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“COVID FRAUD EXPERIMENTAL PSEUDO “VACCINE” KILLS 45,000 PEOPLE IN U.S.A”- Hawaii Attorney Michael Green class action lawsuit *PINNED POST*

$1billion a month small pharma experimental covid “vaccine” drug dealers are the “2021 [Josef Mengele] crimes against humanity Nuremeberg 2 mass murderers” -Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor & Reiner Fuellmich

If you are coerced/ forced to medical experiment “vaccinate” [no jab no job] click here to fight back

Drosten admits 35+ cycle carcinogenic ethylene oxide PCR tests are 97% false positive (, experimental gene modifier mrna “vaccines” are d-dimer micro clot, injury & death proven & fraudulent comorbid death certificates false. Governments, pharmaceuticals, mainstream media, c.d.c, w.h.o & davos group etc. are being sued for censoring the truth for profit & power. #nuremberg2

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