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Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci must be arrested and held accountable, says Ben Marble, MD FOR THE GREATEST POISONING IN HISTORY

HANCOCK CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH THE LOCKDOWN FILES. “when do we deploy the new variant to scare the pants off everyone?” =Medazolam mass murderer Matt Hancock

Bombshell: Gov. Officials Texts Prove Covid Was A Scam To Control You

Government Source – EXCESS DEATHS in USA are 2.5 MILLION per MONTH


Revolution Against 15 Minute City Has Begun! Anti-Slavery Resistance SMASH Tyrants’ Cameras & Walls!$/download/revolution-against-15-min-city/0abc514f3491024ef689a8a6e0e50adf9fce303c

↑”GATES VACCINE DEATHS: Worldwide Bill Gates is being accused of Pandemic Fraud and Vaccine Murder. India has two vaccine murder cases against him. The Italian Parliament accused him of depopulation and called him a criminal. In the U.S. he is accused of mass negligent homicide.
Evidence also shows he knew mRNA vaccines would cause injury and death, but kept it hidden from the world and ordered Trump in 2016 and 2017 not to investigate the dangerous side effects of “vaccines” which are now causing catastrophic injury and death around the world.
Bill Gates, Fauci, CDC, FDA and others said the Covid mRNA Vaccines only stay in the injection site which was a deliberate lie because they knew the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles pass the blood brain barrier and travel throughout the body into the brain, heart, fetus and even into the brain of the fetus.
Before the Covid mRNA vaccines were released we have criminal evidence from Bill Gates own mouth that he was working on a new vaccine technology (mRNA) that would pass through the vaccinated pregnant mother into the womb and into her breast milk causing injury and death to the baby by the toxic lipid nanoparticles and lethal spike proteins.
In Europe after the approval of the Covid “vaccines” for children there has been a 755% increase in excess deaths amongst innocent children. The Covid Vaccines are causing tremendous amounts of death and injury in young women of reproductive age, pregnant women and in newborns. Population control is working.
In India’s High Court, Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla are accused of being habitual offenders of earning profits by selling vaccines with death causing side effects and are therefore “Mass Murderers”. The minimum punishment for such offenses is the death penalty as stated by the attorney.
A two year international criminal investigation reveals Bill Gates is guilty of helping create a pandemic using his power and influence with Tedros and the World Health Organization in order to force inject the entire population with experimental Covid vaccines that are neither safe nor effective, but are now killing large numbers of people.
The two year investigation also revealed Bill Gates’ desire to depopulate the planet and control the remaining population through digital ID and digital vaccine passports with the help of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.
Dr. Peter McCullough demands a worldwide stop to all the Covid vaccines and recommends the Bill Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical Suppliers and others be charged with illegal advertising, fraud and mass negligent homicide.” [ edited by GG]

↑”BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer and the FDA sued in the New York Supreme Court. The claim is based in lieu of the pending criminal charges filed by Pascal Najadi against Swiss “president [yea ” Alain Berset in Switzerland for Abuse of Public Office in connection with the Covid vaccination policy.
The New York Supreme Court ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to protect Pascal Najadi, his wife, his mother and his attorney handling the case with 24/7 detailed protection in Switzerland.
The Bioweapon “covid vaccines” have been injected in 5 billion people using 12.7 billion bioweapon poison vials. The whole Pandemic was declared to inject the world with these Bioweapon injections. The World Health [HOMICDIDE, HOLOCAUST] Organization is the main entity that pushed these bioweapons on the world. Bill Gates and Tedros are the main criminals behind this global crime. The WHO has become a dictatorship by one man.
Insider intel information reveals Bill Gates and Tedros have been directing the World Council for Church weekly on how all church leaders should respond to the Pandemic response and vaccination policy.
“Bill Gates and the WHO are using mRNA genome editing technology to change the genome in humans which is not repairable and the “next generation children will die”[source?].” Autopsies from the deceased covid “vaccinated” show very strange plastic like strings growing in the vessels and arteries of the Covid Vaccinated killing the person with strokes, blood clots and heart attacks.
The plan of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others is Transhumanism to change what it means to be human through genetic mRNA gene editing. Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD states “The mRNA injections is a cover story for an Artificial Intelligence frequency based gene modification system that is self learning and can decide how to edit humans.” They are using digital technology and AI to control people.
They are planning to use covid, [mon[k]eypox, alleged Marburg virus according to Attorney Todd Callender & other climate, famine, war & economic destruction scams] to scare people for the next 10 years
to achieve their goals. 
“Pascal Najadi’s mother, age 81, has thrombosis from being triple Pfizer vaccinated, her leg is blue. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger says “The injection sterilizes men and women, that is why they are after children and babies, they want to stop humanity. They are destroying the family and hiding death. They tell pre pubescent children to change their sex. They want to destroy the family.”
No injection is safe today. The vaccinated should have their blood tested to be helped. Toxic poisonous blood reserves circulate in blood banks. Sixty percent of the world’s population have been poisoned with this bioweapon, the blood is now poisonous and toxic.
Politicians, justices and lawmakers should bring justice. Millions of people died from mRNA injections. “I have police protection in this apartment ordered by the U.S. Justice. Why do I need protection in Switzerland? Because they have already killed so many people knowingly. I’m angry because my mother has been diagnosed with a thrombosis attack. I will do everything I can to rip apart Pfizer Inc. with justice in New York where they are. I hope they are watching this program, I’m not afraid of you.”” –Pascal Najadi , [edit GG]

↑”MRNA INJECTION CRIMES: Criminal Charges filed against 2 Doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into Pascal’s body of a known toxic untested clinically experimental Nuremberg violating substance without informing him about the potential risks = mass murder.
Pfizer and the FDA violated U.S. Federal and State laws. Swiss and New York Supreme Court Lawsuits hold them accountable. No one was given informed consent, a tort-law case for millions of damage claimants.
Pfizer, FDA, DOD knew mRNA lipid nanoparticles packages are classified as toxic. Injection of a knowingly clinically untested experimental toxic substance declared as safe, effective and tested is a crime against humanity.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – “Recent new evidence coming from England with the Lockdown Files prove there was NO “pandemic” but a PLandemic.”
The Lockdown files are internal conversations with Matt Hancock the UK Health Secretary involving Bill Gates. They reveal they knew there was no pandemic, & no necessity for any “vaccines” but used it to vaccinate people as a population reduction program.
Brook Jackson’s Federal Criminal Complaint Case against Pfizer also proves the Pfizer mRNA injections were NOT tested for safety. The fake “pLandemic” was for the U.S. Department of Defense’s biological warfare on America and the world. See “Criminal Indictments” post February 20th for U.S. Department of Defense vaccine military operation and the FDA fraud.” [ edited by GG]

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