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Geo Godley & web developer sun 2 oct 2022 London UK georgegodley dot com, vlog dot com


Geo Godley & web developer sun 2 oct 2022 London UK georgegodley dot com, vlog dot com—web-developer-sun-2-oct-2022-London-UK-georgegodley-dot-com%2C-vlog-dot-com-720p:1?r=GhSMTKpwY7NxHWrKBYmTsRHZUzFpnuZG

Outline Yamaha clavinova PF-P100
00 sloppy intro missing close up clip, [we] gon jam,
2m thanks for visiting & 100 domains.
4 Hannon excercises
5m25 eat yo heart out Stevie Wonder [without looking]
6m arpegios & scales, ugliest nannies, cooks, housekeepers, help, no boyfriends or adultery, Madame Juastice Mammy blue, scot Joplin entertainer mr Reiley gay piano teacher, Tolios, tomadaki, Lemoine..
90,000 daily visits no video views.. cant have it dead..
8m50 C scale fingering pun
10m repertoire
11m50 rondo a la turque Mozert
14m,15m Beethoven minuet in G
17m gerard depardieu pissed on a plane seat, greencard movie piano b.s.
18m bach minuet in G?
20m50 tocata fuga, mom resentment animosity put down [belittling]
22m50 George benson the sea
23m45 tocata fuga bach
27m10 you mean thats it?!
28m20 all along the river y donkey likes to roam, Paris ballad
30m dolly & ted [the way your hair shines in the mirror], 13 chords, move a finger, slighty off
32m20 when I think about you.. [mixed up kid]
33 lotta mistakes sounds like sh.. no views for good stuff, imagine bad stuff.. squeaky chair sliding off broken wheel
34 clavi, vibes, LeVert -casanova,
35m P.I.M.P 50 cent, steel drum street busker
35m30 strings, golden arms, first song I wrote,
37m23 video recording pressure, final cut pro X crash course,
38m40 time will reveal- de barge embarassing old soft songs
39m careless whisper
40 doodle mistakes keep it running in case , sound like sh embarassing, outline
Perepare fcp, vimeo committed nuremberg code crimes against humanity mrNA clot shot victims.. deleted whole account bastards, missing website embeds..
Odysee no views, rumble no bikinis, bitchute embeds dont show up on phones,, ONLYFANS, s
45 phone slavery communist china phone slavery, use cash or lose freedom, we’ll have a party
46 housekeeper, u dont like it leave
50 my repertoire man, play offline file, 8:30pm
51m Talk 2 u
55m phone don’t ring needs work
1h Goodbye song
1h02 Ten Sharp -You song
Squeaky chair, classic’s a classic, street singer, chocolate boy, tell me why = what is love..
1h08m30 chopsticks 1
1h09m10 chopsticks 2
1h10m00 nothing looks the same in the light
1h10m47 didnt we almost have it all, girl you know its true
1h11m30 maybe well jam, silence, mice music, the goal tidy ready to move, weigh you down, weighs a ton
1h12m45 demoralizing update put something thats not worht putting up there, f.u. & your f-ing mask… [———-????]
1h14m30 iiiiiiiiiii enough about me what about you, standup comedy
1h15m30 thanks for visiting, clocks go back, season affective disorder prevention,
1h16m20 Florida forced deadly injection laws, Desantis takes pharmafia money thru republican foundation says dr Jane Ruby
1h17m listen to those aholes HAHAHAHAHA
1h18 later aholes
1h19m15 you get what you pay for, Andre Dice Clay got bells palsy from the mRNA clot shot, pfizer smile paralyzed face, E.U clot shots fake, U.K statistics prove clot shot fake, does nothing but hospitalize injuries & deaths.. end
production notes:
-mistake*****: 4k mxf mono unpanned – 480p instead of proxy file 720 stereo mp4.. remember next time******

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