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Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Vaccine is Genocidal

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE 5G SMART GRID? [the END of freedom, justice, privacy, human rights, health, life.. totalitarian technocracy tyranny] -Max Igan,

“It’s an interesting thing, a lot of people don’t realize what they’re involved in. Just the simple fact of using credit cards, using smartphones and all of this automated system is the problem. People don’t realize what it is. This system we’re being led into is the New World Order in itself. The 5G smart grid is the New World Order. The Internet of Things, it’s the new world order. People don’t really understand how that works but what it’s about is monitoring every single aspect of your life. The smart grid is being presented to people as this thing that’s going to be highly beneficial to us, you know, you’ll only be using the electricity that you use, you’ll only be paying for that, all this sort of stuff. So it’s been presented as a very positive thing. But what it will do will put a dollar value on absolutely every aspect of your life. So every time you turn on a tap, credit goes, every time you turn on a light, every time you watch your tv, every time you boil your jug, every time you do anything, there’s a dollar value attached to it. There’s an interesting tv show that came out a couple of years ago called Black Mirror. And it had one episode of that where everybody, the only job they have is running on a treadmill, spinning a bike and just to accumulate credits so they had to pay for every single action that they performed. And that’s what the smart grid is. That’s what we’re being led into. It’s all about digital currency and control of everything. And if you’re someone who lives a slightly alternate lifestyle, say you grow a few vegetables and you give some to your neighbors or you do a little bit of massage for someone or you do a bit of tarot reading or something like this, the only way you’re gonna be able to get paid for that once the smart grid comes online is through the transfer of digital credits. Which means the government will get a tax. You have to put it on your income tax. Everything will be monitored. That’s what it’s about. Complete blanket surveillance of every single action people are doing. That’s what the smart grid is. And it’s being rolled out underneath everything else while we’re arguing about all of these issues and being given all of these global conflicts and all of this theater of politics to fight and squabble about, underneath all of that is this smart grid. And it’s rolling out very, very quickly. And the smart grid, the 5G grid, underlying that is the fact that the 5G system that they’re using to run the smart grid, the Internet of things [& bodies], is also being used by the military. It’s a military grade technology. It’s basically an active denial system. So the 5G grid not only will track everything you do, it can be used as a weapon. It can be used as a microwave cannon. It can be used to disable people, to track people. It can see through walls, it can see what you’re carrying. whether you’re carrying money, whether you’re carrying a weapon, all this sort of stuff. So it’s very, very invasive/ evasive, plus it does all sorts of damage to us biologically, you know, it damages our cell structure, damages the cell structure of all food, changes the cell structure of everything that comes into contact with. And the 5G system will be a blanket system, blanket wave of communication. We’ve got situations now where you lose signal on your mobile phone if you move too far away from a tower. That won’t happen with the 5G, it will be everywhere, right across the country, in rural areas, everywhere, you’ll be able to get perfect signal. So everyone’s going to kind of welcome this, but they don’t realize what it is. It’s about everything talking to everything else.” [the END of freedom, justice, privacy, human rights, health, life.. totalitarian technocracy tyranny]


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