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GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com marketing promotion Athens Greece wed 3 jan 2024

GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com marketing promotion Athens Greece wed 3 jan 2024*com-vlog*com-Marketing-Promotion-Athens-Greece-wed-3-jan-2024-480p:3?r=AfSxHzsBx8t7LsqSyhSwK44Vr11vq3cD

outline: Bad hair day +GOOD BOOK ADVERTISEMENT! Balcony slider door slam Globalist fingerprint Metal door slam #1 on recording [more before] 12:41pm wed 3 jan 2023  Date, thanks for visiting Metal door slam #2  Losing temper makes things worse Print book 1000 Stickers, 500 376mm, 500 170mm not random, strategic, best candidate he’s asked.. 2min ermou fountain Avn convention? Not great****  Nervous security**** 3min15 Book soft a4, $30, $50 [shiny GELATIN?] 4m30 Door slam 3 Kablam 4 dollars [comic]***** 5m Sim card***** Paleo panto street book vendors Hard cover Re doing it Blown away coz real, better than anything in bookstores, Hasn’t been done, nothing like it 6m Door slam 4 show hallway?!***** 7 put cam away [no need to] 9 Update not worth it Worry mic bat memos lens talk 10 1000 stickers No Polute litter 11m Unanswered email divine intervention Rec pov selfie ussie 12 Alexandri****** Airplane mode Speaker Sony Z90 s mic better 5 copies sold comix exp san fran 14 traffic 50 a day Study dude autoplay audio So lame that’s why I wanna do it.. Bring numbers up Tomorrow clean room Call Alexandri 16 Keep it away from body they’ve addicted everyone to cancerous tech keeps bleeping Walk there.. 50 & 50, 100 & 100 = 8k, 4k, 2k promote n get reaction Avn, dice carnefgie hall, spring break winter music conf Covid Fraud genocide Check itemised 2 lines 18 Katastima Alexandris glyfada..endexetai na katagrafei, kyria fani, pigadi, Kyria Fani talk 20 get going pack up airplane mode Pioneer speaker bleeps fault Should I upload something they’re not watching the old stuff why upload new***** Don’t want them to know where I am whoever they are No one there anyway why bother****** Its like when they say record but no sale never happen middle finger fart noise.. 21  New clip Fridge noise/ no/ see plug Lift cam Don’t eat gluten inflammations Hair dryer Coincidence like mRna bio weapon clot shot genocide fraud Palindromic rheum inflammation NO******* Hepatitis B injection no such thing as. Vaccine [ALUMINIUM, MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE] No studies no data  Steve kirsch rfk jr mid east genocide stop hell bent George sore ass [soros] aholes promo destruction chaos fro digital slavery 23 End of trip Split again end trip under radar****, active website Coif the hair not queef Later bro market promo online for nothing or show, some online SOME SHOW Wed 3 jan 2023[4] ISTANBUL CONSTANTINOPLE time Cairo time 1994 Cairo accords geno democide Climate lie u lie like a rug nothing more than a totalitarian money n power grab Kerry holes jets you hitchhike electric bus 15 min prison city zone Why put this up a little active online Whole online thing could go to hell once they bring in digital slaevry [cuts off, battery dies] [good, now I don’t have to hear it again just read outline]

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