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Attorney Todd Callendar Warns of an Imminent Fake Marburg Pandemic Which May Include Forced Containment and Mandatory Vaccination! Marburg Treatment in Description Below.–todd-callendar-re-marburg-info-about-the-possible-release-of-the-zombie-ap.html

“My name is Todd Callender, I’m a lawyer from the United States, I practise international law and live in the Caribbean. I am involved in, my guess is the recovery, the deliverance perhaps of our species in this fight, this GENOCIDE they call “covid” and it’s actually public health weaponized to make the human race EXTINCT. If you look up a multilateral convention called the agenda for the 21st century also known as agenda 21 also now known as agenda 2030, it’s actually pretty clear in terms of the game plan that they’ve been working out since 1992 in the Rio Climate Accords. In 1994 the U.N held the Population Accords in Cairo Egypt where effectively all the member nations agreed that the world is overpopulated, that they had to eliminate 95% of the people on this planet. So if you follow the playbook there are three [3] primary objectives: the elimination of private property rights, Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. How about that. The elimination of borders, that’s the elimination of sovereignty, of course in the United States, Canada & Mexico the borders are wide open. And lastly the 95% reduction in the world’s population. If you were the perpetrator of this crime and what I’m saying is they are all part of this, every government on the planet effectively is part of this. If you want to get rid of 7 billion people how would you go about doing that? and it made sense to me that this would be a military operation, right, you need the efficiency and efficacy and the broad reach and coordination that the military could offer. And that’s exactly what happened, is that U.S Department of Defence is being the lead perpetrator but in coordination with a variety of other countries & their militaries. If you wanted to get rid of God’s creations isn’t this how you would do it? Wouldn’t you make it a military operation? Wouldn’t you make it hard on people to get other therapeutics? Wouldn’t you make it difficult to get fuel and water? Wouldn’t you make it difficult to get them food? Wouldn’t you cut down their choices for food down to a few vendors that were on your side and you would make sure had the same kind of drugs and contaminated foods that you wanted people to consume. All of those things have happened in the lockdowns, the suspension of everybody’s human and constitutional charter rights. The governments picked the winners and losers. You could go to Target, Walmart but you couldn’t go to a mom & pop shop. You could go and get a lap dance or a bottle of liquor but you couldn’t go to church. That’s the level of control, that’s the level of evil we are up against and it is because they are Luciferians. I give you an example: the United Nations founding document is the LUCIFER TRUST. So don’t doubt that we are in the final battle. This is God versus Lucifer, this is a battle for souls. I’m haunted in fact by Matthew 13:38, “the harvesting of wheat and tares”. If you want to kill 95% of the world wouldn’t you control the information? Right? If you simply put yourself in their shoes, if your mission was to kill 7 billion people, how would you do it? and when you think it through you’ll find that they’ve done everything, they’ve planned this for 50 years or more, every piece of law put in place to allow them to force people to take the shots, to remove their their bodily sovereignty, to lock people in their houses or jails, to suspend everybody’s human rights and all of that took a very, very long time to put in place. And I would submit to you that everybody that was in office as a decision maker in government was either complicit because they knew and they participated or they were criminally negligent for [not] stopping it. They knew or should have known. If we’re going to save our world they all gotta go. If you look at the laws surrounding the 2005 International “Health” Regulations, this is where the world came together and said “should there ever be a “pandemic” we’re all going to agree how we’re going to react to this thing”. Of course it was all set up long in advance, I figure it took 40 or 50 years to get the laws in place in March of 2020 the magic words were uttered “public health emergency of international concern” which then required all of the treaty countries to enact the promises that they had in the 2006 regulations. And in the case of the United States, it created a substitute set of of laws to the constitution. You find them 42 CFR part 70 and 71 whereby everybody’s constitutional rights are suspended except for certain powers granted onto the CDC in fact, complete with passports to go across state lines, involuntary quarantining, treatment with whatever protocols and medications they so desire without any indication as to whether they’re experimental or not. transcript by And in the case of the U.S military who was tasked with carrying this out they actually sidestepped the applicable FDA regulations and they made the shots themselves a “covid countermeasure” and then shipped it off across the world through this international treaty network under the 2005 International health regulations. Those treaty obligations remain in place except for one thing: prior to a couple of weeks ago they required the observance of human rights. The U.N & W.H.O talk about human rights throughout their constituent documents and there are multilateral conventions that speak of that. The negotiations pre approved by U.S, by Mr Biden, give away that ability to guard human rights. And so when the “public health emergency of international concern” is declared this time on mere suspicion alone by the way. Mere suspicion of a communicable the disease is enough to make this declaration. The US military and ostensibly all of the militaries of the world then be bound by virtue of these treaties to effectuate the mandates of the WHO. Not coincidentally, the public health apparatus was moved over under the Department of Defence over the last four years through the National Defence Authorization acts. So what you effectively have is a chain of command from Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “director” [dictator] of the “WHO” down to the various militaries themselves who will have the ability & the right to enforce with force use of weapons if they so choose quarantining and compulsory “treatments”. So here we understand that the “covid” shots, all of them were gene modification technologies, none of them were well received. I have an understanding less than half of the world actually took the shots. There’s going to be a next time, Bill Gates says it, and there’s already a good indicator that it’s going to be Marburg. Reason I say that is Marburg is mentioned specifically in that citation 42 CFR part 70 71. In addition to that there were Marburg provisions of the prep act. Prep act is one of the immunities granted through the “covid” countermeasures meaning that anybody taking part in providing these shots can’t be held liable. There was special money earmarked should there be a marburg pandemic that was put in in 2020 and 2021 Marburg provisions were in fact invoked. Our government said there is a Marburg outbreak, there was not one and yet they used that money to build quarantine camps all over the United States. Myself and some colleagues actually interrupted them from building one in Cochise county Arizona. We have the plans, we have all the intergovernmental agreements. Again, it’s not speculation whether this is so. My point is that they’ve already spent the Marburg money. There is a Marburg outbreak in Africa right after they tested their marburg MRNA experimental shots in the very same area and we know that Marburg, that pathogen was included as part of the contents in the covid shots. Certainly in the Johnson and Johnson shots there were fourteen different strands of Marburg proteins put into that shot. We have evidence to indicate that they had Marburg proteins in all of the shots. So it’s not much of a leap to understand that this next time will be a hemorrhagic fever, it’ll be scary as hell because people bleed out of their orifices and has a high fatality rate and I think the goal of the exercise is to drive everybody into these quarantine camps that they built in order to deliver a round of these experimental shots that will either kill or transform anybody that receives them. We have reams of evidence in paper, some of this is already put into our case in federal court so I’m really not speculating here. And in terms of timeline we have whistleblowers as part of our lawsuit, thousands and thousands of service members that came to us. Lots of federal agents, I mean lots of people from all over the government actually came to us and said please help, we understand what’s happening, how do we get out of this? transcript by My point is some of those whistleblowers work for the federal government including FEMA. FEMA has been doing Marburg exercises for many years now and they’ve blocked out 3/4 of this year for a biological hazard just as they did for “covid”. When combined with other factors that seem to be in a midst I would think that this will be in the next few weeks not months. The reality is the perpetrators have been caught and I think that they understand that if they don’t finish the job then they’re going to be prosecuted & hung. There is some movement in that regard for a remedy to this, at least stopping it. So I think they’re urgent, I think that they’ve got to get it done relatively quickly, I would think it’s weeks not months. I think the we already have the makings of the Marburg “pandemic”, one has already been declared in Africa. It’s got a 30 day incubation period which means that somebody from that part of Africa could travel to the united states for example and spread it without any symptomology whatsoever. It’s not by coincidence that 300 people per day have been flown from that part of Africa to the United States and Ebola or Marburg, both of them are man-made, they’re more or less the same disease, they actually have patients in Los Angeles, in Denver and I understand in Atlanta is well. What I’m trying to say, you’ve got a Marburg outbreak in Africa, you got 300 people a day coming to the United States, 30 day incubation period, that lends itself to support the conclusion that it’s imminent before such an outbreak is declared. Please recall it takes mere suspicion alone of a communicable disease outbreak for the “director” [dictator] to make that declaration of those magic words. He already has that. You might remember for instance in last summer he made the same declaration about Monkey pox despite the fact that the board around him voted against it he made the declaration anyway. It’s the declaration itself that mobilises the response and that makes him effectively [allegedly] the single most powerful man [mass murderer] on this planet. The money is spent given that they’ve been caught, given that all the prerequisites are already satisfied there’s literally nothing stopping them from doing it. And I think also economics has a lot to do with that. If you look at the insolvency of the US government in particular. If you look at the IMF and for instance has abandoned their special drawing rights as their currency and they’ve moved towards monetary gold. All of the nations of this world, even counties of nations, counties and provinces have been buying as much gold as they can. There are very key indicators in the US economy in particular that there is about to be horrible crash, a crash like we have never seen before. And it makes sense to me that if there is such a crash it’s a most opportune time for them to seize power, military power to effectuate their end goal which is the transformation or death of every last human on this planet.” / (Dr. McCullough: “Now the hospitals are basically empty we’re not having covid cases on a day-to-day basis I think all of this is big news but the other thing that’s come out made the news cycle recently is admissions from multiple government agencies that indeed the [alleged] “virus” “sarscov2” was engineered in the Wuhan institute of virology bio security level 4 annex..[allegedly]” transcript by 

🔥💉 Todd Callendar RE: Marburg Info About the Possible Release of the Zombie Apocalypse–todd-callendar-re-marburg-info-about-the-possible-release-of-the-zombie-ap.html

Attorney Todd Callender: Yea sure, been in the morbidity mortality business for a long time, practised international law around the world including living and working in two communist countries and undoing the Soviet model economy. I understand who the players are in this GENOCIDE, I’ve done business with all of them including The W.H.O and when the secretary of defence [💉☠️ Lloyd J. Austin III, Jan. 22, 2021- 𓍯] illegally mandated the shots, he doesn’t have the power to do that, I realised what this was all about and I filed suit against him and raised a lot of issues including the fact that everybody that’s getting these shots are #1 exploratory laboratory animals they’re just test beds and then number two #2 if you got the shots, the odds are according to U.S. law that you are owned by the patent holders, you’re a new species called Homo Borg Genesis and you are owned. That’s the nature of what our case says today. One of the advantages of suing the DoD with this many service members that are upset about the mandates is we’ve ended up with about 500,000 whistleblowers who have provided us a whole lot of really good information so everything you said is well supported in documents that we have testimony that we have and expert witnesses so in recent times I had sent to you a number of documents that actually support what you said and our biggest concern, the reason doc Chambers and I are here today is we work as a team to understand both the science and the legal ramifications and what I wanted to impart to you is under 42 CFR part 70 and 71, that’s the enabling statute for Health and Human services, to assume power upon the declaration of a public health emergency, they’ve already done that as you indicated with the “covid” [FRAUD] crisis, that is has resulted in the suspension of our constitution it’s already happened. The next one is coming in that statute you will see marburg is already identified, you will note that the prep act has a marburg provision that allows for additional spending when invoked. The Health & Human Services [HOLOCAUST & HOMICIDE SLAVERS/ SLAUGHTERERS] has already invoked the marburg provision, meaning they’ve already parted ways with money and spent it under the HHS enabling statute to build quarantine [CONCENTRATION/ EXTERMINATION] camps amongst other things throughout the United states. We interrupted 2, one of which was in Cochise county Arizona, where they were going to build $1.9 million facility that houses the now merged four branches under HHS: the judiciary, law enforcement, corrections and public health are now all one and the same and they’re all housed the same facilities so all of these quarantine centres are there. We understand that there could have been a marburg release that doctor Chambers will get into, we think that one has already happened. We know that marburg is not particularly contagious but it has extraordinary high rate of fatality and we know the mechanism by which this will be released and that is inside of these shots that people already received. Inside the lipid nanoparticles hydrogel there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric, they include E coli marburg ebola Staphylococcus and brewer’s yeast amongst others. We know that upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now employed across the United States and the world for that matter when they broadcast an 18 GHz signal for one minute three different times as a pulse it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release the pathogenic contents thereby causing a “marburg epidemic” that they’ve already spent the money on they’ve already, it’s already done right, the marburg epidemic for purposes of law has happened and now we just need the actual disaster to happen and there’s actually worse parts to it than that including the 1P36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds our government’s preparing for that. But the FEMA have already put out zombie commercials and conops on that correct? that’s correct, if you look at conplan 8888, Stratcom put that out in 2011, on page two they say “oh this is just for example, just for demonstration you know, don’t worry bout it’s so we don’t offend other countries.” The problem with that is you look through that Con plan it’s all about five different types of zombies, there isn’t anything in there about opposition forces, there’s anything about winning political battles or counterinsurgencies, it is only about a zombie apocalypse defending it and you will see that every nims compliant practically agency or whether state local or federal has already had their zombie apocalypse preparedness training, they’ve already done their practise.. the CDC has had a zombie apocalypse preparedness website up for last five years, now they’ve reduced it to a PDF cartoon. Transcript by Even in the Amazon Web Services contract the force majeure clause I believe it’s article 41 states that “we’re not liable for damages in case there’s a zombie apocalypse”. This is coming folks and in the serious adverse event report Pfizer put out post marketing, they had put I was part of a F.O.I.A, “the number one serious adverse event was the 1P36 gene deletion”. You look up the symptomology for that it is the elimination of frontal cortex and a propensity to fight. What’s very odd about this is this was the symptom post vaccination, that disease is a congenital disease, it means you’re born with it so how is it then possible that this is the number one serious adverse event from the Pfizer shots? it’s here folks and then you got Dr Chambers here to tell you I’m not just a raving lunatic. No no, the these are both very serious credentialed folks and patriots in their fields. I just met doc Chambers but just hearing his military resume impresses me and Todd and I have known each other for quite some time so.. and I also now work in corporate competitive biotech intelligence only for the good guys, my company is GRINX? which is genetics robotics information nanotechnology, don’t talk about that much, but it’s very.. so I have some understanding of what’s going on here and so the lipid fat is what encases the delivery and then it is activated an released by pulsing the 18 GHz, is that correct Todd? that’s exactly right. Think of the lipid nanoparticles as little bombers. What happened is the various manufacturers of these shots included three separate HIV proteins in each of them including the AD5 adjuvant. The reason for that was to disable, to disarm people’s immune system so that those little fat bombers could go inside of the cell and deliver their payloads in order to reprogram the person’s body to produce synthetic DNA, in this case they call it S proteins. When they turn that marburg switch on it will be M proteins that will cause people to produce the marburg pathogen themselves. First and foremost from a documentary point of view and self legal help vax choice, V A double X, there is a full repository of everything that we’re talking about is there and other things, self-help legal documents and if you sign up you can get a daily update, there’s no donation button there’s no nothing, we just put this out for people’s benefit. Separately, there is doctor Dr. Lee Vliet, MD is in charge of that and she’s put out a marburg factsheet along with some things that we can do to try and stop what’s coming or at least prevent it just like the “covid” situation there are medications that doctor chambers can talk about, there are therapeutics. Of course the CDC got rid of those therapeutics and its advisory saying the only thing that you can do to treat marburg is is a “vaccine”, there’s one actually already prepared for this and I think it’s getting its emergency use authorization right now which also tells us this is going to happen. Secondarily, yesterday we got information from a source, from a whistleblower showing us that they are now training people on “urban collection isolation and detention” in reference to public health emergency. So they are now training it, this training happens the next week in South Carolina once again in July. I’m sure that this is happening in more than one place, the United [abomi]Nations has already hired people, specialists in quarantining that is on their payroll, that happened last year I haven’t seen it they’ve done it more recently. Transcript by My point in telling you this folks is that we have tools to not fall for this again. There are therapeutic drugs that are available, one of those is called FenBen in the 444 milligrams and then I understand from talking to doctors in Africa that have treated this that ozone either i.v or insufflated also tends to work. I also have one whistleblower inside of FEMA who said that the plan is to scare the hell out of everybody and scare them into going to quarantine centers ’cause they don’t think they can collect everybody by themselves. The doors will be open and then of course in there you will get your mandatory shot ’cause you came in voluntarily. So what we’d like to do is is help people understand don’t run to the FEMA camps ’cause you’re gonna get one of these shots just like the “covid” ones and number two you can treat this yourself, there’s preparation you can do and if we get the word out sufficiently I think we can stop this like we did it in Cochise county and like another lawyer friend of mine Jamie Sheer did in New York. We gotta get the word out, we gotta stop this. Top of that yes it’s very insightful.. secondary to that is that upon the invocation of these emergency powers which are now permanent by the way in all 50 states, there is never again going to be a constitution and all of that power is being ceded in The W.H.O, now by contract it was by charter now it’s by contract so this is your one world government all being created at one time with this particular emergency, your rights as a human being are gone by the way. There are two UN conventions, the International Convention on civil and political rights and the International Convention on human rights that says they cannot force you to do medical experiments, guess what, those don’t count anymore your constitution doesn’t count anymore. We’re in a position where we the people at county level and doctor Chambers will talk about this, we take back our country from our own traitors in government or we’re done, we’re done as a species. My biggest issue is this: the next one, the next shoe to drop is coming and then they will cause 30 million people to pour across our borders. Most of those will be enemy occupiers, some are already housed on our military reservations as our military members are falling out because they were forced to get these shots, others are prepared to walk in and take over. The law of war states that when the alien occupiers take over substantial government functions your nation is dead, that is happening as we speak right now and we’ve got to take our country back now or it’s never. Well thank you so much Todd and I’ll probably have you guys both back on my cast next week or the week after that if you’re available. This is really important, I’m going to ask Mike Adams and Bob Denny and BrighteonTV to write articles about this and get this out it’s really important and thanks again. So your website is  and, Thank you Jeffrey i appreciate you having me. Transcript by

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