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Lounger & scrounger business conflict mon 12 june 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0290S03

Lounger & scrounger business conflict mon 12 june 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0290S03

Summary: Mixing friendship with business, up front negotiations avoid expectations & misunderstandings. Is it a “friend” when they expect expenses paid or cash/ material equivalent for a few reciprocities? answer: no, it’s business for them & #fail for you. Is it worth it? Next: “Lounger & scrounger business negotiation video call”

Hi Geo, what can I say. The problem is only in one thing that you tried to give me a present, you decided to give it, I didn’t ask you to give. So next time if you would not give me any present probably this is the best solution for me not to ask instead of present to give me this money, and that’s all. Probably this is the problem for you that you did not give me the computer right? and I decided to use this money for another purpose. So if you really, you want, you’re insisting me to get this computer I can sell my house and buy this computer. If you want really this, I’m gonna do it, But later I will have a lot of other problems. Do you want your friend to have other problems which will be very problematical for him? so let me know please. Geo: “I don’t know what the F he’s talking about.” & if my visit to England is a problem for you I’m not coming, don’t worry about it. And the old equipment that I asked you to give me is another problem so let’s forget about it. No problem, that’s not a big deal for me. I am shooting with my with my phone and at the moment is enough for me. And always people like to give present to to their friends, so my approach of this is that instead of the present I try to ask the part of the price they are going to spend on that present. & if that’s a problem what can I do? this is my way. I can’t take presents, I try to ask the part of the price. What can I do. Should I take this present and sell it and get the part of the money? It’s not, it’s a/so senseless, right? & so I say everything up front that I prefer the price the money that you are going to spend, the part of it, not the full price but the part of it. The same with the hotels restaurants and other things. Maybe next time what you should do, not to suggest a present or something because when I am helpful probably you feel that you better to give a present to inspire me and and that’s what happened last time. And when you say “we don’t want a repeat of last time”, I feel like “we”, when you say “we”, you mean some, a group of people. I don’t know who they are, but still, if they are giving you advices you need to travel with them. & I’m sure you have a choice. You have to decide who are the best friends and if I’m not the one that could be one of the best so I shouldn’t be included in this project, right? and I’m thankful what you did before and don’t feel I can feel bad. I’m fine, if this is your decision and you helped me, I can’t say any bad, I can’t even think about any bad things about you. I gave you the rights to use all the footages from the beginning till in the future even when you will be calling next times I’m giving the rights of these dialogues to use anywhere you want, don’t worry about it. It’s not my compromise, this is a friendly proposal and that’s it, what can I say. I’m fine and better you will travel with the people whom you trust whom you like, who are your best friends and as I know you are discussing sometimes my question with other people so it’s better to travel with them. They will be more helpful, they’re more intelligent, they’re with diplomas, this is the most important thing. You know I don’t have any diplomas how can I discuss things like cinematography, medicine, other things? this is a.. I’m an amateur right? I’m an empty space in these questions. So as you know that’s all what I can say at the moment. But still, thank you for the last times 5m56 Try to put this next time, I want to show the thing & it keeps falling off, what the hell! Gorilla tape’s not that good after alt.. okay thanks for visiting & 100 domains. Monday 12.. let’s turn this off now.. this hums you see if it’s plugged in. Anyway. Monday 12 June 2023 1:30 PM. The guy’s gone senile I think.. well he was always a bit off but you know I tried to keep it together, tried to keep the friendship going with a little reciprocity I know I was videoing him so you know I gave something back, more than he deserved even the last time. I don’t even want to say because then everybody’s going to expect it ’cause they’re just a bunch of blood suckers as Mike Tyson said everyone around him was blood suckers and that’s why he lost 300 million down to $3 million whatever. I’m just saying, he makes no sense, none of this makes any.. & he really is so inappropriate and horrible, just awful sometimes but on the other hand he’s great at times, you know, we have some incredible conversations. I listen to them with great entertainment and information. He’s really good in some ways [summer= auto dictation error lol].. And I need somebody to watch the bags when I swim ’cause I like to go out for one hour swimming far out. You can’t really ask people sitting next to you “can you watch my bags for an hour please? or two?” And he doesn’t really watch them, I mean he’s not great security, if somebody stole it he’d probably let him have it, I said you know throw a rock at them or something if somebody steals the bag. & the tide came up once and he saved it from getting wet or drawn out to sea in Vouliagmeni & Limanakia.. in the Marina I know some people there so they can watch it, you know, I tie it around the umbrella pole or whatever sometimes. But he’s good for bag watching, then he’ll carry the bag sometimes if you’ve got these heavy cameras. I will be using these good cameras again because they’re just much better than the little ones, than the X3000 and the RX100’s horrible compared to the A1. And so we will be.. but you know yeah he just makes no sense, none of this makes any sense. I mean I can.. I just answered, I was going to get nasty back but I just kept it short and sweet which is the best way and he hasn’t answered ’cause I did this Saturday [sunday] morning. So all Sunday he didn’t answer now Monday. I said, number one, no one said sell your house [home apartment]. I don’t know, there’s a complete misunderstanding about what the problem is. The problem is, he’s a scrounger- that’s OK but the problem is he shows [up].. he’s broke. He doesn’t have one penny to spend on anything, supposedly. I mean we know that he has the thousands I gave him or whatever.. We know he’s got apartments that he rents [leases to others], he’s got an apartment he rents, you know he slipped up and told me that part, you know, it’s it’s all a lie, you know.. Nothing is what it seems. He acts broke but he really, he’s just a very stingy curmudgeon or whatever the hell. He’s just.. he never wants to spend anything on anything so he expects to always anytime we meet it’s always what can he get out of it, so and at the very least he expects a couch.. Why doesn’t he just do or whatever, .org or.. But you know we do have a rapport ’cause we were friends and then he said it’s a business the last time, he just came out and flat out said it which is pretty disgusting at the end of the day ’cause you know a friendship has become just a business just because I video him? I just keep the camera going because we’re both into that. We wanted to have a successful show which completely flopped online after all the sh**** I’ve done.. domain names, content, alternative media links, stickers, advertising, constantly advertising promotion, handing out stickers, wearing stickers, putting them on you know.. God, you know the only thing I didn’t read that book “how to how to increase your traffic”, I still haven’t read that. But anyway, no the point is the tra[ffic] yeah 10,000 visitors a month apparently or so.. it was 30 but then it came down to 10 after the COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY VACCINE HOLOCAUST according to Naomi Wolf and many Jewish people have called it.. Vera Sharav.. we’re quoting them. And they’re all getting away with the genocide, the democide as Todd Callender said in his successful lawsuit against the government for mandating a bioweapon clot shot fake vaccine MRNA bio weapon. So no one said sell your house. He’s making, he comes out with these ridiculous preposterous.. it is like.. it’s gotta be senility or dementia when you make zero sense, when you invent things, when you dwell on things, when you’re just make just irrational incoherent it’s like talking to a lunatic, crazy insane person which makes.. but even they make sense sometimes. I know crazy people and we’ve had more logical conversations that this. “If you want I will sell my house and if you want your friend to sell his house because he didn’t get the computer”.. I gave him.. should I say how much? OK well fff.. should I say it? Because.. but then everybody is going to begging..  no because, no I don’t have to tell you.. but it was.. I feel like saying it.. Because he has a big birthday coming up and he’s going to be a senior citizen or too old, I said before that happens, let him get a good computer and do something with his life ’cause he said, and he’s all talk no action, that’s the other thing, he never does ship. “I’m going to make a movie, I’ve made three movies, I’m going to do this” and he never does sh**. He always gets the shittiest gear, the shittiest things.. he never does anything anyway I don’t wanna put him down too much ’cause he’s got his positives but I’m just saying uh.. where were we? Shall I put that up? [ backdrop] fcuk’s sake.. I don’t think I’m going to put this up (video upload) up [online] am I? can imagine.. anyway.. jeez.. it’s a waste of time all this, I shouldn’t be doing any of this. Party’s over ahole. But so he uh.. where were we? what were we saying? no I said yeah, I explained it previously. Help the guy out and help him get his life together, do something with his life before it’s too late which it already practically is but anyway you know but I think it’s never too late but you know you could argue that it already is. Anyway I’m just saying help the guy out, I did it. I wanted him to get a nice computer, a nice camera ’cause he keeps begging me for this and that and it’s just so annoying.. I said you know help him out since he’s giving me all this footage which supposedly might go somewhere and succeed successful show.. you know I thought I’d get bigger numbers online I thought there would be something, some reward, compensation for your time and efforts but no. and now with the COVID FRAUD GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE exposed and COVER UP, they’re not going to want anybody who’s exposed it right? So.. sorry but yeah I’m not ready for this.. So that’s number one. Number two, I told him business failed. Number three “we”. Yeah, business failed, that’s my excuse now, which is the best, which is true, the business failed why should I pay more? ’cause he wants, when he says old equipment, yea anything, he just wants to scrounge anything he can get his hands on. Which I already gave him tons of cameras and all kinds of shift in the past but when he says old equipment he means like just a couple years old like the A73 Sony $5000 camera because I could probably just get a few hundred for it in the store second hand.. is that body only? and maybe if it’s $5000 camera.. how much would you get second hand in straight to the seller buyer? You’d probably get a few hundred or at the most 1000 right? or d’you get 2000? but I don’t know it’s overexposed, it’s only good in the dark & and it’s horrible, all these cameras have terrible stabilisation so you need a gimbal and this anyway so business failed.. and “we” equals you and me I said. He keeps dragging in third parties and putting them down and being sarcastic “oh they have diplomas, I have no diploma therefore you should hang out with them and not me” the fcuk is wrong with this guy man? he really is unwell. & he’s always been off. There’s always been this kind of.. if you look at the old videos, we did have some good times, but in Yalta.. Sochi [so she lol] was the only time we had a pretty good time, right? he was he was at his peak then. In Sochi in 2001. By Yalta [all to] 2002 he was already going bad, he was already arguing, being critical, constantly putting me down if I didn’t hook up with a girl I was with, you know they never spoke any English and we were meeting a lot of women we were just getting all the banter the talk the interactions the frolicking and he.. we had some good times but it got ugly at the towards the end you know I remember I gave him a couple 100 bucks as the cab left Simferopol and he was like “Oh no it’s too much” I said it’s OK man. So he was, he did consider that.. he OK.. I mean he was grateful for that even though he was like “shouldn’t I get something out of all of this” and lalala before that.. and now.. but I avoided him, that’s why I avoided him and that’s why I avoided my other friend is even worse.. he’s like, he’ll just show up, he’ll say “let’s go eat somewhere” and he’ll just sit there waiting for you to pay for the bill which I don’t mind doing a few times but it’s all the time throughout his whole life, it’s like at any age, he’ll just never pay for anything and he thinks I should pay for everything all the time. And he asked me for 1000 bucks long time ago and I said I couldn’t do it and he never asked me again. But this guy, I just helped him out and he wants more. That’s the.. you give these people and then they just expect more. Like now he doesn’t want to meet up unless something’s in it for him. He wants to, you know, a free place to stay so that’s like a free hotel even if it’s a balcony or a floor with a sleeping bag and he’s got this maybe he’s got some mattress or something.. [but he just does?] anything as long as he doesn’t have to pay for a hotel and free breakfast is included in a lot most places even though it’s a horrible breakfast it’s better than nothing and then he knows he’ll get a bite here in there ’cause every time I eat he’s going to be there and he’ll be like “Oh no it’s OK I don’t want any” and he’ll calculate how many meals he didn’t eat when I offered him.. which I shouldn’t do, I just didn’t offer anything but you know what can I do having sit there starving and I’m sitting there eating nice food? I say look I’ll give you some. So now he takes a few bites and then he feels like I owe him the price of the meal over time. So if he’s there for couple weeks, maybe a couple weeks would be di[fferent].. he was like “if it’s a couple of weeks OK but if it’s more I need to get paid, I need to get compensated, I need to eueu if I’m carrying your bags or watching”.. and he just carries one bag, sometimes, not even.. it’s just if I’m weighed down ’cause the backpack’s heavy and then this, if we bring the Z90, that’s a separate bag so he considers that like worth thousands of dollars at the end of the trip ’cause we’re usually there a month, sometimes it’ll go into two months in the past & then at the end of that he’s like, “well you know, don’t I deserve a an old camera, $5000 camera or a.. you know a few thousand for all the meals that you offered me” type of thing. And he won’t come out and even say it like.. he’s very deceptive in his technique, he won’t be straightforward and say it ’cause that’s really ugly, if he came out and said “look you owe me for everything I’ve [HAVEN’T] done [everything you offered that I refused]”.. Although he did say it I think he did you know, so much has been said, you lose track of what was said and what wasn’t said but anyway.. And I’ve stopped putting this sh**** on the Internet because it just doesn’t.. it’s just unbelievable that you can have 10,000 or 20,000 unique visitors a month and no video views even on auto playing videos I mean they’ll get a few 100 a month. So 10,000 unique visitors, 15,000, sometimes more in the past although after the [COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE MRNA BIO WEAPON INJECTION FAKE “VACCINE”] clot shot it’s dropped to yeah 10 -15 a month. 10- 15 thousand visitors, unique visitors a month, 40,000 page views, 100,000 hits in may 2023 and zero video views or you know a few hundred video views on each video which is auto playing on your site and Odysee and Bitchute that’s just like a separate thing that usually gets again I didn’t you know it was a couple 100 or 300 just so bad so that’s why I wouldn’t bother [why bother] I wouldn’t bother anyway enough..  let’s go. let’s give him a call I want to get it done with.. I don’t want to waste time on this but I feel like this is unfinished.. there’s nothing to say is there.. you know what he’s about. So if he meets up he basically he wants something in exchange for meeting up that’s what it is and for watching the bags when I swim or letting me video him, he feels like I owe him for him, for that, for footage and for anything that he does to help. He feels like I should pay him back in the form of old equipment or money ’cause he’s not big on food and he’s not big on luxuries, room and hotel ‘cause I even gave him a separate room for a month when I came back here to get my tooth checked out ’cause I broke my tooth when he was down there. And then they had that oil spill in anyway in 2017 wasn’t it.. was it? Anyway yeah.. anyway we gotta go.. I think that’s it. should I call him? I just want to clear it up but there’s nothing to clear up, this says it all.. later

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