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RECENT VLOG.COM web host server log stats July 2023: 16K uniques, 50K pageviews, 100K hits v. IMPLAUSIBLE.IO zero seconds lies: WHO’S THE LIAR?

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries? “Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

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