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Dear Margo,  I am appealing the unexplained sudden ban of my geogodley ustream channel after months of 24/7 live broadcasting linked to my honors charted youtube channel. Yesterday wednesday 8 june 2011 i was auditioning for SIMON COWELL’S X-FACTOR performing live original songs in a g-string for effect.
[photo: singing “I’m a stud”I’M A STUD ㋡n ITUNES Click here
A similar g-string performance already got me selected & shortlisted on the english version of that talent show. All seemed fine until about 7pm london/ greenwich meantime when i got the message “geogodley banned due to violating terms of service.” Since i own the ©opyright to my own songs & performance and was banned during it, i can only assume you didn’t like my g-string.
G-string is not considered vulgar or nudity since they are seen on every public U.S. beach. If you have rules against them it sure isn’t written in your terms of service which is long, complex, subjective and vague (vulgar can mean anything you want it to- even free speech expression spoken by millions on youtube, facebook, twiiter every day).
Maybe my behind was too visible for a few seconds as i exited the room and bent over comedically since i thought no one was watching (i’m flattered they [you] did ㋡). [i observed a viewcount of only 1 or 2 throughout the performance with a couple browser windows open, so ustream employees have nothing better to do than unfairly bully little guy underdogs knowing full well only they are watching. says a lot about the company & its public image / relations..]

Ustream’s loss, Livestream’s gain. Maybe we’re more suited to a free press platform for adults & ustream to Beijing where they have more in common 禾馬鳥鹿水革糸月. Note: the aim is not to burn bridges, diplomacy’s the best policy or get another account & ip to be enslaved by juvenile censorhip. disclaimer: Parody- not to be taken tooo seriously.. gtta say that just in case..

Could you please consider accepting my appeal as i will be careful to be heavily self – censor if that’s what Ustream requires. That includes no © background music ever by often muting the audio, right? sincerely geo godley.
[This is what some power abusing anonymous faceless ustream employee bans you for.. in an age of oversaturated x-rated hardcore internet porn, they mean spiritedly don’t forgive this brief 2 second innocuous accidental g-string wardrobe malfunction backside of michelangello’s David as i left the room.]

in life i know there’s lots of green.. some canadian in soho square who works in radio administration..

on a happier note, whats a geogodley blog without gorgeous ladies.. unheard of! goes without say, that’s better..

..1 hottie in her late 20s whose psycho kurd dad threatened violence if she’s on the internet.. more endless insane censorship as ever.. details in private post for security.. continued later. what a heavily censored week it’s been! will it get worse?

2 hot starbux turx.. gotta remember to take off the shades to see the eyes, it’s like chinese censorship again.. jeeez.. what is wrong with this world..

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