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Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon about enormous danger – UN Agenda 2030


Hello everybody, welcome to tea time. It’s October the 31st, 2022. I’m not a fan of Halloween, so I’m gonna mention that, but that’s just my personal thing. And sorry, but I make no apologies for that. We do have doctor Mike Yeadon on with us. He’s just changing location. He’ll be on any second now. We just had him on and he’s he’s really um, not.. I think he might even be in in the green room. If he is, do bring him on. There he is. Hello. Hello. Thank you so much for coming back on tea time. I have to say you must be the most popular, what we call new person on the block in our movement. So I wanna thank you, start by thanking you for all that you’re doing so lots of people writing to us asking for you to come back now. I wanna get straight into it. If it’s alright with you, yeah, just just give me a how long are we planning to talk cause that you know I can talk in detail or high level. We’re live right now and you can have as long as you like or short as you like but we are a one hour show so if you have to go, you have to go. We’re just grateful for any time but I wanna get straight stuck into it and we’ve called this like basically a massive danger ahead and do not get complacent with the UN Agenda 2030. We are in danger. You you said on an e-mail, covid CONVID is act one in a multi act drama is what you’re feeling. And I think we’ll agree with you set to conclude in 2030 where we will own nothing apparently and be happy. Can you talk us through what you think are the immediate dangers and the complacency of so many? Yes. OK. So thanks. You know, thank you for thanking me, but I always say it’s platforms, programs and people like you that allow me to reach other people. So it’s mutual. I spent a long time early in 2020, as a recently or semi retired research scientist looking at what was going on, things like PCR tests, the absurdity of lockdown, great worries about the so-called “vaccines” barreling towards us. I have to. I’m gonna have to ask the audience to tolerate me more or less skimming over the evidence for all of that being a fraud. I’ll give a couple of examples, but I don’t want to recap what I’ve spoken about about 80 times. But rest assured. the so-called covid-19 pandemic CONVID-19 pLandemic i think the evidence is very strong from independent researchers, so this is not me saying it’s I’m looking at their work that there never was a viral pandemic for novel pathogen and that the deaths that we saw I’m afraid were medical malpractice at best and and murder at worst. So that. Basically, we were lied to from the beginning. I don’t believe there’s been a novel cause of illness and death, significant illness and death other than our governments’ responses to the fake pandemic. Now I know that’s quite shocking and it’s quite uncommon for kind of full on research scientists like me to say things like that because they sound like conspiracy theory. But I’m telling you, I have been nothing on my career except saying things as I see them. So I don’t sugarcoat things because they’re unpopular and I won’t bore you with it, but people can go and look up a research called Dennis Rancourt, RANCOURT.  He had a recent interview on germ warfare. Very popular podcast. And at the end of it, if you’ve listened carefully, you will be in no doubt. You’ll be where I am now. And why shouldn’t it be a lie? They lied to us about absolutely everything. They lied to us about the magnitude of the public health emergency has never existed. They lied to us about the necessity of having measures like lockdowns. Mass testing, social distancing, masks and it goes on and on. Every single one of those was known to be ineffective in interrupting transmission of some viral respiratory illness has been tested and they don’t work. So now I’ve told you they’ve lied about the public health emergency, they’ve lied about the necessity and usefulness of the measures. I’m afraid back to my absolute wheelhouse. They lied to you about the design, research and development and use, approval and use of this so-called “vaccines”. So that that’s the backdrop. And I didn’t get there in one leap, but I started, you know, my journey, I think when Boris Johnson said I must, I have to tell you, must stay at home. That was the moment I knew we’d lost the country. And then, noticing lots of other countries, we’re doing the same. I thought, my God, we in danger of losing the free world. And so that’s what I’ve got to say. And the funny thing if you look to who might be influencing this stuff, I’m personally not that interested and who the perpetrators are, just call them the perpetrators. Other people call them Mr Global or globalists or WEF [World economic forum = world ENSLAVEMENT FASCIST FCUKUPS]  or whatever it is. I mean, I don’t want to do anything different if I’m told that it’s one group of individuals or another, so I don’t really care. But, I will say some people have made themselves very visible on the scene, like like Bill Gates [“KILLGATES OF HELL”], and some that have been highly involved but are quite invisible, like Sir Jeremy Ferrar of the Welcome Trust and numerous scientific advisers to various governments. These people are clever people and as I’ve said in the past, they know what I know. I’m pretty much their contemporaries and so I knew they were lying to us and they’ve done nothing but lie to us. Now the effect of what they have done has been multi factorial. one. It’s terrified the hell out of everybody. I think I’m beyond terror now, but I’ve said I’ve asked my wife to not to be in the room when I do these interviews. Because I think she’s suffering from the equivalent of PTSD. Except it’s not post. She’s literally unconsolable for hours afterwards she likes is absolutely terrified, and I resigned myself to this is what we must face, and the outcome doesn’t matter for me. I’m absolutely serious if I perish attempting to avert this, it will be fine. It’s about my children and grandchildren. I’ve received no payment or any other reward or compensation from the beginning. So those who say im a grifter are liars, OK, along with the other liars. I’m not stupid. I had a long career in a successful one in commercial research. So all that I’ve said. I’m gonna have to ask today’s listeners just to take on trust, but a couple of things. One, you can go and find if you can find recent interviews. Don’t use Google, use other browsers. Otherwise you won’t find me on things like rumble and bitchute and so on. But if you want to know the details, go listen to earlier interviews. And the other people I would highly commend you that I bumped into this year, Mr Hedley Rees, a Welsh guy with over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical production, the actual manufacture and filling a vials, labeling, shipping, all that sort of stuff is, he spent as long in that field, complex field, as I have been research. and the other person is doctor. I think it’s Doctor Sasha Latypova  And she’s a serial, biotech person understands the industry and regulations, runs a company, medical device company right now. These people have risked their entire reputations and careers to tell us in their field of specialty, you know, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and research. and those people have given fantastic interviews to doctor Elizabeth Viet of the Truth for health foundation and i think today the latest whistleblower recording will play so pick up from them. So this is, it’s all been a fake. The effects of it as I said, terrified people. Uh, I think they have severely damaged the economies of every country in which sort of massive lockdowns, repeated ones were put in place. The international confidence in the sovereign currencies of those countries like UK, Europe, North America have been so badly weakened that the movements of the values of assets pricing those currencies are so dramatic i mean i’m an amateur when it comes to money but i needed to watch money markets for 10 years or so, even I as an amateur can tell that weird things are going on. So in addition to then damage to the economy and the finance, including the currencies of various countries, lots of people have been killed. Actually being killed by the medical profession. and that the actions of our governments all around the world through inappropriate administration of treatments that you would never ever use in someone with a flu like illness, you don’t sedate and ventilate them and give them medazolam morphine. And I’m afraid that was done for certainly scores of thousands of people and possibly hundreds of thousands according to Stuart Wilkie. Recently interviewed by Majid Nawaz on his show radical and the guy Doctor Wilkie has receipts, as they call them. He can show you the actual orders and the amounts of medazolam flowing into the NHS stockpiles. By the way, when Jeremy Hunt was “health secretary”. Hello Mr. Hunt you are war criminal certainly crimes against humanity. So the NHS accumulated large amounts of material that that used appropriately helps people who are suffering, you know, die with less discomfort. But the quantities used and the patients in whom they were used and the doses used as a pharmacologist I’m telling you they knew that that would kill people. So you know Hancock Hunt medical doctors following protocols. And not learning from what was going on. Or even thinking about does his make sense, have have killed lots of people and I would put it to the audience: what kind of organization sets about frightening the developed world pretty much to death, smashing their economy. And then putting in place various measures that meant that people would would die in excess from from the hands of their own medical authorities. So I often say to people, if I’m wrong about one thing, I ask you to think, think of this. I think I need to be wrong about everything I’ve said for it not to be true. How many times is the right number for public health people in your country to lie to you about something that could affect your life or that of your family? I put it to you, the answer zero. And I’ve proven at least like six or eight lies, really major ones. So that as a backdrop. Who is involved? The people who, as I say, who are visible like Gates. All the major figures that I can spot, unfortunately are descended from people who have been involved in eugenics activities in the past. And certainly I think Bill Gates grandfather was important in so-called Planned Parenthood. And you can find time without number these people have got connections to groups that believe they have more or less have the right to push the whole of humanity around and shape it the way they want it. I think they’re acting like “Gods”, but unfortunately the other end of the scale I think they’re acting like diabolical people. Really, really evil. So the connection between those individuals like BILL GATES have been telling us that things won’t be over until everybody’s “vaccinated”, which of course, is absurd because you’d never “vaccinate” people who were not at risk. And that’s most people, even if the virus narrative was true and IT IS NOT. So even if it’s true, you wouldn’t “vaccinate” the people who’ve had it and recovered, children because none of them die of it, pregnant women, because we never give experimental novel medicines to pregnant women. 12m20 And you can see all three of those things have been trampled on. I could give you an hour’s worth of examples. So those people who have been involved have long track records or descended from people who whose concern seems to be about genetic purity, racial purity, numbers of warm bodies on the planet. And then it is a matter of record that the United Nations agreed the UN 2030 goals, also called Sustainable Development Goals. And if you go through them one by one, they’re absolutely horrifying because, for example, they imply the end. Of personal transportation, certainly internationally, permanently. They intend to remove the opportunity for plebs like me to move from country to country. They phase out commercial aviation completely by 2030, if not earlier. We will not be eating meat or very little of it. While they’ll have Fillet Mignon, no doubt. But we’ll be eating, you know, grains, pulses, bugs and things like that, and we’ll be burning far less fossil fuel. They want to get to net zero. There’s no question that the consumption of fossil fuels is the strongest possible surrogate for indicator for the standard of living of a society. I’m afraid you you simply can’t not consume or produce the CO2 and have & lead an acceptable life of staying warm and being able to be fed and sheltered. So these people want to drive us towards. These new UN 2030 goals, which are they’re inhuman and unlivable. Actually unlivable. So one possible conclusion matching their connections to the eugenics of the past is they don’t expect you to survive it. You won’t be there. That lots of lines of evidence suggests that depopulation is a very important objective of this. And I would say even if I am wrong about that, I’m not wrong about the control agenda. The relentless digitization of the world is not necessary. Could be argued to be a benefit in some ways, but. There are a couple of things that are not benefits. You do not need a mandatory digital ID in order to transact your life. You know, to meet people, to travel buy some food, whatever. You don’t need to have a common format global digital ID. Someone else wants you to have that and they want you to have it I believe so that they know where you are, every breathing moment of your life thereafter. And why would they want to have that power? So they can make you do things or stop you doing things. Once you’ve got a mandatory digital ID, the powers that can be can shrug and say, well, it’s not us, it’s this next viral pandemic and you have to take the “vaccine”, otherwise your digital ID will become invalid and you’re effectively fall into house arrest. So that’s what they’ve been rehearsing. But then they’re, I think, almost the last brick in the wall of Control are central bank digital currencies CBDC’s******. Basically electronic money, but issues from the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve, not High Street banks. Now the difference between CBDC’s and ordinary money where you use a plastic card or PayPal or whatever it is. Is that the moment when you’re in front of a merchant selling you goods or services, what they want to know is, is your account good for the money? Which is fair enough. And that’s the question that is pinged to your bank. General details of the transaction are not sent ahead of time, just the amounts and the merchants and would be customer and then usually you’ll get an approval. So it’s not a real time examination of what you were doing or where you were doing it. And then every day, apparently I read this recently, all those High Street banks do a reconciliation overnight and it often turns out very little cash is needed to be moved from one to the other. Central bank digital currencies, they’ll do away with High Street banks for the purpose of running accounts. So now when you present your mandatory digital ID at the vendor for whatever it is, a piece of meat 6 miles from your home, the database that’s connecting your electronic money and your ID knows exactly where you are to the grid reference point. It knows who you’re interacting with and what it is that’s proposed to be purchased. And all you need now is a simple algorithm that could decide that people from further than five miles from the home may not buy anything. For example, they could set that rule. I could write it. I could at least I could define the the what I want to happen. And we’ve all heard these things, like if you’ve had one piece of meat in unit time, if you’re not allowed to have more than one other, then you simply will find you can’t buy a piece of pork, but you could buy some baked beans. And like I said earlier, all it now takes is for malign individuals to have control of the database and the algorithms. And I assure you they are malign and there won’t be a tech company in your country either. They won’t be alterable by democratic processes because it’ll be in the cloud run by probably a military computer. 18m so whoever has control of that database and its algorithm. can prevent you from doing anything they choose and don’t assume they’ll be benign. Their plans as you can see from sustainable development goals is that you will have as little mobility as possible that you’ll be probably cold unless you live in a warm country and you’ll be hungry unless you like bugs and I personally believe it will definitely.. That situation is one that’s unlivable as far as I’m concerned, complete loss of freedom means not a world I want to be in. transcript by But I would say so for most people, that’s already as bad as it gets. And if they happen to do things that will bring about your death, you’ve already suffered the greatest indignity of loss of freedom. Lost my train of thinking. Yes, another thing that comes right from my area of expertise. So there was never a necessity for these so-called vaccines to be formed, developed at great speed and then jammed/ jabbed into enormous numbers of people. And that’s because there was not a novel public health emergency. International concern involving some recently discovered pathogen, so there was nothing to oppose with these so-called vaccines but even if there was, even if there had been. So my argument doesn’t turn at all on whether it really existed. We we know that people given intramuscular injections “vaccines” against respiratory illnesses like flu Do not work. I was shocked because I didn’t know that I’ve taken it on trust like everybody else. But in recent years I’ve gone back to all the meta analysis and flu vaccinations do not produce the number of people being admitted to hospital with influenza like illnesses or deaths. This has been proven in multiple countries. So with that you realize as I did. With horror that we’ve been lied to by regulators, pharmaceutical industry presumably in big money for decades. And so I’ve just pointed out logically out of vaccines could never have been appropriate response, even if the narrative of this viral pandemic was true and it wasn’t. But even if it was a rush, a vaccine of any kind simply wouldn’t work. And that’s because old people’s immune systems are tired and unresponsive to new new threats. And so why would you expect them to do well with the vaccine and they don’t. So what was in the minds of the people manufacturing deciding to make vaccines to lie to us and pretend that that was necessary if it was just about making money they’d just jab is with saline. 20m42 If it was just about forcing mandatory ID on people you could jab em with saline, you know you don’t need to, or they can give you something they already have in the locker. That’s not how you’re going to go measure your own immune status either, so they were manufacturing gene based materials for a purpose. And since demonstrably that purpose was not to protect you from a nonexistent threat and is associated with mass illness and quite a few deaths, I’m afraid logical assumption is they intend to use this technology now it’s well understood and notionally well accepted to I think that will be. The method that we will use to depopulate. [KILL} So all that needs to happen is for the powers that be to say there’s another pandemic, you need to get “vaccinated” or there’s a shortage of food and fuel and we’ll let you have some but you have to have a ration card and best way of having a ration card is a digital ID so plausible, isn’t it? And if I’m not a criminal. I have not thought all my life about how I could repress people and so on, but I can think of that and it would work. I’m afraid the perpetrators have got probably many more suggestions so they could use the shortages of fuel, fertilizer and food that are either true or they might as well be because that’s what we all believe including i do. They manufactured those shortages, they’ve literally manufactured them. So the loss of fertilizer and maniacal fertilizer, mostly made in Russia, and Ukraine has of course been one of the victims of this conflict. I don’t know enough about military matters to say anything at all about them other than those who are experts tell me it’s not what it seems so that’s as far as I can go. So I don’t know anything about wars. But then we’ve got the something I know a little bit about, because I’m a scientist, the “climate change [FRAUD & SCAM]” fiasco it’s simply not true and it’s never been true that humans’ activity on the planet through release of CO2 has driven a greater temperature at the surface. Nor is it going to. The whole thing is a closely funded fraud. Where if you make the right kind of finding scientifically and say the right kind of things you’ll get new grants. But if you’re an awkward cuss like me So I would be out if I was a climate scientist or, say, Doctor Judith Curry, who I’ve followed for years, long before “covid”. If you’re a good, well published person, but you start putting out output that challenges the narrative and you find all your grants disappear, that’s happened to hundreds and hundreds of people. So you don’t hear of them. So anyway, that’s a not very crisp way of saying the thing we’re just coming out of now, I think towards the end of “covid” [CONVID], it’s hard to believe that we’ll all fall for the next variants as hard as we did the first ones. And the “vaccines”, all this stuff is fraudulent, And then ten years down the road from the start point of 2020, we have by sheer coincidence, the Sustainable Development Goals 24min that do effectively involve us travelling little, being cold, having, you know, no meat or very little meat. Umm. And I think having an energy consumption profile which would probably be probably inferior to medieval period, something like that, if they’re serious about going to zero. And that combination is not consistent a. with anything reasonable, any honest response to things happening in the natural environment. And two, they are strongly associated with people who’ve had this long track record of a belief in their right to have control over you and your lives. And along the way along the last 2 1/2 years, things that have happened that are quite deliberate, completely avoidable, they’re not accidental, have resulted in probably around the world, and estimates vary, but who knows, **********5 to 10 MILLION LETHAL REACTIONS********* worldwide to these injected so-called “vaccines” and they continue.. they’re not, No one is really coming out with the truth on main media. What I would warn people, this is actually really why I got very excited. I was pleased that the that New York City’s I think it’s the Supreme Court struck down the public sector workers “vaccine” mandates great. And certain individuals have been given their jobs back also important. But if we keep, if we pat ourselves on the back and keep staring at that and we’ve got rid of that, what it what else is going on that you’re not looking at right now and impending power intermittency here we’re told to prepare, I think, in Britain for intermittent power outages. There is no need for any of that. Someone is planning to get to the third week in January or whatever it is, literally has turned the power off for a period of time. Maybe regionally, maybe nationally.. 26m  there is no need for any of this. We’re in somewhat of a recession. That means power consumption, fuel consumption will all be off their highs and so there’s there’s no need for.. we haven’t suddenly run out of the ability to generate electrical energy energy, nor has the demand spiked. Quite the contrary. So why is it that we’re being warned months ahead of time? That’s never happened before in the past when there have been dire warnings. It’s where people who run what we call the National Grid folks, the people who. Work with the electricity generators and the distributors and they always like to have a margin. I think it was like 8% over peak expected consumption. And I remember one year, a few years ago it got down to 3%. And so one of the gentlemen said, I’m not joking, if we have a colder than anticipated winter this this year over the next 3 or 4 months we will not be able to keep the lights on in the first world country and I think it’s much worse than that now or if it isn’t it might as well be because the people controlling power grid are literally going to turn it off. 27m15 That will also, in addition to making life very uncomfortable, it will further damage industry. And I think it’s on the edge of basically I think the country is, is on the edge of a worse economic and financial crisis than the IMF in the 1970s, because it is deliberate, it’s not going to recover because it is. Deliberate. And if people think, well, they wouldn’t do that because they’re our government, right and they’re surely wouldn’t break the country they live in, forget about that. You know, whether they’re a nice person or not, Rishi Sunac [RASHID SANOUK says Biden] would probably regard America, for which he has a, I think a green card according to his publicity, or India. As places he’d be equally as comfortable as in Britain. So I, you know, not implying anything personal about him only to say the person in charge does not have your interests at heart. And if things went really badly wrong, you know what? They jump on their Gulfstream jets and go somewhere else nice and warm. So don’t trust the people in positions of power because they can leave at any moment and often will. I think the MP’s [murd.. members of Parliament] don’t mean to be too disrespectful to them. But come on folks ladies and gentlemen you must be pretty stupid if you haven’t worked out by now that you are also being lied to and that if you’re going along with the whatever it is of a whip, discipline and so on to keep your own nest feathered, do you imagine when what I told you begins to come to fruition that they’re going to give you a golden ticket. They’re going to honor the promises that, if probably implied, they made to you, you idiot. They will crush you underfoot like everybody else. You’re the last hope, really, of the people, politicians. I tried to brief very badly, I suppose, in writing in October 2020, I said the people running the country are not the people that you see in front of the TV camera. And I could tell that already because the evidence of international coordination of lockdowns, masking and expectation of vaccination told us that this was not being run at national level. They were occurring in almost all countries within days apart. They would change the laws in the same way. So I said to these MPs, I pointed that out and said if you renew the Coronavirus Act 2020, I don’t believe they will ever give the country back. And of course I got I got replies from, I think three people, uh, thank you. And I didn’t speak to them, and I’ve spoken to about the dozen before. So I think there’s probably at least ten MPs [murd.. members of parliament] that know what I’ve said is true because everything I warned about is has continued to happen. But I don’t see any sign of them. They’re not even using parliamentary privilege to make a 2 minute statement [= CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY COMPLICITY]. Like Malcolm Roberts starts in in the Senate, in the Australian parliament. So gird up your loins folks. All of you who know that this is wrong, I’ll help if you want me to on or off the record, write a 2 minute speech, something where you have parliamentary privilege and they literally can’t stop you unless the body tackle you live on camera. And all of you need to say things like “the response to the alleged viral pLandemic were wholly inappropriate. They were deliberate and done for various purposes, some of which we think will be to do with fraud and making lots of money. There are other reasons too, but this has to stop right now.” You know, if you don’t do these kind of things, people like me, I can’t do a thing. As I’ve said before, I can’t even save myself, but well, I’m convinced that. The West, so Europe, most European countries, Britain, North America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada have been completely taken over. They have experienced a coup d’etat. Not like the ones being used to in the 1970s, where banana republics would change their military leader from one week to next by raiding the TV station and holding the former presidents at gunpoint. But the coup d’etat nonetheless. So what important piece of legislation that’s not to do with covid [CONVID} have you heard discussed on your TV’s in the last almost three years now? the answer is none. None. No one in Westminster is paying the slightest attention to anything that could matter to you. They’ve only only executed a coronavirus act 2020 and various other acts. I’m not presenting, I’m an expert on on the legislature. Those materials are so long and complicated. They’re about the size of a PhD thesis. Don’t tell me that was written in a couple of weeks in early March 2020. Absolutely no chance. It was written beforehand. So that meant there were parliamentarians or civil servants that were drafting legislation to be used in the future and they were writing this legislation before there was a need to do it. And I presume sir Humphrey, Sir Arnold, you know, took their money and just carried on doing it. But that’s the position we’ve got a nation along with scores of others that have been taken over partly from within, I’m afraid. Traitors, uh, absolute traitors. 32m30 So people you would think of as, you know, parliamentarians and experts and so on, they’ve grabbed the country and more or less held it underwater and they’re not planning on letting go. So I’ll pause at this point and say just in summary, *******THE PANDEMIC WAS A FRAUD. The vaccines were dangerous and unnecessary. Please don’t take them. And there’s plenty of evidence out there to support that. And if you don’t like what I’m saying, listen to Headly Rees, Sasha Latipova & many other people, so fresh voices. See if they’re credible. And we’re heading towards the “sustainable development goals” where you’ll be cold, hungry and immobile.************ And I believe those are conditions that are not only very unattractive for humans to live, and I think we could actually live in them. And then if you think about who’s going to arrange the international supply chains of planting crops, harvesting them, moving them around the world and then delivering to you if you’re economically almost inactive. And the answer is they’re not going to do that. They’re not going to do that.  transcript by What they will do instead is probably what the Lord and lady of her very big farm with the Manor house at the top would do if having looked at the window and seeing far too many sheeple in the lower meadow and having worked with the groundsman saying we’ve got 1000 extra sheeple, sort them out.. and that is what I think they’re going to do.. and it’s so easier to do if we have mandatory digital ID, we have electronic money in the form of Central bank digital currencies, [CBDC] which which will be followed by, I think, the withdrawal of cash completely. Now at this point, you cannot transact with anyone about anything without basically the computer saying yes. And it’s very easy now for half a dozen reasons. I could invent a scenario. Where you are required to turn up at your local “vaccination” center for your jab. And because they’ve had now 5.3 billion people’s worth of injection experience, and they know what the data is, even though we don’t. If their goal was to depopulate, it’d be the easiest thing in the world now to just slightly increase the lethality of whatever it is they put in those “vaccine” vials and you’ll have delayed, well designed, designs toxicity. So you’ll either die of liver cancer or heart attack or stroke between three months and a year’s time. Now all they’ve got to do is invent a new virus, tell us there’s a new virus or some threat and you’ll be expecting there to be all these excess deaths. And low and behold there will be but. You can see the first part is a lie and the second part is an injected death sentence. So that’s pretty much where I am so. Yeah, don’t take, today’s a good thing not to take anymore of these covid CONVID-19 shots, but today is not a good day to celebrate more than briefly, the appropriate lifting of these ridiculous vaccine mandates in the US and other countries, but to be looking at what’s going on in terms of the electrical, energy market, food, petrol, what’s going on in Ukraine. There are lots of voices. I don’t know the truth, but I bet if you started looking you would find out financial, state of the financial system. Likewise lots of people writing lots of worrying things about that. But I think at this point I wouldn’t know how to stop the perpetrators. But I think the best thing to do is to prepare everyone in your circle to say, even if you disagree with what that guy Doctor Mike Yeadon has said. There are a number of things that are happening that are deeply concerning, and I’m not the only person. And I believe that they will at some point of the next few months or a couple of years engineer circumstances where the logical response is that every one of us will have in digital ID and we know already Rishi Sunak I think as Chancellor announced that he planned to be working with his G7 partners, the six large economies to bring about Central bank digital currencies, there is no need for CBDC’s. the only real user of a CBDC are the criminals that basically stolen the money from the system according to Catherine Austin Fitz. They’ve run out of row to be able to cover it up anymore. And so they decided either they could put the money back or they could just take us out. And they’ve decided to take us out. So You know, even if you don’t believe me about about the virus stuff, very, very important that you acquaint yourself with these sustainable development goals. I think one of the advantages of looking at those and especially the Central bank digital currencies is you can talk about them without having the reflex response “Conspiracy theorists”, whereas you can’t with the vaccine and the virus story, you can’t.. and you can’t with climate change either. Not that that stops me talking about it, but there are certain aspects like CBDC’s and food and fertilizer and so on, which no one will call you conspiracy theorist yet because that has not been forced into the public consciousness through the mass media. At least I haven’t noticed it. Not that I watch it very much these days. So very, very frightening. Yeah, I guess one last thing, was always last thing. I’m afraid to tell you, and you probably know this already, we no longer live in a democracy. So what that means is if you resort to democratic methods and you’re expecting, if enough of you resort it to them that your your elected leaders will have to give way because that’s traditional last hundred 150 years. I don’t think that’s going to happen. They don’t need your votes because it’s not those 650 people in the House of Commons are actually running this. So I don’t know what you should do instead, but the warning is if you just write petitions and hoof them under the wall they will do diddly squat because the people you’re sending them to have no power whatsoever to do anything about this. So I would say if you know some people in the police, if you know some people who are in the force forces like Army, Navy and Air Force someone or were in the past there, [Daily Mail Lord Rathermere Jonathan Harmsworth] I think they would be like gold dust because if you can persuade them, if they don’t already know, they will know lots of other people and I have this hope that eventually enough, you know, courageous men and women with resourcefulness, who know lots of other people and can plug into a wider group, can more or less release a few films, could be anonymously, whatever that says, you know, you globalists. You know the perpetrators enough already. You know. Because me, I don’t frighten anybody. But I think if you had like a former senior Army officer, senior Joint Chiefs of staff or whatever, and some retired and current politicians and some senior medics and retired regulators, come on you guys, you know, don’t be a coward all your life if you haven’t spoken up. And you know, for example, that the medicines and healthcare Products Regulatory Authority is a sham. There’s nowhere near enough staff and not enough expertise to evaluate, let alone improve, the products that have been across their desk recently. You must speak up because no one else, no one is coming to save us. As I’ve said repeatedly, there’s no one out there. That’s coming to save us from these nut cases. The thing is, there are not very many of them and I also think they are individually quite vulnerable to being scared. So in a recent interview, I accused my former colleagues “sir” Patrick Vallance and my former colleagues “sir” Mene Pangalos of AstraZeneca, James Mercer once of pfizer and doctor Mathai Mammen of J&J, I accused them of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY [CAPITALIZE THAT, AHOLES, not convid bullshit] . You are responsible for the R&D of the vaccines. It’s on your watch, & you don’t know it, you’re responsible. And I said you need to come and debate with me publicly or you need to resign. And 41m soon after I did that, first Patrick Valance announced his intention to leave, I think next month, no December. And to my great surprise, doctor Mathai Mammen of J&J left, I would say in a hurried fashion saying he enjoyed his time there and but it wasn’t saying anything about what he was going to do. So I’ll say it again, James doctor, James Mercer. You have actively or passively allowed to come into being and to be distributed after terrible, inconsistent manufacturing a product that’s been injected into probably billions of people on the planet, killing perhaps one in 1000 and injuring perhaps one in 100. And it’s on your conscience. So you probably didn’t start out with that intention, but you’ve been a pawn of these people, so come & debate with me and have it recorded. Or resign because if you stay in your spot everyone knows that I am accusing you personally because I had jobs similar to that for the whole of worldwide Allergy & respiratory at Pfizer. So if there was a product in clinical trials so God help me on the market and I’d okayed it amongst other people, I would have been responsible. So you are. James Mercer, and the same with Mene Pangalos. “sir” Mene Pangalos senior vice President AstraZeneca, same charges to you. You have sat astride the “vaccine” development program. You’ve allowed it to go out with terrible.. did you know how awful your contract manufacturing organizations are? Absolutely dreadful. I had no idea. And you know, you are responsible for that and it’s injured and killed people, lots and lots of people. I don’t care what it is you’ve been offered or with what you have been threatened. You need to come and debate with me publicly and we’ll record it and you must resign, otherwise you’re siding with evil people. Anyway, I’ll pause at that point. It’s about 40 minutes in. Brilliant. a couple of things and while I can here.. I just come back from a conference and normally people come up to me and tell me their “vaccine” injury stories. But no, not really. I got so many hospital deaths. Remdesivir killed my father, they went in with just a tiny breathing problem and they were dead. It was unbelievable and shocking to me. So therefore going to hospital is becoming forever a very dangerous place to be. I agree with you, it’s an absolutely dreadful thing to say. But yes, I agree with you. It is my ambition, if I can avoid it, never to be admitted to another British hospital. Never. I don’t trust the people in it anymore. And the reason I don’t trust them is because there’s evidence as Polly’s just outlined lots of people have had the experience that basically a “do not attempt resuscitation” [DNR] order has been put on people or and or. They’ve been given drugs that are known to be seriously toxic. So Remdesivir, an antiviral. In a clinical trial I saw it caused kidney failure, I think is 23% of the patients who received it, just over a few days. So imagine giving what is not a very good antiviral to people who probably don’t have a viral illness at all and then when they start to fail. They would sedate them and put them on mechanical ventilator so I just just need to reorientate people. I’m shocked that doctors don’t seem to know this but I spent 32 years, whatever in respiratory so I do know this what I’m gonna say: with people who arrive in hospital with an open airway and an ability to breathe and they don’t have any pneumo thorax, a hole in the chest, for example. they can still breathe & an airway is open, unless they’re badly burned and absolutely in agony, where they may put them in a therapeutic coma, Under every other circumstance you would not sedate, intubate and ventilate that person, especially if they’re elderly and frail. So mechanical ventilation in an appropriate time is unbelievably wonderful, clever and life saving. But you don’t just give it to people who turn up who are unwell, but that’s what they were doing following the Wuhan protocol. I learned this from friends in northern Italy. That’s where it started in Europe. They were told that. The Wuhan colleague said the sooner you get your patients sedated & ventilated the better your chance of saving their life. So people would turn up having a panic attack, you know, they felt they had respiratory symptoms and rather than take a proper history, they were sedating them & ventilating them & over 90% of them would be dead within 10 days. Ventilation, especially for frail person is a very aggressive procedure and when it’s life saving it’s worth those risks. But if you arrive and you’re free breathing. Anyways, open you NEVER do what they did. 45m45 unless perhaps 60% burns & you’re in agony. Then you probably would do it, but none of the others. And yet I know here where I am in Florida, literally within a couple of kilometers from here, the Sarasota General Memorial, General Hospital, whatever it is anyway. Local hospital, big hospital. I know a person who is very senior in the emergency room or A&E, And he was busy trying to save lives at the front end, but people who admitted weren’t coming out again and after a while he explored it, ended up in an absolute shouting match with his clinical colleagues and he more or less said what I’ve said to you. What the hell are you doing ventilating people with an open airway & conscious, and it’s like, oh, we’ve got to do it. This is what we’ve been told. They were given money to put people on ventilators. They were given money if they got remdesivir, they got given money if they happen to die after a diagnosis of covid CONVID. So they followed the money and gave up. So yeah, I’m afraid the honest people in the NHS, maybe the majority, maybe not. You have not covered yourself in glory. And even now, if you don’t partner up with other people who know this has been a dangerous fraud, your lives will be lost. Your children, your grandchildren. This is the time. And if you don’t do it this side of winter, if it turns out that the perpetrators are going to do something over the winter that triggers a necessity for rationing, which could be an introduction of the mandatory digital ID, and then they push the currency over and it’s CBCS. That’s good night, Vienna. I think there’s no way of coming. You cannot extract yourself from this system. Unless the people running it choose to to turn it off. But I swear once that system is in place and you’ve got used to showing your ID to access say food shops and showing your central bank digital currency card before transaction if the people in charge of the database and the algorithm are not your friends. And if they choose to say you can’t have steak, but you can only have locusts, that’s the position you’ll be in. You won’t be able to buy anything from someone on the market because they will only be able to use CBDC’s themselves. So you know, and then, like I said, if they say oh there’s another pandemic, you must be “vaccinated” or bring your children. And if you don’t, your digital i.d [slave mark of the beast] will become invalid. If I can think of these things, they can think of these things, so the time to stop them is before it happens. And I think the *********best way of stopping them is by making sure that as many people as possible know******, even if you are not able to persuade them with the details. yeah, some things are badly wrong and that we are at threat. I think if you can do that, it will get very hard. Oh yeah, final bit of advice. Stop watching mainstream media of all kinds. We turned our TV off I think in may or June 2020, and apart from electively watching a drama or something, we don’t watch it at all and you will be calmer & less frightened straight away. You’ll also find it easier to see clearly what’s going on. You know, if you haven’t got propaganda coming in. So anyway, I’ll pause again there if there are questions. 49m Absolutely. Thank you so much Doctor Yeadon, I couldn’t agree more and I appreciate your candidness. My question to you and you actually tackle part of it with what you just said, but in regards to right now we just had obviously there were those shots were recommended for children. So what is your professional opinion about this? This whole thing and your personal opinion when it comes to that and what what would be your advice for individuals? Completely. Again, I have to put these in caveats. Oh, in in parentheses if the virus narrative was as described. It would still being completely inappropriate to subject minor children, people under 18, to these so-called shots. One, no healthy child has died as a consequence of this alleged virus. I actually don’t think it’s circulating or if it is. It’s circulating as a marker. It’s not the cause of pathology, is not. It’s just not. I know it’s really unpopular. Even people on our side im afraid. You know, it feels like an absolute majority attack me because I’ve said that thing and they’ve said I’m gaslighting the people who’ve suffered. And I think that’s, no, I’m not. The people who were ill were ill. I’m only challenging the establishment narrative of what was causing it. So I think whatever was causing you know, respiratory symptoms before, that’s what they suffered from. Now that’s what they suffered from when they thought they had “covid” CONVID. And remember the populations were stressed to the nines for weeks and months on end as a deliberate policy, deliberate policy of fear. Look at the nudge unit, so-called and it’s called Behavioural Insights team. B.I.T. They exist these are people who work psychological operations generally in the covert services and they would turn it on you and that was true of every country that had this main theme. So these people frighten you to death, fear, chronic fear is one of the most potent things that damages people’s health. We know that this from livestock. If animals are kept in bad conditions, they don’t thrive and they may die. And the same is true of human beings, babies and children and adults. And that’s what our governments did to us on purpose, for no reason. There was never a reason for them to do this other than to get you to comply. So in the light of that, I personally would recommend no one get injected with these so-called “covid” CONVID-19 vaccines. We’ve had 8 deaths dr Yeadon, eight deaths reported to VAERS already for six months to five years [old] here in America and we know there’s way more. I believe you and I remember making a rough prediction probably over a year ago I said if you “vaccinate” all children and at that time I thought there was a virus and I thought the chance of dying from basically a severe flu like illness which was how it’s been part passed was so low and yet the the chance of injury & death higher that I said I thought between 50 and 100 times more children would die as a consequence of mass “vaccination” than would have died if you had done nothing. And of course it’s now, you know, an infinite number because nobody’s dying over nonexistent disease. So. But the point is this, that. There was never any utility in these vaccines. So even if the virus story was correct, and even if they were attempting to make vaccines with with good heart, the preparation of an injected material, that will get your body to become a virus protein factory briefl would not have saved the elderly that were allegedly dying. So that’s fact what I’ve just said. There are no scenarios whether the virus narrative is true or as I say, fake no scenarios in which an injected “vaccine” would have saved the people who are vulnerable. Who were the elderly, fragile people. And we know that already. Recent track record of of so-called flu vaccines doesn’t doesn’t help them. And so they knew that too. The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute and sell those those flu “vaccines”, know perfectly well, they don’t do any good. And they new perfectly well that are so-called vaccine against this alleged virus wouldn’t be useful even if the narrative was true. And if they had done a good job & by the way, they didn’t do a good job. They did a great job if the goal was to injure you, as I’ve gone through at length in the past, the so-called spike protein of this alleged virus is the only component of it which, when injected, acutely causes illness and deaths in animals and people. So Why would you do that? You definitely wouldn’t do that, would you, James [Mercer]? If you were designing it, or Matthai [Mammen] or Mene [Pangalos] you wouldn’t do it. And then they rushed the developments. Completely inadequate amount of time after dosing and forwarded it out I think for 2 1/2 months I think I would rather know that a medicine I’m about to take that I can’t get rid of isn’t going to be injuring me in six months or a year’s time. You need, you can’t shorten long term safety data, but they did and then they lied you and they told you it’s perfectly safe. They told we didn’t miss out any steps. We just massively did things in parallel. LIES, LIES, LIES, the dossiers, that is, the file was almost empty of information. In case of Moderna they did almost no toxicology with the actual product, just something similar. It’s so abhorring /appalling that with complete confidence I can say not only were the drug companies behaving extremely badly and they knew they were but the regulators in rubber stamping these things were also committing regulatory fraud themselves. transcript by They’re meant to be standing between you and the company that might accidentally or on purpose put a dangerous product on the market. And they didn’t do that. They did their job in Amsterdam in the EMA or in London with the MHRA and FDA recently approved 15 to 1 to recommend these jabs to to children when what I’ve just told you is true and it’s easy to find out. So they’re either threatened or bribed and have done it, but so no one should be injected now with these so-called covid CONVID-19 vaccines. Absolutely nobody. Wow, thanks, doctor Yeadon. I mean, I’m still an optimist at heart here. I’m in Canada. I’m in crazy town just like you guys. And you know, I realize as this goes on and on, we have chosen the people, have chosen convenience over connection and community, and that is all done by design. I still think there’s there’s there’s more of us waking up daily than they have anticipated through this entire thing. And I know our CHD viewers are very well aware of the globalist steps, I believe, but some of them don’t understand how to get out of it, and it’s to walk backwards. Is to simplify your life. And I don’t know if anybody has seen or heard of the global walkout. We’re reaching out to the people that don’t understand how we got to this point and trying to remove that indoctrination of convenience and bring it back to community. Yes, I agree with you. I agree that it’s. I don’t pretend to have a solution. And when people say oh you’ve all you’ve done is made us frightened. I said I’m sorry about that. Would you like me not to tell you what I think the truth is but I’m not a politician. I’m not a street organiser. I’m not even a strategist. I’m a mere biologist doing. I say I’m doing an ordinary thing in an extraordinary context.. Catherine Austin Fitts definitely has a lot of solutions, so everybody should be tuning into a weekly show. I’m sorry, Amanda [Forbes] i didn’t mean to talk over you I guess I don’t have solutions and so I’m all ears. no, that’s OK. Many of the solutions is definitely cash as Catherine is banging on and we do get out of this i.d., this QR code, all this Alexa, all this crap that everybody has in their house. But I have to tell you, it’s hard to make people understand. My mother actually said to me the other day she was in England that cash is dirty because you listen to the BBC all the time. I mean, you can’t you get these people out? I do not know. I wanna ask you just to end on this. Could you clarify that we still, scientists, doctors still do not know the full ingredients of these shots? My first question. And secondly, they’re pushing on the media right now, the tripledemic or triple pandemic or whatever it’s called, which is CONVID flu and RSV. We all know the RSV shots and nearly here the new ones from Moderna, Pfizer. they’re all making them. Where are they going with this? You did say that. We quote you here. It won’t be about covid CONVID in a year’s time. What? I don’t need you to come up with solutions Cathryn and people can do that. What do you? I want a warning to our people. Yeah, I’m at a point. So. Before 2020, I would not only be one of the more pro vax people that you could imagine. I had all my shots, so my wife, so did our young adult children who are now in their 20s and early 30s. So I’m not so anti vaxxer, I’m pro safety. I worked in the industry, in Big Pharma and then biotech for 32 years. Until they fired me because they don’t like what I was saying. So it would be a trivial just a stupid puerile criticism to say “he’s an anti vaxxer”.. basically I’m anti unsafe practices and I’ve reached the conclusion & I’ve shared some of that reasoning that the covid convid-19 “vaccines” are horrible malign products. There’s no justification for their design, their lackadaisical developments and their slapdash manufacturing. It speaks of an arrogance that knows it’s not going to be inspected by anyone who’s going to pull them up short. Really, they might as well scoop something out of the nearest lake and dispense, you know, .3 of an ml in it & put a rubber bung on it, aluminium foil seal on it. It’s that appalling. Why would you subject yourself to products made by an industry and companies like that? So don’t, don’t. They’re not at the moment. At best, they need root and branch reform. Uh, I personally think the best outcome years down the line is that all these large companies get dismantled in the same way that Standard Oil was dismantled, I think, over 100 years ago. And for the same reason: they end up with an inappropriate amount of influence over people who live in a notional democracy. And they have to be defanged, even if that makes them less efficient and more expensive. Well, that’s worth it for removing the hideous amount of power a small number of sectors have of course augmented by the World Economic Forum and our friendly Klaus Schwab. I think he’s a convenient sort of pivot point, but I doubt what’s going on is his plan. I don’t think we’ll ever see the people whose plan it is. But yeah, so I would encourage you not to take the products of an industry that has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy in recent years. Seriously. Step back, you know, don’t be persuaded “oh I’ll be thought of as an anti vax”. Just be pro sensible that the companies that have injected you maybe lots of other people have behaved in an appalling, criminal way, certainly careless, reckless. Why would you think that the production line in the next building is somehow going to be, you know, perfect and tickety Boo? I would assume it’s not. And do we know? We don’t know what’s in the “vaccines”. No, we definitely don’t know what’s in the “vaccines”. There’s been some analytical work done and it’s not what it’s not consistently what was said on the tin there. Definitely I’ve seen some results that do suggest it was exactly the sequence that we expected to be, but I’ve certainly seen other analysis that show there was literally no RNA and some of them. So whether that was just bad manufacturing or deliberate, I don’t know. But so why would you take products of an industry that’s in that reckless with your health? I would say don’t do it. Don’t do it. Just treat them as alongside the products that we’ve already recently seen as unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous. And we have wonderful people like John O’looney, funeral director from UK, talking about what he I mean, did a fantastic interview with him recently. So was listening to that. But OK, we are run out of time and we’ve got about 2 pages of questions for you, so we’re gonna have to get you back on. But seriously, I don’t mind doing that. This is this is worth doing. This is what’s worth doing. Nothing else really. So I’ll come back. Can you thank your wife and your family from us? Because I know what it’s like being an outspoken. Spoken about what it’s like, the effect on the family. Please thank them & give them my love. It’s absolutely awful. It’s worse on my family because. Yeah, because they can’t get away from it. And yet it’s not them kind of trying to help. Whereas I suppose my only salvation is that I am doing my best to try and help. But yeah, they can’t get away from me. And yet they hear this horrible stuff all the time. So yeah, I’ll pass, I’ll pass the thanks, Please do because we have grandchildren we have to fight on for them. Because otherwise it just doesn’t bear thinking about. Now there’s that. And also I have to say, I don’t know where to follow you as I’m trying to follow you on Telegram. I can’t find you. Yeah, I’m just so inefficient. I share a channel with a guy called Robin Monotti, who’s a london-based Italian English architect And he we bumped into each other because he was all over the masks stuff. He knew about engineering and so on, but so I don’t have a particularly good social media presence. But yeah, Robin Menotti and Doctor Mike Yeadon exist on telegram, and that’s the only thing I post to regularly. Can you spell Robin monotti? ok MONOTTI. And there’s also people think there’s a CHD UK discussion group and they share Mike’s work and that’s how I’m able to click in from there. OK good. So yeah, go to CHD. And find me in UK I have seen several other people actually have very helpfully set up channels that are not mine, but they bear my name and image, and I’m happy that they’ve done it. Even that’s a bit peculiar because the only post in it are my own posts, so that they they must have copied and pasted it. Well, then, I don’t know how well intended that is, but I have somebody who might be able to help you. So I’ll get in contact. Look, we will get you back. We’ll get doctor Mike Yeadon back on again, I know. I’ve seen that the chat is blowing up for love for you and thanks and gratitude for fighting for the future. So thank you, doctor Mike Yeadon. OK, I’ll be back. We will get you back. And to everyone listening & thank you & to my lovely Co hosts as well. We’ll see you next week, OK? transcript by When the media tells me something over and over and over again, I get suspicious. We now know that the Biden administration held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants like Facebook, now Meta and HHS to censor us and suppress CONVID and Vaccine free speech. Here’s Senator Josh Hawley reading part of the emails that were released: on July 23rd, 2021. a Facebook employee thanked HHS quote “for taking the time to meet earlier today and wanted to make sure you saw the steps we just took this past week to adjust policies and what we are removing With respect to misinformation”. misinformation is any information which is different in this context from the information being put out by the World Health Organization [WORLD HOLOCAUST ORIFICE] or your National Health Authority at that point in time. CDC and FDA that continued to tell the world that this product is safe, they’re clearly not adhering to the scientific method. We do not have a medical system. We don’t have a health care system. What we’re all suffering under right now. Is a sick care system, a kind of a medical industrial complex. What are they really concerned about? Their stock price and their profit that benefits their stakeholders and shareholders. Those companies are making $50 billion a year selling “vaccines”. When I was a kid it was 270 million, today it’s 50 billion. And they’re making 500 billion a year selling the drugs that treat those diseases. Whatever it is they’re selling, they have their spin doctors that they know they can go to so that they always have essentially someone to spin the story the way they get to. Doctors drank the Kool-aid, about 96% of doctors took these “vaccines” right away. Why are we forcing “vaccinations”, going against doctor’s orders for people that have pre-existing positions [conditions] and saying hey, you have to take this “vaccine” or starve. I said right in the very beginning this CONVID-19 is about the track and trace. It’s not about the vaccine, it’s not about a very bad flu. It’s about full and total surveillance, freedom of choice and medical decisions, is everything. Without that, you have no control over your body or what goes in it. And how did this become our reality? It is is the scariest part. We are one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. We are not one nation under government. With liberty and justice for those who comply. Browser.. CHD.TV. 

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