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Rather than do uneventful daily vlogs i choose to wait & spend time on meticulously crafted episodes since it makes no difference to my daily viewcount. Everyone thinks the more you post on youtube the better, forgetting top youtubers were overpromoted unlike the rest of us may ever be, so why repell the audience with a channel full of mundane fragments & not rewarding, satisfying experiences. Or maybe best do both.. Time to get out there..

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June 2011, Hyde park London. Best decision to get some sun before the dark 10 hour Seattle flight. Deprived as ever, every cell in my body screams for a lil’ solar photosynthesis, i feel naturally rising endorphins & tryptophan / serotonin / dopamine levels.

or maybe it’s from this pulse raising bikini hottie inches near me..


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on the way up the escalator a cutie let me snap her over my shoulder but then turned cold in the park & wouldn’t talk.. “hey would you like revenue sharing when your image goes viral, no? okay bye!”



description of the image if you want..some lolling waitress brightened my day when she asked “what do you put on youtube?” answer: “y☺u” ..



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and who could forget the fluffy redhead form the vag-eatarian resto on neil street, wawaweewa



description of the image if you wantthis english green eyed lady was sooo nice, i should use the “see my etchings” invite more often while in the area..




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London tourist attraction Janowell the french busker uplifits moods in leicester square for over a decade now.. these typically friendly bon vivant italians celebrate their “hen night” bachelorette party.. condolences.. party’s over.. r.i.p freedom, last chance & dance..



description of the image if you wantred bullshit piss sugar stimulant.. guess she needs it to stay awake for you know what.. don’t we all.. you snooze you lose..



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Rod Stewart & Bon jovi performed yet another summer Hyde park concert. Some drunk women went wild prancing to “Maggie may”.



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while peeping toms got free views & footage through the peephole.



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