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Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03

Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03—Badly-phone-conversation-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic-lockdown-Easter-sun-12-april-2020-London-U.K-0277S03:d?r=GhSMTKpwY7NxHWrKBYmTsRHZUzFpnuZG

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Geo Godley Goodly & Badly phone conversation coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown Easter sun 12 april 2020 London U.K 0277S03

Outline/ transcript rough draft in progress [wordpress not working again, no “visual” edit mode, no bold, underline etc. even after upgrade.., try transcription apps, services]

B: nooo how are you g, u all right? Happy easter..
G yea happy easter you too
B what r u up 2, u ok?
G the orthodox one is next week, next weekend
B what is?
G you know the Russians the greeks & all them
B oh yea? Where’s that? oh I see they have a different time yea yea yeh
G different calendar
B ah yea yea yea orthodox different
G moves around all the time, it’s never the same
B how u finding this coronavirus man? Must be a nightmare huh?
G who decides easter when its gonna be, its different every year, oh its the Gregorian calendar some bullshit, right?
B usually first week in a..
G no no it changes all the time, it’s alway different, so it doesn’t make religion or faith look convincing when the day always changes, you know
B its always on a sunday, sint it, maybe 2nd Sunday or.. good friday resurection sunday, monday,,
G so what about the corona well smokers are at risk
B yea affected by it, I know
G you shoulda quit when you had the chance! you should’ve quit
B I know Im gonna have to cut out start to get healthy & living..
G too late asshole
B nooo don’t! it’s bad enough as it is, so how u been, is it quiet there
G “early checkout:” [quoting B’s own previous joke],
B yea no! Is it quiet now?
G [giggling] I was gonna say how come you never cared about your health, you always joked about it, you made light of it, & now all of a sudden its important..
B weeell, you know [mumble] anything can happen theres other ways some people can you know have diabetes anything can come to get you you just gotta accept it its part of life isnt it you know
G hey by the way if.. can I record this & put it on my vlog? [please]
B yea of course you can yea no worries
G so be careful dont say any bad words I mean you know..
B no no I dont say any anyway you know
G heheh I love your attitude though its nice to have a friend you dont even have to [ask].. I mean you let me do that..
B yea most people.. some can be funny about all that sort of thing now they got..
G 3min even I sometimes can get a little bit.. it starts occurring to me that it’s not a good idea to record everything all the time
B nooo yea thats what I’m tryin to tell you, I thought you’d be aware of all the sort of.. you know cause, especially putting it out there, invite everyone into your life you don’t want to do that carefull
G so much information man..
B I liked that million photo vlog..
G theres a little piece up there I blocked put private on there {sneeze} coronavirus!
B hehe you havent got the coronaaa {giggles]
G hey you know, I had something like it in january, you know I got asthma from the dust in my apartment & then I went to the walk in clinic here, & people were coughing on me & there was 1 person passed out, like maybe about a meter from me a few chairs down, that person was too sick to move, so I could, but I dont think he or she coughed on me, but arabic lady behind me coughed on me & I got it on video, but she didnt look sick, but anyway the point is I thought maybe I caught it coz theres china town here,
B careful, man
G it was very bad, like I was very sick, I lost, everything tasted bitter, I couldnt eat,
B they mentioned that taste goes..
G yea yea for 3 or 4 days I couldnt eat hardly anything
B maybe you had it, caught it & just got mild symptoms of it
G yea like I would eat 2 mouthfulls per meal & id be full, & I was sleeping all the time, even listening to the radio was painful
B these are signs arent they no apetite..
G but you know Ive had I have it every few years could be the flu you dont know
B youve not been to any areas w malaria
G no or I caught it on the plane or in the walk in clinic I think
B not malaria you’d know if it was maybe the walk in clinic thats where they all go you see when was it how long ago

G end of January 25th
B it was just starting off then, theyre the basics, not the total amount of people that got it, theres probabaly3 or 4 times that amount of people that got it..
G yea they kept it hidden did you see pat Condell’s I put it on my Facewbook & twitter, pat condell’s cursing out xi jin ping saying hes a liar, every death is thanks to him because he could have stopped, hey I put it on my Facebook nobody liked it theres no likes on it haha
B yea its a dicey situation you gotta be careful what you say somebody might take offence
G theyre scared to get.. in case they to go to china
B loadsa people got dead relatives, black minority ethnics..
G so much information u gotta discriminate I was told that guy {robert crumb book} I was told you gotta discriminate cause theres so much information.. coz u know I’ll go on the internet & its all interviews now everybody’s too lazy to edit, so they’ll just interview someone, like even this is like a long talk for example right.. conversation, its so much easier to just upload that, but its such bullshit, some are interesting,
Do you know that Katie hopkins she was on tv.. all these weird personalities that just criticize..
B here 1 minute gone the next
G no theyre here to stay, criticize I’ll tell you when I see you.. theres a couple things I wanted to tell you uh..
Do you have mice? [snicker]
B they do come in Ive had problems with them I get glue traps bait peanut butter chocoalte
G throw them away alive stuck on the trap
B put em in a plastice bag in the bin
G just let them die like that? god.. uh..
B well you cant keep em as pets can you nasty
G I used to put oil on the trap & let them free outside
B really.. you know what they do they bite you, bite ny head, nibble at you & all that you know what I mean?
G no they dont bite you if you dont touch them
B they do, they’ll eat anything, they nibble at you they eat through conc[rete?].. you gotta findo out where theyre coming in..
G I know where theyre coming in
B you know where they arte> so you gotta get that blocked
G no they cant the wall isn’ t properly constructed, the wall is full of..
B plaster board like I’ve got so they can just get through
G yea the wall is open they have to redo the whole wall
B yea put the whole piece on
G & they dont want to, they’re like we cant do that because theres pipes coming out so so theres no way..
B so you cant aggh thats a pain isnt it
G no but theyve blocked it between the wall & the skirt board & theres cupboards, so they can get in the cupboards but.. I thought we fixed it & I put the camera on all night a couple nights ago, 7 its not showing anything.. nothing
B maybe theyve gone
G nonono but there’s little clues, like therell be a piece of shit sometimes, on the window sill
B gotta be careful, they’re crafty sometimes they hide
G yea yea or they do a triangular bite on the garbage bag rubish bin bag
B things move, crumbs, yea..
G I saw one outside they eat the garbage outside..
B this is it you cant have them goin out there diseases they could spread all sorts
G you know whats funny? the council pick up the trash the garbage the rubbish everery 6 hours or something like that more often than normal so if the mouse is inside the bag nibbling he’ll get picked up & thrown in the dump
B yea he’ll be in the bag w all the rubbish
G get crushed
B landfill incinerator
G 10min30 hows your weight man I put on a little Im like uh.. trying to control it Im not moving today I got out I went to Leicester square so that was good
B u get into the habit of it dont you, sitting around this lockdown, u around?
G {tensing double chin}
B coz the police were hassling people going out and about?
G no it was okay today, I went to Leicester square & uh yea..
B quiet
G no there was people around, I mean a few, like 10 or 20 people
B nothing open though no shops or bars
G hey hey something else
B what
G my tooth is half broken, right, The one before the chewing one, I snapped it, broke it eating opening pistachio nuts, started cracking & then it got worse and broke completely when I bit into other hard things like there was a hard piece bread
B teeth you gotta look after them dont you
G yea You gotta not eat hard food, like I’ll do pop corn & therell be those hard unpopped kernels, & you have to resist, you have to not cause thats how they go..
B yea
G I kept it right but if its disintegrating the whole jaw I might have to have it out right I kept it for a year or 2 my question to you is, implant or bridge that destroys the 2 neighboring teeth 12:43
B bridge? is that what a bridge is? It destroys the 2 neighboring teeth
B I had crown bridge fell over hit it snapped front tooth
G why they broke?
B yea I fell over snapped
G bridge or crown? You dont have to tell me its personal
G no a crown is not a bridge bridge has to be attatche dto 2 other teeth, but I wanted to ask you, Impant looks really bloody scary permanent into your skull
G Because it wore out, bovine cow bone in my jaw bone graft to build it up isnt that a bit..
B why’s he gotta do that, they add extras
G bone disintegrated where the tooth
B yea but you got a big jaw, you’d think there’d be room..
G imagine youre kissing someone have a cow in their mouth kissing a cow
B they eat burgers suck dick even worse
G Daniella Westbrook ha
B I had my wisdom teeth out bottom jaw
G shoulda kept em
B kept getting infected drilled it all out too far gone had to go pain snapped pain abscess took em out in end
G it says if youre a smoker your teeth break doesnt it
B anyone can break their teeth cant they
G no but on all the packets it says your teeth’ll get damaged
B it can make them nicotine stained thats mostly probably what theyre on about
G nonononono ther’es pictures
B weakens them as well?
G There pictures of them completely fucked & it says this is what happens when you smoke, didnt you see that?
B well you dont know if that could be from smoking other things fuck you up
G well you dont agree of course all those pictures are bullshit in your opinion
B well no they’re true theyre right its what happens
G hey Peter Stringfellow died of lung cancer I saw
B was he a smoker? [no, he was only a passive smoker, 2nd & 3rd hand smoke, 50 years of smoky nightclubs killed him]
G I searched it but didn’t find any pictures of him smoking
B he used to be I think maybe years ago & gave up when he was older when everyone was a smoker years ago..didnt they thats how it was
B so youre not too bad I thought you’d go mad no socializing
G met a lady
B get good responses..

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