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Afro greek swedish flirt cockblock conflict social commentary Glyfada Greece 2012

-who is grampa, holding beaitch scanning car keys? hint: you, sooner or later
-what’s he saying to captivate her attention? hint: “my 2 or 3 yachts in the marina..”
-squat & risk deep vein thrombosis, sit & stain pants, cover ass, or stand?
-what does afro bro tell her? hint: best job in the world..
-what happens when i move in to tripple cockblock?!
-who gets the girl/ wins the woman/ spoons the po☺n?
-conclusions, flirts, dates, drama, fun & laughs continued in Geo(rge) Godley Glyfada Greece travelogue summer 2012 & archives coming po☺n on http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM  world record lifestream & documentary feature film!

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