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Reddit hit, youtube strike & greek nostalgia tue jan 15 2013 george godley

Multi daily uploads continue around the clock. Slovak flirt fail got 20,000 views in a couple days, thank you reddit or whoever it was.


& thank youtube for not disabling the account this time even though your automation or (mis)interpretation is confusing.

ΕΣΕΝΑ ΘΕΛΩ ΜΟΝΟ, ΤΙ ΑΛΛΟ ΠΙΟ ΟΜΟΡΦΟ, ΜΙΛΑ ΜΟΥ (esena thelo mono, ti allo pio omorfo, mila mou) better recordings on :!download|631p5|430012657|LAKHS_TZORNTANELI.rar|146251|0|0

Another saturday night listening to tunes on genelec monitors imagining sunshine again. Must get out weekends to vlog london nightlife.

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