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Comedy networking Soho Create Festival, Soho Theater London, U.K June 2016

English transcript:

Jules: Hi!
Geo: Hi!
J: have you been to Soho theatre before?
G: yes, & i live in the area.
J: oh do you!
G: & I wanted to know how.. how do.. is there an open mic thing.. or anything like..
J: not so much an open mic thing, but there’s something we do called the comedy project, & they do short stints of things, so check them out.. if you’r ever out doing shows, if you invite us to see stuff, that’s how we engage with like new artists, so if you’ve ever got a show on or you’re involved in some capacity let me know, my name’s Jules, that’s my email address..
G: J.. J.. Jules..ok
J: We’ve got a big artistic team that go out & see shows all the time so..
G: where do i get my gigs
J: there are loads of.. there’s a place called Angel comedy in Angel, there are loads of open mic places in London, My speciality is playwriting, we dont have any of our comedy guys here today but there are plenty of places around London where you can give it a go.. we also have a playwriting competition every other year, which is completely open to people & a lot of comedy writers write a play for that as well, & the winning prize is a cash prize & a full production on our main stage directed by our artistic director, really big opportunity.
G: I was more interested in the standup comedy thing
J: It’s tricky because at the point people come to us, generally, they’re quite well known, so.. we go up to Edingburgh Fringe, meet new comedians up there, we go to Camden fringe alot so thats coming up this summer, ..

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