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Lounger & scrounger video call tue 30 jan 2024

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 30 jan 2024 Clip0024S03

Draft Outline: Wide angle, speakers, tue 30 jan 2024, Facebook malware thingymajiggy, date, thanks for visiting, 3 we fade to gray song, we made you cry, that’s bitta, australia fallen to communism totalitarianism a1 MacBook Pro laptop set up , get any speakers, better than nothing.. 5 bad light, what do I do, song,, name that tune, lotta prep to get it right, y’all want this party started.. 7 cancer wifi microwave radiation, 50s movies lighting, speakers, 8 unprepared, outline would be best. Show u a few things about f, 9 auto z90 shows levels, didn’t wanna show, there u go, 10 haha sultan bruneia, 6:31pm, 12 prime sinister Satanyahu, greek prime sinister, 20M killed Billion injured, 13 police Todd callender criminal complaint 14 €1000 translate 40 pages.. 15 porno festival {avn convention] youtube promotes.. [if they do , we do].youtube lied cheated n stole 13,000 of my videos 2017.. covid fraud genocide vaccine holocaust genocide democide crimes against humanity.. 16 back to Poland 17 I help her massage 18 anarchapulco max gan Jeff Berwick good anarchists v criminal govs 21 spring break WMC 23 Cannes festival episodic content 25 xmas lunch rec 26 missed rec 28 weekend center comic book store shop dox every Wednesday upload candid 30 poster promo 31 comic book rejection, need reality & fantasy 32 film first 33 video & books 34 death promo lol **** 35 don’t look behemoth 36 angry cleaner no release 37 blur face f up voice 38 video effects cover face voice 39 not after death *** say without saying general Asatur 40 they’re all selling the Arabs 15 minute prison United abominations agenda 2030 kill enslave 41 near death experience mrna bio weapon clot shot National Harold shipman 43 ind news 3 hour shows David knight mental clutter 44 no tiktok no truth no genocide free speech criticize 47 sony a1 2nd cam selfie use & pov 49 warsaw 50 bus no ventillation air next to driver mana graphene nano tech shedding transmission 51 blood pfizer skin breath 4 hour bus 10 hour flight porno feastival*** 53 DNA use to kill you cool want loans bank steals 3/4, 3 out of 4 euros. Destroy, ex wife debt ,55 u help your family 56 old photos records 1800s 58 ankle uncle hope not inbred 1h dirty records 12 modern talking albums not global monopoly just wanna hear 1h1 woman I love only you 1h2 piano chords 10 min better than nothing 1h4 change bulbs please don’t guitar 1h5 need lyrics 1h6 guitar callouses jam 1h8 I play the hairdryer inflammation rhythm not in mood 1h10 pigeon water CAT PIGEON TOILET BEACH TRACTOR BULLDOSER.. 1h11 killers 20M agenda 2030 UN, enjoy yr life have aball name that tune, 1h12 organic v sterilised beans 1h14 plan org made in china covid fraud genociders china regime poisoned world 1h14 admit wrong propagate covid lie 99.9% harmless 1h16 inhaler over the counter 1h17 sony a1 stopped no dingdong? 1h19 need a6700 a1 too heavy 1h20 close it do u have any cameras? Click.. Elvis 1h21 tooth 1h22 silence tiktok spyware malware 1h23 phone off surveillance [ kill grid] favour get favour , tip double, hundreds 300, 500 gift, 1h25 video fx too close to cam step back 2 much 4 stomach 1h26 this year see warsaw connect me w work forum hotel Marriott buffet very friendly 1h29 5M ukr 2M in warsaw mass murder media climate change sustain un agenda 2030 go,, trailer swift Taylor swift ny compost*** 1h31 tiktok 1h32 emergency phone only no card degoofled degoogled phones priority? Might as well enjoy aaarrrgh**** wanna see new Hungary Slovakia 1h36 American woman my culture internet dating 1h37 quick call sneeze 1h38 ex wife Miami 1h40 airport radiation dinner bean farts 1h42 cyan cobalamin b12 methyl cobalamine Tera Nova vegan party 1h45 teaspoon of sugar song name that tune 1h47 Thailand man outro epilog pays off to talk interact street vendor said comic book store iiiiiii uuuuu 1h49 2 or 3 copies start.. don’t knock it till u tried sheep shagging final thoughts 1h50 last date tue 30 jan 2024 8:11pm athens greece thanks visiting 1h51 comedy live no politics religion or Sinatra my pay odysee no pdf embed, weird pdf embed 1h53 there will be other songs to sing inventory piano put on weight bed no couch keep on moving don’t stop 1h54 tune in next week comedy skit daily doodle ditty sht friends family us don’t answer emails Facebook messengers rec festivities holiday cheer.. why once a week no edit for nothing, trailers, ancient history v current stuff.. silk cruel boil silk worms egg industry grinds male chicks anything you can have? Long & short of it hair..conclusion its all a waste of time & money & goes nowhere.. web host 500/day no matter what, work contribute or not, goggle anal genocide commit coverup, brave browse search, lies about duration default zero duration homepage shitty little cancer phones genocide regime ccp coming here, vpn, depressing demoralising why bother non profit time more beeps off.. another riveting update next week interactions flirts squirts dates slavery kill grid.. surveilled monitored used against you track you down kill u agenda 2030…

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