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George Godley world record video blog 2013 schedule

-Geo Godley edited Vlogisodes (every 2 weeks)

-George Godley ✈♫♥㋡ unedited Multi Daily Vlogs (10,000 video false flag censored vlog) (emergency vlog just in case- the sh☺w must go on)

featuring: every day life highs & lows
, multiple candid cameras
, personal thoughts & feelings
, information technology multimedia, business career
, family, friendships, social life (&/or lack thereof)
, flirts, dates, barhopping, night clubbing, romance
, fashion, drama
, conflicts, comedy
, phone conversations
, walk n talk, neighborhood watch social commentary, philanthropy, nutrition, meals, fine dining
, gym, excercise
, music
, art & cartoons
, travelogues (specializing in exotic remote tropical resorts & friendly places)
, beach bumming, swimming
 & waay m☺re archive docu-feature film festivals 2014

Fast paced, emotive, cohesive story assembled from 20+ years & thousands of hours. Personal international multicultural misadventures!

SYNOPSIS: As a result of strict upbringing, forced child labor & overwork, Geo travels the world pursuing artistic endeavors, recording one of the earliest & largest multimedia archives of video, photography, music, art, writings etc. with 2 goals: FUN & SUCCESS. Join the journey to accomplish either or neither, if & why it matters. Does wealth & freedom bring happiness, or is PLAY = HARD WORK, shattered dreams & a search for substance & meaning.

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