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Deep State Weaponizing AI to Enslave Humanity

Deep State Weaponizing AI to Enslave Humanity
“Google Microsoft evil wicked censors, anti constitutional, anti freedom, privacy, human rights, pro slavery, W.E.F CCP mass murderers, 11min: ccp genocide torture surveillance censor slave labor environmental devastation drug dealers organ harvesters crimes A.I. SOROS N.W.O FLU NEW WORLD ORDER 21min “STOP USING GOOGLE MICROSOFT BING, STOP GIVING DATA, GIVE FAKE DATA!”

“Deep State actors including individuals such as Bill Gates, tyrants such as the Chinese Communist Party and companies such as Google are weaponizing Artificial Intelligence to create the most comprehensive system of tyranny ever devised by mankind, warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Already, leading figures behind AI are sounding the alarm about it. And yet, US banks are funneling American capital to China for AI development as Bill Gates promises that AI will soon replace teachers to “educate” children. Fed by unfathomable amounts of data being vacuumed up on virtually everything, this Deep State weapon may be the end of freedom forever— if the totalitarians are not stopped.

BROWSERS “way more privacy”

SEARCH ENGINES [questionable, avoid]

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