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dr Vernon Coleman & Reiner Fuellmich

Vernon Coleman – a legend – with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and ICIC

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[loud obnoxious intro music] “One of the heroes of the resistance [commander in chief] Dr. Vernon Coleman, “old man in a chair”. 1m40 1975: “the medicine man”. first published pharmaceutical book medical industry taken over by pharmaceutical industry. Doctors no longer control what they do & think because its all being done for them by the pharmaceutical drug companies. Was GP [general practitioner]. Described drug industry scams.. 2020 FRAUD obvious.. British Gov figures [data] show same as flu statistics, 3m45 WHO says 650K flu deaths/ year people/year flu season. March 2020 I said with this fraud they were going to introduce compulsory “vaccination”, kill elderly,  introduce digitalisation of cash. 2 or 3 days after first video, U.K gov advisors said new “coronavirus” is no worse than the flu & took it off the list of dangerous diseases. 4m35 that happened very quietly, no-one said anything about it. It stopped being a dangerous disease but they treated it & made horrendous predictions, unnecessary deadly lockdowns, absurd mask rules..any infection goes right through the mask.. 5m40 unsafe defective unnecessary alleged “vaccine”. “Vaccines” are never properly tested nor tested together. American children are blasted with 40 “vaccines” their 1st year!!! No vaccine interaction tests. 7min only 0.6% of U.S popluation are completely unvaccinated & have the best health. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi agree vaccines have never been necessary & were always used for population control. 2011 book evidence show unvaxed much healthier. Polio, small pox, whooping cough diseases were declining before vaccines were introduced.. book, data, figures show when vaccinations were introduced polio incidence went up. Media message gov pharma “you must have all your vaccines or you will die”.. Immune system problems. In 2020 I predicted, made videos in which I named all the diseases that would occur with the covid jab. 10min Myocarditis, blood clots.. Autumn 2020. I was vilified, suppressed.. Facebook said I was too dangerous, 250K YouTube subs deleted, brandnewtube hacked.. attempts to share information have been suppressed. Publishers say oh we can’t publish your books anymore.. prior to 2020 I had publishers in China who had a lot of success with my books. I was invited to write a column for Chinese newspaper & wrote about the ineffectiveness & dangers of vaccines.. within minutes of that appearing online in a Chinese newspaper, Chinese & German gov stopped all publications. Any objection to “vaccination” was censored cause they knew “vaccination” is a scam. A small part of a much bigger scam, THE GREAT RESET, [NWO NEW WORLD ORDER mentioned by all world waiters “leaders”]= suppression oppression control, u will do whatever they want, you will own nothing & be happy, social credit China, 13m digital currency SLAVERY. Gov control. 14min Digital currency will only work within 15 minute [concentration camp ghetto], no travel, no transport, controlled limited electric cars.. nonsense of getting rid of fossil fuels will destroy all civilization. Hydrogen is fossil fuels. Trees bio mass pellets diesel powered.. 15min40 CLIMATE CHANGE FRAUD = BIGGEST FRAUD IN HISTORY. LIE. Look at the evidence, scientists don’t support it. They lie about people supporting it. Lethal “vaccine” pusher Bill Gates [alleged arrest warrants issued in India, Philippines, Africa, etc.] financed medical establishment & BBC admitted THEY DON’T DEBATE VACCINE QUESTIONING RIGHT OR WRONG!!! Everything is CORRUPT. Doctors are suppressed or destroyed. 17m15 Corrupt AstraZeneca & vax drug company shareholder General Medical Council controls U.K doctors licenses & strike off anyone who dares speak out. 17m55 W.H.O [World holocaust homicide hoax organization] estimated 20M covid deaths LIE. FRAUD. SICK JOKE. Anyone who says covid killed 20M is a deluded fool, misinformation specialist or scaremonger. The official U.K gov figures show same mortality figures same as flu. [which it replaced!] 18min Lockdowns, shut hospitals fictitious “long covid”, MRNA jab, mortality up, dramatic rise. 19m20 Genocide plan I described 3 years ago became reality. Absurd Russia rules stopping money & US blowing up nordstream pipeline caused millions of african & asian deaths who can’t afford food & energy.. 140 Million Africans starving due to Ukraine designer war designed only to impoverish & kill. 21min politicians & mainstream media bought by 5 globalist corporations agenda pushers 22min Dr Roger Hodgkinson VAERS data 20 MILLION MRNA COVID INJECTION DEATHS, 2 BILLION SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS. GOAL: FULL DIGITAL CONTROL SLAVERY OVER SURVIVORS OF GREATEST GENOCIDE/ DEMOCIDE. Media controlled, gov bought all advertising, newspapers & tv propaganda.. no live unedited debate of lies they tell because they’ll lose. 26min35 To give a new untested most toxic product to billions is beyond reckless. They don’t do reckless, accidental, coincidence, so IT WAS DELIBERATE, GENOCIDE, to KILL PEOPLE. Vax, lockdowns, masks vastly increase cancer [oxygen deprivation]. . 29min PLAN: Destruction of health service for 15 minute smart [concentration camp ghettos]. They will drive people out of the country side with rewilding programs, they will drive people into 15 minute [concentration camp ghettos], no travel, stuck.. 29m45 Coming Apocalypse book, April 2020, I forecasted, Endgame book, lockdowns & vaccines = digital currency end of cash, END OF ALL FREEDOMS, TRAVEL, 1940s oil run out. Climate change myth 1960s: perps said “a war helps kill & control people, but a much better long term way is climate change [ice age & global warming originally] fraud, war, more control. World domination fight. Food price inflation, interest rates planned increases.. Global economy deliberately crashed to impoverish, frighten, control. War = price increase = 140 Million starving africans.. Rishi Sunak [wretched ratchet rashid sanook says senile Biden] should be treated as war criminal because depleted uranium to Ukraine. 34m they want a nuclear war to kill more people. When you see waiters [“leaders”] Biden, Charles & Sunak leave cities that’s nuclear war, first places attack = Euro capitals.. war, food & energy shortages LIES to permanently panic & control. 37m40 How to STOP & hold them accountable = communication, spread info. 38min. They want your money & your life. Reach as many people as possible, share info, videos, website articles. I’m banned everywhere except books & my websites. 38m45 [repeat] U.K General Medical Council linked with drug companies corruption. World Health Organization ended the covid LIE with the biggest lie of all that “20 million people had died from covid.” These people LIE LIE & LIE, never show any shame. 41m fighting for freedom & mankind future. Publishing Income destroyed. 42m45 how do you hold body spirit mind together so well, vibrantly. Beautiful wife & garden wildlife watching, escape from horrors & lies, media.. 44m20 overpaid bribed doctors made their nurses give a jab they know nothing about, gov lied & said there were no side effects. Truth about covid jab was available autumn 2020. They lied. Betrayed their oath, patients & themselves. 45m45 SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook OWNED & OPERATED BY DEEP STATE, Zuckerberg, Bezos & others = puppets. Alt media blackout would censor their propaganda too. Keep exposing them to as many people as possible, ask questions. Stupid bribed extorted puppets doctors politicians media worse than evil string pullers.. German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer easier to deal w evil than stupid who don’t listen until something terrible wakes them up.. 48min almost all major global corporation CEOs were on Epstein Lolita island.. 48m50 Ask T.V companies why don’t you debate Vernon Coleman if you’re right? Obviously you’re scared to lose because you’re wrong. Pro vaccine fraud climate change [CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY SLAVERY] people. Never before has there been a blackout. Conclusion has to be they won’t debate because they know they’re WRONG. 54min25 once our info Robert F Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Christina Borgensen, Maria Zee, Jeremy Nail etc gets into mainstream, the dam will break & flush them all down the toilet where they belong. 55 cognitive dissonance: people don’t want to challenge & lose their fundamental beliefs by contradictory new info. Too much for people to take in, they have to ask questions & realise lies. 56 min TELL ALL march 2020 British government downgraded covid-19 to flu. Media ignored & suppressed it. 56m50 ALL is linked: 15 minute cities [concentration camp ghettos], digitalisation of currency, social credit, digital world, war, vaccines, lockdowns, deaths in Africa, genocide, deaths of elderly, starvation, do not resuscitate notices, kill shots, medazolam morphine .. 58m medical industry was bought by pharmaceutical industry, corruption, follow orders. Gov paid docs more even though the evidence was availble. 1h debates about everything except vaccine scam because they’ll lose. 1h3 Tess Lawrie World Council for Health = W.H.O alternative. “Conspiracy theory” = C.I.A term to censor criticism, whistleblowing, conspirators accountability.. since JFK assassination. Not all CIA are bad but the top ones are evil.. 1h4 Larry Sanger, wikipedia cofounder says wikipedia is corrupt.”

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