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description of the image if you wantBritish Airways 747 jumbo jet, near the north pole, ~40,000 feet.. on my way to a TV audition but some sneaky confidentiality clause in the release signed at a later date prohibits me from EVER mentioning it without their permission?!?! deceptive because they dont tell you- he just said “oh it’s just a release” time read it all & cross out whatever you don’t want, it should be negotiable.. they should appreciate the free publicity by letting us mention it and can’t expect a gag order on your life.. can’t be tooo unreasonable ..censorship is fast becoming my top blog theme. You’re never allowed to say anything.. no free speech

the entire 10 hour flight 3pm to midnight (4pm Seattle time) almost all windows were covered. Good to get some sun the couple days before.. I’m cautiously optimistic but have a premonition there’s always a negative side to everything and don’t want to jinx it by counting chickens before they hatch.. curb your enthusiasm



description of the image if you wanttake this airplane meal for instance.. thrilled to get a vegetarian meal..





description of the image if you wantuntil you realize it’s probably full of animal rennet, artery plugging clotted cream cheese & chemicals. wait, it’s even the wrong ingredient list! cherry filling?!




description of the image if you want& the second meal is a sugar white bread mayonaise cheese sandwich. No wonder i’m out of shape & look like shit, you are what you eat.. BYOF Bring Your Own Food next time..





description of the image if you wantthis is what a £900 ($1500) one way British Airways plane ticket gets you these days.. NAUSEATING BLAAGH EEEWW disgusting. the flight was jolly good though, no turbulence thank you chaps







description of the image if you wanti think of more pleasant thoughts like my lady friend (not sure she wants to be in this blog) & these polish ladies who invited me to party last night & i didn’t even bother.. how stupid.. really gotta get out of this no nightlife rut..






description of the image if you wantwe land in Seattle, the new 747 jumbo engines are tiny compared to previous ones..





description of the image if you wantwelcome to the emerald city, gotta rehearse & prepare, pressure is on in just 3 days i’m on stage..





description of the image if you wantseagulls nest on the lower roof outside my hotel windows that don’t open. Can’t understand why they sit on their eggs if they don’t know what’s in them. Must be more than instinct. They probably saw other eggs hatching, or remember their own hatching since it wasn’t so long ago, or just common sense, some shiny time capsule pops out of you something’s obviously there.. not rocket science.. unless you’re casey anthony..





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