray this one ’cause I this one I need. It’s a mini Jack to mini Jack 3/3 inch quarter inch, not 1/4 inch is the big one right? 3.5 Mini jacket have phone Jack to phone with phone Jack. A bigger one, I need that I always need that. I’m gonna do this tomorrow. Appear to be done tomorrow. OK. It’s great that tomorrow. Yeah, we’re getting somewhere now I think. What is the word about it? She’s ****. Is that ****? What if some are clean and others are dirty and not? They’re all dirty because you put The Dirty things with the clean things. Yeah. These look at the grimy. What about that storm in there? I don’t care. All those are new. These are newer. For second and these. Farmer. Little squirt. Squirt. Trevor squirters. It brings us to. We’ve got websites being in the top ten in the world. I wonder if that’s gonna last, because now I’ve noticed that a lot of domain names are blocked by Vodafone on my iPhone, right? Should I? Should I be answering comment? No. Look, look, it’s not a kind of stream, OK? You know, we’re gonna stream. You know what time it is here? They say, what’s the time? Not what time is it? I forgot what I was saying. This is so bad. So I was looking at the old live stream. Sometimes I’ll be like, you know, I put on my other laptop and I’m looking at the good bits. Some bits just really resonate with you or really. Excite me. I’m like **** that was well done. This is one bit on the previous live stream, but I’m not sure anybody saw it, but I’ve been watching it over again to see. What I did right, if I did anything right? To put my mom, who does anything right, who does everything right. Every generation says the previous generation did something wrong. Well, who does everything right? And that should contradict yourself and say I did everything right. Like when she got. Ilium, cancer. She got? Yeah. She got cancer and died five years after my dad. It really bothered me. You know it, even though we went, even though she did some bad things, you know? Cut me off at 13 for Gordon boarding school, and then she said you and I are strangers and then cut me off again. Threw coffee at meet at 18 when I was went to Saint Andrews or in Britannia Hotel. Was it? Yeah. Overtime. I was like, don’t talk garbage. She’s like, you gotta go. Should I say all this right now? I wrote it down to my godfather, Uncle Mac, Matt and it’s like. Now it’s gone forever unless I wrote it down somewhere. For my mom. Yeah, she’s like I did everything right. Why did I get cancer if I did? Nobody does everything right, though, didn’t it? Casper. Yeah. So this happened. I’m 18, fresh out of boarding school and she wants me to have a year abroad to become a civilized human being in England. I’ve got. I recorded a little. I didn’t have a camcorder yet, but I recorded her audio. Phone calls telling me you’ll go to England to become. You’ll see that there’s something else in this world. Trying to force me to go to England for postgraduate year. We needed blocks. Ham or her superior point to some colleges. She found. It should have been eaten. Right, but they they don’t take, they don’t take. Gonna be registered at birth for that one. Which brings us to Harmsworth. The Daily Mail guy more that later, but yeah, she. So I asked my dad. Oh yeah, yeah. There was a Skype from Sheffield from I was friends with an English guy who’s doing postgraduate year in America. I said I thought he goes ask your dad, can she really do that? So I asked my dad, does she pay for my education? She’ll cut me off if I don’t go to England and he goes. No, not one red cent, but Vanya gallon and another guy might. He’s like, I want to go anywhere. I I’d like to go ’cause. I’ve never been. So it’s like, you know, maybe it won’t be that bad. This pups there. You can have a good time to put plenty of distractions there too. So. I said go. I’m like, where am I going to work? Trying to postgraduate year but it was an old guy school which is hell, even though there’s ladies, you know, serving the food. There was, there was a little I did get a little action. I’m going to Paris in the spring and then whatever. Right. Yeah. I’m just saying. Oh yeah, yeah. In the Hotel Britannia Hotel wasn’t. I wonder if that’s still there in Mayfair. I haven’t seen it, but. Oh, ****. I gotta keep my volume down. I’m watching the levels. Yes, she she threw coffee at me. She goes. I just got off the plane. And some Indiana girls were sending me love notes. Are you know, the. Because I was dressed up and they liked me and Oh yeah, this the supermarket, I’m 18 and they’re like 16, maybe. And the supervisors were like. Wendy, it’s over and they’re like. So that was over. I looked up online. Now she’s a grandmother now. Probably right. Do I need this? Going back a bit isn’t **** man. It’s better. You never know, never know. Oh man, oh man. American instead of a GoPro, I’ll use this, right? Um. Because. Show some Greeks that she knew at the next table they came up to us. It’s ’cause. Yeah, my son. My son. We’d love to come over and visit you or whatever. And I’m 18. I’m a little rebellious, so I grow. Mom, can you check with me next time? Can you check with me next time before making appointments for me when I’m in Greece, I might have had the next she goes. She was very hostile towards me. She had some problem with me. Apparently she goes and just want to sort here. If I’m gonna raise my voice. Remember, bring down a little bit ’cause. I wanna raise it a little bit and just wondering, do you have that so important? I know I might wanna see Grandma. Yeah. Yeah. I was trying to. And she goes. That’s not a chore you should want to see your grandmother. Printer and then she said something else. I can’t remember exactly what you see where you need to write things down. And I go up. Mom, I said. Mommy, she used to make me call her mommy ’cause. That’s the English for mom. Mommy. She anyone can be a mom. That takes some special to be a mummy. Yeah, in the Egyptian tools. That’s someone special is a mummy. But. I go. Mommy, stop. Don’t talk garbage. I said she goes. Don’t talk to me like that. I love you. Her eyes were bulging and I go ahead and she did. She threw the coffee on me, burning coffee. Unlike, you know, dress shirt, I used dressed uncomfortably with polyester shirts that they used to get for me. Whatever mixed blend, you’re uncomfortable and tight size too small or you know not no room. And it was horrible and I’m uncomfortable dripping and coffee and every everything on the table was knocked over except one glass of water in front of her and I just went. I knocked the water on her. If she was drenched in water and she goes, are you crazy? I’m just like me or you, man. Butter. And she stopped talking to me. And then Dan flew all the way over from New York to pick me up. And that was the first time I had three days off. Because even weekends I had to work on the farm, he put me to work. And for the first time I had two or three days in the hotel and I watched top secret with Val Kilmer. On the cable thing that was playing over and over again, I think I wasn’t, it was brief tenure hotel. I think ’cause we stayed at claridges once too, but that’s something else. Yeah, there’s sex worker at night. Once she came over to me. How you doing? And I go. Yeah, she goes. Look, I’m a lady of company if you want. If you want, let me know. And she’s older than me and stuff. And I told Mom and she goes, you see, your father should have taught you these things. So you would know instead of, you know, finding out like that I was like. He wasn’t there. It was your your job. If he’s not there. But I I learned them at school. Anyway, thanks to Hustler magazine and variety and all that. And play. Boy. Did I not play boy wasn’t. It wasn’t, you know, forthcoming enough from the pump. But anyway. So yeah, so she knocks it over, she knocks it over. But he flies over to pick me up. I called him. I said yeah, Mom was not talking to me. She said she threw coffee and dry. Feel sick. I’ll be right over in the next. Like poor guy ’cause, you know? Few seldomly at that point, and they flew over and got me. I couldn’t fly by myself. I had no credit cards or anything she could have put me on a plant anyway. The first time I had two or three days with nothing, and I’m like, holy **** I hope the rest of my life isn’t like this ’cause. It’s not good to just sit around.’cause I was used to never sitting around maybe a little bit a few hours, but not three days in a row to do nothing. And it just felt really wrong. And I’ve had three decades of it. Oh my God. No, that’s not. I’m joking. I’m joking. It seems like it. But, hey, hey, hey, come on. At least there’s that. At least there’s that. That’s all it be known for. And if that gets stolen, I’ve got alternatives. But there’s nothing there. It’s forwarding. You can’t. You can’t confiscate this. I can just see it based on misunderstanding. And they take this, which is my big concern right now, which is why I’m getting backups. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I’m trying to keep my voice down. I don’t wanna yell anymore. ’cause. I put me off with my last live streams. Right now, it’s shouting. I could stand it. Can’t stand it. Keep my voice down. I don’t wanna be too soft spoken though. Either. Right. You don’t be like week. Like older people lose their voice. What? They put that in the Seinfeld shitta, so yeah, I remember seeing. Add more to quote the hell this is. This this is missing. Sing is I’ve got assume I’m leaving.’cause I am. I’ve gotta get going. I’m gonna be like I’m. Leaving and I’m not gonna bring any of this. It’s just such a waste. All these things I bought that I never used. What the hell is this in Japanese? Is it you remember seeing us? Not it’s English apart from. Asian store, though I thought it was. Jerk. Do I need this now? That might have been on it. I’m not gonna use that, am I? Don’t use that, do use. Don’t use a nice little bag, isn’t it really? 290? Nine $2.99 for ******* bag that I never used. I’m gonna use it. Cortana. That’s it, yeah. Never used. That’s a point. That’s the point. It might be a waste broken charge. OK, one thing at a time. Yes or no? Yes, Sir. I’m not throwing it out $3, man, I can’t. Sorry. You know how you know? My mom used to force me to eat everything on my plate. I got finished. Guy like this is for the starving kids in Africa. They made me do it. This is for you. I’m not joking like that. But I’m saying I’m used to not wasting anything. Now, these little bumpers are. Good life on that I don’t use little iPhones anymore, I sure. In case I never used these, I never, I’m never. I’m certainly not using those ones. What if they make them small again and you get the new ones? Really. And what about? It’s a waste. Cases. OK. We’ll put them there. I will give them to charity. Will give a whole bunch of to charity. We have another bag for charity. Is that right? Yeah. ’cause, it doesn’t feel right to throw everything out. But it does put my side. Put it in the note bag. Right. Or or the Novak has expensive cameras in it too. No, wait a minute. ’cause. They know bag would be cameras. Am I gonna have that through the vlogging and streaming museum? Time out. This dries your mouth out, you know, talking nonstop to yourself. But to whoever is listening online. I’m not sure this is such a good thing. We’re gonna have 10 minutes of silence, but someone hour of silence that will get the audience going when it. Suck. I need to do this, man. I know it’s keep talking. OK. OK, let’s go. What are we doing this? I don’t know what to do with this. What do you do with your old? Build iPhone cases. For America. 30. What’s your list? What you doing? Here’s another one. This this was in the Vegas. I’m going to pool was like, hey, it’s my new company. We do. And that’s for iPhone 6 and now iPhone I used 10 or 11 as it 11. This won’t fit, man. This was rendered water. So is this obsolete? Notice? It’s no good. Are they gonna make emphasize again with the flux going? I’m still here. I still have the other size one there. I’m still. I’m not using. Yeah, it’s my backup now. We’re gonna get it back. We’re gonna get to 12 now. That’ll be my backup. This will be my back. OK, we’re putting these in the no bag. What about the just the cameras? I’m hesitant to throw away my old cameras. ’cause. There’s a history there. You just get rid of them. You have nothing. Of your past. I’m not looking at you. I’m looking at the. I’m just wondering if there’s smudges on the camera. I don’t. You know. I just wanna do good job, man. Yeah. Maybe I should look at the comments. Maggie. Maggie. Who’s this? I’m listening. Geo. Who are you? Man? Who is Maggie Mack? The five stages of the actor. Who is? Look that up five stages of the actor by Ricardo Montalban. Who is Maggie. Maggie, get Mia. Maggie. Maggie, type. Get me Maggie. Maggie, get me a young Maggie. Maggie. Who is Maggie? Maggie. That’s the five stages of the actor or actress. Sorry, but I’m just quoting. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say it, but OK. Now, look, I’m just this is my cleaning session. I’m not here to. Do anything else? I’m afraid, sorry. Alright up. I think the mice were in this bag. And I don’t feel like cleaning it. Cleaning everything here, I won’t bother. I won’t bother anymore. I didn’t get on most of these things. Correct Put this on for a sick don’t watch, man. Sorry, I can’t. I can’t entertain you and do this at the same time, I mean. I kept. It’s just a background security camera sometimes. I’ve been talking nonstop. I can’t always do it. I can’t always do both. I can sometimes do both, but not always. How is this? OK. OK, OK, OK. OK. Decide yes or no? No, I don’t need this. It’s gotta go. We’re not putting garbage or charity. A. IPhone 4 and 4S, yeah, but I think the iPhone 6 that I’ve got. That’s my backup right now, right? Does it fit in mass? I don’t know what to do with this. Sorry, don’t look. I feel I can’t entertain you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I said, you know, you watch the prerecorded. I can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I’ve gotta get going here. It’s it’s already. 7:50 PM here. But who is Maggie? Maggie. Yeah. Who is it? Oh well, there’s more. You are so cool. I thought your fan really thank you. Charity. It says, yeah. Thank you. After. I’ll have to reciprocate. Now. Go to your site and have a look. Right. Thank God. What is this? What is this is bad. This is bad. I’m sorry. I’ve gotta focus. Sorry. Nice talking to you. See you next time, OK. Otherwise, it’s not gonna get done. It’s not gonna get done this. OK, so sorry, she said. Charity with OK charity. OK, OK, so let’s have a charity bag. Said the charity. Better. OK, let’s do that. This is this crime here. Just wondering, I’m not hungry. I ate at 11:00 o’clock in the morning. And it’s now 8:00 PM. That’s nine hours and I’m not hungry. Is that weird? I could cook that dinner and lose some, you know? Get get back in shape. But I’m gonna have something. TuneIn later to see what it is. I think it’s gonna be a game. It’s gonna be that same as last live stream ’cause. You missed the burgers yesterday. You missed the Linda McCartney mock duck or vegetarian, vegan hoisin duck, vegetarian, vegan duck. It had sugar in it, though. That’s one reason I didn’t want to get it, but I didn’t use the sauce that you’re gonna do. So there was some sugar that Linda McCartney, you get them at Tesco and they’re excellent. Oh my God. It was tasty. So I had that with the contract noodles and organic broccoli steamed. You put a little water in the pan and cover it. And it’s like boiling, but it’s not boiling. It’s not really touching them. We’re touching a little bit the stamp and it steaming. Steamed organic broccoli can’t beat that. This is just incredible. It’s like God food, man, I from heaven like. But today it’s going to be a veggie Mac and cheese or vegan Mac and cheese. I think ’cause I haven’t had that in a couple weeks. Sorry, it looks like I’m having it everyday ’cause every live stream that that this is what I did last time. So there sorry or I could do a spaghetti with pesto, vegan pesto, quinoa spaghetti quinoa spaghetti with vegan and some fresh tomatoes. Can’t touch anything. Open my research. I’m not sure this is for charity ’cause maybe I still need it for my iPhone 6. To go underwater, I don’t go underwater. See, I don’t know. It’s terrible. This is a terrible. And there’s pressure. When you see two eyeballs in the corner there, it’s like only ship not gonna perform. No, no, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. Sorry. I’m doing this. Are these there? Oh my gosh, by the way, my hands dirty now ’cause I touched all this and this is clean. Let me get some wipes. Let me get some hand wipes. I can touch clean things too. Wash my hands in 5 minutes every 5 seconds. I can’t find them. I can’t find my hand wipes, ’cause these. These aren’t good for your hands, right? The dental, the daddy duty. Heavy duty dental. Once they’re, they’re not good. Break for hands. They’re good for items that fall on the floor and ship. I don’t want my hands to get there. There’s this lady I know she had, like her hands. So you know, she’s younger than me and her hands look like 100 years old. They’re all caught up in, you know, shriveled up and wrinkly. And so I was like, what happened, you know, try to be polite, but it’s probably from that, from from this. Now I’m gonna get it. These chemicals, although dental, it says you can even eat with dental. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t with you. But don’t worry about it. If it happens, it happens. ****. Can you imagine? You’re putting my hands, man. I gotta touch this now, you see? Look, look what’s in here. I’m telling you, man, there’s so much finish up this week. I feel like I’m losing my spring break though. This has been like a traumatic. Cortana, I’m going. Trauma of my life is that I’m missing the spring break ’cause. I never had a proper one. Kind of did. You have to see the the show. Although the Derek Ogilvie I know, Tristan Ogilvie, that’s another guy, wouldn’t answer on Facebook, he answered one time and then he wouldn’t reply the second. But this yeah, this is some memory stick, isn’t it? It’s important. It could be useful, as Q says James Bond. Yes, I was saying, yeah, yeah, the Bahamas. I did. I did get lucky in Bahamas a couple times because in my previous stream, I was like Bahamas. It was saved. It wasn’t used it. It was used in Bahamas. Two ladies in one week when I was 17. It was a very good. You’re everything that. Is that Sinatra? When I was 17, another Mike that doesn’t work the same Hiser this thing. I used it a lot, but it started ********* and I never trusted it again. Never, never know or do you do. Cheeky girls. Oh, look, it’s busted. That’s that’s ********. Oh my God. This this one completely ripped up. Is does this? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No. Good. Yeah. Kendra. I think that was embarrassed. And then Julie from Burton, I got photos not of us together doing anything, unfortunately, but I’ve got them just to prove that I met someone. Could you know? It’s pretty sad if you don’t have it, by the way, is your diary full of photos to prove what you did in your? My putting my putting my foot my mouth again. Don’t use those wipes. ****. Right. What about? Are they good for your back? Your backside? They say your your back. Don’t use them at all. What do you mean? On your hands? You mean right? You mean don’t use these wipes on your hands. Why not? Tesco sells them. You think they would? Do you think they would? Surface cleaning wipes hang on. No bleach, no odor. Antibacterial surface creates for surface. You’re right, it’s not for the hands, is it? Oh my God.**** I can see in the future I can see like 100 years in the future. You know. How long are you planning on living, by the way? This, this, this need repair. I repair it. It’s a bit big. I prefer the roads to be, you know, smaller and you know they broke. Christies. It’s all these out, right? There’s nobody there, their work. Are we still going to use this or not works the lights on? Should I? Should I repair this $400 microphone? Can’t throw away expensive things now? And I have nothing better. The roads all broke to the rode video Mic X the Oldebroek. Terrible repairs. It’s just. But it was going in Greece, you know. So I stopped using it. That’s if we can repair it, put it in a bag, and we’ll send it for repair. Yeah, take it easy. I don’t expect. I don’t expect anyone to stick around. Leave. Nice seeing you. Thank you. Goodbye. I’m just doing my thing here. I don’t want to put pressure on people and I don’t want people to feel like they have to stay. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying, ’cause. It’s not very entertaining. This is just real life repairs. We’re just real life Take a look. Have a look at that real life German. I need that German company to help me do mine, and I need some ladies. Maggie. Maggie, if you’re interested. No, no, no, nothing. Nothing too heavy, because then it gets blocked. But my favorite? Well, I’ve got a couple domain names and they’re blocked on the freaking phones. Well, but do do people do people unblock it so you can see adult content on their phones? ’cause I don’t. I just watch it here. Anyway. Can you imagine buying a domain name? Literally quarter million, half a million. Domain and it’s blocked on no phones. Nobody can see it unless they’ve, you know, enabled the adult feature. Better yet, one that isn’t blocked. I say if you want traffic. And not one one handed traffic. Anyway, repairs, right? Repairs. Do I need? Yes. Yes, you do. Because there’s very few. Nothing works. Nothing works. You gotta repair. I prefer the. I prefer the road road video Mark X. Even though they broke to, they need repairing to everything needs repairing repairs. Repo man. Repairs. There. I feel bad. I feel bad showing you this when I can show you so much. More. Not theirs. So much else else. So much else. No more ’cause. Not about quantity. Less is more. So much else not there. But you know it’s gotta be done. Sorry. So nice talking to you. That’s what the I told you. And should I tell you where? What country? They did this? It was so funny. They’re like. We were copying them too. We did it back to them. Good one, isn’t it? Very good one. Save that. Yo, yo, repairs. OK. OK. Who is Maggie? Maggie. Who is Maggie? Are you like anonymous? Are you like? Are you like? You’re not a troll. I’m not many trolls yet. You know, if using that I did for awhile, didn’t I? You never talked that accused you of crimes you didn’t commit. That’s the best type of troll, right? That’s that role that we all need putting in the comments. Actually, even then, they’re not like the one with ZR Martial. They never say his name when they accuse him of crimes he didn’t commit or that they can’t prove. They, like Elvis travels, is. Why don’t you say Zia Marshall? Come on, ’cause. He might sue you. That’s what it is. It’s it’s legal protection. You don’t see the guys real name. You said. Well, it was the I was talking about. The interview. I wanna make sure I’m not distorting. Sorry. ’cause. I’m raising my voice. Your voice. Now I can see the levels of the audio. How loud I am. I don’t wanna yell, I don’t wanna shout ’cause. It’s it’s annoying. When I hear myself sharpen my videos, I’m like. On the other hand, you don’t wanna be like. But yet they don’t. They accuse him they never use his real name. Elvis travels as a predator. I don’t need to say I’m not. I’m not, no. I’m out. OK, repeat. OK, look, look. Logitec Schitt camera for my early days of. I would never. No, no, no charity with charity. It’s repairs. Which charity man? Which one was charity here? Charity, I think. Logitec camera. Terrible. Why would I ever use those for the for the computer I was I was uploading. I’m like it wasn’t live, but it was. I got some good bits. Yeah, in San Francisco. This lady was with me in the room and I didn’t show the hanky panky. But I showed pre and post hanky panky. It was pretty funny. Charity. Charter case, by the way, I own I own sex dot charity. Is that a good domain? Should I put that here? Sex. dot. Charity. It was affordable. I bought it. Or should I shouldn’t say it ’cause you know you loop is gonna block me. It’s gonna block it. ’cause. They’re trying to stop my audience from me. They’re trying to. They’re trying to make me fail. They don’t want me successful. They’re trying to block all my websites on my domains. They’re trying to screw me up. Just ’cause. I exposed them for stealing. My 13,000 videos and lying, cheating and defrauding me while breaking their own rules and bogus pseudo guidelines guys lying’s. And I continue to do every they’ll never hear the end of it. About my tombstone YouTube defrauded me. I just want that up there, I will make a note of that and my will, I want you to to never live down what they did to me and infinite others. Someone’s gonna come out and say I feel like I’m up against the mafia. Don’t bring them up. But that was available. How much was that? Mafia. Dot org. What about the? Yeah, so 66 dot charity. I thought it was good, but, yeah, apparently they don’t. They don’t chart, they don’t rank in the. Don’t distort man. Raising my voice. Step back. They don’t charge, they don’t rank. Yep, I hate to. English radio that distorts whether you’re shouting at the microphone. That’s why I like resonance You can hear their to living make you sign up. Now LBC makes you sign up to right to listen to it. And I like it when it’s. Step back from the microphone. I’m sure ’cause they’re they’re yelling into the mic and they’re compressing the audio through the compressors. Or your compressor just sounds like ****. Sounds like someone screaming in your ear. Officially our. But in our case so. Yes or no. Yeah, yeah, these. I don’t know if I have to spray these with spray them. Spray everything. Yeah, OK. Scrapers tomorrow I need these. I don’t know. We’ll see. Spray this tomorrow. The cleaning session tomorrow. This is more inventory, is more sorting out. These are pretty good actually, but you see they snap off, they break the legs, everything breaks. I think, is it still usable or not? Great little tripods for certain things. Uh. I think we’re beyond that though with this. This is like couple decades ago in Hawaii, all the Japanese tourists had had these on the beach and they stand there taking a picture with their brides ’cause. They will go there to get married, don’t they? See, they don’t go to Guam, do they for site pan or that? Yeah. Keep him. Yeah. This doesn’t work at all. This piece of SH. I put. Maybe it’s just very light cameras. Yeah. Yeah. Like, even they it doesn’t. It doesn’t lock at all. It’s fuct.***** ** **** man. He’s such a book. No, that’s not on my God. Don’t do anything. Fell apart repairs or charity. Give that to make sure you pick doesn’t work because. It’s not, it’s not working. It’s not going in there. Doesn’t let you. Can you measure if they fix it and they they got a great item that I could have had. Pity the fool. She. Need a little tripod sometimes now. Just fell apart. Just can’t just just broken pieces there. I can’t even take. Not just fell off. ***** ** ****. ********. Make a note that don’t ever get this again, OK? See that you’re not sure. Last putting the bun ***** ** ****. Repair. No charity. Yes, garbage. Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You know what? You could still put putty on there and you could still have a table top camera for your light camera. So go. Probably. I mean, GoPro doesn’t have the damn that just know that. But you could put the X 3000 in here. Yeah, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t come up, does it? Insert as far as a ghost ’cause I have another small one is that. Just comes right off. Sorry. I can’t. I can’t understand you anymore. That’s it. Sorry. We take a little break down. Focus on this. See you later. And I’m gonna edit all the good bits one day and you’ll have the three minute version. OK, the trailer. That’s the best one, isn’t it? The three minute version like a song. All the best bits. And of course you have the 10 minute and 20 minute episodes of all best fits, but that’ll be extended. Not sitting down here doing this ****. And once the covert. Coronavirus. Lockdown is lifted. Then I’m gonna get back out there and. Get that? Turn my adventures. Do I keep this or not? Broken. OK, face. It’s broken garbage. Charity charity. Charity. Giving broken things security and summing your nose at charity. Old go push it. Where does old breaker should go? Charity. No, I might use that old go push. It goes with no in the notebook, no box. I don’t care, man. I’m not *******. I’m not dirty. That’s too bad. I40 quick manual. Jesus, this flagship charity giving him that. I don’t wanna see it again. It means a repair. This needs repair, though. It’s a good little flashgun. Keep it or get rid of it. It’s heavy. It’s a pain in the *****. You can change the batteries or batteries. Did it take? Never you sorry. I use the small one now in right four AAS. The FCK magic carrying that around at night in your pocket. Not gonna happen. Not at night. But when I see you slash. It’s big mistake. You see, they don’t tell you that when you bite 4AA batteries. Ways that don’t make weighs a ton more than the camera ******* by. Give it to charity or leave. What do you do with this charity repair? Is it fixable? Gosh, this is texting your mind. It does text you. What are you doing with this piece of? Repair repair in the manual. Where does that go with it? With or without you? Manual. Doing an Oh my God, three eyeballs. Not gonna take three people. I can’t do it, guys. F off. Sorry, I’m just being polite. Yeah, I’m yeah, I’m just missing you. I’m. I’m. I’m only you go. It’s that’s better than saying. Please. You know better than expecting things of you. Expect that I owe you nothing. I expect nothing. The **** is that? My God, there’s an extra flap. Oh my God, this. I bet this costs like couple 100. This is expensive. You see what I mean? Can’t just throw this out, man. Repairs. That’s let’s see what they say. We’ll see what they say. Yeah, OK. OK, that’s enough. This is like a finger thing for the damn X 3000. Now there’s so many action cameras like these action. Except for these sort of put my cream back. Sony X3000 I’m still using that so so bold and broke. I watch it, you see? You see how you see how strange it is to watch somebody you can’t stand. I would tell him that ’cause. He’s got a million people watching him a day, right on each video. During the day. The point is. Record he’s doing right. I can. I can do better. I want him to do something better. I I made a whole plus and minus list about it. But I’m watching. Just because he uses that camera. I use that camera. I’ve been using it longer than him. Stopping at it since you know I’ve been using the X 3000. Not always ’cause I use other ones, but I wanna see how he only uses that one and he can keep an audience of a million a day or a million of video. Thanks to pewdie pie, we shouldn’t. Temperature. Now the and the big guys who might help you when you measure. If he shuts me out. Sick of politics? Ciclones ********. But yeah, he uses a camera and I just want to see how it performs. You see, custody up to yell at you see it? I gotta remember, keep your voice down, OK? Discos where? This is recent **** man. Yeah, this is this is yes. So we have, we have. Yes, we have no charity repair and clean Cleveland tomorrow. So coming together so. I look back at this one day soon I’m dropping. This will be the last time I ever have to do this.’cause it’s it’s not very good. Not very good for for me or you. OK, OK. Sister. Word. It’s not good for anybody in this House that support for my mom. This stress is not good for anybody in this House, and this is my House and my House is my castle. That didn’t last long enough is that is that like bad karma? For the evil eye, she said. The evil eye is what caused my dad to get throat cancer. Evil eyes when they give you compliments. And then everything goes to hell, she said. They were such a good looking couple. Everybody was saying that, God, you’re a nice looking couple and because you didn’t spit on the evil life in Greece and Turkey, they go. It’s an expression. Please. Picture don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t lose. Maybe not lose you because so we spit on the evil eye superstition. I forgot what I was gonna say again. Evil, I said. I gotta backtrack now. What the hell is this? This ****. Oh, it’s. She would have assembly over the chair for this stupid chair that makes noises. OK, so that’s new. I just wanna clean bag ’cause that that shouldn’t be dirty. ’cause. It comes after the mouse infestation. That was before they all caught COVID and disappeared. Is anybody should I be interacting? Should I be like answering comments no good. I live in UK, Maggie. Maggie on your. You can zoom in here I’m trying to look on your. Hands yeah. Don’t use the wipes on your hands. I got it. Maggie me crazy. That sounds a Romanian. I had a good time. There must say you saw it and they might. Well. My first trip is on my front page. That was the best I think. When it’s fresh. Yeah, that’s in your drunk every night. But I didn’t get very drunk. I just had a couple liters of beer. Two one liter bottles. I used to eat. I’m I wanna do like audio book. I wanna put it all together. Say exactly what happened. But yeah, I see pip the boy, or pip the which is. Piece of chicken or piece of Turkey ’cause I was meat eater back then. I still eat fresh something with this news, right? I’m trying to turn good time. Yeah, it’s never. I mean, I’m better time after ’cause. I stayed in luxurious hotels after that. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what happened there though. ’cause. I went with no money. I had no money back there. And I went on an overdraft. Luckily, my bank was a great, you know, I had a little allowance. So big allowance, actually, monthly allowance, enough to pay rent. I actually cleared out I wasn’t paying rent for that, somebody said. So yeah, I had some money wired. 1005 Oh no, I gotta you know, OK, I don’t wanna see, but. And there was no money or even have to beg for $5 to go get the money to go to the bank or the head of bank. But I had to go somewhere. It’s not remaining, Mikhail Mikhail sounds remain oshit. OK, I think I lost my. I thought I lost the stream. Me crying. Meet. Mikhail over Mic, there’s a place in Ukraine near Odessa. On the bus. They were like, that’s on Nikolaev. Turn. Whatever, I just stumbled. What made that movie? He’s flipping you off in 40 languages. Name that film. For $10, name that I should do like a $4000 name. That movie. That’ll get an audience, right? If I start doing that. For $1000, name the movie where he went, where he did that. Don’t get an audience, I bet. But then do I have to spend 1000? I can say. Get money. I’ll make it something else, right? This this isn’t cleaning anyway, so I tell you I’d like to give you time to think about it. Name that movie. Is that your final offer? Hard bodies with the grant Kramer was it. And and the Courtney Gates. But he’s flipping him off and 40 languages. That’s 40 languages. He’s flipping you off from 40 languages. And I covered the wig. He goes, hey, why don’t you go dance somewhere else? ’cause. He’s not dancing. He’s flipping you off from 40 languages. Nobody flips me off. Hey, OK, map .0. So, screwdriver, screwdriver. ****. Yeah, yeah. And nails. No. Yeah. No means yes. But what I mean by new is, yes. Yes. Not new. Yes, it’s not a new bag. Yes, I need my sharpie pan. Yes, yes, yes. You know what I hate about adult films? About poor nose? Should I? Should I use that word? Porneau guide. Should I get porneau It’s not a very good one to put here. Can you imagine if this doesn’t work? It doesn’t. You know, I shouldn’t have told, because now you’re gonna get it, but go ahead. Put it on your T shirt. That’s how you get. But you know what I hate about the sex films? Sex vids is. When they had the guys voice too much, maybe that’s for the ladies. But you know, ’cause, I’m sitting there enjoying myself and I hear. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I’d like shut the. The **** wants to hear that? And then they show the back of their head to show their nose up their nose. Their show here, but cut away to something, you know, the middle of the fair. It’s just ******* ****** me off. But luckily I found a few good ones on their X vids or X videos or Youporn. And you can download them. You’ve come up. Then you can download them. I should be using that. Or should I? Should I should? But hey. Hey anyway. Where were we? Where were we? What the hell is this? A3 Ring, pardon the pun, 33 tipped ring. Should I lost one of the eyeballs after I said that? Should I? Or maybe ’cause I stopped. I didn’t talk more about it. OK, So what? You know what happened next after the. OK, so headphones with three rings on them. That’s all. That’s for one of the telephones. I’m keeping that for now. Yes or no sport, this fits one of the camp. I used this once. In Athens and the Riviera. And I’ve got a video with it, but you can’t hear anything. It’s just huge now. Now I know I just use the little action cameras, either the GoPro or the extra 1000. I don’t need this anymore. Right for underwater, specially all this better quality though, right? I’m gonna use it. Yes or no. Do I keep it? Keep it up. Yeah, for now. I’m keeping it until I leave the country. I’m gonna keep it. I have to see what fits in there right now. I don’t know if the X 53 fits in that or even the PX, WZ. 90 is not gonna fit in. That is. I have to see what fits in the first. I’m gonna clean it tomorrow. In my cleaning bag and we’ll see what’s I gotta see what cameras fit and don’t if no cameras fit, what is the next camera? Camcorder. Claim that tomorrow. What the hell is this? It’s open had to be open so mice could go in there and chew it up. Had to be open. So I have to clean it. The **** is this? OK, OK, one second. OK, let’s do it. This is yes, right. Rain over there. I think it’s clean clean up. That’s. Yes, that’s charity. That’s a. Repairs. And that’s no you you’re not behind you. And this is to be clean. Write that down. Just there’s no way I’m gonna get get my sharpie pen. I’m gonna get my sharpie pen pens. And what about this? What about? What’s this little cases? Yeah, any cleaning, but maybe a little little sprucing up since. Mice were in there. And that’s. Oh my God. You know what, Caesar? You know what happened here. When I was down in Greece or was it here I bought were not before I got the professional Sony Z90 I was using using the PX W that’s professional to the consumer version and you had to buy this to get good audio to get XLR audio. Can these cost $1000 or more, maybe 1000 pounds, maybe 1000 and a half? Anyway, $1000 at least, and I bought three ’cause. They all broke. Every single one of them broke and he was like, this is very bad, designed by Sony. Look at look how look how look how the base is not supposed to stay on your camera. With a huge microphone. And if they just just ship, they’re all broken. 1500 each probably. And they all just. Shirtwaist, and that’s why I invested in a pro camera. That’s what you’re listening to right now. This is the professional audio mic going through one of these XLR things. That’s a proper one that hooks on and doesn’t snap off. But what do you do with these guys? I mean, let’s say there are $1000 each, there’s 1/2. There’s only three. I bet there. I think there was four, but OK, let’s say three $3000 worth of Sony sh.. You know why do I use this? No better company? Panasonic is just as bad. And what else is? That’s it. Three people rule the world. They said it the the world is run by. 3 people maybe 30. OK, 30 people here, in this case three. You got Sony, Panasonic and Wells, wells, man. So no one does it better and I just, I mean at least the camera did it better. But what do you do now? What do you do with true with $3000 worth of mash it, throw it away. Like I never even happened. I wanna remember when. Remember that they ****** me over with this. I should get my money. I should’ve got my money back. Shouldn’t complain. But you know there’s always either out of. You’re out of the two week commitment or out of the guarantee or? Wait a minute. Do you think they can fix these? He did, he repaired them and they broke again. I remember him telling me. this is very bad design who do you think said that the repair guy said that when i sent it to them when i go to emerald i’m sorry i’m gonna going to 3h07m50s ss anyway, yes or no. Does this go no charity or repairs or yes, it’s it’s not. It’s not the yesterday. we are missing it’s nothing but yes that right charity or repairs or yes, it’s it’s not. It’s not in the yes bag. It’s not about yesterday, right? Are you a? Yes. Yes, man. Are you a yes woman? Is that is that a? Is that a thing? Yes, ma’am. Trump surrounds himself with yes, ma’am. Trump for. So I’ve been looking at Mar Largo. I feel a little. I wouldn’t say jealousy, but I feel a little left out that I can’t go tomorrow, Largo. Although you can. But it’s 200,000 a year. To not be able to video there, that’s that’s the problem. Can you imagine you spend a quarter mil for more log or membership and not specially now not that he’s not that he’s a target that we know videoing allowed no recording allowed. There’ll be no nothing, nothing. You could be watched. Don’t record you, of course. A billion cameras. Don’t record you, but you can’t record them. That’s not where it’s, of course. Remember, there was an incident with the Chinese girl. She went in there with six cell phones and they they arrested her. She was. She was snooping around. She cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese. Concubine, one of his many wives probably. How does he get away with murder? Yeah, that’s what I would listen to desk Interpol. Why don’t they arrested for crimes against humanity, or I can’t even say that. And then I can’t go to China. You mention Paris Hilton says something like that on a on a, you know. And then they they ban her from going to all her stores over there. So the stinky toilet water. I should put it down there if she made a billing. She didn’t. Well, everyone else worked for her. You know, the big just stuck her daddy’s name on there. I wouldn’t be playing them, but. I would knock it. Yes or no? **** the ****. You don’t ask. The **** did not kick? Yes, no charity or repair. Yes. No charity. My God. My God. Yeah. With the wiggers is sentence first. They called them wiggers. Right in China. The Muslim majority of the Muslims are majority, aren’t they? Minority there, but the number majority for us right back sentence. Anything. I don’t see anything like that. I’m just saying I’m just quoting the news said that there that their genocide in a minority. Which is really a majority in the world, but um. China is they call them wiggers first, and then they’re like, oh, **** that sounds that sounds bad. Let’s call. So now then they column Uighurs and now now it’s funny how they they dictate, they invent new words and pronunciations and throw them on you like everyone gotta talk like that now.’cause. Now they’re calling them OIG lawyers. The oil guy orders. Where did you call them? Wiggers to begin with. And then we iggers and then voyeurs every time. You’re like, oh, **** that sounds bad to know. That sounds like. No, no, no, don’t say that. Yeah. OK. So the genocide of member, I can’t say that. Then I can’t go to China ever again. I don’t wanna go to mainland. Apparently it’s not bad except for, you know, being recorded all the time and not having any human rights and being thrown in jail. If you say the wrong anything if you tweet the wrong thing. You fart wrong, you spit wrong. Singaporean allowed to spinner. We say this should do that here without cigarette butts in here, it’s the worst. The spirit filled the cigarette butts and puke and **** in the streets and I’d like to see that in Singapore, see what happens there. OK, OK. I started decided. Crackles only when moves OK, it’s still. Maybe this should be in the log museum the stream museum. Yes or no. So let’s take this philosophically. Is this a? Yes, no, I’m never using this. Again, I’m not using, I’m not using these. Even if I use a consumer camcorder, I’m not using that. Never, never again. OK, so it’s time to guess bag. Is it in the no bag? No ’cause. If you’re expensive with no, what is the no bag? What’s in the bag? This is the cleaned up I’m getting a Sharpie. Sharkey. So you come back and there’s no eyeballs left. That’d be funny. I don’t care, man. It’s not for you necessarily. It’s going up there too. It’s going up there. They’re getting clear, cameras are getting closer and closer together so I can have eye contact with both cameras. I just gotta put a little tricky. It’s tough because you got the little room there under the laptop. You have to put it right. When I keep talking like someone there when there’s no one there. It’s that’s the great. It’s another question that needs to end. Should I wash my hands after touching on the ship? Before touching something clean that I’m going to touch again. Yeah, probably. But you said not to put that in my hands, right? Jesus. It’s not Romanian. She won’t say what it is though. Everyone is being really cryptic, right? Oh, she said. She’s Russia. Yeah, I was gonna say I’m Polish, but there’s Russian, OK. I had a good time. I went three times, some Wroclaw rocks life. Wroclaw. I wish I recorded more of that, being that they don’t have these little cameras, then they just and I couldn’t go around like this all the time, so I missed a couple good bits there. Cheese. Where were we? Yeah. Very good. Polish you learn Polish.: would I go there again? It depends. Depends. They’re saying it’s much brighter there, isn’t it? There’s more sunshine. So the winter is not that bad. Yo, this is clean to be claimed to be clean. If I could clean it, I’m gonna think everything in there is clean. It’s filthy to be cleaned. Two to be clean. The clear is tomorrow could spray them right up into my goggles. Might be another day, but I’m gonna. Clean. That. This is a yes. This this is yes, I’m keeping. So this is this is me cleaning. Is this new cleaning? No, I don’t know what needs to. Yes. Yeah, OK. OK. Yes. Means clean. You gotta clean that to some of it. Not all of it. Extra 1000 ship cleaned right? Maybe I do. To be clean. I’m still not hungry. What time is it? What’s the time they say here? They don’t say what time it is. There’s so many differences between English and American, right. If you say what’s what time is it? It didn’t say that here. It’s what’s the time. See. Very subtle. Very subtle. You wouldn’t even notice, but I do. ’cause you’re not been here so long. So 835. I gotta eat, man. I gotta eat grass. That’s what I said. It was stealing the bicycle. Across the street. I gotta eat, bro. Look at this free food every day in the squares. And now that row Falgar square, Leicester Square, Soho Square, American church. You gotta steal a bicycle. A dirty, beaten up, disheveled bicycle to eat. No, but. Free meals every day, man. Maybe the if there are tasty everyone’s eating delicious and like I was feeding them to the pigeons that that remaining dirt. Charity. Charity. Yeah, I’m gonna get some **** to charity, and I’m not gonna throw it out like a slime. The slides that someones life, right, the slides you can’t throw this away. Translate my two repairs. So what are you up to? Enough about me. How about you? I’m sorry. Yeah. I’m sorry. I gotta do this. I’m sorry. It’s not. It’s not that kind of stream right now. It’s it’s just, it’s just the background security camera. I think. I think I should even shut up. Can you imagine if I didn’t say a word? They do that. I’ve seen it. Is this sealed? This is Prof Aurifer supplies. Just stick it in the cleaner. I need a. It’s been going for hours, so it’s a good thing about camcorders. You plug them in. An 8 hour clip. Is it limited hours? Yeah, this one from the word I remember. This was from the bookcase, right? Or if this applies. This is cleaner. Velcro sticky. There. So I’ve decided this sunny. The worm charity OK. Let’s just decide again. So it’s not only gets back ’cause, I’m never using my camera. OK, so it doesn’t go there. Does it go OK, charity? Yes or no? $3000 worth of ship to charity. And it still works a little bit. If I don’t move on, it doesn’t crackle. So it’s still use it. It’s still usable in, in in the amateur camera. The consumer access whatever. And Sony cameras, it’s still usable as an XLR. In that Case No. If there’s still usable and repairable to right, I’m not chucking it $3000. I don’t throw away. Sorry to be clean. No. Well, that too many cleaning. Put in a new bag. And. Just add them in case right? It just took it. Please. See this ones. He’s back, so really bad, really soon. Looks like there’s filthy when they’re nuts, they just disintegrate. This will look like that, I’m sure if I put this away it looked like, well, maybe not. If you put it away. Can you imagine? You come back to it years later? Looks like that well. OK. So not. Yes. Not charity, not to be cleaned. Well, no ’cause they were sealed. I think they’re OK to be cleaned. Yes, not yes, right. In the note bag they’re in the note bag. Yes. No means no. No means not repaired. Not requiring these, but now start this and I’m not put in the no bag, no means no. But it also no bag means old cameras and. No bags. Perfect place. Here’s some DNA here, here’s some nail samples. Seems to I got them from Picasso. Blame it on him. OK. Oh, ****. Oh no. I know the numbers picking up off or go away and nasty, but I can’t scream because it’s distorting. Here I have it set so I don’t raise my voice so I can’t get into it anymore. I can’t yell. Yeah, the castle cut his nails and saved them. And I thought that was disgusting and pathetic. But it’s Picasso. Hey. I mean, who are you to judge? Right. I mean, anything he does, you should do, right. I’m quoting Picasso. I had to start saving my nail clips. I thought it was disgusting, pathetic, and the most the most. Stupid thing I ever heard. Who saves their nail clippings? The sick. His paintings sell for millions, $100 million. We gotta save our nail clippings, folks. We gotta do the Picasso thing. So that’s what I did for it’s been a couple decades now. I’ve saved all my nail clippings. Can’t hear ’cause. That’s even better. You know her DNA. You know, if you want to be cloned in the future so people can abuse your clones. Because that’s what my friend was saying. He’s. Picture. So and so is our cloning people and then abusing them. They can clone you and abuse you. So don’t, don’t be. Don’t let them. Don’t leave this stuff lying around. They’re gonna float, but you can’t really. You know, you need to hear a routes just to get a DNA. A DNA sample or imprint or what do you call it?**** is that? Just so many bits and bobs, they sit here pieces. No, no. But I’m saying, OK, so I blame it on Picasso. And now I have so many nail and hair clippings that I put a date on them. By the way too, like here. Put a date Thursday 26th April 2018 or 2018. That’s pretty recent. If this is not fitting to Jay, this is this is a recent vintage. You know, it’s kind of like wine and what my excuse was I was gonna do a Picasso type painting with all my DNA. Sculpture, right. So let’s, let’s try that. But then you’re not gonna know what date. Here, sometimes there’s no dates. Anyway, this might be Na. Project. Because Picasso. Told us to do it or set the precedent, all because of Picasso. We’re all saving our DNA nail clips hair. Skid marks. I’m just kidding. Pee stains. I mean, there’s no end, there’s no end to what you could do, right? Where does the DNA go, by the way I put it here. DNA projects. I’m telling you, I wanted to get you. See, I wanted to get the the artprice the Booker prize. You’re all the all the pseudo celebrities go down to Miami every January for the for that Swiss art festival that you called the art. I wrote it down. Uh. There’s a name to it. I row today I’ve got. I’ve got the details, but it just looked just on the Twitters, Gogo on Miley Cyrus and all the, you know, Paris Hilton. Although we all go down to Miami in January for that Art festival, so I could see, you know, the DNA project being there or here, you know, how they, the elephant ship got the award. One year. No, that Tracy, I mean, they made her out to be like Jesus because she did. She showed her shift for her diapers by her bed, her used tampons or use toilet paper. By the way. My distorting. I gotta let you out. I’m getting excited again. ’cause, there’s all these eyeballs in the room. Three eyeballs. That’s world record here. Clear it’s three before then, three before that three growing up, like cumulative views. This is that thing that you you it goes you shoot it up in the sky and it there’s a little propeller that brings it down and it glows it makes light. And then seeing Syntagma Square in Greece, they had. You wanna try this? Is it clean? God knows. Anyway, this has been a trip into the very disturbed mind. I’m just quoting. No, it’s not my mind. It’s Picasso. Mind. Sorry. Let’s see your criticize him painting sell for $100 million. It’s funny, as soon as you’re painting, sell for $100 million, you can do anything. You’re above all criticism eclipse his nails, but as soon as someone else does it. Oh, that’s disgusting. You don’t sell 100 million, $100 million per painting. You can’t. You don’t do that. You shouldn’t do that. But he does it. $100 million of painting. He sells. Course. What about us? No, no, you can’t do that. What if our painting sell 100,000 million when we’re dead? Then you can do it. When you’re dead, OK. This was sealed. What is this freaking bubble bath that give you these things and I. OK, this is Luke from the Portnow festival. Yeah, I don’t use that bodyglide premium body glide. Is it? Guaranteed never sticky, platinum or no festival Lube from the witch Witch Portnow Festival was it? I’d have to check the videos when I use this. I don’t like I like organic loop. Right saliva. Sorry my distorting. I gotta keep keep from levels down. I’m getting excited. I’m getting OK well, these this is what I should do. If you see I was about to throw them up. This is what I’m saying. Sentence faibles in the row. No. Look, look, don’t make me so popular. I have to entertain you. And I can’t do my work. Go away in nasty miass. They say here. Yep, no, no, but this is a prime example I was about to throw these out and she said don’t use dental on your hands to destroy your hands. So I have to use these that I was gonna throw out preventing my screaming ’cause. I’m distorting here. I gotta bring down the levels. If I get excited. I don’t want to hold back. I don’t wanna be shouting, though. OK, that’s a good point. I need these. I was about to throw them away. I’m not sure these are organic. I’m not sure. Oh my God, they’re old. They’re all, like, dingy and yellow. Dingy yellow. That’s what they called the Danielle in my village where I grew up in upstate New York, where I grew up there. But I was there on occasion at the fair. This is Danielle Adair. I think I found her on Facebook. They’ll change the names. Right. They don’t. They don’t change the meeting names. Someone elses name. You can’t find. Anyone can find any of my ex is. It’s not fair with women can find all verdicts is ’cause. They didn’t change their maiden name. Men don’t change their maiden name. So you can trace your ex and have sex with them behind your. Yeah, I have affairs. But we can’t because of the maiden names change and we can’t track them down.**** man. No. Who’s watching? I wonder who? My God thinking. I’m gonna disappoint people. They’re gonna be like God, that guy’s revolt. He’s disgusting. Oh, don’t watch. Don’t watch. OK, go away. OK, I don’t care. I gotta do this. And the only reason I have this on is because, yeah, stuff comes up that would never come up if it was off. Look what I accomplished today. I kept compl ish more today than I did in the past week or month. I would say year. Got that be bad, but no, I’m serious. It’s been. I’ve been on a losing streak for a lot of days now. I couldn’t have. Couldn’t do this. As soon as I put this on, it happened. So I could do it. I’ve done it without it on occasion, but it helps. It helps. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. Where does this show gets? Miscellaneous bag. Think Rena miscellaneous bag or this? Yeah, we put dingy yellow and they dirty. I think they’re OK. I think they’re OK. I think we’re finished here. I think we’re done here with that. Or if this applies, where’s that? Just clean. Gonna take it out and reach the juice. No ’cause, I have a lot of. Have a lot of Facebook people that are. No, I’m gonna be like, what the **** is that? Stay away from that guy. Unfriended. Oh yeah. A lot of people unfriended me, man. He’s the last student. What are people in front of me? Should I look at this? Good. OK. Uh. Alright, I cleaned my character. I just put these here. See if this needs to be here for the next. Always. Anyways. Clear within an office bag now when in orifice bag or office supplies. This is orifice right is this? I don’t care. If items in the supermarket fell on the floor and now the inside of this bag is dirty, but she put to Mint brand new bags, office supplies, New York man ******. Orifice orifice supplies. Supplies. This is gonna be a embarrasing. You know how many people can see this, like like people that shouldn’t see this. I’m not saying like, you know, my financial advisors, for example, Can you imagine if they see this like, holy **** what the ****? Let’s imagine we have a meeting and they’re like. It’s come to the attention of our directors that you are not the type of client we would like to have anymore, no matter how much you pay. And we’re letting you go. You’re on your own. It’s been nice doing business with you and your family, but you are no longer welcome here because of certain clauses in our contracts, morality clauses, or what else do they call it? Behavior under coming a client or anything. Any just make up infinite excuses. You can make up right. You can no longer. And now whenever you need a wire transfer or anything, I don’t know. Did someone I wonder how? You know, if you don’t have any help to do all this stuff, I have to do it yourself. Eat twirl. Turtle. Yet, by the way, he torell. See that I’m all over the year. When did I say I saw you loop? Yeah, I still gotta you loop. Sentence. Even though they stole 13,000 in my videos. Defrauded me. I see there was a add with etoro and Alec Baldwin. Right? What happened with him in Elyria, by the way? Do you think that will last? Insert and YouTube Rob Black Zicari thing did last year with these he’s been 10 years with this. Color baby YouTube. That’s YouTube. Make sure you put that word in there every time you mention anyone controversial ’cause nothing to do with me and everything to do with You Tube, *******. Getting rid of us and keeping them, keeping people that do break the rules do violate your stinking community guidelines, keep them and get rid of us that don’t. OK, you look, I hope she’s watching him. Imagine if. She doesn’t watch once it’s her loss. It’s good. Don’t watch. Don’t watch. Please don’t. Please don’t.’cause then I have to watch Uber drive. No intention of doing. What’s her face? Sue. Watch, Suki. Watch sick. Do you think anything to do with it? Sue? Watch. Sicko. I think she did. We should. And that’s why they have family. So you don’t, you know? So they have protection. It’s a human shield. Family is a human shield, right? **** with me. **** with the family. I’ve got 1/2. Don’t don’t worry. Anyway. Office supplies or office supplies. Where were we? OK. Well, yeah. This is literature. Um, the lens, yes. There’s a yes bag. This is yes, right, yes, yes, yes, miscellaneous. Miscellaneous. Think this is this, yes or no. I’m gonna test them. Why? Turner. Not charities, not repairs. Not office. It’s not clean. It’s. Yeah. Yeah, it’s yes. Yeah. I’m sorry about your son more. There’s a new batteries, two unopened ones and an extra lens. These are pretty good, I mean. Picture smaller. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t find my good wide angle, but this looks alright. It’s ship quality anyway, no matter how you slice it. So why white sweater? But I don’t want it to be shipped because of the lens. But I think, yeah, I think it. Yeah. OK. It’s just when the lens is $100 or 150 or whatever and then you’re using the $30 lens. We wonder. You wonder if there’s any. There’s gotta be a drop in quality somewhere. But where does this this is? Yes, isn’t it? Yes. Is yes to be cleaned or not? Yes. To be cleaned to man. I wanna clean that ship. I need another bag. That’s yes. Not to be cleaned or already cleaned. This. These are cleaned. Please. God. OK. To be clean. Could you clean your bowling bags anyway? Alright, I could go. I’m gonna keep going. I’m not hungry. Which is? I can’t believe I’m not having nine o’clock. I haven’t eaten since 11 in the morning, and it wasn’t a Big Breakfast here. I’m ready now. I don’t need too late. That’s the thing. But I don’t wanna call it quits either. I’m having such a good time, aren’t you? It’s just hard to to kill the stream. I’m gonna have to keep it going, even though I’m not doing anything. Well, I’ll be eating and then I can’t watch anything copyrighted. ’cause this strike. That’ll stop it from being embedded, right? Keep it running for and I’m going to start showing my sleeps and snores. And. Infrared would be good if I could send the video from the external camera as well. They say that heroes, as they say as well instead of 2/2 as well. And when you start picking, it’s funny how you, EE chamber, you parrot, whatever is being said around you. And I will try not to return to be little little rich. Little creative here is that it? So I didn’t do this. The desk or the other stuff, but I did the entrance bags and I think. Go **** that there’s more. Hang on. Give it a little more so this will be a miscellany thing G. It’s young. Try this thing. It’s clean, at least so, so I don’t have a clean thing.**** this. These are sealed batteries. Yeah, I want to transfer the remote. Sure. Yeah, sure. Yeah, sure. That’s a quote from that transgender guy or gal. Mount female, transgender. Yeah, sure. Not sure. Yo. OK. Nice. Nice. Thanks for stopping by. See you later. Should I keep talking? I keep laughing. This reminds me of. I was on the beach in Greece, right in that unlike to say exactly the spot in case in case there’s trouble. In case in case in case yeah, for security reasons, let’s just say so remember Beach in Greece. And I’m talking to this lady and this guy that was instructing me on how to, you know. How to socialize properly? Give me tips. He’s like he’s like, keep talking. Keep talking. Keep talking. I just found it funny that the whole key is to keep talking singing like a Canary. Because that was like a really important point he was making was that you gotta keep talking. As if sometimes you gotta shut up. There’s like, it’s not about yourself. Actually, ’cause I made that mistake several times in the past. There’s times when I talked about myself for like 3 days straight with a girl with a woman that I just was with, and then after three days I’m like, holy **** what the **** I mean, of course I talked about her too, but mostly about me. But what else can you talk about? No, you talk about other things that that touch you tangential things. You talk about other people too. But I don’t know. Maybe you see, I should’ve recorded it. And then I’d see how much I talked about myself. You don’t realize it. These words come and go. And but you know, I certainly. And she did she she she even concurred. She was like, you do talk about yourself a lot. And I’ve I was like, holy ****. Yeah, yeah, you gotta stop. Enough about me. What about you? What about you? But then they think you’re crying. Then they think you’re being nosey or you know. So you can’t go right? You’re either too selfish or too nosey. But I guess it’s hard to start the battle that don’t worry about it, but I I try not to talk about myself. I’m gonna check this live stream and see how. No, I I brought up a lot of other **** but we’ll see how much it is about me and it’s bad. It’s bad. I wanna fix that. You learn, you know you evolved. Jesus, the **** is going on here? I’m just. I’m just sending it. I’m just telling you, as a warning to you, ’cause, you’re gonna do the same thing too, right? I’m sure we all do the same thing. Well, ladies, I’ve noticed. No wonder women talk about themselves nonstop for days. For days on end, that would be funny, wouldn’t it? That would be funny. I wonder what the man would think when it happens to him with a woman. I gotta get you. See, I should have told you. Damn it, ’cause. That’s a show right there. I mean, that’s an episode anyway, isn’t it? You know how Seinfeld has these episodes? And what’s this Kirby enthusiasm guy sits there writing them, and I followed the biographies like I had to come up with ideas all the time. Like, how the hell am I gonna do? But the titles are limiting their bit boring, right? ’cause, it’s just. The Golf Club, the house that this, the Seder, the breed, the, it’s just like announced. Shouldn’t it be a premise because of this debt? See, I read the story book by Mickey. That’s I only remember three or four. I highlight every page. I don’t have to read it again. ’cause. I read it, read it, read it twice. ’cause I thought story was so important, which it is. But I I remember three guy who went to tell you because you should waste a month of your life reading it instead of having me do it for you. Although the Cliff notes, I’m sure, Cliff notes, right or not. OK, then let’s go. Dude, I’m saying now. I see. No. My God, this is George. No, no, no. This is embarrassing. I’m just thinking of the people that I don’t want watching this watching it. That’s all I can think of very much. Can you imagine people are watching it? Who you don’t want to watch it? Specially on Facebook. I wonder if the counselor reviews off Facebook ’cause. I know I get something on my website. And I still can’t. Know who to trust. ’cause. Gargled, the liars, the fraudsters. Google. You know, by the way, yeah, I know. I I wanna save this for some, some stuff I have to say for my stand up act. I don’t wanna tell you my best jokes. Start ready. Did that. Tested them out a little bit here that imagine someone else grabs it. See, I let me just give a hint. I’m sorry so I can remember it ’cause I’m add forget now. I don’t remember. I’m not gonna tell you. Go see my stand up back. I’m a class act. I don’t know what to believe about my website ’cause. HipChat says 500 a day. Which is? It should go up now that there’s it’s active again, if it’s active again, should I? Should I stay active? Yeah, why not? Let me look look at the results. Thanks to you. Where does this go? This is a guess. It’s a yes for me. Simon Cowell? You’re asked. He’s Simon Cowell, urass just to be cleaned, we made yes not to be cleaned. This is yes, it’s a no for me. This is I guess. Yeah, I don’t know who to believe. I guess doesn’t matter unless you have huge numbers, and even then, would you ever put Google ads on there, would you? Microphone. Where does that cover which way to say yes. Yes, word deal with tomorrow. Just tidying up your bit. it’s gonna be boring for most people, doesn’t it? Good. That’s that’s life. 99% of it, that’s one thing I learned from. Her book. Many more. 99% of life or story is boring. It’s the 1% that’s telling, I said I wasn’t gonna tell. You gotta read it yourself. Waste a month of your life. I miss. I put it up. Unless I you pay me Cliff notes. You pay for Cliff notes, right, Cliff notes. What am I throwing away? Perfectly good. Ah, yes, juicy fruit. Put that in the yearbook blurb. Quote Aju seafood, like it’s a philosophical. Philosophical comments or? Juicy fruit. Oh man, shut the **** **. Buttercup. So yeah, are you going to spring break? Should we go? Should we? Should we? Should we go to? For Florida. They said you gotta quarantine at hotels. Now if you come back. COVID COVID COVID COVID Trump Trump, you know. Make America hate again. And truck took from took from those they should have put that on T shirt. That’s funny. I love word playing **** like that but he’s like come and come and come in a plane goes down, people die. All you hear is comic comic comic. Yeah. So here it’s freaking hotels. Without ventilation. Worth it? It’s worth going to Florida. I got things to do though. Can you imagine? I’m choosing this over floor. Could I go to Florida? I don’t think there’s. I don’t think they’ll let you need a good reason. My reason is spring break. And that was it, right in the Winter Music Conference is cancelled. Look that up. Winter music conference. ’cause. That’s the excuse for US adults to have a spring break. Without that, it looks a bit weird, but the **** are you doing down there, Grandpa? I’m not grandpa yet. You are, but. My dad, that thing I I gotta. I gotta look into that. I gotta I. Not gonna tell you. So I’m keeping it serious. Maybe that maybe I’m not. I’m I don’t know. I’m not. I’m not. Where’s a close shave? Turn. Do you shave down there? What was it called? Word. What do we do? These said both these. These are like $10 here from from their healthy place. $10 masks. Face masks. I hate the terminology they use here enforce on you over your mouth and nose. Nose and mouth. And I bet they sat there thinking what’s more musical? What sounds more right? What sounds better to the ear, nose and mouth or mouth and nose, nose and mouth. It’s it’s not alphabetical. Do we do we want alphabetical mouth and nose anyway because I’m a writer I’m a songwriter. So yeah. Yeah, they don’t sit. I think they’re for kids or women. Do women have smaller faces? Not some. Have you seen the size of some somewhere in some somewhere bigger, bigger heads than ours? Is it rude to take to measure? Looks like it’s like like, you know, like a inappropriate thing, right? Like, like in the past history not supposed to do that. Well, they mentioned it right here. This is there’s no sign that is for women on here, though. What does it say? Liberty fabric mask. 100% pure cotton with HEPA. Yeah, and they run bearable. They it’s like breathing through a freaking cardboard box or something. They’re not thin. Women’s liberty are women. Yeah, OK, I thought once I spit all. And I was gonna give it to to couple women that I know. Yeah, it doesn’t fit. They should make a guys one man. ********. Maybe I can put two of them together. You know, stretch them out. Service clean. They should be there. Yes, to be clean, whatever this is literature is this. This is the. Put that sweat. Give it away. OK, I think that concludes our. Portion of our inflight entertainment for now. It’s such a time. Dinner dates. My excuse is it’s locked down and I should swipe and wipe like everyone else. There’s no singles around, it’s all couples. How did that happen? Swipe and wipe. Wipe, wipe when you’re done swiping, wipe. I’m just saying I’m. I’m just saying what I see. It’s not me. It’s them. They swipe and wipe and I’m sitting here doing this. I’m wiping this instead of what they’re wiping. I’m working this shift instead of just saying man, it’s not, it’s not right. It’s not right. Should be here should not be. By the way, is the light any different ’cause I I put the white bulb there now. So I think it it white balanced it anyway before even though it would have been dingy yellow before. Did you? Did you, Daniela? Now every time. Yeah, almost from now, yes. And we’ll do it in summary to see conclusion conclusion of the day and then we’ll start again tomorrow. I’m gonna keep going. I’m gonna do this until it’s done, I think. Perfect. Yeah, maybe. It’s terrible, terrible. I got so much else to do and that’s why. Get going. Get going, bro. OK, bags. This doesn’t rule. Right, that’s hand cleaner. Headphones. Bags. Yeah, Braxton. Miscellany. I should put the bag. Thanks. In the kitchen, there from literature. Should I tell you my Hawaiian shirts, my Hawaiian shirt? I wanna keep them in business. But I don’t want you to. Make them sell out and then they don’t have anything for me. Right. I I don’t want you to buy everything you don’t by my side. You have some big moles on their the want three XL, three XL that I want ’cause they shrink. I want size. I want space to maneuver so I can do this. Yeah, right. He was like, you gotta make my sleep so I can do this. Hey, do you doing and you know and get Aaron underneath you see there? The section I tell you the names of these, the great man. Maybe I should spread the word. Should I tell you the name of the two Hawaiian shirt manufacturers that I use? To keep them in business or shall I not tell you the name? Should I keep it quiet so you don’t? Sell out all the stuff, and then there’s none left for me. What should I do? TuneIn tomorrow. I’ll sleep on it and give you my decisions. You probably know already mentioned. I probably said it before. Rebel information. Shredded anyway. They’re all **** anyway, though they’re only last. How many washing machine cycles do you think they’d last? And it’s a 10 minute washing machine cycle. Delicate. More delicate than hand wash cycle and delicate cycle because those those are now are long. So the 10 minute it’s never 10. It’s about 20 minutes. It says 14 minutes. 15 minutes cycle 2015 20 minutes cycle. It’s still ten 10,000 RPM, right? Just shredding the damn silk. I don’t like silk anymore. Ever since I discovered it’s not vegan friendly, it’s it’s animal. It’s cruel. It’s not cruelty free. I want cruelty free. Right is even cotton is not cruelty free, they said ’cause. They kill a whole bunch of other things. Insects to do it, and they’re destroyer where they where it’s more, it’s less cruelty free than the silk. They boil the silk worms in their cocoons. And I had a silkworm when I was 13 years old. Member had a couple silkworms and we fed them the Murra trees, the Mulberry leaves. End report things, man. So I don’t wanna be wearing silk anymore anyway. But it was a little bit. Push my cotton. The other company does this. What is it? It’s rayon citreon. What film was that? 100% rayon animal house. OK dudes list. Shut up in 4 hours. Now what? The first. This is not. This is not good. This is not good. Send any messages? Or is there any aerial there? There’s some comments in the show. Don’t worry about it. I don’t worry. But I did this. To keep the website active. I’m repeating myself like a dementia again. I have to say it. I have to say it. It’s important. Important things. I won’t be. Repeat. Or four hours. One thing to repeat something three times in four hours. And then I think three times in one minute. Mr Nkomo. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna be too, too harsh on people too critical. Beers with me too, so I can improve. To better show. It’s not about that, it’s about this. But OK, so. What about this? Sister packaging. So I wanna throw up the packaging, but I’m gonna pull out the information before chucking it. God, there’s so much more to do than this. I’m telling you. You have no idea that todo list is infinite. And I’m just gonna have to take it from there. So what did we decide about the used detergent that looks like cocaine powder and you know they can smell it. Yeah, change the background. I need the bags again. Give it back to you, man. Give a couple bags. Show fit there anyway. Moments. So the yeah, I’m taking. I’m taking it with me. Yeah. Does it does it expire? This detergent is about 10 years old. OK. Is it still good for washing your clothes in or not? Just kidding. Sounds nice. Maybe at ages like fine wine? Tournaments. I’m gonna save it and wash my clothes and it as needed. Here you go. And uh. Put him yes, right. Not all of it. Some of it is. Some of it tomorrow. Have a good do this again tomorrow. Don’t you like bloggers and streamers who are like, we’ll see you in a couple days, will see you, and then they disappear? Don’t see them for years. The Wyntoon the wine Kone did that. He’s been gone forever. He’s been gone. He’s so far gone. He’s finished. It’s funny how stuff you liked in the past you don’t like anymore. Should I be reading comments? Look, I gotta get on with my life, man. I can’t. I’m good. There’s no comments. Well, there’s plenty of comments, but no new recent comments. That’s good. Don’t don’t. Answer them, which I have no intention of doing to cut that guy. OK, what else? OK, alright. OK, OK. We’re gonna put these away. Where do we put these now? Where to put them? Just anywhere. Start better than the other ones here. Yes. Clear the table. I should put them there. The other bags were here before. Another dirty again, like the other bags were touching the floor. So now these touch the floor by curiously through the other bags. Sir, put the number. Don’t worry about it. Just put them anywhere. Go. Don’t shout. I don’t know where. I don’t know where they go. 3h59m30s khkjh I was gonna put them in the bathtub. You’re not still here, are you? You can’t possibly still be here. Meet your doesn’t repeat the same mistakes twice. Name that movie. Is that thing? I forgot the name of it, but. I don’t know if I’m still here called dirty Grandpa in a minute. Next time? Yeah. I don’t know if I could do it tomorrow. ’cause. I never do laundry. There’s two weeks of laundry in there. ’cause. The cleaner came last Thursday. I don’t wanna have, like, wet clothes. Like drink ’cause. I don’t dry my clothes. I hang them everywhere and. Take them last longer, which didn’t work for the Hawaiian shirts. ’cause. You can’t wash those either. They don’t drive them. You know the silk ones. The other ones you can’t. But they’re they’re not three XL. Well, anyway, so. This this was on the floor wasn’t sure this was on the floor. Take it out. Stick it outside. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Sure. Here, here, here. In that movie, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Name that movie. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. For how much money should I offer you to get an audience to come here again and again to give money to name the movie can’t imagine. Stupid. Am I? **** that **** right? Yes or no? Hey, there’s. I’m gonna think about that, won’t you? Anyway, the movie is. Make this movie where the guy goes. What movies did that? Yeah. Here. Here. That’s boogie nights. Where Philip Seymour Hoffman master show Dirk Diggler his new car. So I cover your eyes. Let me show you my new car. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here it is. Do you like it, ’cause? I was gonna return it if you didn’t like it. OK, I think that’s enough. I think that’s enough, right? I wanna bring my. I heard the lens. I wanted to fish art. How about macro? But macro next time so you can get a real close look at my. Put a macro lens. Macro. So yeah, tomorrow make your laundry guys tomorrow. Tomorrow might be an off day or laundry day. And if it’s two weeks of laundry and it’s 10 minutes a load or 20 minutes of load. And I like to separate everything, even though everything I wear the same colors, right, loud enough, noxious. There’s no angelic white. They said I’m going to happen for helping people out ’cause, you know, I’ve been helping with few people. And then I was like, I hope so ’cause. I killed a bunch of cockroaches. Does that send you to hell? God said don’t kill, right? But. Just instead pull. Poci said the Bible ********. So. I’m certainly that one. Starting with that one. And I want to see if Alan is going to be on LBC eventually. He’s taking a week off. It’s not like him to take three days off. And I can’t stay up at 4:00 in the morning anymore to listen to me and my radio broke and the new one doesn’t take out a cable box ilarie out. It doesn’t let you listen to at the same time as recording to an outside source anyway. OK, I get it. I gotta cook. I gotta eat. That’s enough. I think that’s it. Guys can eat now. And what else are we gonna do? What else shall we do, eat, and what else? Big out. I’m gonna have some. I don’t wanna be like the last live stream where I ate the same thing. But I don’t wanna eat the same thing I eat last night and then right before either. So let me think. What? Delete? So it’s between the kernel balls. Pertinent pun. And I’d right yesterday, so renewed today, I’d rice one day noodles the next. Sometimes I eat out on weekends, so I don’t have to. Nope. Nope. Cleaning up, no washing dishes and weekends. Right. So Saturday and Alfresco dining out in the square every Saturday. I am. I am I distorting. I’m shouting again. I gotta say, I’m gonna. Still working properly. I’m gonna not gonna keep it down. Remove the Mike next time here. So I’m gonna be like this talking license now, OK. Goodbye. OK, I think it’s Mac and cheese with Z. Again, sorry ’cause if I had the kanoa balls. Quinoa balls? Is that what they’re made of? Therapist. Sweets. I went back and cheese. I’m having it again. It’s different. This this one is tribes. The other one had porcini mushrooms. And. You haven’t had it in a couple weeks. I want it. The desert will be might be the Harrods dates from Saudi Arabia. They were like 100 bucks for a handful. But but they last a year.’cause there’s so many there. The Black Saudi Arabian dates. They are the best. They’re like chocolate 70 credit was for a bag. And I bought almost a year ago. They last a year in the Frenchman. I think it’s six months, but they’re still good. It’s been word just. It’s been about that. Right. When when did they do it? November. October. Right before lockdown, October maybe around October. Check a check that. But then, right November, December, January, February, March, it’s not even six months if I don’t know, maybe they’re going to be full and Kimber. Year ago anyway. Courtesy that with cashew milk isn’t bad, I might have the protein shake and. Find Maple syrup last night fried in the pan with no oil, just just heated in the on the stove top. Maple syrup. I know ’cause. I made it when I was a kid. My dad put me to work. Every spring break I was making Maple syrup. Any caps, hundreds of trees in upstate New York, from Morris to Gilbertsville. And boiled it all night. So I know that it takes 40 buckets of SAP to make one bucket of Maple syrup.’cause I used to do it with to feed the stove all night and keep it going and boiling and boiling. And he gave it to people who didn’t. You. Murder. We did all the work and they ate all the syrup. I don’t like. I like how it comes glass jars ’cause. You know you don’t have the BPA’s or whatever. So I’m gonna have Maple syrup. Yeah, that’s for the Portage. I’d like to put a little bit in Portage. And I guess you grill it, you just put it on the stove and then it tends to sugar that’s taking it a step further. Maple sugar. But it’s just a very important thing. I shouldn’t tell you ’cause. It took me years to find out. But you don’t wanna burn it. So yeah, you put it on. I put it on medium heat or, you know, highest. But I put on four. Then as soon as it bubbles. You turn it all the way down to one ’cause. It’ll continue to bubble at one once it starts bubbling, it continues to it’s cooking all the time, even at low temperatures. It’s just freaking out. It’s burning. So you don’t want it as soon as you see it boiling again, you turn it all the way down to one. And it’ll. And then you gotta wait and you just keep tasting it every 510 minutes. You got it and you’ll get better and better and better. And just put in. It becomes Maple sugar. That’s very nice. That’s what I had last night. So that’s what you’ll have tomorrow, right? Anyway, OK, sure. My gosh. Thanks. Thanks for visiting. Yeah, well, I’m not sure I should thank you, because maybe maybe you don’t like this stuff for you to like. It’s my life. It’s my life. Not for your life. And don’t give me any likes to put my brother one one final time. It’s just a classic. Don’t give me any likes ’cause. Then I have to like your **** which I have no intention of doing. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean that. I do. I haven’t. I would like to. I would like to. It’s fire doesn’t have to keep up with all your Facebook. It’s hard as hell. And what if you don’t like it? Well, you don’t like it. Don’t like it? Not. Not yet. But what if what if I’m like your ship and vice versa? Anyway, whatever. Whatever it is, I don’t wanna see these expressions. It is what it is. All these vacuous, pointless, you know, just meaningless. It is what it is. Of course it is what it is, you *******. Give to tell me that. That’s what that does. 100 expressions, I mean, I didn’t count them, but. I know I wrote them down not to say them. He’s not gonna watch this, so he’s never going to prove. You keep saying it is what it is. That being said. About align.’cause I’m distorting, then I should keep my voice down. Give to remember. Yeah, practice. Keep practicing, OK. Favorites either one next time it might be tomorrow, but if the laundry goes late. It tends to go till 10 tends to go till. This is funny. ’cause the eyeball. There’s a tube there, and my vision is a bit sometimes can can can be a little a little. And in the two looks like A7. And. It doesn’t matter. Two, seven, 707,000. Don’t matter. Doesn’t matter, does it? Doesn’t matter. We’re done. OK, quiet mode. Bring a pig sticker in the quiet mode thing. Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s do it. OK. Shows over later. I’m gonna eat now it’s it’s a quiet. No, now it’s quiet. What do you call that quiet term? Start figure that out. See you later. Man. Share.****. I wish, yeah. I don’t want to use the strong ones. I think I can move the. I think I can move the screen. Now I I like it there though ’cause it it matches the the lens. I can make contact with two cameras I contact with two cameras now. It’s good because if it’s here, it’s gonna be like one cameras off. But I wanted to show you that part here at all. Sure, rolling word. You can’t always get what you want. To get what you need. Removable. Here it is. I should put these here. I’m gonna have to clean the table again. So they come this is this is how they give you the stickers that place. Should I tell you where I got them from? I’m gonna give everything away because, you know might come back to haunt me. But you know, should I, on the other hand, I wanna keep them in business. But I don’t want you to deplete their stock. And then I can’t get it. This is going way back anyway. Should I tell you? And you might roll them, you might prank them, you might say hi, it’s Stuart. God, that your ******* *******. And then and then they’ll think it’s me. And then when I call, when I go there, they’ll be like you called us and called us these ******* terrible things. You don’t wanna do business with you anymore. No. No. It was trolls. How do we know that? How do we know it was you? So I could tell you who doesn’t, who doesn’t. If you’re not, you know, tell you if I know you not get the word. OK, cool. Then go ahead. ******* troll them. That’s funny, but they troll that guy, right? He’s eating. He’s eating in a restaurant and. Waitress comes over. There’s a phone call for you as an emergency fund. That’s just Internet trolls. That’s right. OK, these are the temporary ones, removable. You’re there. Work on coats, right? Doesn’t fall off your coat. I still haven’t gotten the big ones. I called up today. I might. I’m gonna make some new ones. Pay. You need the permanent ones on your coach. Man. We’re still in the early stages of development here. Do you think I should get the Sorry quarter million, but I think I can talk him down. I wasn’t gonna tell you, but now that I know, I don’t want it. Or of course I want it. But you still you can’t walk around with it. No money again. Again. I’m gonna say it again, man. No money, no traffic, no publicity, no. Know nothing about that. You can spend quarter million on the domain name, are you? First, he said 100,000. I said 50 grand. First, I said 10 grams that that’s my opening offer, usually 10 grand just to get the reaction just to get the ball rolling. And like we we would need an extra 0. To make sure that a few extra zeros on that I’m like. Then I then I asked him again. He’s like it’s 200 grandma for dot TV, which is worthless. Absolutely. But it’s just a great name, isn’t it? Center TV. If you wanna do adult content, which I wouldn’t mind. Would you mind at all? Actually, at this stage, at any stage. So you won’t be welcome anywhere. So you’d be blackballed. Bring the print and. The posture size for the rest of your life isn’t hard. Just a great domain name so you could get your if it wasn’t blocked, you know ’cause it’s blocked in all the cell phones in less you were enabled. They just shipped. Sorry, word from our sponsors. That’s it, man. I really got it. Tweakers. With my axe. Quiet quiet please. Down time I need a catch phrase, catch phrase, quiet Phase I need I need to. And I need this very visible in the back. There you can still see it back there, right? Get it quiet phase or quite, let me think. Stop being a writer, isn’t it quiet. Quiet face silence, silent face. Downtime standby. How much standby you you know, you got the bars of the TV screen standby. I ate us, guided on his website, so it’s traffic went from 30,000 today to 3000 because he put indent. He’s still doing it on his other sites, keep abandoned ’cause. He’s stuck with that. So I have one more thing to say about the manosphere robot. All that ****? Yeah. Oh yeah. The TV dinner. We gotta save this now. In sex in the city. Cynthia Nixon, who I saw in Manhattan once given the cab I should have filmed that. But you need to zoom for that. So you know. Anyway, she’s like, ooh, TV dinners, that’s really bad. But of course, when she does it, it’s not bad. But start when she does it. When the woman does it, it’s not bad, man. Bad woman, good woman. Good men bad. And the man has a TV dinner. It’s terrible. But when a woman has a TV dinner, she was eating at home all the time, and she ate cake out of the trash can. She calls Carrie Bradshaw. I just ate cake out of the trash. Can I throw it away? Put put your letter, Terry. So care for you not only to have TV dinners, but eat out of the trash can. I don’t want to get to the battle of the sexes, you know. Same goes for, you know, ’cause the the women owners are like it’s OK for the man to do that, not the woman, vice versa 2 ladies. So let’s stop this madness, OK? Roughing against her. What are put standby? Standby mode. No ’cause. I’m gonna be eating. I’m gonna cut you. See, This is why I’m doing this. ’cause. It’s on my website. It’s on 100 domain names. People can see this. You’re gonna come to the front page. Hunter domains Alberta George if even if there’s a handful of people, they’re gonna see this, they would be like, what the **** is they’re just watching and eat. This show sucks whenever coming back, so I gotta let them know that there’s. There’s a. There’s the. There’s the talk faced in the salmon face. Simon. And is it a phase or is it a what do we call it? What do we call it, man? It’s not standby, it’s quite mode. And I’ve gotta think about it could be a lot of how do you express this short words you could use, right? Quiet Mode, quiet mode. Silent mode. That’s like the cameras, the Sony cameras, the silent silent mode. Right with the shoulder speed, with the shutter. Sound shutter. So silent mode. Silent quiet mode or silent mode. Quiet mode, peace and quiet mode. Goodnight man. I don’t know. Why no? Salmon mood do you like salmon mode or quiet mode, Sarah? Oh man, so much mode. It’s just ridiculous. I’m laughing. ’cause. This is just a silly, isn’t it? It is silly, but it makes. Yep, this method in this madness, quote, Hamlet, act. Whatever scene, whatever. Silent mode and I need it to be quicker. Damn it. Guess your freaking thing on that damn thing. You see, I throw away the stencil ship right now. I need it. Do anything but you see, I was looking at the stencil. This place that I have had some stencil stencils, you know where you you fill out the. Letters like like you put the plastic there and it goes through it and it would be perfect or even there. I need some printing thing to do this, so I’m not drawing like a. Kids. Which strikes me to join. Turn cartoons daily doodle because Hustler magazine, in my opinion, screwed up by firing its best cartoonists John bullet. He was the best. George Charles Lee was pretty disgusting. Those more gross out. Collins is funny. Not Larry, but the other, the cartoonist Darren Collins. I contacted him. I bought his ebook and then he stopped talking to me when I sent him a cartoon of there’s a political cartoon, a little bit, one of the, you know, maybe dictators who killed, you know, half a million people ’cause. That’s what they do. And get away with it. Considerable doesn’t care. So brands are above the law that can kill anyone they want fairly. So I added a cartoon of him having sex with his wife on all these skull and bones, like on a mountain of, because that’s what he’s doing. I don’t wanna be political or cartoonist because they get their hands broken. He he broke there. He broke cartoonist handsaker notice. I’m not saying his name, but I did a cartoon of him. Having diving style sex on top of a whole bunch of bones, skull and bones like a mountain of them and you know, it’s really funny. I mean, it’s not funny at all, obviously, but it’s it’s a political statement that that’s what he’s doing. Triple doesn’t have anyway, so I sent it to Dan Collins and he never answered ’cause. He’s on Facebook and he does dirty cartoon story. Doesn’t bullet and I told him that that dictator had cartoonist hands broken for making fun of him, and he never answered. I thought at least he’d answer and say, look, be careful, you know, political cartoon. You know, you don’t wanna do it. Like Robert Crumb wouldn’t do the you know, religious cartoons. Yeah, something to say about it though. He’s like, you know, blah, blah, blah. It’s not a good idea because you know. That Dan Collins just you just didn’t answer. And it made me realize. Nothing. I didn’t realize anything. It’s well, yeah, that’s, I guess. You can’t see this at all, can you? My God, you can be smart. Smaller than this. Take. OK, so it’s gonna be in the camping there. It’s got. She’s gonna be up there. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. I’m gonna need at least four times bigger than this. And they’re. I think they’re $50 each of these things. I’m gonna check my receipts. Which is why I keep everything I can remember. Anything. I don’t wanna be distorting now. I don’t wanna be distorting. Keep your ******* voice down or turn down the level. Yeah, I wanna keep my voice weird. Yeah. It’s gonna be four times bigger than this four times, yeah. That’s a lot there, isn’t it? Just no, it’s just one more thing. One more that way, right? Yeah, 4 * 4 times. That’s that’s it. Goes by fours anyway. ’cause, you can’t make it double this anyway, right? ’cause it double would be two of them. And you can’t fit this word. In two of them, you would need four of them to fit. You see you see, it’s got the next step of this four times that it goes by fours, I guess, right? Or two, I don’t know. I’m not good at math, which is why that guy said my IQ is probably lower than it should because my math, but higher for other things, really good and other things that you may have Folkers are. Sorry, I was trying to keep it clean. You can’t see this here, man. How do you do this, man? How do you do it? Set a fruit fly. It’s no good, is it? It’s no good. Yeah. OK. We’ll have to do. It will have to do it. You’ll have to do. OK. And this is too big and you take. Hang on a minute. Loop. That’s how we talk here. Hang on. To make move. Start. Is that in the way you won’t see my food then? God forbid. Oh my God, this is so weird. Looking at yourself, looking out of body aches. You know, seeing yourself self destruct. That was another one I wanted to tell you. Everything is temporary. And I remember. I remember these things from high school. You know, things I saw in bathroom walls and I write them down to not forget them, for example. I was kissing and there was an arrow and someone wrote four U 2P. I thought that was that was good and yeah, he reishit broken hearted, came to ship but only farted. That was a good one too. And there was another one that said do bongs after it was what they were at 14. But there was a button. Someone drew a button and it said pressed this button. And the teacher will self destruct. You know, Mr whatever will self destruct. I thought that was funny because, you know ’cause, it’s just a joke. Or not really. It’s not for real. If it’s for real, I would. OK. How are we gonna do this? I’m getting the smaller one. I’m gonna put it there for this. OK, when you get the smaller one ’cause this, this blocks the whole view blocking my view. Now what’s? Just just one last call. Memory photo. This is like the group photo. This is like the. The parting shots. Find Chuck. It’s hard to get it right in the mirror. This is narcissistic. No ’cause I’m getting you. I’m getting you. I’m getting you. I’m getting all this. I’m getting that my my image is literally 100th of the picture. So. If it was just my image, you know, like all you ******** or you, you do this, right? That’s 100% of the immature, you know, 80%. So that is selfish, that is narcissistic, right. You gotta do it though, man. ’cause, when you get that. So there will be left with you. You gotta have that. Ernest. What’s left? What’s left? This is it. This is a ghost. And this is the best way to go because you can pose a Cindy Sherman got a million for hers. I gotta look up the Cindy Sherman ship. How did she get $1,000,000 for one photo? Just going up in that she’s on narcissistic every shot is about her, although it’s full bodied so there’s a lot of them are full body. So you got stuff around it. But you know where does she? I wanna distort. Don’t don’t raise your voice. Where does she not swaggering us? OK. Sorry, just gotta get the I gotta get this. I gotta get it, man. Dirt. Sorry or another thing I noticed people pronounce them with the lips with their teeth. That that really that really kind of, you know, whatever. You know, do what you gotta do, but that that’s really. That’s really messed up, isn’t it? I’ve noticed a lot of people, especially women. Pronouncing them with their teeth. Mama. Mama, where is it? I’m I’m getting. I don’t know why you would pronounce him with your teeth. No, I’m good. In other words too. I’m like, holy ****. Is that a speech impediment or is that the ******? Cortana, I don’t like mine. Fox. OK? I don’t like it. I don’t like you to **** with my mind. But you know optical or I like optical illusions, that’s not an illusion. It’s the effect. OK, let me get the stickers. That’s strange. Don’t shout. What? What strike? Sticker. I need this size, right? I need this size to go here. My son. With mode. That way I can keep it live and they can’t get it upset. They can’t be like. I don’t know that there’s a non silent mode. It won’t be like I was with Terry Templeman when I saw him sitting on the computer. I’m like **** that. I’m never coming back to watch you play computer play video games, although any didn’t answer anybody can’t. They can’t always answer. If you had a website, I would last track. I don’t know where the **** he is. It’s always computer ship with these guys. This spring video games I can’t ******* look at that. You know, if you should, I shouldn’t tell him how to make a better show. But you know, he knows. But he doesn’t do it. Do you show? I mean, this is pretty bad anyway. But if I had a wife like him. You think I would show me directions? Maybe she doesn’t let you. Yeah, I forgot about that. Should 4h30 thank you for watching? See you tomorrow. I’m gonna do laundry tomorrow, so I’m gonna try to make it by 4:20. That’s my magic hour. ’cause, antismoking statement 420. Don’t smoke. Maybe it shouldn’t be at 4:20, but if you, if you’re anti smoking. Yeah, but it’s a joke. I’m making fun of it. Does that go we just see. Cannot be all the way down all the way down. That should be done right. Yeah, ’cause, it’s it’s top heavy list. It’s annoying. Less annoying. Yeah, ’cause like the signature like Picasso thing. Sorry, you don’t need to. I’m not saying I’m like the console, but my cartoons are better than his drawings. Don’t say that my cartoons are funnier and more fun to look at. In summer, for sure, I haven’t seen, I don’t know. It’s drawings. Actually, I could give a ride. Who cares for $100 million? Yeah. Yes, please. Only when he’s dead, though. Look at his that man. When you were lying or what were they worth, Mr Picasso? Nothing. Did you get paid? When it this. I’m gonna Wikipedia that ship. I wanna know what I wanna know. If he was as much of a failure as me in real life ’cause, I think he was. I think you look bad. For doing for breaking community guidelines that he did very well, but I didn’t. But he did. I think Picasso fuct up in life and when we made it, when he was dead, that’s what I think. Sir, where did I bring him up? Because I don’t know. I checked the video anyway, that’s it. That’s it. That’s all folks. Now I need tape that I need to tape that they right. This is so silly. It’s just so silly. Yeah, well. Tough. I put a piece of tape there and then it’ll put it. That’s not bad there, right. Ship screen though, so I don’t know. That’s that screen is the Facebook page split, but on my website is not flipped or maybe or maybe it’s vice versa. I don’t know what that is going on. What’s left and what is it? I’m not very good at that ****. Three bowls there, and when I bought you. OK, I don’t wanna hear ’cause that’s interfering with my. This is this is instant the Facebook live thing I can see immediately the my website has a 20 minute delay the embed. 4h 33 jhjgk So we want it there. We don’t want it here obviously. But wait, I don’t need it because I’m wearing this. I’m gonna be like this, right? And I’m gonna be leaving. I’m kicking just always say cooking here I’m kicking. Scroll up once. I’m like. What are you doing? I’m kicking your kicking. Where you kicking? He kicked me in the *** like those bold Buster videos where they kick the balls I bought. I bought they’re stomping on the the would stop on the right. I gotta check that. I gotta check. There’s no way they were stomping on their balls. Where they. It must have been the skin, the scrotum ’cause. If you stop on the balls, that’s it. You only get you only get one shot. Do not blow your chance. It’s it’s an OK. Stomp on the balls, 4h34 Mr stomping her. Stop on goals. Sports. A few things. Today was a failure, I think in a way today was a failure. I didn’t accomplish much, rather just move some things in the bag. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Whose name starts with Pardon the pun. She goes. Your place is a mess. Clean it up so you know what I did? I picked all the **** up from there and moved it here. I was like, it’s all tidy now. She’s like. I’m like, that’s what happened today. I think. I think I did it again. Oops, I did it again. Put it, put everything in the. 4h35 Is it right? That’s right. On this window is that we’re doing a different anyway, OK. So I’ve got a. I have to clean this again. I’m gonna cook. Sorry. It’s cook time now and then. Then we’ll go to the bedroom. OK. That’s it. I think that’s it. I think that’s it. I think I think that’s. I can’t do it. I can’t squirt my own nurse. Lens. French. Then after clean up ****. Look at this now. No. 4h35 I mean number one. He’s a. I think we’re going champs, it’s going to be a low. You know, they say like after your year after retirement, you die ’cause. You have nothing to live for, and after you know, successful groups break up, they they get a real depression ’cause nobody wants to kiss the Nas anymore. Specials gonna happen with me when you leave now. If there’s no one there and there’s a zero, I’m gonna be on our well, there’s nobody there. Yeah, but there is this. You see, there always is sooner or later, as it’s embedded on my website, I think there’s someone there. Maybe it’s an imaginary friend. Maybe it’s a psychological disorder. You think people are there, but they’re not. Good. I don’t care. If you’re there. 4h36 No I do care. I care little bit, not too much, but it’s it’s when that goes to when when you know that it’s zero. I think it’s just zero facebookers. I don’t think it counts. On my website, there’s no way in hell. No way in hell. That that’s the number of people on my website at any given time. But I mean at all times at any given time, OK, there might be zero people one moment, but there’s gonna be more than two at any given time, right on the website or not. You mention if there isn’t. My God, that would be. All the more reason to keep streaming ’cause the letter is always something there to remind me. That’s a good song, wasn’t it? Oh my God, I was looking at my ex girlfriend. All of them here, all their maiden names changed, right? So you can’t. You can’t find them. 4h38 Marriage change their names so. Maybe it’s best. Maybe it’s for the best. We have not stir up old ****. I’m just quoting that literature book. Maybe read these horrible literature books and I came here. Greek. It was actually. I know what it was. Did you save all your school books or did they go? It didn’t go any one year in one eye balling out the next. If the thing if you don’t save all these things, it’s like it never happened. I can’t remember what book that was that I just quoted. Enough ’cause. It’s a disgusting quote and I didn’t say it. They did. But it’s like. Why did I do it? A literature degree or a lab? Why did I can’t identify a levels just for, just for laughs, and that was a terrible spring break too. ’cause. I was reading all the time. Just bring your girl back and my mom was like the other Filipino maids always marched on me. 4h39 And then I’m not allowed to bring girls back. I was banned from the home. Do not have sex there. They wanted me to go to dirty hotels.’cause that’s how I could afford it. Happy ending. Now we’re five star, aren’t we? And look at this. Can you beat this? And it’s empty for now, but yeah, you have to lock down, swipe and wipe baby swipe and wipe. Just kidding. It’s adult humor. It’s it’s adult comedy. Sorry, but. No. Why them? About us, right. Why them? You’re not you. So, uh, we’re gonna check it. OK, let’s get the tablecloth and the Mac and cheese. I can’t decide what to eat. Oh my God. Ten o’clock, 10 PM, 10:10 PM UTC, London time. 4h40 England time UTC GMT Greenwich Mean time’s line. What do I have? Yeah, I gotta go. Like, now. ’cause. It’s late. It’s gonna be back in cheese. I’m not. I’m sorry I don’t repeat the same thing that I didn’t last stream because I’m sure so many people were watching it. And I’m gonna disappoint. Nobody saw it. So we’re gonna see it now. [silence/ ambience/ atmosphere] I’m just thinking if if no ones there do I keep talking like this to myself? Yeah, because it’s up there and I’m gonna use the the best bets for the show. Sorry. Should apologize either. Like they do here. OK. I just wanna say one great thing is to put everything together, get your **** together like I did here. I put all the pasta in here, you see? So you got one for pasta, one for rice, one for bread, you know, gluten free breads. One for what else? Perser circuit where I separate bread so there’s a couple more, a couple more items. I’m brain fried right now. I’m not. Thank you for now. Yeah, just separate all your food. You see, Sir, I know the past isn’t there. 4h42 Gluten free pasta, of course. Go up in free. So my friend hike from Armenia. He’ll be like to make fun of it. He’s like, do you have? Bread with a lot of gluten. Extra gluten please. How much does extra glue is that extra? I want much more glue. This is the best one. I just want to say I don’t want you to get it, man. I mean, there’s sort sold out all the time. No, don’t get it. Don’t get. It’s terrible. Well, they they might go out of business if you ever buy it. OK, get it. But leave some for me too. OK? I’m just saying this with that vegan pesto. Is out of this world now. There were two. Remember, get these when I get like and that’s one serving. So you need 5. For one week, one once a week in a month. Keep. I must say. Gluten free contract the best for. Not picking up gluten free, gluten and gluten free gluten free. I’m down to my last one of these. She’s not sure I got fake. Fake. She’s. Yeah, I’m gonna do it again. Sorry, but this is it. I haven’t had this in a while. I’m doing it again. That’s it. Get the right back lyrics. What else are we doing there? That’s it. You mean that? I’m just about tomorrow. I think it’s laundry to write down. Get started for 20 again or will do I feel bad. I feel like I felt up today and I feel like I didn’t do a damn thing. I just put them in bags. And then I stuck them. Will keep working at it. Maybe. Well, maybe tomorrow is the day. Today I got screwed up. OK, whatever. 4h44 Whatever, man. Silent mode. Oh, by the way. Ask you something. I need to ask you something. I bought a Christmas tree, a little Christmas tree and it dried up and I don’t know if it’s because of the heater. I did water it and if it was always damp soil this is just dried up. Street 3 pounds from Tesco 5 bucks. And it’s **** me off. I don’t know what happened, so maybe have to research it directly. I don’t want. I don’t. We never goggle anything we DuckDuckGo and even Bing because of the cookies. I stopped. That too has no cookies, no cookies. ****. **** your cookies sticking with the sun. Don’t shine a pure **** banker. Not even lubes. Doctor go. That’s the website we use the search engine we use. And will I ever need Google for advertising? Is that is that? Is that how they get you? Screw your nut after what you did. No, no, I don’t want you or your add nothing. 4h45 Nothing to do with you. And they’ve been fined billions. And I’m sitting the rest of the stand up. But go don’t want to give it away here. But OK, that’ll do. We’re done with this too, right? Covert. That’s for you. Not covered here. Hang this up. Let’s listen to this. Just not cleaned. Hey, but suffered mass. Boil water for someone make the same mistake as last time. Boy at first and then. Roast. Filter motor. 4h46m30 Cover it up. Corrupt. Again, no worries. 4h47 failed livestreamer cradle St. And the castle didn’t even know about DNA. That’s the disgusting part. He did it. Not for DNA. Why the **** would you keep your nail clippings and skid Marks and all that **** if you didn’t even know that it’s DNA? Let’s discover at least I have an excuse. DNA projects and Picasso pic AAS. His *** students say that that’s why they call him pikasso. But he picked his ***. I’m gonna get in trouble here, right? All the Picasa lovers. I’m gonna come after me, 4h48 OK? It’s it’s adult humor. It’s adult comedy disclaimer. OK, let’s cooking. Hiking. It’s a little. You’re not gonna get the lighting next to the dim lens. Yeah, it’s not too bad. So last time I gotta get more of these, then I gotta go back shopping some more. I like to wear down all the supplies before doing that. Can you imagine if this is all ********? Like I think someone here when they’re not ’cause. I don’t care. Why is that? Standby. It stops faster, faster. Bastard stopped recording up there. I think there’s a limit. Is there an eight, six or eight hour limit? That’s the eight hour limit is on Facebook. Why did my camcorder stop recording? Look into that, see how see if it stops after a certain amount of time. It’s two. It was 700 minutes and now it’s 400, so that’s 300 minutes and I’ll look into it. Look into why the camcorder stop recording ’cause. I can’t not trust that it’s supposed to be professional. I’m sure I didn’t switch it off. And I lost some shipments. So look over here. We’re how many hours into this stream are we here? He tells you, doesn’t it? That’s it. I saw something here. I saw a number. Yeah, four hours, 55 minutes. Should open the stop after four hours. Did it would be around number if it stopped? And I thought it was running. The ******* doesn’t stop after four hours, does it? Quite sure it doesn’t. Something must have gone wrong. We’ll look into that. And it’s four hours, 55 minutes. So. What else? What else, man, what else is called that? 4h50 Silent mode. Sorry, I meant night. Let me have a little appeteaser put this away. Let’s get the glass. Every morning. I gotta get the glass. The Maus stick to protect against my last mouse tablecloth will take the clock. Of course. But your camera and vitamins. I did the vitamins. So I. These are different last glasses grass. You see that video? Can you see that video on the Internet? Glass in urass glass in my ***. You think I’m bad look at him. I don’t see the glass anywhere. Where’s the glass up your ***? Last man. Look at what? Raiders. Over here. 4h52 Must be your reason. You’re the queen of your castle. Free. What’s the reason? Fair use comment I’m Butchering the song, making it my own. You don’t know the disgusting thing. I wanna tell you about about these houses here. It’s gonna be said it’s gonna be said, man, what they do is instead of fixing the walls that are all open and for hundreds of years, well, 100 years the mice have been coming up here. Now, thanks to COVID, they’re not here. But I just wanna say there is no wall in the kitchen. Oman. They’re gonna kick me out if I criticize it. OK? Not not this place. Not this place. OK, in general, what they do in general, not here. Not here. Of course not here. Because I gotta say, it’s my orifice here. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t leave. I can’t leave right now. Actually, maybe it’s maybe, maybe. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time I’m looking at you. See the beach. You got Venice in California. Did you get the Marina? Noisy. Is that going to be with all the boats there? I’m gonna go see. I gotta have look again. I’m gonna stay here. But I didn’t know. I didn’t. House is not gonna be. House is going to be your tiny, but it’ll be an apartment because I don’t wanna pay quarter million in tax a year. Would you or more or more half million text here. Even if you had it. I’m not saying I do, and I’m not saying I don’t. I’m not saying I do because you don’t wanna say you don’t have it because then you Lube could come after you right there. Oh, you can’t afford a lawyer. Let’s get him. But you don’t want to see. You can afford it. Because then. You’re gonna get people here in your guts like the Ferrari drivers who likes it. You to promotes the you know that Dubai ******* driving all kinds of Ferraris so they promote rich spoiled brats who never earned it. They promote that ship just like you feed pigeons that sit around. Around their publicly public defecation and fornication in front of everyone. You support that by feeding him. Anyway, I was gonna say the most disgusting thing about these buildings is. They don’t. They don’t have any walls in the kitchen and behind the washing machine, mice come in their first for decades have been coming in, except now it’s called end. Instead of fixing the wall. They called the pest control people. I think they have a thing going on with the pest control to keep them in business. Don’t fix the water if everybody’s coming, we probably have a contract. It’s probably all intertwined. You come and lay down all their poison. Poison the hell out of them and make them bleed to death. It’s an anticoagulant that makes them bleed from the inside. And so where do all those dead mice go? I think they die in the walls of the building because there’s the Nets by the opening of the wall by the sink, there’s little fruit fly, type of gnats and I think what did they eat it? I don’t have any food out there. This might be some crumbs, but you know generally not, and you’re over there. You’re in the wall and you’re surviving eating. Although silverfish eat can can go for like a year without eating right. Those slimy things. Then you are here without eating. But I might. I think all those dead mice that died of anticoagulant poisoning die in the structure. Of the building is full of dead carcasses of mice and you’ve got gnats eating them in case of maggots. Letter makes sense, doesn’t it? Would you care to explain? Would you care to? Do you have a better explanation? I’m not happy. No Showtime. Dinner dinner is served. Will that be all, Sir? I gotta get a Butler here and my friend was gonna be my Butler. You know that guy? That guy? But he was my route. As a joke. He was my Butler. I don’t do that ****. I don’t have met me brigade like my my folks did. Maid brigade? That was. That was funny. Hey, you know if it’s alright with them, what’s your problem? I think the silent mode needs to be more over here. More over there. Tell your brother I’m telling you. So what are we doing? Well, I heard of Florida. I don’t know. So that band dweller, he went to Florida. But you know where he went? We went to Saint Peter, went to the wrong place. Where’s the right place? There’s nowhere here. Daryl. Going to Fort Lauderdale to avoid Miami. Right. Given for word, elegant, who knew that was going to come back as they chased them away, and then the generations later they come back? Like, don’t chase them away. And then they say, oh, please come back. We need actually, they don’t need their money. The people that need the money are like, come back. Right. But the rich after this don’t come back, don’t come back. We don’t want to be craziness here. It’s not right, man. It’s gonna be. It’s gonna be like that. OK. OK. Of course, yeah. I should go there. I won’t be able to talk into action, you see. And when I’m there, when I’m there. By the way, this summer I’m gonna be going somewhere. Wonderful. Do live because for security reasons, right. Don’t really want wearing electronic tag at all times and have security concerns. Almost guys. Almost there. That’s that’s that’s the one. Practice makes 46. Yeah, so long. You know, if I don’t just spring, I’ll just summer. I’m like, I’m going to planet now. Stop packing now. I don’t wanna do grease again, but that’s the only place I can. I don’t wanna tell you, ’cause. Then you’ll do it. Right. And if you do it, I’m not gonna be. As unique. Everybody knows it, everybody knows it. Max, turn? What he was doing back then, he got jailed for it. Now everybody does it. They did it anyway, but you know they’re hiding it. No ones hiding. OK. Are you? I’m not well, I am just pure. You can’t do it. But that’s another thing we want to get that. So I get it. Should I get the updates? Blocks. I’m gonna try get the block domain. Just I can put a little hanky panky. But this hanky panky podcast another you Lube promoted inappropriate community guideline violations. I think ’cause they’re not interested. How can I run Android X play concert? They’re like 18 and up only, but on the Internet he’s doing the exact same thing. No age or stretching whatsoever. ’cause it’s. Coral turn ’cause it’s audio your lunch. Swear without introduction on YouTube, but not in real life. Thanks man. Bunch of sickos. You look. Nothing makes sense. These ********. Nothing. At least there’s a record of it for future generations. All see what happened there. Evil preparation. Look what they did. That’s how it was back then.**** I didn’t measure. Be your damn thing. I didn’t measure a pint for him. I was smart. That was March. You see, I got distracted with the light stream again. I’m gonna mistake banning supposed to put a pint in there and I put. I just poured the whole damn freaking jug, so I’m gonna try to get some water out before it’s too late and. See, last time I did it, I also made a mistake because of the live stream. I’m getting my cooking wrong. OK, this this is gonna crack, isn’t it? This is not gonna need like a metal container. In the water. Network. Girls. Yeah, screwed up. Make a note of that for next time. It’s ’cause. You’re ’cause of New Mac. Because of this, my mind. Was there supposed to be a pint in there? Not God knows how much water is in there. I took some out, but it’s still too late. It’s gonna be running dentist. Should I do? I Kentucky time remember how high it is. Normally when I do it, let me think you do it. Undo bamboozled. I gotta find it. Another thing I gotta time it, man. Tomorrow it’s been a couple of minutes now. Will try this appertizer. Well, I guess you should make a note of where I guess. I do actually. I took a picture of you. Martina died, I said. ****. I gotta get Trainer died, right? Do you think this will be good or bad? OK, ’cause a lot of times these suck. Where did they get them? First of all, that’s that. Sometimes that plays a role because a lot of places. Or more delicious than others, British roasted fava beans lightly sea salted. You have to sticks. Open everything your *******. Anyway. I think I think they’ll be average. I don’t think there’s much there. I’ve never had them like this. Michael B. Average not not great, not bad. I love father. Been so so. Awesome live stream. Hey, thanks Richard, but. Needs work, but I can’t do it. I can’t. I can’t be 100% there in here. It’s just that it’s just a. Hello. It’s limited, limited what I can do when I’m doing this toggle is out of an outline. I have all my best points to make that wouldn’t make it last forever like this. I wouldn’t waste your time. I’d do 3 minutes. Or 1020 minute episode with all that would be added to all the best bits. Player. I wanna be talking to camera. This is this isn’t my format. Anyway, this is one of the type of clips I do. I don’t want this to be my friend, at least I should have someone interact with. At the very least. But I’m working on all that, but I gotta finish up with all this. Spring cleaning. I call it sprinkles in spring. Bubba bean snapper. How did it taste? It taste a bit like gum. Cortana, don’t burn my dinner. But like trash units. Likely see salted. All that means, yeah, they’re bit like peanuts. Bit like peanuts, minus that peanut character flavor. It’s got beam taste. But there are little bit like penis. But softer and more. Not as crunchy, but more grindable. They melt in your mouth more little more. I prefer peanuts. Listen, I strange. I’ll never forget when I started live streaming 10 years ago. When you stream and also on before Vimeo took the URL, I did this. I let it run and I was talking like. I hope I have some of those ’cause we’re blocked These platforms are all done. And some guy wrote in the comments. There was only a couple people watching and they terminated by your stream ’cause I showed my G string. I turned around, although on YouTube everybody does it fine when everyone else does it, of course. But you showed your bare behind. Strange, just like everyone else on the beach. Like, I’m not gonna watch you eat. And now they made a whole thing ’cause. It’s Korean ******** mukbang they call it. There’s even a Wikipedia page on it. I could set an event notching someone needs mukbang. So stupid. Not watching you eat now. Direct Google. I got ****** it off. Can I put that up again? ’cause. I was talking to you. I will cook that. So it’s not only. Too much water in there. It’s also overcooked. My beautiful anyway. Might be edible. If it’s not, I’m gonna cook something else and I like, wrong. I like Robbie, can draw now. But I was in Greece. I went to that vegan restaurant. Freaking expensive though, to keep overcharging. If you can word that replenish ’cause that was fancy. Real fancy. And you can see a couple dishes. I got them on there. You can see on my Scroll down my front page. Videos. Uh. Snow fell. I’m not doing my hair. I never dyed my hair. Only occasionally I put a little Hannah like a duck at like a touch I dabed. Damn, delivering out here. Hello Anna there. But I didn’t do this stuff. I haven’t done it. The some underneath, right? Some. I wonder if it’s preventable. Taking those Chinese red pills. Do you like the ancient process? Richard Lewis. So Richard Lewis, how come you’re so? Sick about this? I mean, thank you. I appreciate the encouragement. It’s very nice. I got you there actually ’cause that brings other people. What’s funny is I almost didn’t accept your friend request. Sounds like a bunch of people further question me. I assume it’s, you know, to to. Take advantage of any woman on my page, right? Could be. And uh. What else? So warm. Or they could be bad people. I’m not as bad as that. YouTube promoted that you tuber Rob Black Zachary. In one of his podcasts, he’s like, don’t friend me. I’ll never be your friend. ’cause. I don’t know you. I want nothing to do with you. I’m not gonna answer your comments. Any wants an audience from that? He wants an audience. After saying that, stay away from me. Don’t friend me. I don’t want anything to do with you, ’cause. I don’t know you. I did that. Richard Lewis don’t friend me. I don’t know you. I’m not your friend. I never will be ’cause. I don’t know you. He’ll go far away. So if you’re on the radio, you can do that, right? It’s just already successful. Still need people to tune in, though. They know you’re not gonna meet them at. Here you get the illusion that you know someone, really whether they’re gonna be here. You never know. How would I meet people? Richard Lewis is saying, you know, are you gonna be here? I’m gonna be there. Should I go around telling people where I’m gonna be? President. Listen, another guy I’ve never met apparently came to my house when I was you tubing years ago, when the building. You know, I was a bit concerned about trolls and bad people. ’cause. There’s plenty of them. So I didn’t open the door. Regretfully, ’cause. He’s a nice guy. Apparently it would be safe, might even be a good friend to have so blue. That still on my Facebook thing about it. I don’t know him, but. Next time I’m letting it sit for five minutes, covered the lid has to be on it. I’ve got the lid has to be off it to dry up and get. Master Chief Vegan Mac and cheese. You know sturdy. OK, now when I eat, what am I gonna do when I eat? I don’t wanna keep talking. You imagine if I keep I don’t even show up when I eat? My God, I gotta get water. They’re ready to my dessert. So the verdict will ever be. My bad is just as a novelty. Kent water meter. Nice change. Do that. George, you do that. That’s good, George. Good for you. That’s what they set up my high school when they didn’t give a **** when they never did give a ****. I did. Just spent a lot of time talking to people in there. So again. Here’s. What’s weird is money don’t even answer on Facebook now some some do, some don’t. So I won’t answer, so I won’t even ask. Like that girl. I sent flowers too, but I I gotta. I gotta say this one too, right? Valentine’s Day. 14 years old. Everything out, yeah. My grandma said send send a none of the everybody sent a red rose to to the Valentine where someone they liked. But nobody told me at 14. Not to send that dozen roses. How much you say hello first? Like you see, I’ll tell you this. They said you sent roses rose or roses to somebody you like. Can I? I saw this. Nice looking great girl. There is this rental text. Specially when you’re sitting out too. If you have a lot of acne, be careful with that. But I don’t think I’d see that out quite yet by February. I think it was April, it started from all those McDonald’s milkshakes from all the milkshakes in the snack bar that united I was, I was lactose. Is that intolerance or just an allergy? Or maybe it was from playing with yourself three times a day that that that maybe that, you know, they go hormones or maybe it was something else, could be anything. But I had exit attack 14 years old around April, right. So February I think I’m still gonna clear. I’ve just come back from the Israel the Cyprus, Israel Greece trip. I had a tan. I wanna put smudges on my face that this would I had this felt tip, but Grey felt tip pen. I put it into kit to get more of it, add ’cause it was fading like that chap Wayne, Lewis Pressman or whatever Chapel guy. He’s like your 10s will fade so I tend to fade. So I put this and Hicks and. Eric kicks in. This friend of mine in the you know, Laura, Mid Year I was prepped. He was learning. He’s like you got smudges. So you don’t get a tan free. That smudges all over your face. And I was like, oh, ****. The Christi girl named Chapeltique.’cause I was dark. It was smudges from the filtered. Then it was like a Gray felted pen on her with anyway. And I put that on. So I got a nice stand. And then I sit out a couple months later, but that might have done it. God knows. No, no, ’cause. It was constant, right? Anyway, so I sent a dozen roses. I think it was ten roses and she just freaked her. She, like, didn’t talk to me for the next 40 years. It’s probably a good thing. Well, actually under 18, you’re not responsible for your actions, so maybe we should forgive. I forgot anybody who was you know. It wasn’t. It wasn’t there before that. But those are the formative years, though, right? I did. I did a lot of people gave me the time of day. So who am I gonna? Who am I gonna? Remember and appreciate those who did those who did. So. I’m just saying don’t give. Anything to a woman without saying hello first. Although that’s not true right in the bar, the Drake is from that guy over there to bar the waiter comes up with a drink. So anyway, I’m just. I’m just trying to make sense. I shouldn’t even. This is. This is part of the. This is part of the thing I wanna give it away here. But just in case something happens to me in the story, never gets out. Now it will. What’s going on here? OK. What’s for dessert, honey? What’s for dinner? What’s this honey? Again, sorry. Something sweeter? So I could just add lemon juice. So that’s not bad either. Well, in water I like lemon lemonade. Here we have this. And we’re gonna have the let me just tidy up in there. My God, it’s gonna clean up the neck. ’cause. I took some stuff out of the. Let’s hope it’s better now anyway. You can Mac and cheese zed. Zed. What else did I want to do? I’m signing up here and clean up. Put some water in it. ’cause you be overflowed. Fell over your case. I don’t want to talk anymore. I think that’s it. That’s all folks. We’re gonna have, like, stream going on the website and. Is that worth it? I don’t know, man. God. Those. I don’t do it now. I don’t dry up and then I won’t be able to do it later. But I don’t wanna get my hands with disinfectant on it right now. So just use water. You gotta leave. You gotta leave. You talked about the mice. Believe, my God, you just see that you can just see that. I’m gonna be right. That’s what this is about. I wanna be ready. I’m on this notice. OK, I’m hitting the beach. It’s just it’s just a toss up now. Beach. UCLA. I’m gonna be in LA for professional reasons, as if that’s gonna happen. As if that’s worth doing. Florida for health reasons to swim in the sea. Embassy. I want to remote I. I decided against away ’cause. It’s too cold. Oh yes. Tempting. It’s good enough for Lana Turner and her daughter. Why not me? Wanna turn the state in? Century east to some departments there. So I’m looking at those two. I’m like, hey, it’s good enough for Lana Turner, but that was, you know, that was old hat. That was, like, decades ago, maybe. Maybe it’s not good. Maybe there it’s different now. How do you know? Or do I want to Hefner mansion? Hafner mansion. No ’cause. Then you gonna lose all your. You’re gonna have to pay annual tax every year. You have to. You’re gonna lose your fortune. ’cause. You might live another 50 years, right. I plan to do you love people like that? Of course I don’t wanna be 100 years old. That’s course not. But I bet when they get that age, I bet they’re not like, how did they change your mind? Who says? No, I wanna die now. This is something, I guess. Yeah, I plan to be make it to 100 as as long as it’s just you gotta avoid the the wackos with guns, right? That’s the thing. Nothing and and car crashes. You gotta see what the top causes of death art. I would say. I would say silent model. That’s what I would say. Let’s say I’m gonna think about it. I think it’s overcooked, man. If it’s all soft and mushy, I’m not having it. Soft and mushy and horrible. I blew it. I screwed it up as long as it’s edible, is it? Yeah, it’s audible. Doesn’t have to be perfect, does it? And I like the change, actually, ’cause. Usually I haven’t just right. Outdent a perfect chewy. So then I said that I was trying to see a camel guide us. This big thing is food reviews like like it’s a thing like it’s a thing that you should donate money for. Yeah, I went to McDonald’s. It was really squishy and soft and moist and smoky flavor. That one did not have was not moist and squishy, and with a smoky flavor. So it wasn’t good. That was good. That was not good. That why not? Why not? I’m gonna put him down. He’s trying. Not everyone can do what I do. Which is just as bad, isn’t it? I’m not saying this is any good, man. This needs a lot of developing. This is your. It’s just a rough it’s just a rough draft. Oh my God, yes. Water, please. So no. Cooper frigerator motor. No, I’m gonna warm water because I stick in the fridge and freezer makes loads. Should be that warm one in the freezer. Should forget it explodes on Earth. No. After. Yeah, so I watched these guys to see what not to do. Well, what to do and what’s not to. Yes. You like some things don’t like some other. Like Rosie, I can’t watch him anymore. Her anymore, either. Can’t watch Zim Jim anymore. I can’t. I can’t watch. I can’t watch. You know, if you’re just gonna sit there, talk. This is bad too. That’s what I’m saying. I shouldn’t just talk to the camera. This is gonna show. This is not a show. This is just a background security camera beside mittet. I’m not pretending that this is anything. OK, I sent it. Background security Cam. That’s what I should put. Security camera mode. Yeah. Well, I don’t acknowledge the camera. Turn shouting at it all the time. And. I’ve had enough of that. Where to watch some love both you know or watch love. I gotta take the picture. See, I could forget that too. You have forget everything. I don’t forget everything with Smokey sings. Are you still nice doing no. It’s embarrassing though, isn’t it? The low numbers in China, you know how they pile up? I don’t know, man. The end of it, it’s not exactly you think this is celebrity with 20 views. 200 even 200. I’m A Celebrity celebrity. Dot com. How to look at Internet I think I’m gonna be like a pole, Raymond. We bought a bunch of digital real estate, bought the digital version digital real estate and decades later it was worth. Millions. That’s what I think. If you decades and see what happens. I’m sure you’ll have nothing better to do. Sarcasm, irony, joke, joke. Does this look bad? Is this bad? Is this embarrassing? Can you next doing this in a restaurant, a formal restaurant, right. And then during this standing up. Is there food? And the manager comes over. Excuse me, Sir. Excuse me. You can’t do that here. Property. I’m just getting my food. You’re bad. Don’t ever come back here. I have an ******* bent, someone for taking pictures. There’s real crimes being committed in the same place. Welcomes criminals. Who did not take picture? Who took pictures secretly? Everyone is doing it anyway. They’re doing it secretly anyway, whether you like it or not. So you’re burning the honest people who aren’t hiding it, *******.*******. Anyone who ban me for that? You just put us underground. Now we, you know. But I’m not gonna tell. I’m gonna have other people do it. You’re not gonna know who’s doing it.’cause, you’re sick. Oh.************. Oh, I got to get the dates, man. I get the date and time. Time and place, buddy. Time in place. Woman under my X Factor video. This idiot was like you gotta pay for that time and place, buddy. Time and place. Yeah, well, soon for you, *******. Same goes for you likewise. Start practice with the settings you know ’cause I I go I go manual so I can put pop color on their pop colors there you know second one over 100 if you make it 1 / 125. Just like keep that I have to mess with the ISL. F 4.5, I’m going up a bit, just I don’t wanna put Hisoka set puts a digital noise on it, right? So you want to bring down the aisel anyway? So 500 too much now. Mr Three 2500 is usually good, but I don’t know why. Right now there’s a lot of weight, I guess. What’s my fingerprints? A whole bunch. I know this is pretty bad, isn’t it? Notify watch something because you know I can’t watch anything copyrighted, right? Is that what’s going on here? Can you imagine if I get blocked and should just just replying something? OK, I want something should be a problem with the audio man. Sure. What I can watch CNN News. No. You gotta think I eat this all the time now. Very, very dark. Free fortnight. I’ll leave this. Every 14 days I eat this now. Maybe once a week. Anyway. It’s like that George Carlin joke. Yeah, my kid is in 9th grade. Or maybe it’s 8th. Oh no, no. Remember when we did that in 1980, whatever. I don’t know. Maybe it was 93 or 94. I’m like, 12 and a half. That joke with Carlin George Carlin, when he’s like people are talking and he wants to leave ’cause he’s not interested. That’s what this is about. OK, I don’t like. You watch me while I eat, OK? Nobody does that right? No one. Gives the audience ****. Well, except that guy who ban some. Let me get rid of this guy. I don’t need you here. Let me get rid of this guy and then he has melodeon’s ******* idiot. Oh, it’s ’cause. They’re writing that he committed crimes that he might not have. That’s what it is. You don’t want that on your truck. Twitter doesn’t let you delete comments unless you delete. Yeah, libelous. Regulations in your in the comments. Unless you delete the whole tweet, even if you block the axle. I want to delete. Marvelous comments. Welcome. Anyway, we’re off Twitter, started super finisher and waste my time with that. It anyway. Do I keep it on? I’m gonna put something on to watch you. Silent Mode now, OK. Done. See you tomorrow for another time. Whenever? Whenever. When never. Siri when? Never. It’s still running and I ruined it. You ruined it, man. It’s ’cause of you.******* crap. Ruin my meal. What are you doing in a restaurant and it’s undercooked? Overcooked supper for under the reasons. Truly, man, this is not chewy. It’s nothing. Can always be worse. Call my mom. Working always be worked, you know. I was hoping you’d do better. Am I distorting when I do that? Keep an eye out of the levels. At what levels? Man, I know why it’s stereo, by the way. I don’t know how it came out. Is it serious? Sounds to Syria. When I checked in my headphones ’cause you have to stereo stereo signal going into the box. But Facebook live is mono. It’s not, maybe stir. Yeah, just going through Thunderbolt. You have to go. It’s not bad. I’m just fishing is properly done. But yeah, the change is nice. Nice change. Pizza food. Should do a two way thing. I wonder if I can have someone. OK, look, man, next time. Now it’s silent. I’m gonna watch. I’m coming to watch something, OK? I’m going to. What should I watch? Let me see. I can zoom in. No copyrighted music, please, right? That’s a lot of that. No, a xvideos cancel that. Again, put that on me. Why? I wouldn’t do that. Highlight anyway, would you? And. So I watch them. McMahon. I want. I want this whole stream to get banned over blocks or not embeddable because I played something like. What’s it? Know what I can do? Just connect the audio. I know that now, because strikethrough that microphone have control. I can just turn it off, unplug it. I wonder if it’ll start up again. There might not start up again right? Then you might need to. Restart the whole recording. Let me turn it down. All right. Here, man. Right here. Just turn on the level you want. Here. Damn thing. That’s not nice for you, though, right? Now that want some background? Something. No, no. OK, I’ll come back. It’s gonna be quiet. Mute the audio. I can mute the audio now. Let’s do it. Talk to you later. Finished. No sound. Good night. Then I’m not gonna have anyone there, OK? On my website to someone, there’s always someone there sooner or later, especially if you’re constantly alive. OK. Bye. OK, sometimes there. Sometimes there isn’t. Who cares? I’m getting it now, so I can listen to something. Talk to you later. Bye. 5h41 silence no audio oo 5h44 funny morphasmous 6h50, 6h54 carton shake ass .5h57 glass shake, pants play stand up 6h05 crotch grab stand up H 6h14
Can’t turning up the volume again, so I watch a little. Do you love dogs? Sketching up all the. Look. I got a lot of stuff to watch, but it’s just there. It’s convenient. ’cause. It’s there, ready to go. And these episodes are easy to. What am I doing it? I wanna just. I thought I wanted to do something a little similar, but I mean it it. I liked it just like that. Why? Because, yeah, you know, it’s that golden age of TV. Romantic look comes everything, and you got the three funny stories. The jokes and you know, yes. Romantic romance and comedy. What else do you need? What else makes a good sitcom in our city? Is that a sitcom? That’s my job, by the way. Believe it or not, I’ve got some romantic footage. I do. I don’t know if I can use it. But. We’re gonna try. Specially now that I’m getting there. Well, it’s all non profit. So I think you’re not yet all these loopholes. Let’s see. Keep trying anyway. I like my second answered few comments. You’re probably right. Still running six hours, 21 minutes, 44 minutes stream so far. Just keeping it down. Turn up the mic. I’m going to start. Unwinding and talking lower not think it’s silent mode. There’s still an eyeball there. I don’t know if there really is an eyeball ’cause. Sometimes it’ll be one there or not on the. This this enable on both of them. Set Ricky Lewis. God knows who’s watching. See the Ricki Lewis or something like and Ricky. Ricky seems to be here. There’s. But. Yeah, there’s a green dot. There’s only a green dot by Richard. Look, there’s no green dot by anyone else, right? So do you think that’s it? You know, I should be getting. There’s no ******* way. I only got one eyeball right ’cause the website even by Google fraudulent claims. Well, that the claims aren’t fortunate. Well, maybe they’re. But you know, you look before to me, right. So we can’t trust them. But even they say I get dozens on my website everyday. I just at least the 100 domain names and all the work I’ve done all the ********. At least few dozen on there. For ***** sake, if not to make the point and. Stat says hundreds, hundreds a day, if not 1000. It was 1000 for a long time, but now that I stopped. And I actually have a look at this one reason I didn’t wanna do it. I wanna waste time on this, but they keep it in the background like a security camera. Silent Mode right now, so I’m not going to talk anymore. Start unwire it’s gonna start unwinding and you know, start stopping. So that’s it. That’s it for tonight. And tomorrow, tomorrow, laundry to 4420. I’ll come back. I’m gonna do this everyday. This helps me. Helps me get into the routine. But what about claim the square to get some? Let me turn it down. Its distorting about turning your. What about the square to get some error. I have to time it right after that for brunch and then start having brunch in the square. Stick a bullet cereal out there or a. Sandwich. So I’m eating sandwiches all the time. For your my my own open sandwich. You know, it’s like 1. Well. Ask. See, normally now I’m gonna move the computer. So I can put my feet up this row, electrical my feet up this way and has the computer over there not like this. I can’t even reach. Yeah. That’s a nice change, I guess. I’m gonna watch a little news show. Keep the audio off. Shall I uh. Do anything or not not doing anything. It’s over. OK, silent mode. Now we’re done. For the night. Sometimes I put the mic on and sometimes I’ll turn it off. I mean, I’m not turning it off. I’m turning down the level, right, the volume. Right. Thank God. I can see it there. That’s that’s really advanced. That’s great. Like I can see it’s on right now. That was a test I wanted to see if it would hit the distortion. No, it didn’t. OK, my God, it’s a waste of time, man. I should be getting going. OK. Sir Richard Lewis. If you’re watching, I think that’s it. You can’t be it. I hope you’re not watching, right? I mean, I hope it’s just in the background. That’s what I do with live streams. I’m not gonna watch it. Not so, you know, if you go to the background instead, you know, just for fun in the background. I’m not. I can’t. I can’t entertain you nonstop. Don’t stop. I can’t. Well, I could, but come on. Come on, to quote Biden. Come on, man. OK. So italic which I’m not going to terminate the stream until 8/8 hours I think. Yeah, I’m gonna keep it going. I wanna be known for eight hour Long live streams ’cause the limit on Facebook. And then I might even switch it on in there with Wi-Fi. I might turn the Wi-Fi tonight and keep it. While I’m asleep. Just to uh. Alright. Do I bring the whole set up the microphone, the camcorder? The metro? Yeah. Then I can get. I can get infrared with the camcorder. I can get the microphone setup as well. Why not work here? No good. I’m gonna try. I’m gonna try things. I’m gonna get used to this. We have to plug in the camcorder. Bring the tripod in there, set it up and get the problem is the. Yeah, it’s not a problem. I’ll take off the wide angle for the night vision infrared. For the infrared. Look at my sleep. Yeah, I don’t wanna do 4 hours. I mean, I usually sleep 6 hours. 48 If you count the preliminaries outro. But. I might have to trash the 4K and keep the 720P. This is a waste of memory, right? If nothing happens, I mean, not just a run out of cards. I can’t just, you know, there’s a limit. I mean, I I bite. I don’t waste that kind of money on memory, right? 24 hours, you know, 24 hours 24/7. Can you imagine at 4K? It’s a lot 720P. At least it’s 3:45 K 18K comes out. Yeah, I mean, for sleep sleeps. I can do it. Low risk. I think this is just too long. ’cause. It’s 8 hours. I’m lying there. I’m sleeping 6 sometimes 456. For blackout here on sleep list now but. Why do I want to do it? Or you gonna? Or you’re a live streamer or you’re not. Where you gonna do it properly or are you not? Round the clock. It just hang around the clock. They should have done this from Dave. Well, it’s boring. Yeah. Then it’s hard to find the bits. The good bits. Hard to find a good picture, isn’t it? When you’ve got so much to go through, it’s like mortal aliens guy. Who interviewed, you know, followed me around and gave me some footage. Let me hear some of his footage there. We hung out one night one evening. Downtown. Downtown London town. Sultans of swing. Shrink. Clear strikethrough Shoot this back. I’m just comparing this to the students house. When I was there. It was never in my room, hardly except to study. I play some music and I was telling every night. Not every night, right in the bar, didn’t hang out in the bar that much. ’cause I wanna drink and be there. Smoke ********. Every weekend now. 930. Well, OK, Friday and Saturday for sure. And then I go out, we’ll do it again. I’m gonna start doing as soon as, like, I’m gonna be ready. Could you ready for the lock down I want. To do stuff like that, and I’m gonna have to approach people and talk or pair off with someone or swiping white Blake. Anyone else only flickers. We don’t wanna do that. ’cause. It is a pain in the assets faces. But you know you’re an adventurer. Yeah, if you’re a. If you’re a. If you feel that way inclined that do it. Like I like my freedom. I was with a lady for four years and I was a lady for another four years. Kind of, you know. Kind of because you don’t know situation but. For a long time. And the wrong person so. Moving along, move on. It’s gonna late in the day. I gotta do something in that department too. But. I wanna still socialized get out man’s social animal, right and other things. So 1140 Ohmygod quarter to midnight, we’ve got. Let’s see how much time is left on the stream. I’m not going to make it go to late necessarily in eight hours. Seven is always enough. I like that. That’s a nice number 27. It’s six hours 30. Yeah, I might stop it. Could pick it up in the next room. So yeah, I want it running all the time. Cool as hell, isn’t it? It is cool as hell. This should be one way. Well, you’ve got the chat. If there’s anything important they they will contact you or. Pure Vicki, this this pings when they contact me right now and in a direct message. Is it pain? I’m just thinking if I wanted to be more interactive, right? Can I bring someone in to the picture like they do on uloop? And will try different right which to eventually Twitch TV. Right now. This is convenient. So I’m doing this. Twitch TV is number 38 in the world. They have 70 million daily visitors. And double that in Page numbers, maybe triple that page numbers. So yeah, it’s a big hit duck TV. Tomorrow morning. OK. I’m not going to turn it on in the morning. ’cause. I like you my work. I I need it to email and to really. Or maybe I could. Just keep it running all the time. Really. Are you serious? Show the breakfast and all that ****. Right? Keeping show myself sitting there answering emails. And whenever I want to make sure this that if I can control the audio, that’ll be good. That’s really good. ’cause. I couldn’t do that before. Or maybe I could in there still do it. Their internal microphone can still do it with that. That’s great, ’cause. Anytime there’s something sensitive that I don’t want everybody to hear, turn out the audio. That’s awesome, man. See, we’re evolving our craft arts and crafts. So there’s a one there and Richard Lewis is green. That means it’s Richard Lewis there, right. Oh, here. It’ll show you who it is. Sometimes, right. Is that right? Let’s see. Is it Facebook or safari? Facebook app. Let me see if I’m there. Robert sharp. Is it a flower or? Sort of being a flower. One day ago, what is that people keep putting photos on there. Keep up with what is that, man. Is there a bza’s sticking out of a flower? She’s put the sale on there. Alright. Am I supposed to wake up now? You got 9 likes this. Your like minded. You should have to reciprocate out my car. I’m not paying it. I’m not doing. I’m not gonna cut up in that restream. There’s another one. Create professional, high quality streams. And send them to a whole bunch of places here in the Charter. Stephanie Hoffman, I can’t stand. There are some of the things she puts up there. Rubs Curry show, but YouTube, YouTube, YouTube are the YouTube promoted rubs Curry and Matthew Bradley. I ate some veggies today. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either. They were kind of mediocre. Does he think these jokes up or? Where does he go? Where does your? So I’m looking at this instance, I’ll get my website, I can’t see here, right? Macclenny To’s where was it? Was it gonna look up? Have you chose? Richard Lewis is watching. It’ll tell me who’s watching here. Right there. It doesn’t let me see. It might tell me. It might let me see. Let me see if it does. I hate the noise that I hate. This thing’s got a mind of its own, man. Let me see. OK. Yeah, you go here. But it doesn’t tell me it just was one table 20 comments. How many views there should be a few views on their right, too few views. So many I don’t care otherwise it doesn’t tell you till afterwards. It doesn’t tell me what it is you see when I bowl. 011 table. Sometimes it says so and so is watching. So, goodnight. Thank you for tuning in. Tomorrow do I do breakfast and show myself doing business in the emails and all that I need? I need to be detached. I need to be free from this. When I do that stuff. ’cause, it’s. And you can’t even see what I’m doing. Alisa. For the mirror there. And even that. I mean, I can’t show all my emails. And you know, there’s some sensitive stuff their private. Right or not? My wife says open book. So Justin. Kerry. I’m. What do we do? Simon wouldn’t have square. Shut up. I think I wanna move it so I wanna move it back. I’m actually midnight. I’m calling you. That’s another thing. Goodnight. I like to turn it off. OK. And I’m not bringing this computer in there, right? Because it’s wired with the Wi-Fi. I gotta get the Wi-Fi code I have the other computer and I will switch computers. One more bringing in there I wanna see if it works at night. I wanna see. I’m gonna try, but that’s got infrared, but that doesn’t, so you won’t see anything. You won’t see me and very beautiful. Storms. If it’s dark, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth streaming, is it? There I can get in for it. I I wanna see what happens when I sleep. The positions. The snoring, the drink. Sometimes I’ll yell out my dreams to the camera so I can remember them. ’cause. You forget them right away. Other times I just wanna see what happens when I sleep. ’cause, you’re unconscious. You might be doing something wrong. You might have sleep apnea. You might be choking yourself. You might be sleeping bad. You might be able to correct and improve your sleeps. It’s important. Man sleeps. I’m gonna lose my siblings. Shut down the level. I need a level. It was those countries that were German accent. Buddy Alan. Fighting Melanie. I need a level. Great guitar. His or her guitar isn’t here. So yeah, what I’ll do is I’ll turn it off now at midnight. Going out the room and try that. Computer, I’m like, maybe just leave it there. Even I’ll sleep better with it off owner. Or with it on for security. Then I can’t watch signs. We gotta kill the Seinfeld thing. I can turn down the air. I can’t turn it down again, can I? And. And then back here in the morning, keep moving the camera. I could. I could hook up another camera in there, but I’ve got another mic. Pics W. Might do it anyway. I’m searching this off at midnight. Turn out get the Wi-Fi code again and try and hook up over there. The other computer. I’ll see if it works. Yeah, try. I’ll try to set it up in the other computer now. If it’s too dark, what do you do then? Do you keep the stream? Maybe I’ll leave a little night light on, right? Delete that is something on I don’t like. I like sleeping in the dark, man. I don’t wanna do that to you. Which is when it jumps up. Right now it’s in the middle. It’s not really loud, right? If it’s in the middle, I’m talking really loud. Let me let me jump it up a bit. Is that right? It’s much louder than I can see. So. Alright, I need to get that weight off. I need Mike Ext so I can bring it here and I’m gonna need a stand. Right? Might do. That makes sense. I don’t know. It’s too much shipment to worry about. Tomorrow will do the desk. Finally. I’ve gotta finish that damn desk. I want to empty. That’s my goal tomorrow, which you just move everything up now. Checked everything out. Go that. Get rid of all those bags. And then I wanna get rid of all these suitcases. That’s next. Then will do all the drives. The books. What the hell is watching at this time? And I don’t you have anything better to do? Show me what is. For eyeballs. Can you imagine if they count if they count two is one. One person has two eyeballs so so they count 4 eyeballs means two people. And when it’s one idol, it means it’s half a person leaves watching one night. Anyway, I’m not doing anything. I’m I’m I’m. I’m winded. Goodnight everyone extra. Thanks for the lovely live stream. You got a lovely audience. Goodbye. Now I’m gonna kill myself. Imagine **** not funny actually. So the plan now, OK, the plan is. But you cannot the string just in case, right? Or is that what I should be doing? Not bad. I’m done. We’re done. I’m out. Mystery. I’m Casper. Friendly ghost. And that movie? How tumors is in Casper. I’m leaving anyway. OK, so OK, at midnight, I shut it off. I go to the room to my video in the dark. Because there’s no infrared on the computer but the right I’m gonna video my sleep tonight. I’m excited. I’m in that mode. And I’ll throw away the 4K ’cause that’s too much memory, right? I’ll keep the 720P. There below rest is is that what I want? And the problem with this, if you don’t do it properly it’s it’s monophonic file, the MX4K file, it’s monophonic unless you Pam it in software. So you gotta bring it into software to panic and then you gotta cut it metadata if you want to keep a chunk. Otherwise if you cut it, it’s going to be mono pestered hate that it’s an excellent files ********.******* Sony. And otherwise you can have the 720P that’s in stereo. But. Well, for 48 hours of sleep, 8 hours, it’ll be six hours, but 4K sleep. Depends what happens. Flying saucer. Oh my God. I saw a landslide video in in Norway. The always houses just collapse into the ocean and I’m like, God, imagine that happens in Malibu, CA. So scratch that, we don’t wanna go there. Barbra Streisand sold her Malibu home after the Streisand effect thing. It should security patrolling it all the time and then she sold it. She couldn’t sell it, so she gave it to a Historical Society or to the state. One of these, you know, state government societies as a tax write off instead of being taxed. Take my home. But I can’t sell because nobody wants it or no. But no one can afford it. Next versus alone selling his house for 10 minutes, 110 million. Right. Who’s gonna buy it? Good luck. And then page there how much? 3 million tax a year. Property tax every year, 3 million tax. And then God knows how much more for insurance and maintenance on the ******** anyway. Yeah. So she’s that’s what you do. That’s a way out, right?’cause I don’t wanna be in a position here. I don’t be stuck with a home that I can’t afford. The taxes on annual taxes. You gotta throw that in there. People don’t realize every year, man. This is. Let’s just. Anyway, summertime two, I’m thinking what to do. I’m thinking sorry. I’m thinking hungry Lake Balaton, but there’s no. There’s no nudity, no nudism or naked dining. That’s what I want. And I know where I can do that, but probably not there ’cause shallow for like a mile out kilometer out to shallow. She can’t really dive make it unless you can go make it anyway. Probably get arrested even though you’re allowed to video ******** Sir. That’s allowed, but you’re not allowed to. Just, you know, be a nudist or naturist because. Look into it. At least you know the crowd is friendly. I might try just something different. Decrease. I love it. But. I can’t. It’s like a broken record. All this is like a broken record. I’m living reliving Groundhog Day, month, year, day, week, month, year. I need to I need to get. I was gonna go to go to the States and. And OK, look, we gotta finish the movie. That’s the main thing right now. This started it. Well, we have this is this is the movie. Can’t be serious. Cannot be serious. It’s terrible, man. It’s ******* horrible. Now this is number. I know I never said this was the movie. Man. Turn it down. It’s distorting closer to the mic there. It’s a live stream and live streamer. Dot com. His row going man. I got V Have a look. That’s mine. But maybe I’ll start selling domain around. I’m not getting into that right. Selling domain names you can add for a trillion. I’ve decided one trillion. The tax.’cause, you gotta put better because you know the taxes will steal everything there too. It’ll be, you know, half of it came out with three quarters. Ghost attacks. After text. Or maybe I’ll be like a Bee Gees catalog. It’s not for sale. It’s not for sale. It’s not for sale that you don’t need the money, but what if you were starving? Barry Gibb. What if your family was starving? Would it be for sale, man? Or would you starve and keep it if you if you keep it, you’ll never starve though. ’cause. It’s worth money. You see, ’cause. It brings money. This **** doesn’t. Yet. But certainly, well, this ****. Everything money, good. Nongovernmental. Nonprofit, charity. That’s what it is. Sex. dot. Charity. That’s me. OK. You got problem with that and that means I can not need any releases ’cause there’s a nonprofit historic. The. Documentary. Just like all these ******** use everyone. OK, it’s just me right now anyway. Yeah, but. You should see you should see how she talks about. What’s your whole seat? Your whole seat? Your whole? Sniper. It’s not midnight, is it? Holy ****. Because it says 12:00. O’clock. When I press the wrong button and it sets the alarm clock, it is alarm clock. It’s not mine I tend. It is. Time to midnight time 1, midnight. Midnight. It’s about that time, folks. I’m turning into a pumpkin. Roger Claybourn, where are you? Most people died from my high school, man one because he was gay. Rob, now he died ’cause. He said they weren’t accepting ’cause he was gay or something, right? But that was before. It was acceptable. Is that it? How long ago was? Yeah, I don’t. I don’t know the story. See, I’d like to know when you have a picture of him. Like getting trashed in the. Getting trashed on his birthday in that trash can. But my two doctors helping the guys that controlled the the whole group, the whole you know and important shampoo, baby powder, shaving cream all over him. And he’s laughing and he just shoved him the trash can and I snapped the picture. Unfortunately, it’s narrow angle. So you don’t see the. You only see the bodies of the two proctors where you see him pretty well. That’s why I go right now. She can see, you know. So OK, goodnight. I’m switching off now. I’m gonna go. I might continue. On the other computer in the other room, just ’cause I wanna keep. I wanna keep my website active. Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna do it. It’s not for you, man. Because I know you’re not gonna like it. And to protect myself against that, I’m saying it’s not for you. So you can’t complain. ’cause. It wasn’t for you in the first place. For the website, the website is active. OK, as long as there’s a live stream there all the time, let’s see if no one comes. And plus, it’s not gonna be all the time in the future here just now. It’s it’s locked on this. The best excuse. Best excuse. Did not socially interact. It’s great. Yeah. This is even more charming. This is social interaction is exhausting. Isn’t it how much your, you know, take advantage of the silent mode? There’s gonna be silent breaks, just like the heart is muscle that pumps and rests in between pumps. That’s the only reason I last 100 years. It’s not much, is it? I’m really looking forward to death. Are you really looking forward to that? Are you good? Accepted that that’s what Robert Crumb was saying. You know, read a lot of stuff from Robert Crumb was saying. It’s all about being ready for that moment. Departure. Being ready to leave, I’m like, why, why? Why do you need to be ready for that? Can it just happen? Can you just, like, not worry about it? And I was like. And it’s ironic with nature view these celebrities and delicate so much more work to do here. I’m not done like. This dealer and Lana Turner. God was not done with me. That’s why I’m back from the break and they died the next day. It’s like, well, I guess. I guess that was it. Like I said, that’s it, man. That’s all folks. OK, there’s stuff you gotta put this in the fridge. OK, so I’m gonna turn this off. Yeah, we’re gonna go in the other room, and I’m gonna show my sleep. I’ve done it before. Not recently. Isn’t it bad though? Is it? Isn’t it just a waste? Of time and memory and. Everything. Cortana, try it. I’m gonna try. I wanna keep my page active, OK? I’m gonna turn on the mic so I can listen to some. Seinfeld. I’m a bit behind, I’m a bit. I’m up to date. I’m not. Yeah. I was gonna sarcastically say I’m up. I’m way out of my time watching Seinfeld now, ironically. Ironically well. It’s never too late. It’s it has a major. I mean, it works. It stands up well today, right. They say something stands up well over time. It doesn’t seek data. Just just a few things. Few references. But no, please wrote it. It’s it makes me laugh today, 2020 or 30 years after it was recorded. So that means that. Proves that there’s something there. It’s worth worth having a look at it like there anyway, OK. Get that cozy feeling with that tiger? I used to get that motels when I when I was playing here, I said that I don’t repeat myself too much, but OK, let’s go. Let’s go. I don’t think anyone listens to these things anyway. Beat yourself. What you want? So midnight off. Move that’s in the other room, right to someone I’m doing kinda side man. Set me what I wanna do. I can’t have them together because there’s not enough room in that corner to. There is well service. Is it worth showing the sleep? Let me try it anyway. So experiment this experimental movie. So experimental. So goodnight from here. Has to be continued in there. ’cause, the cables are going to get undone if I move this one. This is too many cables. It’s not going to work. And it’s gonna end anyway in an hour because it’s now. 652 yes. Force limit. So let’s end it and we’ll start again in the other room if need be. If not. If not, I’ll see you. Either tomorrow or. Soon.’cause tomorrow I might not, and I might. Yeah, maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. See how I feel. I don’t know. Let’s see. OK. That’s it for today, anyway. So either. In the in the next room. See you soon. Or tomorrow or. I’ll put an announcement on my website if I’m not, if, if, if. I’m taking another. Break from this. But thanks a lot. Take it easy. Bye. OK. Thanks a lot for sticking around. Appreciate it. Goodnight. Should I should just keep it going tonight? Tonight. No. You’re gonna turn it off anyway, so cleaning up. You know what that’s meant. Goodnight. See you later. Either’s in like an hour in the next room, and it’s gonna keep it running all night or tomorrow. Daniel, afternoon at the side, I might workout the schedule. I’ll think about it. Goodnight. Later. Thanks. Showing up by. And live video? If you end this video now, you’ll be able my. Am I gonna brush? And I’m not a smoker. I’m a passive smoker. She can manage her, if that’s even worse. I’m sorry, but your lungs are black. And you smoked thousands cigarettes in your year. You spoke about 10,000. Passive cigarettes a year in your lungs are shot and you have lung cancer from passive smoke like Peter Stringfellow. Who else Paul trouble, Anderson the DJ? Who else?******* smokers killing everyone.********. Right. Sorry, but you did. You killed Peter Stringfellow and bold travel Anderson with path path path, smoke. Nothing succotash. Video now you’ll be able to choose it. Choose if you wanna save or delete it. Yeah, well, I’m not. Yeah. OK END 6h50m

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