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Geo Godley Bob Beat video call tue 29 nov 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0037S03

Geo Godley Bob Beat video call tue 29 nov 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0037S03

Geo Godley Bob Beat video call tue 29 nov 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0037S03 outline & transcript in progress..

So-o-o! Just brushed [teeth]. It’s uh. Thursday [wrong, it’s tuesday] 29 November 2022. 11:09 PM. I used to say where. Should I? Uh..You know, after this whole covid fraud and tyranny and the climate fraud and tyranny and the Chinese, the CCP. Well, I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna get, you know, i just wanna stay out of it.. well how can you? How can you stay out of it when they’re bringing it here through the W.E.F, W.H.O, U.N and all those aholes. G20 just voted to do that, to bring the slavery here, you’re going to need digital ID and central banking cashless shit to be just like the s..[slaves].. Like that. No, no, we have to stand up against it. Sorry. Yeah. No, I’m not sorry.. “and I’m not sorry la la lalala”. so uh. What was I going to say? Just.. you see this? This could be Bluetooth and you wouldn’t know it, it would be nuking your nuts and destroying your gonads, your family down there, see it says Bluetooth pairing when you press that, of course it’s off here, but still this could be zapping. It’s always off now anyway, but they better not go wireless only because I just won’t to use it or I’ll use it very little bit right.. It’ll be off most of the time. But no in general I can’t stand that experiment, a nonconsensual experiment anyway. So I’m going to call Bob in a second. He’s becoming weird, man after that, he said he’s only had two jabs, right.. Well, I don’t want to talk about other people’s medical privacy. Well, it’s no secret. He told the.. he knew I was vlogging , he told the whole world. So. This is bad, I must say. Being in here. But it’s winter. It’s freezing cold out there. 2min Still no excuse. So we’ll have to.. I do get out now and again. I do the gym at least once a week. It should be twice. And. Uh. Totally unprepared as I like to do spontaneous calls sometimes with no outline, no nothing. But I should have 10 or 20 points to make, and I’ve written them down for Hayk, but not for Bob. Is Bob different? Or are these common themes? Let’s just have a quick look. This isn’t going to be the main call anyway. I’m gonna call him again, probably right. Do it right, because this isn’t. This is just.. He sends me a Facebook message. “Uh, I wanna use you as a reference for”.. That’s not a very nice word either but he’s, you know.. Is he dislexic but you know “use you”? Use.. I said use your sister for a reference. For a dating app.. he’s like “well, I need someone you know, social media worldly semi celebrity or micro celebrity or whatever” it’s like or you know, personality or Internet personality might help or you’re my only.. I’m like, um. I wonder if he’s losing his marbles after the non consensual crime against humanity that they’ve.. the covid mRNA clot shot. Because he did say he had a tingle [numbness paralysis] in his hands, right? But he seems fine so far. 4min But my housekeeper couldn’t make it today, she said she was throwing up all the time and migraines and sick. But she was OK enough to be on Facebook, so.. Maybe I shouldn’t say. See what I mean? You can’t.. less & less stuff you wanna be sharing. Anyway, uh. Let me just call him. Let’s call him anyway, ‘cause they eleven o’clock here, so it’ll be minus five there. “They think Ukraine.”. Uh, do you want to put this up there? Maybe not. I don’t care man, whatever, we don’t have to. Shall we? Shall we give him a call? Oh, yeah, I still oh ship. Don’t put that stuff there. Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care. He’s cool as hell doesn’t, he’s not.. So yes, I still have to. See I have a whole checklist of shirt that I like to do. I like to you know. Prepare. And make it nice and. Yeah, there’s no point now I mean.. Purge Day in Florida. What is this? Yeah, I was going to ask him that. What’s this purge day sh****. He doesn’t know, man. He doesn’t. You know. You’re asking. What do we call that? The blind being led by the blind man leading the blind or whatever I don’t know. Its that expression. 5m40 I can’t really get into this right now, you know? I just want to talk normally and not worry about all these things. I have so much stuff there though, I’m just not prepared. I need like an hour to go over at all and decide what to say, what not to say, what to bring up. You know we’re just pick 10 – 20 things that I wanted to discuss and they’re all on there but they’re all mixed. They’re they’re all kind of. They’re hard to.. to read or think about it, because they’re on this electronic screen all spaced out all over the place, but even like scrolling. If they were more [consise].. ‘cause you have to think about each one. Is that appropriate to you know to discuss is that.. what are we.. It’ll have to be another call for that I need to. You know I can’t prepare now, 5 minutes before no let’s just call him. Let’s just.. ready. 6m50 So this is a C.I.A, F.B.I database [Facebook, social media]. Yea I don’t like that anymore either, see. I don’t like that. It’s not cool, is it? But you know, when you’re an Internet personality, I mean, what do you care? More views the better, right? What do you care who’s watching? I don’t know, man. If they have bad.. past two years show that some of these aholes have bad intentions. Depopulating, 20 million killed by the clot shot, according to Doctor Hodkinson. I put it on my site, 20 million by by a top statistician and I did the math. It sounds sounds about right. Makes sense if you calculate the VAERS  data and the Harvard anyway. The Harvard [study] 1% thing. And what is this, man? What is this? Look at this. Yes. See, I’m trying to call him. It’s not working now, look. What’s this, Brave. No alot of browsers don’t work for brave works usually and this stopped lighting up. It’s just constant it’s like I’m keeping it low volume but. I just don’t want to shout cause that’s not nice either. And let’s go, bro. Come on, man. I’m pressing the damn icon. Nothing happens. Let’s reboot. God f******* loud outside. That’s what the window shut? That’s with the window shut I can hear them. It’s unbelievable. I’m not gonna miss that, man. Wherever I go next, I don’t know where to go.. it’s catch 22. You don’t want to be isolated either, but you don’t want people in your face, in your own living space shouting from the window either that you know. There. Finally. 9min [ring tone, laptop internal speaker] Hey, what? Woah.. [plug in external Sony speaker] Here, man. Can you hear me? Huh? It’s not happening, man. Hey. Oh my God. Oh my God! What’s? What’s up here? I can’t hear you, man. Just a minute. f**** Sorry, I had it all set to go and then I realized this wasn’t plugged in, I plugged it in and it’s not doing anything. Sorry, I call you right back. What the hell man. Look at this. Why? 10min [sigh] “Electrical system destroyed. Everything destroyed”. Tell me about it. [Ring tone external Sony speaker] .the-Here you go. 10m47 George can you take a drive with me? Take a drive? Yeah. OK. I’m going to put going to put you in the car with me. Where are we going? We’re gonna go visit with Alexis. Who? Alexis. Alexis. Do you remember her? I don’t know. You saw her in Greece. Oh! wait, no it’s. With Monica. Monica, her two daughters? Yeah. She’s 21 or something 22. She’s leaving for Arizona tomorrow so I was just going to drive out there to say goodbye to her.. OK. To be a good uncle. Uncle Bob. How are you feeling? Yeah, how are you feeling? I feel fantastic, but I got a little bit of a belly. I need to layoff the chocolate milk. And those little cupcakes, you know. Yeah. I’m loving them hehehe. & the ice cream.. You know, so it’s just I have to, I’m going to the gym to start lifting weights so it can look a little bit more, you know, just cut down a little bit ‘cause of the women you know. Yeah. What about you, are you putting weight on? No, I’m staying steady at.. haha what are you, 220[lbs]? 320. Haha I’d say about 190. And you’re 6 4”. Yeah. So that’s not bad. Just put a little weight in my stomach. Yeah, I saw it. I saw it in the glass blowing photo. Oh you did?  A little bit, yeah. Yeah. It’s because of the chocolate milk, you know, because i just uh.. 13m for the past few months, I’ve just been loving, loving it you know.. yeah, but they have fat free. They have sugar free or fat free. That’s the one to get. I just got the the other milk that I’m starting to drink with the coffee, which is the almond milk, it’s 3% fat. Yeah. You do things like that and then you move around, you know.. Uh. So.. what’s going on over there? I mostly care about your situation ‘cause a lot of.. you know what’s going, you know, you know, you know the sc[ore], you know. 13m40 So no tingling in your fingers, that’s no problem. No nothing, right? My fingers are gone. Hehehe At least she kept your sense of humor, aw man. So, you’re.. I have not had any problems. I didn’t get the booster. I just got [fake] “vaccinated”. God.. good you didn’t get the the rest of them. No, I didn’t. I was like, forget that. My housekeeper, the lady who helps me clean here, she got three and she called in today sick, she’s like, “I’ve been throwing up all day. I think it’s food poisoning”, I don’t know, but.. She’s got covid? There is no test for it. The test is fake, so we don’t know, do we? Uh, as long she doesn’t get you sick. Or get me. Yeah. Every time she comes in, they said, you know the there’s shedding, right? Nobody knows exactly what’s going on. And to be careful, you know, Pfizer’s own papers that they wanted hidden for 50 years came out and they said that. Yeah, there’s been, you know. Transmission to.. so.. but. It’s just a.. Yea, nobody knows. So when she comes here, I open the windows. I have the windows wide open. OK, well, let’s get someone to clean the house now. I did, yeah. What? Yeah. Before it was piled up, things were all over the place. You told me you were going to get a maid. An Aid or maid. An aide. You got it made. I got it made. I saw Andrew dice clay. He lives in Manhattan. He does. Yeah, he’s, I sent you the youtube [tiktok spyware malware] video. He walks around the street and he comments to people and video videos them.. it’s not very good though, man. For a film star like him. You would think he would put the the camera the right way so you know instead of he’s doing it I wonder why is he and I mean he could do so much better, he’s not bothered though. Yeah, it’s like he’s right down Manhattan. I saw him talking to some people that were wearing all green. And he made a comment that they were wearing green. And he said, oh, we wouldn’t be great in the photograph because I’m not wearing green. I guess there might be some funny bits there, but he’s got it vertical mode right next to his face, he keeps panning back and forth. Why doesn’t he just do it, you know, panoramic sideways like that like all the those great movies that he was in, he said so so many great films and what did he just do that and get both of them and make a nice show. Why? Why is he like, I can’t watch that man, but I did like his VH1 special that I found. Yeah, but yeah. Did you see that? It’s nice to see him again, so I just watched him a couple days ago. And he got like a a bad. He got sick from the jab, from the shot. His face got all paralyzed like Sylvester Stalone. He was like this for a while, but he used it in his comedy act. I wish I saw that. that would have been f.. [not so funny tragicomedy] unusual. Yeah Uh. So I have to go out to California soon. Commie fornia? That slavery out there. They’re forcing people to take the shots again. And you gotta watch out with these, this sh man [shipment]. Anyway, what are you gonna do? Where you gonna go, LA? This client, because I patented a design, all these people came at me because of the patent. So they’re going to find a manufacturer and they’re gonna do the marketing. So I’m gonna go out there and meet the team. They said that they’re based in North California, near San Francisco. 18m I don’t know when that hell that is, I’ve never been. Yea I’ve been, It’s OK. It’s nice, but you can’t swim in the.. even in the summer it was cold and it wasn’t..  he said San Francisco, he took for granted when he was a kid, but as he got older, he appreciated San Francisco ‘cause he said it’s very beautiful there. Yea.. You think it is? I need the beach. If I can’t swim, I’m not interested anymore cause, you know, I’ve had enough of.. So there’s no beach there? There is, but you can’t.. It’s too cold to swim. The water is cold and nobody’s swimming, theyr’e just standing around. I mean, it’s better than no beach, I guess. But I had that too, you know. Too much of that, you know, I want to swim naked and dive naked, somersault. So for a bit, it’s ok for a bit I guess, but yeah, anyway, and.. Let’s go for a drive. Oh you’re going? Let’s go for a drive. Come on Let’s go get in. [motioning to laptop pretending to jump into screen] come on get in. Here we go. ?? here? Oh my gosh. 19m30 How’s that, is that good? We’re going for a drive. Ready? Remember on your birthday I was on the phone to you through whole meal.. My birthday is November 22nd. sh****. Happy birthday. Sorry. Last year I was there, though I was on the phone for the whole meal, you remember? I know, I tried to call you, but you didn’t pick up the f****ing phone. 22nd? you said you’re at the gym. That was your birthday? I thought that was Thanksgiving. Yeah, but that was right around my birthday. Nov 22nd. 2 days before I – – – 20m30. Jeez.. yiheeu hee haw we’ll be there in 5 minutes. Alexis is looking very pretty lately its like she should have been a model. Model? Have you spoken to your brother? No. Ever since that call where you asked me about him and I should have just said he’s unavailable. I shouldn’t have said anything else because he’s really vindictive and revengeful and holds grudges so I think he’ll probably never talk to me again after that probably which is not much difference. So it doesn’t doesn’t make that much.. I mean, which is how it was. Do you had a girlfriend? Girlfriend? George do you have a girlfriend? mm,. Yeah. Nnno. No? It’s just hasn’t been a priority because. Beep. Loud man.. What’d you say? Just hasn’t been our priority because, you know, I lost a lot of years. I lost a lot of years on mrs. Wrong or Miss Wrong, Ms Wrong. I don’t wanna lose any more time on that although.. yea I just had other priorities, other interests right now. Hold on a second let me get on this mountain. 22m30 Let me get off the mountain. “Fire on the mountain”.. So we’re not going to Aruba, or Miami or nothing.. Just getting off the mountain. “Driving that train high on cocaine” [song] Do you have a girlfriend? What happened to your girlfriend? Hold on a second, I’m almost there. OK, now we’re getting into lower level. I thought they I thought they sold the house. What did you say, George? I thought they sold the house over there. They got another one now? I guess they have different houses. Yea she bought another one. Hahaha Yes, she’s got five houses. Other one in Arizona with an extra apartment for you to come and sleep when you’re ready to come to Arizona. Thank you. Scottsdale. 24min It’s right next to the house, she just put an underground swimming pool. Monica’s going back tomorrow with all the kids to Arizona. really? Why don’t you go? What’s that? What d’ you tell her? I just told her that I’d come out there probably in January, but I’m going to France after I finish this machine. I want to go out there for a week & get laid. Just go somewhere nice and warm. Where you gonna be for Christmas? They’re not gonna be there? You’re not gonna.. They’re going to be there for Christmas, yes. But if you wanted to go out there sometime, we could go out there together. We could meet there and stay in her.. She has another addition next to the place, another apartment. No more Aruba, huh? Yeah, Aruba is out of the question. It’s Arizona Scottsdale. In the desert.. Scottsdale, AZ 25m Why don’t you go there for Christmas and New Year? What’s that? Why don’t you go there for Christmas and New Years? She’s just relaxing, she collects rents so she doesn’t have to do anything. Why don’t you go there from the holidays? Because I gotta work. I’m gonna go out there in January. After the holidays, God. It’s like I’m just like I’m building some new equipment. I’m not ready yet. And then I’ll be able to do between 15 to $20,000 a week. 26m And then I was just going to go out to France because I want to reward myself. But then I was going to go out there too. I’ve been meeting women, you know, it’s difficult to meet the right woman. It’s like I’ve gone on 18 dates and I just can’t connect with anyone. I don’t let anybody in. You’ve gone on 18 dates from what? From Tinder? Yeah, I paid for every dinner. For all the ladies that I went on the date [gate] with, but I just was not attracted to em or they had other issues. They’re gold diggers or they’re out for something or they’re crazy. So I just met another one and I’m just talking to her. And another one, and another one and another one. So it’s like I’m talking to like 5-6 women and I just don’t tell them. So it’s just like get to know them, hang out with them and then if I feel something is wrong. I got 5 left. Are they locals from that area? What’s that George? Are they locals in your area? No, they’re not. But there’s nobody’s locals here. They’re all from like Saratoga, New York City, Woodstock, Rhinebeck. You know, they’re all kind of close by, like an hour and a half. Oh, my Go.. an hour and a half, two hours away. That’s no good for relationship, is it? Yeah, it’s just like dating anybody here is impossible, because they’re all ugly. Hehe If you get more out in that direction they’re more professional because they’ll work in Manhattan & they’ll live in Woodstock. 28m30 And they get a home there and they gotta home in New York, & they’ll go back and forth. So I only live here because so I’m closer to my sisters. You know it’s like if I were to live somewhere else, it would be too far away, even though I hate it here they’re still close by. 29m Right? unless you want me to move to London.. i can move right next door to you.. angh.. but you said you’re going to move to California. Not after the covid FRAUD & TYRANNY [DEMOCIDE] .Move to Beverly Hills. Ok we’re almost here..  one minute 29m25 Your car makes noise. Just gotta find the house here. There it is. ok, we’re here. Hey. ok? – – –  things like that. Yeah. OK, that’s better. OK, we’re here. Here’s the neighborhood. Is that in town or? It’s in town? This is the other house they own right here. Have I been in that area? Is that in the town? No, it’s down. It’s out of town. It’s on Chestnut St. So it is in town. Yeah, it is. ok. And then this is where Leo used to stay. And then that’s the house next door. They own that house too. There’s the backyard. Nice and quiet. We’re going inside now. 31m She’s got the door locked. Of course. Alexis. What the hell’s she doing? Hehe Hi. Hi. Oh my God is that.. I know who that is. Haha He’s visiting with us. Hi. how are you? Fine thanks, you. oh my God I look so ugly. Oh my God, how you been? What? Yes,—-, Bobby. Oh, i was on Facebook, that’s why. How have you been? Yes, everything’s fine. Oh my God, George, I love your shirt. I should have put on a nice tie dye or something. I didn’t know you’d.. no I look so bad I look so ugly. It’s fine. It’s really terrible. No way man. minute. Oh my God. Yeah, no. I’m visiting with Bobby because me and my mom go to Arizona tomorrow because that’s where I live. Yeah, I heard. Are you in Greece? London. London? London, England. Oh my God! ehh.. That’s awesome, that is so funny. Alright, well nice talking to you. I need to send something for work. This is my e-mail right now. I like have got to send this e-mail I was supposed to like 30 minutes ago I have no idea what i’m doing.. yes take care. All right, come visit soon, come visit. Hehe Cheers. Thank you. Thank you. Hehehe.. oh sh.. [points to camera] 33m20 You’re under 200, though at 6 4”. That’s not bad ‘cause I’m over 200 at 6 uh.. I’m gonna start blowing glass. I’ll lose the weight. Yea. Yeah, I haven’t got a haircut either. Kind of bein’ a hippie lately. Yeah, there’s a beginning stage where where it goes all crazy before it gets.. long.. before it gets weighed down. But.. yeah, I was just like [gonna let it go] wild a little bit. So what are you gonna do there? 34m What are you doing? I’m just gonna. I’m gonna hang out with Alexis for a little while, OK. And then after that I have to blow glass tomorrow. So.. you.. Yeah, I’m blowing glass tomorrow and I’m blowing glass Thursday, so. You used to hire people, you used to have someone else do that, right? No, I’m blowing glass with them. They blow it and then I work with them. But once my hot shop is ready. And I it’s going to get to a point that they’ll do all the work and I’ll just play golf. But. Just kidding. But I’ll you know, I’m just going to. I like working, doing it, and I want to learn some techniques and I enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun. Yeah, OK. And then I you know, I love glass. It’s so much fun. I love it. I love glass. And so, you know, I patened my first patent, I’m working on my second patent and there’s no women that love me. 35m It’s very difficult to meet the right woman. [You’ll find —-].. So George, can we go out and get laid? *** ****? I mean, when can we leave? Sshh! George, why don’t we go to Greece? Copper fox. Yeah, I was just there. Haha.. And you still do the same. Uh, there’s a lot of bars around here too, but what Black Oak, Copper fox, what was the other one? Sip and sail. Yeah, was at the Black oak too, one year.. I was just wondering down like a few months ago. It’s like. It’s the same and it hasn’t changed, you know. Is that restaurant still there on the corner in the Black Oak? That healthy place? Yeah, it is. Yeah. The Muslim.. was it? The 12 tribes, 12 tribes.. The 12 tribes. Yeah, they’re still there. And what about that fancy place on.. right by the hotel? Is the hotel still there? Clarity. What was called clarion? The Clarytin, yea its still there. Right next to it there’s a fancy restaurant, right? Uh, yeah, they closed down. They opened up an Indian restaurant. By Ruffino’s, there was a nice one. I remember. Yeah, there’s a new restaurant across the street that opened up. Starbucks just opened up. They’re putting in a $10 million car wash across from Hannaford’s. Yeah. And they’re putting all this money on South side. It’s just developing like, because of baseball. And what about that health food restaurant next to a dark horse? Next. Where dark.. There’s no restaurant next to the Dark Horse, but there was a a supermarket, a healthy. Yeah, yeah, green Earth. still there? Yeah, they’re still there. OK. All right. Are you coming to visit? What, are you there for Christmas? Yeah, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. So I’m gonna go to Arizona in January. January.. 37m40 Go hang out with Monica. Where is she? OK, we’re going for another ride, George. Let’s go. Where you going? We’re going to pick up Monica. In the car. Let me back my car up. She’s over at Leslie’s. Yeah, Leslie is. Monica’s best friend. Very pretty. Ah.. she’s very pretty and she drives a really luxury BMW. Some doctor got her pregnant. And he just takes care of her. OK. Did you see her, George? Yeah. OK, what is it? S.U.V? She’s in the Escalade. Escalate. You’re going to monitor’s? monitor. 39 What’s that? are you going to monitor? Monica. Goin to Monica’s. Ok George we’re going to go for a drive. Hold on. [keys to my bills?] feel like every time i backup im gonna f** wack.. Not every time. You got Alexis. Go ahead. Crash. Watch it. haha Remember I backed out a couple years ago & hit he mailbox & wacked her car f’ed up a car. Whose car? This car. It was only 200 bucks? a couple 100 but i broke the light in the back so f-ing pissed.. Move the mailbox. 40m What is she doing at Leslie’s? Having a few cocktails? Definitely. Yeah, that’s why we’re picking her up. Well no because i had her car today because I had an appointment in Albany.. meeting. OK, so you went to Albany for a meeting and then you came back after you came back you stopped by her place? Hmm-hmm. OK. What did you do for four hours? well i met the f-ing husband, Shoe, yeah, I like him. I actually really do like him. His name is Shu? Yeah, that’s a nice name. i like it, & it’s definitely not spelled shoe who knows I have no idea. So you met him and then you guys just hung out? Yeah. All that was there all day. Oh okay. Not all day i was there till like one and then up to like 5:30.. 42m Leslie lives down by Friendly’s. Yea. Ok George are you having a nice ride with us? Friendly’s, is that where it used to be like by the.. It was by Fox Hospital wasn’t it? Passing like Subaru. Yea.. then like the post office.. Yea. Oh, what the f**** that’s not the post office anymore? It’s State Farm. That was not a post office. that’s a graphic design place. Oneonta is up and coming though, It is. Yeah, it is. It really is. Even yesterday was like, Southside is always busy when I go out and I’m like, yeah. It always is. Did you hear that George? No. South side is really expanding.. the mall? Starbucks? Yeah, go there all the time. You do? Yeah. When I come in there, they’re like “Bobby. And they’re like your coffee’s ready” and they’ll let me pick it up. They come and bring it to me. 43m. You go in there that much they know your name? yeah, they know my name & they’re like, oh, your’e Bobby oh. I’m like yea, & then its like they bring the coffee, they all come and bring it to me, I don’t you know, get up. Wooppee you. Yeah. How was your birthday? i feel bad we didn’t take you out, you should have just come to the house. I literally got in on Tuesday though the 22nd on your birthday. Oh you did? I didn’t sleep cause I took a red eye. Monica said that he had to talk to you guys. Yeah, she wanted to Take Me Out, but then she said she couldn’t. She was what? She was depressed on my birthday? Yeah, she was having a really bad day on your birthday. After [breaking the town?- – – -] That’s a good point. They said there’s a bunch, she said on no, but like the street, like near the Y. But there’s a bunch of apartments & sh over there. I’ll show you one she’s like drive by. She said it was like there’s a bunch of, like, apartments and ship by the Y. “YMCA” [song]. George who’s living in your parents’ house in Morris? Oh the uh.. one of the cousins got it.. his parents don’t live? No they passed, but he’s got relatives in the house. 45m What’d you say, George? The uncle got it, and then he… Dietz street.. Yeah. She said by like the Y.. they’re just like a bunch of buildings. It’s over here. George, who’s in the house, living in the house? a cousin. Are you close to them? That particular one not so much, I mean. But I’m on good terms with them. But I just.. oh Ship. Like right here. That’s it. Oh, sh. I don’t even know what’s check this out. Oh **** this was all not here. To see these buildings, George? What is that place? Yeah, oh ship. See that, George? Yeah. What is it? It’s on Dietz Street. They just built these high end studio lofts for artists and they’re putting a gallery in there so you can live there and show your work there and walk down Main Street and get drunk. Here’s Main Street Oneonta. 46m30 Heheh.. It’s like how? Wow. Snowing. It’s not snowing, is it? There’s your subway. Subway still there? Yeah, it is. I don’t know why Tina, it’s like. What is today today’s like? Definitely doesn’t. Where? —- That’s like a 120, like they start at 120. 120,000? yeah. How about some payments a month 600? Don’t know for. Don’t think beats me 600? No way 600 for like last 15 years. Oh. George do you still drive GT Mustang. No, I rent. I used to rent it, but it kept falling off the road and in the winter, right? Yeah. Hey, no snow? Uh, yeah, there’s no snow. God. It’s unbelievable. It’ll be there. Soon. You should really come to Arizona stay with us in the house. 48m10 Yea im gonna come in January after a build the furnace & I can start turning money over. Its coming its getting closer. You stay with us you don’t really pay for like hotels & sh. Yeah, I mean, I’m coming to crash at Monica’s place wherever the hell that is.. middle of —- Do you have an extra bedroom? Yeah, there’s like. There’s like, yeah, it’s four bedrooms. There is? Is it close to town so I’ll be able to walk to town? What? Will I be able to walk to town? No. Hehe Shall we go inside? Olet’s introduce George to the family yea Leslie everybody. 49m Comeon in George. Wow nice lights I gotta get some..  say hi. hello. George came with us.. Hi, George. How are you? I’m the last person to well, obviously. OK, what? I was at Robin’s all day today like 4-5 hours. Having fun?  Well yea I was working, but it’s George. Who’s George? Alright. How are you? Godley. Oh my God. George, say hi to Monica. Oh, it’s Monica. Hey, how you doing? You OK? Everything’s good. Great. Thank you. Oh, I’d. Good to see you George. You too Monica. [continued…,]

production notes: rolling shutter? dark visual artifact bar caused by manual mode shutter speed, next time make sure it’s on auto.

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