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Lounger & scrounger video call wed 26 apr 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0066S03

Lounger & scrounger video call wed 26 apr 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com Clip0066S03


0 Intro, disclaimer [fact based/ factual] thoughts and feelings subject [NOT] to change with or without notits [notice]
5 fcpX course 1 day tutorial, 3 days editing, Command a & b
6 why do you still have problems opening up a video? [phone sucks]
7 visitation plans: I need to tidy & edit.. work week.. free only weekends.. so why are you visiting me? just to use me as a hotel..
8 covid bio weapon “vaccine” making everybody sick, top American lawyer Todd Callander says anyone near a “vaccinated” person is a victim & has a case for crimes against humanity.. “very dangerous to be near “vaccinated” people”.. 9m50 you didn’t test your blood, Anna Michalcea proved shedding transmission. Nobody cares..
11 max Igan says Amazon monopoly big food supply problem W.E.F Kalsu Schwab & Bill Gates want full controll digital I.D slavery like China..
13 no.. couch sink haha, acting, Ukrainians, available, nordic, Crimea greek dark,
15 tinder dating apps
16 what’s your plan? Couch? Bed, I can sleep on floor mattress
17 cut off internet 10K monthly uniques 30K monthly page views [95K hits]
18 endccp dot com lol
19 Apple nought Rumble & viewcounts tanked, numbers sh*t
20 500k views stupid cement video & back to 1K views
21 3 days to edit 3 hours to 1 hour
22 Sochi episode 10min? 3min? Docu-feature
24 think edit, injury increase.. not funny, lost my uncle after mona bioweapon clot shot, I’m a victim myself, inflammations from/ after hep B “vaccine”.
25 360 days food
26 toxic vegetable oil
27 weekends only, use place like hotel..
28 sleep disorder 3 hours x2
29 ugly ex?! Lol extra-ing [acting] 5 a.m we’re losing daylight, April showers, America comedy
30 open mic comedy, Louis de Funes
32 passport
35 sunday day off, u just wanna know about coming here that’s it, if it was vacation no problem but work all week, use place be gone all time, what’s the point? “You’ll be free, make dialog” not in the week “sometimes you need it walk” no I don’t not in the week
Only weekends are free.. “ you need someone to video from far”
37 TRY FCP STABILIZER.. SONY A1 alpha series shit stabilisers compared to camcorder 8K sh*t stabiliser
38 sony catalyst browse, table perfect, meals, screen shots, 8K only table n gimbal
39 uzbek gal thumbnail, don’t show where anyone works, youtube is security risk
42 plov, big bairam seta sam
43 u lucky 2 be in my program show, favor. Can’t be in car with you unless u open windows..
44 Hayk: “bio weapon [clot shot shedding transmission] is bullshit”.. Doctor said evidence, you know nothing..they have evidence.. u think u know better than them.. dr Kevorkian
45 changing all light to LED, avoid reading, use a lot of light
46 glasses make eyes better or worse? Champaign 4 everyone
47 meet girls in street.. ugh smoker bio weapon injected.. gold life change, no going out new years eves..
48 incestuous no.. Nick Cannon 12 kids birthdays Christmases ..
49 pay mother to care kid.. mick jagger Brazil offspring.. here’s money f off
50 barbary coast.. Sony external speaker volume fail
51 if not now when do you want to be videoed from far, 5 meters, you need.. in the street, shops, people, bus, cafes..”very important for the film” [hinting to visit excuse]
52 3 minute trailers
53 5 – 10 minutes.. 1 month life has to be “7 min at least’”
54 “1 min episodes [beats/ events] 1 hour enough, plans decision
55 pushy.. suitcases.. weekends only, week need sanity
56 why bother, over, Cannes film fest, stupid telephone technocracy tyranny slavery shit.. regime falling gong..taiwan, hong kong.. advantages admiring.. my other] mother said you’ve got to admire someone who has the whole country going zig heil” now they’re gonna cut this out of context & say that I said it but I didn’t.. I was quoting my other mother from another..
58 eating? Sochi baklajan
1h bald n broke sonny action cam.. million hits a video Afghanistan terrible places..tekashi69 youtube fake viewcounts
1h2 Tommy cardigan? Moon landing fraud censorship .. no evidence they went to the moon, only evidence that they didn’t..
1h4 not on Facebook CIA FBI database spyware so do it on Amazon Twitch instead haha [globalist oligarchs oligopoly monopoly]
1h5 slow talk
1h6 pari gishet, polsku dobranotsk, spakoi med nochi
1h7 u think Ukrainians we met in danger? Waiter ..
1h8 good night..outro thanks for visiting georgegodley.dom & 100 domains
1h9 what was the point of that call? Inconsiderate Loud obnoxious voices Street noises shouting laughing in the freezing cold
1h10 rude to say “not now I’m available in a few days”, light change, TIDY UP SUITCASES GET SHT TOGETHER INVENTORY
1h11 no sense: [95K monthly hits] 10K unique monthly visitors 40K page views March 2023, almost nothing on videos, 300 bitchute zero odysee unless autoplay, rumble Apple bought rumble china censor covid fraud genocide democide crimes against humanity, view county fraud..
1h12 contribute so much for nothing, Amazing Atheist tj Kirk? Bitchute shitty shorts fail vertical phone why bother.. odysee.. youtubers single digit view counts.. brood.. backup noobe trusts youtube any more..
1h14 max Egan single digit viewcounts on old libry odysee videos .. generalisations.. dr Peter Breggin “the j, the trans”
1h15 street drunks .. organic beer aluminium barrels.. food monopolists oligopolists
1h17 unwinding
1h18 home page shot fascist pigs.. STOP swastika fascsim
Mini v rolls royce, Attorney Todd Callander coup d’stat, military poisoned their own..
1h21 bye y’all come back now ya hear, peek a booby..
1h22 good night take care lust in space standing shot silence inventory sh? Why bother, shitty viewpoint sucks foul play, 10K uniques a month no video views why bother.. get cracking backin’ n packin’ DNA sculpt 23^ me tyranny shit control grid crap database snooping
1h24 brother ass bow, online trailer buzz, moments silence.. for editing ambience atmosphere
1h13 student house Kam, decades went, time went, not too late wave morphasmous nod.. could always be worse…

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