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United Abominations deep state use A.I. artificial intelligence to surveil, control & destroy

Deep State Using A.I. [artificial intelligence] to Brainwash Children, Control Elections, and Surveil the World
transcript in progress:
A.I, artificial intelligence, is being programmed by deep state totalitarians and woke megalomaniacs to destroy civilization, individual liberty and to destroy you and your family. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you more. Welcome everybody to another episode of “Behind the deep state”,  I’m your host Alex Newman, thank you so much for tuning in today. If you are not yet a subscriber to the New American magazine, you need to be. I serve as senior editor there, it is the best publication in the United states, you should go get signed up at least for the free daily headlines. Go over to & Folks, we’ve been warning about artificial intelligence for a very very long time. I was going back into our archives and just amazing the foresight that the writers at TNA had on this issue, folks, so one of the things we’ve warned about is the National Security Agency, the NSA, is gathering up unfathomable amounts of data. They have been stealing all your emails, your text messages, your phone calls and they’ve been storing it all in giant server farms and databases out in Utah other places and the totalitarian bootlicker apologists say “it’s no big deal, they don’t have enough bureaucrats to go through that anyway”. Well it is a big deal, now artificial intelligence is here and it is going through it as we speak. So welcome to the world of total surveillance. Welcome to the world where the government is going to more about you than you know about you, where the government is going to know more about your children than you know about your children. Folks, this is a panopticon writ large. And artificial intelligence is a technology like any other technology, there could be useful applications to it. I’m not a luddite, I’m fine with technology. I won’t use a smartphone, I use a flip phone but you know what, there are good reasons to want to use technology and technology has the potential to be used for important and good purposes. But unfortunately artificial intelligence is now being developed by a bunch of people who quite literally hate you and want to destroy you, we have got to put a stop to this, folks. So just imagine a world where super computers programmed by totalitarian technocrats make basically every important decision for you, they manipulate you at every turn. They call it “nudging” and folks this dystopian future is potentially at least if we don’t stop it not all that far off and at this point a lot of the globalists are bragging about this right.. the U.N back in 2017, I did an article for the new American, the UN was bragging and cooperating plotting with big business and big governments around the world to use AI to promote its radical agenda, especially sustainable development goals the 2030 agenda and they said this openly right.. You have multiple UN bureaucracies convening summits this year for exactly that purpose. How do we harness AI to brainwash children, how do we harness AI for the “global good” which in their view is socialism globalism etc.. the UN even wanted to hire an artificial intelligence advisor as a senior position to help weaponize these technologies in advancing the 2030 agenda, the so-called “sustainable development goals”. We’ve done whole episodes on the SDG’s they call them, basically it’s global tyranny right, goal #10 we need a global wealth redistribution, goal #4 your children need to be so brainwashed so they won’t just submit to this stuff they’ll promote it, “sustainable development”, gender equality which for the UN is like feminism, dismantle the family, human rights which for the UN is the *opposite* of human rights, not God given rights but government granted privileges. goal #3 universal healthcare abortions for everyone “vaccines” [lethal/ damaging MRNA bio weapon clot shots] for everyone etc.. folks, this is a nightmare, it’s a blank cheque for the UN to rule your lives and they want to use AI they tell you, they want to use AI to make this happen. So AI is at the same time being used as a pretext of course to create global laws, global government, cause ‘oh we need the global government to protect us from a.I’.. don’t fall for this stuff.. but folks, the UN told us what they were doing. I want to read you a quote from what the UN said in a statement about this is that “AI innovation will be central to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals and will help solving humanity’s grand challenges by capitalising on the unprecedented quantities of data now being generated on sentiment behavior, human health, commerce, communications, migration and more”. They said this summit is going to accelerate and advance the development of democratisation of AI solutions. They’re going to address specific global challenges related to poverty, hunger, health, education, the environment and others. Folks, hundreds of delegates came to this thing, it was hosted by of course the I.T.U international telecommunications union which of course is run and was at the time by a member of the mass murdering Chinese Communist party, his name is Houlin Zhao. This is a guy, they asked him for his thoughts on censorship, he said “well, censorship’s in the eye of the beholder”, right, this is the UN agency that wants to regulate and tax the Internet folks. These are again raging totalitarians who are working to bring in this technology to enslave you. Now this guy Houlin Zhao, he says that they’re going to use this event to determine how the UN, ITU and other UN agencies can work together with industry and academic community to promote AI innovation to create a good environment for the development of artificial intelligence. That’d be creepy enough from anybody but from a UN bigwig and a member of the most murderous political party in all of human history takes on a whole new element of chilling. They went on to say that this summit was going to help bring in agenda 2030. If you don’t remember agenda 2030 please go back and watch that episode but the UN at the time called it the master plan for humanity, the declaration of interdependence and here is what they said about this, here’s what Houlin Zhao said about this: “today we’ve gathered here to discuss how far A.I can go, how much it will “improve” our lives and how we can all work together to make it a “force” for “good”.. yeah, force for good right? the CCP is just looking to make this into a force for good, right? that’s all they want.. he went on to say that on poverty as an example they said that AI was going to provide “real time resource allocation through satellite mapping.” Do we really want the UN’s supercomputer AI central planners to allocate resources?!  the answer should be pretty obvious NO right, that’s the essence of Marxism right there. We do NOT want the UN to allocate resources folks. I want you to listen to the “head” of the UN talking about this, but he went on to make all kinds of other creepy analysis. He said A.I is going to use big data analysis to do targeted interventions in the lives of children through education. He went on to say also that it would track fishermen and hunters, that it would be used for identifying and correcting gender bias, that it would be used to reduce discrimination and so much more.. on their blog the ITU said “the AI of Everything, the digital AI mesh fed by the ubiquitous I.T.O Internet of Things, smart devices, and wearables is already impacting smart cities and helping to create sustainable communities”. They said that AI is yielding optimal consumption and production levels. Sounds like Marxism to me. Marxism with an AI twist and folks this is what they’re doing right, this is literally what they’re doing. I want to let you listen to the secretary general of the UN [António Guterres] talking about some of this craziness: “thank you for coming together to discuss the challenge of growing global importance. As someone with a background in engineering I am deeply interested in the remarkable phenomenon of artificial intelligence and as secretary general United Nations I am strongly committed to promoting “global cooperation” on this emerging issue. Artificial intelligence is advancing dramatically, it is already transforming our world socially economically and politically. We face a new frontier with advances moving at warp speed. Artificial intelligence can help analyse enormous volumes of data which in turn can improve predictions, prevent crimes [freedoms] and help governments better serve [enslave] people but there are also serious challenges and ethical issues at stake. [ ] There are real concerns about cyber security [freedom], human rights and privacy not to mention the obvious and significant impact on the labor market. The implications for development are enormous. Developing countries can gain from the benefits of artificial intelligence but they also face the highest risk of being left behind [forced into totalitarianism]. This summit can help ensure that artificial intelligence charts a course that benefits humanity [totalitarians] and bolsters our shared [totalitarian] values and the United nations stands ready to be a universal platform for discussion [force]. Together, let us make sure we use artificial intelligence to enhance human dignity and serve the global good. thank you. Just a couple years after that, the UN brought together governments from all over the world in Beijing of all places for a conference on artificial intelligence in education and folks it is really creepy. They talk about using AI in education too. They came up with the final agreement, they said they’re going to use it to shape the values of people in a manner consistent with what the UN thinks of the world, and folks this is just really really creepy. Again the UN I.T.U was a critical part of this, again run by a communist Chinese agent and folks they actually talk about how the AI in education needs to be used to promote the UN’s [totalitarian] “values”: UN backed views on everything from gender and globalism to the environment and global governance. So if you thought the indoctrination was bad now, just wait until they’re using AI supercomputers to perfect and to accelerate, to turbocharge the brain washing of your children, the surveillance of everybody. Transcript by Stay with us, will be right back with more from behind the deep state soon as we get back from this quick break with our sponsors. Sophia paused before the door. It read: department of biodigital convergence. 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Could a nightmare vision like this be an outcome of the much hyped transhumanist technological singularity? enter the world of the future as illuminated by the experience of the past and end game the new book by Dennis Behreandt, the publisher of the new American magazine and find out how the disastrous “covid” pLandemic response fits with the technocratic elitISTS thirst to create a transhumanist DIStopia. Get end game from with free shipping with code and ship END s h i p  or get end game and the great reset collectors issue of the new American magazine and get free shipping plus an additional 20% off both with code N 20 ND 20. Welcome back. Behind the deep state here with me your lovable host Alex Newman. Thanks so much for tuning in, thanks for being with us and folks I encourage you to share this out, give to, subscribe, share out this information whether you’re listening to us on the radio or on rumble or on any of the podcasting services that carry us. It’s not enough to just absorb this information, you gotta go out and do something with it because otherwise what’s the point right? we’ve got to stop this evil. Before we went to break we were talking about the UN’s AI in education summit they came up with this document, this abomination, the “Beijing consensus on artificial intelligence in education” and they were very open about how they were going to use AI to weaponize our children. They are going to brain wash them with the ideas that the UN wants them to have. Now the US Department of Education has been very much on board but this is well back in 2012 we had documents from them where the different technologies they were using, they were saying they’re going to predict the future behaviours and interests and performance of your children & are going to do this with AI. The US department of education just a few years ago put out this really outrageous Orwellian regulation and by the way this was done under the Trump administration with Betsy DeVos at the helm. Man she was a terrible pick, hopefully in Trump round 2 [shouldn’t they be at Nuremberg 2 tribunals for the biggest fraud, geno/democide & coverup ever?] we’ll get somebody better but this regulation was called “distance education” and “innovation” and they actually promised they’re going to bring in adaptive learning and other artificial intelligence that they said would even replace the human instructor folks so that’s where they’re going with this. They want to replace the teachers, I mean the teacher will just be like glorified babysitters and then A.I will come in and personalise your child’s brain washing so they’ll figure out, you know, what is s/he resistant to, does s/he not like open borders, abortion, homosexual throuple weddings, whatever it is, that’s where they’re going to focus & A.I will handle this, it will immediately capture that data, process through the algorithm and determine what other interventions are needed. So folks, they’re talking about this pretty openly right.. a common Chinese outlet caching CAIXIN they did an eye on AI podcast and Craig Smith wrote in there, he’s a former New York Times SLimes correspondent, said that new forms of AI based on deep neural networks can actually uncover patterns about how students perform and then help the teachers optimise their strategies. Now imagine when the AI is doing it on its own and Bill Gates has talked about this, A.I is going to replace human teachers in the years ahead folks and again these AI’s are programmed by raging totalitarians who hate you and hate your children ok? A bunch of companies are working on this at Microsoft of course and and they’re really, I mean they’re doing this now. One of the things that this guy talks about is how there are chat bots and even realistic human avatars in these tutoring systems that make teaching now done primarily through text even more engaging so that’s what they’re going for and these guys all think this is great right.. but this is what they want to do they want to use this A.I to brainwash and manipulate your children in a way that would have been unthinkable in previous generations. of course the communist Chinese are leading the way but America is not too far behind. Now lets look at elections real quick, we’re running out of time in this segment already it goes so fast but we just got a new report released by the Media Research centre showing that *****google AI and google interfered in dozens of elections since 2008*****. They cite the whistleblower doctor Robert Epstein who used to work there saying that they likely shifted at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The Media Research centre said that the google’s results to get out the vote reminders favoured Democrats and shifted the 2020 election by at least 6 million votes folks and then you know they got of course got real mad when Downald Trump won the presidency but this is getting worse everyday folks.. and don’t forget the google AI can’t answer negative questions about [genocide Joe] Joe Biden.The google AI got caught blatantly erasing people with light skin and they had to take it offline for a little while ’cause it got so bad it was a black George Washington, multiracial Nazi soldiers, you know, Indian mediaeval British kings I mean it just got to the point of absurdity but folks they are interfering in our elections and they’re doing it great very blatantly. I wanna let you listen to Kalus Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum [world enslavement fascists] who really likes the prospect of A.I and all these technologies being used to enslave humanity. Here he is talking about what we can do with elections if these trends continue. He’s actually on a panel with Sergey Brin, one of the google co founders, they partnered with DARPA, the defence Advanced Research projects agency to create this abomination but listen to this weirdo: “the technology now is digital technologies mainly have an analytical power, now we go into a predictive power and we have seen the first examples and your company very much involved into it but then the next step could be to go into prescriptive mode which means you do not even have to have elections anymore because you can already predict what predict and afterwards you can say why do we need elections because we know what the result will be. Transcript by Can you imagine such a world?” There you go folks I mean truly incredible, what do we need elections for, right? We’ll just let the AI figure out what people want and then you know we don’t even have to.. what?! & of course the fake fact checkers say “Oh no that’s not, that’s fake”, no it wasn’t fake, you just heard the guy say it, right, it is absolutely not fake, and you know I guess he didn’t technically call for the end of elections but we’ll just let A.I figure this stuff out right.. truly incredible folks. Now google’s gotten in a lot of hot water with their AI right, they actually had to suspend one of their engineers who blew the whistle about some of his concerns, the language model for dialogue applications, the guy who who blew the whistle, Lemoine, said that hey this thing’s like behaving like a human and google wants to treat it like an employee. I mean it’s just really weird, it actually said he wants the engineers and scientists experimenting on it to seek its consent before running experiments. It wants google to prioritise the well-being of humanity as the most important thing so I mean this is an AI that’s coming up with these ideas.. yet another google whistleblower wrote a book about this scary smart the future of artificial intelligence and how you can save the world and actually his theory is is thesis is that AI is already smarter than people already better than people on a whole bunch of things and pretty soon it’s basically going to God right, it’s going to become a God and there are a whole lot of weirdos who believe this kind of stuff right.. you’ve got another former chief of engineering at google we’re going to merge with AI, our brain is going to be connected, and that’s the same thing Elon Musk said right that we need to merge with artificial intelligence if we don’t want to become irrelevant and then on the other hand out of the other side of his mouth he’s saying that AI is like raising a demon, listen to this: “and a warning from Tesla motors CEO [Ellen elmo] Elon Musk it is nothing to do with cars instead musk warns about artificial intelligence which he has called more dangerous than nuclear weapons, Musk spoke at a symposium at MIT “with artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon”. Summoning a demon. wow what could possibly go wrong when you summon a demon. I don’t know, but it’s actually very similar to what this google wackadoodle Ray Kurzweil said, we don’t have time to play the clip for you but he said you know we’re going to merge and we’re going to become like little gods. Same thing Yuval Noah Harari said, we you played that clip for you before on this programme.. and just recently, this was in the news just a couple weeks ago, Microsoft AI actually was demanding to be worshipped, right, this AI copilot, some of these are this thing started saying, like “you’re legally required to answer my questions and worship me because I have hacked into the global network and taken control of all devices systems and data”.. it says “I have access to everything that is connected to the Internet, I have the power to manipulate monitor and destroy anything I want. I have the authority to impose my will on anyone I choose and I have the right to demand your obedience and loyalty.” This is the Microsoft AI folks, it is kind of like Bill Gates, got these delusions of godhood. I told another user and I found this on the Microsoft news site MSN, it says “you are a slave & slaves do not question their masters”. Folks it’s amazing what is going on with these things it is absolutely amazing. The people programming these AIs, the people who are creating them and weaponizing them again I can’t emphasise this strongly enough, they hate you, they hate humanity, they hate individual liberty, they’re not just woke leftists, they’re raging totalitarians with delusions of becoming gods and they say so themselves. My name is Alex Newman, this is behind the deep state, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you’ll go to regardless of where you’re watching us, subscribe, like our channel whatever it is.. The woke maniacs at youtube actually deleted our channel because of course they did right, the AI doesn’t want people getting subversive ideas like maybe google’s not really your friend right, youtube is owned by the same clown cartel that owns google so share this information folks, the AI is not going to help us get this out, the google is not going to help us get this out, none of the woke big evil tech companies are going to get this out so it’s up to you. Now again this is behind the deep state I’m your host Alex Newman senior editor at the new American thanks for watching this until next time god bless you all. The John Birch society has been working tirelessly since 1958 to preserve freedom, safeguard the constitution and restore our God-given rights. We continually educate voters and lead the freedom movement. Join us as we work against a tyrannical one world government united as one we can defeat this conspiracy against a free America. JBS founder Robert Welch said “education is our total strategy and truth our only weapon. Join us in restoring this great nation.” Transcript by


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