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Christmas New Year’s eve 2012-13 London U.K George Godley


description of the image if you wantChristmas time Oxford street Bond street Selfridges London England.. lights sparkle like diamonds in the night winter sky..



My i.t friend drove up from switzerland & says hi, but doesn’t want the conversation on the internet. recorded a bit anyway for the next vlogisode.



description of the image if you wantLeicester square west end, the busiest hot spot. Temperature a few degrees warmer than usual, nice mild winter so far. Nice to see a familiar face but you almost never see the same face twice..



description of the image if you wantthis time we got into Tiger Tiger club early before 10 p.m



description of the image if you wantEveryone’s in a good mood dancing on 4 different dancefloors: commercial main ground floor, harder edged mezanine, hot & sweaty top floor, & disco basement. the JBL speakers sound great & don’t distort.



description of the image if you wantgood company w/ my lady friend / wingwoman who walked a long way from where she parked the car ..



description of the image if you wantFriendly polish women let that dude loitering behind them move in & kiss the one on the right.. when they say Tiger Tiger’s a ‘meat market’ it’s the usual sausage fest of desperate dudes hassling aloof outnumbered women.. one czech/iranian dude musta tried several before hooking up with a tall one, a short bespectacled bald guy kept touching & smarming one woman after the other really obviously right in front of them.



description of the image if you wanthappy new year y’all ㋡
missed shot/video/photo: at 4 a.m on new years day i walked by the London Soho Greek street whorehouses & 10 or 20 frenchmen were lined up in the street in 2 seperate entrances (pardon th pun) for sex with prostitutes.. what better way to welcome the new year lol.. sure beats the other thing.. i walked by them thinking, ‘shouldn’t i record this?’ & regretted not doing so. Conclusion: if in doubt, do it, record anything you see in public especially when there are already 300 cameras in the streets recording your every move without consent anyway. Or no one will believe it & all there is is questionable text & drawings. better yet why not join the party & broaden your horizons.. oh coz its taboo & almost everone’s done it but you’re supposed to be discreet & hide it..

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