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He’s at it again.. images recorded for crime prevention, public safety, the greater good & a lil’ romance & soft sex in the city & beyond to boot(y).. slow year, the computer replaced everything.. gotta get out there. Even if some ‘vlogger shitlist’ bigots censor & prohibit photography & violate artistic integrity & Youtube chart honors.. who needs em anyway

str8s should have a pride parade too
considering the persecution of sex
& the city style bloggers
by the odd hetero-
phobic psychopath. Details in private blogpost
scheduled for legal & publishing if necessary.

pulse raising swedish doll in one of those cafes

On the way to the park i see gorgeous ladies
working in food joints. Hard to interact unless you eat their sh!t. There’s nowhere indoors you can go without buying stuff you don’t want. Which is why we’re out today since London summer’s so short, blink & you miss it.

My favorite thing about London: friendly familiar faces. Hi ladies! so good to see y’all again! Can’t be constant coincidence..divine intervention

My eyes oggle the latest youtube sensation(s),
hot chocolate jumbo jugs. Holy lordy mama,
milky likey got milk SLURPEE

Some gulf gal i bump into again from before. camera shy of course, not recognizeable from this off angle so dont freak out

I know you, you’re from Kuwait right!
Surprisingly sympathetic, great excercise patrolling the park catwalk.

Hair’s p.u.a master gambler

Yogi played funky wa guitar on my “do yo thing” song a while back. He noodled some amazing licks but left ’cause the chords were too specific for his wild improv style. Now he says Bootsy Collins just did a cover of his song.

Published musician/ writer/ producer Leonardo gives me INC advice, thanx bro. Later y’all!

Baltic beaut pizza gal turned out really sweet

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